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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 14, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. moving forward, finding solutions abc seven news. >> we are preparing to be able to get people be booster if they needed. >> a significant endorsement of covid booster shots. the cdc has signed off on a sergeant goes for some people with compromised immune system. you are watching abc seven news at 9:00. we are going to get more on the booster shots in a moment. first, let's go to meteorologist lisa arjun tracking the forecast and air quality alert. >> that is right, liz. we have low clouds at the shoreline and hazy conditions around the bay especially in
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upper elevations and east bay. fog into the north bay and around the bay. we have moisture well west of us out in the ocean. and also, to the south. we have a mixture of low clouds, high clouds, and elevated smoke. moderate today with an advisory through tomorrow. some smoke is will down the upper levels of the atmosphere. partly sunny downtown. 56 in san jose, 54 in mt. view. temperatures are climbing in inland valleys already in the 60's from concorde to livermore. inland, n n >> breaking news. alaskan peninsula.
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this has not triggered a tsunami warning. the other earthquake is a magnitude 7.2 in haiti. this map shows the epicenter about 80 miles west of the capital, port-au-prince. that city had a catastrophic 7.0 quake in 2010. this mornings was larger. we are just getting some images from the scene. you can see the destruction. it is likely casualties are high and damages widespread. this earthquake has also triggered a tsunami threat. the u.s. anticipates port-au-prince may be spared the worst damage because it was for their debts further away. the airport is still operational. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates on the abc seven news app. moving on to the pandemic.
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big news on vaccines.booster shs for americans with weakened immune systems. bay area walgreens and cvs shores are ready to administer the shot. dan ashley has more -- cvs stores are ready to administer the shot. dan ashley has more. >> we will be ready to do it right away. >> dr. fauci says teams are already studying real-time data, tracking how much immunity tapers off overtime before determining if and when the general population will get boosters. now, the director for the cdc said -- says the cdc does not recommend a devotional -- additional doses for any other population at this time. this cancer survivor got both shots. doctors could not determine if she had antibodies. so, she got a third shot. >> i am just so relieved that we
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have the opportunity to get the booster shot. >> one study shows the chance of a vaccinated transplant patients getting a breakthrough infection is 82 times higher and the risk of hospitalization or death 485 times higher. >in dallas, they are running out of icu beds. > reporting. contra costa county announced next month that first responders are going to have to provide proof of vaccination. we asked the county health officer whether that means workers can be fired if they do not comply. he said that will be up to the employer and went on to say that. >> it is a legal order. it is required to be followed. so, the agency would really have to prevent those staff from
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working in the field and responded to 911 calls and responding to field calls. so, it really requires any staff responding to field calls in high risk abilities, hospitals, nursing homes, jails, homeless shelters, residential living facilities. they have to comply with these requirements. >> if they do not provide proof, they will have to undergo weekly testing. in person visits to santa rita jail have been suspended. the alameda county sheriff's office says it is due to a rise in covid cases. professional noncontact appointments are still available. this morning we have learned that the san francisco county jail suspended in person visits. i spoke person -- a spokesperson says that visits will resume as soon as it is safe. as covid cases continue to rise
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in the bay area, at home testing kits are becoming a hot commodity. kate larsen tested out several and spoke with experts about how accurate they are. >> as the delta variant surges across the country, at home covid antigen test have become popular. they are $24 a box. they take minutes to use. we found plenty in san francisco walgreens stores. do they work? >> after using tens of thousands of these tests at our mission community site, we have a lot of confidence. >> they ran a study at the 24th street mission bart station comparing pcr tests and found >> for viruses in the most infectious range, the sensitivity was 99%. >> he says the test is so effective it is now all they use at the site. >> this is the abbott test.
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each have two tests inside. we will on box them and see how they work. so, this is the test part. there are picture instructions. take it and put six drops in the top hole. then take the q-tip and swap each nostril. >> my colleague used the cordell test. >> they do not detect the genetic material of the virus. they detect the actual proteins that make up the virus. basically, antibodies react on a paper strip and in turn, like a pregnancy test. -- and turn color like a pregnancy test. >> there is still concerned that with some of the tests, you want to be thoughtful about how you use it. >> an emergency room doctor says
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if you follow the instructions, the tests are a powerful tool. you can quarantine right away rather than waiting 48 hours for pcr test results. >> it is giving people the ability to get information at home closer to real-time at decreasing the burden on the health care system. >> >> the fda authorized both tests for emergency use. >> next friday, san francisco will require proof of full vaccination for indoor activities like restaurants and jams. the easiest way -- jim's --gyms. the easiest way to prove your vaccinated is a digital card from the state. the process has not been easy for everyone. >> californians have options. you can carrier vaccination card with you, take a picture on your phone, or, register your vaccine record digitally with the state. lafayette resident rick sheldon figured the last option was safest. >> i wanted to be in the system
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as opposed to having a card. >> sheldon and his wife both received the pfizer vaccine. >> her registration went swimmingly. so, i knew what was supposed to happen. but, when i entered my information, there was an error. >> in foster city, a similar sir experience. >> when i did mine, everything came out correct. i was done in five minutes. my parents were not so lucky. >> when his mom tried to register, only one dose came up. >> but it was the second date and the second dose is completely missing. with my dad, the two dates are flip. >> the california department of public health told worthen 2.5 million digital records have been -- told us that more than 2.5 million digital records have been delivered.
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they say that when there is a delay it is due to missing or incorrect contact information. in other words, when a vaccinated person enters into the portal might not match the information someone else entered and sent to the state area they recommend using the virtual assistant tool on the website. that is what worked for sheldon. >> after two weeks, it was resolved. >>'s parents did the same, but they are still waiting. >> i am not surprised. but, the sense of urgency, especially in a pandemic, i think they will try to fix these problems quicker than other state programs. >> melanie woodrow abc seven news. >> if you have questions about the covid vaccines, you can ask the abc seven news vaccine. -- vaccine team.
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seven months after schools in san francisco were closed because of coronavirus, students will be welcomed again in person next week. the department of health had to sign off on each school. we are tracking back to school to build a better bay area. abc seven news education reporter leah melendez has more >> -- leah miller does has more. >> we are ready to resume. >> this is what reddy looks like in times of covid. plenty of windows open, hand sanitizer, reminders to follow the safety plan, and of course, masks for teachers and students. the san francisco health department says this should be enough to keep students safe. >> during the last year out of the 48,000 students in schools, both private, public, and charter, there were only seven documented cases of in school transmission. >> she says vaccinations remain
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a key part of their safety plan. all teachers must be vaccinated or submitted to a weekly covid test. 84% of children between the ages of 12 and 17 have been vaccinated in san francisco. the health department says evidence still shows that those under 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are at low risk unless -- and less likely to spread the virus. >> from the beginning of the pandemic, they only represent around 7% of cases. >> lately, we are seeing a rise in cases because of the delta variant. >> the reality of the delta variant is on a lot of educators' mines and students and families as well. but we all safe and secure with these protocols. lauren goss was setting up her kindergarten class and her mother in from north carolina to help. she had this advice. >> take it day by day.
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see how the kids are doing. take care of yourself and be there for the children. >> that was leah melendez reporting. you can look for more schools on back to school all next week on abc seven news. we will bring you a full week of education stories on aaron online all part of our effort on air and on line -- on aaron online. -- on air and online. >> we are finally get a little clearing in the city where temperatures will climb to the low 70's. it is a dramatic warm-up in parts of the north bay anti-spain valleys. i will detail that next. -- east bay valleys. i will detail that next. >> plus, a controversy surrounding a plan to keep sent schools safe. we are a month away from california's recall election. governor newsom was in the bay area.
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. kicked off his campaign against the effort to recall him. sevabs yesterday's event. during his remarks, new summit
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zero in on larry elder emerging as the top -- newsom zero in on larry elder, emerging as the top republican candidate on the ballot. >> he is to the right of donald trump. that is what is at stake in this election. think you cannot do damage in that role. think about the judges you appoint. >> newsom's team is urging democrats to vote no on the first part of the recall ballot and then leave the second part blank. >> two questions. do you plan to leave that second link if you vote? would you rather have another democrat succeed you then larry elder? >> no. i will not be voting on the second question. i am not on that ballot. >> does not help larry elder? >> about no does not help anybody. -- a vote no does not help anybody.
9:18 am
vote no and the second question does not matter. >> we caught up with one of the few democrats on the ballot. kevin passe>> democratic party is making a big mistake not having a backup democrat. leaving the second question blank is a failure of our civic duty. they are gallup -- they are gambling with californians for one year. >> he says he does not want to see a republican takeover should newsom get recalled. so, people should answer the second question. and, check out the documentary we would -- we put together about california's last recall in 2003 called "total recalled." in the meantime, having police e officers posted in san jose schools has been a matter of debate for some time. the school board voted to
9:19 am
reinstate the relationship with the san jose police department foreign campus events. dustin dorsey explains. >> went san jose unified school district gets back to full on-campus learning next week and there will not be school resource officers on middle and high school campuses. in a unanimous decision by the school board thursday, the district agreed to continue nitrogen with san jose police outside of school hours. -- to continue the relationship with the san jose police outside of school hours, hiring san jose police for events like football games. at these events, there are hundreds of guests, many who are not students or staff. >> it was a minor setback. >> crystal calhoun works with the san jose united equity coalition. the groups effort led to their
9:20 am
removal in june. calhoun says she is happy that the sros will not return to campus but she wishes the board would stop focusing on police and focus on students. >> we spend more time talking about bully said anything. not one time -- up about bullies that anything. not 1 -- about police that anything. --than anything. >> containment dropped overnight on a wildfire in lake county. the coyote fire is 45% contained. it is threatening homes near highway 59 and hidden valley. residents are urged to evacuate. it did yesterday has a car fire that spread into vegetation. -- it started aarre that's veg. working to protect homes in the path of the dixie fire that has burned more than 540,000 acres.
9:21 am
it is 31% contained. nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. the firefight has been challenging with wind fueling the flames. smoke continues to drift over the bay area. with that, and check on the weather with meteorologist lisa argent. -- lisa argent -- meteorologist lisa are junk -- lisa arjun. >> we have had a little haze yesterday. today, the haze, if we see any, will be limited to inland valleys with warm temperatures from time to time. it will not be poor air quality by any means. it is just an advisory. you might notice it a little more so today than tomorrow in terms of mayors of smoke at the lower levels of the act must. here is a look at our onshore low. -- our onshore flow.
9:22 am
fog up and down the coast towards santa rosa, inside the bay. subtropical moisture is offshore down into thousand eastern california. as the image gets right or the daylight hours, you will begin to see smoke encompass northern california and parts of sierra nevada. right now, air quality conditions are good. we take you to hotspots where things have been horrible all summer done -- long from mount shasta, ready, reno. parts of the sierra nevada are good this morning. but we look atrecastnow until s. writer conditions are today -- writer -- but writer -- conditions are today. blues along the coast spread east. that means better air quality sunday noon. so today, if we are going to
9:23 am
pick a day to be hazy or, it will be today in in the valleys and upper elevations. it is 67 in mountain view and 57 in pacifica. 53 in palo alto. in san jose, numbers climb through the 80's today. 60 in santa rosa. concorde is in the upper 60's. our deck of low clouds here is still holding firm of the city. clouds are clearing to the coast today. hazy stars over the weekend. especially today -- hazy skies over the weekend. especially today. a heat advisory in lake mendocino county. it is approaching 100 degrees. as that high-pressure builds in east, we are looking at limited mixing, lighter wind, and high cloud cover from the sierra to the east bay. otherwise, it is a warm day sitting up in lent and tomorrow.
9:24 am
98 in livermore and concorde. low 70's. the sea breeze will be strong. we will be lucky if we hit 70 or 71. 81 today in palo alto. a little change tomorrow. warm inland. not everyone is experiencing heat by any means. into monday, the heat eases. look at the pool down in -- the cooldown into the rest of the week. >> sellers may house hunt
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[baby crying] ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away. home for sale, is someone looking at you? lee hot real estate market has brought changes -- the hot real estate market has brought changes. michael finney has the story. >> it is a good idea to conduct business as if you are always being watched. >> there were three of them.
9:27 am
it was interesting. there was one in the living room, one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. >> vincent tracy is talking to me from his newly purchased home. when he toured it, he spotted cameras. >> did they tell you the cameras were there? >> no. >> were they obvious? >> not the one in the master. to be honest, one was by the fireplace over here. off to the side a bit. so, to be honest, it was not as obvious as you would think. >> vincent was understanding. he says he gets that sellers are vulnerable to theft. lending tree has been studying real estate cameras. >> we commissioned a survey where we asked sellers if they have ever used a hidden camera to spy on potential homebuyers. what we found was that three in
9:28 am
10 are willing to admit i'm a yes, i have used a camera to spy on someone. usually, they say they want to get the down low on what is happening, what buyers are really saying behind the scenes. >> so, for many, spotting a is just a side benefit. cameras are sometimes deployed to get the upper hand in negotiations. >> i know some are very subtle. even just looking around. i am very mindful. >> mindful of what she says, good or bad, about a property. she has been looking for a house too. has she thought about cameras? >> no. but, now that you mentioned it, i will be more vigilant. >> is this legal? it is generally believed you can shoot video without any problems. but often, you need permission to record audio. so, sellers need to be careful
9:29 am
too. i am michael finney, seven on your side. >> still to come, as hospitals struggle to manage the spike in covid cases the cdc is officially recommending a third dose of the covid vaccine for those who are immunocompromised. more than two dozen breakthrough cases of covid on a carnival cruise ship. how
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9:32 am
you can see sunshine here in san francisco. we have an air quality advisory today and tomorrow. hazy skies at times, mainly in the upper elevations and east bay. monday and tuesday, moderate, but, air quality improves. air quality is not the best. 63 in oakland, 68 in mountain view. from emeryville, hazy sun. . wind is getting breezy today along the shoreline keeping better air quality closer to the coast. we will warm up from petaluma through the 80's to san jose. mid 80's and upper 90's inland. in the heat continues sunday. wind is a cool down? i will have the answers in a you minute -- in a few minutes. >> california is on the brink of reporting 4 million total coronavirus cases with more than 3.9 9 million in total now. our test positivity rate was up friday for the third day in a grow.
9:33 am
but, -- in a row. but, it is lower that a week ago. 55% of californians are fully vaccinated. now, there is a push to get a third shot to some americans. ellen lopez has the latest from atlanta. >> a new round of covid-19 shots in the u.s.. ac/dc panel is recommending a third dose -- a cdc panel is recommending a third dose of pfizer or moderna for people with optimized immune system. >> we continue to denigrate the emerging issues with regards to duration of immunity as different variants emerged. >> classrooms are at the center of it all. chicago schools are mandating vaccines for all employees. and in phoenix, arizona, defying the state ban on vast mandate by requiring students to mask up.
9:34 am
districts grapple with face covering rules and some parents say they feel forced to choose between education or the health of their kids like former teacher and mom of two, jaclyn. heard children that her children tested positive. -- her children tested positive. this as icus across the south are fully up -- filling up. in texas, almost at capacity. one patient waited more than two bed -- two days for a hospital bed. >> it is devastating our health care system. >> north texas hospitals are crippled by the spike in kit -- in cases, now out of pediatric icu beds. >> we encourage parents to bring their children to the hospital and they are sick. we will find care for every kid. >> the virus landed jessica
9:35 am
gonzalez's nine-year-old son in the hospital. hospitalizations in louisiana hitting the highest point since the beginning of the pandemic. >> we are in a bad place. we have to slow transmission. and, increase vaccination. >> walgreens and cvs say they are ready to give out the third. you should be ready to prove eligibility. >> penned plans to and cruise passengers to have a vaccine. -- canada plans to require air and cruise passengers to have a vaccine. 27 people on a carnival cruise ship have tested positive as the ship returns to the u.s.. geo veneta has has more. >> more than two dozen positive right through cases among the
9:36 am
carnival vista. the belize government tells abc news 26 crewmembers and one passenger tested positive with mild to no symptoms. all had been vaccinated. the ship left galveston texas for belize last saturday. the positive results came in before the visa reached belize. contact tracing started immediately, including notifying passengers on the previous sailing. so far, no other positive cases. >> a cruise is a place you will be in close proximity with others for extended time. you have to think about the actual layout and what the policy is on this cruise line. >> on this ship, 99% of crewmembers were vaccinated and 96% of passengers. all on vaccinated passengers, mostly children, will be tested again before returning to the u.s.. the cruise line tells abc news that the cdc sale order and
9:37 am
protocols anticipate the potential for covid on board and our procedures are designed to mitigate any situation. with the delta variant raging, carnival, princess, and hollandd require mass indoors regardless -- vast -- masks indoors regardless of vaccination. the outbreak is sure to get more attention as florida's governor ron desantis argues against vaccine mandates on cruise ships, facing off norwegian in court. a federal judge ruling for now that norwegian can't require vaccination in passengers from florida. -- can require vaccination in passengers from florida. >> online sales for face masks declined in june and july. but, mask sales shot up 40% this
9:38 am
month. according to the cdc, almost everyone in the u.s. lives in a place with high or substantial transmission rates now. >> the loretto car show returns. organizers are also offering free covid vaccines on site. >> we are going to offer vaccine shots for free to the first 50 people -- for free. the first 50 people get $100. the rest to get low rider gear as a gift as our way to say thank you for being safe. >> masks are required. the car show runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. the university of san francisco is welcoming students back to campus. student ambassadors work for -- will coordinate move-in day. construction was finished while
9:39 am
class was remote. meantime, a lot more to get to. next, the smooth sounds of jazz. the changes patrons can expect at this weekends's festival in the south bay. and, a live look outside this morning. looking at sfo, southwest flight grass looks great, zeus!
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9:42 am
it has grown and become a beloved tradition in santa fe. >> the 31st sent -- san jose jazz summerfest features artists outdoors and indoors. acts like he's bay native pete escobedo and grammy winter -- grammy winner,. -- common. >> it has been so long since i have been able to look in the eyes of audience members. >> masks will be with proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. >> ticket sales have been strong. the comments people have been making to reconnect with friends. >> that was dan ashley reporting. that is good to see. the music starts at 2:00 p.m. today and noon tomorrow. tickets are still.
9:43 am
>> he potential. our onshore flow from the bayshore to the coastline, kind of a typical day in the east bay. it is easy. we will talk numbers when we come back. >> thank you, the pride of pleasanton deal
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9:45 am
>at our santa cruz camera, you can see quite a few people already enjoying the beach this morning. let's talk sports. tonight, the 49ers will play in front of -- and their fans for the first time. the niners facing the kansas city chiefs at 5:30 tonight. this afternoon, in texas to face the rangers.
9:46 am
the first pitch is at 4:05. the giants will try to win their seventh straight when they take on the rockies at oracle park at 6:05. last night, the giants survived a ninth-inning rally by the rockies. here is larry beil with the highlights in sports. >> brandon crawford is having a career year. the giants's shortstop it's a a $32 million extension that could ensure he plays his entire career as a giant. the former 49ers quarterback alex smith will work for espn this season. wilmer florez or j 2019. suddenly, a one-run game. the skipper is getting nervous.
9:47 am
zach l, fearing, fea the giants hang out 54. that is six wins in a row as they stay five up against l.a.. how about the streaking a's in arlington. chappy up the middle. july was not great. they made three errors in this game. every ranger who reached base because of it ever scored. a 31 blast against sergio romo. he is down 65. but, the a's back all night. d.j. peters is up. eight/six texas is your final. 49ers opened the preseason against the chiefs tonight at
9:48 am
levi's stadium. coach shanahan is excited to see his rookie qb in a real game. >> i think trey will make the team. you know that a lot of eyes will be on him. i always try to tell them, it is just like practice. >> in soccer, a the second half. the vancouver keeper got i had don adolph the post. nobody -- cooper keeper got a hand -- the vancouver keeper got a hand on it off the post. jonathan comes up. this evans pig in the draft goes for 18 points. though this moody had 22 as the summer warriors defeat okc 94/80.
9:49 am
that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. >> let's get a check of the forecast with lisa argen >. >> a lot of factors are in play. one is the onshore flow. that will give us gusty wind this afternoon limiting anymore heating around the bay and along the coast. it will be confined to inland valleys. yesterday we had high clouds offshore. also, some to the north. this is smoke mixed in with clouds. now, air quality is pretty good around the bay area except for in san rafael. to the north and east, it has not changed much. healthy air for sensitive groups -- unhealthy air for sensitive groups with orange and red. here they smoke loop. upper elevations are all orange. sunday, the orange shifts east.
9:50 am
so, here we are later on today. a little of that light green and blue indicates hayes at times. then, we will look for that system building in to push the smoke east. then, a system setting up west. that will bring a cooldown. here is a look at our tower camera. 63 in oakland and 65 in san jose with 57 in pacifica. cal neva is up in the mountains, pretty hazy at times. 60 in santa rosa, 66 nevada, upper 60's by the delta. we have a low little hazy sunshine. we will have limited son and a cool -- limited sun at a cool breeze. as and a cool breeze.
9:51 am
-- and a cool breeze. we have highlighted lake county and mendocino county where a heat advisory is in place from later on today through any tk temperatures here -- through 8:00 sunday. temperatures are in the 90's to 100. circulation is clockwise, bringing up higher clouds and maybe a little smoke makes in. that is being pulled down from the north. we will watch that for you. as we look at the high temperature profile for inland a spay, notice -- inland e spray, -- inland east bay, into sunday, a little more sun and maybe lester hayes. as a result -- maybe a little less warmer. into tuesday and wednesday clouds, high elevation and smoke.
9:52 am
it is hazy and hot inland with numbers from the mid and upper 90's to most with mid 80's around the bay. you have to go north of santa rosa to get heat. otherwise, 60's and 70's from the city to oakland today. upper elevations, from mount diablo even amount tam, -- mount tam will ease up a little on heat. although, this is pretty much the first time we have seen smoke visit us, like yesterday and in parts, today. so, that is a different forecast. but, it is not surprising since fires are around us. >> thank you, lisa. after a long pandemic delay, the first major athletic competition is returning to the bay area this weekend. the escape from alcatraz triathlon is that. abc seven news reporter cornell
9:53 am
bernard has more. >> they are ready to jump off the boat and into the bay and embark on their escape. >> it is endurance mixed with a little insanity. >> run, have fun, make friends. >> final touches are being made to the escape from alcatraz triathlon, the 40th year for the infamous event binding a one mile swim, 18 mile bike ride, and eight mile run. the event was canceled in 2020. athlete emma pollen from johannesburg is eager to be compared to -- to be competing again >>. >>hopefully it will be an exciting race to watch. >> although the event is outdoors, covid protocols are happening. >> we have had the sanitizing stations, social distancing, and we are encouraging people to wear their mass around the event -- their i have all vaccinations necessary. >> triathlon crud plow is
9:54 am
competing for the first -- triathlon -- triathlete crag clough -- >> a day on the bay, just like old times. >> just listen to the lifeguards and think the volunteers in will see you at the finish line >> cornell bernard, abc seven news. cornell bernard, abc seven news. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ cornell bernard, abc seven news. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. pleasanton harvest festival is back at the alameda county fairgrounds after a two year aberrant -- absence. >>living and being able to build our business. it has been a really inspiring
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impact for us. >>he festival continues today, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. general admission is five dollars. that is nine dollars. -- is nine dollars. these are, let's get one check of our forecast. -- lisa, let's get one final check of our forecast. >> a ridge of high pressure is heating the inland valley. 90's there. 70's around the bay. tomorrow, it stays hot inland then everybody cools off the rest of the week. >> i am this for -- i am ms. fritz -- liz fritz. both t t t t t t t t t t qualified for the world series in williamsport, pennsylvania.
9:58 am
abc seven news continues at 5:00 p.m.. have a great day. >> michael finney here. i know many of you are waiting for unemployment or covid payments. why can't our viewers get their money? >> there are a number of things that could act -- impact someone's eligibility. >> you deserve better. i promise to keep asking the
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