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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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get a quote today. mandate. will it keep visitors away? >> tightening the top in the south bay. the new penalties customers could face amid the severe drought. >> summer heat and smoke this weekend. your forecast is coming up. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: right now, the main highway between the bay area and lake tahoe is closed because of the destructive cal door fire burning in el dorado county. anchor 2: it has burned 73,000 acres. no containment yet. caltrans is worried about fire debris flowing onto highway 50 and making the drive dangerous. highway 50 is closed in both directions between pollock pines and myers. >> if you are trying to get up
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to tahoe this weekend, you won't get up there. anchor: the highway patrol says the closure is likely to last through the weekend, reopening once it is safe. thanks for joining us. anchor 2: the cal door fire is one of the major wildfires burning across northern california right now. the gigantic dixie fire roared past the 700,000 acre mark today . calfire says favorable weather conditions helped firefighters make good progress on suppression measures. containment lines held strong all day. when is expected to return tomorrow. calfire expects the conditions to pose a new challenge for fire crews. containment is at 35%. larry: evacuation order for people living near the devastated cash fire. that broke out two days ago, burning 56 homes and 158 vehicles. 81 buildings were also lost. firefighters say it's 40% contained after burning 75
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acres. the city of clearlake has to claytor -- declared a local state of emergency. ama: another day of smoky conditions across the bay area today. check out this dramatic sunset. we've had aad aad aad aad bad air quality. larry: it's been brutal. that will change this weekend as we bring in sandia patel. sandhya: i have good news for you. the air quality will become better as we head towards the weekend. i want to show you what it looked like tonight. emeryville camera, the smoke and haze. the moon is very red from our san rafael camera. air quality advisory through tomorrow. moderate air quality tomorrow. we are looking at good air quality. definitely some changes are on the way. good to moderate now. the smoke forecast. this is what is encouraging. a stronger sea breeze will begin to push the smoke eastward by 7:00 to 8:00 tomorrow night.
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i will be back with the rest of the smoke forecast, coming right up. larry: you can track the air quality any time with our real-time weather tracker come alive right now on our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. download it wherever you stream. search abc 7 bay area. ama: a major setback for lift and uber as an east bay judge struck down proposition 22. it was passed by 58% of voters last year. it allowed businesses to classify workers as independent contractors. the judge ruled it limits the power of the future legislature to define app-based drivers as workers. he said that makes the entire ballot measure unenforceable. huber says it will appeal the ruling. larry: sad news out of the east bay tonight. oakland symphony announcing that the longtime music director and conductor passed away today. dan ashley interviewed morgan earlier this year. the symphony says he was
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admitted to the hospital last week for an infection. he underwent kidney transplant surgery in may. michael morgan was 63 years old. we have major new developments tonight regarding covid. the new york times is reporting the fda is aiming to get full approval to the pfizer covid vaccine as soon as monday. currently, all the vaccines have emergency authorization. full approval could potentially lead to more mandates and perhaps encourage some of those who have been hesitant to get the shots to get vaccinated. ama: the first major u.s. city to require proof of a vaccination for people dining inside restaurants is san francisco. cornell barnard spoke with some tourists who are pushing back against the new rules. >> some people have an issue with it. i'm ok with it. whatever will keep us safer. reporter: these newlyweds spending their wedding night at the hotel in san francisco where proof of vaccination is now
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required. >> the more people that get vaccinated, it will be better for everyone. hopefully at that point, no one will be asking for vaccination cards once the cases come down. reporter: proof of vaccination is not required to check in but posted signs say you will need to show proof and hotel bars and restaurants. the hotel council of san francisco launching a new campaign, educating travelers about the new rules. >> if somebody is not vaccinated that checks in, they can order room service. so far, it's been great. we've had little to no pushback. >> it will keep visitors away. reporter: cara brown is checking in. she calls the mandate unfair. >> i will tell them i don't have it. i'm not vaccinated. i'm not an anti-fax her. i wanted to wait for 2.0. i don't have it. if i have to go somewhere else, i will. reporter: in two weeks, the first convention returns. all attendees must be vaccinated. >> you won't be allowed to register or at the convention
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hall. reporter: the sf travel association president says the convention group sees talking to welcome the mandate. >> we are taking this seriously. you can meet in san francisco and you can feel it's a safe place to do that. reporter: a step forward on the return to normal. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. larry: marin county will not require vaccine verification for its first responders. the new health order goes into effect september 15. chase center announcing its vaccine requirements for warriors games this coming season and other events with more than 1000 people. anybody 12 years older up will need proof of vaccination. if you want to know how to get digital proof of vaccination on your phone, go to our website. we did it today. if we can do it, you can do it. you will find an easy step-by-step guide on exactly what you need to do. ama: so quick. in the south bay, new calls to cut back and conserve water use or face monthly limits with
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financial penalties. amanda del castillo yo wens what this means for customers. reporter: water budgets and financial penalties. this could be the future for san jose water company customers who don't meet the moment. extreme widespread doubt. >> they've done a lot of count -- cutbacks before. we are asking more so we can get through the crisis. reporter: san jose water says the company is asking customers to cut back and conserve 15% from their 2019 water use levels and pay $7.13 in surcharges for every unit of water use beyond that amount. >> it doesn't mean that they have a higher bill. if they stay within their allocation, they will not get a drought surcharge. reporter: san jose water filed an updated water contingency plan with the california public utilities commission earlier this month, adding that the company will decide whether to put the new plan in place. >> this is something to take seriously. reporter: for great oaks water
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company, similar measures took effect on july 13. the vice president and general counsel says he took immediate action after the santa clara water district eclair to water shortage emergency. >> an emergency is just that. there was no need to wait for somebody to tell me what to do. i knew what to do. this is not the first time we've been through this. reporter: according to environmental studies experts, usually not as often. >> what's disconcerting to me is that our most recent drought was from 2011 to 2017. usually, there's a longer time between droughts. here we are, less than five years later. reporter: this professor calling for more action as failing to conserve could cost us all in more ways than one. >> we haven't systemically changed the way we provide water to everybody and how we use it in all of our other sectoral
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purposes. that has remained basically the same for decades. he needs to change. reporter: abc 7 news. larry: 100 $80,000 in taxpayer-funded travel. tonight, questions about spending by the state on the pg&e bailout. ama: a worldwide recount expands. the major one intimate for chevy bolt drivers. larry: who will host jeopardy now? what force the controversial new host to step down. ama: what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live with sarah silverman. >> i'm sarah silverman. i'll assume you're applauding. >> how are you enjoying this? >> it's really fun. it is so easy. [applause] >> this is a legit audience. ♪
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charged california taxpayers while working for governor newsom's office to craft the pg&e bailout. the department of finances can from the state has no receipts to back up those expenses. here's brandon redman with more on the investigation. reporter: the spending started four months after pg -- pg&e committed the crime that sparked this -- the camp fire. they killed 84 people. pg&e filed for bankruptcy protection because it said it couldn't pay the cost of damage. in february 2019, a team of investment bankers boarded flights at taxpayer expense to help the governor's office find a way to help pg&e turn its
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finances around. payment records show a single investment banker at financial firm guggenheim build the taxpayers more than $9,000 of air travel in just the first 10 days of the firm's contract with governor newsom's office. we wanted to know whether he flew first class but the governor's office would answer our questions about that or whether guggenheim was expected to follow state travel policies. the state department of finance told us it has no receipts of flight records to backup the charges for any of guggenheim's travel expenses. that totaled close to $190,000 over seven months. almost 80,000 of that with air travel. 50,000 of the expenses weren't even itemized at all, according to the department of finance. 21 grant on hotels and thousands of dollars more on meals and other expenses. receipts don't exist for any of it. guggenheim's investment bankers participated in the crafting of a new state law that gave pg&e
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an official state safety certificate and access to a $21 billion insurance fund to protect the company from the cost of future wildfires it causes. the plan offends some of the people whose loved ones died in the felonies pg&e committed. >> i don't understand why this is allowed. why did they get the safety certificate? they get to self-insure and set up the rules. they don't bet anybody but themselves. reporter: the governor's press office portrays newsom's response as tough on pg&e. they sent an unsigned written statement that reads, the governor was absently correct in ensuring that california had the best possible representation to take on pg&e's $232 million legal team and financial team. some of you have expressed concerns about the timing of our recent stories in light of the ongoing recall election. if you go to firepower money website, you will see that this
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is the latest from our investigation of pg&e is wildfires that is now in its third year running. you will also find this story with the actual spending records we just reported so you can see the facts for yourself. ama: that that that that reporting. vice-president, harris is heading back to california. she will be here next friday to campaign with governor newsom. the vice president is the most high-profile democrats so far to campaign for newsom. we asked abc 7 news insider fill material what democrats are hoping to accomplish with the visit. reporter: the idea is to have the attention beyond, harris confuse the vice president. one of the most prominent celebrities in the country. the real goal is to get the vote out for gavin newsom. right now, he needs help with younger voters, progressive voters, and women voters in the suburbs. that's where harris pulls well. that's where he's seeing a lack of enthusiasm. ama: we have everything you need to know on our website.
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larry: new developments. 73,000 more chevy bolts are being recalled because of a battery problem that could cause a fire. the recall of model years 2019-2022 ads on to a previous recall of 69,000 older bolts. general motors says charge only to 90% of battery capacity and park the vehicle outside until the battery is replaced. ama: back-to-school week. today, we spent much of the newscast in the bay area conversation, talking to experts and viewers about having students back in class. >> why i do the work i do is to be around young children. they are also happy to be in school. we are having a lot of fun. we've already had three cases of students testing positive at my site. so that is
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teachers or the parents, the students. to be in that situation. i would like to see testing being available so that we can catch cases before there's any spread within our classrooms. and our schools can stay open. ama: also on the p on the p on e tell. he had important information for parents. >> for parents who are sending their kids back-to-school, especially parents of children under the age of 12 who are not able to get vaccinated, it's important that everyone around he was vaccinated and that you're also doing what you can to keep your child protected right now. the delta variant is way more contagious and it's never too early to teach kids important things. not only to safely and appropriate we wear a mask but basic hand hygiene. ama: you can watch the entire conversation and access advice online.
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facebook pages. for now, we want to get to sandia to check on the weather. sandhya: the weather will be changing for the better for the bay area. i want to show you what's going to bring about those changes. there's an area of low pressure to the north. it's going to start to change the winds as it starts to push off to the east. we are expecting stronger onshore breezes. as the wind ramps up, coming off the ocean, it will push the smoke eastward. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, you are looking at 30 mile-per-hour winds around san francisco. that wind direction will help to move the smoke out of here. as we head into 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, a little smoke lingering around the north bay. parts of the east and south bay. watch what happens as we head into 8:00. the lighter shades of blue indicating less smoke and haze across the region. that trend carries over into sunday. if you want to get outside, it
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will be better for you on sunday. still smoke lingering for tomorrow. air quality is moderate across the northern and eastern part of our viewing area. it is good around santa cruz. look how horrible it is. is hazardous around the south lake tahoe area. they will get slight improvement in the smoky conditions as we head into the second half of the weekend. right now, a combination of smoke and fog over san francisco. smoke lingers into tomorrow. better air quality tomorrow night into sunday. we are looking at breezy and below-average conditions this upcoming weekend. live doppler 7 showing a good push into the north bay and parts of the east bay. visibility is low because of a combination of the marine layer and also the smoke. six miles in santa rosa at this hour. watch out if you have early plans. 60's on the temperatures, really comfortable. a little bit of patchy drizzle tomorrow morning along with the marine layer. the fog will pull back and hang
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around near the coastline, keeping your temperatures in check. numbers will be anywhere from the 50's to the 60's. hazy skies expected tomorrow morning along with the fog. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures remained below average for this time of year. low 60's around san francisco. half moon bay, breezy. 73 in santa rosa. 67 in oakland. low 80's around antioch. we expect hotter a weather inland but no one is complaining about the temperatures. the forecast, hazy start but it will be better air later in the day. cleaner air for sunday. air quality going into monday. temperatures start to come up as we head into the mid and latter part of the workweek. the heat is back by thursday, friday. upper 90's to low 100s inland. the coast will be in the upper 60's to low 70's. larry: we are trading the smoke
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stepped down.
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he issued an apology after reports of past sexist and offensive comments. last week, sony announced he would host the game show. deputy is planning to resume guest host for the time being. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. larry: coliseum tonight. chris: coming up in sports, the quakes continue their hotplate in the california classic. here in the bay, the bay bridge series. starling steals the show. amar tape already a for the
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three-game series at the coliseum. alex wood on the mound. tailgating. 40,133 fans packing the house at the bay bridge. that looked good. alex wood in trouble. josh harrison, base hit to center. jed lowrie scores. 2-0 oakland. harrison knew he had a big hit right away. the crowd is fired up at the coliseum. mike is come ski, there goes his first homerun since august 2. 19th of the year. the giants fans will be happy about that. all of a sudden, a 2-1 ballgame. runner on for starling gotay. he rips a base hit down the right-field line. a key to out r.b.i. double. these extend the lead to 3-1. ride the wave and it continues. next batter, marty takes off her third.
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jose alvarez steps off. a wild throw. our scores. the giants lead in the west is down to a game and a half over the dodgers. here's the skipper after round one. >> i can't remember the last time we played him in august with a lot riding for both teams. they are in a better position than we are right now. it takes on a different feel whenever we play some. when you get 40,000 here, are places loud when it's a full house. really fun game. >> that's all that matters. the quality, driving more balls in the air, wasn't enough. chris: quakes writing in mls best street. luciano across. his first goal with the quakes. a beautiful header. galaxy evening and up on an o goal. look at javier lopez.
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streak. the full schedule was released today. the warriors play six times on abc 7. the dubs are in phoenix on christmas day. this sports report sponsored
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ama: smelling? larry: it's not me. [laughter] ama: hopefully it's not anymore
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smoke either. thanks for watching. larry: coming up, guest host serous overman. ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host sarah silverman! tonight -- kenan thompson. regina hall. and music from the killers. and now, sarah silverman! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sarah: this goes with this. [ cheers and applause ] hi! hey, there!


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