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tv   2020  ABC  September 24, 2021 9:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hi. >> got a call from my mom. she said, kim, your father's been killed. you need to come home immediately to california. >> the murder happened in that kitchen right over there. >> there was no finger prints left behind new yo, no footprin there was no weapon found, and there was no dna. who did this is this. >> like many men in a midlife crisis, he decided, i want a beautiful young thing. ♪ >> i did say, hey, dad, it's quite obvious she's using you for your money. he's like, i know that.
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>> this is not even 48 hour after her beloved fiance had been brutally murdered she's shacking up with some young boy toy. meet mommy's friend, he a nfl player. >> fans could chant. it was filed. >> somewhere along the line, she decided, this muscle man is going to come in handy for me. >> looks like we got eric naposki on the phone. ♪ you can run but you can't hide ♪ >> it's just days before christmas. shots ring out in the quiet neighborhood of newport >> what's the problem there? >> reporter: that 911 call coming from balboa coves was made by kevin mclaughlin, who had been in this debilitating
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accident just a few years earlier. >> what do you need the police for, sir? [ [ inaudible ] >> i can't understand what you're saying. >> he was 21 years old, and he was skate boarding down the bike path. and somebody came from behind at 65 miles per hour who was very drunk and hit him. and he had a traumatic head injury. >> kevin is the son of bill mclaughlin. he is living with bill mclaughlin. he is caring for him since that accident. so he has trouble speaking. he's trying to get the words out to explain to the 911 operator that his father is dying before him on the kitchen floor. >> okay. is it your father or your dog? >> father. >> your father? >> okay, we sent an officer
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there. any minute now. >> the radio call came out as shots fired, home invasion. shootings in newport were rare, extremely rare. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> so when the call came out that we got everything rolling in that direction. when i arrived at the scene, i was given a brief that the victim was a man in his 50s, who appeared to be shot several times in the kitchen and was lying dead. >> bill mclaughlin on the floor. he is in a pool of blood, and he is dead. and that's what his son came down to find. >> so, my siblings are jenny, who is two years younger than myself, and kevin, who's four years younger than myself. i was born in torrance in l.a., and when i was in fourth grade we moved to newport beach.
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>> the thing that's interesting about newport is that, in addition to that kind of beachy vibe, it also that a tremendous amount of money, so it's almost like beverly hills at sea for southern california. we're talking about multimillion-dollar homes on the water with docks to accommodate their own yachts. >> there's old money there. there's new money. there are self-made millionaires like bill mclaughlin. >> bill mclaughlin grew up in a pretty poor family on the south side of chicago. and he wanted to be a millionaire by the time he was 30. so he was very ambitious. >> after high school he went into the military, and after the military he went to college. he was the first person in his family to go to college. then he went into biotech and did very well for himself. >> bill mclaughlin and his partner developed this
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technology in the mid-'80s that separates plasma from blood. it was actually a huge contribution to modern medicine science, and the technology itself is still in use today. >> it takes blood from a healthy person, and runs the blood through the machine and separates it out and puts blood cells back into the body so the plasma can be filtered off for biomedical purposes, like for hemophiliacs or dialysis patients. >> reporter: you know, this is not developing just another widget to put on your phone. this is something that is saving lives. >> definitely. and he was very proud of that. >> his business partner was really the genius inventor in this. bill mclaughlin was more the business guy, he was the marketing guy. they invented this, and then they sold it to a major pharmaceutical company, and so the money that was available to him because of this was off the charts. we're talking tens of millions of dollars in 1980s money. >> the money he was making off
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that unit was very extensive. he had two homes in las vegas. he had an airplane. he had a boat. and he had a huge house in newport beach. it was actually on the canals. the main home that bill lived in was on balboa coves. >> speaking to people that knew bill said he was a no nonsense guy when it came to business. business, he would put his tough guy hat on, and it was his way or the highway. but to a person everyone everybody said that as a family man, he was truly exceptional. >> one of his favorite things to do for adventure was he was a private pilot, so he loved to fly for fun small planes. he bought a piper malibu, a single engine six-seater, and he
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flew that a lot. all of us kids would be in back, and one time we flew over the grand canyon. it was a fun way to have time together. we had a wonderful, loving healthy family. growing up, family was important to my parents. >> you mentioned your parents. would you say they had a good marriage? >> yes, growing up. they were married for 20 plus years. and later we ended up all going to college, moving out of the house, they ended up growing apart and ended up divorcing. and my dad, i don't think, was quite ready for that. it was devastating to my dad. it was a shock to our family. >> then on december 15th, kim's family is destroyed forever. >> i was living in tokyo, japan, working at an international school.
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it was a friday night in tokyo, like at 2:00 a.m., and got a call from my mom. and she said -- she said, kim, your father's been killed. you need to come home immediately to california. and so, i didn't understand it at all. i threw the phone at the wall. i was in shock, complete shock. >> reporter: who did you think might have been capable of killing your father? >> we had absolutely no idea. >> reporter: i'm sure that was the first question police asked you. >> yes. >> reporter: did he have any enemies? who were they? >> whenever you have a murder case the very first question is, "who would want to do it?" >> i was examining the scene when i first got there, when i was being briefed, and i noticed that there was a key still in the door -- door lock of the main door into the house. which was odd, because either
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the person inside the us house knew this person, or the suspect had actually ended up getting a key from somebody to gain access. >> the detectives, because of the situation with so few people having permission to have keys, they pretty much decided this was an inside job. [sigh] ♪ dramatic music ♪ [sigh] ♪ ♪
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balboa coves is an exclusive, gated community. >> all the houses are on the bay front of newport beach. >> recently matt gutman and i visited balboa coves and realize it's a very secure location. to get into the main car gate you need a pedestrian code, and to get into the car gate you need a key. >> balboa coves, this is where bill mclaughlin lived. >> you know what's fascinating, coming here all these years later, everything is the same. i think there's a new paint job, but it's virtually the same. this is the house they grew up .
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there's a lot of money here. it's a bizarre mixture of wealth and that laid back california lifestyle. it's all here. that's why fill mclaughlin chose to live here. >> it was december 15, 1994. bill mclaughlin was just flying in from las vegas, where he spent a couple days a week. he landed and drove home and got home just before dinner. he had dinner with his son. >> kevin was not typically home on thursday nights, because after the accident he had -- he had been drinking a lot, and he was going to aa meeting. >> was his schedule pretty well known around the house that thursday night was the night he went to aa meeting? >> yes, definitely. >> no one knows why, but for whatever reason, kevin didn't go to his meeting that night. >> so they had dinner together.
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kevin went upstairs to listen to some music. >> bill was downstairs at the time, was going through papers. >> his son was upstairs in his bedroom. and it was a little close to a little after 9:00 at night when he some bang-bang, bang-bang, bang-bang noises. >> he told me that he heard a shot. so he came downstairs and found dad. yeah, on the kitchen floor like that. >> you're the only one that can talk to me?
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>> yeah. >> okay, we're on the way. we're going to help you. is your door unlocked? >> and they didn't -- the operator didn't understand him. because he already had, like, impaired speech from the injury, and he was traumatized, obviously, and in a panic. >> at first glance, it looked like possibly a burglary that was interrupted, and mr. mclaughlin unfortunately was shot. >> police walk into the house, and they find a very distraught kevin mclaughlin, and bill mclaughlin. they find a man who's been murdered in his kitchen with six bullet holes in his chest. and they also find six expended shell casings. they knew it was a 9 millimeter. >> bill was a gun collector.
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so, initially, when the police came they said, hey, are there guns in the house. kevin said, yes, there are guns in the house. have you shot any of them recently? he said, no. he pointed them to a locked gun box. >> they were able to eliminate all of his firearms as being potential sources for the expended shell casings that they recovered in the kitchen. >> there were no fingerprints left behind. there were no footprints. there was no weapon found. and there was no dna. who did this? >> kevin didn't do it. they also did gsr testing, gunshot residue testing on his hands. they determined he did not fire a firearm. kevin is eliminated. kim is in japan, and jennie's in san diego and they all love their dad to death. >> the murder happened in that kitchen right over there. >> that kitchen right there was the murder. neighbors from all around could hear the shots.
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guns are loud, and a 9 millimeter is a pretty good size round. and what was interesting about that is they were delivered in two-shot increments. it was, "boom, boom," pause. "boom, boom," pause. boom boom. the killer could hear kevin calling out for his dad and coming down the stairs. >> i was examining the scene when i first got there when i noticed there was a key still in the door, the main door of the house. at fist i thought the patrolman arrived and found a hide-a-key and used this to access the residen residence. >> they found two keys. one of the doors found stuck in the lock of the front door was a newly cut key from ace hardware. they also find a second key near the entryway. >> the key to the front door, which was freshly cut. the other key was the one on the mat that was an original pedestrian access gate key. that said do in the dunot dupli.
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this is the current access gate. all chain link back then. bake trail back there. this used to be at the end of the cul-de-sac, which was feet away from the front door of the mclaughlin home. >> so having that key to the access gate is critical. >> yes. >> when they discovered the keys that was a huge issue. how many people have access to a key this allows you into the complex and a key that allows you into bill's house? >> when i went back inside the residence i was adviced by one of the patrolman then a female arrived in a car and identified herself as the fiance. >> i didn't get your full name. >> nanette, n-a-n-e-t-t-e.
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where you don't have to think about anything, you can finally enjoy everything. come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess. despite all of his wealth, the early 1990s are a pretty rough time for bill mclaughlin. his wife of 20 years has left him, and now he's caring for his
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adult son, kevin, who's been in this life changing accident. >> he had to learn how to live on his own and take care of himself again. it was awful. it was devastating. and my dad, that was his son. that was his only son. >> bill mclaughlin was certainly at a crossroads in his life. he had a long marriage. it dissolved. he didn't know where to turn. and like many men who are in a midlife crisis, he decided, i want a beautiful, young thing. that'll make me feel good. >> nanette packard, in the early 1990s, is a very attractive, very fit young woman. she's a mom, but she doesn't look like your normal mom. she has very sexy photos taken of herself. and she posts them. she puts them in magazines to try to attract wealthy men. >> she literally placed an ad called "for wealthy men only" in the singles connection.
9:25 pm
single white female, 25, looking for an older man, 30-plus, who knows how to treat a woman. you take care of me, and i'll take care of you. >> hi. >> reporter: nanette, speaking about her relationship with bill for the first time, told me that she did place an ad, but that's not how she and bill met. now, when i spoke to her, we were both wearing masks because of concerns about covid. how did you meet bill? >> i met him through an ad. >> reporter: what kind of ad? >> not the one you think. >> reporter: what is the one i think? >> well, the one you guys all have reported on that you put all over the news. i met him through an ad that he wrote. >> reporter: he wrote an ad? >> yeah. looking for a younger woman. he was super gregarious, you know, friendly, well spoken. >> reporter: what was your first impression of her? >> i thought it was really odd that she was my age. >> reporter: literally your age.
9:26 pm
>> literally. but we were trying to also support my dad and his happiness. >> nanette packard, depending on who you asked, she was a different person to differnt people.. >> the one thing that no one disputes is that nanette is a loving mother. lychelle is her first daughter, ad she spoke to "20/20" about the mclaughlin murder for the first time. how would you describe your mother to someone who's never met her? >> i would say she's passionate and loving. she's one of the biggest motivators i ever met. even every single man that she ever married -- that sounds funny, but she motivated them and helped them grow. >> nanette met her first husband to be -- he goes by k-ross. last name johnston. they were both working in a gym. >> she got married to my dad when she was 19. so she got married pretty young and had kids young. >> how old were you when they got divorced? >> i was 2 when they got divorced. >> so, how old were you when she met bill? >> i would say probably around, like, 5 or 6 maybe. >> pretty soon after dating she
9:27 pm
moved into our home at balboa coves where we grew up. we had already left home. nanette moved into one bedroom, and the kids each had their own room as well. >> he took not only her in, but also her two young children and treated them as though they were his own. he treated her like a queen. he bought her gifts. he gave her an expense account. helet her drive a luxury car. he took her on vacations. she really had it all. she was liing the high life. >> he was so sweet. he would take us out on his boat around the little bay area. we went on trips together. and he would take us to vegas. and he had a little plane. he'd let us, like, sit in the front and, like, fake like we were driving. >> when bill met nanette, he really was impressed with her, because his wife was never really very interested in his business affairs. and nanette seemed to want to soak up every single thing he said. >> it's going to sound kind of cliche, with you he was sort of like a father figure. he believed in me. he taught me about business. he included me.
9:28 pm
i did all the finances for everything. >> signing off already on some of his accounts. i think over the years he began to rely on her more and more just to handle some of the stuff he didn't want the particularly handle. >> they lived together for four years like that, and at one point i did say, hey, dad, it's quite obvious she's using you for your money. he's like, i know that. >> he said he knew that. >> mm-hmm. he knew that she was very comfortable in her situation. she was enjoying the life that my dad was providing for her. >> i feel like she was somebody who wanted to rise above and wanted more for her kids. i feel like we were always her priority. >> my parents divorced when i was young. my mother worked 3:00 to 11:00. i promised when i had kids, if there was anything they would know it's that they were loved. >> she used men. it was more important than love,
9:29 pm
than the relationship because she wanted to have financial security so she didn't have to worry about money. >> on the night of the murder, a woman pulls up and identifies herself and says, you've got to let me in the house. and they're, who are you? she says, that's my fiance. that's my fiance. >> she finds police tape. she's in the back of the car, they explain her fiance is dead. he's been hurded. >> police question her with the tape recorder rolling. >> i didn't get your name. >> nanette. >> she seemed genuinely concerned about the welfare of mr. mclaughlin. >> what was your activities today, say around noon? >> noon, i was shopping. picked up some stuff for my
9:30 pm
shon, had a soccer game. >> she was at here her son's soccer game in walnut, which is about 30 miles from newport beach. she was there with her ex, her first husband. >> it was over at about. we had double overtime. then i went to the plaza, did christmas shopping. >> she went to nordstrom, crate and barrel, and somewhere else, and she had bags in her car when she arrived at the crime scene, showing that she had just been there. >> she came across as a concerned fiance, but take everything with a grain of salt if you're detectives. no bones about it we were going to follow nanette and find out what her story was. >> do you have a place to stay tonight? >> i can stay at the other house. >> bill mclaughlin owned two houses in newport beach. one is the balboa coves house, the other is on seashore drive, and that's just down the coast.
9:31 pm
>> it's too much to comprehend. >> that's all right. >> all right, nanette. i'll get this officer here to take care of you. >> immediately we started surveilling the residence that we took her to the night of the homicide, and i was part of that team. on the second night of the surveillance, i observed a path finder parked directly in front of the garage. what i witnessed kind of shocked me. ♪ we'll bring the pieces that inspire. you bring a desire to play and discover. together, we'll create a style that is trademark 'you'. if you want to go from "i don't got it" to "i got this" well, then get this.
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nanette johnston, also known as nanette packard, allegedly lived off her boyfriend, bill mclaughlin, a newport beach millionaire. at the time, she was 25. >> you have to understand this is newport beach. and it's a very wealthy, high-end, well established community. this particular murder of one of their residents, and a wealthy resident at that -- >> just after 9:00 p.m. on december 15, 1994, someone used a key to enter mclaughlin's home. >> there was a lot of pressure on them to work this case, to solve the case. rightfully so. >> mclaughlin was shot six times. he died in his kitchen.
9:36 pm
mclaughlin's son heard the gunshots and found his father's body. he called 911. >> who has a motive to murder bill mclaughlin? >> you're going to look at the spouse or loved ones, boyfriend, husband, wife. >> reporter: who did you think might have been capable of killing your father? >> we had absolutely no idea. >> reporter: i'm sure that was the first question police asked you. >> yes. >> reporter: did he have any enemies? who were they? >> well, and possibly his business partner that he was in a lawsuit with because he was -- that business partner was very angry. >> that lawsuit was a big deal because it was determined that he would have to pay mclaughlin $9 million. no small sum, all right? >> the night he was murdered, he was literally sitting at his kitchen table reading through these court documents regarding this very contentious, long-running litigation with his former business partner. >> the detectives drove to santa barbara. and they interviewed this guy. >> the reason why we're up here today is william mclaughlin, a person that you were involved
9:37 pm
with civil litigation, has been murdered in his home. >> further investigation into the ex-business partner, we were able to determine that he had a ironclad alibi. >> he was in santa barbara at the time, getting his hair cut. >> he was 150 miles away from balboa coves on the night of the murder. so great lead, but it didn't go anywhere. >> so now, who else might it be? >> all of a sudden, who appears on the scene? somebody who nobody knows about before. >> during the time that the police were interviewing nanette, she only talked about being at the soccer game, coming home, and from the indications, she was alone. however, she did at one point in the interview, say, we left. >> and then we left. >> we left the soccer game? >> "we left the soccer game." >> and nobody caught on to ask her, who's we? >> we only discovered this once we had interviewed nanette's first husband, who was the father of the children playing
9:38 pm
in the soccer game. >> i'm interviewing mr. kevin ross johnston at his residence in walnut, california. >> he had notified them that she had been in the company of a large-built male. >> who was nanette with at the time? >> a guy named eric. >> big, husky guy? muscular build? >> yeah. >> as far as you know, his name is eric, but you don't know a last name, correct? >> nanette told k-ross, her ex-husband, who saw them both at the game, don't tell police that eric was with me, because eric had nothing to do with this. so initially, she was trying to hide the fact from the police that eric was with her at the game. >> who's this eric? who's this big football player? we need to talk with him. >> they had nanette under surveillance after the murder. and they are sitting outside of the beach house watching nanette. >> what i witnessed kind of shocked me. i saw this large, muscular gentleman, good looking guy, walk up, hug and kiss passionately nanette. this is not even 48 hours after her beloved fiancee had just
9:39 pm
been brutally murdered. >> all right. >> all right, eric. eric, spell your last name for me. >> n-a-p-o-s-k-i. >> eric naposki is a former nfl player who played for the new england patriots. >> numerous teams. yeah, he played for the jets. he played for the cowboys. played for the patriots. he ended up in the world league. i don't know if anybody remembers the world league, but he played for barcelona, captain. >> it was eric naposki. >> when they had games at their stadium, there were banners with his name on it. the fans would chant naposki, naposki. it was wild. >> eric naposki is in his late 20s. he's divorced, and he's got two young daughters who live with their mother back east. >> and then he moves out to california, and that's where his life changed forever. >> am i in trouble for something? >> i hope not. >> i hope not, too. because i don't understand. >> okay. right now you're a new name that's been interjected into this scenario.
9:40 pm
>> mm-hmm. but i didn't think i'd be new, you know, totally new. i think anyone that knows anything about nanette has seen me around. >> initially, what naposki says, he distances himself from nanette, makes it as if it was a casual relationship. >> what is your involvement or relationship? >> nanette's a pretty good friend of mine. >> can you define good friend? >> yeah. we've been friends for 2 1/2 years, since i met her. >> would you describe it as a dating relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend? >> yeah. i wouldn't say a solo total -- like, i have girlfriends, you know, people that i date also. >> he was trying to play it off as, well, we weren't really exclusive, when in fact, he thought they were. he was about to ask her to marry him, and she had just taken him to her sister's wedding. and he had just taken her home to meet his mother. so it was pretty serious in his mind. >> he was fun. okay, so we used to work out at
9:41 pm
the gym together, and we would hang out, which bill knew about. i would go out with him. >> was that romance? was that love? was that -- >> no. >> sex? >> yeah. mm-hmm. >> when you heard that nanette was cheating on your father, did it confirm all your suspicions about her? >> we were pretty shocked, and then we started getting suspicious of all kinds of things. >> she's seeing eric at the same time that she is actually engaged to bill mclaughlin, but eric apparently doesn't know any of this. >> what was the relationship with nanette and -- and bill? >> um, from what i gathered, it was kind of a mentor, um -- almost like a father/daughter type thing, like a mentor. >> so you didn't see it as a romantic relationship or a boyfriend/girlfriend? >> no, i didn't. >> it's odd, because she tells eric that she's living with bill mclaughlin and sharing a house strictly as business partners.
9:42 pm
but there's no connection between them romantically. and this is at a time when they were engaged, her and bill. >> why didn't you tell eric? >> because -- i don't know. because i didn't. >> you can tell me. >> i never thought about it. i just -- because he wouldn't like that, that's why. i mean, you know. >> did bill and eric know about each other? >> well, yes, eric knew about bill, and bill knew that eric was my friend. he didn't know we were having an affair. he knew we worked out together. >> when i talked to her recently, nanette admitted that she was cheating on bill. but back in the '90s, she told detectives that she and bill had an arrangement. >> is there an understanding between you and bill that you could date younger guys on the side? just don't embarrass me. and if i need you to -- >> kind of an unspoken -- kind of unspoken. okay, maybe it wasn't the most intense romantically, but i did
9:43 pm
love him, and he was a good man, and he was good to my children. and i would never have killed him. and probably would still be with him today if he were alive. because i had no reason. >> eric naposki actually believed that this was his woman and that they were going to ride off into the sunset together. >> he was totally bamboozled by her. >> then somewhere along the line, she decided you know what? this muscle man is going to come in very handy for me. >> looks like we have eric naposki on the phone. i want to can you about nanette. it all starts with a little respect. ♪ find out what it means to me!♪ mastercard is working alongside them, with ways to get more businesses online and hundreds of millions in funding. shop their businesses and start something priceless.
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9:47 pm
the best evidence that we had in this case was eric naposki's mouth. >> the things that are relevant is that i did not do anything.
9:48 pm
you want to start with truth? let's start with that truth. >> his demeanor in general is very combative. >> unfortunately, you're seeing a female, nanette, who has a relationship with the deceased. >> does that give me motive for anything? >> i'm asking you. >> no, it does not. and i told you that. i have no reason -- no reason in the world to harm anybody. >> eric wants to think that he is as smart as anybody in any room, if not a step above. he's constantly being evasive. he's telling the detectives that they're wrong. >> and it wasn't a secret relationship. >> not at all. >> did bill know about it? >> i have no idea. i do not think so. >> okay. >> every time he talks, he tightens the noose tighter and tighter. >> but what ultimately, i think, starts to turn the tide is when he lies about his gun. >> now, the first time detectives interview eric naposki, they ask him whether he carries a gun in his work as a security guard. >> do you do any armed work? >> no, i don't do any armed.
9:49 pm
i don't even have a sidearm. >> he had a body guarding side business, and he definitely had -- he had guns. >> in that first interview, naposki gradually reveals that he does own guns, and more than one of them. >> okay, so you don't own any firearms at all? >> no, i -- i bought one, um -- i haven't seen it in so long. i bought one in dallas that i gave my dad. it was a .380. >> okay, so your dad's got that now? >> mm-hmm. >> and then, as the interview progresses, of his own volition, eric says, oh, yeah, i had another gun. >> he says, oh,en why, there was that
9:50 pm
>> i did have this 9 millimeter, but i gave it to a buddy of mine to work a security job, and he got it stolen out of his car. really? well, that's interesting. what's your buddy's name? "his name is joe david jimenez." >> you know eric naposki? >> yeah. >> and they say, you know, "what's the deal with this beretta 92-f that eric gave you?" and he says, you know, "what beretta 92-f?" >> the gun eric and i dealt with was a .380 jennings. >> like, yeah, he gave me a gun for a security job. but it was a jennings .380. >> did he ever loan you any other guns? >> nope. >> never did? >> never did. >> they came back and said, we figured out that you weren't honest. it turns out you gave a .380. >> how could you confuse giving joe a 9 millimeter and not a .380? >> i didn't confuse it. obviously i just told you -- >> you misled us? >> well, i misled you, yeah, because i felt scared, you know. >> where is your 9 millimeter? >> i have no idea. >> you have no idea? >> that's my statement.
9:51 pm
>> so now, all of a sudden, you have eric naposki having lied about a gun that could have killed bill mclaughlin, and then when asked about where that gun is, he won't say anything. >> why did you lie to them about that 9 millimeter bertta? the fact that you had it when you denied it. >> you know, yeah, i really didn't know which way to go with it. i didn't want talk about it because, if i wasn't at the scene, and i wasn't in newport, then i couldn't have killed the guy even if i had a bazooka. >> then it comes to light that nanette has allegedly been stealing from bill mclaughlin. >> the way we found out about that is because my sister and i were up in the office and realized that, "wait a minute, in this account there's not much money left. what happened here?" >> nanette johnston started stealing from bill mclaughlin in february of 1994. that's right about the time that she starts dating eric naposki. you can literally look at the amount that she is embezzling from bill, and you see the more serious her relationship becomes with naposki, the more money that she's stealing.
9:52 pm
>> and as detective byington would say, that's a clue. >> i did write a check the day after he was -- when i panicked the day after, because i was like, "i'm going to have to pay the bills." but all the other checks he knew about, were business expenses. did i buy some things, too, a nice thing? yes. but he knew. he liked doing that for -- he didn't mind. >> nanette told me bill knew she was moving money out his account and that most of it was going to pay his expenses. >> detectives allege nanette forged bill mclaughlin's signature on a series of checks totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> our fraud detectives were able to get a successful filing and prosecution against nanette for embezzlement. >> and so what they did arrest nanette for was for forging the checks and embezzling the money. so there was an arrest, just not for murder. >> she pleads guilty to forgery and grand theft.
9:53 pm
she's sentenced to a year in jail. >> but neither eric nor nanette are charged in the murder of bill mclaughlin. >> the original district attorney at the time did not pursue filing charges because she didn't think there was enough evidence at the time. >> there's no murder weapon. there's no eyewitnesses. there's no physical forensic evidence that links the suspects to the murder of bill mclaughlin. you can have suspicion, but they believed at the time that they were missing the fundamental nuts and bolts to put the case together. >> we all knew who was probably good for that murder. i guarantee you, the family knew who was good for that murder. >> the family really was frustrated. and they were disheartened. >> someone had murdered their father viciously, and it appeared to be getting away with it. >> we're just hopeful that if anybody does have information, they'll do the right thing. >> i knew it had not been solved.
9:54 pm
i thought, "wow, if they knew what i knew, they would certainly make an arrest." >> when you get one of these cases, you need to literally go through every single piece of evidence and every single line in every single report. >> the mclaughlin case was very well investigated before i got there. it had almost everything we needed. it just hadn't been figured out yet. >> larry montgomery sees stuff that other police don't. >> as they start the reinvestigation of this case, detective montgomery interviews a very important witness. >> i and said, what took you so long? >> she had placed an anonymous call to police in 1998 saying that she was aware of a murder. >> he said, oh, i didn't do it, but i might've had someone do it. he didn't want to be on the hook for having committed the murder, but yet he wanted to brag about having pulled it off. >> nearly 15 years later, prosecutors say they have enough evidence to go to trial. >> the accumulation of all the evidence in this case led us to file charges at this time.
9:55 pm
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9:59 pm
this was a case of a love triangle. this was a wealthier older man, a younger attractive gold digger and her much younger lover. >> this was money involved, jealousy, and one of the defendants was a former nfl football player. >> there is no money on the horizon for either one of them unless bill mclaughlin dies. >> and won't you know, she goes and finds yet another husband, a third husband. think about what a great liar she has to be to convince these other husbands that she's their so soulmate, and she's never anything wrong in their life. >> may have been warning these
10:00 pm
people -- >> we were warning them she's not safe to be in the same house with her. >> he said, maybe i did it, maybe i didn't do it, and he smirked. ♪ >> december 15, 1994 -- >> mclaughlin's son heard the gunshots, and found his father dead downstairs. >> if anybody does have information, they'll do the right thing. >> mclaughlin was shot six times. he died in his kitchen. >> now, detectives may have thought they had solved the 1994 murder of newport beach millionaire bill maclaughlin, but when the prosecutor declines to prosecute, the case goes cold. >> mclaughlin, a millionaire businessman was shot in his newport beach home. >> i think a lot of people were wondering, like, will justice ever be served?
10:01 pm
>> the murder happened in 1994. >> i knew eric and nanette were neck deep involved in this murder, but we didn't have enough evidence at the time. so it was pretty much dropped. the case was put in a cold case file. >> when nanette wasn't arrested, and eric, like we thought they should have been, we had to remove ourselves and start do go on in life and start to surround ourselves with positive things. >> mclaughlin's fiance, nanette, does 180 days in jail for taking bill as money. but no one is charged with taking bill's life. nanette and the other prime suspect, her secret boyfriend eric naposki, are free to go about their lives. >> the murder investigation went >> they thought they had gotten off scot-free.
10:02 pm
>> it didn't take long for eric to realize that this wasn't gonna be a happily-ever-after with nanette. >> they kind of go their separate ways romantically. >> and then she was back in the dating game right after that. >> ultimately, she lands herself another millionaire in orange county. >> well, my father, nanette's second husband, he was in real estate. >> come on, jayce. show us your cheer. >> jayce packard was born five years after the murder of bill mclaughlin. she wants people to know how much she loves and supports her mother. >> if it's going to show the world that she is a good person and that she's done so many great things with her life, then i want to do that for her. >> when we interviewed jayce, she said, as a kid, she'd never heard the name bill mclaughlin, never heard that her mom had been convicted for stealing his
10:03 pm
money. >> pleaded guilty and sentenced to one year in jail. >> or that she was a suspect in his murder. >> i had no idea. no, i -- i didn't know about that growing up. >> my mom kind of repeated the pattern if you look in her life. she married somebody older who was wealthy, and then she cheated with somebody who was younger. and that happened again. >> come here and give me a kiss. >> she moved on. she met this cute guy in a hotel lobby. >> and wouldn't you know, she goes and finds yet another husband, a third husband. >> how many men did your mother marry? >> three actual marriages and one engagement. >> there's some people that have called her a gold digger. >> i don't think that she married men just for money. i think she ended up choosing men to create the lifestyle of being able to be a stay-at-home mom, and being able to give us
10:04 pm
things and take us on vacation. >> hi, grandpa! >> i know that my mom and bill were close. she genuinely loved him and cared for him, and i think the same with my stepdad. >> i mean, think about what a great liar she has to be in order to convince these other husbands that she's the perfect woman, that she's their soulmate, and she's never done anything wrong in her life. [ speaking foreign language ] >> and eric tries to get back into the world league of american football. [ speaking foreign language ] >> in 1996, he goes back to barcelona, the dragons again. you know, the fan club starts up again. and he's really popular. >> and i was happy for him. i said, you know what? he's moved away from all this drama. he's playing professional football. he's living out there in
10:05 pm
barcelona. >> he said there were two football moments in his career that stand out above the rest. he said number one is probably making the patriots roster. number two is winning that world bowl in 1997. >> and a year or two later, he retired. and then really restarted his whole life in connecticut. met a gal, had a child, had a second one, got married for, i think, about five years, and was living back east. >> he was not weird or different, you know, twitchy. it wasn't like he got away with something. >> so let me tell you about this reality show that i put together. >> and cameras rolling! >> i put together a former actor, we had a professional model that was a young kid that we tried to bring in to create some drama, and then we had the
10:06 pm
bad boy character. >> bad guy? no, i'm not a bad guy. we just have a slightly different interpretation of the law. >> so i called eric up. and i got him to come out and film. >> so he's got a different life happening for 15 years while this investigation is cold. >> he assumes that -- that he's home free at this point. >> and then i never heard from them again. so i figured it was closed, right? >> nothing has come up in years with that case. it's cold. it's dormant. it's on the shelf somewhere in the backroom of a police department in california. >> they got my alibi, they got my phone records, they talked to the witnesses, and they found out that i wasn't in newport. >> and then everything fell apart. >> cold cases are never dropped. murders are never closed. >> in may 2009, when he's in his car and he's backing out of his garage getting ready to go to work -- >> pulls out of the driveway, gets pulled over. >> he's descended upon by all
10:07 pm
sorts of police cars and s.w.a.t. vehicles and everything. >> and he's like new york way. can't be. >> hey, eric. you're under arrest. >> are you kidding me? >> nope. >> i'm under arrest for murder? >> yep. >> gotcha. a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. ♪we done a lot of living♪ ♪we working overtime♪ ♪don't need another million♪ ♪you got that goldmine♪ ♪i love the way you're livin'♪ ♪'cause you so genuine♪ ♪you got that something special♪ ♪didn't you know?♪ ♪i just need you,♪ ♪you, you♪
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10:11 pm
i first learned about this case from a wonderful prosecutor named debbie lloyd who told me, mclaughlin is a case you need to look at. >> the mclaughlin case was very well investigated before i got there. as a matter of fact, it had almost everything we needed, it just hadn't been figured out yet. >> so larry montgomery, my investigator and i, went and we met with detectives at the newport beach police department. we're going through these dusty boxes, piece by piece. >> it was probably four good sized boxes of information. one box was just audio tapes. >> larry montgomery decides to tke a look at the transcripts and the people who were interviewed. >> we had a call come. a young lady wanted to talk about that homicide. >> one of the main guys who was a suspect in the murder was a neighbor of mine. eric naposki was his name. >> and it slipped through the cracks.
10:12 pm
>> i was able to find one person named suzanne cogar that had been talked to. >> eric was my neighbor at my apartment complex, and he told me about this girlfriend that he had. and she was living with this older man, and he is the man who was killed. and he told me how he hated the man. and he said, i'm gonna have him killed. >> suzanne cogar was never really truly interrogated correctly. and because of that, no one found her or went after her as a potential witness in the initial investigation. >> so when we contacted her, she was a gold mine. >> i would run into him when i was going to the mailbox, the laundry facilities, the pool. so, we definitely got to be friends. >> she was a neighbor of eric naposki's at the time that eric was dating nanette. >> eric was very outgoing, very friendly. he did share a lot, except when it came to nanette. i would see him at the pool with her about every other weekend or so. the first time eric mentioned
10:13 pm
bill mclaughlin to me was one evening in november of 1993. he finally admitted that he had been dating nanette. and then he explained to me that she was living with a man and that he was her business partner. >> eric naposki confided in his neighbor, suzanne cogar, that his girlfriend, nanette was being sexually assaulted and harassed by bill mclaughlin. >> and he said, i'm going to have him killed. so, he explained that bill mclaughlin had his own private plane and a second home in las vegas, and that he planned to be flying there at christmastime. so eric said he was going to have bill's plane blown up. >> bill mclaughlin is a man of character. he's a man of substance. so, no, bill mclaughlin never sexually assaulted nanette. >> in my conversations with nanette, she categorically denied that she ever told eric anything about ever being maltreated by mr. mclaughlin. >> sometime in january of '95, after naposki had actually moved out of the apartment complex,
10:14 pm
suzanne was back home in her apartment, and eric showed up. >> so he came in, and he asked, have you seen any cops around here? and i said, no, why? and he said, oh, well, you know, bill mclaughlin was killed. somebody killed him. somebody shot him. >> and during her conversation with him, he then said that he even owned the same kind of gun that was used in the killing. >> i put up my hands and i said, "i don't even want to know if you had anything to do with it. >> when you have somebody who's telling you information that only the police would know and the killer would know, how would eric naposki know unless he used that gun? >> and then he said, maybe i did it, and maybe i didn't do it. and he smirked when he said it. >> suzanne cogar told detectives that naposki also told her about the keys found at the murder scene. >> he said there was a key left at bill mclaughlin's house. and the police think that i had
10:15 pm
that key made at a key shop right down the street. >> the killer, we know, left an ace hardware key stuck in the door, and it was freshly cut. >> the ace hardware is located not far from where eric naposki lived. and the owner of the ace hardware recalls seeing naposki before the murder of bill mclaughlin. >> in 1994, i owned an ace hardware. key-making was an extremely large part of the business. >> they show him a picture of eric naposki, and he looks at that and he goes, yep, i've made keys for that guy. >> eric came into the store and he asked where i can get some keys cut? and i went into the key room and cut his keys and gave them to him. >> so before the murder, eric naposki had ace hardware keys cut. and we have an ace hardware key, brand-new ace hardware key, stuck in the door of bill mclaughlin's home. when you look at the evidence in this case, each individual piece might not be that
10:16 pm
significant. but when you look at everything in light of everything else, the picture starts to become very clear that nanette manipulated eric naposki into believing she'd been sexually assaulted by bill mclaughlin, and that's the thing that would motivate naposki to murder another human being. >> so, the investigations progress and detective montgomery continues to listen to more tip calls. one day, he lets the cassette tape run to the end. >> i knew it was going to be shut off. i left it on for some reason. and all of a sudden you hear, hello? >> i just was calling about the johnston case. >> and then the lady goes, yeah, i just read this article in the newspaper about this girl who's in custody named nanette. so i peeked up. >> we both said to each other that her and eric had done it. >> huh? what made you think that? >> well, my fiance had a business plan, and they knew each other from the gym. at that point, she was telling us that she needed somewhere to put this big sum of money that
10:17 pm
she was going to get. that she was going to be very wealthy, a millionaire. >> it wound up being a man named robert cotrill, who was starting a software company. >> it was in june when i had mentioned to her that i was looking for financing for my business. it really wasn't until november that we sat down. >> he said, yeah, i had a meeting with nanette, and she expected to come into a lot of money sometime of january 1995 and would be able to invest in my software company. our murder happened on december 15, 1994. what could possibly happen that nanette johnson would believe she's coming into money? and that was the death of bill mclaughlin. >> all the stars aligned. matt said that we have enough. i knocked on her door. she answered a short time later.
10:18 pm
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10:22 pm
i didn't get this case until almost ten years after the murder took place. so we're working it up, but everybody's moved on at this point except for the family. and so now time is kind of on our side. >> we started putting surveillance teams on both the east coast and west coast, 24/7 to make sure that that's where they were living. we were assisted by law enforcement officials in connecticut, who were surveilling eric naposki. and the newport beach police department was surveilling nanette over on the west coast. >> we had two teams. larry montgomery went out to
10:23 pm
connecticut to arrest eric naposki. and we had a second team on nanette's house to make her arrest. >> the police were really clever about this. they put out these arrest warrants. and they worked with the police department in connecticut where eric lived. >> they followed eric leaving his house. they basically, you know, stopped him, got him out of the car and made him lie face down in the middle of the street and arrested him. and they took him in for questioning. >> basically, you're under arrest. the reason for that is because of the murder of bill mclaughlin back in 1994. >> are you kidding me? >> nope. >> i was hoping that eric would be willing to make a phone call to nanette, who doesn't know he's arrested, and basically lay her out. because nanette is the one that orchestrated this whole thing. >> i've not talked to the girl
10:24 pm
since that -- went down. i didn't kill anybody. i'm not a killer. >> even after all these years of being treated the way he was by nanette, totally backed her completely. so we called sergeant byington and said, he's not talking, so go ahead and arrest her. >> once i received a phone call from larry saying that eric was in custody but that he wasn't going to cooperate, we proceeded to, with raid gear, go up to the front door and knock on nanette's house. >> in 2009, they came knocking at my door, like an s.w.a.t. team. i had just got out of the shower. my baby was literally still breastfeeding. >> nanette answered a short time later. she cracked the door open maybe a few inches. i identified myself, i go, do you remember me, nanette? she goes, no, i don't.
10:25 pm
i said, okay, well, i have an arrest warrant for you. she goes,er what? for mur. whose mur? >> and he goes, "well, i don't know how many murders you've been involved with. but we're talking about the murder of bill mclaughlin." >> and at this point, she tried to shut the door on us. and i said, "well, that's not gonna happen." so we opened the door. at this point, the color drained from her and she was in shock. and i put my handcuffs on her. >> and they told me they were gonna arrest me. and i was in shock, of course. i called my husband at the time. i said, "you need to get home right now for the baby." >> nanette packard stood before an orange county judge, a court order bars us from showing her face, but this was the 43-year-old yesterday after she was arrested at her home in ladera ranch, charged with murdering her former boyfriend bill mclaughlin nearly 15 years ago. >> it was sensational. this was a case of a love triangle. it was a wealthy older man. it was a younger, attractive gold digger and her much younger lover, who happened to be a football player in the nfl. >> also charged with his murder, packard's former lover, eric naposki. >> one of the things that i'll
10:26 pm
never forget is i called kim mclaughlin, and i said, hey, i just wanted to let you know, we made arrests today. >> and there was this pause on the phone. they said, we just arrested eric naposki for the murder of your father. >> wow. words you'd been waiting for for 16 years. >> yes, for many years. it was too good to be true, really. it was one of those things that you can't believe when you get the phone call. and i screamed and jumped about ten feet in the air, and i went down to my knees and i couldn't believe it. >> and as a prosecutor, that's what you live for, you know? if you're doing it right, is you're fighting for family members of people that were murdered. >> when did you first hear that your mom was arrested in 2009? and what was that like? >> so, i was in my apartment. i was in cal state long beach ready to take a final.
10:27 pm
and it was, like, almost summertime. and then my stepdad, my third stepdad called me, and he said, hey, are you sitting down? and, so, i sat down, and then he told me that she was arrested for murder. and i'm like, why is this happening? i was 21 when she got arrested the second time. >> i was sitting in class. and, you know, the phone rings. my teacher goes to pick it up. and they're like, jayce, you're getting picked up early. and they said, mom's in jail. i started crying. i remember just going to my room and crying for hours. >> they were both charged with murder. and depending on the circumstances, it could be the death penalty or it could be life without the possibility of parole. >> these trials, especially on these cold cases, it's like a war. there's so much that goes into these that, you know, when you got one shot at it, it's better to make sure you get it right.
10:28 pm
the killer then walked into his house and shot bill six times. at 9:10 and one second, right after bill mclaughlin's heart stopped beating, nanette johnston became a millionaire, at least on paper. >> eric, let me ask you the simple question -- did you murder bill mclaughlin? >> did what? >> did you murder bill lauk hawk? ? hing ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™.
10:29 pm
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10:32 pm
my dad was an extremely bright guy and loved to philosophize. loved to have engaging conversations, and he wasn't gullible. nanette had him completely fooled. >> so, did you think that eric and nanette would somehow pull yet another fast one and evade justice again, even after the arrest? >> possibly. we wouldn't put anything past those two. >> the trial taking place more than 16 years after the murder of the newport beach
10:33 pm
millionaire. >> it was a headline-making trial. >> opening statements finally got underway today in the murder trial of a former nfl linebacker eric naposki. know, there was money involved. jealousy. maybe intricate planning. and one of the defendants was a former nfl football player. >> there's no hard evidence. there was no dna. there were no fingerprints. there was nothing. >> it was very much circumstantial evidence. if anybody could handle this case, it was prosecutor matt murphy. >> he took that beretta 9 millimeter he owned, aimed it at bill mclaughlin. the single most important piece o evidence that we had against eric naposki was eric naposki. the way he lied to the police. >> yeah. i think eric made a mistake, number one, speaking to them,
10:34 pm
but, number two, by not disclosing the second gun. >> when police questioned eric naposki back in 1994, eric first denied that he had a gun. then his story evolved. >> okay, you said you don't own any firearms at all? >> no, i -- i bought one. i haven't seen it for so long. well, one in dallas that i gave my dad. it was a .380. >> he didn't mention millimeter until 45 minutes later. at the end of the interview when they're like, "okay. just to make sure -- you don't own any -- any firearms, nothing other than the .380. and it was like, "uh, well, yeah, there was my 9 millimeter. >> it was a beretta that was the murder weapon, it was a beretta that eric failed to talk about. but, you know, in terms of the defense, berettas are one of the most common guns around. and any tom, dick, or harry can go get a beretta, you know, from the local gun store. >> lying about the murder weapon
10:35 pm
is something that is indicative of guilt. it was never recovered, so really you look at why is eric naposki lying about this gun? and to this day, he has never told us a story that is not demonstrably false regarding that firearm. >> one of the biggest debates in naposki's trial was his alibi. did he have enough time to get to bill's house by 9:10 p.m., shoot him, and then get to work? >> the fact that it was a cold case had a direct effect on naposki's defense. and you're trying to now go back and re-create an alibi. it's extremely difficult. every single thing has to fit, and that was the real challenge here. >> are you taping now? >> yes, i am. that's christopher. that's it. come on, chris. >> so we are at the soccer field.
10:36 pm
want to take you back to december 15, 1994. this was a game that was going on with nanette's child, christopher. so her son is there. she's here with her ex-husband. eric naposki is with her. and the game went into triple overtime. >> and the fact that they left this field at 8:20, that they got into the car at 8:24, those are some of the facts in this case that are simply not disputed by anyone, right? >> right. >> okay, so they come rushing down that ramp, into this parking lot? >> so where does the state believe that they went from here? >> so what we believe is they drove directly from this parking lot to balboa coves. >> but the defense says otherwise, that nanette dropped eric off at his apartment in tustin. >> so this is where eric naposki used to live. >> so what did eric naposki and nanette say that they did when they dropped him off, and why did they drop him off here? >> eric said, i was in a big hurry to get to work. i came here. i changed. i got my stuff together. and then i went to denny's and made a call from the pay phone in the denny's.
10:37 pm
>> so if you take your car and you drive to walnut soccer field, and then you drive straight to newport beach, the chance of you putting six bullets in someone's chest, in someone's house is relatively zero. add a phone call to that, and it's definitely off the table. >> but investigators drove that route multiple times. >> we drove every conceivable route. >> drove the same time of the year. same date of the year. we drove different speeds. >> 48 miles an hour. >> and there was no difference between that night and when we actually prosecuted the case. every single way you slice and dice eric's story puts him at balboa coves in plenty of time to commit the murder. >> he insists to police, i have a phone record, and on my phone records will show that i called to the thunderbird night club at 8:52 p.m. >> he had hired an attorney.
10:38 pm
and the attorney had llthe denny's. >> during the trial, private investigator james box testified for the defense that back in 1995 he had seen the credit card bill with the call but there was no longer any direct proof of it. >> i don't know what happened to bailey's copy, and i don't know what happened to box's document. they had the original. i had multiple copies from multiple years. but how long do you hold something? >> well, if your life depends on it, your whole life, i would think. >> well, not really. not if you think they already cleared you and you haven't heard a word back. >> to be perfectly honest, i looked at the jury, i looked at the way that they were receiving the information. i saw a couple heads shake here and there, and it didn't look to me like it would be favorable for eric. >> eric napoksi, a former nfl
10:39 pm
linebacker turned bouncer was convicted today of killing bill mclaughlin. >> so when the verdict was read, guilty of first degree murder, he was shaking his head like he couldn't believe it. >> we very much miss our father, and we're very sad over his loss. we're very happy that justice has been served on his behalf. >> during the trial, the defense's argument was, nanette's the one who had more motive and opportunity to kill bill. >> you know, the murder of this man was fundamentally orchestrated by nanette. >> and he was totally bamboozled by her. >> i would trade the slayer for the mastermind any day. whooping cough. floatiee amusement parks are like whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion.
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guilty of first degree murder. a former football player has been convicted of killing his lover's boyfriend in his newport beach home. >> eric naposki is guilty of this, and we got one more defendant to go on this. eric naposki lied again and again and again. he lied about his relationship with nanette. he lied about the disappearance of those firearms. deliberate attempts to mislead the police over and over and over again. then he gets convicted, and then he wants to talk again. >> he wanted to meet with the prosecutor because he wanted to come clean with his knowledge on who the real killer was. >> so of course we're going to listen. >> everything i do say will be 100% honest, and i'll take a pograph to eryini sa if anyone dots >> and he spins yet another
10:45 pm
yarn, contradicting everything he'd ever said before. >> this is a murder for hire. nanette johnson hired someone to go into mr. mclaughlin's house, the one she shared with him, and kill him. >> he was adamant. she hired a hitman. i know this. >> he was there in the room when they talked about it, but then he says, but apparently, he went behind my back and made arrangements with nanette, so the two of them, you know, planned this. i -- it wasn't me. >> but i definitely, definitely was not the one doing the killing. i was definitely not the one doing the hiring. this was nanette's role. >> he also happened to mention that the beretta 9 millimeter that was used in the murder was his gun. >> the killer absolutely, 100% used the gun. i guarantee you. >> so you're saying that the gun that you bought for nanette was the one that was used in the murder? >> yes. >> the way he describes it, he
10:46 pm
even if it was true, the way he describes that, he is still 100% guilty for exactly what he was convicted of. >> as matt murphy put it, we investigated, and it's absolute crap. >> six months after naposki's trial, it's nanette's turn. >> opening statements got under way today in the trial of a woman accused of orchestrating the murder of her millionaire boyfriend for money and using her lover to do it. >> it's almost like eric was her gun. he was her murder weapon. >> what role did you play in bill mclaughlin's murder? >> zero. >> so if you had no role in bill mclaughlin's murder, who did? who did do it? >> i can't tell you for sure, because i don't know for sure. i never said that eric did it, because i couldn't say that eric did it for sure. i don't know that. he never said that to me. but when i looked through all
10:47 pm
that paper work and he told some lies about different guns and things, i could see how it really looked that way. >> orange county bureau chief eileen frere has more from the courthouse in santa ana. >> it was a fairly packed courtroom. >> even her own defense attorney called her a cheater, a liar, and a thief, but not a murderer. >> hate her as much as you what happen for being a thief, a liar, a cheat. >> the entire defense was, look, i know my client's not a good person, but that doesn't make her a murderer. and it doesn't. >> either he's gonna find out that she's cheating on him or he's gonna find out that she is stealing from him, and as soon as that happens, she's out with nothing. so she has to murder bill mclaughlin. >> another incriminating item from the prosecution's powerpoint was eric and nanette house hunting before bill's murder. >> there were huge situations, like nanette and eric naposki
10:48 pm
going to look at a million dollar homes in irvine three months before the murder occurred. >> where on earth could they be thinking that they're coming into money? there is no money on the horizon for either one of them unless bill mclaughlin dies. >> since i've been 19 years old, i look at real estate every weekend. i looked at real estate with bill. i looked at real estate with eric. now, i did look at some with him. >> if bill mclaughlin dies, nanette instantly gets a $1 million life insurance policy payout, $150,000 provision in the will, and most significantly she will have access as the trustee of his estate to all of his wealth. >> they portrayed it like i stood to gain money. >> right. >> that's what they said, right? >> that's the whole thing.
10:49 pm
financial gain. >> i was on all -- i only gained money if bill was alive. >> nanette would never kill the golden goose so she would be with the pauper. eric doesn't bring enough to the table for her to be one to leave bill. just didn't make sense. >> who kills the golden goose? well, everybody forgets that's exactly what the farmer did in the aesop fable. he killed the golden goose because he was greedy. and that's exactly why -- nanette was greedy. she didn't want to wait. she saw this money and wanted it for herself. >> now we're going to turn to that verdict in the lurid trial involving a former nfl star, his lover, and her wealthy fiance. >> i understand you've reached a verdict in this case. >> yes. >> i thought for sure she would come home. i was four months pregnant. >> we, the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant guilty of the crime of murder in the first degree. >> when the verdict was read, she showed no emotion. the only person who really showed emotion on her side of the family was her daughter.
10:50 pm
>> when they said guilty, i couldn't even move. my husband had to pick me up and carry me out of the courthouse. >> bill mclaughlin's family was tearful. they were overjoyed. this was a long time coming for them. >> thanks to our system, today is the day. she got what she deserved. >> mclaughlin's daughters say true justice won't be done until naposki is sentenced. his sentencing is scheduled for august 10th. >> when he was actually sentenced, his true colors came out. we all kind of looked at each other like, "is this really happening?"
10:51 pm
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10:54 pm
a woman was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of her millionaire live-in boyfriend. today's decision was nearly 20 years in the making. >> nanette can no longer go out and play the orange county housewife. she can't drive the nice cars, wear the nice clothes, do the nice jewelry. >> nanette is in prison, and she'll be there for the rest of her life, and same with eric naposki. >> he's getting led away in the waist chains and his hands are cuffed and the hold me [ bleep ]. i got to wave bye-bye to him, and he said, i'll see you again. you see a little vignette into the real eric naposki. that's in front of a judge, armed bailiffs. imagine what he's like when no
10:55 pm
one's around. >> eric, let me ask you the simple question, did you murder bill mclaughlin? >> not a chance. not a chance in hell. >> i was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and convicted and given life without the possibility of parole sentence. i did not do that, but i am here. >> how many of the women here in front of me have committed a violent crime in their past? okay. how many have been convicted of a violent crime. >> she's made mistakes. she's not perfect, but who is? i didn't make her explain everything. i just said, did you know about the murder? did you plan it? did you have anything to do with it? and she looked me in the eyes
10:56 pm
and said no. >> good boy. heel. >> reporter: these dogs are being trained to eventually help someone with a disability. the dogs are learning but the pups program is design to have inmates educate themselves. >> so with each dog we make journals for them. this is for my current dog falcon, so there's only a few monos of stuff in it. >> time in prison chaz changed you, but has the dog program changed you as well? >> absolutely. it's amazing. they bring so much healing. and it also helps to make a different difference for me, for me to life with the fact that i'm away from my kids, to be able to wake up each day. >> one of the things that's easy to do, it's easy to get caught up in the evidence and forget the real emotional toll that this had.
10:57 pm
there's this domino effect of human suffering and grief. >> i imagine my mom coming home all the time. in my dream i'm bawling my eyes out, i'm like, she's home. she's finally home. and then to wake up and realize that it wasn't real, it's heart wrenching. it really is. >> it was a path of destruction that nanette packard left behind her. there are a lot of victims in this. >> what impact do you think your mom's choices have had on your life? >> i feel like her choices have showed me that a simple life is amazing, and to cherish every single day with my kids. and so i think it's just helped me to live in the moment and enjoy what i have and be thankful. >> is this a possibility that
10:58 pm
eric and nanette could be released from prison at some point? >> i hear that's the case that california legislature is changing. >> do you think you'll ever go free? >> yes, i do. i believe so. >> how would it make you feel if you knew that eric and nanette had gone free? >> horrified. scared for the community. i would distrust the legal system. and i would lose faith in everything that had felt so satisfying and gratifying. their life's been taken away from them, and hopefully they're thinking about what they did. what i miss most about my father is just having him as a friend, and i know he'd be very proud of us and the chases we're making. it's hard not to have him be able to share that here on earth with him. we miss him dearly.
10:59 pm
i mishs him dearly. >> as you can see, they are a mix of fear and grief, victim on beth sides. >> really no question about that. but that is an interesting program for those prison inmates, a way to try to find purpose. in the meantime, that is "20/20" for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm david muir. >> i'm amy robach. for all of us here at abc news and "20/20," good night.
11:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.


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