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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the people who had to run from this player, like we did, it changes you. julian: heartbreak and instruction in northern california as wildfires destroy buildings and level and historic town. eight people remain unaccounted for in one of the fire zones. good morning, and thank you for being here. it is saturday, august seventh. i am julian glover. your watching us live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's check in with meteorologists francis nicholson- ance frances: you see clouds and fog, and that will usher in some cooler air right now.
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we have had san jose already at 62 and brentwood as well. we are seeing that marine layer push in, and that is some welcome relief, although there is still an air quality advisory for today due to the wildfire smoke and air-quality alert for the next few days could i want to show you the forecast animation for the smoke. the onshore flow will pick up this afternoon, and that is going to help wear some of the air, especially at the beaches. the stronger onshore flow continues tomorrow, and it helps push the smoke farther east as well. we still have poor air quality for the interior areas and some of the higher elevations, but for the bay area, it will be improving this weekend, julie and jared julian: all right, thank you -- julian. julian: all right, thank you, frances. sources are trying to find eight people unaccounted for in the area where the dixie fire is burning. it is on track to become the
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second largest wildfire in california history. it has once again exploded in size. containment actually dropping on that fire overnight, from 35% to 21%, as firefighters battle intense conditions. to the south, the river fire has burned 2600 acres and is only 40% contained. these fires are two of the 35 burning across our state right now, and now, wildfire season is far from over. reporter lou cleary has more. lou: carl knows the heart the he of his neighbors, but he thinks his house might still be standing, a few miles south on u.s. 89 and crescent meals -- in crescent mills. carl: they lost everything. not being selfish, i did not want to join. lou like so many others here, he
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does not know if the dixie fire took his home. carl: it just blew up. i don't know if was a fire, a storm. an address to check on. ray: if it is still standing, i will be one grateful sucker. lou: lighting the side of the canyon to burn up all of these fuels and stop the flow and the spread. >> he just lost his home. he just lost everything. lou: back at the compassion with new capacity restrictions. with delta variant cases on the rise, temperature checks and masks are back. >> he says, "i need a hug," covid restrictions are back, i said hey, i will give you a hug. forgive me. i am sorry. but he needed a hug. [laughs]
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julian: i bet that meant a lot to him, too. that was luke clearly reporting. the wildfire is threatening more than 3000 more in nevada and robinson counties. frank robinson taken this video, returning to find his worst fears come true. frank: all of our completely level. julian: california has seen a 156 percent increase burned this year compared to 2020. a bad fire in season. we know it has been a historic wildfire series. amanda del pou continues our coverage. amanda: people ampts. oed t site
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discomfort during the day. >> it is a happiness, like sitting on my chest. >> my eyes were burning and watering, and i felt congested. it was really bad. >> i felt a little bit of it in my eyes. i started choking, because my eyes got super dry. amanda: another reading showed the air was unhealthy for sensitive groups. the bay area air quality management district warned air quality and high districts like napa and solano county may experience worse conditions. experts are telling people to keep their windows and doors shut during the weekend. >> i said i am going to take a walk, that i looked, and i said i know i am not. >> i was planning a hike on sunday, but now i am rethinking that one, maybe scale my hike back a little bit, not spend as much time exposed to it. amanda: residents here know the
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reality of having so many fires burning so close to home. >> it is not far, the smoke, which reminded me last year, we had the orange sky. amanda: we do know firefighters are continuing to battle the number of wildfires raging farther north. >> it is worse for the people in areas close to the fire, because it is unbearable. amanda: and air quality advisory issued earlier this week because of the smoke until saturday. i am amanda del castille, abc 7 news. julian: you can always track air quality live on our website, we have a map you can see here we are constantly updating with current conditions. you can also view it using our abc 7 bay area news app. for the first time since february, the u.s. is averaging
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more than 1000 new cases a day. 57% of all americans are now fully vaccinated. every state in the country is reporting high or substantial community transmission fueled by the delta variant. researchers are also tracking another variant, called lambda, first detected in south america, now reaching the u.s. in small numbers. early data suggests that the lamp out variant may slowly gym away at vaccine efficacy, but for now, lambda is not considered a variant of concern. off to a new cdc study finding people who were unvaccinated are more than twice as likely to be reinfected compared to those who were vaccinated. abc 7 news reporter and vaccine team member list for -- lose peña -- luz peña luz: "i've had covid, so protected." turns out, that is not true. the cdc released a study that
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individuals who had covid-19 are twice as likely to get reinfected. >> we do not know how long the protection from a natural infection will last. dr. tim hendrix says a new response -- immune response from natural infection is not as high as previously infected. >> this study proves vaccines are going to be necessary to achieve full protection. luz: the cdc study, those it infected covid-19 a 2020 express a reinfection between may and june of 20/20 one come about the same time the delta variant intensified across the u.s. >> hopefully this will push a number of people who have been holding out, thinking they don't need a vaccine, to go ahead and get vaccinated. luz: the delta variant accounts for more than 82% of virus across the u.s.
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data but says reinfection's could be more than twice as likely to occur. >> we are projecting that the numbers are actually higher than what the cdc is reporting here. >> i think that is very likely, because we know that the delta variant is so much more infectious. luz: data shows the mrna vaccines continue to be more than 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations. in san francisco, luz peña, abc 7 news. julian: happening today come up about them party delegates are said to decide who to endorse. 24 republican candidates have qualified for the ballots, but here's the thing -- the candidate must receive at least 60% of today's vote, so it is possible there will not be any endorsement. in an endorsement will come with campaign cash. the recall election is scheduled for september 14. . if you are just joining us on this saturday morning, frances
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is back with a look at the forecast. frances: we are waking up to hazy skies this morning as well as coastal clouds and fog along the beaches. temperatures will be cooler with an onshore flow, bringing as improved conditions due to smoke. i will have a complete forecast, coming up. julian: also ahead this morning, performance of reopening, some restaurants are closing once again for how covid cases are impacting bay area businesses and costing them some big bucks. plus, the future of oakland mills college remains uncertain. the restraining order just issued
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cheer on team usa with wifi speeds faster than a gig. or, get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. switch today. julian: welcome back. covid cases are causing restaurants throughout the bay area to close down in order to keep staff and customers safe. abc 7 news news reporter kate
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larsen find out how san francisco restaurants are handling these closures. kate: it is pandemic deja vu, temporary restaurant closures due to covid cases. toscatoscatoscatosca after it was closed, the restaurant closed for a few days to get everyone tested. the restaurant says now that everyone is known to be negative, full-service will resume over the weekend. laurie: it like ptsd again. kate: laurie thomas is the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. after surviving a shutdown, each closure is painful. laurie: what restaurants are having to do, unfortunately, in that situation, is temporarily closed, not because they are being dictated to close, but because they cannot physically staff the restaurant if some of the workers are out on quarantine. scott: we have been close for a week and will close for another week. kate: scott chilcutt is the owner of aziza, a moroccan
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restaurant on the outer richmond. three staffers recently tested positive for covid, all breakthrough cases. scott: it is defeating, because we thought everyone was vaccinated, and all of the steps we took to sort of get through to this point come up with, you know, we were hoping we were on the back end of this. we had no positive cases for 13 months prior to this. kate: and safety does not come cheap. chilcutt expects the closure will cost them 65 -- $75,000, and they are only running a 65% capacity because of staffing constraints. scott: it is certainly not a time we could be losing revenuee restaurant out, bring a mouse for inside dining, don't show up if you feel sick, get vaccinated, and rumored to be kind, since everyone is shortstaffed. i am kate larsen, abc 7 news. julian: the delta variant is pushing back or canceling more bay area companies' return to work plans.
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wells fargo telling employees it is extending its work from home policy until october. meanwhile, google also pushed back it's return to work date to mid-october. write your company -- rideshare company lyft pus pus pus pus 2022, and linkedin allowing those workers to work remotely privately. the oakland unified school district starting on monday, the question on parents' minds, is it safe? abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> sanitized, cleaning, wipes, extra masks. melanie: district welcoming back august 9. >> there are protocols in place, and we will have on site if you
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feel sick, that they can go to, then we have rapid covid testing. melanie: testing for anyone inside and oh usd building. >> it will be very hot, so you might want to take it off, but i will keep it on as much as i can. melanie: school officials are also highly encouraging vaccines, though they are not mandatory for students or staff. here is plan if there is a case of covid-19. >> isolated home, quarantine 13, 14 days, but then, beyond that, anybody who has been exposed, stay in class, as long as they get tested twice, as long as they do not have any symptoms. melanie: ousd school spokesperson john sasaki says there is no plan to return to district learning if there is no covid-19 case. john: that is the guidance we have from the state, from the county. melanie: the secretary is urging
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everyone to be vigilant, following in person plans. >> make sure, as parents, that you are ensuring, as a school, so mitigation strategies they are supposed to follow. melanie: city unified school district governor gavin newsom noted students need to be back in school. gov. newsom: every one of these kids raise their hands when we asked what they prefer, be back in the classroom or be back online. not one child raised their hand. melanie: a new school year, new opportunity to take learning back inside the close classroom. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. julian: this morning, we have gotten information about oakland mills college. a judge blocked a mergi mergi mi college. the order allows the judge to decide if college procedure should determine whether mills should survive on its own financial means. officials announced in march of the school was shutting down. a woman filed a lawsuit against
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the school in june, claiming they were blindsided by that decision. a well known community activist in san francisco is accused of sexual assault. john announced he is stepping down at the san francisco building commission following calls allegations surfaced on social media describing up incident of sexual assault in april. the case has been referred to the city attorney. john posted a statement saying he believes everybody needs to be heard, but he believes the relationship was consensual could alameda county sheriff's investigators of ruling out foul play in the death of philip krajicek, a berkeley runner who was found on tuesday all -- almost a month after he was found. they are almost unable to
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determine cause of death due to the decomposition of the body. it comes to water conservation. in june, they will or asked to cut usage by 15% from 2019 levels. report shows seven of the 13 cities that buy water actually use more water instead of cutting back. if things do not change this month, the district may issue allocations with surcharges for those who go over that limit. checking in now with meteorologist frances dinglasan. you have got good news on that front. frances: even though it is hazy today, it will be improving over the weekend. that is welcome news, due to the sea breeze bringing us cooler and cleaner air. that means temperatures in your neighborhood will also be coming
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down a few degrees today, and continued cooling also for tomorrow as well. here is a look at live doppler seven the coast and even some fog as well, possibly bringing some drizzle to some of our beaches later on. this morning, here is a live look from emory l, looking out at the -- emeryville, looking out at the gray skies. oakland, 60, malibu 61, palo alto at 60 -- 56, and from wannacry on the you can just see those hazy conditions over some of the interior areas, especially in the valleys today. temperatures in parts of the north bay are in the low 50's, santa rosa, 51. fairfield, concord, livermore right now in the low 60's. we have got a gray start due to the hazy conditions, fog and coastal clouds coming in.
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another air-quality advisory for today. but we will see improving air quality through the weekend. that onshore flow will bring us less smoke, and it will be as hot inland tomorrow, although moderate air quality is a affective for the next few days. here is a look at air-quality right now, not picking up any readings among the immediate bay area, but i checked purple air, and we have unhealthy to very unhealthy air in the interior part of the state and the sierra nevada, so especially south lake tahoe, i had friends who came back because it was so awful because of their vacation because of the air-quality. still very thick smoke in bay, and the continued onshore flow will be stronger, being
6:22 am
better air-quality to everyone, but not as good through the tahoe area, and of course the areas near the dixie fire. wind gusts will be picking up up this afternoon, close to 15 miles an hour in san francisco, and we will see winds pickup tomorrow is welcome anywhere from 10 to even close to 20 miles per hour, so today's highs will be a few degrees cooler compared to yesterday. oakland, 72, san jose 84, some 90's for the inland areas as well. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast, hazy today and smoky once again, with hot temperatures inland, but notice tomorrow, with that breeze picking up even little bit more, less smoke and cooler temperatures. then we will start to see temperatures ramp up throughout the week next week, julian. juju inland will enjoy that. a cooler forecast tomorrow. thank you, frances.
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growing chaos at the airports, nationwide. what the ceo of
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it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. julian: welcome back. we have with johnson joining us from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." whit: good morning. overwhelmed hospitals struggling with covid patients packing icu's again, as daily cases reach their highest levels in six months meanwhile, the nation reaches a new vaccine milestone. plus, the dixie fire is now the third largest in california history. fires in the west destroying homes,, with dry air and hot weather continuing this weekend. wildfires raging out of control in greece, forcing residents to evacuate. a former employee has filed a criminal complaint against new york governor andrew cuomo. the investigation and how he is responding to these allegations,
6:26 am
all ahead here on "gma." julian: all of that is coming up at 7:00 this morning. we are expecting more disappointed travelers at airports across the country this weekend. spirit airlines' ceo cancellations will continue through next week. half of their scheduled flights were all canceled. l1 lopez reports patience is running out. elwyn: frustration is with spirit canceling more than 300 flights, bringing the total number of cancellations to more than 2000 since sunday. >> now we are trying to figure out -- how can we get home? wyn: spirit's ceos crewwere relg place at the wrong time cured edward: there will still be cancellations in the next few days, but we can still go back
6:27 am
to full operations. elwyn: the budget airlines ceo blaming on staffing shortages, forcing some to sleep in the airport. a major effort to earn back customers' trust. edward: it is going to take time to earn back that trust, but we are going to learn from this and continue to grow. elwyn: with the continued cancellations, the airline ceo says they will give refunds and vouchers. elwyn lopez, abc news, atlanta. julian: happening today, students can get their hands on some brand-new school supplies to start off the school year. golden state warriors player anderson is leading the giveaway. his foundation, journey to achieve, handing out backpacks and gift cards, and treilalso bo 2:30 this afternoon at elmhurst elementary school in oakland.
6:28 am
the also hosting another school supplies giveaway today, this one at the chase center. this one is part of the team 2021 back-to-school bay initiative to support local the upcoming school year. the team will provide more than 1000 students with backpacks with school supplies. it all starts at noon at the chase center. we have got a lot still to come here on abc seven mornings, including this, thousands of people who got vaccinated in san mateo county may not have received real cec vaccination cards. how that problem might have happened. and -- >> this will become what is known as an endemic pathogen. we are not going to wipe it out. julian: i know that is what none of us want to hear, but we will be hearing from an expert who has a sobering look at the future of covid-19 variants.
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>> building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning. i am julian glover. happy to be with you on a saturday morning. you are watching abc 7 news live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. now let's get a check of the morning forecast with frances. frances: good morning. moderate air quality expected today with the gray skies good we may have some drizzle, but live doppler 7 is not picking it up right now. this is a welcome relief, because the onshore flow is returning, and that is going to help improve air quality today, although we will still see hazy conditions throughout the day. here is your day planner. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, and although we have sunrise at 6:18, we cannot see sunshine through the hazy skies. this afternoon, the sea breeze will pick up, so temperatures will be a little cooler compared
6:32 am
to yesterday. inland areas in the low 90's, at the beaches, mid 60's. the sun sets at onshore flow bringing us improved air quality tomorrow. all of the details coming, julian. julian: thank you. a new jersey man is the first person pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer in the january 6 capital riots. scott kevin face years in prison. fairlamb also agreed to pay restitution for damage int the capital. some believe the coronavirus is here to stay and we should have to learn to live with it. abc 7 news reporter at leslie brinkley has a sobering look at the new variants.
6:33 am
dr. eisen: these vaccines are remarkable, in terms of how they work, but on the pessimistic side, i think this is what is going to be known as an endemic pathogen. it is going to be around. we are not going to wipe it out. leslie: dr. jonathan eisen is an evolutionary biologist at uc davis and an expert in dna sequencing to study the evolution of microbes. what does he think of the evolution of covid at this point? dr. eisen: right now, i am sufficiently worried about what is happening now. [laughs] time thinking about how it could get worse, because it is really quite bad right now with the number of unvaccinated people. we have come again, hundreds of millions of people around the globe that are infected. leslie: eventually, herd immunity could kick and come about for now, scientists are monitoring not only dealt about land and beyond. dr. eisen: -- bunot only
6:34 am
dealt but lambda and beyond. dr. eisen: there will be other letters. some will be more spreadable, less spreadable, but some will spread even better. it is scary right now. the thing i worry about from monitoring for the future is more variants, that actually make people sicker than the current ones are, and, you know, new variants that are able to get around the vaccine or the natural immunity that people have. leslie: eisen believes the best fight we have is routine testing of a symptomatically people. he is concerned about people refusing to mask up get a vaccine. dr. eisen: those things concern me more because they create the reading ground for all of the variants to keep coming and coming. leslie: from the east bay, i am leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. julian: more venues are requiring proof of vaccination
6:35 am
to enter, and the cdc vaccination cards are the most universally accepted truth, but it turns out tens of thousands of people who got their vaccines and san mateo county did not get one of those official cards. abc 7 bay area news app -- 7 on your side's michael finney has more. jane: xerox paper. michael jane bertelsen was one of the first to get a covid vaccine here at the san mateo event center. jane: it was amazingly quick. i thought it was easy, no big deal. michael: until, for much later, she and a friend brooke a cruise to barbados. both the carrier and the local government required proof to get on board. jane: when i got my two vaccines, i was only given a photo copy of my cdc card. michael: turned out, san mateo county did not provide cdc card to the vaccination site, where about 100,000 people receive their shots. instead, they gave out photocopies on sheets of paper, one for each dose. jane contacted the county health
6:36 am
apartment with this question -- was this or proof? jane: he said, you are fine. what you have got is perfectly legitimate. you should be able to use at anytime, anyplace, anywhere. michael: so she contacted seabourn cruises. jane: they said no, that will not do at all. we have to have the cdc card. >> i have seen immigration officers deny entry into a country because of the documentation. they needed to be authentic. to cruise expert stewart chiron. stewart: they can easily be doctored. michael: he says photocopies raise suspicion as possible thanks. stewart: we really need to have the cdc cards, because as right now, what is being universally expected when americans are traveling to foreign destinations. michael: which brings us back to jane. not only was she worried about getting on the cruise, but now many local venues are requiring proof of vaccination, too.
6:37 am
we ask the county health department wyatt gave out photocopies. a spokesperson says they were not intended as universal proof. official proof is on the state's website. but jane's record on the website was wrong, showing she got two different vaccines. jane: i want to tell them i have this, but i cannot show them something that is incorrect. michael: after we got involved, the county not only corrected her state record but also gave her this, original cdc card. now, she is off to barbados. jane: i will be having a deep breath and having a cocktail and saying thank god i am here. michael: i am michael finney, 7 on your side. julian: after 7 on your side's inquiry, san mateo's public health officials are saying they are now giving out the official cards. if you have a photocopy, you can request your official card, we have a link on our website, this is the last weekend with the intersection of van ness and
6:38 am
mission in san francisco shut down. the major intersection being repaved right now. just five days if they shut it down completely, which they did. otherwise it would've taken two months to do this with those partial closures. the intersection closed at 6:00 a.m. wednesday. it is supposed to reopen at 6:00 a.m. monday. of course we will be here to let you know if that happens. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the pandemic has been especially hard on seniors and retirement homes. we will tell you how the pandemic is giving the medication from all the isolation. and look at this -- the fog is overtaking salesforce towers this morning. we have another look at that we can forecast coming up with
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that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. julian:julian: welcome back from the break. dinosaurs are also back. addressing quest is a drive-thru -- drastic quest is a drive-thru
6:41 am
animatronics exhibit that will allow visitors to get up close with more than 70 true to life-size dinosaurs with character led audio tours to choose from. >> we our classic dinosaurs, like the t-rex, everybody loves. we have the spinous or, which is the largest carnivore to ever walk the earth. . and we have some prehistoric reptiles. they are not dinosaurs, but they lived at the age of dinosaurs, and one of those is megalodon, which is a 50-foot historic shark. julian: the experience runs through august 22 tier you will need to buy a ticket in advance at tickets are not being sold on site. happening today, the street fair in san francisco's japan town is returning this week, and the festival posted some pop-ups today to get everyone ready for today's big bear. it was canceled, as you can
6:42 am
imagine, last year because of the pandemic. there will be live performances and activities all weekend. the department of health covid-19 task force also administering vaccines at the fair. it runs from noon until 5:00 today and tomorrow. disney plus is not just on your tv or mobile device, it is live and in san francisco this weekend. the stories continue summer tour is taking over p 27, from games to prizes to movie memorabilia and costumes, it is all there. they have got something for everyone who loves disney. abc 7 anchor dion >> looking at especially the marvel stuff. >> he and grandpa dave are watching "mandalorian" this morning. dion: this morning? isn't that a little early to watch disney plus? >> no! julian: if they are young
6:43 am
enough, you can tell them it is disneyland. they one know the difference, right? you have plenty of time to check it out. disney of course the parent company of abc 7. as you wake up with us here at 6:43 on this saturday, we check in with frances on this saturday. frances: we see the clouds and the fog spilling from the coast, but that sea breeze will pick up this afternoon, improving air quality. although we still have an air quality advisory for today. i will let you know how much cooler your temperature will be this afternoon in your neighborhood, coming up. julian: also up next, can he get it, can he get it? he has got it. mike catches into the wall with one of the catches of the year.
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6:46 am
today is 8/7, dwight clark's numbers. everyone who purchased tickets can attend the practice from 10:00 a.m. until noon. the event honors the niners legend while raising awareness for als patients and the families'who continue clark's fight. he passed away three years ago after a long battle with als. bas will try to win their third straight game. they are playing the rangers. first page scheduled for 1:07. later, the giants try to bounce back against the brewers. that game at 4:10. around the astros lost one of their outfielders for 80 games prior to the game. here is abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the details in this morning's sports. chris: good morning. ahead of yesterday's a's-rangers
6:47 am
game, outfielder ramon laureano was suspended 80 games, testing positive for a banned substance. let's go to the game, watch anderson, throws out the first pitch. stephen curry having fun with that one on twitter. two extras, top 10, game tied at 1-1. he gets the strikeout. the a's looking to win one for ray fosse. and what do you know? we go to the 11th, two on. and we have got starling marte, a marte party, a three-run homer wins it, walks on 4-1 in 11 innings. it is oaklands 10th walk of the season, now three games back from houston. giants and brewers, you know you are in milwaukee when you have a sausage race. alright, bottom of the fourth, check this out from mike yastrzemski.
6:48 am
what a play. crashing into the wall. so nice we show it twice. giants down 1-0. brandon belt's, a solo shot to right, career homer number 150 for him. brewers win, 2-1. the giants had 12 in a row until that snap. three-time nba champion and warriors is the mvp aired reportedly signing a one year veteran minimum deal. he will be a great role player and provide leadership for the younger players. all the buzz since the nfl draft has been the court about battle between jimmy grubb low entry lands. the 49ers coach's message has been consistent. jimmy is the starter, -- jimmy garoppolo and trey lance. the 49ers coach's message has been the same. jimmy is the starter. trey is going to play.
6:49 am
kyle: the twos in every group are trying. it doesn't mean that he is going to be the starter. he will get plays and you have to prepare him for that. chris: pro for hall of fame weekend in canton, there is the 49ers g.m. you have raiders' legends. 2020 class today, 2021 class on sunday. u.s. men's basketball team win gold. that is a look at sports. back to you. julian: all right, thank you, chris. the pandemic has been especially hard on seniors in retirement homes, many on lockdown for months now. we will have that story in just a moment. but first, we check back in with frances and a look at your forecast for saturday. frances: good morning to restart with live doppler 7. fog along the beaches right now. here is a live shot from emeryville right now. very calm conditions across the bay. notice yesterday we had an offshore flow.
6:50 am
we will see the breeze pickup. san francisco 50's three degrees, oakland 60, pacifica at 55 degrees. 57 degrees. check out the hazy conditions right now in walnut creek. we are looking out toward mount diablo. you can see that we cannot see the top of that at about 3800 feet, so if you want to avoid the smoky conditions, avoid the higher elevations, and you want to head closer to the coast, santa rosa, 50 one degrees, nevada 54, napa 59, fairfield, concord, livermore all in the low six these right now. in the south bay, looking at the san jose airport, you see hazy skies as well. here's what you can expect for air quality, another advisory today. tomorrow, there will be less smoke as the sea breeze picks up, and that leads temperatures will not be as hot inland. unfortunately, we have moderate air quality forecasted for the next couple of days, but right now, from air quality air now,
6:51 am
as you move farther east, especially into increased elevation, the air quality becomes unhealthy to very unhealthy, and a lot of folks were headed to the tahoe area this weekend, so look out for that. some people are going to return early from vacation because of that poor air quality. here is the near surface smoke forecast animation. this morning right now, we have light blues around the bay, but notice into areas, north bay and east bay, very thick smoke. this evening, it starts to improve with the sea breeze picking up, so we have got the cooler marine air coming in, and this improves even more tomorrow afternoon. that also means temperatures will be coming down as well as little bit today. in san francisco, your high of 67 with cloud that the beaches all day. oakland 72, san jose 84, interior areas will be in the low 90's, concord 92, antioch 95, 86 in santa rosa, so
6:52 am
sunshine but it will be hazy because of the smoke. overnight lows will be in the 50's. look for 57 to 58 right around the immediate bay area and near 60 in an -- in any of your here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. hazy today, hot temperature the sea breeze picking up this afternoon. and then tomorrow, the stronger sea breeze and even less smoke, so that is an improvement as well, and then a wider range of temperatures on monday but then temperatures will start to ramp up throughout the week next week as well. hopefully today, you want to stay indoors, especially inland areas, and then the cooler air coming in tomorrow. julian: all right, thank you so much, frances. the pandemic has been tough on seniors and retirement homes, many on lockdown for months, and now with the vaccine, visiting family were traveling is still difficult to do. abc 7 news anchor,
6:53 am
daetz says they have found a way. ama: frank expected a typical job. >> i expected it would be phone lines or laptop lines. ama: frank became the go to guy. >> it is raining right now, ok? -- ringing right now, ok? they can start picking up things little by little. ama: one day, frank noticed this, stashed away, a pair of virtual reality goggles. frank got the idea of using it to do the traveling covid was preventing them from doing. frank: we can do it from france. >> we went from different places
6:54 am
in the world. it makes you feel like you are in someplace high, that is real high up in the hills. was to go to alaska, they can go to alaska on the headset, or they want to cruise the caribbean, you can go to the caribbean on the headset. ama: traveling virtually was fun, but the residents started to take frank into their past. frank: they want to relive memories. >> the first time i went out to beirut was way back in the early 1960's, which is where my father's side was from. frank: listening in, kind of experience some of their stories they are telling me, and it is nice their reaction, when they live in the moment. >> you get to see something that will spark a memory, oh, remember that time when. it will spark a conversation. ama:, dates --
6:55 am
paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit
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julian: happening today, oakland's fox theater is celebrity is reopening with a free welcome back party. it is turning into a state park featuring live music, food trucks, and of course skating, too. the inside of the fox theater will not be open for an event, but performances are set to start backup in september. before we let you go, a final check of the forecast now with frances. frances: in air-quality alert today with heat and sunshine this afternoon, but temperatures will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. in san francisco, 67, looks like 80's in napa, oakland 82 degrees. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast, smoky, temperatures
6:58 am
still hot inland, but then the sea breeze picks up, tomorrow slightly cooler and not a smoky for the afternoon, julianne. julian: we like the sound of that. thank you so much, frances. i am julian glover, along with frances. abc 7 news continues at 9 a.m. with another full hour of news. until then, we leave you with this live picture outside of all the fog moving across san francisco. we will see you back here at 9:00 a.m. have a great saturday. nexgard is the flea and tick protection that's #1 with vets. it even prevents the infection that causes lyme disease. your vet trusts nexgard for her patients and her own dog. plus, its delicious beef flavor is #1 with dogs.
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i good morning, america. wildfires raging. california's dixie fire exploding in size. now the third largest in state history. >> it looks like a bomb went off in this area. >> a downtown destroyed. over 100 homes up in flames. we're on the ground with word of red flag warnings in the west. america's covid crisis. daily cases reaching their highest number in six months. hospitals overwhelmed with predictions of more staffing shortages even as vaccinations hit a milestone. former white house homeland security adviser tom bossert joins us live. infrastructure vote. where things stand this morning on the $2 trillion plan.


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