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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 12, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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we are larry: another,,,,,,,,,,
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>> really excited. it was long overdue. larry: smiling behind the masks. cal state making people feel welcome with a welcome center that includes rooms with sound machines to help people zen out between classes. kristen: the efforts to end thee growing crime wave in oakland. increasing officers at tourist attractions, is it making a difference? sa and of communi>> i will havee
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[inflammation] got any room in your eye? be proactive about managing your symptoms by talking to your doctor about like i did. [inflaation] i youxiidra. to your doctor about larry: san jose police are investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy killed during a shootout yesterday afternoon. sky7 spotted investigators on the scene this afternoon. according to police, the young victim was inside a car involved in the shootout that took lace on little brook lane. >> a group arrived in vehicle.
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this 13-year-old was with that group of people that arrived. the exchange of gunfire happened between the people who arrived at the residence and the people who lived at that residence on the lane. larry: the teenager was pronounced dead shortly after arrival to the hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. >> we are responding to demands from residents for more law enforcement safety. >> she can count on that request. kristen: governor newsom helping oakland with escalating violence in the city, but will it be too little, too late? we spoke to a group of sister -- sisters who were victims of recent crimes. >> i saw a couple of times people being robbed on the street. they did not call the police. reporter: there is a reason why
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sophia and her sister fannie reached out to me about what happened to them wednesday afternoon outside their oakland home. >> pushed me down and tried to grab my purse. reporter: you must have so scared. >> the sisters are fed up with the crime. not only what they see in my reporting, like this violent purse snatching and shooting in oakland, and this armed robbery close to their home. but after fannie was attacked, every single member of their family has been victim of a crime in oakland. you, your sister and mother have all been robbed recently. that trauma and frustration boiled over when the oakland chamber president made a plea to the governor. >> we want you to bring in the california highway patrol. not just chinatown, sending
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chp to the city of oakland. more areas need your help. reporter: newsom responded saying more support is coming and an additional $400 million to address hate crimes. until then, sisters say speaking out sends a message to the perpetrators. >> i will tell my story and let them know we are not afraid. reporter: and other asian americans who may be afraid of something else. >> i trust police. we need to call 911 immediately, and i reported to the police. reporter: dion lim abc7 news. larry: responding to recent crime in a statement saying the solution was not only in getting illegal guns off the street, but addressing the root causes of poverty and violence that led to crime and providing access to good jobs, affordable housing,
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health care and education. larry: let's turn to the wildfire situation. the dixie situation continues to grow and possible storms might make it worse for the 510,000 acres burned, only 40% containment. over 500 homes have been destroyed with thousands of structures threatens. tomorrow marks one month since the fire started. we will have live updates on the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. you can see it at we take a look at the forecast. you can tell from the sound of my nasal passages we are feeling the smoke. spencer: let me give you the smoke forecast. that is continuing to collect in the atmosphere. the near surface smoke has the highest concentration to our north. some is in the north pay,
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mendocino lake counties, marin, napa, sonoma. that will continue pushing into the north bay into early tomorrow and winds will carry the surface smoke to our east. we may see fairly decent air quality the next couple of days as we get the flow on the surface. in the upper atmosphere where there is a heavier concentration of thicker and more harmful smoke, we will not see improvement. it will be pushing into the bay area and across the state. not much there in the way of encouragement. at the surface, a comfortable and welcome onshore flow making it cooler near the coast of the bay and keeping air quality from deteriorating. q fairly good. yellow and gres iatg tmoderate air quality.
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th iomething thankful. take lk aour air qua forecast moderate into next week, though we have an air quality advisory in effect until tomorrow. temperature change over the last 24 hours, mainly a cool down for most areas. on the peninsula, warmer than this time yesterday. a view from the central tower of this continuing to push over san francisco and the bay. 63 in the bay. 66 in mountain view. 73, palo alto. looking down on a a a a a a clouds, 63 in santa rosa. napa, 87. 89 at livermore. san francisco, increasing low clouds and high clouds overnight. that is why we have hazy skies, because high clouds, there is enough moisture that there could be a sprinkle or two overnight.
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air quality advisory in effect and hotter weather inland. the forecast animation showing high clouds streaming during the overnight hours. there is a chance there is enough moisture there could be patchy sprinkles, but we are not expecting measurable rainfall. highs tomorrow, upper 60's at the coast. mid to upper 70's at the bay and low to mid 90's inland. over the weekend, i heat up. hot inland saturday. warmest locations at or above 100 degrees. the sea breeze develops monday. kristen: join abc7 as we take you to a place where old meets new. where compelling stories from diverse viewpoints bring people together. we explore the many wonders of the asian art museum. you can watch asian art museum embracing change at 6:30 on abc7 . larry: the changing face of america.
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the same period. the african-american population grew, but in combination population grew 87.88%. kristen: here is what that means. the population of those identify as white has fallen under 60% while minority populations have seen the most growth. california, hawaii, new mexico have the largest percentage of hispanics. data will be used to redraw congressional districts. california is losing a seat because it is growing less quickly than other states. larry: president biden calling on congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs. pres. biden: today, one in four americans who take prescription drugs struggle to afford it. nearly 30% have escaped doses, cut pills in half, because they
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can't afford the cost. we have to change this. we can. larry: mr. biden wants lawmakers to change the rules which prohibit medicare from negotiating drug prices. he also wants medicare to negotiate prices for expensive drugs that do not face competition, and wants to impose penalties on drugmakers that hike prices faster than inflation. kristen: britney spears just won a major legal battle in her conservatorship. major outlets are reporting spears' father has agreed to step down as her conservator. spears' monther says -- mother says she is pleased the father stepped down. he has agreed to cooperate in transitioning the role to somebody else. larry: police in san francisco added to popular tourist spots. >> do more cops on the street make the city safer? kristen:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. larry: despite the pandemic, san francisco is expected to see 15 million tourists in the city. they could pump $3.5 billion into local businesses. the key to building a better bay area, making sure tourists feel safe and want to come back in the future. that is why san francisco is putting more police officers in tourist parts of the city. will it be enough? phil, you talked with the cops and wh dind?o e iei
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>> the mayor and police chief were deploying a plan to increase bike patrols near popular tourist destinations like chinatown, union square, fisherman's wharf. places people go but often their cars get broken into or other things happen. what does that increase look like on the ground and is it making a difference? that is what we wanted to know. here is what we found. >> a show in union square. phil: there was a time when san francisco's union square was the destination for the latest fashions. in the 1950's white gloved crowds of women gathered to see what was hot. today, the new trend everyone is talking about our thefts. like this one in early july. police say an organized group swarmed into the neiman marcus store, stealing tens of thousands of dollars in designer handbags and got away.
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despite these high profile incidents, the san francisco police department high -- crime data shows a decline in property damage this year. how shocked were you when you saw the video of people running out with purses across the street? >> honestly, if it was 10 years ago i would have been more shocked. it is not just here. you see it on the news everywhere. it is disappointing. phil: most of the stores in this area have increased security and have hired off-duty police officers to stand guard. as retailers struggle with the brazen robberies and thefts, many luxury retailers are requiring appointments or sticking to the old pandemic capacity limits to restrict the number of people inside stores. >> the last guy at a union square meeting said he liked the lines because it slowed down the thefts. phil: they are walking the streets of union square today as
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part of san francisco's police department tourism deployment plan. the goal, aim -- increased presence in high-traffic areas to let visitors know san francisco is safe. >> do you like it so far? will you ride the cable car? it is fun. have a good day. phil: it is not just tourists seeing more police. businesses are seeing more police. how are you guys doing? >> we are doing good today. nothing crazy just yet. hopefully it stays that way. phil: the pandemic has hit union square hard, block after block of closed shops and homeless on the sidewalks. none of it paints the neighborhood is a welcoming place. the guy we saw on the sidewalk, you can't do anything with him. >> the store was not complaining. with those guys, you just get to know tuild uprt s
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that wn you do need tm cl mess, they are respectful and go along with it. phil: over them saying, this is san francisco. >> they need resources, how do you convince them of that? they have a choice. they need help. it goes both ways. nothing breaks our hearts more than not being able to help them. phil: sfpd captain isin isin of the central station, an area that includes many of the city's top tourist attractions like union square, chinatown, fisherman's wharf. the heart of san francieart o nothing but landmarks. how did it wind up being a crime scene? >> the retail crimes for sure, this is the center of commerce. union square you are referring
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to. during the pandemic it was a different time. property crimes have gone up, but slowly they have been decreasing as well. our thing is prevention and to deter the crime before it happens. phil: how how able to keep cops at this level? we have seen them come and go. >> i am hopeful. we have full-time beats. we talk about union square. we have officers dedicated to union square. it does not change with overtime or not. tourism deployment helps. there are also reserve officers who do these beats. phil: your area is not just union square. you have fisherman's wharf, some of the hottest tourist spots. you have retail theft here, car
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break-ins at fisherman's wharf. you have your hands full. >> we certainly do. you mentioned eight of the most iconic 10 areas in our district. there is a rise in auto burglaries at the wharf. again, looking back the three prior weeks, there have been positive decreases. phil: one of the reasons you are flooding the district, here and in chinatown and fisherman's wharf and tourist attractions, people want this -- want to feel safe. do more cops on the street make the streets safer, in your opinion? >> of course, of course it does. crime is one thing, perception is the other. you alluded to it. by perception i mean the fear of crime. if crime is down, but the perception of crime is high, the
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perception is that there is a lot of crime. we don't look at just crime itself. there are other issues to address as well. phil: how long will it take to get back to the old normal as far as safety? >> i think we are heading toward that right now. it is looking positive. with social media, it it it it i of perception. if you look at hard data, the chief announced a couple months ago, the crime is not rising at a rate people think. but social media is rising, so the perception is there. for me, it is awareness. people know and see what is going on more than they use to. that is very important. phil: and very important to the city's hotel industry. occupancy rates were 80% in hotels. today, 30%. the hotel council president says
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increased police patrols will help the city recover from that pandemic drop. >> we asked for and are seeing more beat officers. phil: does that help with public safety or public relations and image? >> it helpsthey can visually cbn the streets -- when they can visually see beat officers on the streets. phil: it does not do much for the homeless situation or panhandling because it is not against the law. >> yes, but anything else against the law, having visible police officers is crucial to our hotel industry. phil: how are retailers? >> as we get business in hotels, retailers will see more people as well. for them it is important to have beat officers because it assures our customers at the hotel of
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their safety on the street. phil: the day after we went out with the patrols there was a shooting in the same area we were in. a teenager was hospitalized when two cornnd ferrell. there is a catch on why these patrols may not be permanent. the city has been able to do this because they are using overtime. why? because the san francisco police department's short staffed by 400 officers. the problem is getting worse as officers retire or leave the department for different reasons, may be to move to less expensive parts of the state. larry: 400 officers, that is an astounding number. you were talking about union square. we have seen issues there for years. you had the central subway project make it possible to drive in and get out.
4:38 pm
the homeless situation continues. will union square ever flourish like it once did? phil: let's not forget brick-and-mortar retail is threatened by the internet. there is a host of different things going on. our conventions going to come back? we are in a make it or break it moment for union square retailers. the storefronts are empty. if the city can show it is doing something to make the area more consumer friendly, then yes, the doors open, and you better believe national chains are looking at declining rents in the area and wondering if it makes sense to stay here or set up shop here. larry: a lot of companies are bailing, so there is open space. phil: that is not the way you want to have open space. it is getting not
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larry: time for the 4 at 4:00. the vaccination requirements put into place today by the city of
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san francisco, new rules say restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, and large indoor ents will reproof offrom patrons starting, august 20. this does not apply to people picking up food to go. workers here, as well as at dental offices, home health aides, childcare facilities, must be fully vaccinated by october 13. yay or nay on this? dan: we reported widely on the remarkable transmissibility of the delta virus. it spreads so much easier than other forms. i think a crackdown is necessary . while not locking things down, none of us move anywhere throughout our building without a mask. larry: spencer, i sort ofof
4:43 pm
for those who have to enforce these rules, especially in restaurants. you know what the pushback will be. spencer: right place, indoor venues. it will be a challenge, no doubt about it. i am glad i am not in that role as the enforcer. kristen: especially because a picture of the hard, is that valid, does that look good enough? we told you about the increase in one sent an apology letter and a $100 tip, please send this and my apology to the girl in the hostess station, adding, i was very rude to her, which was
4:44 pm
out of character for me. they said unfortunately, rude interactions are not uncommon, but at least he apologized. they said the $100 and apology was uncommon. >> everyone loses their cool occasionally. i would like to give that guy some credit. should not happen, but occasionally it does. i commend that person for doing the right thing. at least he did the right thing. >> though they do not have a conscience or a sense of shame. this was a wonderful gesture, it is reassuring. >> you are entitled to slip up every now and then. larry: new research points to a junkfood problem for america's kids. junkfood makes up the majority of kids' diets.
4:45 pm
we are talking ready-to-eat meals that are ultra-processed with contained additives. researchers analyze the diets of thousands of americans between the ages of two and 19. 67% maintained diets that put them on track for childhood that is so sad. it is such a problem. chris, you have kids going to school. maybe you can speak to this. the challenge for parents to find quality food, especially for those who can't afford that. kristen: that is true. sometimes parents are in a hurry, so it is whatever is quickest, which is not always healthiest. i am glad the money has been made available to school districts to provide lunch every day for all kids regardless of family income and hopefully they will eat better, menu options, they have light bagels, cereal, whole-grain stuff, yogurt with
4:46 pm
fruit. i was thinking, that is pretty good. at least there is a recognition that health is important. >> we a family vacation weekends. we had a conversation about how things have changed so dramatically. think how we all eat differently than we did when we were kids. everything is packaged. 90% of everything in the grocery store is owned by five different companies. it is so much more convenient, but brings with it that terrible risk of eating poorly. we eat completely differently than we used to. larry: you used to have a choice between chinos -- cheetos and flamin' hot cheetos. kristen: everything you need for thanksgiving in one sweet treat. i am scared already.
4:47 pm
it is the turkey dinner candy corn. a full course meal presented in a unique mix of candy corn flavors. they include roasted turkey, green beans, stuffing, ginger glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie. larry: no. kristen: the thanksgiving feast i was confused when i first read this and the producer had to explain it to me. i thought it was candy corn shaped in the form of a turkey. no. it is not that. it is the flavors. spencer: it is like jelly belly, different flavors. if i am eating something that taste like turkey, i wanted to be turkey. i don't want it to be candy that taste like turkey. larry: you are so old-fashioned, spencer. i turkey that taste like turkey,
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4:51 pm
reporter: she is as busy as her bees producing honey for the arts and crafts festival that closed during the pandemic. it was devastating for artist wendy west. >> anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 based on the shows. reporter: they are looking forward to pleasanton this weekend. the festival circuit is their livelihood, including halloween to core for halloween and christmas and food items for gifts. it was not easy to lose an entire year of sales. >> one managed a winetasting room and another did data entry, shipping and receiving. they were forced to pivot. reporter: the pandemic crated an opportunity for nikki to sell her honey at farmers markets, but the drought is creating a new problem. >> our hives are only gaining two pounds a week. they should be gaining 20 a week. if the trees are not wet, they
4:52 pm
have no nectar. without nectar, you cannot have honey. reporter: they can hives around the bay area. >> they get so excited and, look at this, and they buy it. my piece is in somebody else's home. that is what keeps me going. reporter: david louis, abc7 news. kristen: legendary singer tony bennett canceling his tour scheduled to start next month and did not include california dates. last week the 95 world performed in two shows with lady gaga, announced as his last new york performances. no reason was given for the cancellation, but his family revealed he has be battling alzheimer's for nearly five years. larry: that is too bad.
4:53 pm
he still has an incredible voice. kristen: some excitement from hollywood. >> a bit of a pinch me moment. larry:
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kristen: tonight on abc7 at 8:00 , holy moly, abc7 ryan reynolds tackles a new hero in "free guy,"
4:56 pm
perfect for this film. >> my name is guy. >> a background character in a videogame becomes a free guy in a movie released three finishedg the premier especially meaningful for ryan reynolds. what is going through your head and heart standing here? >> it is a bit of a pinch me moment. reporter: the film's release may have been delayed by the pandemic, but the director said it made "free guy" more relevant. >> we made it in the spirit of hopefulness and wanting to bring fun back to the movie experience. it feels even more than when we made the movie that sense of fun, escape, warmth and laughs is of real value and what we need. >> we can change our world, but we have to fight together. reporter: given so much of the action takes place in a
4:57 pm
videogame, you would think of those involved were veteran players, but that is not the case. we did not know much about gaming, but i did not think we had to. reporter: to tell a larger story. >> a love story, story about fighting back, stepping out of the shadows, entering into your own light and existence. everything there should be more? >> more than what? >> we worked hard to make sure the end game experience in the movie feels authentic to gamers, but we were most concerned about telling an amazing story that has action, heart, humor. reporter: this is not a sequel, nor is it based on a comic book. >> it is where you get an opportunity to make a big summer blockbuster based on a wholly original idea. it was important to take a swing at this. reporter: this is distributive by disney, distributive by the
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> we're taking our steps around vaccinations just a little bit further. >> just over a week from now, if you want to eat inside a restaurant, drink in a war -- bar or work out in a gym in san francisco you'll need to show prove that you are fully vaccinated. with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc7 live at 5:00, hulu live and wherever you stream. now, this starts next friday, august 20, at indoor bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, entertainment venues, gyms and indoor events with 1,000 people or more. there are skimses for people picking -- exemptions for people picking up to go orders


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