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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it is only 20% contained. a police officer involved in a weekend crash has died from his injuries. he was headed to the caldor fire to help with the response. >> look at how thick the smoke is. this is video shot by our crew in the tahoe area. the visibility is so low. we want to give you a live look. you can see how bad the air is. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra live about a mile from the fire line my tracking the latest for us. stephanie: we are along highway 50 in the town of strawberry, south of south lake tahoe. this is the area facing the biggest threat right now. i want to show you what we are seeing. this view shows it. calfire making some progress, but the flames have jumped
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both sides of highway 50. residents are fleeing their homes, bracing for the worst. the caldor fire is inching closer to south lake tahoe, about 13 miles southwest of the mountain resort town. how would you rate the risk level in terms of having a mandatory evacuation order tonight? >> i don't believe that will occur tonight. there is potential if something were to occur, but i don't believe the risk is high at this point. stephanie: calfire has been working the front lines for nearly the past two weeks. this firefighter expects the next three days could be the worst. >> the wind has continued to align with the canyons, burning primarily in the northeast direction. stephanie: the northeast corridor includes the town of strawberry, where some of the 3200 firefighters are stationed to be redirected to fight the fire line just south of us. calfire issued new evacuation
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warnings along highway 50 tour the committee of strawberry, where most of the active fire is burning. we drove through the fire line. all that is visible, thick smoke. an outline of trees submerged in orange sky, threatening more than 18,000 homes. >> the majority of people evacuated and are following the orders we issued. >> the concern is high. that is the direction the fire is headed. stephanie: back with you live in the town of strawberry, just south of south lake tahoe. notice the air quality worsening by the hour. you can barely see through the trees. it is so hard to breathe here. our photojournalist and i noticed it getting significantly worse in the last couple hours.
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fire about the neas conditions will o get worse. stephanie sierra, abc7 news. larry: i was following your twitter feed earlier in the day. it looked horrendous up there. first thing is we are concerned for your safety, so don't take any unnecessary chances. if you take the mask off, does it basically smell like the inside of a fireplace? stephanie: that is a great example. it is that bad. driving an hour out, we started to put our masks in the car because it was so poignant. as we are seeing with the levels with aqi, increasing not much in an hour's time, fire crews know it will only get worse. the next three days, they know it will be low humidity levels,
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excessive heat. even withtonight, there will bee struggle ahead. lay: please stay safe. we will check back with you if conditions allow. thank you, steph. >> state officials say it is time for californians to regularly start thinking about how to prepare for days when wildfire smoke becomes unhealthy or downright hazardous. they are urging people to pay attention to air quality forecasts and note when smoke might blow into your neighborhood. forecasters say with more frequent wildfires in the state, they are seeing dangerous smoke conditions last for days at a time. >> one of the challenges with meteorology is extended periods of smoke where you don't get that opportunity with clearing. last year we saw that heavily up north as well as the central valley. that is a key thing. >> officials recommend stocking
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up on food, medicine, and essentials during periods of unhealthy air so you don't need to leave your home. there is another spare the air day tomorrow. let's check in with our meteorologist. it had gotten better this week, but now the smoke is coming back. >> it got worst in the past hour. i want to show you the pm 2.5 levels. 151 in wannacry. 159 in livermore. that is unhealthy. oakland, santa rosa and san jose over 100, which is poor for sensitive groups. this will continue through the night. i want to show you a live sampling from our tower cameras. it is hazy views across the bay area. poor in san jose. here is a live look from our walnut creek camera. spare the air in effect today and tomorrow for wildfire smoke.
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there is a bit of green showing up monday and tuesday with an improvement in the air quality. not improving right now in the tahoe area. visibility and tahoe down to a half-mile. -- in tahoe down to a half-mile. the smoke is sticking around through tonight. i will let you know if there is any chance an improvement in the smoke coming up. larry: we will check back with you in the forecast in a few minutes. turning to afghanistan, for days until the troop withdrawal deadline. the terror threat is still high after dozens were killed in a suicide bombing in kabul. >> president biden's security team warning another terror attack in kabul is likely. pres. biden: the mission there being performed is dangerous and is now come with a significant
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loss of american personnel. elizabeth: in the deadliest day for u.s. troops in afghanistan in more than a decade, at least 13 american service members died in thursday's suicide bombing, including 11 marines, one navy medic and one army soldier. >> i don't want to see any more casualties. that is why we are monitoring the threats closely. elizabeth: the pentagon says it was just one isis-k suicide bomber who carried out the attack. hundreds wounded after they gathered in crowds at the airport gates, desperate to flee the country. the pentagon says more than 5400 people are still inside the airport awaiting flights. u.s. officials still screening some arriving at the gates as the clock ticks on the president's august 31 withdrawal deadline. >> we have the ability to include evacuees on u.s. military airlift out of afghanistan until the end. elizabeth: the secretary of state thanked the diplomats
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involved in this evacuation effort, but did not say if the u.s. will keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan after the withdrawal deadline. liz: after the attacks, it is becoming more urgent for those in the u.s. to get their families out of afghanistan. larry: we spoke to two former interpreters for the marines who are worried if they can't get families out now, they never will. reporter: the u.s. enlisted the aid of many afghan people, more than two decades of service and countless americans saved combined. that is the story of these two men, former interpreter for the u.s. marines in afghanistan. >> people died in front of my eyes. it was tragic to watch those, but we had to help the people and the united states. >> that was the worst place in
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that province. i did my part, but today i am seeking for help for all those people that hear my voice to help me and my family. reporter: now living in the u.s., these men are watching the scenes in afghanistan with dread while they have family there. one man says his mother and nieces are trying to escape. he says they have no money and are on the run from taliban forces due to his affiliation with the marines. he fears they are almost out of time. >> august 31, they are going to pull out all the troops from afghanistan. they will kill every single member of anyone involved with the u.s. or afghan army or anyone. reporter: congressman ro khanna says he's scared for these members of his district who fear their family may not come home. >> i will not stop my advocacy
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and make sure the state department and white house to not give up on making sure our commitment is fulfilled to people who work for us or thinly members of american citizens. reporter: wali lost his father to the taliban when he served as an interpreter for the u.s. in the early 2000's. he is pleading he won't lose the rest of his family. >> please, take care of our family. save them before they get killed. >> we need to engage our spiritual armament to ask god for mercy and healing and revival. liz: that is an archbishop from the archdiocese of san francisco. he led a virtual prayer service for afghanistan this afternoon. he sent out a request for prayer for those trapped in afghanistan. the archbishop is praying for the safe return of workers as
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well as six cajon valley students. five of them are traveling back to the u.s. right now, but one is still in afghanistan. we have ideas on how you can help. go to on that page you will find supportive resources. larry: new developments. sirhan sirhan, the man accused of assassinating senator robert f kennedy was granted parole today. kennedy's youngest son spoke in favor of granting sirhan parole, saying he was moved to.tears by his remorse the governor could still block sirhan's release after a review period. liz: school spread. students contract covid from a marin county teacher. how this happened. vaccine queen. meet the woman who encouraged hundreds to get the shot. plus,
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. liz: new details on the race to get younger americans vaccinated. the white house says 50% of children ages 12 to 17 now have their first shot. vaccinations continue to to come up nationwide with over one million doses administered yesterday. that is the highest single day total since july 3. in florida, a judge ruled school boards can enact masked mandates for students. this goes against the governor's
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executive order issued last month. a cdc investigation into an outbreak of covid that second students in a marin county classroom -- sickened students in a marin county classroom originated from a teacher that declined to be vaccinated. four of 14 students in the back three rows got sick. the teachers came to work despite experiencing nasal congestion, a fever and cough. according to the cdc, the teacher thought it was allergies. the teacher would occasionally take off his or her mask to read to the children, in violation of the school rules on masking. larry: a san francisco group is working to get as many vaccinated as possible. they helped so far about 1500. melanie woodrow spoke with a woman at the helm of those efforts. covid-19 hesitancy. >> i almost gave myself a heart
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attack on that day. something is happening. melanie: he de it her mission -- made it her mission to >> even when i'm out talking to one person, someone else is answering the phone. we have a team out in community. melanie: she estimates they encouraged approximately 1500 people to get vaccinated. >> you can't beat covid single-handedly. for every one person that we get vaccinated, it has taken five and six people to outreach the information, to schedule appointments, to overcome their fears about the vaccine. melanie: an anonymous donor who learned about her efforts during the pandemic gave her money to buy this van, which she uses to transport those so they can get vaccinated. >> i went to five different
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places. i was able to get two vehicles for the price of one by talking about what we are doing. melanie: the program manager sometimes drives the van. >> at first i did not think i was doing that much of a difference, but once the seniors started talking with me, then i realized how big of a difference i was making. melanie: you might call her the vaccine queen, but no matter how you refer to her, she says she will keep on keeping on. >> i have work to do. melanie: melanie woodrow, abc7 news. liz: food that goes to waste produces methane, a greenhouse gas. communities across the state are busy planning for a new law to recover food that could instead feed the hungry. abc7 news reporter david louis shows us what santa clara county is doing to help build a better bay area. david: santa clara county is diverting millions of pounds of
4:18 pm
food from being listed -- being wasted thanks to group that redistribute it. a new climate law aimed at reducing carbon emissions from discarded food takes effect statewide. >> it is a new opportunity to get food to people that need it and divert food that could be in the waste stream instead of thrown away. david: w -- a wider net will be cast to include grocery stores and restaurants. it will be a new mindset for many of them. >> they have to make sure it either gets sold or ends up with an organization that can redistribute that. it is a new way of thinking and could have a huge impact in making sure food is not wasted. david: social service groups, churches, and food pantries long depended on surplus food.
4:19 pm
now meet growing demand. >> we believe with food being made available, we will be able to motivate and get the resources out there so the food can be distributed to the needy. david: teams this summer have already been reaching out to the first group of food outlets that must comply. joint venture is starting an eight-month study of supply and demand and logistics. santa clara has a well-established network ready to handle the new sources of recovered food. larry: get a check of the forecast into the weekend. people have plans and looking up at the sky and wondering if we will be able to do whatever it is they want to do. sandhya: i understand that. today is not the best of outdoor days. by sunday, people will get a chance to breathe easier. speaking of breathing, hard to see and breathe in tahoe.
4:20 pm
their aqi's are ridiculous. so unhealthy in that area. our air quality has been deteriorating. the inland east bay around livermore, the concord area unhealthy no, in the red. santa rosa now poor. it is changing by the hour. in the mountains, they are reporting unhealthy air quality around the sierra nevada. that will continue. they might get a temporary break in the amount of smoke tomorrow for a bit, but it will get worse again sunday. here is a look at the near surface smoke forecast. a north wind is dragging that smoke into our area. you will notice the purple near the caldor fire, where the thickest smoke is expected. saturday, it is still going to be hazy and smoky into tomorrow night. into sunday, things improve as the wind begins to shift.
4:21 pm
sunday afternoon, will start to see a stronger sea breeze that will help us out. live doppler 7, that fog swept away by the north-north easterly wind. if you are going today's game tonight against the yankees at the coliseum, hazy skies. 9:40, 66. warm, but it will be smoky, so make sure you have proper protection. 77 in san francisco. oakland 85 degrees. 91 in san jose. 92 in palo alto. it is a hot one. from our san jose camera, it is smoky outside. fairfield in the triple digits, as expected. livermore 98 degrees. he advisory for lake county tomorrow. -- heat advisory for lake county tomorrow. temperatures in the triple digits, so take it easy. hazy, smoky air through san francisco tomorrow.
4:22 pm
we are looking at cooler and cleaner air next week. morning temperatures, 50's and. 70's it will be warm inland, but haze around with clear skies. in the afternoon, warm conditions at our beaches. 84 in oakland. triple digits expected around livermore. 84 oakland. 98 in santa rosa. 93 in san rafael. the heat hangs around. so does the haze, at least for the start of sunday. notice around the bay and coast, cooler weather begins. that will start the shift in air quality. cooler weather for the new workweek. improving air quality with temperatures dropping to the mid-80's england, low 60's coast side. everyone has their eyes on the second half of the weekend, when things get better. until then, close the doors and windows.
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it may be hard to close windows and doors with no a.c., but find a place to keep cool. larry: from the court to the classroom. a golden state warrior takes over at an east bay school today. what to the ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. expand your options...and your perspective. ♪ find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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4:26 pm
for the day in charge of an oakland middle school. amy hollyfield tells us about the message he had for students. amy: golden state warrior kevon looney is a very hands-on school principal. from he took his role as principal seriously. >> i am excited to be one for the day. amy: he started the day with some on-the-job training from the principal. they made it official with a mask and t-shirt, showing his title, then decided he was ready for the position. >> it is a tough job, but i love doing this. amy: do you think he can handle it? >> if he can handle the nba championships, he can handle this job. amy: his first task was the morning announcements. he then faced a panel of kids with lots of questions, like, can you teach me how to dunk? can i come to training camp?
4:27 pm
what does a day at practice look like? >> get up at 8:30, lift weights. amy: at the end of the day, the students gave him high marks. >> i think he's a good principal. amy: while looney said he would like to shorten the school day and put fleming on chito's in the school vending machine -- flaming hot cheetoes in the vending machine, he also said -- >> i would like kids to make new friends and meet new people. amy: the back to the bay program for the warriors also included backpack and school supply giveaways. larry: if he can make the school day shorter, they would make him principal for life. liz: a blow today for a group opposed to the upcoming recall election. the judge that says the vote will go on. will go on. larry: the group looking to make you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack?
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. larry: monday is the last day to vote in the california recall election. you can do it online to the secretary of state website. this is one of five pop-up information booths organized by the san francisco elections to apartment. -- if you are mailing in your ballot, don't forget to sign it before you send it in. republican candidate for governor john coxe made a stop in san jose during his statewide bus tour to talk about his
4:31 pm
education plan. coxe says he will eliminate tenure for poor performing teachers. liz: there is a lot going on with the recall. joining us to talk about it is abc7 news insider fill material. kamala harris canceled an appearance with governor newsom. the optics would probably not been good given everything going on right now. >> it would not have been good optics for a vice president to be at a political rally in california at a time with what we are seeing in afghanistan. it wouldn't have worked out well for gavin newsom either. not with what is going on with the sierra fires. it's not a great time to be out looking like it is all about me. and i'm not sure it was that great of an idea. what it was going to be was a car rally, a drive in rally in
4:32 pm
the parking lot, something we saw during the biden-harris run for presidency. but now it would look strange to have a parking lot full of cars with people masked around it. all in all, kamala harris is heading for washington and gavin newsom spent the morning cleaning up a homeless encampment in san francisco. liz: it is not a good time to be a democrat right now. should newsom steer clear of having president biden come out right now? at the time, we are told he is still going to be coming. >> there is a debate among consultants whether they should have anyone show up in person, given the circumstances in california and the country and the democratic front, whether anyone trying to hold a typical campaign rally -- it's just not going to happen, especially with the delta variant. it's interesting, this race is
4:33 pm
hinging on turnout. if that's the case -- i made a call to the san francisco registrar of voters, and they report 133,000 ballots have been returned so far. that is on par with the last presidential election, which got everyone's attention. contra costa county, you might think it is lower there, no. they are looking at 175,000 ballots that have already been returned. they are running at a rate comparable to the last presidential election. so people are definitely tuned in. liz: there was concern there would not be good turnout. we are seeing more democratic turnout so far compared to republicans, which is making newsom's team rather happy. there is this question whether or not republicans are more skeptical of mail-in voting and waiting to do it in person.
4:34 pm
phil: it's like at a football game 11 team is ahead -- one team is ahead but the second half has yet to be played. in american elections, especially one as stretched out as this, yes, republicans have become more inclined to vote at the end rather than the beginning. it used to be the rivers. liz: -- be the reverse. liz: a judge throughout a lawsuit saying the recall is unconstitutional. phil: we are talking about the idea that even if gavin newsom got 49% of the vote against his recall, he'd still lose, and someone that got 22% of the vote after that could win it. there is always talk about this at a time like this. it is iffy to play with the
4:35 pm
constitution of the state of california. if this happens on and on, you might see a change. liz: we could keep going, but i have to wrap it up. phil: take care. larry: coming up, it is not just restaurants hoping they will give
4:36 pm
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its upcoming fall flight schedule to give it's overworked employees -- its overworked employees a break. they are line some of the most cancellations and poor performance in june and july. the union representing flight attendants say serious understaffing contributed to those delays. that left stranded passengers fuming. southwest will operate 27 fewer flights per day next month. in october, the airline will reduce its schedule by 162 daily flights. you know, i think this will be disruptive to some people who are flying, but it's nice to take your employees in mind. you have to do what you have to do. sandhya: you have to be sensitive to the fact that it has been a tough year and a half for people. they have to take care of their employees if they continue -- if they want them to continue to be productive.
4:39 pm
larry: as frustrating as it can be to fly right now, it's much worse if you are a flight attendant or pilots. if you are fighting with them about masks and they are not happy about their food choices, it is tough. there is a lot of flight attendants that are burned out. they are not getting paid enough to deal with all the hassle. this may be the only option, to cut back on the flights. breaking up apparently is not that hard to do if you have access to your own jumbotron. a man decided to break up with his girlfriend via jumbotron at an akron, ohio minor-league baseball get. -- baseball game. stadium employees were surprised, saying they usually get birthday wishes or the occasional proposal. a similar breakup tweet appeared in an a's game, but turned out to be a joke. i think that did not really happen. i think tim still loves her.
4:40 pm
no, i don't even think they really exist. [laughter] you have your own story about jumbotrons or mascots. >> or lack thereof. when i see these proposals, i often think it is fake. i have a story of one that did not happen. you see this doll? i was going to propose to my wife at a sharks game. sharky never showed up. i sat there nervous and he never came. i ended up doing it later. the shark sent me this doll as an apology for sharky not showing up. i'm happy i did not end up proposing at the sharks game after the fact. [laughter] >> i'm wondering what alyssa did to get that. maybe she is in the wrong. larry: ooh, wow. [laughter] >> there is clearly some angst i'm feeling. larry: i'm wondering what casey did that made sharky not show
4:41 pm
up. [laughter] >> a big change for snapchat could change how you shop. the app has a feature that can identify objects like clothes and even dog breeds. this upgrade brings it closer to the abilities of the google pixel phone, so skinning your own wardrobe on snapchat -- scanning your own wardrobe on snapchat will bring similar items to browse. i imagine strangers snapchat ting your dress to see where it came from. [laughter] >> i think it will be a little strange. like liz, i like to go in and look at items myself. i do do online shopping, but it's hard to get a good gauge. i don't see how people can take a picture and go, i think i want this. >> i looked into this. this is being marketed more as a
4:42 pm
visual search engine. it's like google that you are using your phone to scan items. in that way i think it is cool. it does plants too. you can go in your backyard and know how to water or feed it. >> it is not just for clothes? everything i ever wanted to know? alright, well, on the subject of wine and food, jelly belly is out with its newest beanboozled jellybeans. what is beanboozled? these are bizarre flavors like stinkbug, dead fish, and toothpaste. the newest flavors this year are liver and onions and old bandage. the old bandage, i probably have used a lot. [laughter] that flavor bean is the same color as the pomegranate flavor,
4:43 pm
so you don't know what you are eating until you taste it. casey will walk us through the spin a wheel thing. >> i think you guys just have me on the show to eat or drink gross things. today i will get a little revenge. you guys have a cup. i have a spinner. we will spin the wheel and taste the flavors it lands on. first one is orange with red dots. try it. larry: okay, there are a couple of them. liz: ihave two orange and red dots. >> put it in your mouth. >> that is awful. >> this is either peach or barf flavor. [laughter] that is terrible. let's do it again. larry: again? we have to keep going? >> this one is white with brown
4:44 pm
dots on it. oh man, that last one was really bad. larry: i don't have it. this is the last one. i think we are out of time. >> i got the wrong one again. this one is either toasted marshmallow or stinkbug. larry: okay, i'm done. >> i know which one i got. [laughter] larry: i'm completely out. >> it's like jellybean roulette. i think i went 0-2 in that category. liz: we are happy casey was joining us. >> i need a flaming hot mountain dew to wash this down. larry: people are going to buy this? liz: i got marshmallow, so that was pretty good. >> you lucked out. you guys are never going to let me do this again, are you? larry: welcome to casey's last appearance on the four.
4:45 pm
we have to wash our mouths out during the break. i don't know what we are going to do.
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>> bayview neighborhoods have been disproportionately impacted by pollution sources. at the forefront of the environmental justice movement is someone leading the charge to cleaner air for residents. he is building a better bay area. this monday is our abc7 ally in
4:48 pm
action. ♪ >> we need this mess cleaned up today and not tomorrow. ♪ >> government agencies have a mandate to protect public health, our environment, the air, the water, the places we live. in many cases they don't do it. it is important for our community partners to work together to protect people's health. it is the air we breathe. when i see friends of ours who are part of green action who aren't with us anymore because they died from pollution, it makes us fighting mad. we will do everything we can and keep winning victories and bring about the change we need on our planet. ♪ >> for decades, bayview hunters point have lived with a higher risk of asthma and other respiratory illnesses than
4:49 pm
the general population of san francisco. in 1997, community leaders joined together to form a new organization called green action for health and environmental justice. >> community education, outreach, youth leadership, advocacy, technical work and everything in between. bayview hunters point is a prime example of what we call cumulative impacts of pollution and other social economic disparities. thus our work continues for health and justice. >> another green quickly became the mother for the movement for environmental justice. >> we were being told no, you are safe, it is ok for children to play outside. i'm a living witness thus far. we are not safe. >> harrison died in 20
4:50 pm
chronic lung disease. it was green action that demanded retesting of the hunters point naval shipyard after allegations surfaced of fake soil samples collected. >> we forced the government to start retesting. there is no more hunters point powerplant thanks to community partners. >> green action is now the installment of 10 air monitors positioned throughout the bayview hunters point. >> there is an air monitor sensor that does particulate matter. it counts the particle concentration. we are hoping it reflects what the community has been saying for a long time, that there is something wrong with our air, we are having respiratory issues. >> i am continuing to advocate for that, not just because my
4:51 pm
mom's name is on it. if you don't have the science to back up what you are saying, you are just making noise. >> i hear her in the back of my head, promising when she could not breathe anymore that we would keep up the struggle. ♪ very important to our ability to work and accomplish so much is volunteer support. we get a lot of incredible university in torrance -- university interns, young and old volunteers. >> one person makes a difference. you know why i like this? this is my way of giving back to the community. >> it will take all of us wit wt the climate changing and wildfires. it will take all of us. the more help, the better. ♪ liz: abc7's allies in action
4:52 pm
recognizes local people building a better bay area. if you know someone working to create real change, tell us at larry: if only in the sky right now looked like it did in that graphic. you recovered faster from the jellybean experiment from the rest of us. [laughter] sandhya: hopefully the gu will help you bothm. i had a marshmallow one. that is the secret. you will notice multiple firefighters around california. that smoke is pouring into the bay area. air quality is unhealthy for the east bay. poor for sensitive groups along the shoreline. in the sierra, very unhealthy to unhealthy. you notice it remains smoky tonight into tomorrow. sunday we start to see an improvement.
4:53 pm
it has been a warm and hot day. that trend continues tomorrow with 70's to 100's. hazy skies on the accuweather 7 day forecast before we see an improvement into next week with cooler weather. larry: i have a mint over here with your name on it. [laughter] anderson on the future after the show ends. >> this is what i want to do eventually. that is p i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now.
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liz: the abc comedy blackish will be back for its final season. >> let the hot buttery fun begin. george: anthony anderson is back with his tv family for the eighth and final season of this celebrated sitcom. >> i am not ready for it to end. i am looking forward to it ending now that i accepted that this will be our final season and have a plan in motion to move forward as a team. this is the first time i have been part of a successful show where they are giving us a season to wrap up eight years. george: anthony has been
4:57 pm
nominated for the outstanding actor in a sitcom series emmy heavy season -- every season. >> when, not if i win an emmy, my mother will probably rappel from the rafters, unbeknownst to me, to celebrate me winning, saying i am funnier than he is. consider it done. george: anthony filled in for several days, hosting jimmy kimmel live this summer. he would love to make late-night a part of his future. >> i do. that has always been a plan. this is what i want to do eventually. that is part of the big picture for me, to one day sit behind a desk and have my own talk show. >> before that, he's got more
4:58 pm
work to do for blackish. the show returns midseason, sometime early next year. george pennock you --abc7 news. liz: abc7 it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it helps keep you effortlessly comfortable by sensing your movements and automatically responding to both of you. and, it's temperature balancing to help you stay comfortable all night. it even tracks your circadian rhythm, so you know when you're at your best. in other words, it's the most energy-building, wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. don't miss our weekend special where all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc news. >> we are so they in peace and we are not? liz: bay area residents tod pitching in to help afghan refugees coming to the region. it comes as the rush to get people out of kabul continues in the wake of a terror attack near the airport. larry: thanks for joining us. liz: you are watching abc7 news at 5:00, live on abc7, hulu live,


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