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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 28, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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we are back with incredible live images from that volcano in spain's canary islands. the lava is again shooting out of the volcano after a lull yesterday. thousands of people remain evacuated. tough words from brittany spears' lawyer for the singer's father ahead of the conservatorship hearing. in court papers, matthew rosen
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guard said jamie spears was never fit to oversee his daughter's life. the attorney cited a documentary that accuses him of bugging her room. a senate sub committee holds a hearing today to focus toxic conservatorships. a man who tried to assassinate president reagan could be released unconditionally next summer. john hinckley jr. was suffering at the age of 25, from psychosis when he opened fire on the presidential entourage. now, 40 years later, a judge believes he's no longer a danger. this morning, growing backlash over a judge's decision to release would-be presidential assassin john hinckley jr. hinkley shot ronald reagan, press secretary jim brady in 1981. a jury found him guilty by reason of insanity, but now a federal judge ruled the 66-year-old can be freed from all restrictions next year, after hinckley's attorney said his client no longer poses a
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threat. >> there have been a multitude of risk assessments, and the risk of danger is exceedingly low. >> in response, ronald reagan's daughter, patty davis writing i don't believe john hinckley feels remorse. narcissists rarely do. he and his attorney have worked the system from the beginning, and finding a judge who was sympathetic to them made this day inevitable. and the ronald reagan foundation saying, it's saddened by the court's plan, adding, our hope is that the justice department will file a motion to the court leading to a reversal of the decision. according to his lawyer, hinckley has been volunteering at a church and selling antiques at flea markets and sharing his music on youtube. ♪ it's a long way to where i'm goin' ♪ ♪ but i'm on my way ♪ >> after the judge's decision, hinckley's lawyer called it a quote, great day for mental health. >> what i believe to be the important message in this case,
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that people who are ravaged by mental disease, with proper support, good treatment, can achieve mental stability and become productive members of society. >> hinckley's release could have come sooner, but the judge decided to wait until next year because hinckley's mother recently died and his long-time therapist is retiring soon. coming up, the tough line of questioning for kevin durant on media day. but see who was asking those questions. how eli manning is showing us all that these hips don't lie. you're watching "world news now." now." i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. an ipad worth $505, was sold for less than $24; a playstation 4 for less than $16; and a schultz 4k television for less than $2. i won these bluetooth headphones for $20. i got these three suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to
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you close the left hip, open that, open up the hip. boom, boom, boom. these hips don't lie. i'm like shakira. >> oh, boy, the manning brothers really getting into it. again on another "monday night football" broadcast last night. that was eli manning mimicking dak prescott's warmup. whatever he did, it worked. he threw three touchdown passes in the cowboys 31-21 win over the eagles. those hips don't lie. turning now to basketball, to celebrity crasher to media day. for the brooklyn nets. >> and he turned his attention to kevin durant. our on will ganss is here with more on kd. >> i'm sorry, can i jump back, you're telling me i could be in the nfl if i got this thing right? >> open the hips up. >> that's all it takes? >> there you go. >> that's what i've been doing wrong on the football field. all right. when you first hear the voice of this so-called football reporter it might sound familiar. because he was a staple on tv for 23 years. even though, you know something's suspicious when the reporter is asking kevin durant why they call him kd.
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he's the new reporter crashing the nets' media day. >> this year, what percentage do you plan on giving on the court? 90, 95, 100, 110. >> what are we looking at? >> 110. >> 110. >> reporter: and making kevin durant say this. >> they'll let anybody in here. >> so exactly who did they let in there? >> dave from basketball digest. >> reporter: turns out dave from basketball digest is known to the rest of us as david letterman. the former late show host and heavily bearded netflix host asking the nba star the tough questions. >> kd, why do people call you kd? >> my first name is kevin. >> uh-huh, right. >> and my last name is durant with a "d." >> reporter: of course pro athletes are no stranger to being pranked on media day. >> i'm making this pillow. i want you to sign it for me. >> i'll sign it, absolutely. are those hearts for me?
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>> reporter: jimmy kimmel's side kick guillermo has made it tradition at this point. >> how are you? everything good? what is your favorite body part? are you not feeling me? >> reporter: though from monday's nets' media day, it seems like k.d. might not have been feeling dave from "basketball digest." >> they're looking at working a contractual deal that would allow you when you're not playing for the nets, days off, you'll be able to play for knicks. comments? >> all right, dave, that was the last one. >> i'm sorry, was that a comment? how about you, do you have a comment? >> reporter: dave managing to sneak in one last question on his way out. >> have a great year. what about the pelicans, when you play the pelicans, does it make you giggle? >> yeah. >> still unclear why letterman was at the brooklyn nets media day, but something tells me he might not be invited back, you guys.
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♪ time now for "this happened". starting with a record-setting journey across the pond. >> 49-year-old ex-royal marine dave bell has become the first person ever, at least that we know of, to row across the atlantic ocean solo without support. >> he completed the epic 3,000-mile journey after spending 119 days at sea aboard hibor nels and a water aiv with one day's worth of food supply left. that's all he had. >> i'm getting motion sickness just watching him. what makes this even more remarkable, bell said he had to
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overcome his debilitating fear of water. >> he was out there for 119 days. that's like having a fear of public speaking but anchoring a late night news show every night. and now to a hilarious home delivery fail caught on camera. >> an unsuspecting amazon driver was seen making what at first appeared to be a routine delivery when this happened. >> during an attempt to swat away a pesky bug -- i feel like i've been here, the driver ends up losing his grip on the small parcel, launchle it on to the home's roof. >> stop. the recipient says she burst out laughing after receiving a text from the driver that the package wasn't exactly at the front door. >> did it come with a picture? >> at least uber would send you that picture. and next to another homeowner left in stitches after her own hilarious encounter. >> this happened at a home near jackson hole, wyoming. you've got a bear spotted, attempting to bond with another bear, except that's a metal sculpture of a bear. >> luther vandross playing in the background. the bear was seen affectionately rubbing its face over the statue
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and wrapping its paws around it. why so stiff? and finall member o"worldew now" famil >> this happened. our friend and former "world news now" anchor diane macedo has just welcomed a baby girl. >> diane says she and her husband are so happy as can you imagine and her son is reacting surprisingly well so far. much love and congrats to diane and her family. huge congrats from us over here at "world news now." both of us grew up with siblings. you know, and both of us have siblings that we're close in age with. you know how important it is to have that partner in crime. >> plus our "world news now" family just got a little bigger. >> just a little. that's how we scout future anchors is we look to the children of current and past anchors. >> my job might be in jeopardy is what you're saying. >> yes, that is exactly what we're saying. oh, man, thank you so much for joining us this half hour.
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