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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 15, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward on new solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a powerful earthquake devastates haiti. the death toll climbing into the hundreds overnight. homes and businesses are reduced to rubble. this morning, we are hearing from a woman who was there. good morning everybody. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 wherever you stream. let's get a quick look at the forecast with lisa arjun. lisa: we certainly have the fog again. that onshore flow is pretty strong, but we do have areas that the fog has not reached this morning. you can see we have clear skies inland and the sea breeze will be with us again, but it is not
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going to do its whole part because the air quality will be at moderate so we have northerly wind and that will continue until the sea breeze gets stronger and brings down those temperatures inland. 56 in napa with low livermore. more clouds throughout the day but also a little bit of haze at times. upper 70's along the peninsula. upper 60's in the city and the timing on cooldown by later on monday into tuesday, we will talk about how cool it is going to get and the numbers in your neighborhood when we see you next. luz: more now on the developing news in haiti. the that earthquake struck yesterday morning. more than 300 people have been confirmed dead and at least 1800 others are injured. the disaster is adding to misery
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in haiti which is still reeling from the assassination of its president last month. christine sloan has more. christine: the u.s. sending help to haiti after a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the earthquake -- hit the country saturday morning. a series of aftershocks followed. the tremors felt as far away as cuba and jamaica. the u.s. geological survey says the epicenter was miles away from port-au-prince. a church badly damaged, a crack running through the center. in the town not far from the epicenter, rubble covers the streets. people are seen using heavy machinery to clear it. the disaster follows last month's assassination of the president. the country's new prime minister declaring a state of emergency. government officials, relief agencies and representatives from the united nations are
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assessing the damage and u.s. aid is deploying a team to help with recovery. president biden naming samantha power to coordinthere are conced be facing the same level of devastating distraction scene after an earthquake shattered the country 11 years ago, killing more than 200,000. >> this earthquake is larger than that earthquake in 2010. the impact on human life and infrastructure are likely devastating. christine: now haiti is facing the threat of another natural disaster as tropical storm grace heads toward the island. liz: abc 7 news spoke with a woman in haiti's capital who felt the earthquake. the city is about 100 miles from the epicenter and was not hit quite as hard as other parts of the country. the powerful quake sent people running into the streets.
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here is what that resident told abc 7 news. >> i felt something for the first earthquake, we didn't know what it was. after this experience, i immediately knew it was an earthquake and i moved outside. lots of people outside started yelling. liz: at least 1800 people havst1 been injured in the earthquake. more developing news in afghanistan. the u.s. state department has started moving embassy personnel in kabul to the airport for evacuation. the embassy remains open for now, but the situation is changing rapidly as the taliban closes in on the capital. u.s. officials say a decision could come soon on whether to close the embassy for good. 5000 u.s. troops have been
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deployed to help americans evacuate safely. the taliban has seized more than a dozen major cities across afghanistan just in the past week. secretary of state antony blinken is expected to address the situation in afghanistan this morning on this week with george stephanopoulos. secretary blinken will talk more about the decisions surrounding the future of the u.s. embassy in kabul and the future of that country. you can watch the full interview coming up at 8:00, right here on abc 7. a sad situation unfolding there. meantime, let's get to your health. it is our commitment to building a better bay area. on vaccine watch today, new information about a supplemental dose. tim johns walks us through who is actually eligible for a third dose and where they are being offered. tim: it is a new chapter in our fight against covid-19. >> we know the virus is very
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active, very much circulating. tim:tim: with the delta variant surging, both the fda and cdc have authorized third doses of the coronavirus vaccine to be given to those most at risk, specifically those who have compromised immune systems. >> the most common reasons people would fall into that category are active treatment for cancer or being treated with immunosuppressive medicines. tim: they are far from the only ones. >> this is not my first time to the rodeo. i've been through a pandemic before. tim: jones has been living with undetectable hiv for years. while he is trying to figure out if he is eligible for a third shot, he wants to keep himself but not -- not just himself but other people around him safe. t peleto unrstand as we are just not if you qualify for a third shot, some bay area counties have begun rolling them out in
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public clinics. other pharmacyhains are also beginning to offer third jabs. physicians warn only those who truly fit into the current parameters should come forward. >> this is not something that everyone needs right now. we are trying to focus on those, who despite being vaccinated are still extremely high risk for hospitalization and death. liz: on the peninsula, soon need proof of vaccination at businesses in san mateo county. this supervisor tells us the board will discuss the measure. it would be similar to an ordinance in francisco they issued on thursday that requires bars, restaurants, clubs, entertainment venues and indoor gems to get proof of vaccination from customers and employees. that san francisco maxine mandate -- print -- san francisco vaccine mandate will take effect on friday.
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this does not include anyone picking up food to go. the city health order also states workers at indoor venues including adult day centers, residential care facilities and dental offices must be fully vaccinated by october 13. that deadline also applies to pharmacists. the diocese of monterey will issue religious exemptions for covid-19 vaccine mandate. bishop daniel garcia has taken a hard line on exemptions because he says they contradict the teaching of the catholic church. the pope and the bishops of california are encouraging parishioners to get vaccinated. the bishop's message comes as more employers are mandating workers get vaccinated or provide a medical or religious exemption. >> if they decide in their conscience, something else, we don't trample on conscience. we are not going to give a lit is exemption -- a religious exemption because it is not what we believe. liz: the diocese of monterey has
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as many as 300,000 parishioners. if you have questions about vaccine mandates, you can always ask the abc 7 eyewitness vaccine team. there is information on how to book an appointment to get your shot on our website. all right lisa. august, what is it already? some kids are getting ready for school. lisa: we still have some summertime weather. a look downtown, in the upper 50's plenty of clouds. the marine layer is with us over parts of the bayshore. looking at another hot day inland but things are changing. i will have the full forecast coming up. liz: also ahead, new fallout over fears of the delta variant. bay area venue owners are canceling events. classic cars and covid testing. area that adjusts to the times.
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liz: welcome back. here is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. a little bit of fog this morning. we hope you are having a good start to your sunday. covid-19 cases are beginning to trend downward across much of the bay area. the pandemic is continuing to have impacts. as matt boone explains, many events in the bay area are being canceled or postponed, some even months in advance. matt: this was the last time the great dickens christmas fair was held back in 2019. >> people from all over tried to reach out to us and ask us to please do a show. this is our holiday tradition. matt: their communications director says after canceling the large indoor event last year, they were excited to bring it back in 2021. but given that it takes three months of prep and construction, they had to make a decision now
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for the december production. >> when things took a turn for the worse and we realize we wouldn't be able to keep our performers as well as the public as safe as we want to, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year. matt: they are planning to do a virtual and drive-thru event in its place. meantime at the oasis bar and club in san francisco, several shows were canceled last week and other promoters have been canceling or hesitant to schedule events there. >> it is hard to project out and hard for a club to not be able to do that and know what the climate is going to look like in a week or two weeks. matt: a performer who deals with most of the booking, doing what she can to keep the place afloat. >> i will keep doing this and keep working, and all of our staff will. matt: in san francisco, covid-19 cases shot up after the reopening in june but over the past week have been trending downward. >> if the trend continues, we should be young the peak in
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cases. the hospitalization wl stil mtases. matt: -- expends that trend downward to continue for now -- expects that trend downward to continue for now but doesn't know what will happen if vaccine levels don't increase. >> every two weeks, opportunity for a new variant to emerge. liz: and weekend along with free covid vaccines. this is the 40th anniversary for the event which got started in 1981. sharply painted and customized cars took center stage as well as the famous hopping contest, whose car jumps the highest winds. they also encouraged patrons to get vaccinated. >> there are a lot of people in our community that just don't
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trust the government. they don't trust pharmaceutical companies. in the past that -- pharmaceutical companies that have in the past use them as guinea pigs. liz: organizers gave out free customized low rider masks. lisa, let's get asa, let's get'' forecast now. pretty typical for this time of year. lisa: it is. we have a battle between two weather systems, high-pressure and our heat dome. along the strong onshore flow which is the dominant feature. that is allowing some good air quality, comfortable temperatures along the bayshore but inland today will be hazy once again. up to the north bay, we see some of that haze from the dixie fire.
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a look at live doppler 7 where the fog really has not entered the bay totally. we are looking at some patchy fog and current temperatures are looking like this. 62 in oakland. 53 up in santa rosa. a couple degrees cooler up in the north bay but it is the upper elevations and inland where we have numbers on the mild side. here is a look at smoke at the surface. high pressure begins to break down over to the east of us and as it does, it will take the smoke out of the area into monday. better air quality on the way but once again, we are forecasting very little change out there. where it is hot, it has been, well into the 90's. that sea breeze is strong and allowing temperatures to be more comfortable, away from our inland valleys. clouds clearing to the coast, looking at that area of haze
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throughout the east bay. here is how warm it has been, forecasted highs across the state for your sunday, looking at 113 in reading, 106 in fresno. san francisco is not taking part in that with highs in the 60's. as we get into our monday, temperatures could come up a couple degrees, where numbers will be well over 105 in fresno but once again closer to the coast, we have moderate temperatures. big-time cooling getting into the valley. there is still a heat advisory until 8:00 for lake county's. for our friends in lower lake and clear lake, it is going to be hot with temperatures over 100 degrees. this spread of temperatures is really wide-ranging. the pink is just touching into fairfield and antioch.
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mid-90's in livermore. looking at upper 80's in santa rosa. 74 in oakland. down the peninsula, upper 70's and maybe 80 in redwood city. there is a look at the hot temperatures again for your monday afternoon, inland and then we will get breezy with cooler conditions and looking at that morning fog and afternoon sun. a typical spread with 70's along the bay and those 60's at the coast. . inland, it has been hot but otherwise you have noticed some of that haze in the atmosphere. liz: evacuation warning in the tulsa area has now been canceled. the fire protection district released new photos this morning of that fire that broke out yesterday. it was contained tenured nine acres.
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cal fire captain crews overnight to monitor hotspots. the dixie fire is showing no signs of slowing down, scorching well over 10,000 acres in just the last 24 hours. it is burned a total of 500 for the 2000 acres -- it has burned a total of 552,000 acres. one of the firefighters hurt last week returned home to san diego. dozens of supporters were on hand to welcome him home. he was injured by a falling tree and thankfully is expected to make a full recovery. three other firefighters had minor injuries. in the east bay, a memorial for a young man killed by a stray bullet in downtown oakland. years ago, this 22-year-old died at 15th and webster street. he was an aspiring artist and part of the tribute to him included a mural with his nickname, and painting a pole
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pink. his mother had this message. >> we have to rally around our children and show them that life is much more than just hitting -- much more than a bullet hitting a body. if we start loving on our children and helping them to understand that the air we breathe is a gift and when you take it away, you are losing the talent and so many opportunities that could exist for people. liz: $25,000 i i i offered for information leading to an arrest in the death. past and present. poet laureates from san francisco and beyond gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of -- who passed away last month after running the memorial church with her husband for several decades. >> janice was a giant amongst us, and not just because of the high heels she wore.
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>> what i will always remember about her was how truly kind she was. liz: she was san francisco's poet lower yet from 2000 to 2002. there will be a public memorial for her today. today is the key deadline if you're looking to get health insurance under obamacare. this is the last day to take advantage of a special sign-up period made possible by the covid-19 relief law. the government estimates more than 2.5 million people have gotten coverage since president biden ordered the market place to reopen in february. obamacare appears to be here to stay after the supreme court backed it in a third major challenge earlier this summer. just ahead, if you think it is tough to find parking now, it could soon get even harder in san jose. why the struggle for a spot may go from
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar]
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gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox.
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liz: welcome back. with the pandemic, fewer people are taking public transit and more people are driving. at the same time, the city of san jose is proposing a policy change that would reduce potential parking spots. dustin dorsey found it as part of the city goal to move on from a car dependent society. dustin: this shopping center is very popular among south bay residents. places to eat, shop and live. the problem is on most days, there are no places to park. >> it makes it difficult to plan out your day because you have to allot for parking away from the building. >> yet to get here at certain times and when you are here, your friend might call you and you can't go because you can't lose your parking spot. dustin: he says his complex and to pay for a spot on property.ay would require fewer -- fewer
5:25 am
parking spots in housing develop it's in the future. >> but we are trying to do is enable an urban environment that is more focused on people and buildings instead of having a lot of parking du parking also c c c of money, currently costing developers upwards of $50,000 per parking space, money that eventually comes back on the consumer. the city hopes this plan will create a less car dependent society. >> i don't know how that is going to work. it is already a problem. it is just making it worse. >> this won't make it so that somehow parking disappears. we are looking at rightsizing the parking, making sure that the developing community along with the city has a robust conversation about what is really needed and reducing that number to the amount needed, not less and not more. dustin: the change also calls
5:26 am
for developments to have plans in place to support other forms of transportation as well. liz: a rally is set for today to keep san francisco's great highway car free. the mayor and other officials announced last week that it will partially reopen to vehicles during the week. it was limited to pedestrians and bicyclists during the pandemic and now the city wants to allow cars monday through friday, banning them only on weekends. valley organizers say the great bridge was -- the bayview neighborhood is making a name for itself with a big and bold statement. we were there for the official unveiling of the eight foot tall letters and park that greet people at third street near mead avenue. the letters spelling out bayview were installed at the end of april and are supposed to be visible from highway 101. crews wrapped up the project with landscaping and covering the letters and colorful tiles
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that come from all over the neighborhood. still to come, building a better bay area with film a tear -- with phil bu. the heart of san francisco, wilmore police make a difference? the 49er faithful returned to levi's stadium the first time in 500 days. the pandemic
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> to more cops on the streets actually make the streets safer? liz: abc 7 news news news news n questions of san francisco's police department as it puts more officers on the streets. will the plan work?
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good morning everybody. you're watching abc 7 news wherever you stream. let's start this half hour with a look at the weather with lisa arjun. lisa: starting out with low clouds and fog along the shoreline. there is a look at the bay bridge and moderate air quality will continue as that ridge of high pressure sits overhead, bringing a little haze this afternoon. it is 62 in union city, a littll haze in san jose. a little cooler in santa rosa. we will get more sunshine and as we do throughout the afternoon, temperatures are going to heat up once again for plenty of 90's from livermore and antioch today. 81 down towards fremont.still 's
5:31 am
with that steady onshore flow, we will talk about the fog coming back into play tonight. the cooldown that is slated for the week ahead. liz: despite the pandemic, san francisco is suspected to see more than 15 million tourists this year. those tourists could pump $3.5 billion into local businesses. one of the keys to building a better bay area is making sure those tourists feel safe and that they want to come back. that is why san francisco is putting more officers on the streets in popular parts of the city. the question is, will that be enough? that is what phil wanted to see when he caught up with police, to see if their presence is making a difference. >> san francisco sages and outdoor style show in union square. phil: there was a time when san francisco's union square was the destination for the latest fashions. in the 1950's, white gloved crowds of women gathered to see what was hot.
5:32 am
today, the new trend everyone is talking about our thefts -- are thefts. organized groups swarmed into the nema's dachshund in -- into the neiman marcus store, stealing tens of thousands in designer handbags. despite these hope i'll incidents, san francisco police and crime data shows declining incidence of property crime in the city so far. how shocked were you when you saw that video of people running out with purses? >> honestly for me, if it was 10 years ago it would have been shocking but today it is not just here. you are seeing it on the news everywhere. it is disappointing. phil: most of the stores in this area have increased their security. some even hire off-duty police officers to stand guard. many luxury retailers are now requiring appointments or just sticking to the old pandemic
5:33 am
capacity limits, in order to restrict a number of people inside stores. >> the last guy i talked to said he liked the -- phil: these sergeants are walking the streets of union square today as part of san francisco's police department's tourism deployment plan. the goal is increased presence in high-traffic tourism areas to let people know that san francisco is safe. >> are you going to ride the cable car? have a good day. phil: it isn't just tourists who are seeing more police. businesses are seeing more police as well. >> we are doing good today. nothing crazy so far. hopefully it stays that way. phil: the pandemic has hit union square hard. block after block of closed stores and shops and there are the homeless on the sidewalks. none of it paints the
5:34 am
neighborhood is a welcoming place. you can't do anything with him right? >> he wasn't doing anything and the store was not complaining. with those guys, mainly you just get to know them, build up some rapport so that when you need something from them, you stay respectful and they just go along with it. phil: in the meantime, you just step over them and say, that's san francisco? >> there are resources but how do you convince them of that? we know they need help. they have to see it too. it goes both ways. nothing breaks our hearts more than not being able to help. we don't want to see them sitting there. phil: the smp -- the sf pd captain is in charge of the station which includes many of the city's top tourist attractions like union square, chinatown and fisherman's wharf.
5:35 am
this is union square, the heart of san francisco. nothing but landmarks around here. how did it wind up being a crime center? >> retail crimes for sure. this is the center of commerce. the union square you are referring to. during the pandemic, it was a different time, but property crime has gone up. but slowly, they have been decreasing as well. our goal is before it happens. phil: how much time do you think we will be able to keep cops at this level in this part of the city? we have seen them come and go. >> i am very helpful -- hopeful. we talk specifically about union square. we have officers who are dedicated. tourism deployment definitely helps, but we also have reserve
5:36 am
officers that come out. phil: your area is not just union square. you have fisherman's wharf, you have some of the hottest tourist spots. you have retail theft here, car break-ins at fisherman's wharf. you have your hands full. >> we certainly do. eight of the 10 most iconic places to visit our in our district. we are battling a rise in auto burglaries. again, looking back back prior weeks, we have seen some very positive decreases. phil: attractions is people want to feel safe. >> that's right. phil: do more cops on the street make the streets safer in your opinion? >> of course it does. crime is one thing.
5:37 am
perception is another thing. when i say perception, that means the fear of crime. even if crime is down and the perception is high, then the perception is there is a lot of crime. we don't just look at crime itself but we look at the fear of crime. we need to address that issue as well. phil: how much time do you think it will take for us to get back to what was the old normal as far as safety? >> we are heading towards that right now. it is looking good and positive. with the advent of social media, there is a lot of perception. if you look at the hard data, the chief announced a couple a rate people thi,s not but social media is rising, so the perception is there. it is a good thing, awareness. people know and they see what is
5:38 am
going on, more than they used to. phil: very important to the city's hotel industry. before the pandemic, occupancy rates were roughly 80% in hotels. today, just at about 30%. the hotel council president says the increased police patrols will help the city recover from the pandemic drop. >> we've been asking for and we have been seeing more beat and patrol officers out on the street. phil: does that help public safety or does that help more with image and public relations? >> absolutely public safety for our employees and visitors as well. when they can visually see the officers on the street, it provides a sense of security and it also does provide security. phil: but does it do much for the homeless situation or panhandling because that is not against the law? >> correct, but anything else that is done that is against the law, having the visual representation of police officers on the street is incredibly important. phil: how are the retailers
5:39 am
around here doing? >> as we start to get more businesses in the hotels, retailers will see more people coming in as well. for them, it is important to have thee streetecset hssourrst st in andheg opping, that they are safe when they are on the street. liz: that was phil matier reporting. the only way the city is able to fund these increased patrols is with overtime. that is because the san francisco police department is short about 400 officers and the problem is getting worse as officers retire or leave for different departments. coming up, this week, abc 7's effort to build a better bay area will shift efforts back to us -- shift focus back to schools. will bring you a full week of education stories on-air and online at still ahead, a big comeback for 49ers fans.
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liz: for the first time in 573 days, 49ers fans got to watch their team play in person at levi's stadium. things are definitely since the last time the faithful set foot inside the stadium. due to the pandemic and current health orders, masks are required indoors, and that includes the bathrooms. proof of vaccination or a negative covert test are not
5:43 am
required to get in and there are no limits on capacity. >> i'm feeling great. i'm happy to be back. i am vaccinated and i will wear a mask inside the stadium. liz: the 49ers have another game in two weeks against the raiders at levi's stadium. detrterback trey lantz. lisa: a live look outside, where temperatures are in the 50's. it is cool and there is fog. contrast that to the 90's arriving inland today. still a little more haze. my forecast is coming up next.
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5:45 am
liz: welcome back. here is a live look outside over the san francisco skyline.
5:46 am
it is about 58 degrees in the city. later this morning, the a's will try to win their weekend series in texas. this afternoon, the giants will try and take three out of four from the rockies. alex wood is the scheduled starting pitcher for the orange and black. the 49ers will be back in action next sunday in l.a. against the chargers. last night, they took on the kansas city chiefs at levi's stadium. here is chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning sports. chris: usually don't get excited about preseason football, but a different story on saturday night. the fans back at levi's in the debut of rookie trey lance. 49ers and chiefs. jimmy g. did get the starting quarterback a first play, a little rollout to deebo samuel.
5:47 am
a solid start for jimmy g.. here comes -- here comes trey. he is taiit out and fidownfield. it ends up being an 85 yard touchdown. what i debut. -- what a debut. a touchdown for the rookie. some rookie bruises as well. he was sacked four times. you've got to get used to the speed and strength of an nfl pass rush. here he is on his debut. >> it was awesome to be out there, playing again. i have great guys around me, i just ended to do a little bit better job getting those guys the ball. -- just needed to do a little bit better job getting those guys the ball. >> they were so excited for me and making that play.
5:48 am
it was a special moment. >> i thought he had a good first day. still a work in progress. we are going to keep working on it. chris: the giants and rockies, star wars night at oracle park. opposite field to right-center. 1-01 an impressive swing of the bat -- swing of the bat. giants hit into into three innings. the a's and rangers from texas, sparking, searching for peanuts. bottom five is up. a pop to left. look at matt chapman. what a play that was. matt olson, solo blast to left. instead of bashing, let's hug it
5:49 am
out. the a's put it away. they win 8-3. history in the arizona desert. a first career start he will never forget. a no-hitter against the padres, becoming the first picture in major league history to toss a no-no in their first start. that is your look at sports. just four weeks from today, the giants -- the niners and lions open the season on sunday. back to you. liz: this wednesday, tune in for an emotional event featuring the life and career of kobe bryant. superstar premiers at 10:00 right here on abc and streaming on hulu. foreith lislisa: good morning t.
5:50 am
starting cuds and fog at the coast. we are clear over the east bay hills and the south bay. here is live doppler 7. temperatures from campbell at 60. it is 61 over in elm rock. as we head up toward the north bay, temperatures are in the low to mid 50's. a cool start with some fog in nevada. 64 in lafayette. warmer numbers in the upper elevations. that is a look at our near surface smoke. notice we are still in the green and blue. that means some haze coming into play. as we get into your monday, a stronger onshore push is really going to push the smoke to the east of us. our friends around fresno and sacramento, not getting much of a break things will improve a little bit. today, since we have that ridge
5:51 am
of high pressure to the east of us and some lighter wind, looking at a bit of haze out there. reporting clear conditions plus clearing to the coast, looking at areas of haze and then cooler temperatures late day monday, more so into tuesday for the week ahead. it has been hot up towards willits. temperatures will be over 100 degrees. the national weather service has a heat advisory for lake county and mendocino county. temperatures in the south bay, pretty comfortable you will notice a little bit of haze throughout the afternoon. looking at 81 inthe sea breeze r temperatures in the low 70's but a pretty nice day from palo alto. 82 in redwood city. heading to the coast, you will have numbers in the 60's around
5:52 am
sunset. little change downtown, that breeze kicking up to 30 miles per hour. up to the north, it hasn't been as hot as it could be. you can see the line where the temperatures are in the pink. that is where we have a heat advisory from lakeport to cloverdale. further south into sonoma and santa rosa, upper 80's. a big difference here, could be a lot warmer, looking at the breeze around the san pablo bay. nice here but certainly not a warm summer. 80 in newark. warm numbers as you get to the low 90's for pleasanton. out towards the delta, it is all about the triple digits. little change for your monday. inland, it is going to take another day before we see that sea breeze spread across the bay.
5:53 am
near 100 inland and as we get to tuesday, it is breezy and cooler everywhere but you will feel that more dramatically in our inland valleys and the fog is not leaving the coast, where temperatures are going to stay in the seasonal range from the 60's to the low 90's. liz:of its kind event to give athletes of every skill of -- every skill level the triathlon ex we're at our best when we stand together. that's when we make the impossible possible. that's what stand up to cancer has done. because you stood up. because of you, survivors are out there. we're making the impossible... possible. we're committed to making every cancer patient... a survivor. this is the moment we double our efforts. together... we stand up to cancer. tune in saturday august 21st at 8/7 central
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liz: here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. the powerball numberball numberl nobody matched all six numbers and so the jackpot has increased. the winning numbers from last nights super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all nobody pickede
5:56 am
and wednesdays jackpot grows to $9 million. this week and bought a chance for athletes to compete in san francisco's first ever escape aquathon. the event marked the triathlon 40th anniversary. it was designed to get more athletes involved in the winners were from san francisco and cuba -- and cuba city, wisconsin. next on abc 7 mornings morningsi the race against time and afghanistan. u.s. troops are on the ground helping americans evacuate the embassy. meantime, the taliban continues to take control. aofwoert avenues canceling majos while one sporting event returns for the first time since 2020. e pandemic as we build a better bay area. stay with us.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a powerful earthquake devastated haiti, the death toll climbing into the hundreds overnight. homes and businesses are reduced to rubble. we are hearing from a woman who was there. it is sunday, august 15. i am live here on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's have a quick look at the weather. lisa: good morning. a marine layer, right at the coast. hayes in inland valleys -- hazt temperatures in the 50's. air quality will be myelin -- moderate today. the ridge fades away and we


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