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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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ama: you are getting a live look at the san jose city council meeting had to pause earlier hours after being disrupted by protesters. larry: city council, things are calm down. ama: the agenda topic that got their attention, mandating vaccines for events at city facilities. amanda del castillo joins us live and have the council made a decision? amanda: that vote is expected any moment now. counsel is still hearing public comment. we heard from people inside council chambers in an overflow room and then people who are calling i home very passionate about today's topic. we know there are dozens who
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forced their way into city council chambers, forcing counsel to soak spend -- suspend the meeting. they have resumed it. we are waiting for the mayor to address reporters and discuss what has happened. connecting with protesters, they tell me they are against the proposed vaccine mandate for large events at city facilities. this would impact venues like the convention center and others. there is a sign that reads my body, my choice. protesters shouting over council members and attempt to be heard. they feel the city is overstepping its authority. >> there's a lot of things going on but my whole point of what we are talking about is not whether or not to take the vaccine, what we are saying is we should not mandate it like that passport mandate. >> i'm happy to listen to people but we should have decorum in our public discourse. yelling obscenities and refusing to follow last week the mayor se
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mandate would not be effective immediately considering venue operators we need time to adjust in order to adhere to the new rule. mayor liccardo is expected to address the proposal and what his office is calling a quote public disturbance that delayed incineration of this item. i'm outside of san jose city hall, abc 7 news. ama: and we are hearing that decision is expected to be made at 6:30 when they will decide. thank you and we will keep tabs on this throughout the evening. happening now, city council starting a meeting where they will discuss in permitting an indoor mask mandate. majority vote is required for it to pass. if it does it would become the only such an it in solano county, thenly without an indooma mandate make, u will hear about it tonightarrr
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administration wtha new cdc repd vaccine efficacy in preventing infection dropped in front line workers as the delta marriott spread over the last two months. california's positivity rate went down to five point 2%, the lowest it has been in more than a month. earlier today i spoke to a doctor about what is safe and when we should mask up even if it is not required. >> it on context. if you go to a giants game and you have to get in because you are vaccinated or there is a vaccination center -- section or you have to be protected, that increases safety so maybe you don't have to wear masks, but if you are going to the restroom or concessions and they have a lot of noses and mouths around that might make sense.
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larry: the delta surge ishe deld impacting conventions and conferences at this center. stephanie sierra breakdown the think -- economic impacts. she is live. stephanie: the first major event is in a couple of weeks but some are already canceling due to concerns over the delta variant. restaurants and hotels that were relying on that tourism are bracing for impact. san francisco's moscone he center feels a bit eerie. in two weeks, that was supposed to change. >> we have our first group in two weeks and we are anxious to host them but we don't know what attendance is at this point. stephanie: he is the ceo of travel. he was optimistic about the convention calendar in june but then delta pit. >> it has caused cancellations
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people are nervous about traveling, the orders are not open for travel. travel. travel. stephanie: onstephanie: onstephp they host a lot more events, but they only have eight. of the eight conventions and scheduled for the rest of the year, several mako virtual -- mako virtual but they are waiting for legislation numbers. >> what is safe, what is the right thing to do? stephanie: she is the ceo of a company that helps employers plan events. concerns over delta have resulted in a heightened manned for conventions that are partially virtual with your people. cooks a few months ago it was zoom fatigue and now that we are back in this situation, people are being creative about how to take care of their teams and they are looking for things like hybrid and interesting solutions
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that keep people engaged. stephanie: this restaurant manager is seeing impacts. >> people have called me and canceled because they are concerned aboutnt with the new t around. stephanie: business has already started to drop in the past two weeks and he was hopeful the upcoming conventions would make up for it. >> rather than getting back to full swing i think we will see a plateau for a little while, not something we want to see in the business industry. stephanie: several of these conventions mako virtual, we will be tracking what happens. the impact not only to restaurants and hotels, and hotels are struggling right now, hotel occupancy in san francisco is around 30% when in a typical year it is around 80 to 85%. live in the newsroom, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. larry: san francisco's outside set to take place how we
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weekend outside golden gate park. ama: people arriving at san francisco international airport. what you are seeing is clouds and not smoke. our meteorologist drew tweeted this earlier, showing we have good air quality levels around the area but at lake tahoe the air quality index is above 300 which is hazardous. this is a live picture of lake tahoe, look how orange that's guy is. it is so you reap. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian joins us. we know the fires are impacting. what else? spencer: the fires are sign wi fw ichas been west east, pushing the smoky air toward tahoe, toward the sierra. it has the effect here of cleansing our air. here is a wider vehicle you can
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see dark colored dots in the tahoe area indicating poor to hazardous air quality. meanwhile, we have green and yellow dots indicatingooea is ve low which has been refreshing for us, cleansing the air, keeping temperatures below average and improving air quality. this pattern is likely to change. let me if you look at the smoke forecast, the next 24 hours or so they smoke will continue being pushed eastward by our onshore flow but that is going to weaken thursd we will have a warm up and that is likely to filter back into the bay area from the fires to our northeast. here is the outlook for the next few days, when we get the shift in the wind it will start to filter back in thursday or friday, moderate air quality at
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best is what we can expect. larry. larry: air quality and lake tahoe is the worst in north america right now. we should do this a little while ago, a few moments ago, this guy is an eerie orange, there is ash falling from the sky. this is from the caldor fire in el dorado county. the valley is trapping hazy smoke and that is preventing it from dissipating. the air is also thick and ashy in reno, several data counties reporting their worst air quality in two decades. william friedman spoke to people trying to deal with this hazardous air. >> how did it come to this? >> it doesn't show up early well. >> speaking to people in lake tahoe feels like interviewing prisoners locked inside. >> it started at the end of july and i don't know how long. >> that is an air quality expert
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in reno lamenting the absence of air quality due to the fire pushing toward lake tahoe while belching a amounts of unhealthy smoke. >> do you want to see how bad it is in south lake tahoe question mark >> videos polluted -- question mark -- ? >> they are having smoke outs and suffering. >> you breathe it in. >> this is worse than the days we had in the bay area, i can say this is pretty miserable. >> this is day four of the hazardous air, the air receives but never relieves as this time lapse video shows. residue everywhere is inescapable. >> that ash is going into your lungs. >> yep. 2.5. the smoke can go really deep.
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>> a cloud of ash so thick it looks like a weather front on satellite. wildfires can cause pain, and no chance of parole for those people locked up. >> stay inside, my friend. >> i will. ama: the air quality is bad because there are 12 major wildfires burning in california now. the worst are north of sacramento. the smoke in tahoe comes from the caldor fire. here is a water drop from a sogard helicopter. it is the top priority -- national guard helicopter. it is a top priority in the country due to the threat it poses to the lake tahoe basin. fire continues to spread, or the hundred 17,000 acres. crews battling the dixie fire are trying to make the most of moderate weather. 31 thousand acres, containment picked up yesterday and now stands at 41%.
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celebrating the life and career of rolling stones drummer charlie watts who died in a london hospital weeks after an undisclosed procedure. he provided a beat and a presence for the band for more than six decades. >>'s personality was exactly like his playing. stable, steady, a thing outside of everything crazy going on in the stones'world. larry: mick jagger remembered watts by posting a photo of him on his instagram page. here is an image from keith richards, a closed sign. charlie watts was 80 years old. ama: president biden defending his deadline to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan one week from today. he insisted evacuation's are wrapping up but he has asked the pentagon for contingency plans in case the deadline is missed. pres. biden: the completion of
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the deadline relies on the taliban cooperating. --and no disruption to our operations. ama: the taliban now saying they will block afghans from leaving at the airport. tens of thousands of afghans, many of whom helped the u.s., trying to leave. the president says more than 70,000 people have been evacuated since august. in a statement, the base is providing air support both through refueling and assisting in moving people. larry: vta white rail services have been to spend it for nearly three months following the deadly shooting at the san jose railyard. dustin dorsey has details on when is my resume. >> in downtown san jose, the san antonio light rail station is one of the busiest, the main source of writers san jose -- riders san jose state students.
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>> it's easier to take light rail because you don't have to worry about parking, parking is horrible in the parking garage is always full. >> students have had to adjust their commute with the light rail's close down to start the fall semester. they stopped services after the shooting in may that led to the death of nine employees and one more recently. trains are set to return soon. >> we are making significant process in dutch progress in our plan to restart light rail services. >> trains will be back on the truck tonight for testing with operators after spinning time off,,,,, employees. she says the closure was to create a foundation for employees to not have setbacks. >> i don't think the average person can grasp the fear that was present that day. >> that is why we have taken
6:18 pm
time for a deliberate approach. >> they will get back to helping the south bay commute once again. >> we will be operating not the full system but we should have service up and running for the area. >> public transit is relevant to our committee today, it will be relevant in the near future. it is going to be relevant for our community in the long term. >> the vta wants to remind everyone to stay off the tracks to ensure a safe return to service. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. ama: starting today, some passengers will be able to ride in an autonomous vehicle. waymo technology has been testing the technology for years and is now ready for trying passengers. how you can sign up and what they expect back. >> a big step forward for waymo and passengers.
6:19 pm
they have launched a san francisco test program inviting adults on its mobile app to hail rides for free on its electric jag wire suv's in exchange for feedback. >> we want diverse opinions, feedback from people with various perspectives and mobility needs. we want to make sure we build a product that satisfies the community. >> it uses multiple cameras and laser technology to guide it but a driver will remain at the wheel to intervene if needed. they would have had a similar -- have had a similar program and other places but san francisco's streets will be challenging. the trusted tester program will be knitted to certain neighborhoods such as sunset, richmond, neu vallow and castro. it is ahearing from passengers l
6:20 pm
provide insights into their competence in its safety. >> tell us what you are seeing on the screen and how that mcgee feel or tell us about the drive itself. tell us about something interesting that happened along the way and your reaction. >> waymo is not saying how long the free rides will last. they have been blogging about 100,000 miles per week in san francisco. a person fell off a scooter during a collision with a waymo vehicle in june but was not injured. the vehicle was not in on mode at the time. in time, backup driver they not be needed and maybe truly navigated autonomously. david louie, abc 7 news. larry: too bad on interstate 680 going
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spencer: ama: -- ama: another check on the weather. larry: getting ready for triple digits. spencer: and feeling an onshore breeze that is having a cooling and cleansing effect. here's a look at wind speeds. we have seen stronger winds than this, it is not gusty but these ar refreshing winds and keeping our air quality in the good to moderate range.
6:24 pm
temperature ratings are 60 in san francisco, 65 here, 71 san jose, 60 eight palo alto, 69 - 59 pacifica. 66 in napa, 70 in fairfield, mid 70's in livermore and here is a look at the clean blue sky in centerville. we may not have this good air quality by the end of the week. clouds pushed across the bay overnight, a transfer patchy morning drizzle, warmer tomorrow afternoon and that warming will continue as the end of the rate -- week approaches and it will turn hot inland. the expansion of low clouds and fog pushing across the bay, assisted by that onshore breeze. 5:00 tomorrow morning there may be some patchy low clouds still hanging around, there could be
6:25 pm
patchy drizzle as well, not widespread but there may be damp spots in the early morning hours. the remainder of the day will be mainly sunny with a few passing high clouds. temperatures in the mid-50's, a few locations will get chillier, santa rosa, napa lowes in the upper 40's. how is tomorrow, low to mid 60's in the -- inland will not warm up to much more than the low 80's, 85 in the warmest spots. here is the seven day forecast, even warmer as the heat spikes thursday to mid 90's inland. upper 90's to near 100 inland on friday. expect to see at least a couple of locations topping out in the triple digits saturday around the bay shoreline. highs in the low 80's, up to about 70 or above on the coast. not much of a cool down on sunday, the heat hole on --
6:26 pm
holds on and then mid 90's -- further cooling on tuesday if you can survive the heat on friday and saturday, look forward to cooler weather tuesday. larry: thanks, spencecould you d extra dollars? california sending out the next round of stimulus checks. what it takes to qualify and how much to expect in your check. >> millions of jobless californians about to lose unappointed benefits. i'm michael finney ahead,, benefits that ended september 4. >> we are going to fight hard and defeat this thing. ama: exactly three weeks till the recall
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: california's economy is slowly coming back to life, gaining more than one million payroll jobs last year. 3 million californians are still collecting unemployment. ama: for many of them extra
6:30 pm
pandemic benefits are coming to an end september 4. an important wake-up call. >> we are warning folks, be ready. millions who lost their jobs because of the pandemic are about to lose benefits, too. >> it's done, it has run out, it's over. >> he was earning money referring drivers tube or and lift. he bought unemployment insurance years ago so when income dried up in the pandemic, they provided benefits. >> i'm grateful there was some income. >> millions of californians are about to be cut off from benefits that expire in september. >> we have about 3 million californians on unappointed insurance. if no changes are made, roughly 2 million californians will see benefits and. >> the federal government will
6:31 pm
stop adding that $300 per week bonus to everyone's check. it will also end their first of its kind program that has paid unemployment benefits to gig workers, and employed -- in a panic contractors and the self employed. also a program known as peuc, which extended claims. the edd is urging everyone to find a job. that may seem easy, the state added nearly one million payroll jobs in the year. some say it's not that simple. >> it's not such an easy process is saying we have 3 million people on insurance and all of these jobs, and a lot of cases there is not an easy dutch in terms of skills, aptitudes. >> from the california workforce association, he says the economy has changed.
6:32 pm
many businesses shut down, many worry about getting sick on the job or sending kids to school. he says right share giants no longer pay him to recruit drivers so he is adapting his business -- >> i'll have to get creative again. >> the biden administration says estates may use leftover unemployment funds to continue some of these pandemic benefits. so far, no word in california taking up that offer. i'm keeping track and will report. larry: it's important because the benefits may be running out of the pandemic is not over. >> it's kicking back up. larry: thank you, michael. ama: another round of state stimulus checks will got this month. the latest stimulus will bring a little more green for people who qualify. the amounts range from 500 to
6:33 pm
$1500. need to have an income less than $75,000 last year and file your 2020 tax return by october of 2021. you can also receive an five dollars for dependents. larry: governor newsom in grizzly flats, a community left devastated by the caldor fire. he blasted the top republican contender in the recall race who does not claim california's wildfire crisis on quite a change. >> he lives in a complete different world devoid of the reality here in grizzly flats. we have heroes, calfi heroes, cc investing in them at record levels, investing in management. with all due respect, he does not know wmes to climate and climate change. larry: he added with wildfire
6:34 pm
season, the drought in the pandemic he does not think this is the right time for californnson abc 7 news at 4:00e about whether the timing is helping or hurting his chances of staying california's governor. >> by now, covid would be wrapped up, schools would be open, people feeling good and gavin's poll numbers would be high. that is not necessarily the case. it appears the pandemic has dragged out, schools are opening but are they going to stay open? how are parrots reacting? and the fire fights show no signs of letting up. so what they bet on is a safe time is turning out to be volatile. ama: a former political opponent through his support behind kevin kiley in the recall election. doug oc endorsed -- doug endorsed his fellow republican. the candidate entered last month.
6:35 pm
he dropped last week to focus on recovery after a heart attack. mail-in ballots on their way to voters, more than -- millions of californians already fill them out. you only have until monday to register and then you can do a conditional voter registration until election day on tuesday, september 14. larry: meet the ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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ama: does it feel like fall? the pumpkin spice latte made its earliest debut at starbucks. starbucks has sold more than 45 million since the drink was introduced in 2003. northern california is home to one country and a new experience is taking hold. eight wine -- wine first black woman old -- owned. >> you'd expect to see cute restaurants and shops on park street in alameda. but a safari, not so much. until you step inside karibu
6:39 pm
wine lounge. >> what we are doing is a mini safari. a wine safari. and it's called a wine safari because each of the varietals have one of the big five of the canyon safari -- kenyan safari on the bottle. >> first the rhino, a cabernet. >> i crafted it to go with my mother's lambs do. >> dr. w winds to make sure she had the perfect lines to go with her mother's favorite dishes. >> these bubbles are the line -- impairs -- this pairs with my mother's cake. >> this why mount is the first black owned in the county. >> karibu means welcome so it is
6:40 pm
a space where everyone should feel welcome. >> she wanted to create a space not only for people who enjoy wine but for those who craft and sell it. so not only can you drink, dance and have a good time, you can check out winds by other makers of color. >> focus of color are hugely underrepresented. we are .1% of the wine industry in this country. so creating a space that allows is not only to showcase our talents but also to feel welcome and included is core to who i am. >> also court to who she is, science. she works full-time in clinical outcomes at stanford health care. intrigued by the science of winemaking, she said pursuing that passion wasn't exactly easy. >> don't have that exposed to us as a community, as a culture. it's an industry that has been closed to us. it was the allies that supported me, that helped me learn how to
6:41 pm
craft the winds, -- winds -- wi nes, tas creed a peo the industry. she says representation matters. >> for me to be in this position today that allows another young lady or young men to see themselves reflected in me as a black immigrant woman, it allows them to believe they can. >> using wine to craft community and a new vision of the industry. in alameda, abc 7 news. ama: so wonderful, i love it. larry: how does she do it? full-time at stanford and a wine business? the winemaking business is so hard. but it looks like a really inviting tasting room. next we will hear from our resident wine lover spencer christian, see if he thinks a red or a white will pair best
6:42 pm
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larry: now, an update from san
6:45 pm
jose mayor after protesters disrupted a city council meeting. this went on for hours earlier today. the issue is mandating vaccines for events at city facilities. e may spo a srtearlier, proteste shouting, saying the city is overstepping its authority. mayor liccardo says he is sympathetic to where people are coming from. >> i appreciate and understand that people are frustrated. we are all frustrated. this endemic is going on for so long. it's frustrating to a lot of folks. it has been a challenge to so many families. larry: the council has weakens -- reconvened, they are taking a vote. more tonight at 11:00. ama: a team including researchers from california trying to understand and threat from an event thousands of miles away. larry: exactly what the problem is. spencer: we are talking about
6:46 pm
massive icemelt from glaciers on greenland. it could have implications for san francisco bay. with its rugged, slow covered -- snow can covered glaciers, there is no confusing it with san francisco bay but there climate threat in greenland could become a threat here. >> raymond has lost more than 3 trillion tons -- greenland has lost more than 3 trillion tons of ice in the last several years and that is enough to raise global sea levels, the entire planet, by a centimeter. half an inch. >> these researchers are in greenland trying to answer the question how much ice will melt and how quickly. it will have a direct effect on how we plan for title rise - - tidal rise in the bay.
6:47 pm
the commission is called omg. they have been dropping sensors around the perimeter of the coastline. they are trying to measure the amounts of water being flushed out of the glaciers as they come in contact with warming ocean waters. >> we think of the ice sheet as a big ice cube melting under a hair dryer, but it is more like this ice is getting flushed off the ice sheet in these huge rivers of ice. >> it is coming as the area is experiencing a year of extreme icemelt. fellow researcher says the shifting weight is so immense it can cause changes in the earth's crust. >> it can make sea levels rise far away, california, san francisco, we are affected by what is happening in greenland anntica even thoug still, how ml affect sea level rise and how quickly are unknown.
6:48 pm
they could drive how we protect our shoreline and what areas are viable in the future. >> we really don't know how much sea level rise to prepare for from greenland. we just know it is going to be a lot. just not if it's going to be a whole lot or a little lot. >> they are trying to plan for a long-term climate threat that could reach our shores. spencer: one more unsettling note, last week, rain, not snow fell on greenland's highest summit for the first time on record, an indication of the rising temperatures. ama: that's horrible, what do we do now? spencer: well, whatever we do need to be done now and it needs to be a global and immediate effort on behalf of governments, industry, and concerned people. larry: that is the problem, even if you stopped everything right now, the melting is going to continue. it is the result of decades.
6:49 pm
spencer: we can only hope to slow the melting and the pace of the warming of the planet. it's a challenge. larry: speaking of warming, spencer. spencer: there is some coming our way at the end of the week but before we get to that, let's look at the cooling come out onshore breeze generated by this alignment of weather systems now. it has not only brought cooler air but cleaner, fresher air has improved air quality quite a bit. it's also pushing clouds on short tonight. low clouds and fog, some spotty drizzle, it will be mainly in the mid-50's and tomorrow as the clouds roll away or roll back to the coastline, maybe -- mainly sunny skies with highs at the mid 50's on the coast to low and mid 80's inland. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast, the warming trend building at the end of the week. friday, saturday and sunday likely to be the hottest days of inland highs in the upper 90's
6:50 pm
and 100 those days. the coast gets cooler on monday but all of the areas don't hold on much until next tuesday. ama: thank you. larry: chris alvarez peddling sports, the summer of clay continues. chris: the latest, plus boom from the big apple. things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: the giants begin their largest stretch without an off day, 16 days in a row and san francisco enters with a 2.5 game lead over the doctors. back at citi field, the former met brandon belt's belts one to deep center and that is going to hit the apple right on the fly, the giants, one more doubled, mike turned 31 yesterday and it turns out around 451 of the moving truck, re-zero giants. -- 3-0 giants. a career-high, at that point. a team that has had three straight heartbreaking losses,
6:54 pm
mitch moreland beats the shift, rbis single one-nothing. luis seattle, three earned runs. top of the eighth, still a 3-1 game, jared just misses a homer off a.j. pollock, and rbis double made it. the santa fe earthquakes arefe e hottest team in all of major league soccer. their longest player is 17, he will play in the mls all-stars tomorrow any match in los angeles. -- anna match in los angeles. -- in a match in los angeles. he recalled the moment he found out he was in the all-star team. >> that moment i will always remember. i.t. maids were awesome, i really loved that.
6:55 pm
they were super happy for me, -- my teammates were awesome, i really loved that. were super happy for me. just an awesome time. >> with all the shifting in college athletics including texas and oklahoma joining the sec, the big 12 and acc announced an alliance of the conferences in hopes of stabilizing what they call a volatile environment. >> they are 100% in favor of far expansion of the college football playoffs. there are issues at the margins, though i will repeat what kevin and jim said, which is the work that was done by the committee to come up with the 12 team playoff is exemplary. chris: it's klay sharing a video on instagram with a caption that said i'm happy to be making progress on the daily. i can't wait to hoop again. now he is in the gym.
6:56 pm
sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino and the summer of clay has been wonderful but that is a good sign he is doing stuff like that. larry: he is nine months out since having the achilles surgery and you check twitter, the doctor, our go to guy, he says he is leading on both feet, balanced, just needs to get stamina up and hopefully we will see a lot of him the season. thanks, chris. ama: coming up on abc 7 starting at 8:00 p.m., it is bachelor in paradise load at 10:00 by the ultimate server. and don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. think you for joining us, i am ama daetz. larry: we will see you again at 11:00. ♪
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[music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a middle school latin teacher from san luis obispo, california... a biomedical engineer from lewisburg, pennsylvania... and our returning champion-- the base commander from nellis air force base, las vegas... whose 5-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] johnny, thank you. ladies and gentlemen, good to have you with us once again. dave, it just occurred to me before i walked out
7:00 pm
that when you get back to the base, you're going to have to pick up the tab for a lot of other officers at the mess, i think. [laughter] jove and sarah, nice to have you here today. let's go to work. the jeopardy! round. clues are worth from $200 to $1,000, in these categories today, starting off with... little bit of a history, there. hey... "show" in quotation marks. champion, off you go. spanish civil war for $200. - dave. - who is franco? - yes. - civil war for $400. - dave. - what are germany and italy? - correct again. - civil war for $600.


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