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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 5, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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de los santos plus. a new version -- delta plus, lt new variant of the coronavirus. past mask mandates in place, but which masks are the safe test? doctor answer that question in my story. >> tracking wildfire, smoke, and air quality. details on the changing conditions up. abc7 news now. we predicted that viruses would mutate. that's what we've been saying all along. and they were right. a mutation of the more transmissible more infection delta variant has now been detected in the south bay. >> amanda is in san jose
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tonight with this developing story. amanda, health experts are warning of eve stronger mutation of mutations. . >> reporter: yeah, hard to believe. today i spoke with a local infection disease expert who isn't surprised to hear delta plus is in our community, warning the virus is only going to continue to adapt and mutate, as long as there are unvaccinated people. health experts call it a pandemic of the unvaccinated, referring to the renewed spike in covid-19 cases across the country. now a new threat, delta plus. a mutation of the predominant delta variant detected in clara county. not a surprise to this disease infection disease expert. >> viruses that can
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in the north bay, a new vaccine requirement with cases surges. sonoma county health officials ordered all emergency workers to be fully vaccinated or get tested every week. kate larson is a part of the
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abc7 news vaccination team and explains the new order. >> reporter: like the rest of the country, sonoma county is facing a fourth covid surge. the orange and blue lines show the unvaccined are testing positive at four and a halftimes the rate of vaccinated people. >> this isn't the same opponent that we were fighting in 2020. the delta variant is highly contagious. >> reporter: with that, sonoma county expanded a california health order to include emergency. knell. in four weeks, by september 1st, all fire, law enforcement, emergency medical worker, and staph at disaster shelters, must be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing. right now we are just at the beginning of what could be another very long fire season in addition to covid. >> keeping residents healthy inside the city limits is important so make sure firefig
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going out to large fire scales with camp. >> we've had 14 personnel at the dixie fire for the past few weeks. it's a huge camp. a lot more people around. it's even more important so you don't bringing some home to their co-workers, family, or member of the community. there we lost someone there our agency in 2020 to covid, and we don't want that to be happen again, nor be responsible for that happening to anyone in our community. >> reporter: 75 to 80% of the police department's employees are vaccinated. >> we got into this job to save lives and protect our community, and part of protecting our community is making sure that we aren't transmitting a virus that can be very severe. >> the unvaccinated may soon be banned from most indoor spaces in los angeles. the city is look at a no shots no service mandate much like
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the one in new york city. sutter health is joining kaiser in requirements their employees are to vaccinated. we've learned today that schools in marin county will require teachers to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. education reporter lee ann has a look at the implications. >> reporter: this afternoon, the 18 school districts in marin county were given guidance on how to emme 789 the new mandate. those districts know that most of their to eveners and staff are vaccinated but they lack real numbers the directs want to record the data. mary jane burke is the superintendent of schools, and said this is a pandemic, this is a public health issue. we know that vaccines matter. we know they dan ensure better and stronger levels of safety for students and staff. san jose unified as issued a
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similar policy. the san francisco unified has not mandated vaccines for teachers and staff, but is requiring that everyone report their vaccination status. moving forward, they will assess the extent to which staff remain unvaccinated. the united educator of san francisco is in favor of requires that it's members be vaccinated, along with ensuring other safety measures >> that include improved ventilation and improved social distancing, include constant masking. include vaccination when and wherever possible, and also include testing. >> it's incumbent upon us to put our kids first, and to do everything that we can to let our kids come back to in-person learning. >> reporter: state senator josh becker of san mateo county said hcontinues to work with school districts on these requirements. he spoke to us today over the phone. >> i've gotten a lot of messages, both from teachers and from parents who would like to see this happen.
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>> reporter: because the legislature not in session, lawmakers like becker are leaving its up to school districts to issue those requirements. as you heard, a lot of pressure is come from parents who are telling school districts that they want safety and security for their children. >> now if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines like getting a booster shot or covid test, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team. submit your questions at new developments now and this new video of the dixie fire. cal fire warned people tonight of imminent danger as the flames rushed toward the town of greenfield. cal fire said the number of structures threatened has quadrupled to more than 12,000. hot, dry weather is hampering the efforts of fire crews. they report no gain in containment. it is still at 35%. the dixie fire is now the
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eighth largest fire in state history. you can get the latest information on the fires in california wildfires burning in california. we take a look at air quality now, and just how bad it will get. >> it could get pretty bad. especially friday. let me show you the wildfire smoke from those fires burning in northern california. the wind direction pushing it into oregon. so today, the air quality, right now, you will notice, is very unhealthy newer susanville. lots of reds near the oregon border near mount shasta. green locally, but that will change as the wind direction shifts. tomorrow we'll start to notice, especially in the afternoon and evening, going into friday, we begin to see some greens and yellows in the bay area, which is actually thicker smoke, and then look what happens on friday.
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we start to see some oranges and reds spilling into parts of the bay area, which means thicker smoke entering the picture. air quality advisory, the next two days for the entire bay area for wildfire smoke, air quality will be moderate the next four days. i'll be back with a closer look at some safety tips coming right up. now that we have to mask up again, we're going to break down which masks experts say offer this best protection. it's not just the type of mask, but where you get it that matters. >> and an east bay business is refusing to enforce the county's mask mandate. what the d.a.'s office is saying about it. >> what we're doing isn't working! we need to change! >> four republicans running in the newsom recall tonight share their vision for the state during the first recall debate. first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> watch me, because i'm watching you. >> you got us a number of outfits for the baby, and here is a picture of him, and he's
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looking pretty cute. >> yeah, that beard is
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masks are flying off store chevrolets once again, but which mask gives you the most protection? >> j.r. stone spoke with doctors and breaks it down. >> if you're like me, you've worn about every kind
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out there. close masks, surgical masks. what is the best one? >> the best is not a surgical mask or cloth alone. >> reporter: this is at a time when covid cases are surging due to new variants. n95 masks are an option. not always the most comfortable. but when we went to the home depot store in emeryville, stores were empty. no n95s in sight. >> we prefer you use at least a surgical or medical grade mask. >> reporter: that was the multicounty healthcare meetings the week, but we spoke to another person who said they don't like the surgical masks until they are pulled in on the
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sides. >> they have a bad fit. i would avoid them and go with these. >> reporter: a kn95 mask like i was wearing earlier, but make sure you getment of it from a known company, because many of these can be knockoffs. ucsf's doctor said a double mask. >> a combination of a surgical plus a cloth mask. >> reporter: cloth against your skin plus the surgical mask on the outside have been found to add up to a third more protection. j.r. stone abc7 news. now in the east bay, a popular bowling alley is defying the bay area's indoor mask mandate. the owner of danville bowl said they are not enforcing the rules saying if you like to wear your mask inside when you
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bowl, feel free. if you don't want to, that's okay. we spoke with some customers today who say they are okay with the policy. >> it's his business. he owns it. he's had to suffer through having it closed down through covid. we can make the decision whether we want to go in with a mask or not. >> the contra costa county district attorney's office said they are aware that danville bowl is refusing to comply with indoor mask mandates and the owner could face fines going forward. the family of philip kreycik plan to speak publicly tomorrow morning. in the body of the runner was found yesterday. he went missing on july 10th. new at 11:00, a cans got a chance to see four of the men who want to replace newsom in the election next
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month. the candidates tackled the question of mask mandates. >> i do not favor mandates. i favor educate. you're not going to mandate your way out of the coronavirus. >> of all 50 states, we have the largest lockdowns and the longest school closures. we were the last open just about everything. >> 99.9% survivable by people who are in decent health who aren't elderly. >> reporter: the debate was held at the nixon presidential library and hosted by fox 11 in los angeles. the moderators asked about how they would handle the state's beleaguered unemployment system. >> it's time for a whole new team of people in california, at all of our agencies. on day one, i will bring in a whole new team. >> reporter: and for all of those people trying to get through on the phone to the edd? >> just answer the phone. all right? just answer the phone! >> and there was a little humor. >> mr. cobs, what is something
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embarrassing your kids would tell us about you? >> that my wife. doesn't like my nose hair. [ laughter ] >> well, the recall election is set for tuesday, september 14th. local election officials will start sending out mail ballots by august 1■6th. you can learn more about the recall at let's turn things over to san sandia has we inch closer to the weekend. >> the air quality is good right now. everybody in the bay area reporting good air quality. unfortunately that's about to change. we are expecting smoke from those large wildfires in northern california to begin to drift into our region. that violet pink there is the heavier smoke aloft. it is expected to push into parts of the north bay tomorrow evening and into other parts of the bay area as we head into
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friday afternoon. so here are some safety tips. avoid exposure if you do smell smoke. stay united states with your doors and windows closed, and put your a.c. and car vents on recirculate because of the fact there is a potential that some of that smoke may actually make it down to the surface over the next couple of days. here is what we are watching. a healthy marine layer tonight. that is what cooled us off today, and we're going to continue to see below average temperatures inland as we head towards tomorrow and even around the bay inland and around the cost. live doppler 7 will show you low clouds and fog around the coast and the bay. as we widen out the picture, here is what is bringing us that marine layer, but that same low pressure system is also kicking up the winds. humidity is low. typically try fuels, leading to that red flag warning 100 p.m. tomorrow. so any fires that develop will rapidly spread. that's just something to keep in mind. temperatures right now,
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anywhere from the 50s to the 60s. a live look. it's a foggy view. widespread morning fog, patchy drizzle. hazy the next few days. the heat returns friday and saturday after below normal temperatures tomorrow. tomorrow morning you may need those wipers as we see some patchy drizzle between 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. it will not be a hot one tomorrow. that's for sure. temperatures in the morning, 50s and 60s. for the afternoon, should be a nice day away from the coastline. you don't have to worry about needing the extra layer. but hazy skies expected in the north and east bay. 77 san rafael. 83 in santa rosa. 75 san jose. 65 in san francisco. breezy coast side, 62 in half moon bay. the seven-day forecast will include hazy conditions the next new days. heat spikes on -- around the
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inland areas on friday. upper 90s midland, mid-60s coast. we'll cool you off at least for sunday, bumping those temperatures back up with the summer heat next week. all right. well, these passengers had a ticket, but it's not getting them anywhere. >> yeah, what an airline is saying about a fourth straight day
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>> spirit airlines had its fourth straight day of flight disruptions, ruining the travel plans of thousands of people. the budget airline canceled nearly all of its flights today. and they're blaming weather, system outages and staffing shortages. they said the cancellations should drop off tomorrow. all right. stay with us.
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larry beasley here with sports. larry >> sometimes you need a littling a something extra and the giants had it tonight. >> this girl, ella, star
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good evening. kevin gausman looked great in the first half of the season for the giants, made the all-star game. has struggled in outings, though. donald soleimani, fourth inning, barrels this one up and out. 1-0 giants. this is so cute. this girl ella putting a hex the d-backs, and it works! she's pumped! the whammy works! and then
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buster with a two-out double. the san francisco e wi looking for late inning magic against the padres. a 3-2 game. down to their giannis gomes is clutch. two runs score. goodnight, game over, drive home safely. the a's ninth walk off of the year. bob myers watching his draft picks for the warriors. they are loaded at forward, starting with the 7th pick overall, jonathan in summer league action.
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moses moody, also picked in round one. jonathan loves going to the hoop here. 18 points for him. but the warriors would lose am- named one 1-earthquakes. corner kick. and now it's 1-1. it ends one 1- 1. and a lot of age person oh, you want some of this? you want a piece of me! come on! i'm right here! quakes
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