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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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test weekly. a full return to in person learning is set for monday. >> coven hospitalizations increase across the country and california as well. numbers released today show patients. the seven-day positivity rate is 6.2%. while sfu st has instituted insd requirements, parents have concerns about sending their kids back to classrooms. they want more distanced learning options. francisco unified school district employees will be required to be fully vaccinated. any employee not yet vaccinated will be mandated to test for covid weekly. the united educators of san francisco supports the decision. >> we see the variant surging. because educators care for students, we want -- we will
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start advocating for a vaccine requirement. >> the district says it has messages out for two weeks requiring staff to report whether or not they are vaccinated. the district says it has received confirmation from over half of employees. employees that have -- have until august 31. it does not apply to students. in light of the delta variant, some parents are rethinking sending their parents back to school. >> we are hoping to be offered an online option. >> chris lee is one of many parents who wants to keep their kids home. parents gathered this afternoon outside sfusd to share their concerns. while they originally planned to cap it for 50 students, it has decided to submit all -- families who submit applications by the fall deadline. parent's likely want any
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families who did not apply in time. >> we would like it to be open to every kid who wants to stay at home. >> brendan greene, director of the racial economic justice program of dac you of northern california says the pandemic has disproportionately impacted some communities more than others. >> there might have been parents who felt more comfortable a couple of weeks coal -- weeks ago who are not. by day seven or day 10, they might not. there needs to be built in flexibility. >> school districts and families transitioning to online learning a mess of that has not let up. >> the first day of classes went off without a hitch in san ramon valley, where some parents have publicly protested the district's mass requirement. everyone we saw at iron horse had on a mask. all voiced support for the requirement. >> over time, it becomes
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comfortable. you don't really feel it. >> it gives us comfort knowing that all of the kids will be wearing masks regardless of vaccination status, just so they have extra protection. >> there may be some who wish we were doing it differently, but public health does drive our decisions. >> parents protested outside last week's meeting, arguing they should get to choose whether their kids have to wear masks. district officials are not saying what would happen if a student refuses, saying only they will work with them to make it happen. larry: san francisco's covid-19 rate surpassed the country's average. as part of our vaccine team, we spoke to the senior investigator of the gladstone institute, a biomedical research institution. >> medical medical medical medil
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the sudden increase in san francisco to three factors. they're working together right now. the delta variant, the unvaccinated, and the reopening on june 15. two months after california reopened, san francisco is the first city to reach a milestone of 80% of the eligible population vaccinated with one dose. surpassing the nation's case rate. >> what is driving this increase? >> delta. >> here is what it looks like, the latest cdc data from august 8, san francisco's seven-day rolling average is 43.3 daily cases per 100,000. the u.s. seven-day rolling average is 33.26 daily cases per 100,000. dr. warner green is a director and senior investigator for the gladstone institute, a virology and immunology. >> people are interacting. >> how can that be in san
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francisco, where over 70% of the population is fully vaccinated? >> most of the infections in the bay area are occurring in unvaccinated individuals. i suspect we are seeing more breakthrough infections than previously appreciated. >> the silver, san francisco hospitals are not overwhelmed. dr. colwell are a hospital says the majority of those hospitalized continue to be unvaccinated. those with breakthrough cases are particularly the elderly and immunocompromised. >> i do not see any indication we are going to be overwhelmed. we are bracing for significant surge. >> we contacted san francisco's department where they said, the delta variant has brought new challenges. we are doing everything possible to get more of our eligible population vaccinated.
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he also said one potential factor in comparing case rates is whether san francisco is testing at a higher rate. >> we are testing, but it is not like this is an artifact of more tests. this is the virus. >> dr. green says what is helping san francisco now is that the more dority has -- the majority has embraced the vaccines. but embers continue to go up. larry: i am hesitant to know what the reaction from viewers is going to be, but based on the increase in covid rates in san francisco, could we be headed to a potential lockdown? >> according to dr. green, lockdowns are to preserve the capacity of hospitals and treat those seriously ill. we are seeing even their that she even though there is an increase, they are preventing
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hospitals from being overwhelmed. they say if a new variant more powerful than delta emerges, lockdown could be a possibility. larry: let's hope that's not the case. >> dr. mark galli was on gma three. he was asked about san francisco offering booster shots, as san francisco general is giving those shots to people who received johnson & johnson. >> we are taking the lead from fda and cdc. we are not encouraging counties to be adding additional shots, but we are watching it closely. we know there is concern about waning immunity and for certain populations, especially our oldest, we are asking people to hold off until we can clear instructions and get a closer look at the signs and evidence before we have another shot advised. >> he says getting as many people around the world
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vaccinated is going to be an important way to curb transition. larry: as part of our efforts, parents and students getting ready for the school year, kate larsen spoke to an expert at home and the hospital on how to keep kids safe. >> as pediatric covid cases reach alarming levels, bay area parents preparing for the school year. >> we are worried. >> we are concerned. >> in san francisco, joseph mallon's son is starting. >> we are going to buy bank -- five more masks. -- >> we will maintain distance. >> we primarily use surgical masks. >> because of the variant, i was wondering how i could mass -- maximize mask shopping. >> why is it that what what's good enough last year is not good enough now? that is an
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the delta virus is moving the goal posts. >> the infectious disease specialist says the best bet for your kids is. >> a mask they can keep on. >> she says the most protective is the n95, or cloth and surgical mask together followed by a single surgical mask, than a single cloth mask. her son is too young, so he wears additional protection. >> face shields and goggles, eye protection. >> she recommends getting back to the basics of frequent handwashing and sanitizing. >> i thick it is good on multiple levels, including the prevention of other respiratory viruses. >> as for testing come it do it -- as are testing, do it. >> any respiratory virus symptoms, even if a kid has a fever or feels sluggish, diarrhea, that should get
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tested. >> because delta levels rise faster, the doctor says symptoms usually in -- usually appear in four to six days. >> state of emergency. the call to help end violence. what can be done? we put that question to oakland's police chief. the 14-year-old who swam alcatraz adds another record to his name. >> triple digit heat makes a return to the bay area despite what you see. i will have the forecast coming up. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the y rkrce doubles...
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larry: police are searching for the person who shot a boy near union square after 2:20. please see the boy was taken to the hospital but did not release details. kristen: the headkristen: of the chinatown chamber of commerce and oakland is calling on the governor to declare a state of emergency due to the violence. >> we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i am not only asking you to patrol chinatown, i am asking sending police and chp to oakland. more areas need help. >> the chamber president says
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the spike in violence is holding the city hostage with citizens living in a state of fear. he called federal agencies like the fbi and atf to help in crime reducing efforts. there have been 78 homicides in oakland this year, on pace to be the deadliest in a decade. larry: it has been six months since the new police chief took over the oakland police department. laurent armstrong sat down with an interview about the challenges he is prioritizing. leslie joins us live with more. >> the the the the the the the t has heart. he loves oakland. he was born and raised there. he has dedicated decades of service to oakland police department. right now, he told me he is worried. >> what keeps me awake at night
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is the continuous gunfire. >> chief armstrong is awash in problems. homelessness, homicide, assaults on politicians, journalists and the elderly. >> the challenges with a high level of crime, 78 homicides, the number of calls for service we are receiving on a daily basis, we are unable to meet the demand. there are two narratives, there is a narrative with some politicians that community does not want to see police officers. but when you go into the community, when you talk to those impacted by crime, they want police officers, they just want good police officers. we have asked them to continue to engage in a different way to build relationships. >>. you have officers quitting and leaving? >> it is hard trying to retain officers. this is a difficult job, period.
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the toughest city in the bay area, some would say in california. some people want to make this a political issue, for me it is not a political issue. nobody wants to continue to see this level of violence. that is a starting point, that we all get fed up with seeing and experiencing violence everyday. we can't prevent our way out of it, but we can't arrest our way out of it. it needs to be a balanced approach but you've got to have resources to respond. if you don't, you send the message to those that want to commit crimes that oakland is the place to do it. that is the narrative we want to fight against. oakland is not the place where you can come to commit crime. there is going to be accountability. >> he believes that pandemic has magnified the problems. not jailing people due to covid in jails and prisons.
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there is also growing frustration on the streets of oakland because of the pandemic. oakland police are not able to respond to calls about people not wearing masks, or other covid related issues. the chief did estimate for me that about 80% of the police force is currently vaccinated. larry: what about the effects of the new police budget which reduces police academies, which means fewer officers? >> i asked about that. right now, oakland has 704 officers. before this budget, it was 792. they have 57 officer positions frozen. the chief put this in perspective, he said 10 years ago there were more officers on the streets of oakland than there are right now. remember, the city has grown by 40,000 residents.
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his message today was one of not defunding the police, but depoliticize in the police. leslie brinkley, abc seven. kristen: a man suspected of assaulting a young girl inside her home is in custody. police a 24-year-old dupree hornsby attacked a girl in her home on denson drive friday morning before being chased away. he was arrested. detective say hornsby had no prior association with the victim. he is charged with eight counts of felony sex crimes against a child under 10. larry: progress for crews battling the dixie fire burning mostly butte county. containment grew from 21% to 25%. this is the second largest in state history, burning nearly 488,000 acres and destroying 600 structures.
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thousands remain out of their homes. the fire started july 13. it's because remains under nursing asian. you can see live update -- it's because remains under investigation. it is getting warmer this week, which is troublesome for all of those firefighters. kristen: let's see if we can keep the wind down. spencer: easy, not gusty, but it is getting warmer. let's look at our warm-up from yesterday to right now. you can see most of the bay area is several degrees warmer than yesterday. the exception being san francisco. 13 degrees warmer in nevada than yesterday. that is significant. here is the view looking out over san francisco under mainly sunny skies. egrees. 79 at palo alto. 63 at pacifica.
4:20 pm
the view of the golden gate shows few clouds passing through the golden gate. 87 degrees in santa rosa. napa, 84. 97 concord. almost 100 degrees in inland locations. from emeryville, we have a thin layer of low clouds. lots of blue sky. we will see fewer coastal clouds tonight. mild at the coast and hot inland through the weekend. we can expect a cooler pattern beginning early next week. tonight, the forecast looks like this. some patches of light cometh in the low clouds, but not the typical marine layer we generally see. mainly sunny and warmer tomorrow. hi clouds come into the sky. we conditions, but we will have a good view in most locations of
4:21 pm
the percy had meteor shower. if you move away from bright lights and let your eyes adjust, you can get a view. up to 60 meters per hour at the peak. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the upper 50's to low 60's. it is going to be a mild and possibly uncomfortable overnight period for many. tomorrow's highs will range from 68 to 77 oakland. 87 to san jose. the inland east bay will sizzle. 100 at antioch. in the northernmost part, -- high of 99 tomorrow. lakeport, 100. lake county and most of mendocino county will be under a heat advisory from 1:00 tomorrow until 5:00 thursday. high temperatures could get up to 105 degrees.
4:22 pm
heat tapering just a few degre thursday and friday, generally. back to 100 degrees inland. the heat will be with us for a while. kristen: some big names get ready to take the stage and make a difference. larry: some bay area teens try to make a
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-- use lineup. kristen: the concert is an to find answers to climate change and poverty. mike mayers i has a report. ♪ mike nicco -- >> global citizen live announcing a ug lineup. >> coldplay, billie eilish, lizza. these are extraordinary artists. but they are also part of this global movement. >> a global concert, september 25 on six continents. >> we will throw live to the eiffel tower in paris where ed sheridan is kicking it off. we throw live to london, cities all around the world. >> you must be masked and vaccinated to attend or presented negative pcr tests within 72 hours. >> we are complying with all of the state in city guidelines
4:26 pm
from a health and covid-19 health perspective. >> the effort aiming to tackle climate change, the hunger crisis and the pandemic. urging vaccines for every country. >> unless we end this pandemic for everyone, we will not get this under control. >> in may, global citizen hosted a event in los angeles, securing more than $300 million and 26 million vaccines for underserved countries. tickets to the central park show will be given through a lottery. >> you have to take part in an action ternary -- action journey. all of your actions earn points and you use those points to enter the lottery. >> by taking action. >> signing petitions, making phone calls to members of congress come all of these actions depending on how hard they are going to give you points and you use those to enter the lottery. >>he a alsooaast d streamedround
4:27 pm
the worl abc seven. >> so many ways you can tune in. we want everyone this endeavor -- this is our generation's moment. kristen: after calls to resign, new york's governor announces plans to step down. >> in my mind, i have never crossed the l
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>> i think t think t think t thk circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to
4:30 pm
governing. larry: after calls to resign, andrew cuomo announced his plans to step down. josh heidegger with the latest. >> i think given the circumstances, the best way i canelnow is aside anle gernment get back to . and my resignation will be effective in 14 days. >> flanked by his lawyer, the disgraced governor of new york gave up. agreeing, after months of pressure to step aside. >> my instinct is to fight through this because i truly believe it is politically motivated. >> just yesterday, the state assembly's judiciary committee took its first meeting since the attorney general report which alleged cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women, including his former executive assistant. >> he put his hand up my blouse
4:31 pm
and cupped my breast. >> for that, he faces potential misdemeanor criminal charges in albany as investigators consider his alleged use state resources to write a book and whether he mishandled covered cases. cuomo claims he takes responsibility for his treatment of women, though insists it was not sexual. >> if i could communicate the facts through the frenzy, new yorkers would understand. >> buffeted by controversy and deserted by fellow democrats at the highest level, cuomo backed down. >> do you feel -- >>'s security detail awaited him to a helicopter for the flight back to albany where in two weeks he will turn the reins over to his lieutenant kathy hochul, a former member of congress from buffalo who will be the first female governor of new york. >> i respect the governo's decision did -- i respect the
4:32 pm
governor's decision. >>, was elected in 2010, serving his third term. new york's last two governors have resigned amidst scandals. kristen: the secretary of labor is coming to the bay area on a fact-finding mission focused on jobs, infrastructure and renewable energy. all topics that are critical in building a better bay area. dan, you spoke with a local congressman who is a big part of that visit. >> i did. mark to sign jehu east bay will host u.s. labor secretary marty walsh tomorrow. i spoke with the congressman about the trip an hour ago. great for coming -- when the labor secretary visits tomorrow with you, what do you want the labor secretary to walk away with? what you want the bay area to get out of it? dan: i want him to see we are a
4:33 pm
national model, specifically in this county. we are a very big footprint with the fossil fuel industry. refiner is present -- produce 25 hype that the -- >> we got that model, but we are transitioning to a new model. we will meet our goal for climate change reduction's. we will meet with our workforce who get paid. they are world-class, they are union members and they contribute to the economy. we want to make sure they come with us. there are right there with us. we want to do with -- what was the street -- we are going to meet our climate goals and we are going to beat them ahead of the rest of the country. we are not leaving anybody behind. dan: what you want the labor secretary to take back to washington? >> i want him to see how far ahead california is.
4:34 pm
both environmentally and workforce wise. we have doubted here. it is a good economic model. our energy economy is second to none in terms of innovation, research and deployment over noel's. -- renewables. it is good for the region and it is good for the planet at a time where that is the most important thing. dan: this transition have been focused on from a petroleum-based economy to renewable is exciting on paper, but challenging in reality. >> it always has been. historically, countries -- -- countries change energy sources it is a big benefit, but there's lots of displacement. this is an extraordinary period of timeherg to protect our planet. but, we are doing it. that's what i want to get back through the labor secretary. i have had discussions with people in the biden net bender's
4:35 pm
ration, they get it. we want to show them we get it here. dan: we look forward to the visit. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. dan: my thanks to the congressman. tomorrow, the labor secretary will tour a union training center in concord and the richmond build academy, a public-private project to train people in high skilled jobs in renewable energy. as a congressman said, he hopes the labor secretary will leave with a sense that we are on the cutting edge. kristen: nancy pelosi was in san francisco today to talk of the emergency rental assistance program that provides funding to renters hit hard by the pennetta -- by the pandemic. >> an initiative is not successful unless people take advantage of it. the housing issue is one that is of values. it is not issues, it is an
4:36 pm
ethical issue. kristen:bc seven valencia as people share their stories. organizers say san francisco's latino community has taken the brunt of the pandemic. there are more than twice as likely to get infected by covid. larry: coronavirus and vacations. stay or go? rising cas grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent.
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kristen: time for the four at 4:00. more travel warnings from the cdc. france, thailand, iceland among the countries added to the cdc do not travel advisory. according to forbes, 39 states would meet the cdc's criteria. so, yeah emma those states might as well be on that list of no travel. florida is the worst, basically 186 daily cases. carn's number 23 with 29.3 nude -- new daily cases per 100,000 people. who is rethinking travel? dugas have a preference? domestic versus abroad? larry: probably domestic, only because you do not have to sit on a plane as long with a mask on. we are back in the situation
4:40 pm
where it is social distance, wear a mask, get the vaccine. in places like texas and florida where rates are skyrocketing, you see a lot of people not getting vaccinated and you see a lot of people not wearing masks. if you're not going to get vaccinated, ok, i mean -- i think you should unless you have some real reason not to, but at least wear a mask. spencer: absolutely. i have a friend who was planning to fly to the east coast with a connection through dallas, dfw, and decided to change to a direct flight because he didn't want to go through the airport in texas. larry: what is going on in iceland? what, a big party in reykjavik? [laughter] kristen: it has become popular. spencer: it is beautiful. larry: maybe we will go.
4:41 pm
the pandemic has changed how people exercise. this is levering -- leaving gym owners wondering how they will survive. an industry trade group says 23% of health groups have closed the pandemic. peloton is betting the workout from home trend is here to stay. they broke ground on their first u.s. factory in ohio. peloton says sales have continued to soar, up 141%. spencer, you and i are gym are you back in the gym? spencer: i am back in the gym, but also doing outdoor workouts at home. last friday, i was in the gym, everybody wearing a mask. today, everybody mask. yesterday, i did an outdoor workout near my home, so i didn't have to worry about a mask. >> i have -- i work out every day. i have been a gym member for, fr
4:42 pm
don't know, 30 years? during the pandemic because we couldn't go, i hated to do it, but i quit my gym membership. >> so did i. >> they were closed and i realized, boy, maybe that's an expense i do not need. i started finding ways to do it at home. i don't know if i'll go back. i love it, but you've got to get in the car and drive there and it is expensive. >> i have changed. >> people of their pelotons. there is a positive addiction. kristen: a lot of people love this san francisco artist whose honey bears you have seen. williams-sonoma is partnering with finch to produce aprons, dishes and more with those honey bears on them. finch says one of the main goals of his art practice is to bring art to the 95% people who do not go to art museums. the honey bears have been around
4:43 pm
for years, but have been a point of controversy, some calling them symbols of gentrification. at all. i think they're nice. >> i like him. -- i like them. >> i like bears, i like honey, i like honey bears. [laughter] >> i didn't see the gentrification, but that's a good point. 95% of people out there do not go to museums. this is a way to maybe expose them to an art form they might not see. >> i don't know if i want all my plates and everything with a honey bear on them. some stuff is ok. >> right? go ahead. kristen: anytime we brought in the definition of art into our daily lives is a good thing. >> good point. what isn't a source of controversy these days? the poor honey bear. sfusd --. [laughter] larry: no controversy here --
4:44 pm
well,yoyeu the contest said to e spencerdat mentioned he had participated in one of these contests and we wanted to see it. video doesn't lie. >> whoever wins gets a good morning america hat. on your mark, get set, go. larry: spencer, not even over the hurdles properly. what is this? [laughter] larry: the other competitors went over -- >> isn't that a dq? larry: this looks like the zip router film. [laughter] spencer: it was either 1995 or 1996. we were in helsinki, which its annual lice carrying con -- contest.
4:45 pm
these big nordic dudes with their teeny wives, our producers decided it would be fun to have my producer run on my back. >> as trim as you are -- maybe you should have cared -- maybe the producer should have carried you. [laughter] spencer: they carry me here everyday. kristen: i could have sworn i saw her do a giddy up. spencer: she did. [laughter] >> where is the whip? california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power.
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tune in saturday august 21st at 8/7 central francisco. it is the first production to reopen in north america. guests will need proof they are fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test within 72 hours to get in. masks are required. hamilton will end in san francisco on september 5. go now. larry: everyone has a story to tell. four students from san jose recently produced stories from their multimedia class that have been selected to be shown at the biggest film possible for high schools. growing up in the east side shaped the stories they are
4:49 pm
sharing for a national audience. >> growing up in east san jose exposes young people to a tapestry of cultures and the history of immigrants trying to succeed in a new country. four students at mount pleasant high school captured slices of their lives for a multimedia class. producing documentaries and music videos. four have been selected for screening at new york's all-american high school film festival. >> ♪ >> trapped in the tank is a music video blending music and poetry by dominic -- who moved to the east side. >> this culture has been part of my life and has made me into the person i am. i really just want to show how beautiful this city is and how beautiful the heritage and culture is. >> the yellow america, a documentary by b >> castille focused on asian hate. >> not enough action has been taken. >> juncker said --
4:50 pm
>> i felt i was able to stand up for our asian community through this documentary and open up my classmate's minds. >> the producer -- their teacher hey were more than just video for -- video producers, they became content creators. >> they don't see themselves reflected in today's media. oftentimes, those stories they often want to tell because no one else is telling them. >> others include orange skies from the east side and the alabaster awakening, putting east side san jose in the national spotlight. kristen: are looking out there. we are starting to warm up. spencer: a warm week ahead for sure. tonight, a thin layer of clouds.
4:51 pm
maybe -- overnight lows in the upper 50's to low 60's. mild overnight and warm again tomorrow with temperatures ranging from the upper 60's on the coast to up to 100 degrees in the warmest inland spots. that heat is going to hold through the weekend, maybe dropping off a couple of degrees thursday and friday, but for most of the week, expect highs near 100 inland, 80 around the bay, 60's around the coast, and next week a cooling trend. larry: if you like spiked seltzer another one will be on store shelves next year. it's all they sell anymore. heart mountain dew is the brand. pepsi is partnering with the boston brewery company to make a sugar-free beverage with 5% alcohol by volume. it will come in original, watermelon and black cherry. last month, the boston beer company said the boozy seltzer fad was fading, but apparently
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not today, dry eye. kristen: at 8:00, the goldbergs.
4:55 pm
to tell the truth at 10:00, followed by abc7 news at 11. a 14 euro boy has become the youngest ever to swim lake tahoe. it is not his first amazing swim. time. every time it is different. >> just keep swimming. three words james savage lives by. james first hit the water at five years old, sporting goggles and a swim cap. >> within a few months, he said, i want to go to junior olympics. and he did. then he said he wants to swim to alcatraz, i left. >> james became the youngest person to make the treacherous swim from san francisco to alcatraz it just over two hours. >> it was cold at first.
4:56 pm
66 degrees, the coldest i have ever been in. >> since then, the 14-year-old open water swimmer has built up quite the resume. >>stir to goen gate youngest to do st. louis reservoir. youngest to do the viking, the godfather and around coronado. >> swimming after records, constantly facing challenges. >> the hardest working kid i know. >> there's three marathon swims at lake tahoe. james completed the 10.6 mile viking at age 12 with a 12 mile godfather a your layered -- a year later. >> there have been days we are out here and he is crying because he is done. he doesn't think he can do it. but there are days he thinks he has a great day, but he always comes back. that is what i am most proud of. >> with this swim, james not
4:57 pm
only has the chance to break one world record, but two. august 1, james set out to become the youngest person to swim lake tahoe. a 21.3 mile trek from camp richardson to incline village with his mom kayaking by his side. >> i know what he needs. his strok>> if it weren't for i would not be here. >> james walked out of the water as the youngest person to achieve the lake tahoe triple crown. >> i wouldn't be able to do it without any of them. they are all there helping me. they are the ones getting me through it. >> i still think he is nuts some days. that is what is fun. he never turns down a challenge. >> with more milestones to come, for now it is time for a break. >> i do not think i have ever appreciated sleep more than i have ever before. kristen: you have got to love
4:58 pm
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try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. >> we are bracing for a significant fourth surge. >> san francisco's daily case rate has surpassed the county's average daily new cases. and one of the largest school districts in the bay area says tonight it will require teachers to get vaccinated. getting ready for a new school year takes on new meaning. teachers share their >> covid testing confusion in the north bay, and now the state has stepped in. >> my grandma was traumatized by this event. >> no accident. someone torched three cars in front of a home. the family rattled and scared. >> bui


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