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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the details. new information live in the newsroom now. reporter: pfizer release data showing the waning of protection starts five to six months, not eight months as originally thought. it is raising questions whether there should be a longer waiting period between doses, and whether that will result in more protection. covid-19 booster shots will be here in less than a month. for some of you who received the johnson & johnson vaccine, should you rush to get one? >> i am not sure i would get a booster. if i was 70 and got j&j, iowa. reporter: new data indicating increased antibodies nine fold 28 days after the first shot, but this study is only based on the results of 17 people. the bigger question is if you got your j&j shot eight months
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ago, should you get one or two additional doses. >> it may be two is better than one, but it doesn't appear doesn't. does bump up your immunity. reporter: dr. could impact the severity of future covid surges. >> you will create a longer window of waning immunity, where people could get infected. reporter: health care workers in nursing home residents will be eligible in september. people over 70 will be available in october and over, than the general population by november to january. >> there are questions about doses, too much, too little. that is been carefully worked out. reporter: experts are trying to determine whether the gap between doses for pfizer and
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modernity was long enough to make the second shot most effective. >> you have more of a spacing between and you can get over your primary reaction within you can get a secondary immune reaction. reporter: you think waiting longer between doses will be recommended moving forward? >> potentially. if we had a slow moving epidemic, it you would not have seen these gaps. you would have seen something longer. reporter: if we had two months between the doses, could we be in a better place, and would vaccine efficacy be higher? he says it is possible and could be recommended down the line. larry: let's talk about the report that came out yesterday, which indicated efficacy dropping from 91% to 66% in the front line workers. did dr. rutherford discuss this? reporter: yes, he stressed the new finding is only being measured against covid
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infection, not clinical disease, so his point is if the study focuses on clinical disease, hospitalization, and death, the efficacy drop would not be as significant, but it is still an important warning that vaccine efficacy will drop over time, as the data has shown them and even if you don't get severely sick coming you can spread the virus. larry: we will probably be in line to get more shots down the road. reporter: exactly. liz: at 3:00, we spoke live with a doctor who gave us a broader perspective. >> it is weird optically, 3, 4 shots, and many countries don't have one shot, so that is where i'm sitting, a little discomfort. liz: good point. more than 22 million californians are fully vaccinated, 56% of everyone in
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the state. vaccination rates in the bay area are higher. as you can see on the abc7 vaccine tracker. we have a vaccine team dedicated to getting you the latest information. to ask questions, go to and click on the blue box. larry: we spoke with the oakland mayor today about a vaccine mandate for open city workers -- oakland city workers by the end of this week. >> as an employer myself at the city of oakland, that is something we are working on, having conversations wanting to be thoughtful about exemptions, but this is something you would see the city of oakland roll out at some point. i would like to see some certainty in the next several days. we have been working on this for a while. it is good to get it out soon. larry: several bay area cities including san francisco and san
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jose have implemented mandates for city staff. the san jose city council unanimously approved a vaccine mandate for city on facilities like the sap center. indonesia, an indoor mask mandate is in effect for everyone regardless of status. city council members approve the mandate yesterday. solano is the only county without a mask mandate. liz: new details from the abc 7 news team, a board of supervisors plans to vote on a resolution declaring no confidence in the sheriff. in the resolution, two board members say they no longer have confidence the sheriff can faithfully, effectively, and ethically perform her job duties. the board has cold for an independent investigation of jail operations. several officials, including the san jose mayor, have called for smith's resignation. she does not plan to resign. a 12-year-old boy was killed
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today with was the car he was in was hit by a train. the 19-year-old driver was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. this crash happened around 1:00 this afternoon on east to cypress road near main street. a witness says the vehicle drove over the tracks, the gates went down, and the back of the vehicle was still on the tracks when the train went through. >> i heard a big crunch, then looked over, and the car flew off the road, the tires going, debris hitting my truck. liz: the vehicle hit another car after the crash. people in that car were not her. one elementary school district says the boy killed was student at delta vista middle school. larry: a shooting near the oakland coliseum left
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injured. the individual was wanted on a criminal warrant. two firearms were recovered. liz: more than 300 homes and businesses are under an evacuation order. pg&e says a third-party contractor hit a natural gas line this morning near race street in eugene avenue. the fire department said it may not be capped until midnight. no injuries reported. larry: scott peterson's possible retrial would likely be scheduled early next year. during a hearing today in san mateo, a judge said she was set a date early next year. peterson's attorney claims the juror -- one juror lied when she told the court she had never been involved in domestic violence case. he was convicted in 2002 of killing his wife lacey and their unborn child. his death sentence was overturned last year, but he remains in custody at san quentin state prison. liz: vice president harris will be in california friday, as part of a rally to campaign on behalf
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of governor newsom, who is facing a recall election. the white house press secretary confirmed today that president biden will show his support. >> i can confirm the president plans to campaign for governor newsom in california. i don't have a date at this time, but that is his plan. liz: there is not much time left. we are less than three weeks away from election day. several republican candidates campaigned in the bay area today, and the recall group organized a rally. there is a lot going on. i reporter is live -- i r -- i is live. reporter: yes. with polls showing a tight race, democrats gathered in oakland to support governor newsom and tried to turn out their base. only a few hours later, two republicans made their case to voters on why they should replace governor newsom. with 20 days until californians had to the polls for the recall
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election, many candidates are running full speed ahead towards the finish line. there were two republican contenders in the bay area wednesday, former san diego mayor with a rally in the east, where he received an endorsement, and caitlyn jenner was in san francisco during a district or to talk about everything from homelessness to drug addiction, to fixing the economy. caitlyn jenner: lower taxes, less regulation, pro-business environment. i believe in the people of california, not the people in sacramento. reporter: she has struggled to gain traction, but believes that voters are sick of the policies of governor newsom. caitlyn jenner we need to come up the solutions fast. this will not be the golden state any longer. reporter: she was here in san francisco and oakland. some democrats got together to support governor newsom and attack his opponents. >> no recall. reporter: top of the list with larry elder. >> he is perpetuating
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anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists. he believes climate change is a hoax. he wants to take us back to the 1950's. reporter: democrats like the oakland mayor framed the recall as a right-wing power grab, and slammed it as a waste of taxpayer money. >> you are voting no, eliminating a minimum wage. you are voting no on taking away choice. you are voting no on taking away life-saving health orders. reporter: there will be another event at the more mile -- memorial club tonight at 7:00. faulkner will be participating in a debate with republicans. liz: caitlyn jenner and larry elder declining to debate governor newsom. thank you. larry: everybody is getting a mail-in ballot because of the pandemic. more than one million ballots
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have been cast. the polls will be open if you want to vote in person. our reporter explains how you can make sure your voices heard on election day. reporter: for poor workers come of the election day is there super bowl or world series, and work is underway at the voters registrar's office ahead of the first recall election since 2003. >> we have received 145,000 ballots back. they are coming in very quickly. earlier than expected. i think that is one of the main reasons this is an easier ballot. reporter: there are only two questions, but many ways to cast your vote. in santa clara county, you should have received your ballot last week. there are more than 100 ballot drop boxes throughout the county. you can know in your ballot by using the prepaid envelope included with your voting packet. you can always vote or drop off in person by using the new, more accessible equipment throughout the county.
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the registrar of voters office is one of 36 in person voting centers across the county. they open september 4 and run through election day. poor workers are at work processing the 145,000 votes that have come in. santa clara county registrar of voters shannon boucher says they only need one third of the normal staff, and it was not an issue finding in a poor workers to work for the county. >> we have workers that we need for the selection. we had a wonderful influx of people who wanted to work with us. we started reaching out earlier in the year when we knew this was coming and did not know the date, and we have been well prepared. reporter: once you cast your ballot, turn into abc7 for life election coverage on september 14. the county will have a results around 8:00 p.m. election night. >> we want to encourage voters to get out and vote. larry:
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only have until monday to register to vote. after that, you can do a conditional voter registration. that works up to election day, which is tuesday, september 14. liz: next, an update on california's wildfires and the impact. larry: remember the day without the sun? it has been noblest a year since we sold us.
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larry: what a difference a
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drought makes. these images from santa clara show how a severe lack of rain is impacting reservoirs in santa clara county. on the left, 2017. on the right, this month. it says reservoirs are at historically low levels, 12.5% of capacity overall. the drought is not helping more than 14,000 firefighters battling 12 major california wildfires right now. some of these fires unfortunately our real record-setters. the dixie fire is the second-largest wildfire in state history. it has the potential to eclipse the current recordholder, 730 5000 acres in size. look at that. -- 735,0000000 look at that. liz: it is just massive. we are watching the caldor fire, burning towards lake tahoe to the el dorado national forest.
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more than 126,000 acres have burned. it is only 11% contained. highway 50 is shut down for 30 miles between twin bridges and myers because of this fire. smoke from the caldor fire is blanketing the tahoe region. you can see there is such little visibility. this is where you will find the worst air quality in all of california right now. the air is so bad that many visitors are heading home, while others counseled their upcoming visits. that is not a good development for local businesses ahead of the labor day our day we can more than a week from now. >> one of our larger properties in the region is looking at 24 points of occupancy drop for august, based on the cancellations coming in now. liz: tahoe residents say the smoke as part of a new normal for him. the problem is equally bad in reno, we can barely make out the casinos in the distance.
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spencer, some friends had a trip planned and canceled it. spencer: the air quality is terrible. let's look now. it was worse in tahoe a couple of hours ago. it was considered hazardous. right now, very unhealthfulhful that is minimal improvement. the bigger picture coming back to the bay area, we are experiencing good to moderate air-quality with the yellow and green indicating good air quality. that is because of the onshore flow we have had for several days. that cooling, cleansing sea breeze will be diminishing tomorrow as we go into a warmer weather pattern. let's look at surface wind speeds. 50 to 25 miles per hour. winds at the surface for the bay area. still cooling at the coast. the air appears to be relatively
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clean. it looks blue from this angle, looking across the bay. 61 san francisco. 67 oakland. san jose 73. here is another view of relatively blue sky from the golden gate. 72 santa rosa. napa 71. 84 fairfield. 81 concord. here is a few of not suckling there -- not so clean air. it will get thicker over the next several days as we have a heat wave coming. limited fog were developed overnight. patchy morning drizzle as possible, mainly near the coast. heat spikes in the bay area friday through sunday with hazy in smoky skies, and moderate heat risk inland. overnight, a marine layer will
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develop, and it will have of a cooling influence over the next several days. we will see less of a marine influence as we get that heat wave and not much cooling. tonight, mainly mid-50's. tomorrow, the warming trend begins. high temperatures in the upper 60's near the coast, around the bay shoreline, 70's, low 80's. inland, low to mid 90's tomorrow. it will be pretty warm. it will get hotter. here is the seven-day forecast. friday, saturday, sunday, high temperatures at or above 100 degrees. it will be hazy. this pattern brings the risk of heat-related illness outdoors and exposed to the heat too long or engaged in strenuous physical activity. around the bay shoreline, three days in the low to mid 80's. the coast, 70's. a cooler afternoon on monday.
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sharply cooler than the pattern on friday, saturday, sunday. tuesday and wednesday next week, high temperatures below average for this time of year. those of the days i'm waiting for. larry: we have to get to them first. in the meantime, heat and smoke. thank you. we all share the road, but the difference between vehicles might be more than you can see. next, it would take
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liz: safety technology in passenger cars is not found in many of the commercial trucks we share the road with. there are efforts to change that. we look at what is available to truckers and how its use could save lives. reporter: trucks are the reality is passenger vehicles share the same roads and freeways with trucks, but the playing field is not level. chances are your car has advanced technology, but the truck next to you does not. only 40% of trucks have a road-facing camera. some are trying to change that. >> what we are doing is building edge eight, abilities and
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developing algorithms to protect unsafe behavior in the cab for drivers who are distracted, but also in front of the vehicle. reporter: it documents faults for accidents. a study by aaa says it could prevent 63,000 crashes each year. they have installed over 500,000 systems and trucks in the u.s. and canada. it can cost several hundred dollars, but is offset by benefits. >> our customers reduce accident frequency by 30%. average annual premiums for a truck on the road or north of $15,000. reporter: the american trucking organization says there is no industry-wide initiative to promote cameras. operators can evaluate their own needs and solutions. >> we have a goal of zero highway fatalities. to get that, it will be feasible for trucking taking into account
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the operational concerns. reporter: while truck drivers may be professionals, technology is available to help them be safer. larry: next, working to build a better bay area and san francisco. a multimillion dollar investment in a hotel property drawing praise from and criticism from . liz: have you ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this abc7 news. larry: building a better bay area means improving this place we call home. that can be hard to do when you don't have a home. many businesses in japan town are voicing concerns over the sale of a hotel that could be used to provide housing for the homeless. liz: it is an issue that could have a devastating financial impact for an area that relies on tourism. our reporter explains. reporter: the buchanan hotel is located directly across from the well-known plaza, a favorite
6:30 pm
destination for tourists visiting japan town. on tuesday, one assembly man announced an investment by the state to make upgrades to the decanting plaza. -- buchanan plaza. >> to ensure remains preserved, remains vibrant, strong. reporter: the city has sent letters to businesses stating it wants to convert the hotel to permanent housing for the homeless. he told us this is for many japanese-american business owners. >> we have experience being homeless, being taken away with no place to go and that kind of thing, so we are sympathetic to those issues. reporter: instead, many fear the loss of business from tours. japan town depends on tourism,
6:31 pm
so the question many are asking is, why take away one of only two hotels located in a four -block area? >> for visitors who come to stay here, they are the lifeline of our businesses. reporter: the city has been using the 133-room hotel as a shelter for the homeless. >> it has worked very well for us, in terms of the quality of the building and the amenities it includes. this along with three other properties were identified as possible acquisitions. reporter: the departm homelessness and housing will host an informational session for the public way in tomorrow. they promise no decisions will be made until after hearings are conducted at city hall, sometime after september. liz:
6:32 pm
francisco history is welcoming guests. the black point historic gardens open today for the first time to the public. the hillside connects aquatic park to fort mason. this land has a rich history, once occupied by settlers in the u.s. military. now anyone can enjoy unobstructed views of the bay from these gardens. larry: big blow for one of san francisco's most popular concert venues, flooding from a water main break forced it to cancel its final concert of the summer season, set for this sunday. you can see the torrent of water in this photo. the show featuring tower of power in the shor was a fundraiser for thet then you -- short was a fundraiser for the venue. liz: we found out about another
6:33 pm
example of a prize dog becoming victims. reporter: this is what desperation leads to for anyone who has lost a beloved pet. >> did you see him last night? reporter: she has spent the last day going door-to-door in this neighborhood, hoping for clues to the whereabouts of zeppelin, or 11-month old french bulldog puppy who got loose last night. she suspects foul play. how do you know he was stolen? >> because of my name and phone number are in large print on his large collar, and no one has called and was 24 hours. reporter: she acquired him when his previous owners could not pay for medication he needs. the dog stole her heart. now she worries about losing him and his welfare. >> apparently, they are getting stolen, so that is what happened. someone stole him. >> i did not know what to do.
6:34 pm
i screamed as loud as i could. reporter: in january, she says three men attacked her at gunpoint while walking her french bulldog. the breida has almost become a commodity puppies -- breida -- breed has him was become a commodity. she has reported it and reached out on social media. she has more than 300 responses is overwhelming and reassuring. >> lots of prayers, looking for him. reporter: her only clue has come from a neighbor, who remembers zeppelin on the street last night, and the driver of a black car stopped to ask if the dog >> did you see him grab the dog? >> no. >> was he going after the dog? >> i don't know. reporter: so much pain, not
6:35 pm
knowing. >> objection. two in the form -- it is like an abduction. reporter: in the form of a french bulldog. larry: california has tricks -- strict res f boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile.
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[applause] liz: mascots from four universities help the new york stock exchange celebrate college color day today. investors celebrated too, with all three indexes finishing with modest gains. you can see the numbers. pretty good day. tough day for san francisco, down 5%. larry: some fishermen say proposed emission standards boats could put sports fishermen out of business around california. our reporter has both sides of the story. reporter: they are a multigenerational family of sport fishermen. >> my family has been doing business at fisherman's wharf since 1908. reporter: the vessel is 62 years old. every day, they guide groups,
6:39 pm
but now they are worried they could before set a business. >> i am upset. reporter: the california air resources board is proposing regulations to reduce emissions from commercial harbor craft in the state. >> california has some of the worst air quality in the nation and we need to reduce emissions. reporter: they say the engines they need to purchase don't exist for older vessels. >> there is no wait i can get this boat to be modern with what they have proposed. reporter: owners of older boats would have to hang up the fishing rods or by a brand-new boat. the president of the sportfishing association of california. >> we want to make sure the boats are as safe as possible. again, we want to work with carb to do that and reduce emissions, but without having to take boats out of service and destroy the livelihoods of a lot of these people. >> all i can do is get mad.
6:40 pm
otherwise, i have to cry. reporter: carb has suggested they pass the costs on to customers. >> were looking at a 14% increase to go sportfishing, so the question is whether or not that cost can be absorbed to the passenger of a sports fishing vessel. >> it is difficult to pass on those costs. reporter: carb says requiring the newer vessels to have cleaner emissions is not an option. >> the admissions from one sports fishing vessel is equivalent to 162 school buses operating for the same amount of time. reporter: the plan is to target the dirtiest engines first. fishermen will have more time. there is also six years of compliance extensions that could be applied for if they have to replace the vessel. still, he is not convinced.
6:41 pm
>> they will kill sportfishing. i mean, it is a travesty, man. it is sad. reporter: there will be a public comment time next month, and a decision in early 2022. liz: coming up, spencer have th. larry: is bad air quality something you will have to get used to california? we will look into that. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious—
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larry: breaking news in fremont. police have confirmed an officer shot somebody accused in another shooting that took place not far away. police sent out a tweet saying they responded to a shooting at the south lane mobile home park around 5:20, then 20 minutes later, the department said a suspect in that shooting had been shot by an officer half a mile away. police are telling people to avoid that area between fremont boulevard. more details later tonight on our website and abc7 news at 11:00. liz: we continue our series california dreaming, looking at
6:45 pm
issues threatening the california dream. as fires burn, areas are seeing some of the worst air quality in the world. larry: experts say this is something we will have to get used to, but there are tips to help you stay safe. ♪ >> in recentntntntntntntntntnt more catastrophic fires they get bigger, burn longer, hotter, and the smoke is really harmful to health. it is something we are very concerned about. >> i think people in the western u.s. will have to get used to smoky skies and bad air quality through the next few decades. we will have more fires due to climate change. once we can't handle that we want to deal with the smoke. that is a problem. these fires are burning hotter, more intensely, and creating a lot of smoke that can really affect communities, so we have to get used to that, unfortunately.
6:46 pm
♪ >> we experiencing these fires, live in areas prone to them. we understand how urgent it is, and we want our families to be safe, so you have people who really deeply care about what is going on who are working around the clock to find solutions to these problems and implement them as quickly as we can. >> we have a group of faculty studying wildfire across the state and international. we have a real time air-quality forecasting model operational for california and the western u.s. >> which you are seeing here is the smoke forecast for the dixie fire. if you look at the concentrations total, that impacts our respiratory systems comes of this model can generate that. what happens is those w
6:47 pm
that smoke around, and when we get a weather pattern that causes the wind to blow that smoke into northern california or the bay area, that is when we get our biggest smoke impacts. it could look like last year, when we had those apocalyptic skies. it sets up to where we have the right weather pattern with the winds blowing into the bay area, then if it sits over the area, we have multiple days of better quality. >> smoke is really dangerous from a health perspective, especially for those with pre-existing conditions, and what is concerning his these fires are producing a huge amount of smoke traveling hundreds of miles. you don't have to live near a fire to experience health impacts from that fire. the number one thing you can do to protect yourself is to stay inside. there are a number things you can do to make sure your indoor air quality is good. if you have central air, make sure you're running a new filter. make sure it is the highest
6:48 pm
rating your system can allow. don't cook without using the range hood, vacuum, candles anything to create particles. once you have that clean air space you can stay there. the other big thing you need to do is check the air quality. given the habit of every day pulling up the air quality on your phone. if you need to be outside to work outdoors or outside for an extended time when it is smoky, where a certified n95 masks. the general route is if you can smell smoke, you are breathing it. sometimes we will see smoke in the skies will look hazy, but the air quality is actually ok. sometimes smoke will travel high enough in the atmosphere you are not breathing it on the ground, but if you smell smoke, you are breathing it, and that is when you need to take steps to avoid it. liz: you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand, including a 30 minute california dreaming special, right now on our abc7 app.
6:49 pm
spencer, locally the air quality seems better today. spencer: you are right. it has been for several days. it has held up well. tomorrow, we expect good moderate air-quality again. the best air-quality tomorrow will be close to the central bay in south-central bay. friday and saturday, the air gets more stagnant. we expect moderate air-quality. we are not booking for advisories or warnings. overnight, a shallow marine layer, possible drizzle. 50's tomorrow. upper 60's at the coast to mid 90's and then. here is the seven day forecast. it gets hot friday, saturday, sunday, especially inland, where the hottest temperatures will be around or above 100. cooler afternoon monday.
6:50 pm
further cooling into the middle of next week. larry: all right. thank you, spencer. chris, so nice of kyle of kyle o to be thinking about us and coming up with content every day. chris: every day. thank you. it is the age-old question. who will be the starter? coach shanahan weed telus? things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today.
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chris: it is "name that quarterback." today, head coach asks, do you have a starting order back? kyle shanahan has been asked about a million times. he says he has a pretty good idea who will be the starter. is there an advantage to not being the starter? here is coach. >> i know you want an answer. it is fine. i'm not going to answer it to end your suspense. you're welcome. i would try to get you more clips. >> i have a good idea. >> you are smiling about it. that must mean something. >> it is whatever he decides.
6:54 pm
i have a pretty good idea and i'm happy with where i am at right now. he is the headmanned and he will make the call. chris: 81-44, the giants one. san francisco was 87-75, losing. giants and mets. top four. the giant. solar blast. 1-0. -- solo blast. 1-0. bottom five. two outs. groundball. third. the throw is way off line. game tied at 1-1. seventh. down to-one. dickerson to write. that is defense. can't make the play. he gave it an effort. he gets pulled. not happy. next pitch. he rips one to write -- right.
6:55 pm
walker, it is always as dickerson slides and safely, always the water bottle's fault. it is a good news bad news scenario for the a's. oakland has a day off and a chance. the bad news, they work on the yankees for a series tomorrow. the bronx bombers are the hottest team, 11 straight. oakland, 2.5 games back for the top wild-card spot. >> we have lost some close games recently. we have to flip the switch and start playing like we do. we're usually on the other side of those games. this is the wrong time for islam. >> we need to relax. tomorrow is a day off. it is right on time. we need to reset and get back to the series with the yankees. that is a key series for us. chris: according to, oh
6:56 pm
was supposed to be video. sammy the spartan was ranked as the seventh most sexiest mascot. stanford tree ranked eight out of 10. liz: the image? chris: i just imagine what he looked like. larry: i just imagine his self-esteem. when he says i have a good idea who starting, with a big smile, a million-dollar, he is your starting quarterback for game one. thank you. liz: tonight, pressure like, followed by the $100,000 pyramid. 10:00, john ritter, superstar, and news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. larry:
6:57 pm
i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ this is the... now let's meet today's semi-finalists-- a junior at boston university from danvers, massachusetts... a writer from seattle, washington... and a urologist from baltimore, maryland... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, johnny. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen and welcome, and a warm welcome back to our first group of semi-finalists-- erin, tom, and justin. they performed well in the quarter-final games. justin, in this threesome, was the highest scorer so he will select first as we start the jeopardy! round. we begin with the dollar figures,
7:00 pm
and we follow that with the categories. here they are... next... ...aren't they? and finally... good variety there, justin. where do we start? we'll start with bond movie for $200. - tom. - what is "doctor no"? - that's it. - bond movie, $400, please. - tom. - what is "casino royale"? - right again. - bond movie, $600. [beep] that was "the spy who loved me." - tom. - bond movie, $800, please. - erin. - what is "die another day"?


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