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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, this is abc 7 news. >> we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> that stern message from president biden to the attackers who killed 13 u.s. service members and 60 afghans. i am larry deal. >> you're watching abc 7 news live on abc seven, hulu live. >> isis-k has claimed responsibility. 13 u.s. service members have e died. at least 60 afghans were also killed. a source tells abc news the first attack was a suicide
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attack near the abbey gate where people had gathered to try to get a flight out. there was a second explosion near a hotel a short distance away. >> while we are saddened by the loss-of-life, u.s. and afghan, we continue to execute our mission. our mission is to extradite u.s. citizens coming to us embassy staff, and afghans at risk. >> the attack happened hours after the u.s. embassy issued an urgent warning about a terror threat, and the white house said 7500 people were evacuated in the last 12 hours. there were some 1500 americans in afghanistan looking for a way out. the u.s. government says most of them have flown out, but not all, and tonight, wayne freedman tells us the complicated story of a two-year-old girl who remains there stuck behind red tape. wayne: the lines, the crowds, the human crush outside karzai
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airport in kabul. almost everyone here is trying to leave the country. they include the one-year-old girl you see here. she was born in the bay area and stuck there now, much of the frustrations of her family's stateside lawyer. >> this is one case, and i think it is indicative of so many cases of u.s. citizens who are there. it is not that they were on some vacation and did not get the memo we were going to leave the country. it's that they had to make such a difficult decision. do we leave family members it in order to get ourselves to safety? wayne: the complication, a two-year-old brother born in afghanistan. he is the only member of the family without a green card. in the united states, his aunt is worried about not only her loved ones, but showing her face in this interview for fear of the taliban's reprisal.
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she's worried the taliban might retaliate against her family for working with americans, but they've chosen to remain in kabul, hoping to come back as a family intact. >> how she's going to leave the two-year-old alone -- explain that to me. how? outside the airport today, not far from where the family waited tuesday.attorneys continue to work on the send , but the immigration process usually takes years. this family has now just days. wayne: do you think the government is looking out for these people? >> i don't think so. wayne: why not? >> they are not showing action. wayne: this is one small story among 1500 american citizens, plus their families. as time passes, no easy way out. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> such a difficult situation. find a collection of stories about the situation in
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afghanistan on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. scroll down to our collection and keep up-to-date on what is happening at home and abroad. 2 today, authorities announced that people living in the lake tahoe area should be prepared to evacuate as the caldor fire continues to grow. the announcement comes as authorities issued evacuation orders for hundreds more, including people living near the sierra at tahoe ski resorts. containment inched up from 11% to 12% today. the fire has destroyed 637 structures. 1 abc 7 news andy patel joining us with a look at the impact on air quality. andy if: can even feel it. i don't know how people are breathing. look at this air. satellite pictures showing you all that smoke from surrounding
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fires. we have fires in northern california. tahoe is seeing the brunt of it. the winds are transporting smoke all the way into the northern rockies. from the pacific northwest to the rocky mountain states, you will notice smoky skies will continue because of the western wildfires. right now, it is anywhere from very unhealthy to unhealthy right around the sierra nevada. i will be back with the hour-by-hour forecast coming up. >> with a little more than two weeks to go until california's gubernatorial election, more than 2 million voters have returned their recall ballots. as candidates campaign, governor gavin newsom's rally with vice president, harris has been canceled, and now larry elder's ex fiance has doubled down on allegations she's made about his conduct. she confirms to abc 7 news newss
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has filed a police report over an incident from six years ago when she said elder brandished a loaded gun at her. >> he pulled a loaded gun out of a drawer in the middle of a discussion with me to try to intimidate me. >> she included a new allegation. she said elder pushed her in 2014 and what she said was a fit of drug-induced anger. the police department confirms they are aware of the accusations and are investigating. elder denied the allegations in a series of tweets, saying, i've never brandished a gun at anyone. she says this denial is what prompted her to report to police. >> domestic violence is a and that applies to larry elder as much as it applies to everyone else. >> elder is the frontrunner to replace governor newsom in the recall election. this week, he picked up an unexpected endorsement from
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gloria romero, a former california legislator. >> i'm a democrat, but the recall of newsom is not about political party. wayne: elder declined to choi -- >> elder declined to join his challengers last night. former san diego mayor larry elder was taken over his treatment of women. waggoner is airing a new campaign ad. >> we shouldn't replace one dysfunctional governor with another. > at wednesday's debate, pat rath pitched himself as a fresh candidate with out-of-the-box ideas. >> on day one, i will declare a state of emergency to begin the construction as soon fees of possible of a pipeline to the mississippi river. >> polls continue to show the recall in a dead an
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effort to energize voters, governor newsom plan to hold a rally with vice president kamala harris in daly city, but it has been canceled. she's headed back to washington, d.c. vice president harris's team has not said why the event was canceled, but it is presumed to be because of the unfolding events in afghanistan. on our website, we have the info you need to know about how to vote in the recall, whether you do it in person or by mail september 14. larry: >> in the >> south bay, dozens of families are being kept out of their homes. crews are working to repair a gas leak. the evacuation perimeter is around ray street in san jose. dustin is live there with the latest information. people have to be getting pretty frustrated by now. > we are over that 24-hour mark.
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residents not able to return to their homes. behind me, the streets till close as crews try to contain this gas leak. we've been smelling the gas all day long. people are trying to get back to their homes, but they have had no luck. in a year where everyone is seeming to say, what is next, residents in san jose found out. pg&e says a third-party contractor used mechanical equipment in a marked area where they should not have an ruptured a line. it led to an evacuation of 100 residents. > they hit steel line. that is connected to other lines that need to be isolated. dustin: pg&e tells us crews are digging at several locations to fan out of the gas. other pipes are being secured to prevent further leaks. five lines have been secured,
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according to pg&e this afternoon. residents have been out of their homes since 4:00 p.m. yesterday. >> they didn't tell us much. grab the dogs. it's a little inconvenient. dustin: the residents were set up at the evacuation center while crews worked to solve the problem. they say it has been challenging, firstly pandemic, then smoky skies with better quality. >> it's not safe. i understand that, but on top of everything else, the pandemic and everything going on, it's another day of trouble. dustin: when exactly will residents be able to return to their homes? pg&e says they do not have a set time. >> we are working safely and as quickly as possible to stop the flow of gas. we hope to. get that done by today our most important priority is to make sure we keep our
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customers and workers safe. dustin: they haven't been able to return home, but thankfully, no injuries were reported. a lot of residents are happy about that. light construction may be held accountable for all of this pending this investigation into the gas leak. police will continue to standby by until the street has reopened. if you don't have pets or immediate medication you need to pick up from your home, please stay away from the area until it is all clear. live in san jose, dustin dorsey. larry: hopefully they get that all clear. >> more to come on abc 7 news at 5:00. more companies may be considering vaccine mandates as some vaccines get full approval. experts say the mandates aren't only to protect workers but companies' bottom lines. i am lori anthony in oakland where more than
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larry: the years long federal oversight of the open police department made for coming to an end, this after civil rights attorneys wrote in a federal court briefing that they believe the department is ready to go on its own. as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony reports, not everybody believes opd is ready. >> for officers and community, everybody should feel a sense of hope. when police chief lori: armstrong was just a young officer in the to thousands, the last time his department was free from oversight, a reality that may soon come to an end. >> we've been working as hard as we can to ensure we are compliant with the mandates. we've not crossed the finish line. >> the potential and to
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oversight comes years after reform efforts. about the progress that has been made, people being stopped without just cause,,, importantly, there is accountability. lori: opd was first put under the control of the monitor of a federal judge in 2003 after a series of abuses. your department was shaken again in 2016. some do nosome do nosome do noso ready for the oversight to be lifted. 52 mandated tasks have yet to be
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completed. going to agree. lori: once the federal oversight is lifted for the opd, the question is, will all the reforms that led to this moment actually last into the future? >> oversight should never go away from our community. i know this community will never stop holding this city and department accountable. there is no timeline for when the federal oversight would officially end. a court hearing is set for next week. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> turning to the coronavirus pandemic, from vaccine mandates to incentives, employers are doing what they can to encourage employees to get vaccinated, and that could include an increase in premiums for those who choose not to get vaccinated. melanie woodrow has the story.
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melanie: delta announcing a penalty for employees who aren't vaccinated, the policy driven by insurers no longer offering waivers for covid-19 treatments as they did early in the pandemic. >> all the money that goes into health -- into health care's not going into their business. it is adding on several billion dollars to care for unvaccinated employees. melanie: elizabeth mitchell is the ceo of a nonprofit coalition that represents employers navigating purchasing health care. she says more than 13 of the group's members have announced vaccine mandates. with the cost of treatments at more than $2 billion in june and july alone, she says she expects more employers to follow in deltas footsteps. they know that not being
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vaccinated and incurring unnecessary hospitalization costs is hitting their bottom line, that comes out of wages and job growth and american families. melanie: according to mitchell, $200 a month doesn't come close to the cost for the average hospitalization of the average covid patient, which she estimates that more than $50,000. >> it's an important signal that you will bear more of the cost if you choose not to become vaccinated. melanie: especially for employees or employers who've been holding out for full fda approval. larry: health officials from every bay area county made it clear today they support full in person learning this fall. 13 county health directors acknowledged that the surge in
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cases is causing people to feel cautious about going back to school, but dr. sarah cody says bay area schools have protocols in place for preventing infections and stopping a spread. >> we are going to see cases among students, staff, and teachers. for the most part, these cases will reflect what is happening in the school community. larry: dr. cody says even if a child isn't old enough to get vaccinated, it will help if the child's family is vaccinated. > in oakland, teachers and staff are: on the school district to begin weekly student testing. teachers and staff said they also want improved ventilation and large common areas. there've been 100 reported cases on school campuses. currently, there are at home tests at every school for families to take when needed, and the district has done more testing than any district in the
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larry: time to get a check on the weather which is about to get hot. >> we are going to continue to deal with not only the heat, but smoke year conditions are expected. -- smokier conditions are expected. air-quality advisory has been issued for friday and saturday due to the wildfire smoke. the next three days, we are expecting moderate air quality. monday, a slight improvement with good air quality coming in. until then, here's what it looks like. we've seen an improvement in the tahoe area. here in the bay area, the sea breeze is going and starting to turn green around the coast in
5:23 pm
may. here's a look at the near surface smoke forecast. if you are going to step out tonight, keeping it still decent right around the bay area, not so great. into the bay area. that trend will continue going into saturday. if you are sensitive, limit your outdoor time. put your ac on recirculate. 67 in san francisco. low 80's, san jose. mountain view, it's a warmer day. a beautiful view right now. low 90's to santa rosa. fairfield, hot already. one other live picture. if you don't like the height
5:24 pm
whether -- hot weather, you might want to hit the beach. moderate to high heat risk. just a little sliver of fog right along the san mateo coastline. lake and mendocino counties. a risk of heat illness. speaking of temperatures, you are looking at 50's, 60's, and in the afternoon, 88, san jose. 85 in palo alto. downtown san francisco, 76 degrees. low 90's around san rafael. 87, fremont.
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101 in fairfield. 100 and livermore. smokier and risk through the weekend. cooler air comes our way monday. larry and liz?
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liz: we have a sweet moment to share with you from a girls high school volleyball game. larry: as the caldor fire raged in the sierra, the girls of el camino high had a surprise for their opponents from el dorado high. placerville has been greatly impacted by the fires, and some students have been displaced. one girl and her family lost their home. the sacramento girls gave the placerville team gift baskets, gift cards, and cash. they hope this act of kindness spreads like the wildfire and creates more wonderful stories. it shows. it shows you can make a difference. even though we are going through these tough times, craziness in the world. liz: world news tonight with
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david muir is next. i'm liz roys.
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symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. president biden speaking late today on the devastating american losses in afghanistan. tonight, now at least 13 u.s. service members killed. the president sayin iing for th who carried out this attack, "we will hunt you down, we will make you pay." those 13 service members killed, at least 18 wounded in a suicide bomb attack at the airport in kabul. the deadliest day for the u.s. military in afghanistan in more than a decade. coming just days before the u.s. deadline to withdraw from that country. isis-k, an isis affiliate in afghanistan, claiming responsibility. the pentagon saying the bomber detonated near the abbey gate, one of the main entrances of the airport. isis gunmen then firing into the crowd. another explosion taki


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