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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 8, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> this is abc seven news. kristen: i'm dion lim --dion: i'm dion lim. education is a key pillar and our efforts to build a better bay area. tonight, abc seven news reporter luis peña spoke to us -- lose peña spoke -- luz peña spoke d people. luz: the date is set, signs are up, and empty classrooms are ready to welcome back students. among those students are 12-year-old tula and her 12 euros brother, jude. their mom says they have been looking forward to monday's. >> my oldest is really excited
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to be back. she's very social. my younger is a little bit more hesitant but i think he'll be really happy once he's back. luz: the school districts as masks will be required at all times inside their buildings but vaccines will not be mandated in case a student tests positive for covid-19, they have a plan. >> 14 days, but that, anybody that might be exposed, stay in class as long as they get tested twice. luz: out of 36,000 students, about 850 will continue online classes. one of the teachers will remain on zoom. >> i don't want to go back for myself, but i don't want to have any part of bringing children back to these campuses. luz: we brought these concerns to dr. david kornfield, a professor at stanford university and chief of pulmonary asthma and sleep medicine.
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>> even though there are increasing rates of hospitalizations among children who have the covid 19 infection, those rates remain reassuringly low. luz: the best way to protect children is to wear a mask and get vaccinated if they are 12 and over. let's paint the scenario. tomorrow, children are going to go back to in person classes in oakland, be in a classroom of maybe 30 other children with a teacher who is vaccinated. are they at risk? >> i think everyone not vaccinated is at risk. the benefits far outweigh the risks of an individual covid-19 infection. dion: dr. kornfield is urging parents to get vaccinated to protect everyone at home. in san francisco, luz pena, abc seven news. dion: spencer christian joins us now with a look at the back-to-school forecast now. spencer? spencer: you probably notice our air quality began improving today. i will give you a look at what
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is going on in the forecast, green dots indicating generally good air quality. forecast pushed to our east because the friendly onshore flow is pushing that smoke at the surface eastward. the thicker, more harmful smoke has been developing and collecting in the upper atmosphere. the good news is the forecast calls for upper level winds to carry that heavier smoke eastward. at least through tomorrow, our air quality in the bay area will continue improving as the smoke will will lessen. i will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. dion: let's keep that strict going. thank you. monday morning, abc seven mornings will have live coverage as we go back to school with in person classes. amy hollyfield will be live and tracking weather and traffic conditions tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. new details about a fatal
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shooting in a house party in sunnyvale. police confirmed the home on navarro drive had been rented out on airbnb last night. one person was killed and another injured. abc seven news reporter j.r. stone said neighbors and city officials are now demanding answers. >> i will remember one girl sobbing saying somebody got shot. shooting scene. >> we saw a bunch of kids walking that looks like they were definitely minors and holding alcohol, you know, in various states of consciousness. j.r.: sunday, please confirmed the house the shooting occurred that is beyond this yellow tape and patrol cars is an airbnb rental that was rented out for the night. some even telling us that advertisements for the party were posted on social media. police saying there were between
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150 and 200 people in attendance, many between the ages of 16 and 19. >> i even heard her -- overheard some people saying they were going to go to the party but they saw so many people and never went in. j.r.: the shooting was the latest at a home rented out on airbnb. you may have or minted halloween of 2019 when five people were killed. that prompted airbnb to put a ban on so-called party houses. we reached out to airbnb concerning this rental but have yet to hear back. city officials want answers. >> i want to know what is legally possible for us to restrict and require, from a safety perspective, vendors like airbnb. j.r.: some say even with restrictions, anything can happen. >> seems like something, anytime you have a short-term rental, it is going to be vulnerable to something like this happening. >> nothing like you would imagine in a sleepy
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neighborhood. it was totally unnecessary. j.r.: as to the shooter or shooters in this case, no arrests have been made and police have not yet released any suspect descriptions. in sunnyvale, j.r. stone, abc seven news. asking anyone with information about the shooting to call their detectives. you see that phone number on your screen right now. happening right now, firefighters continue their battle against the dixie fire, the second largest wildfire in california history. new video shows the intense conditions crews are up against. all that flame, just a complete wall of orange there. the dixie fire has destroyed close to 400 structures and is threatening 400,000 more. reporter luc cleary takes us to the scene. luc: what we are seeing is calfire putting out spot fires, embers from the main body of the fire, only a few hundred yards
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to our west. we are standing now a few miles north of the town of westwood near mooney wrote. on the other of this road, we saw crews and heavy machinery putting in lines to help try and build a line of containment. awaiting word from the front lines in the fight against the dixie fire, a growing community of evacuees arrive in susanville with nowhere else to turn. >> where would i go? i couldn't go back that way. reporter: o'malley and her husband kevin evacuated yesterday. >> it's scary to see the smoke coming over the mountain and wonder, where is it at? because you can't see it, but you can see the smoke. >> left behind a lot of smoke, fires ravaged through everything. reporter: jason gray powers and his girls came through devastated greenville. volunteers bringing them boxes of clothes and toys. >> it actually means the world
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because it keeps us strong for them to see a smiling through a time like this when emotions are raw for everybody around us. reporter: and fueling this entire operation. >> we have amazing volunteers. reporter: the salvation army, 50 to 60 volunteers per day turning out hearty favorites like sloppy joe's and waffles. >> cinnamon and vanilla. >> and lots of love. reporter: keeping everyone fed with three meals a day. >> not just fed, but fed very well. they are nice and full. reporter: what is feeding the fire is dry vegetation. everywhere in these hills, on these mountains, feeding the flames as the dixie fire continues to grow. dion: that was luke cleary reporting. now, as the dixie fire continues to burn, you can the air quality where you live. it's all on our website, abc
11:09 pm, where you will see a map constantly updating conditions. there have been a number of robberies in chinatown in recent weeks, such as the two violent robberies that happened at ninth and harrison in a two day span. the most recent involves two couples only a few blocks away. i spoke to them and the good samaritan who jumped in to help and ended up shot twice. it is an interview you will see only on seven. this broke out in chinatown saturday afternoon when armed men in ski mask's targeted a group of two couples getting some bobo. >> showed they had some guns under their pants. dion: as seen in videos used in the police investigation, the suspects grab the handbags. one man in the group gets his purse back. >> i kind of reacted immediately to try to get them off of her. dion: and his pistol whipped in
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the process. a good samaritan springs into action. he falls to the ground as he is shot twice in the left armpit and right thigh. >> i appreciate the good samaritan for helping. if he didn't do that, my life might not be alive. dion: while the suspects have not been arrested, mr. chan and his friends have this warning given recent attacks. >> i couldn't recommend for other people to get involved in that way. you don't know if they have guns or knives. that doesn't mean you shouldn't be jumping in and helping. dion: scary ordeal. i spoke with the good samaritan tonight and he is recovering and seemed to be in good spirits in the hospital and is appreciative of the community's support. still ahead on abc seven news at 11:00, a dream vacation ends in tragedy. a napa couple among six people who died in alaska.
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really feel strongly that anything we can do to get our community healthier is a good thing. cornell: grossman is one of seven eateries owned by the stark reality restaurant group employing about 475 people, getting all of them vaccinated is the hope. >> most of our employees have been vaccinated but there are a few people still hesitant or procrastinating, waiting period cornell: about 59 employees haven't gotten the shot yet, so management had an idea, a cash incentive. >> each restaurant is giving away gift as a lottery. cornell: employees need to be fully vaccinated by the end of august. $1000 gave wilford geronimo enough incentives to get his first shot, but he says it's about more than that. >> right now, i want to save my life. cornell: the restaurant group is trying to avoid making vaccinations and requirement for employees. they said they got the idea from
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the governor himself. cornell: the state handed out cash prizes. anyone who got one vaccine dose was eligible, with cases of the delta variant increases, a cash incentive isn't so bad. >> we want everyone to be safe and healthy. cornell: customers support vaccinations for workers. >> i also respect those who feel vaccinated is not something they want to do. but under the circumstances, that might not be a bad idea. cornell: the cash drawing is september 1. cornell bernard, abc seven news. dion: speaking of, amazon is joining the campaign with daytime prizes. front-line workers can win a new car orllthis means everyone froe who work at the fulfillment center in tracy to whole foods grocery stores are eligible as long as they can prove they got vaccinated.
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amazon previously offered $80 for vaccinations. the company employees 1.3 million people. if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines like getting a booster shot or how to get a test, you can ask abc seven news vaccine team. submit your question at two people from the bay area are among six dead in alaska. 69-year-old mark henderson and 60-year-old? flynn, both from napa, died as the plane went down thursday. henderson was a former public defender, nurse, an instructor at pacific union college. the cup in her -- the couple were passengers on a cruise ship. crews finally made it to the crash site yesterday afternoon. to the south bay where los gatos police are asking the public to be on the lookout for stolen. every -- stolen dog.
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a miniature australian shepherd. police say he was tied up outside a safeway friday afternoon when a woman took him. she is described as a middle-aged caucasian woman with long, reddish hair. she drove off in a black mercedes-benz suv. he is recognizable because his right eye is light blue and his left eye is blue and brown. if you know anything, please call police. tomorrow, a major intersection in the heart of san francisco set to open. repaving work has been underway on mission street. closer has stretched the 12th and howard streets and has been a headache for anyone trying to get to highway 101. but after all this time, the good news is the intersection is expected to open tomorrow morning at 6:00. it would have taken two months sti instead of all that once over the last five days. this is part of the larger
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vanness provement project. they are set to reopen tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. certainly a lot of relief for drivers. speaking of relief, when it comes to the air and air quality. spencer: important for our health and if it. we have been having the nice sea breeze, the onshore flow and our air quality is improving and that will continue tomorrow. the breeze is not quite so strong as it was earlier in the evening. still flowing onshore and adding to that ongoing cleansing of the air. let's take a look at what is going on with the air-quality forecast today. we had air quality advisory in effect. next four days, we expect moderate air qualities issued. let's hope it remains that way. it's partly cloudy right now, 58 degrees in the city, 62 and
11:20 pm
mountain view, san jose 63 degrees and 56 at pacifica. don't say a lot of crowds right now. they're pushing over the bay but not a very prominent marine layer right now. 59, 62 at fairfield, 65 at livermore. here's a nice view looking back at the skyline of the financial district of san francisco. clouds are pretty thin at the moment. sea breeze will bring better air quality to the bay area through tomorrow. clouds will be around early tomorrow morning, but have a sunnier afternoon. it will be heating up big time beginning on tuesday. overnight, look for more clouds and fog pushing across the bay and inland. not very deep or defined marine layer, but there will be lingering clouds breeding morning commuters.
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it will be a mainly sunny day for most of the day and inland, although low clouds will linger at the coast. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and tomorrow under bright skies, high temperatures up to 81 degrees at san jose, 89 at morgan hill on the,d 's d st otr locations.asghs in the soma, 79n oakland will be 72. east bay will once again be our warmest area, but not hot tomorrow, just low 90's, up to 95 at brentwood. accuweather seventh day forecast and it is going to warm up by midweek. the warm-up will start on tuesday and continue wednesday, thursday, and friday, were in the ties will reach 98 degrees.
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temperature start to moderate just a bit on saturday and sunday but it will be a gradual tapering off, so lots of inland heat will be with us coming up, but it will be mild to warm. dion: it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business.
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11:26 pm
grace? i have to tell them, this year, we are helping japan town merchants and restaurants and making sure they get the foot traffic needed to survive and thrive. dion: good idea, grace. this was the 47th year for the street fair. it was scaled-back little bit because of the pandemic. onto sports, chris alvarez joining us with a preview. chris: that a's sweep the rangers, and the giants in another battle with the brewers. plus, john lynch is a pro football hall of famer.
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brandon belt gets on a serious hot street, seems to last a month. belt is locked in, hitting his fourth home run in three days as the giants keep finding ways to win games late. you know you are in milwaukee when you have a sausage relay race. that is great. cap seven, belt pinch-hitting, and he can job around the bases. ties things that 4-4. 15 homers this season for brandon belt. tommy la stella also activated off the aim this week. grounded up the middle and through. brandon crawford scores. giants take the lead. la stella is my fella. that's a great sign right there. rowdy tellez flies one to left. but eduardo escobar went past second and failed to retag second on his way back to first. giants throw to second and that's an inning ending double play. giants win, 5-4, taking the
11:31 pm
series, continuing the late game comebacks. >> i think the combat confidence comes -- confidence comes from a lineup that keeps coming at you. >> we're playing good baseball. it's almost like a playoff atmosphere right now. it's nice to come away with winds. chris: a's going for a weekend sweep of the rangers. hello how means baseball at the cost --hello hot --alohalohaloh baseball at the coliseum. they overturn it. 3-1 green and gold. top four, harrison now with the glove. groundball of the middle, that is a great play and he throws across for the out. james cappelli and, the body language, harrison what a great a's win, 6-3, sweeping thed.
11:32 pm
rangers. they begin a road trip in cleveland on tuesday. the 2021 pro football hall of fame class was inducted. after a long wait, current 49ers general manager john lynch presented by his son as they unveiled his bronze bust, his wife and daughters looking on. lynch plate 11 years with tampa and four with denver, but began with stanford. in his speech using football as a metaphor, he encouraged unity across the country. >> tonight, i advocate that we take the lead of foot all and huddle up as a people, as a great nation. let's find a common ground through shared values. let's celebrate and learn through our differences. one person can make a difference. i encourage each and every one of you to be that person who provides someone else with the belief that they too can be great. may god bless you all. chris: great speech. abc 7 sports. dion: much more to come.
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let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. dion: right now, 19 wildfires arranging -- are raging across southern california. one has leveled 66 homes as it burns through nevada and placer counties.
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one one square miles,it containment. and the largest in the state is the dixie fire in butte, plumbers, and to heinous counties. it has burned over 463,000 acres, or roughly 723 square miles, nearly the size of san mateo county. a new revelation about how governor gavin newsom's office exerted control over the independent agency t regulates pg&e and other utility companies. reporter brendan vitamin has been digging into pg&e for months. he explains the new documents he uncovered and why it matters. cornell: the california public utilities commission is an incredibly powerful state agencies. it sets tens of billions of dollars in rates that you pay on the utility bills and it is supposed to make sure that companies operate safely. so powerful the constitution made it independent from the
11:38 pm
state's political leaders. the commission are like judges under state law. the governor does not have the power to fire them once they are appointed. despite that, the cpuc made a practice of taking orders from governor newsom's office anyway. we can see it in these emails obtained in our investigation of pg&e and the state governments response. these messages show they wanted to do something really basic, send a letter to companies asking how they are treating companies with hardships during covid. it took the cpuc for days to send that letter because they had to get two different levels of approval from governor newsom's staff. the governor's office and office of emergency services. one person who served as the executive director director has since turned whistleblower. she told us when governor newsom took office, his staff started to take away the independence, something that became solidified after newsom appointed a new
11:39 pm
president, a former gambling lobbyist. >> it was real clear when she came in we do ever the governor tells us to do, period. that's it. there was no even question of that, where i felt before, there was more independence. >> governor newsom's office was micromanaging? >> yes. cornell: the governor's office controlled small items like letters and press releases they wanted to send out, but exerted even more control over big items, like bailing pg&e out of bankruptcy it declared after it burned down the town of paradise. pg&e committed 85 felonies, including 84 manslaughter's for killing people in the 2018 camp fire. dion: that was brandon rittman reporting. and if you want information about the current fires burning in california, we have that on our website.
11:40 pm
just had to to check our fire tracker map. developing news now, about 44,000 americans are in hospitals, being treated for covid-19. that is a 30% increase since last week, fueled mostly by the delta variant. states with some of the lowest vaccination rates, florida, louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, and alabama, have seen an increase in vaccinations but are leaving the country with the most covid cases. >> we would not be in the place we are right now if we had been more effective in getting everybody to take advantage of these immunizations. dion: the rise in pediatric cases has many rambling with mask policies just as children return to class. more children are hospitalized in florida with covid-19 than anywhere else in the country despite the governor's executive orders preventing mask mandate in schools, some of the largest school districts have moved to require face coverings.
11:41 pm
the new orleans jazz and heritage festival won't be returning this year after all. ling t polaevent because of the exponential growth in new covid cases in the louisiana. the festival had been scheduled to run in october after being canceled last year because of the pandemic. it will now return to its regular slot next swing -- next spring. ticket holders will receive emails about refunds and rollovers this week. on monday, the united states canada border will reopen for the first time in 17 months. americans crossing over will need to show they are fully vaccinated if they want to visit our neighbors to the north. they will need a negative covid test regardless of vaccination status. canadian officials aren't messing around because of someone gets caught with fake vaccination or covid test documents, they could face a fine of up to $750,000 or jail time. after being delayed for a year by the coronavirus pandemic, the
11:42 pm
2020 tokyo olympics have come to an end. many athletes had already departed tokyo, but those who were still there, paraded into tonight's closing ceremony together. all in a show of unity. abc news reporter mona corser abby has more. reporter: fireworks leading up the evening sky as the tokyo games officially coming to an end. >> i declare the games of the 32nd olympians closed. reporter: delayed for a year by the coronavirus pandemic, some thought these games might not happen. the ban on spectators leaned these olympics looked and felt nothing like years past. the theme of the closing ceremony was "worlds we share," acknowledging the challenges posed by the coronavirus. the focus was the valiant efforts of all the competitors. stunned bikes and light show was all part of the celebration. rather than marching country
11:43 pm
country, all the athletes paraded in together, required to leave 40 hours after competing. a javelin thrower carried the flag for the united states. in the final day of competition, the basketball team defeated japan 90-75 for their seventh consecutive gold-medal. the women bringing the first ever gold-medal in volleyball. the u.s. finishing the games with 39 gold medals, edging out china for the top spot, team usa bringing home a total of 113 me dals. tokyo has passed a torch to paris. the winter olympics in beijing now just six months away. mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. dion: still ahead on abc seven news at 11:00, you can say high to president biden the next time you go to disney world. up next, we check out the newest addition to a disney attraction about to make history. spencer: i'm spencer christian
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dion: for more than two decades, good morning america's coanchor dan harris has graced our tv screens. but he has made the difficult decision to leave abc news. >> i've been spending a lot of time on my extracurricular gig, my side hustle called 10% happier. it's been a lot to juggle and even though i'm a public proponent of worklife balance, i've struggled to follow my own advice. dion: paris is stepping away to focus on 10% happier, the company he started after having a panic attack on the air in 2004. he has been with abc news for 21 years. he will be on gma weekends for another two months before his departure.
11:48 pm
a new exhibit has been unveiled at disney world. >> i'm joseph robin hood biden junior, do solemnly swear -- dion: the animatronics of resident joe biden made its first appearance at the magic kingdom this week. creative teams have been working to add bite into the hall of presidents. he recorded the audio of his oath of office used in the exhibit. disney is the parent company of abc seven. a final check of the weather and what people can expect further back back-to-school forecast. spencer: the week -- let me start again. off to a promising start. our air quality is improving. the sea breeze brings better air quality. clouds tomorrow morning will linger but we will have a sunnier afternoon and it will be heating up in linda by tuesday. overnight tonight, look for expanding low clouds over the bay, temperatures mid-to-upper
11:49 pm
50's, highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies without so much smoke and haze, mid 60's from the coast to low 90's in the warmest in the occasions. here comes warm up, wednesday, thursday, and friday. 80 degrees or higher near the bay shoreline, upper 60's on the coast and temperatures gradually taper off next weekend. still going to be warm. dion: can i convince -- confess something? sometimes at this hour, my brain and mouth don't seem to connect. spencer: they don't work in sync. dion: you feel the pain. chris now joining us with a preview of sports. chris: coming up, more from the pro football hall of fame, charles watson gets his call, and so does another raiders legend, mr. tom florist, an unforgettable speech. sports is next.
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♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
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chris: two men that loom largeoe in open raiders history made their entrances into canton today. charles woodson played 11 seasons in oakland. anton florez was not only the first latino in pro football, but the first winning two super bowls with the raiders and first champ. he was with the raiders owner mark davis as they unveiled his hall of fame bus. florez made a joke about his age and said he had to be in bed i 9:00. it was a heartfelt message hos otgr up in the small town of singer. >> the sanger high school district of my hometown, we have people here. long way to come. you ever tried to get here?
11:54 pm
it's not an easy place to get to. i've been trying for a long time to get here. [applause] chris: congrats to tom florist. -- tom flores. he made a very emotional speech has one of his sisters could not be in canton due to her current battle with covid. he grew up about an hour and a half away and passed along the credit for everyone who helped him earn his call to the hall. >> we did this together. together, me and you. we were mr. ohio together. we were a heisman trophy winner together. we were national champions together. we were defensive rookies together. defensive player of the year together. super bowl champions together. [applause] so when i say that when i go
11:55 pm
we all go in, i mean that from the bottom of my heart. chris: great speeches all night long. we are weeks away from the 49ers regular season opener. can you believe just five weeks from today, we'll be talking about a game between the 49ers and the lions. kyle shanahan hopped a flight canton ohio after yesterday's practice to celebrate with john lynch and his hall of fame induction. shanahan flew back and had a good practice. the coach was asked about yesterday's practice in front of the 19,000 fans and what that atmosphere means to the team. >> i thought it was good. making it through that, it was one of our harder practices. i was proud with players definitely felt it. it was different coming out of the tunnel.
11:56 pm
they were amped up. it was cool. chris: young sparky excited to see the quakes back home hosting laf c. christian at this -- espinoza fires. second of the year, 1-0 quakes. great footwork and finds javier lopez for the goal. 2-0. 65th minute, your goalie for the quakes, gray save, great chance, and he can't believe he didn't get it. seven match unbeaten street. finals of the silicon valley classic in san jose, danielle collins had match points in the second and tiebreak but couldn't get it done against daria kasatkina. in the third, the strong forehand winner. on the seventh matchpoint, she goes into the net. comments doesn't even celebrate. more relief than anything else, winning her second straight wta title.
11:57 pm
abc seven sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. dion: thank you very much. that's it for this edition of abc seven news. they give for joining as. abc seven news continues tomorrow at 5:00. for spencer christian and chris alvarez and all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. we leave you outside now with a live picture from san francisco international airport. have a great night and we'll see you in the morning. you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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