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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> his cousin killed in this morning's attack at the kabul airport. he is desperate to keep his family safe. >> a mom who is bereaved son was killed in two thousand four reacts to what happened in afghanistan today. what she has to say to grieving families. >> oakland teachers teachers better covert safety at school. >> rising temperatures and declining air quality. here we can forecast is coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. pres. biden: we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> president biden vowing
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retaliation after two suicide attacks at the kabul airport. in the bay area, agonizing news for one family. their relatives killed and wounded in the attacks. >> this will be number six of my family i'm losing. >> for a gold star mom, a terrible reminder of the sacrifice made by u.s. forces. >> my heart goes out to them. i know the pain that they are going to go through. >> good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. larry: we have team coverage tonight on the attacks in afghanistan. 13 u.s. servicemembers have died. afghanistan's health minister says more than 60 afghans were also killed. isis-k has claimed responsibility for the two blasts just outside the airport. ama: president biden has ordered military commanders to develop plans. elizabeth rosie has the latest from washington. pres. biden: the lives we lost today were given in the service of liberty, security, and
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others. in the service of america. ama: the president with this morning to isis-k, which is claiming responsibility for the attack. pres. biden: for those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes america harm, know this, we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. ama: the pentagon says a number of afghans also fell victim to this heinous attack. a source tells abc news one of the explosions was a suicide attack followed by gunfire outside the abbey gate. the second explosion was near the baron hotel just a short distance from that same gate. >> the attack was followed by a number of isis gunmen who opened fire on billion military versus. -- on civilians and military forces. ama: the emergency hospital says
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it is treating thousands of patients injured in the attack. in a statement, a taliban spokesperson is condemning through some incident. the explosions happening hours after the u.s. embassy in kabul warned americans to leave the airport immediately and avoid it unless instructed amid years of an isis affiliated attack. u.s. officials say there are still evacuations in place from kabul. the pentagon estimates 1000 american citizens remain in afghanistan. abc news, washington. larry: and east bay man is mourning the loss of a family member killed in that. amanda lee connecting to learn about the days deadly development. >> they told me safe. amanda: 72 hours after first
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connecting with a man who escaped afghanistan less than one week ago, his absolute worst fear came through -- true. his brothers were at the airport thursday morning. their special immigration visas in hand. >> i heard the news that something could happen. i clement brothers to be careful. they can let you guys go inside. amanda: one of two deadly morning blasts killed thousands. of the dead, his cousin, a longtime interpreter for the u.s. army. >> he told me i am in line. >> his brother and another cousin are now in the icu. thursday's developments at into the heart ache being felled by the afghan community at home. >> we are in pain, we are hurting. we have loved ones back home in afghanistan. we desperately want to seek freedom and refuge and right
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now, we feel like they are being held on stage. amanda: harris is putting focus on those desperate to keep those families from danger with this group of refugees. >> they work for our government, supported our armed services. amanda: his family did contract work for the u.s. government, assisting with security, logistics, and construction, reasons he says they are likely taliban targets. >> i need help for my family. i don't want to lose anyone. this would be number six of my family who i am losing. >> there is now added confusion and overwhelming grief. his cousin killed in thursday's attack was a father of two young children with another on the way. >> i do not have any answer for these kids. amanda: abc 7 news. ama: heartbreaking. j.r. stone continues our team
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coverage. he spoke with a goldstar mother who shares the grief of the family members who lost their loved ones in today's attacks. >> when i got home and turned on the news, i actually started crying and i put my hands -- my face in my hands. j.r.: diane layfield is describing the moment she turned on her tv on thursday and all these images from afghanistan, images that hit her especially hard even now. 17 years after her son was killed along with 10 other u.s. servicemembers in an ambush attack in iraq. >> when i got to my apartment, i was in the back right where i parked my car. all of a sudden, three marines came walking around into the carport and they did not even have to say a word. i already knew travis had been killed. >> he was as
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come. 19 years old. more american families will get the news and -- that diane got into thousand four. -- in 2004. >> i know they are going through the pain even waiting in anticipation. i just wrap my arms and my love around them and i pray they make it through. it's a very sad day. j.r.: diane was a goldstar mother and says if she can give these families are number, she would. she wants each want to know that the community is there for them as they deal with their loss. >> tell them to stay strong. you have to carry on. you have to make sure their name is never forgotten j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: -- larry: truly agonizing. it is growing more tense by the day. roots of
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they sent this message to their workers. >> we are here with you in solidarity to support you and we extend to your families our heartfelt concern during this catastrophic period. larry: nancy pelosi says she has raised the need to evacuate workers directly with the secretaries of state and defense as well as the chairman of the joint chiefs. the situation in afghanistan is obviously fast developing. i line and abc news will keep you updated throughout the night and we will at 5:00 a.m. if you have ideas on how you abc 7 -- note ama: now to developing -- ama: extremely dry conditions are causing the fire to spread to the northeast.
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christmas valley is under an evacuation warning as more than 18,000 ruptures remain threatened. the fire has burned more than 139 thousand acres and is just 12% contained. >> i never thought i would see a fire like this appear -- up here ever again. if it goes, it is going to go. ama: the visitors authority is recommending people postpone any immediate travel plans to the area. larry: check out this timelapse showing an orange sky near lake tahoe with smoke from the caldor fire. this picture is from the other wildlife camera east of grizzly flats in the el dorado national forest. we all remember the day of orange we saw in the bay area about a year ago. ama: we are hoping we never see that again but we are hoping for the folks in that area. sandhya: i want to show you the current conditions in the tahoe area. it has temporarily improved. it is poor for sensitive groups.
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carson and reno are unhealthy but it will not last. you can see all the smoke from the calder fire and the northern california wildfires just pouring into the area. that smoke pushed all the way into the rocky mountains states where air quality issues, reduced visibility will continue from boise to spokane. yellowstone and much of california. i want to show you the smoke forecast. the north wind will drag heavier smoke through our area and the south lake tahoe region as we head into tomorrow and air quality impacts are expected to continue this weekend. i will be back with a closer look, coming up. ama: you can track the air quality any time with our real-time weather track are on our bay area connected the at just download the app wherever you stream. larry: happening in san jose, some residents are being let back into their homes.
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this is 35 hours after a gas leak forced them to evacuate. these are live pictures of the scene. san jose fire is asking residence located on park to report to the pg&e support fan for guidance. all other residents are allowed to return. over 100 residents were out of their homes and they were ready for all of this to be over. >> some people don't have anywhere to go. at least i have my family. i want to go back home. >> pg&e had been working to fix an eight inch gas line. ama: what california renters need to know. larry: cases in oakland classrooms, teachers and parents demand at -- action from the district. >> it is strange to see a coyote coming by. ama: unexpected plunge into the
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they face eviction in the next two months. the court said ac/dc -- the cdc lacks the authority. ama: new developmentsss tomorrow. many californians can expect to receive another stimulus check two weeks earlier than expected. around two thirds of californians qualified to receive a $600 payment. some families with children are eligible for an additional $500. to qualify, residents must file their 2020 taxes by october 15 and earn less than $75,000. larry: in the east bay, oakland teachers are demanding the district make schools safer after a rise in covid cases in classrooms. more than 100 students and staff have tested positive and classroom time what parents are now threatening to do if oakland unified does not act. >> weekly testing now. >> it is a message they want to
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make loud and clear. parents are not happy with the current testing protocols at oakland schools. they want weekly covid testing for all students and staff. >> we want to make sure our schools are safe so that our kids can continue and keep on learning. >> oakland unified requires weekly testing for those who are not vaccinated or for those who show symptoms. some parents want weekly testing to be standard regardless of vaccination status. one parent said his child had to wait until he was exposed covid-19 to get tested. he wants that to change. >> they are waiting until there is an exposure and then doing the testing and i think it would be better if the testing was being done on the front-end and trying to do it as much as possible. >> the school district did have a zoom meeting to answer questions from parents. they said they are following all the guidelines given to them from the state and county and if staff had to do weekly covid testing, it would take resources
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away from the tests needed in actual quarantine situations. but as the protesting continued, those who attended our sending a message not just to the school district but also to this date and county. >> we are urging for all hands on deck where the state and county work with the district and make sure that essential resources are there. j.r.: until that happens, some parents will keep their kids at home. >> in person schooling is not safe enough right now, you know, based on my position and how i feel about it. >> mariah carey, abc 7 news -- ryan kerry, abc 7 news. ama: the oakland assembly member told abc 7 news she and some of her colleagues are working on a draft of the legislation at the capital. the mandate would require proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses and it would require all workers to be vaccinated or get regular testing. larry: let's turn our attention to the forecast as we head
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towards the weekend and it's going to get hot around here. ama: just how hot? sandhya: get ready for triple digits for many cities inland. let me show you the air quality right now. that's going to be going downhill. good to moderate at this this is actually -- good to moderate. heavier smoke coming right down with the north wind into the bay area by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then it's going to hang around until the afternoon hours and then we will see a little bit of a reprieve only to see more smoke again on saturday as you will notice. the heavier smoke concentration right over the sierra nevada and northern california. a live look from our east bay hills camera and it is a beautiful view. visibility is good. air quality, not so good. air-quality advisory issued for the next two days for wildfire smoke. moderate through sunday and then monday, we start to see some areas that will see an
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improvement with good air quality. high pressure over the eastern pacific building in and with that, the wind flow is coming out of the north. that is what is bringing us the smoke and heat. today was a warmer day by a good five degrees to 15 degrees. the warming will continue and it is warmer tonight. same wind direction creating critical fire weather conditions for the sacramento valley in the foothills. gusting winds, low humidity, and extremely dry fuels means any fires that develop are going to rapidly spread. also going to bring the heat advisory in first saturday, lake and mendocino counties. that is for saturday. temperatures right now really still warm inland in the 70's. 50's, 60's cosign. it's a beautiful view from our tower camera at san francisco. declining air quality through the weekend and we are looking at moderate to high heat risk inland. temperatures first thing in the morning with patches of fog near
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the coast in the 50's, 60's, mild inland. you can leave your extra layer behind tomorrow after -- tomorrow evening. 95 in morgan hill. 88 in san jose. 85 in mountain view. 69 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco in the low 70's. hazy sun in the north bay. low 90's from san rafael to santa rosa. 82, oakland. it is going to be hot and hazy. 100 in pittsburgh. livermore, 98. triple digits the next three days. hazy skies. definitely a risk and the smoke will be increasing as well. 60's and 70's on the coast. improving air quality and cooler weather beginning on monday and continuing through midweek so we will be ready by then. that is for sure.
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the animal jumped into the water to escape animal control officers. the blue and gold fleet offered the use of a small boat to catch the coyote. >> it was using the hold its head up so i think we made it just in time to scoop it out. ama: poor thing. the coyote was treated for hypothermia before being released. larry: that water is cold. ama: glad they could get it. larry: working on a theme. >> we have a new york theme tonight. the giants looking for a sweep in the big apple while
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>>s on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening. the a's are hosting mlb's first-ever drone show on friday. i received a sneak peek. it will deploy 200 drones and they will need all the help they can get against the evil empire tonight. the force was a bit too strong in aaron boone. the yankees were tattooing that baseballs early. three balls hit into orbit. that one made it to the luxury suites. the evil empire jumps up to a 6-0 lead. he sent the ball into hyper drive. the a's get on the board and they are just getting started. bottom of the elvis answers drives the ball up the middle. one run game. for, josh pearson it's this one to a galaxy far away and this game is tied at 6-6, a huge comeback for the a's. romo
11:30 pm
in the ninth after a two out walk, aaron judge with the flair to write. the evil empire strikes back. they win it 7-6, 12 in a row for the yankees. the giants admits in new york, getting the big apple selfies on. kris bryant homered last night and does it again tonight. his sixth with the giants. three batters into the game, the giants have a 2-0 lead. pete alonso hits it high and. is it fair or foul? yes, it was fair. look at him. he is trying to channel the ball with his mind. humans don't have that capability yet. it's time that 2--- tied at 2-. they are going to hang on and when it 3-2. -- win it 3-2. they met at davidson. curry released a video talking about how his daughters have
11:31 pm
helped open his eyes to women's athletics and he wants girls to be able to grow up without any boundaries on their futures. here's an example of that. san jose state put out this incredible video. second team, mowing down the football team. that is until travis absolutely clubbers the ball. whew! he was a ringer. this abc 7 sports report
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ama: that is it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. larry: on jimmy kimmel live, guests rupaul -- guest
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rupaul. have a good night, everybody. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" with guest host rupaul! tonight -- thandiwe newton. izzy g. and music from belly. and now -- rupaul! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> rupaul: oh my goodness, thank you, thank you very much. welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i am your guest host, rupaul. i've got to tell you, this is my last show filling in for jimmy. yeah. i've been here for two nights. that's one night for every emmy i was nominated for this year. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]


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