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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 6, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning, america, on this friday. hospitals in hard-hit states overwhelmed as the delta variant sweeps the country. in mississippi, the state health officer says delta is sweeping over them like a tsunami. this as the u.s. hits 100,000 new covid cases in a single day. florida with a new pandemic record high. pediatric admissions there climbing. multiple states now calling for federal assistance and 700,000 people are expected in sturgis, south dakota, for the annual motorcycle rally. new fears of a superspreader. wildfires rage through the west burning more than 580,000 acres in california this year. that dixie fire engulfing an area larger than the size of los angeles demolishing the town of greenville. now the triple-digit temperatures moving in.
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we're live on the ground. running out of time. the impeachment probe into new york governor andrew cuomo ramping up as he remains defiant denying the findings of that blistering report that he sexually harassed 11 women. ati all ey morning as big corporations like amazon push back their return to office dates to 2022. travel chaos. spirit airlines canceling half of its flights again today blaming a perfect storm for grounding thousands of flights this week. angering passengers. this morning the company's ceo is speaking out. terrifying wreck at a routine traffic stop. a speeding car flipped over and smashed into a power pole. three people hospitalized. what we know at this hour. team usa fights to the finish in tokyo winning the gold in women's volleyball and on the wrestling mat, as simone biles
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makes her triumphant return back home in texas after her olympic comeback. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ and we're going to the top of the world. amy and our team in tokyo climbing japan's tallest peak, summiting mt. fuji, more than 12,000 feet aboveclouds. what an adventure amy has been on. incredible. looking forward to that. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this friday morning. >> leave it to amy to find the highest peak in all of japan, of course. but good morning, everybody. we are going to begin with the pandemic. cases soaring across our country driven by the highly contagious delta variant. the white house is saying seven states are responsible for about half of new cases and hospitalizations just in the past week. >> some is like deja vu. hospital admissions on the rise. doctors, nurses, overwhelmed due to staffing issues and calling the situation crisis mode. this morning a vaccine
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mandate is planned for active duty service members as we learn more about the timeline for booster shots. some good news. vaccination numbers up for the fourth straight week. victor oquendo is at a testing center in miami. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. this site opening up in just moments here. let's take you right up to our drone. here at this site they do testing and vaccinations but most of the people coming here will be coming for testing. that's what we're seeing across the country once again. quest diagnostics, cvs and the walgreens all saying they've seen an increase in demand. walgreens' testing volume doubling from june to july. the race is on this morning to contain the spread of covid-19 with the u.s. hitting 100,000 new cases in a single day for the second time this week. even as cases soar, massive events are taking place around the country. in sturgis, south dakota, 700,000 people are expected for the annual motorcycle rally leading to fears of a superspreader event. this as hospitalizations grew
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from 12,000 a month ago to more than 61,000 now. florida setting a new pandemic record high. pediatric admissions are climbing. one of those hospitalized 17-year-old david, a high school football player now battling covid and pneumonia for the last ten days. >> it's been pretty scary actually. it can get to anyone. it can get you if you're 10 or if you're 60. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: in mississippi, where the state health officer says delta is sweeping over them like a tsunami, hospital workers feeling overworked once again. >> it is almost impossible to put into words the frustration that they feel. >> reporter: in many places it's not a lack of beds, but a lack of staff that is stretching hospitals thin like at willis-knighton medical center in louisiana. >> we don't feel like we have the time to devote to the patients we need. it's just -- it's -- i'm sorry. i'm getting emotional just talking about it. >> reporter: in houston harris
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health system in crisis mode. this 11-month-old patient sick with covid forced to be airlifted to another hospital because none of the pediatric hospitals in town had room. >> the level of sick visits we've seen this summer, june, july and now august, i've never seen in 20 years of practice here in houston. >> reporter: this as officials hint there could be major developments on booster shots. a source telling abc news the fda is expected to reveal their plan for immunocompromised americans by early september. >> we are now working on that and will make that be implemented as quickly as possible. >> reporter: let's take you back up to our drone. here's the line of cars snaking around the parking lot waiting to come into the site. according to an hhs document obtained by abc news multiple states are asking for federal assistance. they're asking fema for help with staffing. george? >> victor oquendo, thanks. cecelia? more on the pandemic from washington. defense secretary lloyd austin is expected to make a recommendation to president
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biden mandating vaccines for all active duty service members. congressional correspondent rachel scott has more on this. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. this is a shift from the pentagon. they previously indicated they would wait for fda approval but now secretary of defense lloyd austin expected to move forward with this, making the recommendation to the president that would require all of the 1.3 million active duty service members to be vaccinated. this will require the signoff from the president and would require a special waiver that would need to be signed. it comes just days after president biden announced that all federal employees must be vaccinated or be subjected to regular covid-19 testing. we know that about 70% of the military has already received at least one shot, but this could raise questions about whether or not service members could be discharged if they refuse to be vaccinated, cecilia. >> as you said, a big shift, rachel. the other big headline is that infrastructure bill. the senate you're hearing is close to a big vote on this one. >> reporter: yeah, a key vote
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coming in just 24 hours here in the senate, cecilia. this is expected to set the stage for the final passage of that bipartisan infrastructure package by the end of the weekend. the package, $1 trillion, would provide billions in funding for roads, bridges, broadband internet. the negotiators on this will need to keep at least ten republicans on board to get it across the finish line. they are confident they have the votes, but some republicans are concerned about the price tag. by one estimate this would add more than $250 billion to the federal deficit. >> a massive estimate there. rachel, thanks so much. t.j.? we turn to the wildfire crisis in the west. that dixie fire engulfing an area larger than the size of los angeles. flames are raging through california right now and our will carr is live on the ground in grass valley. good morning to you, will. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. we are hearing terrifying stories of residents who tried to stick it out here as the flames raced towards this community. they picked up hoses and sprayed down their properties, but in
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the end this fire was too much destroying at least 20 homes across this area. thousands of people are still evacuated as these fires continue to scorch the west coast. this morning raging fires ripping through california. flames forcing thousands to evacuate. the river fire pushed by dangerous winds and fueled by bone dry brush sweeping through two counties in northern california. >> 50 years of stuff is gone. >> reporter: the flames and wind forming this smokenado, and taking aim at the town of colfax over 75 buildings destroyed there. this fire burned through here so fast and so hot, it incinerated cars and homes and sent residents here fleeing. this woman getting to her parents' home minutes before it caught fire. >> we had to run. i have never seen a fire start this bad. >> reporter: the dixie fire in northern california, turning skies red in susanville. this after the fire demolished the town of greenville. >> it just got like this thing goes all hell broke loose.
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>> reporter: the fire has burned for more than three weeks, engulfing an area the size of los angeles. residents of chester fleeing their homes as it approached. >> it's devastating. it's really my first time. we took a load of stuff so this is just sentimental. >> reporter: with more than 88% of california experiencing extreme drought, wildfires have ravaged the state, burning more than 656,000 acres so far. the extreme conditions leading to lake oroville's lowest water level since september 1977. hyatt power plant which relies on the lake will go offline for the first time in its history leading to the fear of potential power outages. fire crews across the state are battle weary, exhausted, working around the clock. we have to send them much love. for every home you see like this we also see homes still standing. they're sleeping outside of those homes overnight trying to do everything they can in case there are flare-ups to continue to protect these properties.
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t.j.? >> very good to remind us to show them some love as well. will, thanks so much. want to turn to rob marciano. some of these places where fires are about to see triple-digit temperatures. >> reporter: that's right. the heat is moving back into northern california. over 90 large fires are burning in the west right now and want to highlight this latest one which went from 2,000 acres to 20,000 acres in less than 48 hours. it's near tennant, california. that town evacuated and no word on containment. this was startig by lightning and lightning strikes have been the number one cause of starts and regardless of how they're started they're tough to contain it, triple digit heat and 88% of the state of california under extreme drought and don't expect it to get any better as far as significant rainfall is concerned and as you mentioned because the heat is building into northern california where a lot of lows, fires are burning, thankfully won't be quite as breezy there but difficult conditions to fight fires with temperatures up and over 100 degrees with no real cooling in sight. t.j.? >> all right, rob, thank you so much. we'll check in with you again.
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george? now to the july jobs report coming out this morning. as the economy is still recovering from the pandemic and dealing with the delta variant, chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis has the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. this was a strong jobs report. 943,000 jobs added in the month of july. the unemployment rate now 5.4%. this is in line with what we saw in the month of june which means the gains are continuing. the wild card going forward is the delta variant as we've now seen a number of consumers and businesses making decisions around that. just this week, amazon, microsoft, wells fargo among the companies that have pushed back their return to office dates. apple and google also among companies that pushed those out further. there's a ripple effect. when you're not in one location, all the surrounding coffee cofe shops, the gyms, they see less
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foot traffic. that could have an impact. one area we saw significant amounts of job gains is education as a number of schools will be back to in person learning. educators have become important. while we've come a long way from the pandemic, which cost the american economy 22 million jobs, unemployment 5.4%. back then 3.5%. george? >> a ways to go, thanks very much, rebecca. cecelia? we turn to the latest on new york governor andrew cuomo. the impeachment probe ramping up in the wake of that report that found he sexually harassed 11 women. erielle reshef has more on the growing fallout. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. legislators here in new york are giving cuomo and his team a week to submit additional evidence as that impeachment probe intensifies. this morning, new york state legislators signaling their impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo's alleged conduct is wrapping up. in a letter sent thursday, lawyers for the state judiciary committee informing cuomo's
7:13 am
legal team that they have another week to turn in additional evidence, noting the assembly will soon consider potential articles of impeachment. a spokesman for the governor telling abc news the assembly has said it is doing a full and thorough review of the complaints and has offered the governor and his team an opportunity to present facts and their perspective. the governor appreciates the opportunity. we will be cooperating. cuomo digging in, maintaining his innocence, refusing to step down despite intensifying calls for him to resign, even from his closest allies. >> i began the process of trying to talk him into resignation seeing that resignation was the best course of action. >> reporter: the governor under fire for his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic, his book deal and now those searing allegations of sexual harassment against 11 women detailed in the state attorney general's report. >> i want you to know directly from me that i never touched
7:14 am
anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> reporter: and cuomo is now facing at least five criminal investigations in separate jurisdictions across new york and faces a potential civil lawsuit from lindsey boylan, the first of his accusers to go public. cecelia? >> okay, erielle, thank you so much. t.j.? all right, cecilia. we turn to the olympics and team usa is racing to a golden finish. they're at the olympics and the women winning the golden beach volleyball and our golden one, amy robach, in tokyo for the past couple weeks joins us now. good morning to you, robes. >> reporter: good morning to you, t.j. yes, we are heading into the final few days of these games and team usa is not letting up shattering some records and bringing home the gold. this morning allyson felix making history, tying carl lewis for being the u.s. most
7:15 am
decorated athlete. alix klineman and april ross known as the "a" team are olympic gold medalists after clinching the win against australia in beach volleyball. the pair undefeated in their gold medal run, ross is no stranger to the podium after winning bronze in rio in 2016 and silver in london in 2012. th the 6'4" athlete had been an indoor volleyball star, but moved to the beach in hopes of earning a medal. that dream now realized. on the wrestling mat david taylor securing a gold medal in the last 17 seconds of his match against iran's hassan yazdani and helen maroulis and thomas gilman bringing home bronze. nathaniel coleman snagging a silver medal in sport climbing, one of five new sports that debuted this year. and on the field, a triumphant win for katie in pole vault honoring her late father throughout the competition
7:16 am
writing dad on the bottom of her cleats and tapping them before making her gold winning jump. and as the games draw to a close the u.s. still has a few more chances to add to their medal count. as it stands right now the united states is dominating in the overall medal count and expanding its lead over china, t.j. >> i like your emphasis on dominating. we had caeleb dressel, the gold medal swimmer in studio with us earlier this week. a lot of athletes wrap up their time and get back home and cool homecomings. >> reporter: we certainly have seen quite the love that's been shared as those athletes see their families for the first time. take a look at the scene, in fact, in houston yesterday. fresh off of her bronze medal winning comeback on the balance beam, simone biles returning home to texas. biles and her teammate jordan chiles getting a hero's welcome from family, friends, fans, even from her dog and getting a big homecoming parade in spring, texas.
7:17 am
a lot of love to go around there. >> if anybody deserves a hero's welcome, it is her. we were laughing at the top of the show saying leave it to you to be the one who finds time to summit a mountain on a work trip like this one. >> reporter: well, yes. so when we got out of our quarantine, we didn't just go out. we decided to go up and so, yes, we'll take you along for the journey up on top of japan's highest peak, mt. fuji. it is spectacular. you are seeing some of the shots we saw from there and can't wait to take you along with us, guys. >> we're excited about it. see you soon. >> amy, the trekker. >> exactly. a lot more coming up on "gma," including the ceo of spirit airlines. he's speaking out after spirit canceled hundreds of flights. also, when they're going to be back on track. also the 12-year-old who suffered an apparent shark bite at a popular beach. what she's saying about going back in the water and what experts are saying. first back to rob.
7:18 am
>> reporter: good morning again, cecelia. the extreme east coast right along the water has been dealing with clouds and rainfall and a lot of rainfall across southeastern massachusetts. three to four inches in the past couple of days and flooding there in providence and the cape and where it's been the worst clearing out a little. seven or so inches in the sunshine state of florida. you're dealing with heavy rain. where we expect to see severe weather, a wave coming through the upper midwest and this will trigger i think more storms tomorrow from sioux falls to lacrosse and minneapolis. damaging wind, large hail and an isolated tornado with this. the stalled frontal boundary will be hanging through charleston, savannah and another two to three inches of rainfall heading into the weekend. that's a check on what's happening here now. it's time for your weekend forecast sponsored by subaru.
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hey, chili, is this your ride? >> yeah, i like to sit up high. check everything out. it is the cadillac of minivans. check this out. welcome back to "gma." that's the scene of 1995's "get shorty." believe it or not, minivans are making a comeback. we'll tell you why it's one of the hottest sellers and how know what to look for if you are in the market. we'll tell you about it. you take notes. get that pen ready. >> i missed the boat here. i just bought a vehicle not long ago. i didn't go minivan shopping. >> not too late. >> i messed up. a lot of headlines this morning we're following including the latest on the nde. covid cases soar driven by the
7:31 am
delta variant. the u.s. hit 100,000 cases in a day for the second time this week, but vaccination numbers are up for the fourth straight week as there could be major news on boosters soon. wildfires raging through the west. the dixie fire larger than los angeles demolishing greenville as triple digit temperatures move in. a sightseeing plane crashed in alaska killing all six on board including the pilot. it made a stop in ketchikan but no word yet on what caused the crash. take a look at how a police chase ended in southern california. this started on the highway. speeds got up to 100 miles an hour and went to surface streets and that's how it ended. the car was out of control, and hits a light pole and knocked out power to the area for awhile. four people had to be transferred to the hospital after this accident. also, we saw something last night we haven't seen since 2019. an nfl preseason game. yes, the first one we have seen since 2019. the dallas cowboys/pittsburgh steelers.
7:32 am
spotty first half and then all steelers. they ended up winning 16-3. more ahead here on "gma," including a 12-year-old, a little girl speaking out after she was apparently bitten by a shark at a popular beach in very shallow water. we're going to hear from her. right now the latest on air travel. spirit airlines canceled 50% of its flights today after stranding thousands by canceling hundreds of flights every day this week. the company's ceo is speaking out about how long it will go on and trevor ault has the latest. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, george. already this morning more than 250 spirit flights canceled and that number is only expected to keep growing. passengers have been dealing with these headaches for almost a full week. spirit's ceo tells us he expects them to start turning the corner. he believes that's now happening, but it's going to take more time. after five days of mass cancellations wreaking havoc at
7:33 am
american airports -- >> we're trying to go home. >> reporter: passengers stranded at airports, unable to rebook their flights. >> we're just trying to get home. it just got canceled. no reason for why it's been canceled. >> reporter: this morning, spirit's ceo says once again, half of his company's flights will be grounded after canceling more than 400 flights on thursday. >> it's been a terrible week for us, for our guests, all the team members working super hard to try to get us back where we want to be. >> reporter: spirit citing, quote, a perfect storm that led the airline to cancel nearly 2,000 flights since sunday blaming the weather, system outages and staffing shortages. passengers across the country getting restless. this one banging on a gate door at san juan airport on tuesday. the airline first said >> there will still be w
7:34 am
days, but we can start to build back to a full operation and then build from the takeaways that we got from last week. >> reporter: the budget airline even offering double pay to flight attendants who are able to pick up extra shifts. other airlines bearing the brunt too. american airlines and southwest canceling flights due to weather and staffing issues. >> it's been very frustrating. i waited three hours in line just to get to the front and they told us that we couldn't get a flight out today, tomorrow. >> reporter: christie says on top of the original causes for the disruption, airlines are running into new obstacles like crew members scattered throughout the country but he insists the company will earn back passenger trust in the coming days. >> we are starting to turn the tide here and get our operation back and that starts with building the airline back, making it as reliable as we want it to be but it's going to take us some time to build back that confidence and earn their trust again but we're up for the challenge. we're trying to get better. we're going to learn from this
7:35 am
and we're going to continue to grow. >> reporter: spirit's ceo says the company is simply not built for this level of disruption but you heard him say he believes they can learn from this. that does not help thousands of stranded travelers get to where they nee ? evor aul thas. t.? tn to that 12-yeaol girl bitten in an apparent shark encounter while in knee-deep water. she's speaking out this morning. ashan singh has more on this. ashan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. we're here off the coast of massachusetts but we'll be heading to the cape and search for tag for some sharks. we know this is where great whites like to hang out but down the coast of the atlantic no one is being spared. this morning, a 12-year-old pennsylvania girl recovering from an apparent shark bite. >> i had 42 stitches, over 20 lacerations. >> reporter: vacationing with
7:36 am
her family at the beach in ocean city, maryland, jordan prushinski was boogie boarding with her cousins in shallow water when she felt something hit her leg. >> i thought i picked up a horse shoe crab and i felt it against my shins. >> reporter: jordan running out of the water to her mother on shore blood pouring down her leg. >> she came out and i took one look and saw the wounds and the bleeding and immediately went for the lifeguard because i knew we were going to need help taking care of this. >> reporter: the family rushing to the hospital where the doctor confirmed it was a shark bite. said, yes, this is a shark bite. no other animal has this type of wound pattern. they sent pictures to an expert at the shark research institute in new jersey who said it might be a black-tipped shark. >> you find them right up against the beach often chasing little bait fish. >> reporter: shark sightings let alone incidents rare in ocean city, but experts say due to warmer waters they're seeing more and more sharks in areas we don't often see them. >> heading farther and farther north.
7:37 am
there's going to be a bigger and bigger problem going forward as shark migrations are shifting. >> reporter: jordan still in high spirits and while this might keep her out of the ocean for a bit she won't let it stop her forever. >> might be a year or two but this is rare to happen and it's even rarer to happen a second time. >> reporter: and, guys, lifeguards and beach patrol say this is the first time it happened at this beach and experts are saying the shark that bit jordan is, you know, not known for being aggressive to humans. t.j.? >> ashan, she makes a very good point. rare to happen once, certainly not going to happen twice. so, yes, i'll get back in the water. thanks so much, my man. coming up next on "gma" why minivans are making a big comeback. how you can get your hands on one. type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying active and eating right? yup, on it there, too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease
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all right, we are back all right, we are back now with the com all right, we are back now with the comeback of the minivan, the vehicle that was once a punch line is now so much in demand. becky worley is at an auto dealer in california to tell us all about it. hey, becky. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. you are so right. here at the toyota dealership in marin county, california, there is one minivan. one available. what used to be the uncoolest car on the road is suddenly the hottest ticket in town. this is the workhorse of millions of american families. and now cox automotive says
7:42 am
these people movers have moved to near the top of the market. the category of seven and eight-seater vans selling for 8% above sticker price. inventory is lean and that stems from a manufacturing slowdown. >> that demand is not backed up by extra minivans being made. they're one of the lowest supplied vehicles we see today. >> reporter: that's a challenge for the moody family of four. >> i decided i need a minivan just because of the practicality with little ones. >> reporter: after looking for months and going to multiple dealers they finally found one to test drive but were told there was a three-month wait. >> it was definitely a little discouraging at first but a few days later they ended up having what we wanted get traded in. >> reporter: they're seeing a resurgence. the category took a hit when the suv craze went into overdrive in the mid 2000s. fewer companies made them and now there are only four makes of minivan currently selling new in the u.s. toyotas, kias, chryslers and hondas.
7:43 am
in 2020 a 2017 dodge caravan sold for just under $15,000. now they're selling for more than 18,000. a 2018 honda odyssey selling for just under $30,000, now more than $33,000. and the biggest jump, a 2019 toyota siena selling for $26,000, now up 7 grand to $33,000. over the last 14 years i've oba owned two mini fans. i bought the first when my twins were newborns, it was big and easy to get the car seats into but also for one very special feature. the back doors open all by just clicking on the remote. genius and over the years this car has adapte o needs. it carries surfboards, bikes, kids, grandparents and dogs. >> today's minivan is a lot sleeker, nicer and something you'd be proud to own.
7:44 am
>> i love the car. i love the car more than any i own and i never thought i would say that about a minivan. >> reporter: now experts we spoke with said this is all due to the manufacturing and chip shortages, and they do see more inventory coming, but right now all cars are being affected. there are 64% fewer new cars in showrooms right now. that's 1.5 million with back to school coming up soon, cecilia, this is a rough time to be in the market for a minivan. >> yeah, good thing you already have one. we loved seeing all the pictures of you and your family in your minivan. the dealer has that one van in it. what do you do if you want one? how do you get your hands on one? >> reporter: i called around to a lot of dealers. it's zero or one on most lots. many say with cars in transit, you do have one option which is to put down a refundable deposit. this gives you first dibs on the car when it arrives. you come and test drive it and if you don't like it or if you don't like the color, well, you
7:45 am
get your money back. a tip about color, with this little inventory, blue, red, you don't really get to be picky, cecilia. you get what you get. >> take what you can get. becky, thank you so much. t.j.? coming up here, the fitness enthusiast who says the apple watch he has saved his life. also coming up next, tokyo wrapping up but already we'll show you the athletes getting ready for 2032. it's our "play of the day." [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ back now with our "play of the day," of course, the olympics in tokyo wrapping up burey trni is way for the olympics in brisbane in 2032. so check them out. inspired by these games putting on their own little torch relay. you see this? they're handing it off down the street. the little one goes down and lights -- look at that. lights the olympic flame. that's very cool. we got another one here, track and field training under way. 5-year-old -- this is the little one doing weight lifting. you know, we'll get there eventually with the two but -- >> brute force there. >> brothers doing -- working on track and field. now, look how they put up -- look at the hurdles. chairs from the house. ghet gets over the hurdles, but
7:50 am
then little brother going to try it as well. >> oh. >> not quite got the concept down but, hey, we got time to figure out out. >> he thought it was a victory. >> it was. >> meant to inspire is what the olympic games do for us all and the kids as well. >> the world watching every second. coming up, nelly is joining us for our summer concert series bringing his new song with blanco brown and breland. ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me, hey ♪ "gma's" summer concert "gma's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. ♪ and drop that thing on me ♪ need long-lasting freshness? try new febreze unstopables touch fabric spray. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology. that lasts, even hours later! that's because febreze touch stores scent in your fabrics so you get bursts of freshness with every touch. your whole world will come alive. welcome home to fresh with new febreze touch.
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7:54 am
throughout the country because of the fires burning. the river fire burning so erratically had a smoke whirl. looks like a tornado within the fire but that's a vortice. that was spawned by the heat. this is about 80 to 100 miles east of the dixie fire and poor air quality there. look at the smoke across the northwest. a graphic of where the haze is and goes all the way from milwaukee down to the gulf coast. coming up on "gma," an incredible climb of japan's mt. fuji. "the suicide squad" star joel kinnaman is here plus the pet of the week. more new
7:55 am
7:56 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. overwhelmed, covid cases fueled by the delta variant sweep the country. in mississippi, the state health officer says delta is sweeping over them like a tsunami. this as the u.s. hits 100,000 new covid cases in a single day. florida with a new record high. pediatric admissions there climbing. multiple states now calling for federal assistance and 700,000 people are expected in sturgis, south dakota, for the annual motorcycle rally. new fears of a superspreader event. wildfires rage through the west. that dixie fire engulfing an area larger than the size of los angeles. now the triple digit temperatures are moving in. we're live on the ground. new details on kathy griffin and her lung cancer surgery. how she's recovering from the operation. lucky to be alive.
8:01 am
the 25-year-old fitness enthusiast who fractured his skull and had life-threatening hematomas. how his apple watch saved his life. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ and there is no mountain high enough for amy robach and our tokyo team setting off to climb mt. fuji. >> we've been told while we sleep because of covid we have to wear these. >> our entire team there waking summit of majestic mt. fuji.e - >> this is why i climb. this view. >> reporter: all this as the games wrap up. our entire abc news team in tokyo is saying -- [ crowd chanting "good morning, america" ] [ cheers ] ♪ and good morning, america. hope you're doing well on this
8:02 am
friday morning. >> very excited to see amy and the whole team there in tokyo. and take a look at this. so many of them get to summit with her on that challenging hike. that was not an easy one. >> they got to. she dragged them kicking -- this was her idea, look, they did have to take precautions, you're seeing that there and had to way in a hut and two of the producers, robach there as well had to wear mandatory covid hoods you have to wear while sleeping overnight as you're heading to the summit. >> 12,000 feet above the clouds, all coming up. first we start with the pandemic. hospitals are overwhelmed as covid cases soar fueled by the delta variant. for the second time this week the u.s. hit 100,000 new cases in a single day and vaccination numbers are up for the fourth week in a row. victor oquendo is at a testing center in miami. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is one of the busiest sites in miami. up to our drone, they do both testing and vaccinations and we're starting to see lines like this all over the country once again.
8:03 am
walgreens, for example, saying their testing volume doubled from june to july. this morning, florida setting a new pandemic record high for hospitalizations and one hospitalized. david, a high school football player battling covid and pneumonia for the last ten days. >> pretty scary, actually. >> it can get to anyone. if you're 10, it can get you if you're 60. >> reporter: in houston harris health system in crisis mode. this 11-month-old patient sick with covid forced to be air-lifted to another hospital because none of the pediatric hospitals in town had room. >> the level of sick visits that we've seen this summer, june, july and now august, i've never seen in 20 years of practice here in houston. >> reporter: u.s. hospitalizations leaping from 12,000 a month ago to more than 61,000 now. the u.s. hitting 100,000 new cases in a single day for the second time this week.
8:04 am
even as cases soar, massive events are taking place around the country. in sturgis, south dakota, 700,000 people are expected for the annual motorcycle rally leading to fears of a superspreader event. back live to our drone, keep in mind after last year's rally in sturgis contact tracers reported 649 virus cases from every corner of the country linked to the rally including one death, a teen from the cdc said it had many characteristics of a superspreading event. >> thanks very much. cecilia. we turn to those wildfires. the crisis in the west, thousands forced to evacuate as of los angeles. let's go back to will carr there
8:05 am
on the ground in grass valley covering the latest. will, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. as we're seeing the extent of all this devastation, we're also hearing some terrifying stories as residents only had minutes to get out of this community. some tried to stick it out spraying down their homes to the last second but the fire was just too much and in the end it burned at least 20 homes. thousands of people are still evacuated here as these fires continue to ravage the west coast. this morning, raging fires ripping through california. flames forcing thousands to evacuate. the river fire pushed by dangerous winds and fueled by bone dry brush sweeping through two counties in northern california. >> 50 years of stuff is gone. >> reporter: the flames and wind forming this smokenado and taking aim at the town of colfax over 75 buildings destroyed there. this woman getting to her parents' home just minutes before their house caught fire. >> i got them out of there. we had to run and i had never seen a fire starting this fast. >> reporter: the dixie fire in northern california turning skies red in susanville. this after the fire demolished the town of greenville. >> it just got like this thing goes all hell broke loose. >> reporter: the fire burned for more than three weeks engulfing an area the size of los angeles,
8:06 am
residents in chester fleeing homes as the flames approach. with more than 88% of california experiencing drought wildfires have ravaged the state. over the past 24 hours fire crews have gone home by home and thankfully nobody was killed in this community. these fire crews are battle weary, they're exhausted. they have been working around the clock week by week, cecilia, and we still have a long way to go with this fire season. >> such a tough job. okay, will, thank you so much. coming up here on "gma," comedian kathy griffin revealing new details about her lung cancer battle. how she's recovering from the operation. plus, amy and our team in tokyo climbing through the night to summit mt. fuji showing us the great view from the top. that is coming up. and "the suicide squad," one of the stars, joel kinnaman, is here to tell us all about it. we'll be right back.
8:07 am
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. ♪ you see times square. casual start. coming up on monday we'll take you to canada. the border re-opens and we'll be live in idaho to "rise & shine." excited for "pop news" with lara. hey, lara. >> hey, you guys. happy friday to everybody and taylor swift fans rejoice. we have more news. she seems to once again have something up that cardigan sleeve. on thursday the pop superstar sent fans into a frenzy sharing a cryptic puzzle on twitter with clues galore on who she may be
8:12 am
collaborating with for her upcoming album. fans were quick to try to decipher it coming up with names like phoebe bridgers, chris stapleton maybe, ed sheeran. "better" and "man" were in the title possibly suggesting we'll get taylor's version of "better man" that went straight to number one when she gave it to little big town. my favorite back in 2016. taylor posted this photo with her cat and the words, i unlocked the vault. that, of course, in reference to the 30 songs that she will share on "red," taylor's version, when she releases the new album this november. taylor, what are you up to? we want more. we want more. all right. speaking of exciting news, british diver tom daley, just love him, grabbed gold in tokyo at his fourth olympics and he isn't just a world champion but
8:13 am
he's also the world's biggest knitting influencer. he's been spotted working on his favorite hobby throughout the games both poolside and in the stands as he watches other events, made a little sleeve for his gold medal. so talented. there it is and on thursday the all-star diver introduced his piece de resistance, an olympic cardigan showing it saying i finished the jumper and it was no small feat, guys. the word tokyo written in japanese on the front and team gb along with the olympic rings on the back. he says knitting has kept him sane during the olympics and gave him a way to give back raffling off some of his pieces for a chance charity in honor of his dad who passed away fr brai. good lucllf yourevts, tom day. in sports, the chicago white sox and new york yankees are
8:14 am
gearing up for a showdown in iowa next week for what's being billed as the field of dreams game. they'll play right near the actual cornfield where the kevin costner movie was filmed and both will wear vintage style uniforms to complete the picture. the white sox will wear white and navy pinstripes with the vintage sox monogram and the yankees will be gray with new york stitched across the chest. both teams hoping if they wear it, you will watch. the field of dreams game happens next thursday. we will definitely be watching. finally if you're looking for something more unusual in the world of sporting events our friends at espn are bringing beak the ocho born from a reference to the 2004 comedy "dodgeball" featuring fun fringe events since 2017 and after a pandemic hiatus, they have corgi racing and the always
8:15 am
classic cornhole, air hockey invitational and throwback to our childhood favorite professional tag. you're it and here's a preview of the all new u.s. air guitar championships. take a look. ♪ >> wow, wow. go, randy. that's randy diablo, everyone, going for the title. you can check out randy and all of the competitors all day today on espn2 and streaming on the espn app. i told you, it's some fun to watch. with that, happy friday. >> hours and bars it took to perfect that, thank you, lara. the hours and bars to perfect that. >> those could become the next olympic sports. >> all right, lara, thank you so much. we want to turn to our "gma" cover story talking kathy griffin. her cancer battle opening up about her treatment after lung cancer surgery and what she says
8:16 am
she won't do to ruin her journey to sobriety. our kaylee hartung here with more. >>hey, t.j. after fighting to beat her addiction to pain pills over the last year, kathy griffin says she has a newfound appreciation for life and won't get involved in anything that might threaten her recovery. that means even when faced with pain after surgery to remove half her lung she's sticking to tylenol. this morning, just days after revealing she has lung cancer, kathy griffin is sharing details about her surgery to remove the tumor. to be honest, this cancer surgery was a little more than i had anticipated. the star writes on instagram, after more than a year clean and drug-free she's now recovering without the help of narcotic pain medication writing, hello, tylenol, my new best friend, the last time i was in a hospital was in june 2020 when i tried to take my life and overdosed on prescription pills. i know i can do this and anything i want without those devil pills. i have fear drug and addiction more than i fear cancer so i think i'll be okay.
8:17 am
>> i had become very severely addicted to prescription pills. so i am in recovery but i'm a drug addict. >> reporter: in an interview with abc news the 60-year-old former "fashion police" host discussed her shocking diagnosis opening up about her suicide attempt and prescription drug dependency and believes her sobriety over the past year may have saved her life in more ways than one. >> there's no more oxy, no more vicodin, and i was, like, my joints are hurting, and i had a bunch of tests and the doctor said we picked up a mass on your lung. >> someone who has previously struggled with issues of addiction, managing their pain and symptoms can be particularly challenging, so ideally you got to balance the ability to manage pain as well as avoid the harm of helping make individuals addicted to long-term opiate use. >> reporter: doctors say there are alternative methods to
8:18 am
treating pain for people like griffin from acupuncture and meditation to working closely with experts to manage the psychological experience of coping with pain and living with that prior history of addiction, t.j. >> of course, we are certainly wishing her well moving forward. thank you so much. we go back to japan. amy's climb up mt. fuji with her team. amy, you've now scaled japan's tallest mountain. how does it feel? >> that's right. i checked it off the bucket list. we know mt. fuji is one of the most iconic sights in all of japan. it was an opportunity to experience its epic beauty. even though it's incredibly challenging to get to the top the payoff is sunrise at the summit. ♪ for hundreds of years the japanese have considered climbing their country's tallest peak a spiritual adventure. after summiting mt. fuji standing at 12,388 feet, some believe you are cleansed and reborn. all right. we're here.
8:19 am
ready to go. surrounded pretty good to me. after 14 days of quarantine here. hiking. yeah, ready. three, two, one. so i set out and up with the help of our guides. within minutes we are in the clouds. climbing mountains. about - you can go from being sunny and hot to suddenly being in the clouds, cool, completely different landscape. it's breathtaking and it's literally starting to take my breath away, but that's what makes it fun, right? the challenge. the last major eruption on mt. fuji occurred more than 400 years ago, but geologists still consider it an active volcano. small steps. with a diverse set of terrain and weather conditions. that is a view. this is why i climb. this view. this is so beautiful. with all the clouds and climbing.
8:20 am
after climbing for hours, we rest, staying the night at the mountain's eighth station. inside the hut there are rows of sleeping areas for hikers but with covid restrictions, everyone must wear masks in public areas and at night another unique requirement. we've been told while we sleep because of covid we have to wear these. after three hours of sleep, we wake up at midnight to begin the last leg of our climb. the higher altitude brings colder temperatures so we gear up. yes, ready, ready. climbers are also asked to wear helmets as they navigate difficult terrain and be ready for falling debris. as we climb we see we weren't alone. behind us hundreds of other climbers, their headlamps visible along the trail. >> all right. last hut before the summit. we're an hour and a half away. after hours of steep and rocky
8:21 am
switchbacks in the middle of the night, all of our hard work pays off. >>n t hsteak the sunrisov japan and the view is incredible. from tokyo to the pacific ocean, the clouds turn oran and the sun reveals the massive volcano crater at the top of fuji and erhaps the most stunning reveal. this is mt. fuji in the shadow right behind us with the sun low in the sky. this is spectacular. fuji's massive triangular shadow cast over the countryside extending beyond the horizon. quarantine to be able to see all of this, it's amazing. worth the effort. highly recommend. and by the way, the sun rises at 4:45 in he morning here so that's why we had to get up so early and as many as 4,000 people we're told visit mt. fuji each day typically but we are in the middle of a pandemic so that number is now around 1,000 but it was still pretty busy on the trails and proves even during
8:22 am
these times so many are still drawn to this cultural marvel, george. >> what a magnificent sight. must have been incredible. what was the trip down like? >> wow, well, let's just say it wasn't quite as glamorous and go down 5,000 vertical feet and takes several hours and it's this slippery ashy consistency that isn't very graceful, let me say that much. if you go in the off-season you can sled down or ski down, that would have been far preferable to how we got down. >> you didn't add that video to the piece, though. >> no, i didn't. deliberately. >> great trip, amy. you've done such a great job in tokyo. let's go to rob. >> thank you. >> so jealous, that sight of the cone shadow at sunrise, nothing like it. let's go to the sea and talk about the tropics. we've had a bit of a break since elsa. the names we've gone through so far as far as the hurricane
8:23 am
season is concerned and next on the list, fred, grace, they could do some dancing and the list goes on, activity in the atlantic but nothing to be concerned about at least right now. now to the man who is crediting his apple watch with saving his life after he suffered a serious fall. a story we first saw in "people" magazine and here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: for 25-year-old
8:24 am
brandon snyder being active is a way of life. besides riding and hiking, the peloton sales specialist runs five to six times a week and has four marathons under his belt. like countless other fitness buffs he tracks it with his apple watch. recently the watch did more than tell the time. >> i would certainly say that the apple watch helped save my life. >> reporter: brandon says he decided to go to the hospital after suffering from severe abdominal pain for days. >> this seemed different than anything i really have experienced in the past and i was in excruciating pain. >> reporter: a company -- accompanied by his dad, brandon went to the hospital emergency room july 12th. during the visit he went to the restroom. he says he was only in there for a couple of minutes when he lost consciousness. >> i remember washing my hands and thinking to myself is something going to happen. i don't remember falling to the ground or hitting my head or anything of the events that followed. >> reporter: fortunately for the
8:25 am
fitness enthusiast brandon says within seconds his apple watch alerted his father nearby. >> my apple watch detected a hard fall and i did not respond to the message that requires a response in 45 seconds. >> reporter: because of the alert his father immediately got the hospital staff to his side. >> i was actually more in the right place at the right time for this kind of situation to occur. >> reporter: brandon says ct scans revealed along with a fractured skull he had life-threatening hematomas so he underwent emergency brain surgery. >> and so if i weren't in that -- in the er at the time this occurred chances are we might be telling a different story. >> he's incredibly lucky. in medicine we have a saying called time is brain and it's one of those injuries you have to approach it and get to it as quickly as possible. each and every minute that passes by can provide increased damage to the brain. >> reporter: brandon says doctors expect a full recovery
8:26 am
and credits his good prognosis not just to the care he received and his active lifestyle but also that apple watch. >> those who have an apple watch may be able to set up their emergency contacts which i don't know what sparked the idea in me sometime before this incident occurred to make sure i had that set up. i want to encourage people to do that. >> reporter: here's how you activate that emergency sos function on your apple watch. hit the side button, press down on it and glide left. that will automatically connect you to emergency services and share your location in the event of an emergency and make sure you have emergency contacts set up too, cecilia. >> such an important tip there, rebecca. thank you so much. everybody, stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning everybody. checking in with sue for a look at traffic. >> good morning. and we have a pretty clear friday morning commute with a couple of exceptions always. this is the east shore freeway. you can see it's pretty crowded. that's the university over crossing there. the westbound direction headed toward the bay bridge. that is looking great this morning. no delays there. we did have an earlier problem, overturn. that's been cleared. and now just some slow traffic along san francisco freeway. you can see 19, 19th avenue is bumper to bumper due to road work and slow traffic. south mission with that road closure.
8:28 am
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123450 good morning. the smoke is here. it's in the middle part of the atmosphere. it's not down near the ground it. may in the inland valleys and the higher elevations but right now no spare the air thug e smoke going to be pretty thick today and tomorrow. as we head into sunday we will start to get cleaner air. also the heat will be around today and tomorrow. by sunday it'll cool off. >> thank you. we will have another update
8:30 am
in 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on the news ♪ ♪ it's a great friday morning here at "gma." before we reveal our latest buzz pick we're excited to announce our conversation with chandler baker, the best-selling author behind our august book club pick, "the husbands." juju chang is sitting down with her later this month. this morning our newest is here we go, "if the shoe fits" by julie murphy, the first book in disney's new publishing series. this re-imagines classic fairy tales. take a look. >> good morning, america. my name is julie murphy and thank you so much for making "if the shoe fits" the "gma" buzz pick of the week. "if the shoe fits" is a modern retelling of cinderella and
8:31 am
follows cindy a young plus size woman and recent fashion school graduate who finds herself as a contestant on a reality dating show. like cindy i was accepted to fashion school but changed course at the last minute so now i treat stories instead of -- create stories instead of clothing. >> and "if the shoe fits" is out right now and you can read an excerpt on our website by using your phone to scan that qr code on your screen. be sure to keep reading with us on our instagram at "gma" book club. "the suicide squad" is out today and joined by one of the stars, joel kinnaman. joel, sorry for getting you up so early. glad you're up with a big smile on your face. before we get to the movie i want to get to this video you posted on your instagram. let's show it right now. ♪ what are we seeing here? >> well, this is an attempt at
8:32 am
traditional swedish midsommar celebration we did in malibu a couple of months ago, you know. that really made it difficult for us swedes to get people to come to our parties. >> i bet it did. >> this is just a wholesome party. we're just going to sing some songs and drink some schnapps. >> we want to ask about the movie. your second time playing colonel rick. he, of course, is the guy that has this tough job of trying to keep tabs on the suicide squad but this is a different role, more comedic. how was that for you? >> it was a lot of fun, i mean, it was definitely a bit of a challenge. you know, i haven't been asked to do that many comedic roles before. when people ask haven't you done any comedies before and i say, well, "the killing," so -- [ laughter ]
8:33 am
that show, you know, if that's the most comedy you've done, then -- well, you know, when you have a guide and a coach like james gunn, you're in very safe hands so i completely trusted him and he wrote an incredibly funny script and had a much more comedic take on the character flag that i returned to play so, you know, it was a challenge but it was smooth sailing. >> even though you don't do comedy, even in "the killing" you're great at delivering one-liners sometimes. let's take a quick look at a clip and ask you about it on the other side. >> here's the deal, we fail the mission, you die. >> we find out any information you give us is false, you die. >> if we find out you have personalized license plate, you die. >> what? no. >> if you cough without covering your mouth -- >> harley, those last three things aren't things but that is an open invitation for you to cough with an open mouth.
8:34 am
>> looking at that clip you got that shirt on and look good and look fit. we're told you went out of your way to make sure you were in great shape and you actually wanted to take your shirt off in this movie to show off, but then you realized that one of your co-stars happens to be john cena. >> yeah, it was a huge mistake. [ laughter ] no, it was one of my first conversations with james, you know, i thought, i'm going to have myself a real, you know, matthew mcconaughey pre-dallas buyers club moment and i thought this is a great opportunity to take my shirt off and, you know, spent several months training hard, eating, super disciplined and then -- it was about when i got to set when i realized, you ole script and not just my the lines because literally two minutes before i take my shirt off john cena takes his shirt off and not just takes his shirt off.
8:35 am
he takes his shirt off in his tighty-whities and it's -- so there was a lot to talk about and it wasn't my shirtless scene. >> when john was on the show he nominated you for the wwe. i know you had a stunt fight with john in one scene. how did it go? >> it was great. you know, who would have thought john has spent 20 odd years during professional wrestling would be so good at fake fighting. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> no, i mean he's such a sweet guy and just an absolute professional. you never know, you know, when you're -- when you have these sort of altercation scenes, you know, sometimes actor guys are a little corny and all like macho and want to show how tough they are while preparing for this fake fight.
8:36 am
john was just -- he told me that my body is in your hands and i took his body. [ laughter ] >> sounds like you took good care of him. "the suicide squad" is in theaters and imax and on hbo max all today. coming up, nelly, brel majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time.
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♪ back now with our pet of the week. remember to use the qr code to nominate your pet. this morning, lara is bringing us a couple of best friends. hey, lara. >> yep, george, i am with a couple of my best friends, talking about bailey and sammy, they do everything together and wait till you hear the heartwarming story of how these two came together in the first place. >> come here. ♪ >> reporter: there is nothing better than sharing your home with a dog. >> oh, no, not you, sammy. >> reporter: unless, of course you have two. >> come here, sweetie. >> reporter: meet bailey and sammy, the dog-namic duo. nikki jenkins found him abandoned thrown into a box with four other puppies. >> a lot of her siblings were taken and we got so blessed to get her because someone else could have got her. >> reporter: even though she had just gotten 5-month-old sammy,
8:40 am
nikki was happy to bring home another friend. >> i have a picture of them in the crate together happy to see them bond so well because most don't bond as quick as that. >> reporter: that was just the beginning of their forever friendship. >> just having them together, i feel like it completes them. i feel like they are happy together. >> reporter: sweet sammy named after someone very special. >> my dad passed away october 10, 2018 and sammy was born october 20, 2018 and we named sammy after my dad in remembrance of him because he was like my best friend. good boy. >> reporter: and now nikki has two best friends who have made her feel whole again. >> just trying my best to make them happy and knowing that they're happy together makes me happy. they definitely completed my life. >> they make us happy. thanks for sharing bailey and sammy with us. rob, let's get over to you while these guys are still behaving. >> i love it.
8:41 am
thanks for that, lara. i know my dog loves the beach. out in the wintertime if you're bringing your person to the beach. today you got a good one in the northeast for sure. here's the surf line camera for you from ocean city, maryland. the surf crashing gently. the beach is freshly combed and people taking in the sun. warmer temperatures on the ocean water too is more palatable. daytime highs tomorrow in the lower 80s. well, it is time for our "gma" concert series and this morning, nelly celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album "country grammar." yes, down, down, baby, remember
8:42 am
that and his song "dilemma" hit 1 billion streams on youtube ann and breland for "high horse." all of them joining us this morning. good to see you all. i see that smiling face, nelly, 20th anniversary. >> how you doing? >> you're one of the first to do it and do it so well, this crossover if you will and more artists are doing it now. why is it important to keep blurring these lines? >> well, i think personally music and sports are two of the main things that i always say that bring people together the most and i love both of them to the extreme. but when you get a chance to bring boundaries together you take those backgrounds and appreciate each of them but you also try to create new adventures as far as moving forward and i think that's what this project does is definitely
8:43 am
gives people a better insight of how we all can be better together. >> blanco, you're on board here. you're certainly a viral sensation with the song "get up" two-step and cowboy boogie. that became a viral sensation. this new song here, "high horse." can you see it being tiktokable if you will? >> i definitely seeing it being tiktokable. i can see so many different dances and so many different creative ways to bring the record to life. it's jamming, jamming so i know we'll see a lot of fun things happening with this record playing, the soundtrack to those videos. >> breland, what was it like working with nelly and blanco? >> blast. i'm someone that likes to blend a lot of different musical genres together so being on a song with two brothers who have really mastered that especially this intersection of hip-hop and
8:44 am
funk and country is really special for me. >> guys, we are excited because we are about to see the world premiere right now of "high horse" on "gma." what inspired this song, nelly? >> just that energy. i think just that energy, just that infusion of what all three of us bring together and we were able to capture that here on this song, being in the visuals but showing that team effort and coming up with something that these guys knew out the gate would be sensational. so let's get to the sensational. shall we? the world premiere of nelly's "high horse" featuring blanco brown and breland. take it away, guys. ♪ get up off of that high horse ♪ ♪ get up off of this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me ♪
8:45 am
♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me ♪ ♪ one time ♪ ♪ i like my girls a little country, country ♪ ♪ honky-tonk and blue jeans, jeans ♪ ♪ texas up to kentucky, kentucky ♪ ♪ i always hear the same thing ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the southern, about an hour from the city ♪ ♪ i know she looking at me silly shawty when i tell her i don't rap ♪ ♪ tell 'em, blanc ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, let me do my thing ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me ♪ ♪ i said, get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ and drop this thing on me ♪ ♪ testimony, alimony, call it what it is ♪ ♪ the house is on the prairie
8:46 am
all through the hills ♪ bills ♪ ♪ every hall in the wall gon' be playing that funky stuff ♪ ♪ shawty got a pretty girl complex ♪ ♪ every hall in wall ♪ ♪ gon' be playing that funky stuff ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, let me do my thing ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse and drop that thing on me ♪ ♪ i said, get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me one time ♪ ♪ she a stallion with a big truck like a caddie coupe deville ♪ ♪ high fashion, she a shotgun ♪ ♪ killing everything in them heels ♪ ♪ like, hey, come and drop that thing on me ♪ ♪ like the dude down in that a ♪ ♪ turn around and make it shake, shake, shake, shake ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse
8:47 am
and drop that thing on me ♪ ♪ i said, get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ get up off of this train, this train ♪ ♪ get up off of that high horse, yeah ♪ ♪ and drop that thing on me, i said ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> announcer: now as the country re-opens for a brighter summer, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: we're celebrating traveling to all 50 states. >> let's do it. >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: celebrate this summer with abc's "good morning america's" "rise & shine" tour. we are back with nelly who just went platinum again on his latest single with florida georgia line and here he is performing that song right now. ♪ ♪ talk to 'em, uh, uh, uh, uh, ha, ha, yeah ♪ ♪ yh, get to, get to head right ♪ ♪ i do this every night ♪
8:50 am
♪ you can call it limelight i'ma call it my life ♪ ♪ shawty looking all right, tk jeans on, ski, ski-skintight ♪ ♪ she be shaking that taillight ♪ ♪ got me froze on the road like a deer in the headlights ♪ ♪ oh, backwoods wanna know if you can roll ♪ ♪ got it on the rocks, ice cold ♪ ♪ got the coupe on the new town road real low, oh ♪ ♪ i know we just met, but girl let's roll ♪ ♪ let's roll, whoa, let's roll, let's roll, hey ♪ ♪ i'll go anywhere you wanna go let's go, oh-oh ♪ ♪ and she said, take me to the country, show me where you from ♪ ♪ i said, shawty, you gon' love me and we gon' have some fun ♪ ♪ i bring out my big wheel and you can climb up on ♪ ♪ girl, i think you a big deal, now show your boy some love, huh ♪ ♪ just a lil bit, just a lil bit, uh ♪ lil bi uh, uh, u a ♪ we gon' have so f lil bi u♪
8:51 am
♪ just a lil bit, yeah, just a lil bit, yeah ♪ ♪ we gon' have some ♪ ♪ shawty messing with a pro now, i'm a pronoun ♪ ♪ i'm the who, what, when, where to go now, shows sold out ♪ ♪ from the front to the back, hip-hop or the hoedown ♪ ♪ got the game on a go route, i'm the black tom brady in this, i'm the g.o.a.t. now ♪ ♪ shawty, i'm so wild, heartlands out to so-cal better know now ♪ ♪ i know we just met, but girl, let's roll ♪ ♪ let's roll, whoa, let's roll, let's roll, hey ♪ ♪ i'll go anywhere you wanna go ♪ ♪ let's go, whoa, ay, ay ♪ ♪ she said, take me to the country, show me where you from, let's ride ♪ ♪ i said, shawty, you gon' love me and we gon' have some fun ♪ ♪ i bring out my big wheel and you can climb on up ♪ ♪ girl, i think you a big deal, now show your boy some love, huh ♪ ♪ just a lil bit, just a lil bit, yeah, baby ♪ ♪ just a lil bit, yeah, just a lil bit, uh, uh, uh, uh ♪
8:52 am
♪ we gon' have some fun, just a lil bit, uh ♪ ♪ just a little bit, yeah, just a lil bit, ha, ha, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh, uh ♪ ♪ we gonna have some fun ♪ "gma's" summer concert series is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. ♪ have some fun i'll break out my big wheel ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: "gma" next week it's time to set your summer on fire with three amazing performances just for you.
8:55 am
monday, tinashe, wednesday, sebastian yatra and friday it's sheryl crow next week on "gma's" sheryl crow next week on "gma's" summer concert series. sponsored by caesars rewards. that was fun, big thanks to nelly, breland and blanco brown. >> have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ we gon' have some fun ♪ ♪ we gon' have some fun ♪
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good morning everybody. from abc morning checking in with sue now. how is the traffic looking? >> it is light at the bay bridge. we have your friday light commute. that's the way it's been all morning long. we will look at a problem spot. this one is coming into san francisco, flipped over a car did that is, westbound 580 near the maze. cleared out of lanes. that's been a clear approach now. on the richmond, san rafael bridge a stall midspan. really backing things up. >> thank you. the smoke is here but right now it's in the middle part of the atmosphere and it'll stay that way it. will look really nasty through tomorrow. sunday we will start to see a clearing here and in the tahoe. temperatures today, ten to 20 degrees warmer from 71 in san francisco to 98 in antioch. almost as hot tomorrow but
9:00 am
cooler with that cleaner air sunday. >> thank you. it's time for live with kelly and ryan. kelly and ryan. we will be back at deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today from the docu- series my dirt road diary, luke bryan. plus the world champion sign spinner gives the co-hosts a lesson in twirling, flipping and spinning. also a saint paul chef is serving up grilled desserts on the latest edition of live's hometown chefs summer cooking series. and actress katie lowes returns for one more day with ryan. all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and katie lowes. morning, deja vu. -sup, lowes? -what's up, seacrest. -happy friday. -hey, guys. that's right, it is. it is. it is friday. we have made it just when we thought we couldn't. we did. it's august 6th back again, filling in for kelly ripa is katie lowes. yay, i've learned so much this week.


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