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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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to afghanistan in addition to the 4000 already there to help with evacuations. abc news reporter faith oglebay tells us the taliban have taken control in couple -- kabul. faith: a delegation of taliban leaders arrived to negotiate a transfer of power. a new council will be formed by a former afghan president. in a statement, they said the council's goal is to create chaos, reduce suffering of the afghan people, and manage a peaceful transition of power. kabul was the final destination of the offensive. in just over a week, taking all major cc -- cities. the taliban said none of the fighters would enter anyone's homes or harass them. on sunday, kabul was sealed off. the emergency evacuation gets underway. >> right now, the focus has to
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be totally on getting these american personnel out, and the brave afghans who helped us through the years out. faith: this processing center filled with visa after -- applicants, now fearing for their lives. >> we served for the american forces. we served for the u.s. forces, for the coalition forces. they have to take care of us. faith: other afghans are now bracing for what is to come. >> people are worried about how, the way taliban entry as before, and now we just one piece. faith: the biden administration is defending the decision. >> the president made the decision it was time to end this war for the united states, to get out of the civil war in afghanistan. faith: but some in congress are taking aim at the biden and trump administration's. >> president biden vers of
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possibility for this decision. but president trump, secretary pompeo, they bear significant responsibility for this. president trump told us the taliban was going to fight terror. secretary pompeo told us the taliban was going to renounce al qaeda. none of this happened. faith: faith of debate -- abub ay, abc news, washington. dion: -- interview afghan president in 2015. the group is based in san rafael and its co-founder told abc 7 news reporter that she is worried and frightened about what could happen next in afghanistan. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> it's absolutely not only a crisis. it's catastrophic. reporter: the roots of peace founder was up all night,
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desperately trying to help her 360 employees stuck in kabul. he just sent this letter to president biden, pleading for help. >> please, to safely get my staff and their immediate families out of afghanistan right now. reporter:veeeg work in afghanistan for two decades, helping farmers thrive. but her employees are now at double risk of being targeted by taliban forces since they work for a u.s. government-funded nonprofit run by a woman. >> right now, that has a price on my head, on their heads. reporter: a solidarity ceremony supporting the afghan people and praying for peace. many people here have worked for roots of peace and have family back home in afghanistan, and they are fearing for their safety. >> they are really scared.
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reporter: he is hoping his sisters can escape the country. this person has been getting messages from her friends, saying goodbye. >> don't send me this message because you will be alive. you are safe. reporter: in 2015, former news anchor cheryl jennings traveled to afghanistan with roots of peace and interviewed the president. back then, he was hopeful for the future. >> it's a reborn love. people are re-engaging with their country. reporter: heidi says for now, she is not putting fingers at the crisis in afghanistan. >> i don't think this is time to cast blame. i think we need to take this day and get this country back on its feet. reporter: in marin county, cornell burnout -- cornell barnard, abc 7 news. dion: we are featuring cheryl jennings's exclusive reports on our website. those stories are on on our homepage at
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and abc news will air a special report tonight on abc 7. seniors and front-line workers could be next in line for the supplemental shots. the head of the national institutes of health says the u.s. could make the decision in a matter of weeks. the nih, however, is also making ominous predictions we could see daily case levels hit 200,000. that's a number not seen since january. another sign of just how bad the covid surge is, the average number of americans under 50 has reached an epidemic high. and if you have questions about vaccine mandates, you too can ask the vaccine team. submit your questions at there is also information on how to book an appointment to get your shot. in other news now developing out of northern california, the dixie fire group by another 2000
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acres overnight as the flames chreewed up dry trees and brush. it's burned up 865 square miles. calfire says firefighters are working on building up containment lines and are trying to protect as many homeowners as possible. the dixie fire destroyed more than 1100 buildings. taking a live look at the hazy skies in parts of the bay area, all of this of course because of the smoke from wildfires not only in northern california, but oregon as well. abc 7 news meteorologist joins us now.meorogist: we are going o find improvement. what you saw from that view from the east bay, they've got that smoke in our atmosphere, a lot of hayes on this sunday evening. it's good to moderate across a portion of the bay area. but we have thicker smoke there, where the air quality is ranging
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on the unhealthy category. good news is, a stronger breeze is going to kick up in the next 24 hours. wind gust by this time tomorrow, very strong with that ensure that's going to push a lot of this smoke out of our atmosphere. it's also going to help cool off and then cities from the heat. we'll have those details. dion: sounds good. thanks. the great debate over san francisco's highway intensifies. >> let's turn this into a permanent place for people. dion: a rally today to keep cars off the road while some neighbors say the street needs to reopen to traffic. the big change coming tomorrow. also a change at a south bay airport that supporters hope
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dion: san francisco's ay highway is going to partially open tomorrow for the first time since the pandemic. abc 7 news was there for as to vehicles. after tomorrow, weekends and holidays will be the only time cars will be restricted, however somewhat the road to reopen because of traffic being diverted to other streets.
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>> ever city has a lot of street -- our city has a lot of streets that go north/south, about 40 of them. and no streets that are preserved for walkers, or preserved car free. >> parking has become a real issue. everything has affected so much quality of life. dion: those in favor of reopening the highway have an online to sin -- online petition that has been signed by 20,000 people. read hillview airport in east san jose will run on unleaded fuel. an announcement is expected from the local aviation community tomorrow. unleaded fuel will be introduced at the airport's general aviation aircraft. the change as a growing number of officials demanding the airport's closure because of unsafe lead levels from pain -- planes. it's critical for smaller planes and critical emergency operations. it is back to school tomorrow
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for students in san francisco. and for many, it could be their first time in a classroom in well over a year. students will need to wear masks indoors, and there's another requirement for teachers and staff. they need to be vaccinated by september 7 or be tested weekly for covid until they are fully vaccinated. in addition, the district is offering virtual learning for those who were concerned about returning to campus. they are gearing up to return to school in the east bay, as well. a back to school drive took place in albany today to help low income students who attend uc berkeley and have children. backpacks stuffed with supplies, food, drink, and masks were among the items donated today by the university pantry. a winning moment left a woman speechless. >> wow. wow. thank you so much. dion: kind of says it all. up next on abc 7 news, the natial title she now holds. and meteorologist drew
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we can expect better air quality soon. that is coming up first in weather. now to you, chris. chris: all right, sorry about that. working from home. the 49ers opened the regular season. and baseball, the giants lamont weight showing off -- wade showing off the arm. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun.
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dion: the escape from alcatraz triathlon made a roaring comeback today. about 600 people took part today. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic, and was delayed this year. normally it was held in june. the race is in its 40th year. ben canute from phoenix was the men's winner, won the women's division. featuring the life and career oe legendary liquor star kobe bryant. "super -- lakers star kobe bryant. "superstar" premieres. once again, drew tuma joining us
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with a look at the weather and the improving conditions. drew: first, we will find improving air quality, and then we will finally get relief from the hot weather inland. and another day of triple digit heat. i do want to show you this satellite view from today. this is from nasa. you can see all of the elevated smoke that is overhead. you see it in the haze outside. but the marine there is doing its job, making sure that smoke doesn't reach the surface, creating the worst air quality. you look at the air close to the fires, and we are seeing a lot of smoke emanating from those fires. that's a reason why we're seeing smoke here in the bay area. future weather tracking that smoke. i do expect when we wake up, we find that haze in the sky first thing, but a breeze really kicks in in the afternoon. that's going to push a lot of smoke to our east. improving air quality for the second half of your monday, and it does look like a repeat
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performance on tuesday, tuesday fresh air along the coast, may be moderate air quality in the inland east bay, but all in all, improving air quality coming the next two days. right now, with that battle going on with the sea brentwoodn concorde, 66 in oakland, 61 in the city, but high temps in the north -- north bay, the same in lakeport right now. heat advisory in effect for interior portions of mendocino county and all of lake county until 8:00 p.m. today for those very hot temperatures. good news, we'll start to see a little bit of relief coming our way tomorrow afternoon. here's live doppler seven. we are tracking high-pressure right over northern california, not only trapping that smoke, but also creating that intense heat inland. that's going to push off to the
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east tomorrow afternoon thanks to this area of low pressure that will help kick in that breeze and bring in cooler temperatures. tonight, hazy conditions, fog across the city, mid 50's to mid-60's for most of us first thing tomorrow morning. future weather, we can see the fog pull back to the coast. that means it will rapidly heat up inland once again. lunch time, likely see 90 degrees. that coastal breeze is still going to help keep san francisco, and much of the bay shoreline, pretty come triple. 68 tomorrow in the city. 88 in santa rosa. high inland, 97 concorde, 100 in antioch. better air quality tomorrow afternoon, cooler air greets us on tuesday. wednesday, watch for gusty winds. otherwise, it's a study forecast through next weekend. >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino.
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chris: the giants finishing up their weekend series against the rockies. san francisco is 10-0 after a loss when alex wood starts. to the ballpark we go, junior giants day. nice to see the youngsters give the gift of baseball. alex wood in a jam, two on, out. ryan mcmahon with the out. tommy la stella almost hits a grand slam. he's wondering how that wasn't a four-bagger. so was gabe kappler. 3-0 giants. rockies done a run, connor joe singles to write. lamont wade jr. comes up with a perfect throw to nab the runner. giants improved to 11-0. san francisco winds, 5-2. -- wins, 5-2.
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rangers in attack mode early against a's starter sean manaea. 3-0 texas. matt chapman hit two homers saturday, another here on sunday, a solo blast, the 101st career homer for chappy. peters had manea's number aan day. his seventh earn run in five innings, including three home runs allowed. the a's bring the tying run to the plate in the ninth. starling marte going to give it a rangers win, 7-4. golf now, final round of the wyndham championship, and things got crazy. curls in the 28 footer for birdie. we have a six man playoff, tied for the biggest in b.j. history. adam scott with a chance to win it, and somehow misses, so all
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six golfers advanced to the second playoff hole. and from there, kevin kesner absolutely sticks this approach. everyone knows they must make birdie to keep pace. here's grace again, need another clutch birdie. going to slide on by. he can't believe it. look at that reaction right there. prisoner makes his birdie for the first pga playoff victory. believe it or not, four weeks from today, the 40 niners open the regular season in detroit. last night, the rookie made his debut in the previous -- preseason opener. the third overall pick was smiling ear to ear, especially after this 80 yard strike for his first touchdown. this is a standard play. jiy threwtouchdown, nearly the y
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as the packers in 2019. for the rookie to execute this play to perfection is good for his confidence and progression. kansas city's andy reid and teammate, jimmy garoppolo. >> it was awesome. we kind of saw it coming. watched trent the whole time. he made a beautiful pass out there. it was really cool. >> he looked very poised, composed. and he had a nice play on the firecracker there. >> this is the kind of moment you dream of, scoring your first touchdown. even though it's preseason, it's pretty cool. my teammates were so excited for me, for trent making that play. it was for sure a special moment. >> i thought he had a good first day. it wasn't perfect. until he's perfect, we're going to keep working on it. chris: abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. dion, it almost makes you want
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to take those fake helmets and put it on my head. dion: maybe for tonight's newscast at 11:00. thanks. just ahead, an opportunity for achievement. an east bay move --
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dion: tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, the east bay is home to the largest number of afghan americans in the country. the push to get their loved ones visas as their situation in afghanistan deteriorates. and families are spending a record amount on school supplies. why those costs are climbing, on the on abc 7 new1:00 tonight. finally, a young boy from danville has been crowned miss wheelchair of america. and here is the moment. >> i'm i'm supposed to be able to get this going. wow. wow. thank you so much. dion: i think it says it all. christine burke won the virtual competition last night. she was born with spinal a bifida and will now spend the next year as a spokeswoman for women with disabilities. her advocacy platform isuttingd.
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