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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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amid covid outbreaks and children across the u.s.. governor newsom reportedly revealing a sweeping statewide change. >> something we have never seen before is pediatric intensive care units getting overwhelmed. that is really frightening. reggie: experts predict an alarming forecast for the weeks ahead. the cdc days away from its next booster shot discussion. kumasi: meteor shower in coming. make sure you are looking up tonight. reggie: welcome to wednesday, august 11. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to get started with a look at our forecast. >> the meteor shower is over. it is to back -- too bright pure and late arriving clouds, you can see how they are hugging the deadlines and pushing across
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our lower elevations. they will not last long. they will be back to the coast before you know it with near 70 degree temperatures. 75 in richmond to 85 in redwood city. 87 to 95 in the south bay, about 88 to 104 in the north bay and near 100 and the east bay. we will circle back to where i want :00 this afternoon through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon we have the risk of heat illness. heat advisory is in effect as highs could reach 108 degrees. we will see how long the heat lasts coming up. reggie: today we expect a major announcement about teachers and covid-19 vaccines. politico reports governor newsom's went to mandate vaccines for teachers and school staff or they have to get weekly covid testing. the decision went to district officials last night. >> it is expected that governor newsom will require teachers to either be vaccinated or go
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through testing. reggie: that was superintendent roger rice, interrupting the board meeting when he got in the news. the governor expected to speak about vaccines and the delta variant at an oakland school this morning. we will stream it live on our website. if the governor does announce a teacher vaccine mandate not california would be the first state in the nation to do this. vocal districts are not waiting for guidance from the state. -- local districts are not waiting for guidance for the -- from the state. staff, contractors, and volunteers will be required to get vaccinated or get that weekly test. usd staff members have reported their status is already vaccinated. kumasi: san francisco unified has announced a vaccine mandate for teachers.
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if staff do not get the shot, they will have to undergo weekly testing. >> we spoke to a teacher here who said she is happy to hear the news. she says the teachers here are vaccinated, but she knows of some faculty members who are not. she is relieved this is now in place, especially as elementary school students are too young to get the shot. we spoke to a parent who told us this is great news. >> one of the biggest concerns is around safety. by mandating vaccines, it is an important step to move forward to ensure the safety of everyone in the school community. >> i was already excited about coming back. to have this extra layer of protection is even better. >> this impacts the district's 10,000 employees, not students. they have until september 7 to
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get vaccinated. if they choose not to, they can still come to work. they will be required to have a covid test every week. the san francisco teachers union supports the vaccine mandate. kumasi: thank you. this friday, a cdc advisory committee will discuss recommending covid-19 booster shots for immunocompromised people at the delta variant continues to spread, adding extra's -- extra stress on hospitals across the country. jobina: the u.s. gets roughly 8300 new covid patients in the hospital everyday. experts say that number could quadruple by labor day if we do not get the variant under control. the infection is especially bad in florida, which recorded 1200 more people in the hospital yesterday. the state leads the nation when it comes to hospitalization and children. >> we have elementary kids who are not eligible for the vaccination coming into our
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classrooms, possibly exposing us to covid. we are in the national and deadly pandemic. jobina: the white house is considering using federal f is e fda to give full approval of his -- existing vaccines. vaccination rates have increased. the cdc says the first shots -- the cdc says first shots are up 88% in the past month. kumasi: if you are planning a trip to hawaii, there will be new restrictions amid a spike in covid cases. restaurants, bars, and gyms are now lift -- limited to 50% capacity. social gatherings cannot have more than 10 people indoors come 25 people outdoors. professional events like weddings with more than 50 people have to be approved by the county. this was released last night and
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went into effect immediately. officials say they are not changing tourist entry requirements at this time. reggie: we are seeing new video as flames from the dixie fire approach the town of greenville. the fire has grown to 490,000 acres. nearly 550 homes have been destroyed. is -- it is 25% contained. a college professor is accused of setting a number of fires near the dixie fire zone. the investigation started july 20, including an agent putting a tracking device on the suspect's car during a traffic stop. the 47-year-old is charged with setting the ranch fire. he recently worked at sonoma state. kumasi: one placer has reopened after the river fire nearly destroyed its canvas -- campus. flames came within 200 yards of colfax high school. flames claimed the father testee
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for covid and had to be stuck in quarantine until yesterday. >> i was the only one home. i started unhooking the trailer. >> the fire came through. i was evacuating the campground. peter was evacuating the house and pulling everything out, getting our farm animals and everything ready. today we can be together for the first time as a family. kumasi: a rally was held at colfax high to recognize first responders as they worked to control the fire. it continues to be on the school's fence line. the dunham family reunited before the rally and say it is good to be back with classmates. you can see live updates on fires burning in california with the wildfire tracker on we have a link to a list of local and national groups you can donate to providing relief to everyone who has been impacted. reggie: other top stories coming your way, commute cut down.
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a study solving a major source of headaches on one bay area road. kumasi: plus, a spectacular show above, a meteor shower tonight. where you need to be and when. reggie: and summer style. he is back again with his usual off-season antics. mike: how about this? pier 39 this morning. you can see the fog in the distance. as far as activity today, it is about trying to escape the heat. i will let you know how long that is going to last and t
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kumasi: part of the bay area could be in for a treat. the annual perseid meteor shower is going to let of the sky. it is going to peak at 11:00. all you have to do is find some clear sky far from city lights. mike: we will definitely definit chance. we are going to have a few mid and upper level clouds roll through. until 5:30 in the could see up to 60 meters per hour. later on, clouds make for a gorgeous shot from the tower this morning. we will have some lo will have o mid and upper level smoke out there. as we look back to sanack to san francisco, you can see clouds making a beeline to the east, keeping us in the mid upper 50's . we have 69 in antioch. san francisco, 56.
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as we head through the day, temperatures will be average at noon. we still have several hours of warming to go, above average temperatures even at the coast. 95 at 4:00. a little uncomfortable for an evening walk if you're inland. jobina: good morning. i want to get right to new video into our newsroom. a deadly crash we have been following all morning in san jose. that is a look at the video. according to chp, it started investigating this deadly crash around 3:30 this morning. only one lane is open now. they have called a corner to the scene. a new crash is just north of this situation. we have a motorcycle crash on northbound 101 before oakland
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road, major injuries involved here. a life picture of the bay bridge toll plaza -- live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. that backup is starting. this is the same problem from yesterday. they are having an equipment issue causing a 20 minute delay. i want to let you know about something potentially positive. a new study is funny a bus lane could trim the morning commute time through a congestion -- congested section of 101 by nearly half. the transportation authority has been considering a pilot program to allow public buses to use the shoulder and merge lanes along a 10 mile stretch of southbound 101. the proposed million according to the study. kumasi: we are seeing support
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pouring in for christina applegate after revealing her diagnosis of multiple cirrhosis -- multiple sclerosis. reggie: and a crime investigation at a palo alto restaurant. the owner describing a racist tirade over some cash. kumasi: we are taking a live look out
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[ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] lisa looks like you've... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait...
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enter the golden state with real california dairy. kumasi: part of building a better bay area includes focus on issues involving race. a hate investigation is underway in palo alto after a customer at fuki sushi on a racist tirade on august 1. it started when a server pointed out the restaurant only takes electronic payment. that is when the customer got angry. restaurant owner lumi gardner stepped in. she describes the terrible things said to her. >> were you even born here?
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did you even go to school here? you are un-american. go back to your country. it just went from sorry, we are all electronic, to an eruption. kumasi: the restaurant staff has received overwhelming support since the incident. the restaurant is asking resources be directed to nonprofits supporting the community. reggie: in the south bay, someone intentionally set cars on fire in a family's front yard. the flames spread from one vehicle to another just after 3:00 a.m. monday in san jose. in the background, you can see someone running from the scene, carrying something as the flames shot into the air. the victim's granddaughter spoke to an abc news anchor. >> i want awareness to go out this is happening and is not ok.
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we want to find this person and get justice. race to the moon will not be happening as soon as we thought. nasa now says funding and covid delays with the spacesuits mean the goal of dill -- returning after us to the moon by 2024 -- astronauts to the moon by 2024 is no longer feasible. nasa has spent more than $1 billion on the suits. now elon musk is responding to the report, saying spacex could do it if need be. spacex won the contract to develop the lunar lander earlier this year. kumasi: new at 6:00, carnivorous plants have fascinated people for a long time. this morning, we have a new want you. it is insect eating.
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here is what it looks like. researchers say the plant traps box -- bugs. they found a growing in north vancouver, british columbia, and identified it as current avarice after they saw it trapping -- as carnivorous after they saw it trapping fruit flies. i wanted something dramatic. reggie: you want more than that? kumasi: it looks like a delightful plant. mike: it is not a robot. reggie: sorry nature disappointed this morning. mike: were you expecting it to act like seymour? not seymour. what was the name of the plant? reggie: that is right. it is seymour. feed me, seymour. mike: let's move on. thank you, director appearance here is a look at this morning.
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beautiful mountain there in the background. it is getting closer to the deck at the golden gate bridge. we have a west northwest wind, it little slower than it has been most of the week. hazy sunshine and building warmth tonight. milder lows tonight and a chance of sprinkles. a few clouds out there will keep us a little warmer than this morning. it will final final final into tuesday. several days ahead of this high pressure dominating us. right now, the slow to our south is helping bring up all that moisture coming our way and heat from the desert southwest and from arizona, where they have been receiving plenty of rain. they could share some with us if they like. 95 and morgan hill. what a spread across the south bay.
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mid to upper 60's from the coast, 70 in downtown south san francisco. we will drop down to 60 with high clouds and a little of a breeze out there, but not aggressive like we are normally getting this time of year. 87 to 92 through the northbay valleys. you are under that heat advisory. the highest risk heat illness -- of heat illness for you. 95 to 101 with a low to moderate heat risk in the east bay. conditioning in those neighborhoods. how about the mid-50's to the 70's? you can see the extra cloud cover, worst wrinkles could come from. temperatures will hover in the mid-90's to near 100 through sunday, around 80 for the bay and mid upper 60's at the coast. by monday and tuesday, we start to get temperatures back to average. reggie: good morning america
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coming up at 7:00. >> good to be with you in getting a little rain here on the live shot. it feels good. we are getting into a heat wave. we have lots coming up on gma, including governor andrew cuomo resigning after that scathing report alleging he sexually harassed at least 11 women. is he still in legal jeopardy? also, the alarming new forecast on covid as they delta variant spreads and hospitals fill up. what the cdc is now saying we could see by labor day and what we are learning about possible booster shots. it is time to rise and shine from iowa. a very special surprise, a dream come true for someone in the hawkeye state. it
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certain types of immunoglobulins. while pml was not reported in clinical trials, it could happen. an increased risk of cancer, including breast cancer, may exist. sorry, ms. you don't get to control every part of me ms can't own us. ask your doctor about two-times-a-year ocrevus. mike: you can see the heat
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building, 103 in yosemite. you can see the clouds and moisture and that is going to keep plenty of smoke in the sierra along with the threat of some flash flooding. unfortunately, storms are going to let go of most of the moisture into the sierra. we are not expecting any fire starts. we do not have a red flag warning, but there is a possibility that could change. kumasi: many stars in hollywood are offering their support actors christina applegate after she revealed she is battling multiple sclerosis. we told you but her diagnoses yesterday. it is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous symptom. symptoms include a squeezing sensation, fatigue, difficulty walking, and losing your balance. or than one million americans are living with this -- more than one million americans are living with this. >> one of the difficult things is there are four main types.
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the outlook varies based on the type. this is something that is chronic. there is no cure, so the treatment involves managing those symptoms, preventing flares, and trying to give that person as good a quality of life as possible. kumasi: you can hear more from dr. ashton about why it is more likely to affect women than men coming up. it starts at 7:00. reggie: stevie nicks has canceled her headlining performance over labor day weekend. she tweeted, while i am still vaccinated, at my age i'm being cautious and have decided to skip the five performances i had planned for 2021. country singer chris stapleton is going to take her place at the friday night headliner. kumasi: the summer of klay thompson is still giving. he is back out again, speeding across the bay. rocco looks a little lonely but he has a good view because they
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have been making the most of their summer. the warriors are about a month and a half away from the start of nba training camp. >> i love that dog. that is cute. deo shonghaone flights during te ma: case rates in san francisco are now higher than the rest of the country, but there is one thing keeping the crisis under control. reggie: we are back live with sfusd's vaccine mandate for school teachers and staff and word of a bigger announcement on the way this morning. parents are raising concerns about issues with classroom air vents. kumasi: let'
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solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> to have this extra layer of protection is even better. reggie: more bay area districts require back-to-school covid vaccine shots for teachers and staff. now a new development expected today that could impact every teacher in the state. kumasi: plus, vaccine smear campaign. a coordinated misinformation conspiracy on your facebook and instagram page. reggie: is america too obsessed with our pets? new numbers show why it could be the case. good morning on this we august 11. we are going to start with meteorologist mike nicco. mike: on this wednesday, we have that heat wave that began yesterday that we will build upon today. it will take it up a couple more degrees. our most dangerous heat and the
6:31 am
biggest area for risk of heat is when temperatures reach up to 108 degrees today and tomorrow. right now, you can see the free air conditioning pretty much shut off unless you are near the coast, where the late arriving clouds are rolling in on slow wins, less than 10 miles per hour. those areas, 68, 79. 70 seven in oakland. we hit a low to mid 80's elsewhere around the bay. upper 80's to 100 in the northbay. our inland neighborhoods are almost as warm because so many people have air conditioning in those neighborhoods. the weather service did not include them in the heat advisory. reggie: we expect a major announcement about california teachers and covid-19 vaccines. politico reports governor newsom lamented the shot or require weekly testing for school staff statewide --
6:32 am
their own vaccine mandates. san jose unified put one in place for teachers and staff two weeks ago. amy: we are hearing a lot of support for this mandate. we talked to a teacher here the element tree school. we are here -- elementary school. we are hearing from parents coming out in support of the mandate. employees of the district will need to show proof of vaccination by september 7 or the other option is to get a covid test once a week. that is the one criticism we have heard, that this mandate does not go far enough. some people say it should not offer another option. >> everyone in the school works with students who cannot get vaccinated. i just do not understand what you would not.
6:33 am
you are around students who cannot do it. do your part. amy: this does not apply to students, just to the 10,000 employees of the school district. the announcement came as a bit of a surprise. the district have been asked before about it. the word had been there were no plans for a mandate but the superintendent said they decided to make the move because of the delta variant and a rise in case numbers in the city. dr. fauci came out in support of vaccine mandates for teachers, saying we are in a critical situation with this recent surge in cases. kumasi: opening windows can improve ventilation in the classroom. but wildfire season poses a problem for bay school districts. in previous years, the air quality could drop to extremely unhealthy levels because of wildfire smoke.
6:34 am
opening classroom windows might not be the best option. one solution is portable air cleaners. san francisco unified has -- invested in hundreds of portable air cleaners. several hundred more by next week. some san francisco parents want to keep their kids at home over concerns of the delta variant. this group gather at the district office to make the plea and set a july 30 deadline for parents to apply for distance learning. >> we are basically hoping to be offered an online option for our kids in the fall semester. >> san francisco unified is allowing more than 600 families to keep kids at home this fall. in person learning begins monday. reggie: the delta variant search has caused san francisco's case rate to rise to the point that it is higher than the nation's overall rate.
6:35 am
the city's reporting 43 cases per 100,000 people. the u.s. number is 33 per 100,000 people. san francisco reports having nearly 80% of its eligible population fully vaccinated. delta is doing its delta thing. >> most of the infections we are seeing in the bay area are in unvaccinated individuals, but i suspect we are seeing more breakthrough infections. reggie: even with the cases increasing, san francisco's hospitals have not been overwhelmed with an influx of infected patients. that is proof the vaccine is keeping people out of the hospital. most of those who are hospitalized are the unvaccinated. kumasi: a cdc panel is expected to talk about booster shots when it meets friday.
6:36 am
more than a million people in the u.s. have already found a way to get a third shot of moderna or pfizer. we asked the university of san francisco about people getting the shots. >> there has been a lot of mixed messages around booster doses. we are still not there with the evidence to show we need a booster dose. as soon as we are there, the cdc will come forward with a recommendation suggesting you get that third dose or a top up for the one vaccine. -- one dose vaccine. kumasi: san francisco general hospital was offering additional doses to people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine. new developments in the fight against vaccine misinformation. facebook has banned a firm link to a pfizer and astrazeneca smear campaign. a network of 65 facebook accounts and 243 instagram accounts was traced back to an and marketing firm working in russia on behalf of an unknown client. the network used fake accounts
6:37 am
to spread misleading claims that his peerage the safety -- disparaged the safety of the pfizer and astrazeneca vaccine, one claiming the shot would turn a person into a chimpanzee. reggie: you will need proof of vaccination to get into one of san francisco's most famous restaurants. the restaurant says its staff is already vaccinated. the surge of the delta variant was a factor in requiring vaccines for diners. >> we recently heard there are a couple restaurants that had to shut down because of outbreaks, so that made us wary. we want to make sure we are taking all precautions to make sure we are staying as safe as possible, the community is as safe as possible. reggie: anyone who has booked a reservation can expect a phone call about that requirement. later today, the woman expected to become new york's first woman governor will publicly address new yorkers in manhattan. kathy hochul will take control
6:38 am
of current governor andrew cuomo's position. more o governor cuomo's resignation. jobina: he announced his resignation yesterday in the wake of the state attorney general's report saying he harassed 11 women. the governor says that was politically motivated before revealing his decision to back down. his critics and accusers do not buy the excuse. >> i do hug and kiss people casually. women and men. i have done it all my life. >> he looked me in the eye, grabbed my arm, and pulled me toward him, and kissed me on the cheek. >> at least five district attorneys in new york are investigating the sexual harassment allegations. the governor could face misdemeanor charges from a criminal complaint filed by his
6:39 am
former executive assistant. cuomo will be the third consecutive new york governor whose term has ended in controversy. his predecessor dropped his reelection bid when accused of misconduct. patterson took over for eliot spitzer, who resigned during a sex scandal. kumasi: now to the political battle in california. the governor's recall races and and. democratic creditors are worried a lack of turnout for blue voters could cost them the race. >> there is an enthusiasm gap for democrats. kumasi: republicans are growing hopeful they have a chance to recall governor newsom. gop candidate john cox campaigned yesterday. >> the issues are the quality of life in the state. we should have enough electricity. we should have affordable housing. we should have the streets cleared of homelessness. kumasi: some local elections offices have started sending out ballots. the election is set for
6:40 am
september 14. we have in-depth coverage of the candidates, issues, everything you need to know about the race to replace governor gavin newsom on our website. reggie: after hours of debate, finally a senate breakthrough on the federal infrastructure bill. why some see it as a win for president biden and the breakdown of what is inside. kumasi: you are looking live at the new york stock exchange, starting up almost 565 points. reggie: plus, cliff house come back. kumasi: now checking in on our forecast -- not yet. jobina: thu. u know the alert we have been following all morning on the deadly crash in san jose has cleared my but not too far away. we have another major crash on northbound 101 involving a motorcycle.
6:41 am
here is a live look at that backup in san jose. this is a live look at northbound hundred 14 oakland road. traffic is right now. -- crawling right now. bringing you a live look here from the bay bridge toll plaza, lights came on it 5:45. now let's check in with mike for the forecast. mike: we will take good care of the kids this morning as they step outside. they will run into increasing clouds. temperatures are close to where we were yesterday but warmer as you head home during the afternoon hours. he prepared for that. as far as the haze, it could increase into the evening and overnight hours. look at the red spreading to the west. we will wake up tomorrow with a nice haze and the sun will set in that. it could be one of those area sunrises and sunsets. -- airy sunrises and sunsets.
6:42 am
no spare the air alert. i am concerned with the north bay tomorrow at some of that low-level smoke could get into your neighborhoods. if you're commuting, everything is pretty good. it is calm out there. the clouds are low to the ground. be careful the closer you are to the coast. in san francisco, 54 to 56. even a few mid-50's in our inland and east bay neighborhoods. watch the clouds quickly returned to the coast and you can see how hot it is going to get from 60's in san francisco to near 100 inland. first, i want to show you other high temperatures around the bay , sponsored by free guy. >> the world cannot stop talking about free guy. it is awesome, the biggest surprise of the summer. >> is that cool? >> get ready to have your mind blown. it is heartwarming the hilarious
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kumasi: the senate passed president biden's budget resolution. how this helps set the stage for a legislative battle. jobina: it is a key step for democrats after 45 mins of debate. jobina: the money will be spent on priorities including paid
6:46 am
leave and health care. republicans are blasting the plan. democrats hold a razor thin majority in the senate and have laid the groundwork to pass the bill on its own. the challenge will be keeping their own party united. moderate democrats have already indicated the price tag is too much. kukukukukukukukukuku is coming to the bay area on a fact-finding mission focused on jobs, infrastructure, and renewable energy. >> california is. we have done it here, and it is a good economic model. our energy economy is second to none. it is a good economic model.
6:47 am
it is good for the planet. kumasi: the labor secretary will tour a union training center and the richmond build academy, a public-private partnership to train people for jobs in construction and renewable energy. reggie: more people are getting pets and the pet industry is expected to keep growing. the boom started before the pandemic. the bureau of labor statistics predicted the industry will grow 22% between 2019 and 21 a nine -- 2029. many people began shifting their focus toward their home and personal lives last year, and pet owners became even more obsessed with their pets. kumasi: let's talk about what is going on in the east bay. a leader in chinatown is calling on governor newsom to declare a state of emergency over violent crime. the chamber president says the spike in violence is holding the
6:48 am
city of oakland hostage with citizens living in a state of continuous fear. >> we want you to bring in california highway patrol. i am not only asking you to patrol chinatown. i'm asking you to send the police to oakland. more areas need your help. kumasi: again, the chamber president saying the spike in violence is holding the city of oakland hostage and citizens there are living in a state of continuous fear. reggie: new developments in the cliff house. a local nonprofit has saved some of the items. the western neighborhood neigh saved nearly 60 items from auction, including the cowboy, the totem pole, and a bib signed by famous visitors. kumasi: let's talk about these pets again. more and more people are getting
6:49 am
pets. the pet industry is expected to keep growing. apparently this started before the pandemic. the bureau of labor statistics predicted the pet industry will be growing 22% between 2019 and 2029. that. many people started shifting focus toward their home and personal lives last year, and pet owners became even more attached to their animals. pets and plants. that is what happened during the pandemic. reggie: i am fine with that. mike: i have been doing some landscaping. i'm about to do some more. those will look nice in the yard. more plants. i was thinking about getting oreo a friend, but i think he is too old and might not play with it. i do not know. kumasi: oreo is moody. mike: let's talk about something else.
6:50 am
we will not talk about my pecking order at home either. as far as letting your pets outside today, keep them off the asphalt as it is going to be hot inland for walking our pets. as far as montana, gorgeous. no shortage of beautiful shots this morning. i can only show you two and a pick to these out. i am going to put more online. hazy sunshine, increasing heat today, strangles possible. monsoon moisture will keep us mild this time tomorrow and the heat will ees. we have to wait until monday. we are going through the weekend with hot temperatures. it is not going to be as hot as the pacific northwest, oregon, and washington, where records are possible. they pulls up that heat and humidity. most inland inland be the hottest.
6:51 am
quite a spread on the peninsula, 75 to 86 degrees. we will have mid to upper 60's along the coast. 87.87.87. the most dangerous heat, cloverdale, near 100 104 degrees. -- 100 to 104 degrees. getting hot around castro valley. definitely hot inland. 95 in san ramon. tonight, we will fall back in the 50's in most areas. and lend, you can see 60 to 70 degrees -- inland, you can see 60 to 70 degrees. cloud cover, there will be more of it tonight. as far as our temperatures, 60's at the coast. 76 to 82's are spread around the bay through sunday. 98 to near 100 inland.
6:52 am
we have five more days of this. kumasi: the pacific northwest is bracing for a heat wave over the next few days. the national weather service says seattle could hit the mid-90's. portland, 110 degrees. those numbers would have broken all-time records if not for the heat wave in june, when high temperatures killed hundreds of people. reggie: a community meeting will discuss a study that found high levels of lead in children. the study analyze the amount of lead in children who live within 1.5 miles of the airport and found a link between airplane emissions and blood lead levels. people have an opportunity to ask questions about the study starting at six clock tonight. kumasi: a big unveiling for the future look of samsung, showing off its latest gadgets today. the company is holding its unpack 2021 virtual event featuring its newest foldable devices, including the is the
6:53 am
flip. -- including the z flip. move over, facebook messenger. tiktok is now the world's most downloaded app, believed to have one billion users worldwide. it survived former president trump's effort to ban it from the u.s.. instagram was among other apps in the top five. now let's take a look at the new york stock exchange. we are starting up by almost 200 points now. reggie: hamilton is back at the orpheum theater. crowds waited to get in. this is the first show since the pandemic began. to see the show, you have to be fully vaccinated or have a negative recent covid test. masks are also required at all times for girl is a vaccination status. -- at all times regardless of vaccination status. >> they chose san francisco because we have done a great job
6:54 am
with covid. they know they can do this responsibly here and audiences will be responsible as well. reggie: the show's went to be through september 5. -- the show is going to be here through september 5. idris elba's during the cast of sonic, posting this photo. fans seem excited. the tweet has more than 350,000 likes. kumasi: it was a rough ride for some passengers heading to florida recently. a flight attendant helped calm nervous passengers by giving them a chance to pet a puppy. the woman who took this video said she was flying home last week when her flight encountered some turbulence. she says that is when the flight attendant brought a 10 week old german shepherd up and down the aisles. i would like to sit on the window seat. past the puppy to me -- pas th
6:55 am
-- pass the puppy to me. reggie: you do like the window seat. i'm glad people like you exist.. you need options. reggie: when i am with phil, i give him the aisle seat. kumasi: so you're sitting in the middle? reggie: often times. kumasi: that is kind of you. reggie: that is called being a good husband. he is in that bathroom twice as much as me. kumasi: let him have it. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all of our newscast live and on-demand on the app, available for android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. kumasi: as we had to break, let's take a live look outside.
6:56 am
california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy.
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sign up today. kumasi:kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. oakland and san francisco school officials will require teachers and other staff to be fully vaccinated for covid-19 or face
6:58 am
weekly testing. the requirement starts the day after labor day. reggie: governor newsom is expected to announce a statewide vaccine mandate for teachers and school staff. he will speak around 11:00 a.m. in oakland. kumasi: starting today, you will need proof of vaccination to dine at john's grill. reggie: the dixie fire burning in plumas county has grown to 490,000 acres. it has destroyed nearly 550 homes. it is 27% contained. mike: some of that smoke will drift our way but they will spare -- but no spare the air alert. near 100 and livermore. -- in livermore. jobina: you're going to have a back up on the bridge in the westbound direction. we have a crash on westbound 92 at the high-rise. at least one lane is blocked.
6:59 am
kumasi: we have to talk about this. selling this burned-out home. the listing says potential is limited only by imagination. the sale is already pending according to the listing. what do you all imagine when you look at this? reggie: they are going to knock it down and build a new house with a better pool and hot tub and then -- kumasi: all i saw was hot tub. we will figure out the rest. jobina: i just want to know how this house burned twice. >> there was a fire that started in the garage. that is fire number one. a few days later, there was arson. at the house. an unknown suspect through or placed a flammable device on the front porch according to this report. mike: unknown suspect. reggie: this is one for scooby
7:00 am
and the gang. >> let's get the van. reggie: i am daphne. good morning, america. on this wednesday, that stunning downfall for new york governor andrew cuomo. cuomo resigns. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. >> amid those blistering allegations of sexual harassment he apologizes to the women but blasts the report as politically motivated. what he said about the harassment claims and what's next in his legal battle. could he face charges? the fallout this morning. breaking point. the delta variant surging across the south. hospitals filling up. what the cdc is now saying we could see by labor day. houston setting up overflow tents while dallas schools defy their governor mandating masks as students head back to class.


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