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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 5, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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breaking overnight, california's dixie fire roars through the mountain town of greenville, destroying some surrounding homes. fire crews facing worsening conditions today because of 40-mile-per-hour winds. here at home, work, work, work pays off. rihanna has reached a milestone that is certainly worth singing about. >> yes. and bringing out your umbrella. the grammy award-winning singer and entrepreneur has just cracked into one of the world's most exclusive clubs. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. ♪ work, work, work work, work, work ♪ >> reporter: and work, she has. rihanna, one of music's biggest stars, is now a billionaire. "forbes" estimating the grammyinner'op1.ioakg her the wealthiest female musician in the world, and
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second to oprah, as richest entertainer. ♪ >> reporter: besides being known for her number one hits and starring in big-budget films like "ocean's eight." >>hayour reanameter: ranna ia fashion icon. in 2017, the powerhouse teamed up with french company lvmh, the fashion house behind louis vuitton and dior, to launch her now wildly popular fenty beauty cosmetics line. a year later, a lingerie line, aimed at body positivity and inclusivity. >> the majority of her net worth, a supersuccessful cosmetics line. when it was launched drew lots of praise. there was something like more than 40 shades for all range of skin tones, which was something at the time, no new cosmetics
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lines had been that inclusive. >> reporter: despite shutting down fenty's luxury clothing line earlier this year, the singer-turned-mogul into billionaire status. she joins the "forbes" list as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, like kian and ky. just this week, reese witherspoon sold her production company, hello sunshine. >> we all do bad things sometimes. >> reporter: the company behind "big little lies" and hulu's "little fires everywhere" for an estimated $900 million. reese might not be a billionaire yet. but she is not far behind. >> women are making more headway as super successful entrepreneurs. so, will we see more famous artists and entertainers go into a successful entrepreneurial vein? it's a proven formula for some people. others will likely follow in their steps. >> our thanks to rebecca jarvis. the key here, they're not just
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sticking to the profession theys acting and singing. they're becoming entrepreneurs and breaking into other industries and finding voids that they can fill. rihanna and her fenty beauty and savage line. she's a billionaire, y'all. >> so many entertainers are athletes like lebron james. yeah. that's how you use your money. your wealth. to create more. coming up, the k-mo tokyo tour. our kenneth moton takes us along to do sightseeing in the most populous metropolitan area in the world. >> from south carolina to tokyo. and later in our "weird science," why scientists are shooting a ball of slime to the international space station. you're watching "world news now."
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men's sports climbing finals. >> and among the many members of team abc covering the olympics for us, our own tireless kenneth moton is taking a break to take us on a tour of tokyo. >> reporter: tokyo, the most populous metropolitan area in the world. 38 million people. its mix modern and the traditional. so much history. so much culture. so much food. barbecue your own dinner. dessert on every corner. teriyaki chicken mayonnaise salad. i don't think i will get one of those. can i get something with ice cream, chocolate, load it up. strawberries, whatever you want to put on it. th'sl od. atof emeenth host city in a
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pandemic. there's still plenty of iconic places to see. this is one of the most famous crosswalk areas in the world. shibuya crossing. an average of 2.4 million people cross through this intersection daily. hundreds on every crossing. and lots of foot traffic on one of the busiest streets in tokyo. takeshita street. a narrow quarter-mile of fast food, shops, boutiques and cafes. wait a minute. they have dog cafes here? i don't have time. another revered animal in japan, the cat. in the japanese culture cats are very symbolic. they are important to this culture. and here, this temple, there's an entire cat shrine here. people can come and feel that spiritual connection. when it comes to cats, it's thought they bring luck. from cat shrines to cafes. japan is known for its unique
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cafes. cats, dogs, miniature pigs, vampires, anything you can think of, they've got it. even owls. japanese for owl includes the japanese word for luck, making the owl a beloved symbol to this country. even with these majestic ruffled feathers. okay. we have drama in the owl sanctuary. this is coop and bob. coop loves bob and bob's like, i'm not ready to commit. such is life. you can even have a drink with an owl. cheers. this is mine. that was so cool. it's unique.
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♪ time, now, for "weird science." this is cool science. we're talking about baking the mustard into the bun. >> yummy science. it's happening just in time for this saturday's national mustard day. after the success of mustard ice cream and mustard beer, french's teamed up for the limited edition french's mustard buns. >> this makes sense. the buns are described as being golden in color and soft in texture, with a distinct and subtle tang that doesn't overpower. >> the buns won't be available in stores but only at pop-ups around the country. french's is releasing two recipes you can try at home. finally, something we asked for. >> yes.
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>> this is it. >> for now, you have to put the mustard on the hot dog. next, to a superyacht that's longer than an entire city block. >> yes. the rome-based lazarini design studio has plans for a superyacht that pushes design boundaries and budgets. >> my 328-foot vessel -- not mine -- is designed to be made entirely out of carbon fiber, making it half the weight of similar-sized yachts, made of aluminum or steel. >> that is one sexy yacht. it is so big, it will have its own private dockard onboard. >> here's the price tag. $350 million. >> that's it? >> that's it. for 20 people. 20 of your closest friends. >> the "titanic" was cutting-edge. >> not with this yacht. next, we're going from sea space.
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>> nickelodeon? what? a brainless, yellow slime mold known as the blob will be launched to the space station to study the effects of weightlessness. >> we say this is brainless because this is the most amazing part. the single-celled organism, can perform cognitive tasks, such as making decisions like when to sleep, a maze and transmitting knowledge 0 to other slime molds. >> the mass will be launched august 10th. and finally, to a topic. perfect paw form. >> you had it first time. this dog is displaying impressive balance in a backyard in louisiana. >> the video shows deuce doing his normal business and seamlessly transitioning into a ens ho is now on thetand, fftle balance beam. >> proud of the work he's done there. >> does he get the gold? >> yeah.
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yeah. let's give him the gold. >> westminster dog show. this is what happens when you don't qualify. >> got to see it one more time.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "free guy," ryan reynolds. plus, performing his latest single, "love is wonderful," sean kingston. and actress katie lowes is back at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and katie lowes! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> katie: i like the sun. >> ryan: hello, deja vu. i could just sit here and play the hits with deja. >> katie: i just become that.
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