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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 25, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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in the lake tahoe basin, seems like these have become the norm, if not the new normal. >> it is a little smoky here. >> they just arrived for a month at gloria's tahoe. so far it has been a a haze. >> it is not what we expect from tahoe but even with a ton of ash flying around, it is still one of the most pitiful places on earth. reporter: they usually stay through october. but this year. >> we are coming back tomorrow morning. we're inhaling the smoke, even in the house. we are all miserable. no golf, no sitting out for lunch. reporter: in truckee, the skies are so smoky they are sending a lot of people packing, back to the bay area. >> our neighbors say they have never seen anything like it.
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people have been leaving town. i have a neighbor across the street who is taking his kids and going down to the beach. reporter: over the hill in reno, things are not much better, with the casinos just ghosts. it's all thanks to the massive caldor fire 20 miles away. with no end in sight, it's hard to see what the future holds. >> we are seeing the taps turned off at the moment. one of our larger properties in the region is looking at 25 points of occupancy drop for august based on the cancellations coming in right now. reporter: for tahoe businesses, a booming summer season may suddenly come to a halt, just in time for the labor day weekend. laura anthony, abc 7 news. larry: checking in with spencer christian with a closer look at the conditions in the area. seems like rinse, wash, repeat. spencer: you are right.
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the air is so hazardous in the tahoe area. let me give you a look at air quality. over in the sierra you can see the dark colored circles indicating the most hazardous and the dirtiest air. the worst air quality in the state. as we come back to the bay area we can see at the moment, we have moderate to good air quality indicated by the yellow and green dots. before wrice a decline in air quality. the main reason we have decent air quality here is this set up in the atmosphere. this weak trough moving through which is reinforcing our marine layer and the onshore breeze, which is keeping our air relatively clean. that high-pressure system i showed you is going to move in late tomorrow into friday. here is the smoke forecast for the next 24 hours. we can expect a continuing pattern of relatively good air quality but late tomorrow night
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into friday and saturday notice how all the smoke comes back down into the bay area and that means a decline in our air quality. julian: better get out tomorrow and enjoy the fresh air while we can. pacific gas & electric is showing off installed weather station. this one in castro valley. the station's collected data like temperature, wind speed. it helps them evaluate severe weather threats and the possible need for a public safety power shut off. each one backed up by solar power. >> these stations can run 24/7 without interruption. if the line goes off power for a psps or an unforeseen event, the unit will reporting. julian: pg&e says they want to install 1300 weather stations which can cover some 20,007 -- some 27,000 square miles. larry: we are getting a look at a major police response next to the oakland coliseum.
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police are investigating a shooting by an officer and the person was not seriously injured and was transported to the hospital in stable condition. they say the individual was wanted on a criminal warrant for manslaughter. in the east bay, a 12-year-old boy was killed in a crash involving a train and multiple cars. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon at east cypress road and main street. a car went over the tracks as the gates were coming down and a train approached. >> i just heard a big crunch, then i looked over and the car flew off the road and tires were going and debris was hitting my truck. larry: officials say the driver was a 19-year-old woman. look at the damage left behind. she was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. almost 20 years after he was convicted of killing his president -- his pregnant wife, scot peterson is asking for a new trial. attorneys discussed the trait -- the case. the judge expects --
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the attorney claims a juror lied when she told the court she had never been involved in a domestic violence case. she became known as strawberry shortcake during the trial because of the color of her hair. >> she did not tell any of the attorneys about it, did not tell the court. in our opinion she was purposely trying to avoid bringing those things up so she could serve on a jury where she became very adamant to convict scot peterson. larry: attorneys will be back in court next month, and that is when the judge is expected to set a date for the hearings next year. peterson's death sentence was overturned last year but he remains in custody. for the 16th time, the man convicted of assassinating senator robert kennedy will appear before a parole board. but unlike every other time, prosecutors will not oppose the release of him. he was arrested at the scene of his shooting in los angeles in 1968, convicted, and sentenced
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to death. but when the state abolished the death penalty his sentence was reduced to life with the possibility of parole. julian: we want to get you up to speed on the latest covid-19 news. cal osha recommending workers wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. moderna completed its submission to the fda for full approval of its vaccine. it is currently available for people 18 and older under emergency use authorization. the fda gave full approval to the pfizer vaccine monday. pfizer now asking the agency to consider a supplemental application for booster shots. larry: we have confirmed the cdc is working on establishing a timeline to prioritize specific groups to get covid-19 booster shots. but how long should we wait between doses? stephanie sierra is tracking the details and new information from pfizer. stephanie: pfizer released new detail showing the waning of protection starts after about
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five to six months. the wall street journal is reporting the company just requested clearance for boosters to be administered now at the six-month mark. this, as scientists are trying to determine if waiting longer between the first two initial doses may result in more protection. covid-19 booster shots will be here in less than a month. those of you who received the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine, should you rush to get one? >> if i was a healthy 30-year-old, i am not sure if i would run out. if i was 70, i probably would. stephanie: the company released new data today indicating their covid-19 booster vaccine, increased antibodies nine fold, 28 days after the first shot. it is important to note this study is only based on the results of 17 people. the bigger question is if you got your j&j shot the state months ago, should you get one or two additional doses? >> it may turn out to be two is better than one, but it really
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looks like one additional dose of one of the mnra's does bump your immunity from your j&j considerably. stephanie: these doctors say any delay in the timeline of rolling out boosters could impact the severity of future covid surges. >> acting too late, you are going to create a longer window of potentially waning immunity, where people could get infected. stephanie: health care workers and nursing home residents will be eligible in september. it is expected people over 70 will be next in october and november. and the general population and adolescents will follow in december or january. >> there are questions about dosages as well. too much, too little in it? that is being carefully worked out. stephanie: experts are trying to determine if the three to four week gap between doses between pfizer and moderna was long enough to make a second shot the most effective. >> we have a little more of a space in between, you can get
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over your primary immune reaction, then you are at a point where you can get a secondary immune reaction. stephanie: do you think a longer waiting period in between doses will be recommended moving forward? >> if this were more leisurely, if we had a more slow-moving epidemic, we probably would not have seen these three week gaps. it probably would have been longer. stephanie: so if we had that two month waiting period in between the first two initial doses, would we be in a better place right now? rutherford says it is possible, but added it would not have been the risk -- worth the risk of added infections, given we needed to get as many people vaccinated as possible. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. larry: do immunocompromised people need to get a third shot of the same vaccine they got before? and are the side effects pretty much expected to be the same, where your arm hurts for maybe a couple days? stephanie: exactly. the first question the cdc says immunocompromised patients should get a third dose of the
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same mrna vaccine, but agency wanted out a person should not get more than three mr and ra -- mnra vaccine doses. if you got moderna and moderna is not available for your third dose, the cd says in that case, pfizer could be used. as far as side effects go, they are expected to be similar to what we experienced in the first two doses. thankfully, not any worse. larry: that is good news. also interesting you can mix vaccines, which we were not sure about earlier on. stephanie, thank you. julian: vaccine mandates are starting to be the norm for many employers. the city has been in talks with implementing a mandate. >> we want to be thoughtful about medical and religious exemptions. but this is something you are going to see the city of oakland roll out at some point. i would like to see some certainty within the next several days. julian: both san francisco and san jose have their own mandates for city employees. just last night, the san jose
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counsel approved vaccine mandates with events of 50 or more people at city facilities. this includes venue like the sap center, convention center, and the san jose center for performing arts. larry: delta air lines is adding a surcharge for its own employees if they do not get vaccinated. workers who did not get the shots will face weekly testing and a $200 monthly health concerns -- health insurance surcharge. they are now the largest u.s. company to require vaccinations. julian: new problems for the leaning millennium tower in san francisco. more stimulus money on the way, but who will get a check? and it is that time of year when the greats get picked.
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larry: new developments on san francisco's infamous tilting tower. work on the millennium tower has been temporarily halted after the building sunk into the earth even more during repairs, causing the building to consequently lean even more. according to emails received by abc 7 news, this happened during installation of 36 inch casings that they were using to shthe f. engineers essay the work is not compromised building's safety. repairs are expected to continue on other parts of the project. julian: a veterinarian is heartbroken over her own pet.
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her french bulldog is missing and she believes someone took him. as wayne freedman found out, it may be another example of the prize pooches becoming victims of their own cuteness. wayne: t is for a >> did yasight? wayne: dr. heather burns spent the last day going door-to-door in her martinez neighborhood open for clues to the whereabouts of zeppelin, her 11 month old french bulldog who got loose last night. she suspects foul play. how do you know he was stolen? >> because my name and phone number are in large print on a large tag on his large collar. and no one has called and it has been almost when he for hours. wayne: she acquired zeppelin one her previous owners could not pay for him. after that the dog stole her heart. now she worries not only about losing zeppelin, but also about his welfare. >> apparently these pets are
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getting stolen. of course that is where my mind goes to. >> i didn't know what else to do. i screamed as loud as i could. wayne: this was one of the bay area's more notorious cases. sarah moorhouse said three men attacked her at gunpoint while walking her french bulldog on russian hill. the breed has almost become a commodity. french bulldog puppies can sell for thousands of dollars. >> once you have a french bulldog, you'll never go back. wayne: dr. burns reported her missing dog to police, sheriff, animal control, and reached out on social media. she has more than 300 responses, overwhelming and reassuring. what are they saying? >> lots of prayers. looking for him. wayne: her only strong clue has come from a neighbor, who remembers zeppelin on the streets last night, and the driver of a black car stopped to ask if the dog belonged to her. did you see him grab the dog? >> no. no no no. wayne: but he was going after
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the dog? >> i don't know. wayne: so much paoin -- pain in not knowing. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. larry: hopefully they find the puppy. if you missed out on round one of the golden state stimulus, you could be getting extra cash in round two. michael finney is here with answers to more common questions about this payment. your first one is, where is my money? michael: that is whatever wants to know. the state's franchise tax board says checks around two of the golden state stimulus will start being sent next week, around september 1. that is next wednesday. this money is meant to help those hit hardest by the pandemic, and it favors those an total, making this the
4:18 pm
largest estate tax rebate in u.s. history. larry: so people want to know, how much of my going to get? michael: get ready to write this down, this gets complicated, because it really depends. if you qualify for the first round of the golden state stimulus back in may, and you claimed a credit for at least one dependent, and you qualify for this round of stimulus, then you will get $500. if you qualified for round one but did not claim a credit for any dependents, you will not receive a payment this time. you did not qualify for round one in the spring but you qualify for this one, it is $600 with no dependents and $1100 or more with more than one dependent. larry: i am almost afraid to ask, but who qualifies to get it? michael: it complicated and it is a lot oficated.this may ro
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did not get the first round, and some people who did the first round will get this payment too. so here are the requirements. first, you need to file your 2020 taxes by october 15. your california adjusted gross income has to be $75,000 or less, whether you are filing individually or jointly. you had to be a california resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year, and you need to still live in california. and you cannot be claimed as a dependent by anyone else. if you file your taxes with an individual taxpayer identification number itin and you meet all the requirements i just listed, and you have at least one dependent -- look, even i am getting confused -- your stimulus amount is $1000. are you following this? larry: this seemed like such a good idea we planned this
4:20 pm
upstairs. let's say you do meet all the requirements, is the check in the mail, direct deposit? michael: it may be in the mail. payments began by at least next week, according to the franchise tax board. you will get them either by direct deposit or through the mail. depends on how you opt to receive any refund on your state tax return. those payments will continue through the end of this year. the schedule depends on your zip code. that is how they are deciding when the checks are going out. larry: ok. i know you are going to have more on the website, and it will be all explained and people can scroll at their leisure. michael: it will all be there. by the way, feel free to contact us at 7 on your side. we will help walk you through it. larry: because it is obviously really confusing. thank you. julian: caitlyn jenner spending the day in san francisco as she
4:21 pm
campaigns ahead of the september 14 recall election. >> we have to do something about this. need to help these people, bottom line. we need law enforcement to come in, we need to clean the city up, we need to find places for them to go, affordable housing. we need rehabilitation programs. julian: jenner says she can get the job done because he is hard-working, commonsense person. tonight she will be attending an event with republicans, an organization representing lgbtq conservatives. larry: let's turn to the weather forecast. spencer, we have smoke and heat. spencer: let's start with the smoke, which is really building up over lake tahoe. the air is so dirty there. here's a look at the air quality. the dark colors indicating hazardous air quality. the smoke is so thick, the wildfire smoke, that people are
4:22 pm
reporting seeing ash falling from the sky like smoke -- like snowflakes. back here, green and yellow dots indicating moderate to heavy air quality. right now we have a look at surface wind speeds. 15 to 25 miles an hour. good onshore flow, which is contributing significantly to the clean air quality we have. here is a view from sutro tower. the sky looks relatively blue. we would call this pretty good air quality. 69 in oakland. mid-seventies in mountain view and san jose. 62 in pacifica. even bluer skies looking towards the northeast from the golden gate bridge. temperature readings right now of 74 in santa rosa. 82 at novato. mid to upper 80's at fairfield and livermore. this is a very different view. east bay hills, mount diablo, you can see how the smoke is collecting in the air over inland valleys.
4:23 pm
surging summer heat begins tomorrow. moderate risk of heat illness friday and saturday, meaning heat-related illness. heat will be easing early next week, but it is going to be pretty hot friday through sunday. here is our overnight forecast. the animation showing the development of a relatively weak marine layer. it will be a bit more shallow than we are used to. still a chance of spotty coastal drizzle early in the morning. then we quickly pull away and we will see mainly sunny skies all day tomorrow. overnight low-temperature's will be mainly in the low to mid 50's. highs tomorrow warmer than today. upper 70's to near 80 around the bay shoreline. low to mid 90's and the warmest inland areas tomorrow. that is just the beginning of the warm up. we expect high temperatures in the hottest inland locations to reach or exceed 100 degrees. low to mid 80's around the bay
4:24 pm
shoreline and perhaps low 70's on the coast. then later in the forecast going into early next week we will see a warming trend. next wednesday temptress will be below average, which i welcome. larry: the future is here. ai already in many cars and
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that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. julian: safety technology is increasingly common in passenger cars but not found in many of the commercial trucks your
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sharing the road with. but there are efforts to change that. david l loo a i truckers and how that tech could change lives. david: trucks are crucial to deliver goods. not just big rigs, but smaller vans who put parcels at our doorsteps. the reality is passenger vehicles share the same roads and freeways as trucks. but the playing field is not level. chances are your car may have advanced driver safety technology that the truck along next to you does not. it is estimated only 40% of trucks have a road-facing camera. they are trying to change that. >> what we are doing is building edge ai capabilities and building and developing algorithms that can detect unsafe behavior, both in the cab, so the driver is distracted or using their cell phone, but also in front of the vehicle. david: they focus on document
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and faults of accident. it could prevent 63,000 crashes a year. they have installed over 500,000 systems in trucks in the u.s. and canada. it can cost several hundred dollars, but it is offset by benefits. >> our customers reduce accident frequency by up to 30% using these dashcams. and average annual premiums for trucks on the road is north of $15,000. david: the american trucking association says there is no industry-wide initiative to promote and cam -- in-cab cameras. >> we have a goal of zero highway for tallies, so anything we can work together -- zero highway fatalities. anything we can do. david: while truck drivers may be professionals, technology is available to help them be safer. david louis, abc 7 news. larry: just ahead, the latest on wild fires all across
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julian: we are back with breaking news and san jose. an evacuation underway because of a gas leak downtown at eugene avenue. the fire department telling us there is a 900 foot evacuation radius, which means about 325 homes and businesses are affected. pg&e says an eight inch steel natural gas line was ruptured. the line will not be capped until midnight. larry: now to the fires burning out of control across the state. yesterday, a presidential major
4:32 pm
disaster declaration was approved, which provides federal aid to four counties that will be devastated. more fires could be added in the coming weeks. thankfully, calmer winds last night helped firefighters make progress against the caldor fire. crews are working to keep flames away from the lake tahoe basin. that fire has burned 126,000 acres, destroying 637 structures. it is only still 11% contained. julian: it is really raging right now. how close are the fires getting to lake tahoe? larry: too close, judging from the smoke. drew: perimeter. this fire is 126,000 acres. we will get an update on the size later this evening. the eastern flank of the fire is 14 miles away from the south shore of south lake tahoe at
4:33 pm
this hour. and the winds today and for much of this week have been from the southwest to the northeast, pushing the smoke over tahoe but also keeping the eastern side of the fire very active the past couple days. that continues today as well. but the terrain ahead is going to be very tough, especially areas indexer -- in desolation wilderness. this area has a lot of granite bed walk -- bedrock. also very high allocation -- very high elevation. what we are watching is a wind shift. today winds out of the southwest. watch tomorrow. the winds move from the northwest to the southeast. the threat now will move to the southeast. areas like kirkwood will see this fire get closer to them. right now the eastern edge of this fire is four miles away. tomorrow as the wind develops and the wind changes, growth is likely on the southeastern flank. so while the threat lessons a little for tahoe the next couple days, the threat will increase
4:34 pm
for a lot of folks, especially close to highway 88. good news, firefighters know about the wind shift. they have tons of dozers making lines along this, and a lot of and tankers -- a lot of air tankers. so that when shift is going to be watched closely. larry: it is dangerously close. drew: it is. 14 miles from tahoe. larry: now to our series were we look issues threatening the california dream, as well as the people working to keep the dream alive. julian: as major fires continue to burn in california, areas across the state are seeing some of the worst air quality in the world. larry: experts say this is something we are just going to have to get used to living with. but there are tips to try and help keep you safe. more and more of these really catastrophic fires that get bigger and burn longer and hotter. the smoke they produce is really harmful to people's health.
4:35 pm
it is something we are very concerned about. >> residents of the western u.s. are just going to have to get used to smoky skies and bad air quality as we go through the next few decades. because we are going to have more fires due to climate change, and if we cannot handle that, we are just going to have to deal with the smoke. and that is a problem. these fires are abiding -- are burning hotter and more intensely, so they are creating a lot of smoke and it can really impact communities, so we have to get used to that, unfortunately. >> we're all in california, we're all experiencing these fires. we understand how important and urgent it is. and we want our families to be safe too. so i think you have people who deeply care about what is going on. we're, i can guarantee you, working around the clock to find solutions to these problems and implement them as quickly as we can. >> we have a faculty who are
4:36 pm
studying wildfire across the state and internationally. we have a real-time air-quality forecasting model that is operational for california and the western u.s. what you are seeing here is the smoke forecast for the dixie fire. looking at the pm2.5 concentrations total, because that is what impacts our respiratory systems. this model can generate that. what happens is those winds push that smoke around. and when we get a weather pattern that causes the overall wind to blow that smoke into northern california or into the bay area, that is where we can get our biggest smoke impacts. it can look a lot like last year, where we had those apocalyptic skies. it sets up to where we had the right weather pattern where the winds are blowing the smoke into the bay area, then it's stagnant and it sits over the area. then we have multiple days of bad air quality. >> from a health perspective,
4:37 pm
smoke is really dangerous, especially for people who have pre-existing conditions. and what is really concerning is the fires are producing a huge amount of smoke traveling hundreds of miles. you don't have to live near of speier -- near a fire to experience health impacts from the fire. the number one thing you can do is stay inside. there are a number of things you can do to make sure your indoor air quality is good. if you have central air, make sure you are running a new filter. make sure it is the highest rating your system can allow. don't cook without using a range hood. don't vacuum. don't like candles. anything that creates particles in the air. stay there until the worst smoke goes by. also, check the air quality. get in the habit every day of pulling up the air quality on your phone. if you need to be outside, if you work outdoors or you have to be outside, wear a diocesa certified n95 mask.
4:38 pm
the rule of thumb is if you can smell smoke, your breathing it. sometimes the skies will look really hazy but the air quality is actually ok. sometimes smoke travels high enough in the atmosphere you are not actually breathing it. but if you smell smoke, you are breathing it. that is when you really need to be careful and take steps to avoid it. julian: you you you you you youu stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand right now on our abc 7 connect another day, another chance. make the most of it with the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. and get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. ask how to get comcast business securityedge
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larry: time now for the four at 4:00 as julian spencer joins us. just feel the testosterone racing through us all. we start with a texas man who is going to great lengths to defend mask mandates at his local school board meeting. >> it's simple protocol, people. we follow certain rules. we follow certain rules for a very good reason. larry: that is 58-year-old james akers bearing his soul and a lot more to the school board. he stripped down to his underwear to prove a point about social norms and how we abide by them. he also mocked the personal rights claims made by mask opponents, saying he ignored the speed limit and almost ran
4:42 pm
someone over it because he doesn't like the government telling them what to do. we gotta exercise our freedom! who wants to jump in on this first. i think that is hilarious. that guy mocking the whole protest thing. julian: thankfully he stopped there. didn't continue to strip down. i feel bad for the guy who was operate in the livestream. he was waiting to jump out of at any second. spencer: i think he chose a very colorful and revealing way to make his point. larry: absolutely. julian: speaking of revealing, from the man whose baby photo was on one of the most iconic albums of all time. spencer eldon has filed a lawsuit claiming the nude image of him under vona's 1991 album never mind -- of him on nirvana's 1991 album nevermind. he's seeing $150,000 from each
4:43 pm
of the defendants, including the estate of late singer kurt cobain, who is holding his daughters. what we make of this one? $150,000? >> it sounds like he needs money. this sounds like a weird case to take up in your life. spencer: i kinda feel that way, too. larry: obviously the photo speaks for itself. but to say the connection between the dollar and the baby, it's just a reach of an argument. but if you are an attorney and your billing hourly, oh yeah, i can win this. maybe he will get some money out of this. julian: clearly he is hurting for some money. some changes could be coming to the iconic ikea store layout. they are considering getting rid of the maze-like show rooms can never escape. apparently they are testing two new store designs. the idea is to want -- is to
4:44 pm
make people to want to hang out. changes include hang out areas where you can meet social media influencers. another change would include demonstrations on how to make your home more sustainable. no word thankfully on changing the recipe to the famous meatballs. spencer: i know when i go to an ikea, the first thing on my mind is i cannot wait to meet some social media influencers. [laughter] larry: i was just going to say, drew would be trhhere. drew: i don't mind the maze. if anything it is a leisurely stroll. julian: if you are trying to go in and out, it is never good. drew: if you want to do that just order online. also, they have those maps. they have shortcuts, you have ways to figure it out. larry: sounds like a man who has spent a lot of time at ikea. [laughter]
4:45 pm
we'll talk about that issue later. drew: when you are a college kid on a budget, spend a lot of time there. larry: new ratings out for the nation's college mascot. the results of an online survey, the stanford tree made the list of creepiest college mascot. i'm not the creepy one in this. [laughter] i'm the one not in the tree costume. this was back in 2006. the tree responded saying, this is blasphemy. for the record, stanford does not have an official mascot. the tree is a member of the band. osky from cal was voted the un-sexiest mascot. oski! drew: that hurts. larry: it does. i think the san jose spartan might have been one of the sexy ones. so, go sparty. any thoughts? drew: the tree is creepy.
4:46 pm
julian: all agree there. it needs a makeover or something. larry: wow. spencer: should be pruned. larry: pretty harsh on the tree. drew: you saw it. larry: yeah, i was standing next to it. ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. expand your options...and your perspective. ♪
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find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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julian: some career fishermen say proposed emission standards for commercial boats could put sports fissures around
4:49 pm
california out of business. melanie woodrow has both sides. melanie: they are a multigenerational family of sport fishermen. my family has been doing business at fisherman's wharf since 1908. melanie: their vessel is 62 years old. every year they group to catch fish, but now they are worried they could be forced out of business. >> i am truly upset. melanie: the california air resources board is proposing regulations to reduce emissions from all commercial harbor craft in the state. >> california has some of the worst air quality in the nation and we need to reduce emissions from all sources. melanie: they say the engines they would need to purchase do not exist for older vessels like theirs. there's no way i could get this boat to be moderate with what they have proposed. melanie: owners of these older boats would either have to hang up their fishing rods or buy brand-new boat.
4:50 pm
>> we want to make sure the boats are as safe as possible, and again, we want to work with them to do that. at the same time, doing so without having to take boats out of service and destroy the livelihoods of these people. >> all i can do is get mad because otherwise i would have to cry. melanie: to pay, carp suggested fishermen pass the cost on to customers. >> we are looking at a 14% increase upon a $150 a day base fare per person, per day to go sport fishing. is that an observable cost to the passenger? >> it's very difficult to pass on those kind of cost to the customers and stay in business. melanie: he says requiring only the newest vessels to have clean engines is not an option. >> the emissions from one sportfishing vessel is equivalent to 162 school buses
4:51 pm
operating for the same amount of time. melanie: the plan is to target the dirtiest engines first. fishermen like the racinos will have more time. there is also six years of compliant extensions vessel operators could apply for if they do have to replace their vessel. still, he is not convinced. >> they are going to kill sportfishing. i mean, it's a travesty, man. it's sad. melanie: they will be a cub but -- a public comment period next month and a final decision in 2022. larry: if you have a boat, this would be a good weekend to get out on the water, because it is going to get hotter. spencer: it is indeed. overnight, a little bit of a marine layer coming back, which it usually does this time of year. it will be election than last night -- it will be a little bit shallower than last night.
4:52 pm
tomorrow the warm-up begins with high temperatures on the coast in the upper 60's. upper 70's to near 80 in some spots. england will heat up to the mid-90's. look at the accuweather seven day. triple deet -- triple digit heat. low to mid 80's around the bay shoreline during that 30 days. low to mid 70's on the coast. then cooling starts early next week. cannot wait for that to happen. larry: halloween is a little more than two months away, but one company already wants to get you into the holiday spirit. they are starting really early. too early. you know what? the candy is already in the supermarket. julian: it is everywhere now. larry: spirit halloween are looking for what they call a chief spirit officer. as the sco, you'll help halloween hype going all year
4:53 pm
long. of course you have to be social media savvy. in return, you will get $10,000 in cash, plus free costumes for a decade. julian: whoa. larry: is that good or bad? julian: that is good. larry: i will take the cash, you can take the costumes. you have until august 29 to apply. a really good time for wine lovers. julian: in the east bay there is one thing done. we will california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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>> tonight at 8:00 it is press your luck, followed by the $100,000 pyramid. at 10:00, ritter. julian: before the firm and the grapes, they add an extra special touch. a blessing. reporter: wine bottle, maybe even your glass, by thanksgiving. first, these babies will get a blessing. >> need all the help we can get. reporter: it is a tradition to brett -- to bless the grapes in livermore, to honor all the vineyards and the people who work to harvest the grapes. but this harvest appears to already be blessed. >> the quality is good. the weather has been very cooperative.
4:57 pm
livermore fortunately has not had any effects from smoke or fires. hopefully that keeps up. reporter: they started harvest this morning, picking four tons of grapes and three hours. they came in with no smoke damage, but the winery still has 1700 other blocks of grapes to pick. they are hoping to stay smoke-free. >> it has been great so far so we are hoping to keep up momentum. like i said, role with the pointers. reporter: they say they look forward to standing with their competitors and receiving a blessing together, saying they hope for a healthy season for everyone. >> in the industry, we are all like brothers and sisters. we want the best for every school vineyard. reporter: the grapes they picked this morning look good, but there are still a lot of grapes left on the vines. they will be here. . until october with the threat of wildfire season still around, they say they will get all the
4:58 pm
blessings they can. larry: that -- julian: majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ depo with easy tools from chase.
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
5:00 pm
>> building a better bay area. 24 is apse news. >> feeding the recall is of crucial importance to our members and all working families in california. >> today a flurry of campaigning in the bay area as the gubernatorial recall election nears. democratic leaders are showing their support for governor newsom, urging people to vote no. meanwhile, others talked homelessness and crime. >> good evening. you're watching abc 7 here at live. the recall election is less than three weeks away.


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