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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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anchor: san francisco requires proof of vaccination for several indoor back -- activities. we look at how life changes yet again. sod is proof of vaccination ashley work? 7 on your side's michael finney with what you need to know for signing up for what is acceptable. anchor: wildfire snow clogging up the bay area skies per we will get a break over the weekend. and it was less than a week ago a powerful earthquake devastated haiti. abc 7 news five starts now. >> building a better bay area moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: a new day, and a new set of rules to live by. san francisco becomes the first major city in california to require people to show they have been vaccinated in order to do a
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wide range of indoor activities. good, thanks for joining us. anchor: you're watching abc 7 news live at 5:00 here on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you secrete -- stream. if you want to dine inside, you will need proof you have been vaccinated. the same goes for those who are heading to the gym for a workout. a new mandate has taken effect to help keep people safe and slow the spread of coronavirus. wayne freedman spent the day looking at how customers and businesses are adjusting to this new normal. what did you find? reporter: they are adjusting pretty well except for one woman who talked to who knew nothing about it, but she was from denver. she thought it was a pretty good idea. we are in north beach. why? look at all the restaurants. they're busy, but it's a little different inside. the best seat in the house at mario's bohemian in north beach took a little more planning than usual today. dale butler has a flash is proof of vaccination just to get
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inside. >> you want to move to florida, texas, louisiana? people are dropping dead, all the hospitals are filled. >> i will have to take your vaccine card. reporter: it has been a busy day for greeters at restaurants, fitness centers, and elsewhere. they had extra duties, looking at vaccination cards or qr codes available online from the state. there the door openers in san francisco. most people have been compliant. >> i think it is safety for everybody. it is considered for others. reporter: there are those who disagree. this man is not vaccinated, he has no regrets, he feels violated. >> it is not ok. reporter: but it's the rule now. no proof, no entry, no excuses. still mostly no problems. >> if someone says let me dig in your purse for a while and see if i can find your papers -- reporter: that would be a problem. >> that would be a problem. reporter: that would be a problem. the other problem is if you have
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an vaccinated and shop at a restaurant but you do not have proof or the qr code. it does not take much time to get the qr code. the state has a website. i tried it, it took about 90 seconds. that's not bad. live in north beach, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. anchor: wayne, thank you so much. i just did mine too and just got my text to the link so there you go. the chase center has announced its requirements for going to warriors games or any other event that has more than 1000 people. anyone 12 years or older will need proof of vaccination. if they have an exemption they will need a negative covid tess within 72 hours of the events start time. san francisco's mandate could expand to outdoor events as mayor london breed ushered in a change for indoor activities. she suggested the city could do a vaccination requirement for large outdoor events, as well. the most immediate event that comes to mind is outside lands, which traditionally draws tens of thousands of people to golden gate park. san francisco giants games would
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also be impacted by mandate. anchor: gift show proof of vaccination. -- you have to show proof of vaccination. what exactly does that mean? michael finney is looking at that. do we need the little card? reporter: it's been a long time since you and i have been carted. anchor: that's for sure. reporter: at a restaurant or a barred -- or a bar. but that's the new normal now. so how do you prove you have been vaccinated? you can bring a vaccination card and showed up at the city is certainly not boxing you in. their pudgy ways to prove you have been vaccinated aside from showing the paper card. you can take a picture of your card with your phone and show that. you can also show a digital vaccine record issued by the state of california. as a dentist -- the san francisco department of public health has approved three digital vaccine cards. clear health past, common pass, and vaccine as. >> so when you have to walk around with private data about
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you coming pulling out cards from your wallet, we think you can do that anymore secure, frictionless way. so instead of having to worry about the cdc card, did i lose it, where's the photo? here's my id, as well. we can make it seamless and it is a present -- a credential in the app, you show your blue credential with clear and you're in. >> with restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues on the front line, the san francisco trip -- chamber of commerce something chart the city of course. >> we believe in technology and science. reporter: ronnie fong is the chavers president and ceo. >> the vaccine mandate creates jesus eight -- creates a safe space. there many patients who want to go to a space where they know folks are in the room who are vaccinated. that's a safety consideration. reporter: we downloaded all three digital vaccine cards. it was simple and took no time. if you want the state digital
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vaccine card, check out the story online abc 7 i have the link there. it takes no time. this is really easy. anchor: a bunch of us in the studio are doing this so we should have the results tonight at 6:00. thank you, michael. marin county will now require vaccine verification for its first responders. the new health order announced today will go into effect september 15. it requires first responders to verify they are fully vaccinated or chest weekly for the virus. today's health order will require all public sector employers to verify vaccination status of all employees. we could be close to having a code vaccine that has for approval -- a covid vaccine that has full approval from the fda. pfizer vaccine could get approval as early as monday. the fda shifted its attention to granting full approval. they currently they only have emergency offers -- emergency authorization. this could lead to more mandates and encourage those who have
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been on the fence to get vaccinated. if you want to know how to get the digital proof of vaccination on your phone that michael was just talking about, you can go to our website. you'll find an easy step-by-step guide on how exactly you need to do. anchor: let's turn to news on the wildfire season. firefighters on the front line of the cal door fire near lake tahoe concerned about windy conditions this weekend. it is excluded to more than 73,000 acres since it broke out last saturday. still 0% contained. flames have destroyed more than 100 structures. many are homes. at least 7000 arch -- are threatened as it inches closer dai was 50 and 88. in lake county firefighters are gaining the upper handing us to catch fire. it is 44% contained. it has been destructive. hundreds of people remained evacuated. in the smoke, as you've seen is blanketing much of the bay area once again.
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north, southeast, san francisco. just about wherever you are, you cannot help but notice that brownish grayish tint to the sky. it is just awful. anchor: second straight straight sand -- spare the air day. give us news, please. >> coming up, but it has been delayed. i want to show you my pictures right now from the sausalito, richardson bay area. wannacry, oakland, santa cruz new matter which area, it is smoky and hazy. the air quality across the region, some parts of yellow to orange which is moderate to poor for sensitive groups. unhealthy in ukiah. as you take a look at the snow -- at the smoke forecast notice the series pushes the smoke but it does not completely leave at 8 a.m.. north and south bay are still dealing with the smoke. it is 16 8:00 p.m. when the sea breeze finally kicks in and receive better air quality, which is why a spare the heirs
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suffered today in an air quality advisory for tomorrow. we are looking at good air-quality for sunday and monday. i will be back with a complete luck coming up. larry aga -- larry? anchor: i'll take moderate. that's a win as i'm concerned. the family of a bar artist has hired attorneys to investigate his death at a hospital. reporter: jorge guerrero, better known as deuce clips, was hisis best friend. >> he was a warm, kindhearted person. he loved to be peaceful. he loved to make people feel good. reporter: deuce says gains w w he called zoom was a loving father. >> he was a loving father. his kids were his everything. reporter: gains' an attorney to investigate a suspicious death last friday.
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>> it is our sense that something terrible went on in the hospital. that caused his death. reporter: attorneys elizabeth grossman and liz eger say he went to the hospital not feeling well. they recall an altercation with nurses and security staff. >> we do not have the full facts. reporter: it is unclear how or why he died. the families attorneys say they have reason to believe there is video. in an emailed statement a spokesperson for centre health rights due to our compliance with state and federal privacy laws we are unable to comment. the families attorneys say they are looking at all the factors surrounding his death. >> we will not and cannot discount race. >> there will be a celebration of life is sunday at oakland at the township common from one to six. >> what comes from this is, the lesson of, i'm just glad i was able to give him his flowers while he was still here. reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7
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news. 0 in the east bay, a family of a man who died while antioch police were taking them into custody is calling the coroner's report bogus. the inquest release today said angelo quinto's death was an accident and found he died of excited to live -- excited delirium syndrome caused by prescription drug used to treat narcolepsy. the family's attorney spoke to the press. they compared his death to george floyd. >> both officers admitted putting their knees on the back of his shoulders. on more than one occasion. one was for in indeterminate amount of kind -- of time. anchor: his mother called officers to their home for a reported mental health said. they filed a civil lawsuit against the city of antioch, it's police chief, and four officers. anchor: a ratty day for the recall election. both sides squared off at the --
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anchor: the fall of afghanistan quickly overshadowed last week devastating earthquake in haiti. nonprofit groups on the ground out trying to provide emergency housing and sent to the health needs of an estimated half-million people who are now homeless. abc 7 news reporter david louis takes a look at what is being done to help one of the poorest nations in the world. reporter: nonprofit groups continue to assess needs a week after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in haiti. the situation was made worse by tropical storm grace. the international group sos children's villages has been there for 43 years. it has quickly stepped into assess needs when schools closed and families displaced. children can also be targets of
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violence and expectation. needed, as a result from the trauma they are facing. anchor: the magnitude of the crisis is staggering. nearly 2000 deaths, almost 10,000 injured, a half-million homeless and 130,000 homes destroyed or damaged. the urgent need for preplacement housing sometimes puts expediency ahead of best construction standards. >> we have a choice of sleeping outside with nothing or sleeping in something that may be poorly built, you know, there is a point people make that decision every day. reporter: this is a nonprofit started by him a decade ago, which has trained nearly 500 haitian construction workers at the highest level. its goal, to reduce dependence on bringing in foreign workers. >> they bring in a lot of ex-pats with the skills, but when they pay those ex-pats,
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when they leave, the money lease with them. it does not stay in haiti. reporter: they use designs that gives local apprentices training and concrete masonry and other skills. a three room house can be built for under $15,000. there's also concern about cholera with water systems in operative. david louis, abc 7 news. anchor: the battle over the effort to recall governor newsom it turned into a battle over which psychodrama the other today. [crowd chanting] anchor: a couple of recall supporters tried to upstage the known the recall side during a no on the bus tour during the peninsula today. as you can see, the congress was right in the middle of the scrum, which seemed good natured for the most part. vice president kamala harris will be hitting the campaign
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trail with governor newsom. the campaign announced that you are going to appear together next friday at an event in the bay area. you can check out the documentary about california's last recall in 2003 called total recall. you will find on the abc 7 bay area news app available for apple tv and other devices. anchor: abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. among other issues, we are focused on climate change and the environment. the u.s. secretary of energy toward it berkeley energy lab and a solar powered home today as part of her push to use more renewable energy. and it is a homecoming of sorts for the secretary, a former berkeley professor and cal alum. ryan curry spoke with her about what needs to be done to a compass for goals. reporter: sec. jennifer granholm walked around the berkeley lab at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory, a site that has not been renovated in over 20 years. she says it is time for that to change. >> we have these amazing facilities at these labs but many of the buildings and facilities and equipment are decades-old.
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in order for us to win the future as a nation, we have to continue to invest in these facilities. reporter: a renovation to the accelerator lab alone could cost you up to six and million dollars. -- $600 million. her visit was meant to inform how much money needs to be allocated. >> we need to put more money into the physical infrastructure of these labs. reporter: that money would need congressional approval. she's also are working on renewable energy in communities and neighborhood. including an apps into -- and often tended to ease the permit process to help homeowners invest in solar panels. >> from my perspective we do not make climate job -- climate change job one it does not matter what we do. reporter: specialists -- especially as wildfires devastate california. the secretary says we need to do our part to fight climate change. >> of the u.s. is going to lead
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the world on finding the solutions, we have to invest in the facilities to get there. >> it is clear we would not have these fires in california or greece or say. if it was not for climate change. it is vital that if we don't start protecting nature -- it does not matter what we do. reporter: meeting with the scientists and seeing the facilities was only part of the clan. secretary granholm so she now needs to go back to washington and get that money approved so she can help with renewable energy. in the east bay, ryan curry. abc 7 news. anchor: san jose could be on the verge of making conserving water mandatory and violators would face fees. our media partners with the mercury news were the san jose water company has committed a plan to state regulators. it calls for customers to reduce their monthly water usage by 50%. from 2019 levels. if they go over they would face a surcharge. a public hearing needs to happen before the water company goes forward. anchor: there are seven lane arena and the forecast, but what
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geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. anchor: abc 7 news meteorologists sandy patel is here. sandy, remember when it used to rain and i would call you puddles patel? i'm going to go with smokey sandy today. >> is not good, but it works. anchor: its alliteration. it's all i can do, it's friday afternoon. >> that his name i do not want. let me get rid of that smokey sandy by tomorrow night. we will change it all up. we do not want cranky larry, that's for sure. larry, let me show you a picture right now, you can see there were murray layer and the smoke, it's really hard to sell -- to tell which one is the fog in which one of the smoke because even though we have the sea breeze coming in, that sea breeze is describing some of the smoke over the ocean and drawing it right in.
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the air quality is still suffering. 63 in the city, 67 in oakland, those temperatures being held down once again because of the snow -- the smoke. let me step aside so you can get a view of the emeryville camera looking down at downtown oakland. look how hazy it is. just awful air there. 68 in santa rosa. 80 in fairfield. 76 in concord and livermore. it is typically in the 90's this time of year. our air quality not so great. we do have moderate air quality for parts of the east bay, the peninsula. as you notice some orange there up towards the solano county area which is poor for sensitive groups and unhealthy for ukiah. it is absolutely awful near the wildfire zones and it is clear here from the air quality current conditions. smoke forecast at the surface assuring their still lingering smoke but the blues here is indicating less smoke right near the coast were the breezes going
5:24 pm
to kick up and look at that. by tomorrow night i lose my title of smokey sandy. and all seriousness, better air quality expected right on through sunday which is obviously good news for all of us, especially for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. the wind switches direction, stronger onshore breeze beginning tomorrow morning, really helping to scour the smoke out of here as we head towards tomorrow night. bay area airports are looking at hazy skies tomorrow, low 60's to 70's, breezy conditions, honolulu some scattered showers, new york city a chance, 82 slight chance of summer. los angeles, 78 degrees. also around the bay, he hazy you -- hazy view from our walnut camera. better quality into sunday and it will be breezier and below average for the weekend. the fox mills and tess pilsen tomorrow morning we will see patchy drizzle and it pulls back to the coast tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will range from the 50's to the 60's in the morning with hazy conditions.
5:25 pm
afternoon highs in the low 60's to the low 80's. it will be raising near the coast and the accuweather 7 day forecast, hazy start, better air, good air quality sunday. we can all get out and enjoy some fresh air. next week it stays mild for summer standards but that -- but then it heats up for thursday and friday. we lose the smoke and we bring the sizzle. larry and elma. anchor: sensational sandy, how about that. when it gets clear out there. they are kicking it for a cause this weekend. big event on the soccer pitch
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which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> southbay first responders will take part in a daylong soccer tournament at a brand-new urban soccer venue in san jose. >> this is the park san jose located on monterey road. owners there are hosting the first ever first responders cap. they provided police officers, shares deputies, firefighters, emts, and paramedics a day from the competition and fun. some thing to reward them for all they have given in the past year. spectators are also invited. it is five dollars. they really have done so much. anchor: they deserve it.
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world news with david muir is next. anchor: thanks california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today.
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when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments.
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it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. in the west, major news coming in from afghanistan at this hour. we have learned u.s. military helicopters have picked up 169 americans at a hotel outside the airport in kabul. tonight, the evacuation effort in kabul unfolding in front of the world. late today we learned chinook helicopters aiding in the evacuations. airlifting americans to the airport nearby. another major step forward in what the president described today as a dangerous mission already. millions seeing that image of an american marine lifting a baby over the wall. the president tonight saying nearly 6,000 u.s. troops now on the ground helping in thew evacuation. the president saying i cannot promise what the final outcome will be. the president saying h


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