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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 18, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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♪ you can be sure abc news will have continuing coverage of the crisis unfolding in afghanistan in the coming days. that's it for us this evening. you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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ama: pollock pines evacuated and a major highway potentially
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closed. the state of emergency near lake tahoe. sandhya: elevating fire danger. the forecast is coming up. >> the generators are on us thousands in northern california are without electricity due to the fire danger. i will tell you how people are dealing with it. >> while many are talking about getting afghan refugees to the u.s., some are asking what happens once they arrive? abc seven news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live breaking news. >> people are panicking. ama: a new wildfire east of sacramento explodes in size. thousands trying to flee. >> we just lost power. that means our broadcast has ceased. >> pg&e has turned off electricity to tens of thousands of customers in northern california including the bay to prevent new wildfires. a red flag warning went into effect for parts of the east bay
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hills and down through santa clara county. a lot to cover tonight. thank you for joining us. dan: we have team coverage on the extremely dangerous conditions tonight, but we will begin with a wildfire raging in the sierra nevada foothills. the caldor fire broke out saturday 40 miles southwest of lake tahoe. kate larsen is in the newsroom for us. what are you hearing about the latest evacuations? kate: i got off the phone with the california office of emergency services. pollock pines is evacuated and it will be a very long night. the el dorado national forest has been ordered closed. thousands of people have already left their homes but that number is expected to increase exponentially as a sheriff's deputies evacuate more foothill communities. for three days, flames have burned unchecked through thick forest in the sierra foothills. wind whipped smoke and embers
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blew through grizzly flats where flames destroyed in elementary school, church and post office. while firefighters struggled to contain this fire and others burning across california, a state of emergency was announced for el dorado county as the cold or fire exploded on tuesday. people trying to escape jammed m up highway 50 through placerville as evacuations were ordered. the chp tweeted be prepared and parts of 50 may close because of the fire and to leave south lake tahoe as soon as possible. >> people are panicking. i panicked a little bit. >> i have my dad who cannot walk. kate: renee lined up for gas after leaving her home so quickly, she didn't have time to rescue her pets. >> i had to leave my cats. they would not get in the crate. that is not a good thing, not a good feeling at all. kate: cindy plans to live with her family in her trailer until it is safe to return. >> hopefully, we will get a call
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that everything is good. >> i had tears. it's unreal. kate: mike surveyed the damage on his dirtbike. >> this is beautiful country. it will be a long time before it is beautiful again. kate: two civilians were seriously injured in grizzly flats and had to be airlifted to hospitals. the fire has now burned at least 30,000 acres and is 0% contained. you can stay with abc 7 news mornings for updates. i'm kate larsen. dan: thank you. the monstrous dixie fire burning in northern california exploded in size today as well. 30 mile-per-hour winds fanned the and foreigner -- the inferno to the east and south. the fire has burned more than 626,000 acres. it is the largest wildfire burning in america right now. it is only 31% contained. no change in that number from where we were yesterday.
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there's a very long way to go. we are seeing those critical fire conditions close to home as well. ama: sandhya patel is tracking it all. sandhya: we have thaflag it:00. the concern is these winds gusting up to 45, 55 miles per hour, really drying out the atmosphere. any fires that develop will quickly spread. the highest threat will be in napa county. winds already out of the northeast. mount st. helena, 26 miles per hour. that will draw is out even more. it ramps up to 46 miles per hour into 8 a.m. with that wind, you will see the humidity values just plunge overnight with the ongoing drought. when humidity is down to 13% in fairfield, that is concerning. high fire danger heading in through tomorrow.
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i will be back with the hour-by-hour look at the rest of the wind and deteriorating smoky sky forecast. ama: happening now, pg&e website shows the power safety public shutoff. the bulk of the shutoffs in the bay area are happening in napa county, but people are also without power in sonoma and solano counties. as many as 51,000 customers could be affected. dan: this is what it looks like in calistoga. the outages started around 6:30 p.m. they are expected to last into thursday. j.r. stone is in calistoga tonight where one third of the city is without electricity. j.r.: complete darkness on the west side of calistoga as pg&e has implemented public safety power shut due to weather conditions that are deemed dangerous for fires. >> we lost our house. we think it is better we be safe
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than sorry. j.r.: that from this family whose calistoga home burned in the tub fire in 2017 and can be seen in this video. they have rebuilt but now are dealing with power shutoffs. >> we are nervous about it. i think you manage it. j.r.: i have prepared with generator power like so many others. ray recently purchased this $16,000 natural gas generator which is up and running now since his electricity is out. the calistoga inn restaurant and brewery is renting this generator. their power shut off tuesday evening when we were there. >> we don't have electricity. however, they just pulled it but we have a generator coming up and running. j.r.: the calistoga mayor ceci he does not like the shutoffs which power off one third of the city. improvements have been made and there is a hope that pg&e will continue to work at this. >> understand why power gets shut off. we see what happens when you don't shut it off but it
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has to happen fewer times and smaller footprints. had us to happen sooner. j.r.: as to when this electricity will come back on, pg&e says likely late wednesday into thursday depending on the weather. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: you can track the air quality and the winds any time with the real-time weather tracker. this tool is live on the abc 7 news connected tv app, abc 7 bay area connected tv. download the app wherever you stream. ama: developing news from kabul. thousands of u.s. forces back in the country to secure the main airport. a nonstop airlift has resumed but the taliban is making it clear it is firmly in charge of afghanistan. here's ian in kabul. ian: another hectic and desperate day as thousands of people go to the airport hoping to get out of the country on these emergency evacuation
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flights. most of them being run by the u.s. military, but also by other nato countries like britain and france. we are now hearing all u.s. personnel have been safely evacuated from the country. the next phase is u.s. citizens and then afghans who have worked alongside u.s. forces. these special visas applicants, but we are told they have to make their own way to the airport. many of them are hiding at home, afraid to come out to the streets because taliban fighters now dominate the city. they say they are here to provide security, but they are a dark, brooding presence on many junctions, roads. there is a risk that could be stopped at checkpoint. this is the reason why they are trying to get out. they fear for their lives and don't want to come into contact with the taliban. the u.s. is adamant they have to make their own way to the airport. we have also been seeing today the taliban holding their first press conference and seizing power. the taliban spokesman came to
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underline they will protect women's rights, but with the caveat, under islamic law. they say women will be able to go to school, to universities, the workplace, but there are going to be conditions. finally, will they allow all these u.s. citizens and afghans to get to the airport safely? they say yes, but again, no plan is in place. abc news, kabul. dan: as the situations worsens and afghanistan, u.s. government officials are trying to speed up the visa process for those seeking asylum. as abc 7 news reporter tim johns explains, some afghans in the bay area say much more needs to be done. tim: with the crisis in afghanistan continuing to unfold, many have been asking what can be done to get help to those most in need? it is a question we asked when we caught up with house speaker nancy pelosi. >> hopefully we can correct that in the next couple of days in terms of the evacuation of people. tim: another question not being
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asked is often is what actually happens to those people once they arrive on our shores? it is something he has thought long and hard about. born in afghanistan, he became a translator working with the u.s. army. he says without help, the transition to american life can be challenging. >> cost of living is so high. job opportunities. education. tim: beyond those immediate issues, he says other things in day-to-day life will be an adjustment to newly arrived afghans. >> culture shock is real, especially for a woman in afghanistan coming to the u.s. they never drove vehicles back home. tim: those are some of the reasons he's encouraging local leaders to provide support services to newcomers. it was a plea heard by many people in the mission district tuesday night who gathered at manny's restaurant try to do their part. >> we will be asking everyone before they leave to raise their
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hand and make one commitment. what is one thing they are going to do in the next one he for hours to be a part of helping afghans on the ground? tim: because as far as he's concerned, helping those who helped us during the war is something that will ultimately benefit us all. >> it really benefits if we have something in the community. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. dan: tomorrow night, an abc news exclusive. president biden will sit down with george stephanopoulos for his first interview since the withdrawal of troops in afghanistan. you can watch the interview on world news tonight tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. on abc 7. ama: booster shots could be coming for millions of americans. when you could get your third dose. dan: are younger kids more likely to spread covid easily? a local doctor explains the results of a new study. ama: a mass testing site is reopening in san francisco. dan: all of that is coming up, but first a look at what is ahead on jimmy kimmel live
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tonight with guest host julie bowen. julie: thanks. i'm julie bowen and there's nothing you can do about it. we did meet on the set of modern family. it felt really real and everybody was a little in love with you and i didn't like it.
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ama: if you ride public transportation for flight, you will need to wear your mask a little while longer and get ready to roll up those sleeves again. millions of americans are about
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to be told to get a third shot. booster shots could be here shortly. federal officials are excited to announce as early as wednesday and recommendation that americans get a supplemental dose eight months after they are fully vaccinated. it apply only to those who received the pfizer or moderna vaccines. the tsa is extending the mask requirement. it was supposed to expire september 13. the new date is january 18. one of the staunchest opponents of mask and vaccine mandates has tested positive for covid. texas governor greg abbott has already been vaccinated and is not showing any symptoms. masks will be mandatory in los angeles county for any outdoor event with at least 10,000 people. the mandate takes effect thursday and include sporting events. if you want to watch las vegas raiders at their new stadium, you withe silver and bf requiring all fans attending their games to have proof of vaccination. the raiders are the first nfl team to require fans to be
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vaccinated. the new orleans saints announced fans would need to be vaccinated or have a negative test. dan: children three and under are more likely to spread the th mayelain ctalyme then older to some, the parents are concerned. the studies is not suggest toddlers are not more contagious. experts say it serves as another reminder to be careful no matter who was around. >> people should be aware that kids can still pick up and transmit the infection. so, just because a bunch of adults are vaccinated, does not mean they can then put all of their kids together from disparate -- different households and assume there's not going to be any transmission. dan: the study appeared in the journal of american medical association and look at more than 6200 households. ama: this covid-19 testing site in san francisco will be up and running again tomorrow. the city is reopening the site because of the surge in cases.
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an average of 230 a day in the city. the site will be open seven days a week from 9:00 to 6:00 with capacity for 500 tests per day. you can send questions to the abc 7 news vaccine team at dan: we want to share these pictures east of the caldor fire. the sky turned an apocalyptic orange this afternoon. remember when that happened in the bay area a year or so ago? it started raining ash and pine needles. ama: wow. it is sad to say we have seen that before. take a look at this video out of lake tahoe. you can see how thick the wildfire smoke is on the west side of the lake. just such a scary scene. we have a lot to keep track of with our weather. dan: ominous pictures. sandhya, the conditions just right for things to get worse. sandhya: absolutely. we have already seen the
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explosive growth with the caldor fire and it could get worse for the wildfires up north and here in the bay area if any fires develop. m some of those fires. this is why tahoe is really dealing with all the smoky conditions you can see how smoky just in this vicinity here where the heaviest smoke has been getting pushed eastward by onshore winds. there's a dry cold front that went through. we are facing high fire danger, tonight, tomorrow. we typically expect this around september, october. dry, down sloping winds. record dry fuel bringing us increasing smoke with the wind direction andtot me show you thr wind forecast. the winds will ramp up 2:00 a.m., especially over the higher elevations. in reading.s as those winds ramp up coming out of this direction, we are
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going to notice the humidity comes down to very low levels. not only that, the wind direction will drag all this smoke in. tomorrow, not just the north bay, but parts of the entire bay area will be dealing with near surface smoke into the afternoon, evening, even into thursday morning. the reason for this is another burst of offshore winds are going to develop tomorrow night into thursday morning. this not as strong but still enough of that direction to keep the smoky skies around. we do have pockets of moderate air quality across the bay area. it was fresher, cleaner air earlier in the deck. a live look from the east bay hills camera. air quality advisory for the wildfire smoke has been issued by the air district for tomorrow. the next three days, moderate air quality. not until saturday we start to see the return of good air quality. a little bit of haze in the atmosphere right now. 50's to 70's at this hour. we are going to see the numbers come up tomorrow.
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a live look from san jose and it is a nice view. 50's and 60's on those temperatures. pretty clear skies except for some patches of fog around santa cruz. windy in the hills. in the afternoon, hazy, smoky conditions. inland highs will be in the low 90's. run along the coast in the mid to upper 60's, we will have a sea breeze. not as strong as what we saw today. stronger winds over higher elevations bringing the high fire danger. hazy conditions with smoke lingering into thursday. then, as we head into the weekend, cooler, hopefully better air quality by saturday. mike will be here from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. tracking these dangerous winds
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dan: i have the opportunity to speak with republican congresswoman liz cheney of wyoming during a conversation
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this evening at the commonwealth club in san francisco. cheney made national headlines earlier this year when she voted to impeach president trump, blaming him for the january 6 capitol attack. and she has vowed to keep the former president out of office should he want to run again. in our conversation tonight, she says she's in not focus on the th sas faced after being so outspoken about her own party. that has been isolating, i would expect, for you in congress. am i right? >> again, i don't spend a lot of time thinking about that because what matters is the future of the country and what matters is the future of the party. dan: representative cheney tonight also criticized president joe biden over his handling of the ongoing withdrawal and afghanistan, saying he ignored the advice of his military leaders. ama: good conversation. larry
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>> sports on abc 7. larry: it is the scariest thing that can happen in a baseball field. chris bassitt hit in the face by a line drive chicago. it happened in the second inning. brian goodwin, a come backer, and it strikes him in the right side of the head. the ball coming off the bat at 100 miles per hour. there was a lot of blood which we are not going to show. the players were in shock. as he was attended to and then carted off. he has been the a's best picture this season. he was conscious all along and treated at the hospital and continues to be observed. the show must go on, right? the white sox score five runs. the white sox win. but all that matters is the health of chris bassitt. >> bass is conscious. he was the entire time. we don't think the eye is a problem at this point.
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it felt like it was below it. he's got some cuts, they had to do some stitches. he's in a skin and we will know more -- scan and we will know more about potential fractures tomorrow. larry: giants hosting the mets. husband-and-wife married to the game. tommy la stella, two- rurun homer. giants up 2-0 in a flash. logan webb kept the mets that bay. kevin pillar. eight k's for the win. evan longoria is back after a couple of months on the injured list. deep to left and gone. giants hang on for their third straight win. a scheduling date just announced the warriors will open up against the lakers october 19. home opener october 21 against the clippers. warriors-lakers. jessup tried to put up a show. drafted last year and played in australia. he can shoot.
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finished with a team-high 18 points. rrrsp g in the third. kyle guy to moses moody for the slam. lakers would win. jonathan coming to did not play. dubs go 2-3 in summer league action. his 400th career soccer game. nathan sliding for the ball and gets the red card which means the quakes played a man down for about 75 and its. will trap would score the game-tying goal. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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degrees in places across the country, coming up, you may want to grab your scarf. pumpkin spice latte season officially kicks off today. pumpkin spice season for anything. >> we kick it off with ugg boots. a scene from one of the largest amusement parks. a woman hit by a chunk of metal that flew off of a rollercoaster. and later this, diver, calm, cool and collected, amid a school of sharks. you're watching "world news now."
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