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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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get out of there. >> it fast moving fire leaving residents little time to get out. dozens of homes destroyed and when witness describing the first sign of trouble. >> the wildfire smoke has drifted into the bay area. concern about the health of kids now that they are back in the classroom. >> we spent over a trillion dollars, 20 years. there was no good time. >> an exclusive one-on-one with president biden. since the taliban regain control of afghanistan's capital. >> also, say goodbye to fast pass. it is a new day for disneyland and disney world. disney says this will help improve your experience at the parks. it is controversial. good morning on this wednesday, august 19.
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your watching abc 7 live or wherever you stream. >> we're talking about all the smoke. >> still the air-quality advisory, and we still have some critical fire conditions you can see in solano county until 8:00, and then they can end of see no counties until later today. the marine layer is trying to undercut the smoke, trying to bring in some cleaner air, and is working along the coast, san francisco, filling into the bay as the onshore breeze increases. you can see this 21 in fairfield, and the clouds developing their. the closer you are to the coast, cleaner the air is full of the father and let, the more hays you are going to see in the more heat you're going to have. 90 is run concord and antioch. southbay, low to mid 80's. around the bay itself, low to upper 70's. low to mid 80's -- san francisco, mid to upper 60's. >> wind whipped flames have
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overtaken a lake county neighborhood. look at this. the cash fire is still burning after destroying two mobile home parks in a matter of hours folsom it broke out yesterday afternoon your clearly, northeast of healdsburg. right now it is 20% contained after burning roughly 80 acres. 1600 people have been forced from their homes at clearlake and lower lake. one woman was burned and evacuated by helicopter. our correspondent reports from clearlake. >> flames shooting into the air wednesday afternoon in clearlake. entire structures on fire as sky seven flew above. >> we had seven air tankers, five helicopters, 28 engines, five dozers. >> the fire chief saying they got the call before one a clock p.m., immediately responding to a situation involving flames, wind, dry brush, and lots of homes. >> the initial attack -- the initial attack was to evacuate and save lives, and then it was
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a combination of both. >> dozens of homes burned and were destroyed in the creekside mobile home park. as everything went down, some in the area were able to save their animals. sadly, several goats died. witnesses telling us he first noticed the red and black rv on fire nearby. >> it was on fire for a while because it was blazing from the inside folsom on the outside, they just abandoned it. >> firefighters were short crews due to some resources that had been sent to the cal door file. the wind was a problem and intensify during the fight. >> 80 acres is not really big, but the amount of damage contained in this 80 acres is pretty devastating. >> those who lived here did not know they were leaving their home for the last time. >> got my dog, my wife a a a a a blankets and pillows.
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>> david saying there is now nothing left. >> i come back just now, got to walk up there. there is no reason to go up there. it's gone. i just moved in -- moved in up there. >> that one park is where the seniors lives, and they have so little to start with, and to lose it all -- it just breaks your heart. you know, i just hope they all made it out. >> heartbreaking stuff out here and it is all going to be a long process when it comes to the cleanup. and the cause is still under investigation. keep in mind, schools were evacuated wednesday. no damage in those schools, but the district says they will be closed come thursday. the fire chief tells me they are hopeful those kids will be able to go back to school on friday. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> the lake county sheriff says the cash fire may have spread into the burn scar from the
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clayton fire. the clayton fire burned the same area five years ago this week, destroying nearly 200 homes. a clearlake man was arrested for starting that. he is serving a 15 year sentence in state prison. kumasi: the dixie fire is moving east toward susanville. it has earned another 36,000 acres for a total of more than 606 to 2000 acres. as many as 18,000 residents were told to be ready to evacuate. the fire is only 35% contained. after more than a month. this is a slight improvement from yesterday. we have learned a pga worker has been ordered to federal court next month as part of the investigation into the dixie fire. that worker found damaged equipment close to where the fire started. the utility said it would respond by the end of this month. the hearing is set for september 13. >> southern california congressman schiff is concerned about the smoky air caused by
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the wildfire. what else did he have to say? >> commerce me schiff went to high school in danville, grew up in alamo. i asked him have you looked outside today, andkn exactly what i was talking about. he said the dramatic change in just his lifetime with wildfires we are seeing in california is just terrible. he says there is not something that will go away unless something drastic is done. >> i'm deeply concerned with the fires that are consuming our state, the country, and the jesting impact of climate change all over the world. this is an urgent crisis, and we have to really meet it with a whole range of effort at conservation, at moving to renewable sources of energy, and the use of fossil fuels and fossil fuel in missions. some of that damage is now already irretrievable. some of that has changed irrevocably.
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but there is a lot we can prevent to mitigate -- and we have to, or we will see a lot more where this can from. kumasi: schiff and other members of congress are calling on the department of defense to extend the fire guard program, which plays a critical role in fire protection and surveillance. it is set to expire in september. >> smoke from the wildfires is causing a problem as tunes are back in the classroom across the bay area. districts want to keep the smoke out while keeping spaces ventilated because of covid-19. any holyfield is lifey hollyfield is live. amy: one more thing for them to think about. a lot of schools have moved lunched outside to the playground because of covid. now out here, they are going to have to deal with smoke right now. so what is a school to do? opening windows was also part of the covid plan at many schools, but the smoky air is something
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to keep out. one covid protocol will help, air purifiers that are now in many classrooms across the bay area these will be key during wildfire season. >> pollution, smoke, plus repertory -- respiratory virus is a bad combination. it is worrisome. so really that is why ventilation systems are important. >> the smoke has been much more noticeable over the last couple of days. smoke from the month-old dixie fire is blanketing the bay area. the bay area air quality district has put out an advisory for the rest of this week. i was just checking the air quality here in the east area right now, and it is saying it is moderate. we will watch at sunrise, to see if we get the orange glow from the sun because of the smoke. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> electricity is slowly being
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restored to pg&e customers. here is the outage map right now. at last check, customers are being impacted. nearly 200 were already in the dark because the planned public safety power shuttle. you can track the air quality and the wind any time with our realty on whether traffic from -- whether traffic or -- with our real-time weather tracker. kumasi: now to the fall of afghanistan. resident biden says the u.s. is committed to getting every american out of the country, even if that means troops will have to stay past the august 31 deadline. he was interviewed stephanopoulos. jobina: this is the president's first interview since the taliban gained control of kabul. did biden insists there is no way his team could anticipate how quickly afghan nationals
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would fall to the taliban. george stephanopoulos asked him what he would do differently if given the chance. george: you don't think this crisis could have been handled better in anyway way? no mistakes? pres. biden: no, i don't think it could have been handled in a way that -- we are going to go back and hindsight and look come up the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happens. jobina: president biden says while up to 15,000 americans still need to be evacuated, there are also about 60,000 afghans who also want to leave. he says the u.s. is committed to getting everybody out of afghanistan. troops will stay past the august 31 deadline if that is what it takes. you can watch more of that exclusive interview with the president coming up on gma, starting at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings.
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kumasi: you can find these stories and more about the situation in afghanistan on our streaming app. you can keep up-to-date on what is happening at home and abroad. >> let's talk more about the air quality. we will start up north, where it is significantly worse around ukiah, yuba city, part of sacramento, and points north. we are green and yellow right now, which is good. that is better than yesterday, where we had sensitive groups, poor air quality. we even went red on livermore for a time yesterday. the potential is out there once again in the north bay and east bay for that to happen. here's our near surface smoke -- you can see the sea breeze trying to keep you cleaner and the bay cleaner than the rest of us. so it is the north bay and the east day. it is not nearly as thick later on today as it is this morning. we will still have plenty of smoke in the middle part.
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as amy mentioned, we will have those orange sunrises and sunsets, but really concerned about where we are. north bay and east bay -- look again at that surge of onshore wind friday and especially saturday, when we will finally get some of our cleanest air. temperatures on the peninsula, safeties in belmont. partly to mostly cloudy around sfo this morning as those low clouds try to come in and bring some of that cleaner air. temperatures mainly in the mid 50's to about 60 everywhere. you can see the breeze right there. but it is very localized near the coast, so still hazy conditions out there. 60's and 70's at noon, then 60's at the coast, mid 70's to mid 80's at 4:00. then 60's and 70's at 7:00. the red flag warning for the north bay through the evening hours. jobina: jobi thank you, mike. i want to bring you up to highway 50. if you are not familiar with
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this area, highway 50 will take you straight out of sacramento and into south lake tahoe. there is one way traffic control at various locations from echo summit? lake. that is still in effect and impact that area circled in red. i want to move closer to home because chp has issued a wind advisory for the altamont pass. then just a quick look at our live cameras here. walnut creek, picturing 68 here and hazy from our camera. other things are moving up -- at the san mateo bridge. no major blocking issues to report in the bay area. >> coming up, the the the the te >> also, a new op-ed is getting attention weeks before the california recall election. >> a disney genie at your service. the new fast pass replacement
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kumasi: the widower of a dublin school board member who was killed has filed a negligence claim against the school district. william quote was married to
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catherine quo, speaking -- seeking damages after his wife was crushed between two cars during a food giveaway. the family attorney said the school district organize the event did not plan for volunteer safety. the school district superintendent told the newspaper they have received a claim and have no comment at this time. with less than a month the california's recall election, an old op it is getting new attention. it is a 20-year-old article written by republican candidate larry elder. reporter josh haskell asked him about it during a zoom news conference, and here's their exchange. >> your opponent, kevin faulkner, called you out for a column you wrote back in 2000, when you said women no less than men about political issues, economics, and current events. is that what you believe, that men are smarter than women? >> josh, read the article? >> yes, i did. >> is that what i said?
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that men are smarter than women? >> that was a direct quote. >> no, it is not. tell me what the quote is. >> in 2000 come you said women no less than men about political issues, economics, and current events, and that is what your opponent brought up. >> you just sit in my article that larry elder said men are smarter than women. >> you said -- >> a quote by the annenberg school, not exactly a right wing organization, -- >> another moment making headlines, candidate john cox served a subpoena served with a sabina suit -- with a subpoena tuesday night in the middle of a debate. now for the recall election, they are already in the mail, and because of the pandemic, every registered voter is getting a vote by mail ballot.
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you can register to vote up to two weeks before election day, so the deadline would be august 30. after that, you could do a conditional voter registration all the way up until election day. jeff course is tuesday, september 14. >> attention disneyland fans, fast pass is sufficiently dead. so is fat -- so is max pass. a new program is called disney genie plus. the new app will allow guests to access the old fast pass line, it's they are now calling the lightning lane. it will cost $15 at disney world and $20 at disneyland. that is per person per day. at disneyland, you will also get photo pass. here are the two biggest changes. one, there is no longer a free fast pass option. two, certainly extremely popular rides will be an extra charge above and beyond the genie plus price. the genie for free will also help guests create their own itinerary and receive
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recommendations for attractions, entertainment, and dining. get all that? i had to read this story so many times yesterday. it rolls out this small -- this fall. do ice plane that in a way that anyone can understand it? mike, did you get what i was lang down? mike: so they made it into -- easier to understand and easier to use. kumasi: i just heard you pay. whatever tear genie you want, get the card ready. >> that's right. correct. mike: that's what i heard. we are taking with this free, helpful item and replacing it with this tiered monetary system. the bottom line come if you have been going to disneyland for a while, it is very much like max pass. if you like mass pass, you would like this. the difference is that certain
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attractions will no longer be included. if you want to get on that, get in the line, get in the line. >> the genie is friendly, though. they made it such a friendly genie. kumasi: good job explaining.g.g. mike took it let's try again next hour. here is a good look at walden creek. jobina: mentioned the haze, and this is one of those areas that is still going to have some issues with air quality as we head throughout today and possibly tomorrow. up north, the fire danger lingers, but it is really just for a few areas, the northern part of solano county's. that is where the fire conditions are hanging out today. the rest of us hazy. smoky sky through at least tomorrow, leaner and cooler air this weekend. here's a look at what is going on. the high and low are certain to pull part.
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and when the pressure gradient relaxes, that is why the fire danger will eventually leave all of us by 8:00 this evening. smoky the next goes to -- the next two days. 76 and sunday, 80 at san jose. peninsula, 76 in palo alto, san mateo. near 65 along the coast today to 68 in downtown san francisco. 82 to about 86 degrees across the north bay valleys. 72 and richmond and berkeley to about 79 and hercules in fremont. inland we are looking at 90 at san ramon, near 90 in pleasanton, and livermore at 92 in brentwood. temperatures back in the low 50's tonight with more cloud cover as the marine lever -- layer tries to help us out with the air quality. it will link or tomorrow, but look how much cleaner and cooler gets for the weekend, through at least monday. reggie? reggie: thank you. soccer lover mike francis now
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has his own foosball table. officials say it was designed to be inclusive and work well for people with physical disabilities to encourage their participation in sport. the argentine born pope is a well-known lover of soccer. he has long promoted sport as a way to encourage solidarity and inclusion. kumasi: coming up, extra charges at hotels that could end up saving you money. reggie: and the superstar who called off jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for?
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kumasi: it is 5:24. calfire battling the cash fire folsom it is burning in lake county. these fast-moving flames destroyed dozens of homes in two mobile home parks south of clearlake. at this point the fire is only 20% contained. reggie: flames are dangerously close to the 50 corridor in calgary. -- smoke smoke smoke smo
5:25 am
in northern california have prompted an air quality advisory unit in the bay area a red flag warning is in effect for parts of the north bay through tonight. mike: let's get more specific about that. it is through 11:00 tonight. 11:00 this morning, i should say, for laken minto cindy of counties, and for solano county. -- and mendocino county, and for solano county. jobina: we have no major blocking issues or crashes to report in the bay area. reggie: president biden's interview with george stephanopoulos. president biden says the u.s. is committed to getting every american out of afghanistan. he says he will keep troops in past august 31 if that's what it takes. kumasi: is the first day of fall classes at san jose state university. students return to campus after mostly virtual learning due to the pandemic. reggie: more canceledededededed
5:26 am
concerts because of the spread of the delta variant. garth brooks has cut short his concert tour. people who bought tickets to five shows will now get full refunds. in a statement yesterday, the singer said he thought the pandemic was behind us when he resumed touring last month, but with the latest covid surge, it is part of the stop the spread. brooks is planning for a new concert dates next year. kumasi: a major hotel chain is experimenting with a new pricing model that has guests paying extra for amenities. and cr hotels is lowering the cost of its hotel rules -- hotel rooms. be $25. a day pass for the gym also $25. you want to check in early, that is $20. if you want breakfast, you have to pay for that, too. >> by going to an a la carte model, it on bottles the product
5:27 am
and allows us to charge a lower rate for those who just want sleeping room, and you can buy the products that you want. kumasi: right now the a la carte option is only available at ncr's highline hotel in manhattan and teedo yo -- and twa hotel at jfk airport. new options are being experimented with to bring back business. reggie: old navy getting rid of an entire section in its store. what you will see instead. kumasi: and the new rules for concerts and sporting events in california. reggie: the biden administration now recommending all americans get a third shot. when they will become available. kumasi: let's take a live look outside at 5:27. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions.
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this is abc 7 news. >> it is all gone. it is ash. i don't even recognize this. reggie: devastation after a fast-moving fire tears three neighborhood in just a matter of hours. sistine hundred people forced to leave. latest trim clearlake this money. -- this morning. kumasi: and shifting wind bringing new threats to the area. reggie: what you need to know if you have plans to go to something with less than 1000 people. abc 7 mornings is live right now on abc 7 and hulu live and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to check on the weather with mike nicco. mike: a little bit of a battle brewing. look at the flags blowing off to the east. that is the sea breeze that is going to bring cleaner air to the coast and parts of the bay, while inland areas are still going to be dealing with and possibly suffering from close to if not poor air quality like we did yesterday.
5:31 am
all of us are still going to have that haze above us where the smoke is going to be most prevalent. red flag warning, critical fire conditions until 8:00 this evening for solano county. 11:00 this morning for lake and mendocino county. we have to be vigilant in these areas once again. as we saw yesterday when a fire erupts in a city, it does so much more damage than when it is in a rural area and spreads to a city where you have more time to evacuate. that was the big difference from yesterday's fire. 90's around lake for your chi inland. 60's at the coast. reggie echo reggie: we are tracking the fight to contain another wildfire. this time burning in lake county. the cash fire started yesterday afternoon. it quickly spread just south of clearlake. so far dozens of homes and two mobile homes have -- two mobile home parks have burned, and the fire is only 20% contained.
5:32 am
jobina:, 1600 people were evacuated from their homes folsom gb neco -- jobina: sky seven was cleared shortly before the fire started full time at least 80 acres burned, and gusting wind intensified the fight. dozens of homes were destroyed and the creekside mobile home park, those who live there tell us they did not know they were leaving their homes for the last time. >> there's no reason to go up there. >> why hack a >> it's gone. -- why? >> it's gone. i just moved in up there, now i'm homeless. >> they had so little to start with, and now it is gone. it just -- it breaks your heart. i just hope they all made it out. jobina: firefighters say they were short crews due to some resources being sent to the calgary fire. schools in the area were
5:33 am
evacuated, fortunately. none of them were damaged, but school district canceled all classes for today. fire chief hope students will be able to return to school tomorrow. kumasi: now to the cal door fire, which is burning southwest of lake tahoe. right now flames are moving dangerously close to communities along the highway, the corridor to tahoe. cal fire is seeing unprecedented fire behavior. 62,000 acres have been wiped out, and at least 50 homes have been destroyed. 6800 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. >> the not knowing and the anticipation and the waiting and all that just wears on you. >> how much hope you have for your home in somerset? >> zero. kumasi: this video is from a plane showing pyro cumulus cloud pond by the fire. firefighters believe it is still serious, and is moving personnel
5:34 am
in from the dixie fire to help out. his fire is zero content to 0% contained. reggie: this fire has been kep p out of our region, but that look is over. air quality is dropping as smoke from these wildfires moves into our area. you may not be able to smell that, but you can certainly see it. amy hollyfield is live for us this morning. amy: we don't smell it this morning in the east bay, reggie, but i did just checked the air quality and did -- and it says it is moderate right now. we will see if the sunrise has that orange haze like it did yesterday. here is a look at the conditions yesterday. it was just a haze that covered the bay area. the smoke is not so bad, but it is creating a red or purple alert situation, but the bay area air quality district has put out an advisory for the rest
5:35 am
of the week. >> the smoke will be blowing over the bay area these fires. at times it will settle down to ground level, but we are not inspecting air quality to be worse than moderate, or may be high moderate at times. we are not a speck air quality standards to be exceeded. >> fire officials are concerned about what we are seeing, pointing out that the worst of the fire season is still ahead of us. we are approaching the part of the season when the weather conditions drive fire behavior. they say this really is the time for you to start making plans for the poor air quality days, just what you will do maybe when the air purifier -- the majority of the spare the air days last year triggered because of smoke all came after mid-august. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: tens of thousands of people will be evacuated, and we
5:36 am
want to make sure everyone is prepared. we have all the steps on our website, abc 7 kumasi: the military airlift al of afghanistan is happening, but at a slower -- out of afghanistan is happening, but at a slower pace than a speck. troops may remain in the country past the withdrawal deadline of august 31. that is because of the slow pace of the evacuations. administration officials say they can get up to 9000 people out of kabul daily, but in the last 24 hours, only 2000 have been flown out. officials blamed the chaos outside the airport perimeter. access is a problem with the taliban now firmly in control of the country. reggie: president biden tells abc 7 george stephanopoulos he is committed to getting every american out of afghanistan. >> in this morning's gma first look, george stephanopoulos one-on-one with president biden. >> back in july you said the taliban takeover was highly
5:37 am
unlikely. was the intelligence wrong, or did you downplay it? pres. biden: there was no consensus. if you go back and look at the intelligence reports, they said it is more likely to be some time by the year. >> you did not put a timeline on it, you said it is highly unlikely the taliban would take over. pres. biden: yeah. the idea that the taliban would takeover was premised on the notion that somehow 300,000 troops that we had trained and equipped was going to collapse, they were going to give up. i don't think anybody anticipated that. >> coming up, the only place to see the interview with president biden is on good morning america. i am mona kosar abdi, abc 7 new use -- news, new york. kumas>> there will be flag.
5:38 am
this is the only flag that we will recognize. kumasi: last night the bay area's afghan community and beyond held a demonstration outside city hall, amplifying calls for a peaceful, free, and just afghanistan. many are concerned about family numbers back home. >> they want to get out, and all they are saying is leave it up to god's hands. just like me, there are thousands of people like that that cannot get a hold of their families. it is horrible times for us. >> this showing of solidarity last night coming one day before today's afghan independence day. reggie: abc 7 bay area streaming app. scroll down and keep up-to-date with what is happening at home and abroad. kumasi: vaccinations -- the
5:39 am
biden administration recommends all americans need a third booster shot. health officials say pfizer and her dharna booster shots will be available to everyone ages 18 and up. it will start september 20, pending fda approval. >> we are planning for americans to receive booster shots. starting next month, to maximize vaccine -- kumasi: health officials say booster shots can help better protect people from the delta variant. people are advised to get the third dose after their second shot. eight months after getting their second shot. reggie: starting in about a month, you will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test to attend large indoor events through california. state health officials say this will apply to events with at least 1000 people. the new policy takes effect september 20. san jose city council will vote next week on a policy that would require all staff and attendees
5:40 am
at events with 50 people or more at city facilities to show proof of vaccination. kumasi: navigating going back to school in the current covid surge, we are digging into the risks and when a vaccine for kids under 12 might be available. reggie: turning trash into treasure, the artist who does something amazing with washed up flip-flops. first, a check of the weather with mike nicco. mike: yesterday we talked about how there was a spare the air alert, but i thought there would be select communities that could have poor air quality, and one of those was san jose yesterday in the south bay as it went for a couple of hours. we are seeing a lot of haze out there, also increasing low-level clouds that will keep us a little bit cleaner today, so conditions are not quite right. even though we are not under a spare the air alert, we could see particulate matter reach those levels briefly. for the most part, there is an
5:41 am
air quality advisory for the wildfire smoke they believe will stay in the moderate range today. tomorrow, and i agree we would definitely be cleaner this weekend. here is a look at the middle and upper level smoke, and you can see it is all over us, not only today, but it increases tonight through tomorrow morning, and then watch this late tomorrow evening. you can start to see the cleaner air hit the north bay coast, and then it will sweep across the rest of us during the day saturday. right now we are hazy in walnut creek, air quality moderate. temperatures in the mid to upper city -- upper 50's. 60's in dublin, tri-valley, livermore, and then 60's on highway 4. temperatures 50 in santa rosa, 60 in san jose, so whatever low clouds are back to the coast will be stubborn today, unlike yesterday. meant temperatures will hit the 60's at the coast come 70's around the bay, and 80's and a few 90's inland by 4:00. we will look at the weekend forecast coming up. jobina: we are going to been
5:42 am
traffic -- begin traffic with a closure in concord, a slow down on the opposite side. all lanes are closed at six clock a.m., between 680 in concord avenue. you can see the southbound side slow there as well. to the altamont pass, the chp has issued a wind advisory. impacting super commuters, the life picture here, showing 880 at the coliseum camera. things are looking nice there. beginning to pick up, but still no backup at the richmond
5:43 am
5:44 am
jessica san jose state university -- reggie: san jose state university will welcome back students. starting at 11:00 this morning,
5:45 am
that includes -- students will return to campus after more than 17 months of mostly virtual learning because of the pandemic. kumasi: it is back-to-school week on abc 7, and we are following some things that parents are concerned about. one of the most pressing is the safety of younger students who cannot get vaccinated against covid-19. abc 7 news senior education reporter looks at the risks and when the vaccination for those under 12 might become available. lyanne: vaccinated or unvaccinated kids, returning to school is filled about unanswered questions about safety, risk, and what's ahead with the delta variant. this doctor agrees thatr agreest current protections are key. >> wearing masks and distancing up to three feet inside is going to be very say. we know that outbreaks don't happen in schools when they follow those guidelines.
5:46 am
lyanne: still among the unanswered questions is the availability of a covid vaccine for children under 12. pfizer has announced that it will present safety data from clinical trials next month. with modernity saying it also plans to submit data this fall. that has left some health experts expecting a likely vaccine for five to 11-year-olds around the end of the year with under five's coming later. but that is if all goes smoothly. the fda has signaled a wants to follow a larger pool of participants for a longer period of time to spot any side effects. >> we still have lots and lots of people who want to participate in the trial, so i don't think -- i think it is just a matter of timing. lyanne: but pressure for pediatric vaccine approval is increasing not just within delta variant but the rising toll it is taking on younger patience -- on younger patients, and the concern that is creating for many parents. the american academy of pediatrics is already pointing
5:47 am
to some of the largest week two week percentage increases in pediatric covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. governor newsom really suggest recently announced additional steps requiring students and teachers and school employees to be vaccinated or undergo regular covid testing. while the numbers are clearly concerning, dr. maldonado believes the concern for students is still manageable. >> the reality is that the children are going to get infected primarily at home, or in social events outside school. lyanne: leanne melendez, abc 7 news. kumasi: this month johnson & johnson announced it is also taking steps for the pediatric trial of its vaccine in the fall. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc 7 vaccine team. we have been looking at the return to the classroom all this week, and these are just a few of the topics we have covered.
5:48 am
can find all our content on our streaming app by searching abc 7 bay area. tomorrow we will be holding an education town hall discussion about what is expected this year with covid still here. reggie: a big win-win with artists in west africa cleaning trash on the beach, making a lot of money. this ivory coast artist walks the beach collecting trash flip-flops. he collects the scraps and makes art nearly at $1000 each. the art is now hanging in galleries throughout the world. kumasi: and it looks good. reggie: it does. i like it. kumasi: cool. mike: we should get some for in here. reggie: a reminder -- who are these people who wear flip-flops on the plane? mike: you had to go there. and then take them off.
5:49 am
reggie: i have not seen them taken off, but i just don't like it. kumasi: that means you wore them through the airport. that bothers me, too. reggie: and everywhere else. let's keep them on the beach. can we do that? kumasi: and public showers. reggie: and public showers. mike: that is your daily reggie request here on abc 7 morning. thank you very much. here's a look at south beach. it is not very hazy out there come even though we have the sea breeze trying to kick in. it will undercut the smoke for a lot of us, but it is still going to be there above us. hazy conditions today, fire danger in the north. the north bay and inlet is where we could see some of that healthy air. i saw a lot of fat where i live yesterday, and it smelled terrible outside. i was wearing my mask all the time. tonight no fire danger.
5:50 am
finally over, but more low clouds as we try to transition into a cleaner, lower level where we live. that will be the case as we head through the weekend and we will completely clear all the smoke out, even in the middle and upper part of the atmosphere. down south, 76 in sunnyvale and cupertino, 85 in morgan hill, also up toward send los gatos. 76 in palo alto. mid-60's along the coast, near 70 downtown in san francisco. 82 in petaluma, for the east bay 72. 79 in hercules and fremont. near 90 for the tri-valley to even the 92 in brentwood, 91 degrees. we have a red flag warning for y advisory for the san joaquin valley. one more day. you still have some issues to contend with. here is a look at some lows tonight. low 50's to upper 50's with more
5:51 am
low cloud cover. still lingering smoke tomorrow, but look at the cleaner and cooler than average temperatures for saturday, sunday, monday into tuesday, a little bit warmer than average wednesday. reggie: at 6:00, surf and turf, two unlikely animals coming face-to-face for a play date that looks like something out of a disney movie. kumasi: and a report out moments ago showing a number of americans filing for un-appointment. and how to navigate tiktok to find your next gig. reggie: old navy cha all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's.
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reggie: old navy is getting rid of its plus size clothing section. starting tomorrow, all women sizes from zero to 30 will be in one place.
5:54 am
prices will be the same across all sizes. shoppers will also notice new manikins wearing plus size clothing. the news comes as online fashion plans become a success for shoppers looking at a new range of clothing sizes. kumasi: there is a new feature on pinterest that lets you filter care surges that hair searches by -- the goal is to make it more accessible. pinterest is based in san francisco. reggie: more encouraging numbers on initial jobless claims. the labor department released its weekly report a few minutes ago. 348,000 unemployment claims were filed last week, a new post-covid low. and the fourth straight week of declines. continuing claims also decreased to a new post-covid low to 2.8 2 million. kumasi: tiktok is helping people
5:55 am
find jobs. tiktok is partnered with brands like shop if i, chipotle, target, and they allow you to apply for jobs on the platform with videos. and there are more jobseekers posting their resumes on the app. one person posted video, tag to the company she wanted to work for, and within 30 minutes she had an interview. experts say it is all about making your video unique. >> companies are looking for your traditional experience, traditional resume. use your tiktok platform as a way of creating a brand for yourself. kumasi: experts say keep your video professional. talk about the role and show that you have done your research on the company. kumasi: we do that -- reggie: we do that all the time when we are looking for jobs. here's a look at the drought monitor. let me take the smile and turn it into a worrisome look because i am worried. the drought update just came out. a minor change, but it was the
5:56 am
exceptional that drops. it went from 47 to 49% drop, meaning that less of us are out of it and more of us are in it, and it is right here on this interstate 5 from reading, up through and all the way to the border with oregon. nothing thankfully changed in the bay area to the negative, but it didn't change to positive user test of the positive either. just about all of our reservoirs have dropped from -- de -- de on how much they could hold, there down anywhere from 55 to 16%. kumasi: amazon's market place making its way to a street corner near you. the new plan for the trillion dollar company that might bring you back to the future. >> we go back to our coverage on the caliph and wildfires. one piece of it, that california wildfires. kumasi: plus, overworked and
5:57 am
understaffed at san francisco libraries. a look inside the serious shortages in the reopened locations, and librarians are sharing their concerns. reggie: ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
5:58 am
this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery.
5:59 am
you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: wildfire wreckage tearing all across northern call-up when you.
6:00 am
-- northern california. >> i didn't have any warning. i just loaded up my dogs and my family and got out of there. kumasi: the newest blaze in clear lake. what neighbors tell us about leaving for the very last time. reggie: and we are tracking the wildfire smoke blanketing the bay area. mike is on top of it in your forecast ahead. thanks for being here on thursday. you're watching abc 7 on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: the wildfire example is how you have to be prepared for a red flag warning, instead of corrupting in the countryside and moving towards the city. it will be a long process getting their lives back together. some critical fire conditions in lake county until seven :00 this evening from 11:00 this morng


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