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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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6:00, boosters on the way. the fda expected to announce authorization for extra protection, but only for some. julian: back on campus, we are saying hello to students today for the first time in quite a while. >> it's definitely going to get worse. kumasi: a dangerous heatwave moving in this morning. dangerous temperatures coast-to-coast. julian: it will be a rush on those fox fans today. good morning, -- box fans today. good morning. kumasi: let's check in with mike to talk about that heatwave. is it impacting us? mike: a little bit. my wife and i were at a local hardware or home improvement store and i saw about 20 of those rooms standing air-conditioners. you might want to get them now
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before september or october rolls around and it's too late. let's take a look at what's going on and to answer kumasi's question, we will be warmer than average, but nothing like this weekend. even more so over the ocean. it's not reaching the ground, it is evaporating before it does. a mix of low clouds and high clouds this morning. mid to upper 60's in san francisco. mid 70's, mid-80's around the bay. mid 90's in land in the east bay valleys there. it's going to get hotter and i will have the newest numbers, coming up. kumasi: building a better bay area throughout the pandemic, we have been keeping close tabs on student education. teenagers have been through the unthinkable over the last year, but today hundreds of them are getting back to one special tradition.
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amy has the big day for many families. >> hi there, yes, they will be moving into the dorms and this will be the first time they will be living on campus since march of 2020, it's a big day but officials know it will be an unusual year and they are planning to meet students where they are academically and emotionally. they know they have dealt a lot of isolation during the pandemic and already to help. it is quite a contrast. to look at video from a year ago, this is the campus in hayward last july. you are looking at a line of cars of people waiting to get a covid test. the fire department was testing about 500 people per day here. what an image of just how far we have come today. this will become a college campus full of excited, nervous students and emotional parents as they drop off their students. classes start next week.
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there will be a variety of academic support options. nap rooms, sound machines, it will be different, administrators say they are ready to embrace this unusual time and the whole student, to do what they can to get the students from today to graduation day. julian: that is is is finish line. thank you, amy. the city is mandating back elation -- vaccinations for all employees. this will affect about 1500 workers and the policy takes effect october 15. kumasi: today the fda is expected to authorize him -- booster shots for the immune or -- immuno compromised. >> people under treatment for cancer, getting immuno compromising drugs, organ transplant recipients. >> 100,000 new cases every
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it will be up to the cdc panel to make a recommendation on who should get those booster shots. that committee is meeting tomorrow. dr. anthony fauci is on gma talking about the plan for booster shot for everyone and if you will need to stick with the one that you initially got. >> the strong recommendation obviously would be to stay with the shot that you have originally gotten. we are doing studies now that are mix and match, showing that it is unlikely there will be a problem going from one to the other. kumasi: you can watch his fullul interview on gma coming up at 7:00. at least one million people have already received authorized booster shots. julian: the moderna vaccine found to be more effective than the pfizer vaccine given the delta variant.
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>> in this specific study, moderna might be doing a little bit better. julian: it was 76% effective against the delta variant, pfizer was 42% effective. the study has not been peer-reviewed as of yet. julian: -- kumasi: strong evidence this morning that the cdc should get a coat -- that pregnant women should be getting a covid vaccine. the agency says only 23% of pregnant women have gotten a covid shot as of july 31. a ucsf study found pregnant women infected with covid are already percent more likely to have a premature baby. >> with the surgeon delta and increases in cases that we are seeing, we think these findings are critical to get out to people. kumasi: data shows no increased risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy and no safety concerns late in pregnancy with the mrna vaccine.
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if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines you can ask the vaccine team at abc seven julian: the dixie fire this morning has now destroyed more than 1000 buildings, nearly half of those being homes with video here showing the flareup that happened last night. it has been burning for 29 days now. 790 square miles, roughly the size of los angeles. more breathtaking video here as crews are making progress inc.'s in part two weather conditions and some vaccination -- evacuation orders were downgraded last night. kumasi: are facing extreme weather today. we have more on the fire conditions and drought conditions. jobina: the heatwave stretches coast-to-coast and many areas that are usually in the 70's this time of year could hit triple digits this week. portland, oregon could hit 107,
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yes, 100 seven degrees today, 15 degrees higher than average. human caused climate change is contributing to the extreme temperatures and intensifying the drought situation and in the bay area people are already worried about water supply.his e seen such a critical situation. >> scorching temperatures are fueling more than one dozen fires in the state, including the dixie fire that you heard julian mention. firefighters are being spread thin as they try to put out the flames. kumasi: stay more on this driver giving a lesson on keeping their eyes peeled on the road. julian: and we shouldn't have to tell you this, but coyotes are not your neighborhood hat or friend. a search this morning for a local woman who got too close for comfort. mike: so did i, yesterday morning.
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keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. mike: i want to show you the near surface smoke in the north bay, getting really close to mendocino and napa county throughout today and tomorrow as some of that tries to slip into solano and the eastern parts of contra costa, alameda, but there is no spare the air alert in effect with hazy sunshine as more smoke to be in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. low clouds, 13 to 24 in the east bay. the peninsula is likely socked in with a bit of fog.
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today's temperatures will be pulling back a couple of degrees compared to yesterday. in the southbay it's 59 in the hills, 63 and cambria park. elsewhere temperatures in the mid-50's to upper 60's and here is a look at those sprinkles coming out of the monsoon moisture. low clouds rolling back to the coast, temperatures in the0'd '. jobina: unfortunately we are following a deadly crash in vacaville. all lanes are still blocked on eastbound 80, there is a signal alert and effect and we can see the purple line that is just making you indicating that all lanes are blocked there, so you know. we have a second signal alert in fremont. the north mission offramp is closed at southbound 680 because of a big rig and a crash with a car. another major crash in hayward on southbound 880 before state 92.
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that's the connector there. please be careful out there, the headlights are making their way westbound. julian: theme, this is how not to drive. this driver in maryland ignored public works signs and drove their cadillac right into a giant sinkhole. it is not like it had just opened up. the crew said they clearly posted warning signs in the area that the driver apparently just ignored and you can see what happened. they suffered minor injuries. but it took hours, pulling the car out, the crew hopes it is a good lesson for other drivers to follow directions and thankfully the driver didn't hit any of the workers in the road. yikes. how do you explain that to your insurance company? kumasi: i don't know. you don't get more insurance. [laughter] kumasi: or more licenses.
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what did they think they were doing? i mean -- [laughter] julian: switching gears, solving the spike in crime in oakland. kumasi: plus, imagine saying that you matched with your pet through tinder. one group is doing something to make that a reality. >> welcome, we are a part of the youth outreach unit. >> is it necessary to make assumptions about anybody you come in contact with? >> a good question. >> you may want to add this to your list of things to watch. a brand-new hulu documentary about some oakland high schoolers.
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kumasi: governor newsom says
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additional law-enforcement t oakland to help with crime and the announcement came after a requestisnvesting more than $400 million to address street crimes and hate crimes across the state and much of the money is being offered to cities in the form of rants. >> all of those supports and available and additional law enforcement some art will be forthcoming. julian: the support -- kumasi: the support is coming in the form of chp patrols and the request came after the president sent the governor's office a letter requesting that a state of emergency be declared in the wake of recent violence on city streets. however the state of emergency will not be declared. julian: a new documentary about high schoolers in oakland drops today on hulu and it focuses on the oakland high school class of
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2020 and the challenges that they face in their senior year. >> it's a moral impact on students. >> the district spends $6 million on police. >> we don't really feel safe with police. it can be very triggering. >> yesterday we spoke to the film director on our 3:00 p.m. show and he says that while making the show he learned how the u.s. public education system is flawed. lacks we have a sort of distorted sense of how we determine success in this country. where you go to college in etc., these students struggle with all of that, the achievement gap, and all of these issues that face these students, it leaves them with a poor internal narrative about their success. yet at the same time they have this remarkable kaleidoscopic beauty to them and resilience. julian: it is streaming now on hulu, which is owned by disney,
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abc seven's parent company. kumasi: san francisco's wildlife officials really need your help to identify the woman that you see in the pink shirt. she was photographed feeding a coyote raw meat. this woman may have thought that she was actually helping to feed a hungry wild animal. >> it makes the wildlife lose their natural wariness of people . they begin to see people as a source of food. kumasi: the feed wild animals or coyotes and you could face a fine of up to $1000. elephants in china, reuters reports that after that 18 my -- 18 mile long journey they appear to be headed home in the southwest part of the country. more than 25,000 police officers
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have used vehicles and drones to help guide them and there have been a few umps in the road. one elephant accidentally ripped a side view mirror off of a car. warning police about those issues, let them go by. at this point they still don't know why the elephants left and started to travel miles away. don't they deserve a vacation, a change of scenery like everybody else? >> i was going to say, that was vacation. a sabbatical. good for them. i wish we could all take 18 months and just wander. kumasi: that's a vacation. [laughter] mike: don't want your mirror lost, don't drive up on them. things we learned. all right, here's a beautiful, beautiful sunrise. not your normal morning summer sunrise. notice the lack of low clouds with the mid to upper level lack of clouds from that monsoon
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moisture? that is from sutro tower back to the east bay with sprinkles possible this morning and a mixture of low and high clouds. a high for the rest of us heading into the afternoon hours. the hottest highs are ahead of us this weekend if you have outdoor plans, find some shade and drink plenty of water before you get thirsty. the cooling sea breeze restoring order to the forecast on monday. live doppler seven, you can see the moisture over the ocean with a thunderstorm that just popped away from us and it will stay over the ocean and the sierra, the high country, according to the lightning strike risk forecast. that is where you have your best chance for thunderstorms today. talking temperatures, 78 to 83, mid to upper 70's for most of the peninsula. 64 to 66 on the coast.
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downtown south san francisco, 70, 80 one in petaluma and napa. 100 in clear lake. 73 in richmond, 81 in castro valley and 90 in san ramon. tonight, decent sleeping weather as we will have partly cloudy conditions and fog once again, the marine layer will be pressed down into the ground. here is my accuweather seven day forecast, a degree or two cooler tomorrow, putting a pause in the heat way back to average. look at this surge saturday and sunday. 80 on the bay and at the coast it's a nice transition back to average. have a good one. coming up at 7:00.ica kumasi robas loot' great to beh you on we have got lots coming up and
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we have of course the latest on the pandemic as the fda is expected to authorize a third shop for some people just hours from now. this as hospital admissions hit their highest level in six months. plus new guidance from the cdc about vaccines and pregnant women. dr. fauci is going to join us this morning. also ahead, fred is in the caribbean and on a path towards florida with severe weather slamming the midwest and northeast. damaging wind, multiple tornadoes, east coast to west coast i'm tracking it all. the summer slowdown for travel as concerns grow about the covid variance and what one expert says if you have already booked your travel plans. we are kicking up big savings and deals and steals this morning with great items for your kitchen. don't want to miss
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kumasi: officials say wildfires burning in siberia are larger than all of the world's other fires combined. russia is fighting nearly 200 wildfires in the region, smoke covering about 1000 villages. five experts say the fires are another sign of local warming being made even higher -- hotter by huge carbon emissions from fires. julian: permafrost turning into, as you can see there, kindling or those fires and for the first time ever we were did smoke at the north pole. the soot will fall on the ice, making it darker and making it absorb more heat and melt. mike: speaking of hot, look at this. this july was the hottest ever in california. even in 2017 you can see that we keep building on the heat and it just isn't july. june was also hotter, but
6:26 am
october of last year, september and august were all the hottest months respectively in california. julian: we will stay on top of this. thank you, mike. developing news and afghanistan where the taliban is gaining ground, the group capturing its 10th major city. there are concerns that if kabul falls, and it might by the end of the month, the city is home to the u.s. embassy and where hundreds of american troops were stationed. kumasi: tinder has some users looking for a home. profiles for adoptable pets are being made on the dating app and they are using professional portraits for each animal and they hope that humans looking for the companion -- a companion might fall in love and swipe right. so far the files have been a hit and several people have already set up their first date area when the pets -- date.
6:27 am
that's when the pets look at her than the people. [laughter] mike: pets are going to stand you up. kumasi: thank you. and is that their picture in real life? mike: no catfishing with pets. [laughter] julian: still to come this morning on abc seven, there's a lot coming up at 6:30, covid vaccine cards and the fakes that are being made. the online marketplace you should know about and the trick that makes them difficult to trace. kumasi: president biden saying there is something fishy with the amount you are paying at the pump. julian: asteroids approaching, but don't worry, we have a reason you don't need to worry about it. julian:
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julian: the largest city in california becoming -- coming one step closer to showing proof before you step into public places. plus -- >> it's segregationist and discriminatory. >> a battle over vaccine mandates being waged in the north bay with door to door weapons as the message. julian: fined for working at home? setting a precedent that you may or may not like. more on that in just a moment. good morning, thanks were being with us. it's thursday, august 12. we are joined now by mike, talking about this heat wave
6:31 am
that we will be seeing in parts of the bay area. mike: warmer than average but today is not even the hottest day on this thursday, starting off with the big story yesterday, the sprinkles on live doppler seven, not showing up down where we live sprinkles, there's nothing measurable to help droughtr taperehreat. there is a loan firestorm -- there is a laurent -- lone storm over the ocean and the sierra is the best place for storms into the afternoon hours. the other big story is the risk for heat illness, highs up to 105 degrees and for the rest of the bay, 66.5 to mid-90's in land. remember, the hottest temperatures are this weekend and i will show you the newest temperatures, coming up. kumasi: thank you, mike.
6:32 am
the cdc could be officially recommending an extra shot for the immunocompromised as soonest tomorrow. jobina: 2.7% of the u.s. population is immunocompromised, and cancer patient, people on medication. health officials worry that the immune response from the current two shot mrna vaccines or the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine is not high enough or vulnerable populations, so today the fda's waste to authorize a booster shot and in the meantime the delta variant continues to spread and in california it's especially bad. l.a. county, reportedly nearly 3500 new covid cases were reported yesterday. l.a. city council members are urging people to get vaccinated. >> you not being vaccinated impacts the health of everyone else. the argument that you have the right to not access the vaccine or get vaccinated just doesn't work anymore.
6:33 am
>> the l.a. city council wants people to provide proof of vaccination to enter most indoor spaces, including bars, gyms, retail stores and movie theaters . the council has asked the city attorney to draft legal language before the final vote here. julian? julian: back to the books for students at the cal bay east bay, moving back after being shut down for a year and a half. live on campus this morning with more on the vaccination requirement for faculty and students. good morning, amy. ohno. kumasi: looks like we are having some issues getting amy. we will check back with her in a few moments. but in the meantime we want to tell you about this, stanford university is going to be requiring weekly covid testing regardless of vaccination
6:34 am
status. they are also requiring vaccines for all students. the fall quarter begins in a month on september 14. teachers in california have to get vaccinated or be tested regularly under a newmandate ans the requirement a bold step to reining in the pandemic and it expands well beyond teachers. >> all of our staff, not teachers, credentialed staff, parent educators, bus drivers, folks that are critical to supporting the entire school ecosystem. kumasi: the teachers association supports the requirement and claims that 90% of members are already fully vaccinated. schools must be in full compliance by october 15. activists in the north bay are protesting the growing number of vaccine mandates in the bay area. last night a group fanned out downtown posting yellow fliers with a warning to businesses who are considering per -- requiring
6:35 am
proof of vaccination. >> it's extremely dangerous, very divisive. segregationist and discriminatory. i personally will not use the services or purchase food from a business that requires a vaccine. >> it's kind of unnecessary. if you don't want to go in, don't go in. you don't have to start a huge deal and like run them out of business. jobina: more businesses and restaurants are starting to require proof of vaccination out of what they call an abundance of caution. if you have any questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc seven news vaccine team. julian: elder will be making a campaign stop in the southbay. he's leading the polls right now is a recall candidate looking to unseat governor newsom and he is
6:36 am
already reportedly the top fundraiser among the republican challengers and he is scheduled to speak at a rally at the calvary chapel in san jose at 4 p.m. we have in-depth coverage of the candidates, issues, and recall process, as well as every thing you need to know about the race to replace governor newsom. >> as i was doing it there was a voice that said that this seems unorthodox to me. kumasi: this is the top story that you are clicking on today, a san francisco man losing half of his savings and a bank of america scam. the seven on your side team is uncovering more this morning. julian: even this morning, another update on how the markets are doing is next. kumasi: everybody is still a zing about the double jeopardy
6:37 am
selection this morning. what are the new host talking about when they take over for alex trebek? jobina: checking in on traffic we are covering an awful situation in vacaville all morning long. all lanes are blocked with a iseing diverted off of orange through vacaville and we did have another signal alert in effect that just cleared and the slowdown remains on westbound 80 past travis boulevard. speeds are down to eight miles per hour there. moving over to the second signal alert this morning that is still in effect, the north mission offramp southbound at 680 is shut down right now because of a crash involving a big rig and another car. the toll plaza is probably the one pit -- place not packed right now. lights came on at 5:45. mike: the school day forecast, a
6:38 am
bit milder this morning because of the multilayer cloud deck, but it won't be quite as hot this afternoon, starting off around 60 to 63 at 7:00. mid to upper 70's around the bay , upper 80's to low 90's in land. the latest drought monitor has changed a little bit. exceptional going from 46 to 47. we have increased the worst category of drought and guess where was. right here in mendocino county. this area of dark red is the new area in the state under the exceptional drought. let's talk about the reservoirs. everyone is down except for lake or a bill. 17 out of 55, losing 1% to 2% per week due to evaporation usage. gorgeous sky, look at that unusual sunrise for us on this summer morning. air quality will be moderate, but let me show you what's going
6:39 am
on in the middle to upper parts of the atmosphere today and tomorrow, when we have plenty of smoke out there. it will be a hazy sky once again, full of high clouds and low clouds at the coast. as we head into the afternoon hours, 65 in san francisco, 94 in antioch. headed outside, it will be warm once again. how about the highs for today around the bay, sponsored by free guy. >> the world cannot stop talking about free guy. >> the whole thing. >> it's awesome, the biggest surprise of the summer. >> was that cool? it felt lee cool. >> get ready to have your mind blown. >> it's like a baby with the sunrise. >> it's the most fun i have had watching a movie all year. >> i can't die, i'm never going >> i can't die, i'm never going
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>> we know who you are. we know who you are. >> you can leave freely. >> a school board meeting turning ugly to say the least. in franklin, tennessee, one of the wealthiest places in the state, anti-mask parents screamed at and threatened doctors and nurses who spoke out in favor of masks and schools. board members had voted to reintroduce a mask mandate in elementary schools, with cases of the delta variant surging across the state. >> let's get you back to the live report from cal state east bay, they are moving back to the campus that has been shut down for a year and a half. we have more on that vaccination requirement this morning for the faculty and the students. >> hi there. officials know that this will not be a normal year.
6:43 am
yes, students have to be vaccinated and are coming back from a lot of isolation during a pandemic, so they will try to meet them where they are emotionally and academically, offering different services for them to try to help them with this transition. so, take a look at some of the different options they will find when they get here. individual counselors, financial aid, food pantry and emergency funds, or mentoring, mindfulness workshops, nap areas with sound machines. exercise space. just a few examples of how they have changed their approach and support structure around each students, students who have been through a pandemic. they will be hired to have the vaccine to attend classes. they start next week, but dorms open up today. today will see all of that excited energy, nervous energy around move-in day. the first time students will be
6:44 am
her on campus since march of 2020. julian: here at abc seven weee focused on building a better bay area through this pandemic and a key piece of that is what the work from home balance will look like over the next work f the reported pay cuts will depend on how far away the office is from the employee. reuters reports that their internal salary calculator shows that an employee living one hour from the new york city office would be paid 15% less if they work from home, but a colleague working from their home in new york city would not see a pay cut. employees who leave san francisco for, say, lake tahoe, would see a pay cut of up to 25%. a google spokesperson tells people that -- reuters that
6:45 am
compensation has always been determined by location and the pay will differ from city to city and state to state, julian. ju watchinel will play out. thank you. an upscale group will not be following the trend of mandating vaccines. >> we have a fairly ethnically diverse front line workforce and there is vaccine hesitancy in that community and we are afraid of discriminating against the individuals in the environment where we are struggling to find staff. julian: the intern on -- intercontinental hotel group owns the intercontinental san francisco. the ceo says that iag won't be requiring worker vaccinations because often there is a shortage for the companies they are dealing with and that in addition to increasing leisure travel they are seeing more corporate bookings. kumasi: now for your
6:46 am
report, summer travel season seems to be slowing down. tsa screening the lowest number of people in two months on tuesday. southwest says more travelers are canceling this week because of the latest covid surge and demand is flatlining for domestic flights and dropping more international flights. a round-trip ticket is down $30. an economist says prices might drop more. >> we are expecting domestic airfare to continue dropping going into september. >> still ahead, what you need to know before you book your next trip. that's starting at 7:00 right before -- right after abc seven mornings. president biden calling for a probe into possible illegal activity that might be causing gas prices to surge and according to the labor department gas prices have jumped by 42% in the last year while energy prices have increased by 24%. biden says the national economic council has asked the federal trade commission to use every available tool to monitor.
6:47 am
initial jobless claims fell for a third straight week in the u.s. labor department has the latest weekly report, 375 thousand on employment claims were filed last week, down 12,000 with continuing claims decreasing to just above 2.8 6 million, down from under 3 million the prior week. taking a live look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway, we are down right now by 10 or 11 points. julian: they said your money would be safe with crypto, but listen to this, it could be the biggest theft ever in christo kerr -- cryptocurrency history. stealing from the poly network, the company is blaming the hack on a vulnerability in their system and in a surprising twist, though, they have gotten some of the money back. they said they have recouped nearly $5 million and it's not clear who is behind the attack or why they are now returning the money.
6:48 am
kumasi: as more schools and businesses required proof of vaccination, there are more concerns about ache vaccination cards and check point software is seeing an increase in offers to purchase and they are being sold in the united states and internationally. check point software says the cards are often for sale in bitcoin because that digital currency is difficult to trace and increases are growing. >> it's an increase in the number of people who are following the groups, joining the groups, and we can only assume that it means there is a big increase in the number of people actually purchasing the fake vaccination cards as well. kumasi: some schools and employers are finalizing the details on how they will review the vaccination cards. julian:
6:49 am
selected as the main host of jeopardy and actress and neuroscientist mayim bialik will host the special editions. they both say that taking over following the death of alex trebek is a true honor. the new season debuts september 13 weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc seven. kumasi: dust off the record player and put on your favorite record, it's national vinyl day. vinyl went out of fashion decades ago and is making a comeback among younger music fans. last year it surpassed cds for the first time since the 80's. many top artists today are releasing albums on vinyl in addition to the streaming services. that's cool. julian: yeah, i'm glad to hear they have been surpassing cds. when was the last time anybody bought a cd? kumasi: vinyl is just cooler. definitely. mike, you look like you just bought a cd last week. what's going on mark [laughter]
6:50 am
mike: i had to downsize when we moved here, so guess what i got rid of? my whole collection. i'm not happy. i'm not that. but we move on. somebody is happy, guess i have to look at it that way. kumasi: you are blessed. [laughter] mike: i try to be. not your usual shower, there's a time lapse running. look for mike nicco on abc seven later on and in the hills it's absolutely gorgeous this morning as we have the monsoon moisture and the sprinkles being produced overhead this morning. a mixture of sun, clouds, and hazy conditions for the rest of the day. no chance for sprimorrow morning with hot sunshine and a heat risk rising through the weekend. those are the afternoon.
6:51 am
there's a chance that me the speckles could make it into the ground and you can see a hefty and healthy looking radar returning there over the ocean where we had a thunderstorm about one hour ago and as we look at the lightning strike risk forecast you can see the best chance for forecasts this evening will be over the high country. low to mid 90's for jose about 83 degrees. 84 in redwood city. temperature 64 to 66 on the coast. downtown in south san francisco, going to the game tonight, dropping down to a breezy 59 under a partly cloudy sky. 81 is the will spot in the valley and petaluma, napa, you have the highest risk of heat today. comfortable.
6:52 am
hayward is about 80 in fremont. the hottest temperature is 9096. mid 50's to mid 60's, a couple of degrees cooler than this morning. the seven-day forecast setting up a pause in the heatwave, but then look at saturday and sunday. you have plans to be outside? drink plenty of water and find some shade. monday, tuesday, wednesday, sea breeze is back with the average temperatures. julian: from the heatwave to the drought, efforts to conserve water are escalating with more rights holders being directed to not take water from the russian river, raising the resicto 2000. those affected are the dry key -- dry creek and lake sonoma watershed. winemakers, even those not affected by the restrictions are not happy. >> they are changing the rules.
6:53 am
they are making it up as they go along. >> it's frustrating not just for us, but for the state. at this point the only thing we can do is for someone to make a complaint with the state and if someone comes out to investigate that. julian: lake mendocino is at the lowest point it's been since 70 years ago. fear of fraud to luer their victims. we have heard from viewers saying they got calls and even text messages from people claiming to be there bank. david barnett thought it was a real bank of america employee and he said the best way to safeguard the money was to temporarily move it to another bank. the scammer guided him step-by-step on how to transfer his money to chase. >> as i was doing it there was a
6:54 am
voice that said this seems very unorthodox to me. why would i transfer money into another account? but i suspended my disbelief and made the transfer. kumasi: half of his his ended up in the imposter account. fortunately within days they contacted him with a letter and granted him a full refund. julian: more about the path of a massive asteroid hurtling towards earth. the information will help researchers predict a path for the giant rock that is expected to come near the earth in the year 2135, like a great, great, great grandchildren problem. odds of impacting the earth are low, thankfully, but nasa will continue to monitor that orbit years to come. the pumpkin spice everything
6:55 am
craze happens every fall and this year there is a new item that may cross the line between genius and disgusting. we will let you decide. here it is. they are introducing pumpkin spice flavored cup of noodles. doesn't that sound good? the flavor is described as the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spice, with pumpkin sauce seasoning and whipped cream topping. the limited-edition noodles will be sold at walmart in october. whipped cream topping on noodles. kumasi: five. it's a collectors item. -- why? it's a collectors item. i bet it lasts a long time. julian: what's that, the cup of noodles? they can. kumasi: ok. julian: i want no part in it. [laughter] kumasi: up next, seven things to know today. julian: you can watch all of our
6:56 am
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box.
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to morning. the fda will be meeting today to authorize covid shots for people with weakened immune systems and the cdc may recommend boosters as soon as tomorrow. julian: students will be required to undergo weekly covid testing regardless of vaccination status at state. kumasi: today is move-in day for students at cal state east bay in hayward. this is the first time students will be living on campus since march of 2020. classes start next week. julian: san francisco wildlife officials want your help identifying the woman in the picture. there she is again. she was photographed feeding a coyote raw meat.
6:59 am
something that people say you should never do. mike: the warming trend is on pause, but it returns with robust warmth as temperatures get near 100 in land and mid-seventies around san francisco. jobina: the signal alert is still in effect in vacaville. all lanes are blocked due to a deadly crash this morning. julian: number seven, swipe night is coming back. for three weeks in november, tender users can follow along the mysterious storyline and pair it with other singles. once they are they they can try to solve the mystery together. this looks like a lot of drama in this video. that's stressful. julian: i'm stressed out looking at the video. kumasi: is the mystery the video, the movie? jobina: i guess they fall in
7:00 am
love? mike: so, i won't be watching this with my wife? we are already there. [laughter] good morning, america. the fda expected to authorize a third shot for some people jt hours from now. boosters on the way. as the delta variant surges across the country, hospital admissions hit their highest level in six months. multiple states request federal help. mississippi warning its hospital system could fail within a week and in florida, 200 more ventilators deployed. doctors saying patients are younger and getting sick at a more rapid rate. plus, the new guidance from the cdc about vaccines and pregnant women. dr. fauci joins us just ahead. fred ahead. the storm named fred lashes the
7:01 am
caribbean now on a path towards florida as severe weather slams the midwest.


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