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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 13, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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even america strong. right now on "america this morning," vaccine whabacklash. this morning the new message from the fda on vaccines and when the shot could finally be available for children. all eyes on nicolas, the tropical storm that is taking aim at the drenched gulf coast. some areas could get 20 inches of rain and we time out the storm. >> the fbi declassifies a new document from the 9/11 vaegz. what it reveals about saudi arabia's time through the attack and a new leader of al qaeda resurfaces after years of silence. >> companies growing more
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desperate for workers and how it's impacting your morning coffee. a stunning upset in the u.s. open to aaron rodgers benched. >> a woman's close encounter with an alligator, and a scaredy cat caught safe and sound. we hear from the man who paid the big catch. all the trends stories for your monday morning. >> from abc news, in new york. this is in america this morning. good monday morning everyone, we begin with the pandemic and a new warning from the fda to parents about the covid vaccine. >> we are learning details about the timeliner regarding when the vaccine may be available to young children. meanwhile, there's growing backlash in washington and crass the country over president biden's new vaccine mandates. >> a hospital in new york plans to stop delivering babies because so many staff members have quit rather than getting vaccinated. we are here now with the latest.
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a alex, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you both. there's new questions of when to use vaccines in young children. experts telling parents to wait for now. this morning the fda is out with a new warning to parents. don't get children under 12 the covid vaccine until the agency gets approval. say engine part, children are not small adults. the former head of the fda laying out the best case scenario of when the shots will be available for children. >> couit could happen by hal lo if everything goes well. >> across the u.s. the delta variant is not slowing down. icu beds are running out. ray said that they took calls to 43 hospitals across three states to get the 73-year-old a cardiac icu bed, he died in a facility in mississippi 200 miles from his alabama home. the relatives writing please get
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vaccinated to free up resources for noncovid emergencies. the u.s. surgeon general defending the move. >> let's help get through this and keep our kids in school and keep our economy go. >> but the republican governors of 19 states vowing to fight back. >> it's unprecedented federal mandate and authority that really disrupts and divides the country. >> vaccine mandates already resulting in resignations at one rural new york state hospital. >> the number of resignations received leaves us no choice but to pause delivering babies. >> further south in new york city today. anyone over the age of 12 must show proof of vaccination for things library indoor dining, gyms and theaters. also happening, more than 80,000 municipal workers are returning
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to the workplace. >> alex. thank you. >> parts of the gulf coastreing nicolas, preparations are well under way along the south texas coast, late tonight or early morning and then it will move to louisiana where the governor has already declared a stay of emergency. the storm will expect to intensify as it moves to land fall, winds rose to 60 miles an hour overnight. north korea said they have successfully tested long-range cruise missiles. the targets were hit 900 miles away. they say it's a strategic weapon of great significance. experts say although the test launch is a concerning development, the new missiles do not pose a direct threat to the u.s. we turn to the fbi releasing newly declassified documents from the investigation in to the 9/11 attacks and saudi arabia's
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alleged role. victim's families are demanding answers and it comes as the head ofly al qaeda releases a new video after years of silence. this morning the man who took over for bin laden, resurfacing after rumors of his death. al qaeda leader appearing in a video of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. he discussed the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan and did not is discusses the taliban's return to power. suggesting the tape was recorded earlier this year t the taliban raising their flag and announcing new rules from women who were banned from schools under taliban rule in 90s. now they say female students will be allowed to study but classrooms will be segregated by gender. this is coming as they declassify a report, detailing contacts between saudi officials
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and some of the 9/11 hijackers. >> the report identifies five saudi officials who for three years worked, prepared for the al qaeda terrorists and worked with al qaeda terrorists. gave them everything that they needed. >> accordig to the heavily redacted documents, assady diplomat, living in los angeles, assisted two of the hijackers. the report said that the diplomat described the menaces two very significant people to an associate more than one year before the attacks. in the documents show another saudi government employee spent the night at a hotel with another man connected to one of bin laden's top lieutenants. the report makes no conclusion whether saudi arabia's government was involved but families of 9/11 victims want answers. >> for 20 years the saudi government has relied upon the united states government to bury the facts and protect them and
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hide their culpability from the world and that ended last night. >> the saudi government denies any involvement in the attacks. >> a tax hike to help pay for the $3 trillion spending plan. they want to raise the corporate tax rate, it's less than the 28% president biden proposed. senator joe manchin said is he will not support the budget bill saying it's too big and moving too fast. >> supreme court justice is expressing concern about how the public views the high court. in a speech in kentucky last night. barrett said she wants to convince people that the supreme court is not comprised by quote, a bunch of partisan hacks. she insisted judicial philosophies are not the same as political parties and remarks were delivered in a celebration for a center founded by mitch mcconnell and said she is no
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more important than anybody else in the grocery store check outline, saying her kids keep her grounded. >> four people were injured after an explosion tore through this apartment complex in atlanta. the blast destroyed part of the building, and what was left standing was declared unstable. just before the explosion police got a call about gas fumes. they manage to evacuate the residents and then the blast came. >> it sounded like an explosion, it rattled the window in our building. the odd thing to me was there was no evidence of fire. no charring, no smoke. didn't smell like a fire. >> the red are cross has now been helping displaced residents. a firry scene in detroit, the driver of this suv is being looked for. >> time for a look at the monday weather. rain and storms are in the
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forecast for the northern plains and upper midwest. some rain in parts of the northeast as well. but the big story is tropical storm nicolas, heading toward the texas and louisiana coastline. the storm is expected to dump up to 15 inches of rain around galveston and houston. and isolated locations could see 20 inches. new orleans will get another drenching as well and checking today's high temperatures. 87 in new orleans today, unseasonably warm in the northeast and across the plains, cool in the northwest. coming up, america may run on dunkin's doughnuts but there there's no one there are to make them. the race car driver cwho could have had his head crushed. and the
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. back with a high tech halo saving a race car driver. another hamilton. he said i don't think i have ever been hit on the head by a car before. it's quite a shock on. >> we turn to the high stakes election in california. a popular talk radio host is trying to make sure that the governor does not hang to office. >> this morning the recall race in california entering the final stretch. today, president biden will campaign with governor gavin newsom, as a last push to motivate voters before tuesday's election. >> the contrast in the stakes could not be higher. this election is a mat er of
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life and death. public health is on the ballot. >> it's more than 50% of californians vote to recall newsom in tuesday's special election, the opponent with the most votes is the next governor and leading the polls is conservative radio host, larry elder. >> the first thing i will do is repeal the requirement for state workers that they have to be tested once a week and they have to wear masks at work. i don't think the science supports a that. >> elder criticizing newsom's response to the pandemic, suggesting the policies have been too restrictive. hurting small businesses and children. >> when the cdc said that the kid kos return to inperson school with precautions and on restrictions, he abided by the teacher's union that did not want to go back to work. >> elder refusing to answer whether he will accept the results of tomorrow's election. >> so many people are angry and will vote to is have him recalled. i'm not worried about fraud. >> the latest polls are
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promising for newsom, ofcalifo . 46 other candidates are on the ballot, including caitlyn jenner. >> megan, thank you. the ongoing worker shortage is taking a toll on restaurants and now, popular coffee shops. a lack of staff forced a dunkin coffee shop to shut down after 55 years. the store is temperatuorarily c because it was left with three employees down from 15. they cannot get people to work. and a working shortage is hitting college campuses. dining halls are struggling to hire staff and students are looking at an hour long wait for food. >> and brittany spear's big announcement. announcement. >> and we hear from the man ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment
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feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief i have more than 73. plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. back now with britney spears just days after her family's legal battle took a surprising turn. she's now making a big announcement. this morning, pop star britney spears announcing her engagement to longtime boyfriend sam. the 39-year-old flashing the 4 carat diamond ring as she broke the news on instagram. the word lioness engraved on the ring's band. >> look at that. you like it? >> reporter: the engagement coming after spears' high-profile legal fight took an
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unexpected turn last week. spears' father requesting a los angeles court end her conservatorship which controls both her finances and her personal life. >> happy friday, everybody. >> reporter: now fans are in a frenzy wondering if a baby britney could be next. ♪ oh, baby ♪ >> reporter: in june the singer told the judge she wanted to marry the 27-year-old actor and start a family. and in a recent interview in "forbes," sam saying, i want to take my career to the next step when it comes to acting. i want to take my relationship to the next step as well. i don't mind becoming a father. i want to be a young dad. legally spears can get married but must be approved by the conservatorship. the decision now rests with a judge. as for the judge's decision the next court hearing is september 29th. in sports the rams crushed the bears 34-14 on sunday night football, but the big nfl story is aaron rodgers. he was benched while the packers were blown out by the saints. he threw two interceptions and no touchdowns. he was replaced with 11 minutes to go in green bay's 38-3 loss.
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now packers coach matt lafleur saying his team was absolutely embarra embarrassed. tonight, it's baltimore at las vegas. this is the first regular season game with fans in the raiders stadium. novak djokovic is opening up saying he felt relief after his run fell short-on-sunday. he lost to daniil medvedev in the u.s. open final in straight sets. a disappointing loss. he would have been the first man to finish the slam since 1969. he says despite the disappointment, he's just is happy it's over because of the emotional toll that it took on him. later this morning we'll hear from the woman who made history at the u.s. open, 18-year-old emma raducanu is the first qualifier to win a grand slam. she's also the first british player to do it since 1977, and she'll be live on "good morning america." and coming up, one woman's very close encounter with an alligator. also ahead, the big moments and surprises from the mtv video music awards. why hide your skin if dupixent
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♪ time to check "the pulse," and we begin with the mtv video music awarding celebrating 40 years. >> madonna opened last night's show with a surprise appearance paying tribute to mtv's 40th birthday. >> we found each other and formed a bond that changed my life, changed music and created a whole new art form. that's why there's only one place to be tonight. >> it was pretty significant because madonna's first performance at the ceremony was in 1980 for singing "like a virgin" in a wedding dress. >> i mean who can forget that iconic performance. as for last night's winners, lil nas x took home the biggest honor video of the year, olivia
4:53 am
rodrigo won best new artist and the foo fighters were honored with a global icon award. when it comes to fasion the biggest doja cat dressed like this. and next larry david was caught on camera curbing any enthusiasm he may have had for some pretty, pretty loud music. >> so the 74-year-old comedian was spotted in the front row seat at fashion week covering his ears as the music blared and paying no attention to the models just inches away. next a woman's close encounter with an alligator in florida. >> she was on a paddleboard in a state park when the gator approached. she said it wouldn't leave her alone and even tried to bite her or bite her board. >> oh, my god. i had to push him away with my paddle. >> after that she paddled away fast and she says the gator approached because someone was feeding it earlier. don't do that. and next the cat with eight lives left after falling from stadium in a ftball >> it happened at the miami
4:54 am
hurricanes game. a cat got its paw stuck in netting leaving it dangling. it fell after about 20 minutes but craig cromer was below and used a flag to catch the cat and the credit. his wife deserves - >> i think anybody would have done it, and actually my wife's more the hero. she's the one that brings the flag to the game every time. >> have an american flag handy. cromer says he doesn't know where the cat is now. he thinks it's someone's pet because it was wearing a collar. and finally america strong on display in the most creative way. >> a texas man marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by recreating an iconic photo but he didn't use paint, he used a power washer to copy the unforgettable image of three firefighters raising the american flag from the ashes of ground zero. >> that is an iconic image, indeed. when we come back, we'll check the top headlines coming up next. "america strong" on abc news sponsored byo e llest.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7.
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news one day until >> state to campaign with governor newsom. the final plans to win over voters. >> kids now making up a quarter of new covid infections. a concern about parents taking matters into their own hands when it comes to vaccinations. >> tracking nicholas, the storm getting ready to dump heavy rain already hit hard by ida. >> mtv celebrating 40 years. the big winners of the 2021 vmas. >> good morning, you are watching abc 7 mornings. >> we are happy you are back, we missed you. had a good time off? >> i had a great vacation, super relaxing. >> and you too, mike. you had a good time? mike: i did, i did.


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