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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  September 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> greg: here's thomas working off the left side against carmody. just throws him down. as soon as coan starts to work to his left, then he drops the quarterback for a loss. what a sequence from florida state's defense. >> joe: bramblett punts away. fair catch inside the 30 by jay. get those disney script writers ready. because mckenzie milton is coming in. 4:15 to play. trailing number nine by three. r. this is apple tv+. and now only t-mobile gives new and existing customers one year of apple tv+ on us. that's a year of apple originals like ted lasso and the morning show. so more people can watch them all in more places with 5g on the largest 5g network. apple tv+ on us
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that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] >> joe: teresa and mark milton are watching their son, who they thought most likely will not play the sport again. but here's mckenzie, who came
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into the game and has the noles within three now. corbin takes it ahead. first down. three time-outs remain for florida state. momentum with florida state. look at mom, she's holding on to her husband. she's been crying just watching her son get back to this point. gives to corbin. to the edge, a stiff-arm for white. he'll be third and short. >> greg: obvious at this point, don't have to go for it. but knowing that mike norvell went for it just a little over a quarter ago, i wouldn't be surprised if this was four-down territory here. >> joe: he went for it halfway through the third quarter. third down and two. they're going to take an official's time-out to reset the chains.
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greg, you've played the position, you've dealt with injuries. there are few players that have dealt with the significance of an injury like milton. just to see him on the field. >> greg: and to see the players rallying around him is truly remarkable. >> joe: third and two. sprint left. milton, pressure, shovel passes it, and gets it done! that is darrian williamson. just ad libbing. milton, finding a way, any way. and 12 yards and a first down for florida state. >> greg: mom exhales. my goodness. what a great play from mckenzie. >> joe: milton looks left. tucks, runs, on that reconstructed right knee. he tucks and runs. and he has crossed midfield.
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five yards for mckenzie milton and the noles. coming up on three minutes to play. >> greg: so much poise from milton. two plays in a row in which the player wasn't there to throw it to immediately. he waited, and made a good decision. >> joe: second and five. ward. ward. look at that. getting those pads low. driving the legs. moving the chains. and this is really unique. listen, we got a packed house again. it gets so quiet when mckenzie gets behind center there. they wait to see what the result would be. it's been nothing but magic. he's 5 for 5 for 48 yards. and moving this team, the upset-minded noles, down the field against the number nine team in the country. ward bounces it to the outside. here he goes. it's another first down for florida state. 12 yards there.
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tre'shaun ward. >> greg: this notre dame defense is on their heels, man. linebackers trying to fit inside, and running backs moving to the outside. florida state is just a step ahead of the irish on every snap. >> joe: florida state was down by 18. mckenzie milton. pressure off the edge, he gets around it. beats a man, then goes down. look at his mother, teresa. can you imagine her heart rate right now as she watches this. two years removed from the sport. 1,017 days. surgeons from the mayo clinic say he's a medical mere cmiracl
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to even practice. toafili. hart comes up and makes the tackle. >> greg: it's getting to the point where you start to think about the clock. right now, notre dame, only one time-out remaining. florida is going to take this thing down as far as they possibly can. knowing they're already in field goal range. you just need to be smart, no negative plays on third down. >> joe: third down and seven. already in field goal range for ryan fitzgerald. do we smell overtime or something north of that? bad snap, and field goal range threatened until he throws it away. smart play by the veteran. remember, 33 starts in his career at ucf. >> greg: a great job by milton right there. bad snap, bad play, defense won. you cannot under any
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circumstance make it any tougher on your field goal kicker. shows poise, smartly throws it out of bounds to the sideline. >> joe: ryan fitzgerald's best game in college came against notre dame. his career long, a 42-yarder. this is a 43-yarder to tie it. and he does! rosenberry, the snap. mastromanno, the hold. and fitzgerald, the steely nerves. a career long for him against a top ten team in primetime.
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great job. from fitzgerald. and up there in the stands, in this packed house at doak campbell, the family who came from hawaii, moved to florida, and now made the drive to tallahassee to see if their son would get in the game. well, he did. and he's been nearly flawless. and all of a sudden, from 18 points down, we've got notre dame and florida state, tied up at 38-38.
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tonight's game track is brought to you by cadillac. jack coan, his irish debut. he's been tracking towards an "a"-plus. we just haven't said his name much, because it's been the great come back of mckenzie milton. but 341 yards and 4 touchdowns, he's 5 yards away from setting the record for passing yards in a notre dame season opener. >> greg: the biggest thing for him and the irish offense, get the drive started. the first play is the most important play by far in a two-minute operation. got to have something positive here. >> joe: coan. they have one time-out remaining. he gets it to mayer. who is ridden down immediately after making the catch.
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jammie robinson, the transfer from south carolina. doerer, his career long is 52 yards. did that in 2019 against usc. see if they can get him in position. half a minute to play. coan. over the middle. complete, here's mayer. goes up high. and they're past midfield. one time-out remains. clock stops with a first down. >> greg: hang on to that time-out. clock it right now, if you can. unless you have a play called and it's ready to roll right now. >> joe: 35 yard line. that would be the career long range. he wants more than that. but goes out of bounds. well beyond the intended target, austin. 11 seconds remain. they have the time-out in the bag. will they get a shot, or will we have overtime? >> greg: right here, you can work the middle of the field because you have the time-out for the kicker. >> joe: jack's father looks on.
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mike norvell wanted a time-out. and he raced in on the near sideline. the florida state head coach was able to get it. something just felt a little different tonight, didn't it. something about the night that they've been honoring bobby bowden, the night when they get back to full capacity. when the roar of the war chant is echoing extra loud, and this place returns to its former glory of what the energy used to feel like. something felt a little different. >> greg: it did. it did all weekend. you just knew there would be something special tonight. we had special performances on both teams. great calls by both teams. players that have factored into the game that we didn't
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anticipate seeing. one in particular that happens to be one of the best stories i've ever seen in the world of college football. >> joe: and will we get a capper right now from jack coan and the irish? time to work with, because of the time-out. can they get in range? coan, over the middle, and they -- oh! mayer couldn't hold on! that is incomplete. notre dame was that close to being in position to have a game-winning kick opportunity. and michael mayer could not hang on as he turned the corner. >> greg: oh, my goodness. you had the matchup you wanted. you had mayer working against robins robinson. man coverage. puts it right where it needs to go. now it will come down to a hail mary.
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my goodness, that is one right there you have the guy that you want, the target that you want. the ball placement was superb. and unfortunately, the sure-handed tight end couldn't bring it in. >> joe: notre dame exhausts that last time-out. speaking of exhausting, the right arms of florida state fans. all night long. it has served them well. all right, greg, take us through it. five seconds to go.
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ball is on the 49 yard line. >> greg: you got to buy some time. especially where you're at infi. don't be afraid to retreat a little bit if you need to. but you need to throw the ball four yards into the end zone. from right now, where his toes are, he needs to throw it about 60 yards in the air. that will give you the most room to potentially reel one in. but he has to buy some time to get there. >> joe: he launches it. it's short of the end zone. and it is picked travis jay finishes off regulation with an interception. and for those of you yesterday who were sitting back, saying, i can't get enough of this sport, it is so good. guess what, you get more. when we come back, we're going to overtime. the upset seeking noles against
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. >> joe: we got a change to our overtime rules in college football. so you know the deal with each team getting a possession from the 25. you play match play. but you have to go for the two-point conversion after a touchdown starting with the second overtime. it has been a wild night. and now the coin toss. >> referee: okay, gentlemen. welcome to overtime.
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both teams have one time-out. both teams still have a challenge, providing they have a time-out. okay? we're going to flip the coin one time. the choice is offense, defense, or which end of the field. notre dame, you will nmake the call. you called tails, and it is tails. notre dame wants to go on defense first. which wednesdend of the field? okay. notre dame, you're back this way. florida state, you're back this way. florida state will start first and ten at the 25 yard line. >> joe: big story tonight is the unexpected return of mckenzie milton. came in because jordan travis' helmet came off. then he did this. >> greg: he's been so incredibly poised, too. delivering really accurate throws down the field.
8:21 pm
unbelievable throw around the defender as he was getting hit. and the patience to buy a little time to allow that shovel to come through. he's made really good decisions. offense through the air that we didn't see throughout the course of the first 3 1/2 quarters. he's been outstanding. >> joe: notre dame won the toss. they elect to go on defense first. milton and corbin in the back field. and straight ahead as they've been committed to tonight, with corbin. he sparked things early with the 89-yard touchdown. he's gone for 130 yards tonight and 2 touchdowns. >> greg: so far, florida state offensively really has had everything they've wanted in the fourth quarter. running it and throwing it with mckenzie at quarterback. >> joe: second and six. corbin is driven back this time. third down for mckenzie milton and the noles. good job that time by foskey.
8:22 pm
plays that viper position for notre dame. jack coan anxiously awaits his turn. gibbons is down, injured. the former notre dame player who katie told us that incredible story of his big heart and the gofundme to help timothy donovan, who suffers from a rare medical condition. timothy is here tonight because of dillan's effort. there's timothy. a heartwarming story. he said, i want to take care of him, i want him to come see me and see this great game. the medical staff is out there for the big 321-pounder, the starting left guard.
8:23 pm
will be third down and four when they get back to business. mike norvell was so confident in what jordan travis would offer up tonight. his young quarterback, still with three years of eligibility mckenzie milton who could be the show-stopper. third down and four. >> greg: watch for pressure from notre dame. >> joe: they bring heat. milton loses the ball and has to fall on it. but he does so well past the 30 yard line.
8:24 pm
j.d. bertrand came surging in to make a big play for the irish. >> greg: they just brought the heat. you see two notre dame defenders that are blitzing from the second level. as bertrand is able to get home unblocked. forcing milton to a very uncomfortable situation. and mckenzie unfortunately making this field goal much more difficult with the lost yardage play. >> joe: now a 50-yarder for fitzgerald because of that play. 50-yard attempt, ryan fitzgerald. going to wave that off. let's bring in john perry here.
8:25 pm
>> referee: time-out. florida state. florida is challenging the ruling on the field of a fumble. >> joe: john, they're challenging the ruling on the field previously of a fumble on that third down. >> the hand's going forward. is the ball in control as the hand goes forward to potentially create an incomplete pass? >> joe: that would shave off a good amount of distance. >> right. >> joe: we'll let you be the judge here, john. the ruling was a fumble. >> overtime, the tight ones go to you, joe. i like it as an incomplete pass. >> joe: do you really? >> i do. the hand is going forward with control. and he doesn't tuck it enough to consider it as a fumble. the ball does not get back to
8:26 pm
the body. >> greg: you see it in his hand, just has to go forward a little bit. still very much in milton's hands. i'm with you, john. i think it is an incomplete pass. >> and the key here, make it an incomplete pass, come back to the previous spot. which makes the field goal much shorter. good challenge. >> joe: the line of scrimmage was just inside the 20. so a significant difference. a difference of 12 yards. ruling on the field is it was a fumble that backed it up to the 32 yard line. causing it to be a 50-yard field goal attempt pending. mike norvell says, hold on. we think it's an incomplete
8:27 pm
pass. that will make it about a 38-yard field goal attempt. fitzgerald, of course, hit the 43-yarder. to get us to this place. and they're walking it back. >> referee: after further review, the quarterback actually threw a pass so the pass is incomplete. the ball will be placed at the 31 yard line on the left hash. fourth down. >> joe: john, i don't believe that's the right spot to mark that ball at all. i want to take you back to the
8:28 pm
previous play. that ball is inside, cresting to the line. the acc officials are going to need to clean this up. now they do. they have to make that the 19 1/2 yard line. there you go. such a good night, let's get that right. so it's about a 37-yard attempt. murray snapping, mastromanno holding. fitzgerald, let's see if he can give florida state a lead here in the first overtime. 37-yard attempt. is no good! and the door is wide-open for the irish.
8:29 pm
>> greg: pretty wild sequence there. because in an effort to make the field goal easier, you kind of ice your kicker at the same time. as a result, that ball drifts just the littlest bit left. struck well, end over end. just a little bit off-target. and disappointment there for the florida state sideline. >> joe: brian kelly, he's trying to close in on history. three wins away from tying the record of knute rockne. the school's all-time winningest coach. this has been quite the push the boulder up the hill night, to get to win number 103. if jack coan and this offense can deliver here.
8:30 pm
coan has passed for 367 yards. now the all-time season opener passing record in irish history. what a debut. they'll keep it on the ground. as williams chugs ahead. the star running back who went for 125 yards as a second-team all-american a year ago. trying to cap things here and put the irish in position to close out what has been a wild one. absolutely wild. >> greg: your approach as an offense is, yes, you're already in field goal range. don't take any unnecessary risks. >> joe: second and seven. play-action. mayer, the big tight end. he's chopped down. that was jammie robinson. a 13-game starter for south carolina, made the commitment to come down here with some other
8:31 pm
s.e.c. brethren to play acc ball in this improved noles defense. a loss of a yard there. third and eight. >> greg: i might throw a fade right here. if i'm tommy rees, so far tonight, his quarterback has thrown the ball beautifully done the field. you can throw a fade and win the game right now. >> joe: third and eight. williams goes nowhere. may have lost a half a yard. and now here comes the field goal unit for notre dame to win it. bramblett will be holding. vinson will be snapng and doerer for the win from 41 yards out.
8:32 pm
can number nine notre dame survive? we'll get our answer here with doerer after this time-out by the noles. florida state had those epic three drives. went for 37 plays and 209 yards and 22 points to get back into this thing. notre dame had a couple of punts and then the desperation interception to close out regulation. but moments ago, the miss by ryan fitzgerald. and now jack coan on a record setting night trots off the field to put it into the hands of jonathan doerer. from charlotte, north carolina. on a night that has seen
8:33 pm
everything, including the unexpected of that young man. does doerer have the luck of the irish? he does! great way to start the season. and isn't this game oh, so good. the irish win it in a thriller in tallahassee. how much do you love ball. >> greg: amazing. it's the best. it is the best. every single week, it's the best. i love college football. >> joe: jack coan's a record setter. florida state is a different kind of team. it will be fun watching them. 18 fourth quarter points to get it to overtime. but in the end, the irish play to their talent level and win
8:34 pm
it. here's katie with coach. >> katie: thanks, tess. brian, this game had it all. what did you think of your team's ability to withstand florida state's impressive comeback? >> yeah, you know, i'm in favor of execution. maybe our entire team needs to be executed after tonight. we just didn't execute very well. and i will say this, florida state played extremely well. the two quarterback system they have, they created all kinds of problems. we have some work to do. i like our team and our players, and i love their commitment and the way they fought. we're gritty, but we got a lot of work to do. it's nice to go back and do the work after a win. it was hard. it's a tough environment to play. mike has done a great job of getting this team playing back. they're skilled, fast, athletic. and like i said, the two quarterback system they have gave us fits. but we hung in there.
8:35 pm
and we made the play we needed to in overtime. >> katie: you dipped into the transfer portal to bring jack coan to south bend. what did you think of his first game? >> he did a nice job. there's a lot of learning there. i think, you know, to put 41 on in his first performance, that's pretty good. we got to clean up some things on offense, certainly. we lost some guys tonight that challenged our depth. but clearly, you know, the big plays have to be eliminated on defense. and we have to execute a little bit better on third down. too many third down situations, and we got that lull there in the fourth quarter. look, it's the first game. we're happy we got the victory. but if we want to compete for a championship, we need to get a lot better. >> katie: appreciate your time. congratulations. >> thanks. >> joe: for those who know their football history and trivia,
8:36 pm
way, back in the '70s, when tampa bay wore those creamsicle kr uniforms, john mckay was once asked what he thought of his team's execution. he said, i'm in favor of it. but let me tell you something, his team is good. real good. they just had a feisty fighter opposite to them. but tonight, jack coan and the irish are on top. the guy with 366 yards and 4 touchdowns. that jack coan. >> katie: take me through what is going through your minds with the kick. >> unbelievable kick, unbelievable night. winning on the road is so tough. it's special to come through with the victory. >> katie: what was tonight like? >> unbelievable. it doesn't feel real.
8:37 pm
to get a win like this, it's a dream come true. you dream of playing in places like this. this is just an iconic place. to get a win like that is truly amazing. >> katie: coach kelly said there are a lot of things to work on, on both sides. what did you think of the defense's ability to get the stop when it was needed most? >> they did an unbelievable job. it's all about coming through in big moments and they came through and got the stop. >> katie: congratulations. enjoy. >> thank you. >> katie: tess? >> joe: one of the question marks was, what would this team look like, replacing ian book. what do you think about notre dame tonight? >> greg: getting to the point in the fourth, where it felt like it was slipping away. they got too conservative, defensively, offensively. they allowed florida state to get back into the game.
8:38 pm
they can say, man, we got to change a lot from this week to next. but the fact that they didn't have their best stuff and still got a win on the road in a tough environment, it's big-time. >> joe: the overtime field goal for the irish wins it. for greg mcelroy and katie george, i'm joe tessitore. have a great night, on what was a special night in tallahassee. what a thriller. 41-38, the irish come out of a tough-earned win.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities.
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which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. >> building a better bay area. two forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it is the new south lake tahoe residents have been waiting for. it has been downgraded to a warning as firefighters get a better handle on the caldor
8:42 pm
fire. i am dion lim. you are watching this special edition on abc 7 and wherever you stream. people who live in the south lake tahoe city limits can return to their homes but other evacuation orders remain in effect. fire officials say residents need to be ready to evacuate again in case fire conditions change. the weather has cooperated over the last 72 hours, allowing them to make progress on slowing the spread of the color higher. just in from cal fire, in the past few minutes or so, containment has gone up to 44% 27,000 ruptures are so threatened. more than 700 homes have been destroyed. calfire says firefighters will actively patrol the fire tonight, seeking out and extinguishing heat. you may have noticed a qr code on the bottom left-hand of your screen right there. just use your cell phone camera app to scan this code and it will take you to the abc 7 wildfire tracker where you can
8:43 pm
follow the major fires and sierra libby for urinary bird -- for your neighborhood. all of damper on some peoples labor day weekend plans. cornell barnard has more on this story. >> it is hot, 1000 feet up to the summit. >> this guys were hazy as as ass you could see. >> spectacular views and you can see the smoke, too. cornell: we saw lots of smoke blurring the mountains of wine country with smoke from northern california wildfires. >> we are having a college reunion trip. cornell: they were winetasting at the winery and moved their trip from lake tahoe due to the caldor fire and they are now monitoring air quality here. rex we are definitely monitoring it, trying not to do any hiking or anything like that.
8:44 pm
we will get back indoors later. cornell: the view of san francisco was limited. the same smoky view from the east bay hills. >> we are expecting to see some levels of orange on the aqi scale for sensitive groups. cornell: lots of orange levels in the north and east bay. the scottish games were going full kilt at the fairgrounds in pleasanton despite declining air quality and temperatures creeping towards 100 degrees. >> i am wearing a hat keep my face out of the sun and then all of the athletes after we get done with the games will retreat into the shade. cornell: we have been doing a lot of that. retreating into the shade. folks with respiratory issues they endorse this weekend if you can. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. dion: with a look at when we will see some relief, let's get to meteorologist drew tuma. drew: it has been extended
8:45 pm
another day because we will find moderate to poor air plenty on our holiday tomorrow. take a look at the air quality. it is moderate across much of the bay area. you can see air quality concerns are when you get to the unhealthy range. we could fluctuate in there tomorrow afternoon. we have spare the air because of moderate air quality. a slight improvement on tuesday but with that hazy air tomorrow comes another day of some hot temperatures. we will have those numbers in a few minutes. dion: we want to point out our qr code. all you have to do is grab your cell phone and open the camera app. scan the code right here and it will take you to the wildfire tracker. you can follow the major fires across the state and track the air quality for your neighborhood. to the south bay, a three alarm fire and two story building in san jose left 24 units uninhabitable.
8:46 pm
firefighters were called to the blaze near alcohol drive at 5:16. it started and spread across the complex. no injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of that fire. still ahead on abc 7 news, it has been one week since hurricane ida made landfall in you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50.
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americans live in a county that has been hit by a weather disaster this summer. the latest catastrophe is ida, which claimed the lives of 68 people. phillipos has details -- our reporter has details on its aftermath. philip: more than half a million people are still without power. >> we know there are a lot of people out there we will continue to work hard every day to bring additional relief and make progress. philip:philip: residents waiting in long lines for fuel. the situation made worse by the extreme heat. cranks every night, a little bit warmer, and then try to tough it out. it's just too tough. philip: the mayor says recovery will take months. >> we have no water, no electricity.
8:50 pm
no food. philip: some of the hardest hit areas could be without power until september. it stretched all the way to the northeast. in philadelphia, the expressway has finally reopened after crews cleared the floodwaters. nearly 800 bridges across pennsylvania will need post-flood inspection. new jersey saw flooding and tornadoes bond by ida and then homes and businesses destroyed by fire. those fires unreachable amid the floodwaters. resident biden got a firsthand look at the devastation in louisiana on friday. on tuesday, he will travel to some of the hardest hit areas in new jersey and new york. >> the human toll was tremendous. 1200 homes have been impacted by the storm. philip: the cost to repair has been estimated in the tens of billions of dollars. abc news, new york. dion: those images are so hard to see. it always seems like in recent years, there have been more of these weather disasters. drew: and they get more intense.
8:51 pm
a warming planet can hold more water vapor and that causes flooding across the mid-atlantic . our concern is the heat and air quality. can see where the marine influence is. 50's and 60's but go rather warm tonight in the 80's. we will have some warm temperatures overnight tonight away from the coast. high-pressure, it is responsible for the hot temperatures this weekend but it acts like a lid on our atmosphere and that is why we are not able to get rid of the pollutants and we have spare the air tomorrow. coastal cloud and patchy fog. members generally falling into the 50's overnight tonight. future tracker temperatures, 10:00 a.m., quickly warming up to 60's and 70's in the morning and into the afternoon, well into the 90's in our hottest spots away from the coast. some areas going into triple digit heat. highs for labor day, 88 in san jose.
8:52 pm
98 in morgan hill. 89 in cupertino. along the peninsula, 84 at menlo park. 85 at half moon bay. high clouds, hit 70, so it will feel warm and the city tomorrow. for the north bay, it is a hot one. 93 in novato. 102 in ukiah. it is hazy and warm tomorrow. 80 in oakland. 85 in fremont. 79 in berkeley. inland, it is a very hot day. 100 in antioch. 90 is the high in livermore. here is the seven-day forecast. hot and hazy on your labor day with the spare the air. moderate air quality on tuesday but we cannot rid ourselves of the midweek. by the end of the week, we will welcome and cooler temperatures. a bit better air quality.
8:53 pm
next weekend not looking nearly as hot as this weekend. [music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted...
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8:56 pm
four-day holiday weekend. this is the first major superhero movie to feature an asian leave and primarily asian cast. kristen sze sat down with the start to talk about what that means to him and the aa■pi community. >> it feels like people were underestimating us. i was reading some lowest it's for a really long time and it has been a crazy weekend because i'm seeing the number go up and up. >> is this all part of the life land? you knew this was coming? >> that is a hard no. i went to school for accounting so that goes to show you how confident i was in where everything was going to turn out. no, this is incredible. it is such a dream come true for so many reasons. i wanted to play a superhero pretty much my whole life. before i knew that they were in
8:57 pm
movies, i wanted to be a superhero. and you know, i literally -- just to see so many people from our community come out and support this movie as well, seeing all the theater buyouts and grassroots campaigns, that is really the engine of what is kind of propelling this movie a word and it's all over my social media so i cannot imagine what it must be like everybody else. >> i know a lot of asian americans leaving with the area -- the theater feel seen to see myself in a strong and cool light. how is it having an impact like that as an actor? kristen: it is all i ever wanted -- >> it is all he ever wanted. every actor wants to be part of something that is culture shaping, that challenges norms, and i feel like we have done that in such an amazing way, not just with my character, but there's so many asian characters in this movie. each have their own back story,
8:58 pm
their own dimensionality, their own slice of the asian american experience and just the richness of the story and the fact that we do have so many characters to root for, i mean, it is such a wonderful moment for our community. >> i cannot wait to see this movie myself. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. with that, that is all we have for this rational addition abc 7 news. i am dion lim. man, look at that internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. ok chill, cause mine's so fast no one can catch me.
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