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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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making verification necessary for indoor activities, more more people are attending to register their vaccine record digitally with the state. the california department of health says millions of digital records have been delivered to date. but abc 7 news i team reporter melanie woodrow found out the process is not been smooth for everyone. >> californians have options when it comes to proving they are vaccinated. you can carry your vaccination card with you. take a picture on your phone or register your vaccine record digitally with the state. lafayette resident rick shelton figured out that last option was the safest. >> i wanted to be in the system as opposed to having the card that might not even be valid in the future. >> sheldon and his wife both received a pfizer vaccine. >> her went swimmingly. we got a few our code -- we got a qr code right away. but when i entered my information there was an error and it was not linked properly.
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i was not too happy. >> this person in foster city had a similar experience. >> when i did mine everything came out correct. i was done within five minutes. there were no problems. my parents were not so lucky. >> when his mom tried to register only one dose came up. >> but it was the second day and the second dose is completely missing. and with my done the two dates -- with my dad the two dates or flips -- two dates are flipped. >> 2.5 digital records have been delivered today and more than 85% of people who requested the record have been delivered. when there is a delay in someone retrieving the record it is due to missing or incorrect contact information that was not sent to the state and therefore is not in the system. in other words, when a vaccinated person enters into the my vaccine record ordinal, it might not match the information someone else entered and sent to the state. see hpd -- recommends using the virtual tool. ultimately that is what worked
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for sheldon after he uploaded his id and vaccination card. >> finally after two weeks it was solved. >> cons parents to the same barstow waiting period >> i'm not surprised it has not gone smoothly. the sense of urgency, especially in a pandemic, i think they will try to fix these problems much quicker than other state programs. >> for the eye team, melanie woodrow. anchor: cal for news the brink of recording 4 million total coronavirus cases. artest positivity rate is up for the third day in a row but it is still lower than a week ago. more than half the state, 55% of californians, are fully vaccinated. anchor: the cdc is recommending booster shots for those with weakened dominion -- with weak immune systems. >> the recommendation is adopted. >> yes, i have the same thing. the motion passes. anchor: one thing we should note
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about the recommendation is it is for people who have received a pfizer or moderna vaccine's, not the j&j. the third dose has to be given at least 20 days after the second dose is administered. if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines and the entire process, you can ask the abc 7 news vaccine team. anchor: 17 months after schools in san francisco were closed because of coronavirus students will be welcomed again in person next week. the san francisco department of health had to sign off on east -- on each school to make sure proper safety measures were in place. the education reporter joins us with what the first day of school may look like for them. leanne daca -- leanne? reporter: sin frisco -- san francisco announced it was closing all schools in 2020. today, they are highlighting the reopening of schools on monday. we took a tour of a classroom.
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not so much for our benefit but to reassure parents their children will be safe. >> player ready now to resume in person learning full-time for all schools for each and every student five days a week. >> this is what reddy looks like in times of covid. plenty of windows open. ventilators in the classroom, hand sanitizer, reminders to follow the plan, and masks for teachers and students. the san francisco health department says that should be enough to keep students safe. during the last academic year out of the 48,000 students that were in school both private, public, and charter, there were only seven documented cases of in school transmission. she says vaccinations remain a key part of their safety plan. all teachers must now be vaccinated or submit to a weekly covid tests. new information surfaced today. 84% of children between the ages
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of 12 and 17 have been vaccinated in san francisco. the health department says evidence still shows that those under 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are at low risk and less likely to spread the virus. >> from the beginning of the pandemic they only represent around 7% of the cases. >> lately were seeing a rise because of the delta variant. >> i think the reality of the delta variant is something a lot of educators minds and students and families as well. but we feel safe and secure. >> lauren goss was sitting up her kindergarten class. her mother flew in from north carolina to help. she had this advice for her daughter. >> take it day by day. see other kids are doing. take care of yourself. be there for the children. >> what a nice mom. so what if a child tests positive for covid? that child has to be reported to
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the san francisco health department. they will then determine who was exposed and how. for example, was the child with another in close proximity for more than 15 minutes? if they're already vaccinated they may not have to quarantine. they will not close schools.... >> what about the students who have medical conditions. maybe it isn't safe for them to return to in person learning. >> they can do something called independent study. let me clarify, it is nothing like the kind of online learning like they did for so long. where told a fraction of about 700 students, keep in mind sfu nevada has 70,000 students. so 700 students have applied for the independent study program which keeps them at home. the issue is, they do not have enough staff right now for that kind of distance learning. the district today was putting out the word that they are
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hiring. school starts on monday. anchor: thank you leanne so much for that report. anchor: having police officers posted in san jose unified schools has been a matter of controversy and debate and it continues today after the school board voted to reinstate the relationship with the san jose police department for on-campus events. we splenda safety plans before school starts next week. -- we explain safety plans before the school starts next week reporter: when they get back next week there will not be school resource officers on middle and high school campuses but in in a unanimous decision the district agreed to continue the relationship outside of school hours. >> i feel like part of our job is helping to ensure public safety. >> they will do this by hiring them as private security for events after schoolers like football games. at some of these events there are hundreds of guests, many of whom are not students and staffs. the board said the decision is
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the best way to keep the community safe. >> their people last night saying no police at all, the community can police itself. i do not see that being ready for game one of football season in less than two weeks. >> it is a minor setback. >> crystal calhoun works with the san jose united equity coalition group that led the charge against officers on campus. the group's efforts led to the removal in june. she says she's happy the sros will not return to campus but after the most recent decision she wishes the board would stop focusing on police and start focusing on the students. >> i have my grandchildren in this district. we spend more time talking about police then anything. not one time have they listen to us. we want better for all students. >> the agreement for police at school events last until december 31. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. anchor: the san francisco health department was on the embarcadero today cracking down
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legal food cart. we are a a --. dirty -- we were happy -- we were at 33. the department says it worked with food vendors for a year on how to comply with regulations. their warning to consumers? only buy food for vendors with a health department sticker. anchor: where only a month away from california's recall election and governor newsom kicked off a string of campaign events here in the bay area. see you came out to show some local support. >> and who is ready ready readyy bike, and run? an infamous triathlon returning this weekend. i'm cornell barnard. i will tell you what is different this year. >> hazy skies languid or they will be joined by surge. will be joined by surge. your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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anchor: the taliban completed its sweep of the south of afghanistan today taking for more provincial capitals just weeks before the u.s. is set to end its two decade war. in the last 24 hours the country second and third largest cities have her up -- have fallen to the insurgents. african forces up reportedly barely put up a fight. the taliban now holds half of afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals and controls more than two thirds of the country. some analysts say the country could once again become a haven for terrorist organizations. >> the potential here for growing terrorist threats deep within the heartland of afghanistan, the way bin laden did, is very real. >> at this point the capital of kabul is not directly under
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threat. that's where thousands of american troops are headed. is not playing well in certain parts of the bay area. as abc 7 reporter wayne freeman says, many afghan americans feel betrayed. >> in the midst of suburban fremont and newark, there remains more than a taste of little kabul, hideaway of afghan transplant making new lives in a new country. today they are hurting. >> i am really disappointed. i am stunned. >> that from an afghan american who came here in 1977. for the last 20 years he has wash the u.s. in afghanistan try to rid the region of terrorist. then a few weeks ago there withdrawal in our temporary infusion of 3000 marines just to protect the american embassy and its people from an advancing taliban. >> we believe this is not the prudent thing to -- this is the prudent thing to do given the rapidly deteriorating security
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situation in and around kabul. >> none of this plays well with african-americans. -- with afghan americans. >> does this remind you of vietnam? same thing, the fall of saigon, it's happening now in the fall of kabul. >> insurgents control half the country, taking over major cities in closing in on the capital. for those from here who still know and love people there, they worry. the war has already cost 40,000 civilian lives. now fear taliban reprisals. >> i think there will be a lot of carnage. a lot of bloodshed. >> we said we would never negotiate with the terrorists and we negotiated with them and gave them the country. >> in a suburb half a world away from an old home and yet, still so connected. in newark, wayne freeman, abc 7 news. anchor: governor newsom officially kicked off his campaign against the effort to recall him.
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abc 7 news was at the event at manny's in the mission where several prominent san francisco democrats joined him. in his speech he zeroed in on larry elder who is merging -- emerging as the top republican candidate on the ballot. we asked the governor about some of the democrats that i've decided to run as a potential replacement. >> respectfully, the choice is pretty clear on the other side. no, i will not be voting on the second question. i am not on that ballot. i am on the first question. i will simply vote now and i will not be more clear. >> he need some serious help. today he said they are working out the logistics with the vice president to come campaign for him in the final weeks. we caught up with one of the few democrats who is on the ballot and asked him about the strategy of leaving the second question blank. >> we believe the democratic party is making a big mistake not having a backup democrat. leaving the second question blank is a failure of our civic duty. basically there gambling with
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californians from a nearby saying vote nothing on the second question. >> he says he does not want to see a republican takeover, should newsom get recalled, so >> after a long pandemic delay,. the first major athletic competition is returning to the bay area this weekend. the escape from alcatraz triathlon is back. cornell barnard is live at marina green with the details. hi, cornell. reporter: hey. after more than a year there is a lot happening here on the green. check it out. the escape from alkyl -- escape from alcatraz triathlon is back in san francisco. 1700 athletes ready to compete and hope bully -- hopefully cross that finish line. also happening, olympic class ceiling. >> they are ready to jump off the boat into the bay and embark on their escapes. >> it is endurance mixed with a little insanity. >> swim, bike, run, have fun, make friends. >> the final touches being made
6:17 pm
to the finish line. it is the 40th year for this infamous, grueling event, combining one mile swim, 18 mile bike ride, and eight mile run. the event was ccethte emma pollm johannesburg is thrilled to be competing again. >> it is going to be all out. i want to put myself in as much pain as possible and race nice and hard and hopefully give an exciting race to watch. >> although the event is outdoors, covid protocols are happening here. exley laughs hand sanitizing stations echoing social distance and people to wear their masks. >> i got all the vaccinations necessary. >> this triathlete from montreal canada is competing for the first time in two years. >> i believe the organization has done everything possible to make it safe for everyone. >> also on the bay, u.s. olympic class sailing events, iq foils, windsurfers, and sailboats competing. next we are trying to build a
6:18 pm
strong base of domestic strength leading up to the los angeles olympics in 2028. >> a day on the bay just like old times. >> just listen to lifeguards, thank the volunteers and we will see you at the finish line. >> getting to the finish line, not easy. triathlon organizers say there were fewer's -- your athletes computing this year due to international travel restrictions making it tough to get to san francisco. a fitness expo happening tomorrow and sunday right here on the green. the public is welcome. but do not forget your mask. live in san frisco, -- san francisco, cornell bernard. anchor: we saw those flags getting whipped around behind cornell. he was doing well just standing there. anchor: it is windy out there. >> it takes a strong guide to stand up against those winds because they are blowing fiercely. here is a look at the surface winds around the bay area right now. 25 miles per hour here in san francisco but it looks a little
6:19 pm
stronger where cornell was in marina green and gusts up in the north. all around the area it is pretty breezy. an onshore flow has the advantage of cleansing the air force -- air for us a little bit because we have so much more in the north bay and other parts of the state, as well. a lot of smoke near the surface has worked its way down into the bay area, mainly in the north bay. it looks like these friendly onshore winds will keep much of it from moving further southward and eastward but up in the upper atmosphere where potentially more harmful smoke exists and thicker, dirtier smoke, that is not going to make much of a move away from us. that will continue collecting over the weekend and just sort of hovering over the bay area. as a result we will not see any real improvement over our air quality. they are calling forecast calls for moderate air quality. we have an advisory through the
6:20 pm
weekend. on tuesday if this current model holds up, mainly in the south bay. let's take a look at current conditions. this is the view from emeryville. you can see the marine layer deepening. along with the continuing onshore breeze. 61 degrees in san francisco. palo alto 70, 59 at pacifica. it is breezy at the golden gate. clouds are getting lower and thicker. it is 76 in santa rosa. and napa both 73 and sarah -- in fairfield and concord. here's a better view or a higher view from the east bay hills camera of that expanding marine layer and these are our forecast features. a good chance of sprinkles and possibly isolated light showers overnight. a lot of moisture moving through the area with high clouds. hazy skies will continue to hang around this weekend. along with a serious warm up in
6:21 pm
our inland areas. it will get cooler early next week. here is our overnight forecast animation. notice all the moisture surging up from the south. a lot of showers are all sure but we better get a few spotty sprinkles or showers up in the north bay during the late night and overnight hours. after that the chance of showers here in the bay area will diminish but it looks like more showers could develop in parts of southern california. overnight low temperatures will be in the upper 50's to low 60's. and up to 100 and the warmest inland spots, a heat advisory will be in effect for 1 p.m. tomorrow to a pm sunday for lake county and much of mendocino county. here's your seven-day forecast. tomorrow and sunday temperatures near 100 degrees inland. minor cool down on monday. then a much more comfortable cool down for the remainder of next week. anchor: thanks very much. waiting for the cool down hot, dry, and windy.
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>> a grass fire threaten some homes in castro valley. sky seven was over veronica avenue. it appears at least a backyard shed caught fire while firefighters were working to keep flames from home. another homeowner could be seen
6:25 pm
using their own host to fight the fire as it burned near their fence. there he is trying his best he can. it appears firefighters were able to put out the flames but a lot of smoke could still be seen in the neighborhood. we may never know what caused one of california's worst wildfires, of 2020. today calfire announced after months of investigation it simply does not have enough evidence to determine what spark the glass fire. the blaze broke out early in the morning, september 27, near howell mountain in napa county. it burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties destroying 1500 structures. >> caltrans department of justice will not file criminal charges against socal edison for igniting the woolsey fire. the fire burned over 96,000 acres and destroyed more than 1000 structures in l.a. and ventura counties. three people were killed. fire investigators later determined utility company equipment because the fire. justice officials say however, there's is not enough evidence
6:26 pm
to support criminal prosecution. calfire crusade they are aggressively working on protecting homes in the path of the dixie fire. just an hour and a half ago officials said the fire was now nearly 500 18,000 acres and just 31% contained. for residents remain unaccounted for. late today, one of them responded. >> coming up next, the french laundry connection. part of the investigative series. fire, power, money. >> i scrub it were, i lose my job. if i speed on the road, i get a ticket. there are consequent is for bad behavior. pg&e needs to be held accountable. anchor: how was pgn deke protected by governor newsom?
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. dan: we can't stop all the fires of course. but we can stop some of them. and to solve the crisis, we have to master three core elements. fire, power, money.
6:30 pm
and tonight the second installment of a three-part investigation, how governor gavin newsom protected pg&e. ama: what the governor protected pg&e from were the consequences of its crimes. pg&e pleaded guilty to a felony for sparking the 2018 campfire that burned 14,000 family homes in and around paradise. dan: sacramento has spent years on an investigation called fire, power, money. in part one, we showed you how governor newsom's office changed state laws to benefit pg&e's bottom line. but there was another part that he played. the self-declared broker of p&g's -- pg&e's bankruptcy deal. ama: reporter brand brand bringing you the -- brandon ritterman bringing you the french laundry connection. reporter: a plate of dinner at this award-winning restaurant in napa county starts at $350. but dining here during the
6:31 pm
pandemic cost governor gavin newsom quite a bit more than that. >> governor gavin newsom is apologizing for not following his own protocols tonight. >> the french laundry restaurant. >> french laundry restaurant. >> so i want to apologize to you. because i need to preach and practice, not justwre th laundry because it's where the governor had dinner in a small gathering at a time when he was telling californians not to do that because of covid. but we're more interested in it because of who he was having dinner with. >> it was a birthday dinner party for newsom's close friend jason kinney. a well-known lobbyist. >> a friend that i've known for almost 20 years. reporter: the two men shared more than a friendship. they shared an interest in pg&e. in the months before the dinner party, bankruptcy court documents show hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing from pg&e's checkbook to axiom advisors, the lobbying firm owned by jason kinney. kinney's name shows up on the firm's billable hours, working for some of pg&e's biggest
6:32 pm
unsecured creditors. under services rendered on the bill, the first things you see are the passage of a.b.1054, the law that created a state safety certificate for pg&e and the approval by governor newsom of pg&e's bankruptcy plan. axiom reported working with the governor's office to see all of it through. pg&e's bankruptcy delivered for kinney's clients. the plan paid them cash. plus interest. but not everyone pg&e owed money to had a seat at this table. >> this is my living room. and my tv. and this is where i prepare my food. reporter: in the town of par dice, lawrence graham lives in a trailer now. because pg&e burned his house down. >> they're helping each other get ahead. and stepping on us to get there. reporter: the campfire was a crime with tens of thousands of
6:33 pm
victims. pg&e owes them restitution. >> all care -- all they care about is their bottom line. i understand business is business. but this is our lives they're messing with. reporter: almost three years after the fire, lawrence doesn't have his restitution from pg&e. and he needs that money to rebuild. if he doesn't break ground on a new house in the coming months, the town of paradise threatens to evict him from his own land. along with hundreds more victims. >> i don't like living like this. no. reporter: who still live camping where their houses once stood. >> i'm a big guy. and to live in a tiny r.v., it's claustrophobic. reporter: david breed lost his job after the fire. but he found work removing burned trees. the insurance from his mobile home didn't pay enough to rebuild. pg&e settlement money hasn't come, either. david hasn't even been told how much to expect. >> i would have been happier with a full cash payout from pg&e. reporter: pg&e's victims didn't
6:34 pm
get paid cash in full. what they got was a retired judge who gets paid $1,500 an hour to tell this. >> it's important for you to want pg&e to do well. reporter: that's quite a thing to say to 70,000 people whose homes and loved ones pg&e incinerated. but there's a reason he said it. judge trotter runs the trust fund set up for victims in pg&e's bankruptcy. the fire victim trust was supposed to get $13.5 billion. but pg&e only paid half of that as cash. >> the second part of the payment problem is where do we get the money in order to pay you? reporter: the or half of the money for pg&e's victims was supposed to be paid as shares of pg&e's stock. almost a year after pg&e exited bankruptcy -- >> and looked at the price of pg&e stock, it was right around
6:35 pm
$10. we have 480 million shares of that stock. if it -- able to monetize it all today we would have $4.8 billion. there's a settlement called for you to have $6.75 billion worth of stock. that has not happened. reporter: the victims were almost $2 billion short. and that was at the beginning of 2021 fire season. before the massive dixie fire broke out in july, sending pg&e stock price down even more as the company admitted its power lines might be involved. the stock was never worth the amount victims were told when they voted on the bankruptcy plan. from the day pg&e exited bankruptcy, the victims needed the stock price to go up another 56% to be made whole. but it didn't just leave the victims short on money. the plan was another reward for pg&e's bad behavior. it took the people who pg&e hurt
6:36 pm
the most and turned them into financial allies. >> you are 25% or 24% owners of pg&e. reporter: this means that heading into another fire season, a quarter of pg&e's fire risk belongs to its previous wildfire victims. that part of the governor's plan isn't a bug. it's a feature. and don't just take it from me. take it from pg&e's own chief financial officer. >> this bankruptcy tethers the victims' financial futures to the performance of the company. do you agree with that statement? >> yes. ♪ ama: that's a really horrible way to think about it and absolutely true. and you're absolutely right. that's -- that's what happened. and they -- they did that to us. >> it's almost like you're held hostage by it. it shouldn't be up to the victims of pg&e to make sure
6:37 pm
pg&e is healthy. that's really insidious, if you think about -- this is like next level movie the bad guy in the background smoking the cigar, we'll make them owners. and then we'll make them pay themselves. and there should be some adult in the room in the government somewhere, some type of leader that would say you shouldn't be making it the victim's responsibility to pay the victims. reporter: so what questions do you have for the governor now? >> simply why? reporter: still ahead, why would you prioritize a corporation over the victims? reporter: we put that question at the top of our list. what the governor's office has to say in response. and how all of it looks to the victims. >> do they really care? i don't know. i don't think they do. i don't think they care. ♪ ♪
6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
responsibility to pay the victims. reporter: so what questions do you have for the governor now? >> simply why? why would you prioritize a corporation over the victims? because that's -- essentially what's happened. >> we put that question from steve at the top of our list of 18 written questions to the governor. newsom's office did not directly answer any of those questions. and has declined every interview request we've sent for nearly three years. in a written statement, though, the governor's office took credit for ensuring pg&e emerged from bankruptcy in a position to swiftly compensate victims. all the victims we met disagree. they're still waiting to be paid even though pg&e has been out of bankruptcy for more than a year. >> they know they shortchanged us. it's all about money. and the people are higher up, and buying their way out of
6:42 pm
stroble. -- of trouble. >> it charr walks and -- sure walks and talks like a duck. reporter: pg&e fear victims did get to vote but weren't given any alternatives. the only option on the wall -- the ballot was to vote yes or no on pg&e's bankruptcy plan. >> deal or no deal. >> yes, exactly. because they would have to start all the way back over again if you said no. reporter: fire victims like muriel didn't want to start negotiations all over again. they wanted to be done dealing with pg&e. that's what they were told a yes vote would do for them in the official voting materials approved by the bankruptcy court. the court told victims a yes vote would pay them more quickly. the safety certificate law passed by the legislature had a deadline for pg&e to get out of bankruptcy and without this plan, if they voted no, payments would be delayed and could be reduced. those delays could take months or years if they voted no.
6:43 pm
the victims voted for the plan. they voted to avoid delays. but they got delays anyway. the plan prioritized pg&e's exit from bankruptcy over the payment of its victims. and those delays don't just hurt victims' life plans. it just plain hurts them. >> i signed -- said yes, please. and that was why. you know, because it -- it was very painful to go through all this. reporter: every day that goes by for muriel wisowsky, every step she has to take to settle pg&e's killing of her mom, colleen, keeps the trauma fresh in her mind. >> i've spent a lot of last couple of years trying not to think about how horrible it must have been. every time it comes up, it's picking the scab off again. reporter: the plan delays the healing of whole families. >> i try to put on the brave front for the family. and oh, yeah, it was quick.
6:44 pm
and chances are she didn't feel anything. reporter: colleen's grandson steve, the former fear fighter. >> i'm pretty sure she knew the house was on fire. and she wasn't going to make it out. and'tal about it enough. but that really keeps me up at night of was she expecting me? was she expecting me to show up -- be able to get there at the last second? reporter: while they've waited, victims watched pg&e reap its rewards immediately. >> there's no compassion toward the victims. it's more the compassion for their bottom line. reporter: pg&e got out of the bankruptcy it declared. it's still paying bonuses to its executives. its shareholders didn't get wiped out. they got pg&e's victims to join them. >> i think corruption runs deep in the soul of mankind. and i think if any executive has
6:45 pm
a chance to line their pockets, at the expense of 86 people losing their lives in paradise, or the expense of the entire town, do they really care? i don't know. i don't think they do. i don't think they care. >> if i screw up at work i lose my job. if i speed on the road, i get a ticket. there's consequences for bad behavior. pg&e needs to be held accountable. and not just given a pass. or easy way out. >> it's infuriating. it causes you to lose faith in government. it's not like faith fixed pg&e. it's not like the governor signed some magical document that fixed pg&e's infrastructure. reporter: there are two magic documents in this story. the governor's approval of pg&e's bankruptcy plan. and the safety certificate law that made that plan work.
6:46 pm
both wer considered major accomplishments by the two old friends who sat down for dinner at the french laundry. ama: powerful by brandon. and there is still one more part of this investigative series. the negotiation episode the investigation turns to the state's utility police. >> the cpoc if they've been spent on regulating pg&e, then we wouldn't be where we are right now. >> i trusted our governor. i trusted my commissioners. and that was a mistake. we do whatever the governor tells us to do. period. dan: the agency is supposed to be independent. but the person who ran it says it fell under governor newsom's control. there is a trail of confidential documents to show that. the pg&e police is tomorrow nigh
6:47 pm
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6:50 pm
million per season. you have to consider that a hometown discount given that craw, he's making $15 million this year. crawford grew up in pleasanton and now in his 11th season in the majors all w t gias and this extension could make him a giant for life. >> really happy, really excited. my family's obviously very happy. and the only organization we've ever known. and they've always taken such good care of me and my family. and just happy to know that we're going to be here for a couple more years. >> to the kids at petaluma won and head to the little league world series. a little early for college. and extra innings, a strike away from getting out, bases loaded jam with two out and will hale walks in the first run of the game. so torrance takes the lead and floodgates open after that. brent hayes two-run single. 5-0 torrance puts up six in the inning. all with two outs. so petaluma falls 7-0. their season is over. and torrance heads to the little
6:51 pm
league world series. now not to be confused with the college world series. 49ers less than 24 hours away from kicking off the preseason against the chiefs. at levi stadium. kyle shanahan, messing with reporters saying he thinks trey lance is going to make the team. yeah. trey will make the team. should play most of the first half after jimmy g plays one series. the third overall pick in the draft is going to make his pro debut and the 49ers are just as curious to see how he does out there as the fans are. >> i'm just excited to see him play. just like everyone else is. it's fun to watch quarterbacks go out there for the first time and stuff. but trey will make the team. so he doesn't have to go out there and freak out about that. but he knows a lot of eyes will be on him and sometimes knows guys want to go out there and make some plays and show everyone what to be excited about and i just always try to tell them it's just like practice. and except they can hit you. >> they will hit him. yeah. they're definitely going to do that. the warriors are going to pay a huge luxury tax bill next season. so they may not use the mid
6:52 pm
level exception to sign a free agent. that's the word today from general manager bob myers. the -- jonathan cucamonga fell -- kuminga fell to them on draft night. >> look at him take off. >> kuminga 18 points in a 10-point win over o.k.c. here's myers on the 18-year-old from congo. >> well, the qualities that he has are rare. for an 18-year-old, or for a 25-year-old, it's just about refining those things and kind of figuring out how to slow down a little bit. and how to better utilize some of those skills, some of that raw talent. >> he's going to be so much fun to watch. a lot of canadians retier in florida. maybe joe thornton getting a head start on foined a house. the long-time shark, 42 years old, has signed a one-year deal with the florida panthers. jumbo spent last year with toronto. sports on abc7, sponsored by river rock casino. and the giants looking to keep it rolling again tonight.
6:53 pm
brandon crawford, this is such a great story. i mean, as a little kid, grew up wanting to be a giant and now he is a giant and hopefully a giant for the -- his entirety of his career. dan: looks like it. ama: coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00, shark tank followed by 2020 at 9:00
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6:56 pm
festival is back at the alameda county father grounds of the just being there is a victory for merchants who struggled the past year and a half. >> feeling like we're wack to -- back to living and being able to build our business again. and consumers being able to support their local businesses has been just a really -- reall. ama: the festival continues tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. -- general admission is $9. it looks fun. dan: it does look fun. great arts and crafts. ama: all right. that do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm am amend. dan: i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian and larry beil, we appreciate your time and see you again on abc7 news at 11:00.
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