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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 28, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pfizer taking those next steps in getting emergency use authorization for vaccine young kids how soon shots could start going out to children, ages five to 11. >> also, statewide efforts as the vaccination race is closing. >> the bay area on the verge banning flavored tobacco products. >> plus, a local university delaying in person classes. >> more on that this morning. you are watching abc 7 mornings live right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> first, we are going to start with mike and a look at that forecast. good morning. >> good morning. did you notice the mug units yesterday? it is gone. it is going to be dry today and quite breezy. that is going to bring sunshine
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to just about everywhere. the bay bridge looks a little spotty. it is coming out of the north and moving to the south. golden gate bridge, no fog at all. it is going to be a little bit breezy today with passing high clouds and temperatures cooler than average. we start off in the 50's. mainly in the 60's at noon, then 60's and 70's at 4:00 back in the 50's and 60's as the winds will start climbing into the higher elevations as we head into the overnight hours. you notice the red flag in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. that is a high fire danger we will talk about that when we come back. >> thank you. san francisco university is delaying the start of in person classes because of something the cool -- school is calling a nonspecific threat. school officials say campus police are investigating and that students should stay in their dorms until that is
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completed. remote learning will be normal as scheduled, and we will keep you posted until we learn more information. >> breaking news as you wake up this morning, pfizer is one step closer to getting shots into arms of children ages five to 11. pfizer announced a submitted initial data from its trial to the fda the company says it studios vaccine is safe for children who responded with robust antibodies. the doses were smaller than those given to kids 12 and up. a request for request for requeq authorization is expected in the coming weeks. experts believe the vaccine is on track to go out to young children by the end of october. >> there is a new covid barehands of concern. kgo studios reporter -- abc 7 reporter live with what we know about the variant. good morning, amy. amy: they are studying it at bio hub.
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important work going on here. they are trying to sequence the new covid variant, r1. health officials know of more than 50 cases of the r1 variant in california. not of the bay area, though. they do know that the vaccines are still effective against it they say it also appears to spread slower than the delta variant does. >> the delta variant has quite a few more variations that allow it to spread faster. amy: the delta variant is the main variant of concern, but scientists say you still need to keep watching and very -- watching and studying the r1 variant. mutations will still continue to happen with the covid vice -- covid virus. you can learn how powerful this variant is, so stay tuned for
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more information about it, but scientists say the best way to prevent mutations from happening at all is for everyone to get vaccinated. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. jobina: thank you, amy. some counties will require you to bring your vaccination card to prove you have gotten your second shot at least six months ago, and there may be a form to sign. san mateo county is planning to reopen a site at the county advents center. >> we expect when we are running at full capacity 3000 vaccines a day. > boosters at some of its smaller venues. reggie: i have some good news. california is heading in the right direction when it comes to
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controlling the virus. our state continues to have the lowest transmission stayed in the country. we are the only state in the moderate viral transmission category. as for covid-19 t t positivity dropped over the past eight weeks. data says the bay area is doing better than california as a whole. the lowest in the state, state,, 8.5 cases. the racial gap in vaccination rates is closing. according to the kaiser family foundation, black and hispanic adult vaccination rates are now closer or higher than those of white adults. 73% of hispanic people, 71% of white people, and 70% of black people have received at least one does. jobina:jobina: while the vaccination rates are improving,
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the group lack women for a little action, launched a campaign to boost vaccination rates in black communities. the health director says the are working door-to-door to dispel myths and provide contact with health care providers. >> we don't always vaccinate a lot of people, but we vaccinate the people we are looking for. >> these disparities did not open overnight. they have existed for decades, and we need to address the root causes of those disparities. jobina: doctors believe vaccine mandates and deadlines are a critical tool going forward. reggie: if you have questions about a covid vaccine, you can ask our vaccine team. go to, and click on the big box. jobina: today, the governor will be in alameda county, expected to sign legislation to expand
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and streamline affordable housing production, stream accountability for local governments, and advance equitable housing policies. all part of a strategy to tackle the state's housing prices. you can watch the conference on our website, reggie: in the south bay, san jose city leaders are going to work on formal -- formally apologizing on atrocities attacking chinese residents. the city has been accused of systemic and institutional racism targeting chinese over the last two centuries. that includes the destruction of several chinatown neighborhoods back in the 1800s. chronicle, the woman accused of starting a fire said she was thirsty and started a fire to boil water in a puddle. she said she thought that boiling the water would rid it of bear urine.
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that officer noted she was carrying a lighter and an incendiary device. the fun fire has burned more than 13 square files and is 60% contained. reggie: families who lost their home and the devastating caldor fire got a bit of help rebuilding their lives. the nonprofit ashlee's toy closet handed toys out to children who lost their homes. ashlee smith runs the nonprofit, and she is a fire survivor herself. ashlee: i don't know what is all in there. take whatever. >> this for my bike. i always crash. reggie: smith says her nonprofit has gifted more than 3 million toys to deserving children. the caldor fire has burned more than 350 square miles and is 76% contained.
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>> some good news and some not so good news. good news, most of us not reaching critical fire conditions. unfortunately, for those of us living or traveling through solano county, we have reached critical fire conditions, or at least we will at 11:00 this morning for 8:00 this morning with the northeast winds 20 to 35, gusting to 40. humidity levels around 10% to 20%, so that is what is going to create conditions for fires to develop and spread rapidly, so we need to be very vigilant there. mugging us yesterday, dew points in the 50's. now we are back into the 40's for the most part, and these are going to drop as we had throughout the day. a very dry breeze on the way. if your throat is a little scratchy, that is the reason why. you can see the winds picked up through the afternoon hours. those breezes as we had throughout the day, that is going to help keep our temperatures just a little bit below average. right now, starting out around 50.
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everyone else around 55 to 59 degrees. we have 52 in stanford. you can see high clouds on our 280 camera. 60 in alameda, easily the warm spot. most of us are in the 50's this morning. the view from montana, you can see it is bouncing, so there are breezes in the hills. green today, green tomorrow, as healthy as it gets. guess what happens thursday? it gets hot again. i will show you that coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. hi, sue! sue: good morning. you can see westbound across the freeway, we had overnight big rigs by the donner summer west area, and that had all lanes shut down. the eastbound continues to be shut. chp says it will be closed until morning, whatever that means. we are assuming that means until it gets light.
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you can use highway 60, but 80 is shut down completely. we have traffic at the bay bridge, install near treasure island. regg jobina:jobina: and searching for answers in the death of a 25-year-old graduate student name lonnie day. reggie: the man who assassinated
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reggie: we're hearing from the mother of jelani day come of the illinois graduate student who was reported missing in august. his body was recently found in the river. here is abc news reporter eva program. eva: -- pilgrim. eva: what caused the death of 25 euro graduate student jelani day? >> i am very upset, because i cannot even look at my son's
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body. his body is deteriorated to the weight where i cannot even say a proper goodbye to him. >> the way, and it was off of the parking lot, that is very unusual to just find a car like that. eva:eva: suspects have been identified. investigators are working now to read trace his steps in the days after he was last seen. >> somebody knows something, somebody has seen something, and i need somebody to say something. eva: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will have the very latest on this developing situation. with your "gma" first look, i eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. jobina: r. kelly was guilty of sex trafficking. several accusers took the stand, saying kelly subjected them to
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perverse and sadistic abuse when they were under age. >> today's guilty verdict forever brands r. kelly as a predator who used his fame and fortune to prey on the young, the vulnerable, and the voiceless. jobina: r. kelly's defense said many of the relationships were consensual. reggie: the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan is about to be free. john higley junior shot the president and two others back in 1981. a jury found him guilty by reason of insanity, and he was admitted to a psychiatric institution. yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the now 66-year-old can be free from all restrictions and steer. hinckley's lawyer says his lien is no longer a threat. >> the important message of this
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case, the people who receive proper support, good treatment, can achieve mental stability. reggie: president reagan's daughter, patti davis, wrote this in the "washington post" -- i do not believe john hinckley feels promoters. -- remorse. narcissists rarely do. he and his attorney work the system." jobina: today, the city council will work on pulling wavered tobacco from city shelves. the city is looking to ban those flavored tea and mental -- e-juices and menthol. one shop owner is being forced to cut 95% of his tobacco inventory, and he says it will make it impossible to stay open. >> i am losing money money money
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definitely i will close down my store and leave. >> we are advocating here for the kids, neck -- make no mistake. jobina: if passed, they will have weeks to get rid of any band products. reggie: the american red cross is asking for blood donors of all types, especially type o. the blood shortage is the lowest it has been in six years. that plea comes just as a new blood in platelet donation center opened in san francisco. jobina: welcoming the through central park, they captured this video. they were sitting in a car in wyoming. the couple was on their first trip to the park to celebrate their 13th anniversary, and they say they could even hear them grunt. [laughter]
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i love a good bison. reggie: my neighbors were just they are about two weeks ago, and their car actually broke down, like, right around this area, or somewhere, and the buffalo were coming at them, like, "we can't move." so of course they took pictures and send it to us. [laughter] jobina: have you seen the video of the reported was out there, and he is like, "oh no." [laughter] reggie, have you seen it? reggie: i have it i love it. it is so good. don't play with bison. stay in that car. as you just saw, they can go fast. mike: that is pretty neat. let's talk about neat weather, if you like fall weather, i have got a flavor for you. 47 degrees, a look at the wind, the camera bouncing because of the 20 to mile-per-hour winds. mostly sunny with those gusty breezes. as the sun starts to warm the ground, the air rises, and some
5:19 am
of that cooler, heavier air that is flowing so quickly might not be gusting in your neighborhood now but will later on. that will return later on. a lot of widespread 40's tonight. tons of sunshine and warm to hot highs this weekend. you can see the storm track pushing some early high clouds, then we see increasing high clouds today. we are in this bowl of dry, breezy, cooler than average high temperatures today. 69 in centerville -- su and cupertino. the peninsula will be breezy today. upper 60's, seven need to 73 elsewhere. definitely blowing sand at the coast today, 66. upper 60's to 70's and south san francisco. 76 in napa come about 80 80 nevada. 69 in richmond, 70 and 73 elsewhere.
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inland, to ramon and 81 in antioch. it will be breezy there also. 50, the milder temperatures, but notice the blue with 40's in places like santa rosa, napa, forever more. here is my accuweather 7-day forecast. as the winds he is, tomorrow will be slightly warmer, and then we really start to crank up the warmth, and it reaches the coast were a couple of days, fridays, saturdays, 80's and 90's for the rest of us as we go through the weekend. reggie? reggie: $570 million is the next? pot up for grabs in the next drawing. that will be a cash prize of $410 million. no one matched all the numbers in last nights drawing, so the next drawing is set for tomorrow night. jobina: what would you get if you won? reggie: have you seen that ad where it is like a subscription
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service to vacations? jobina: that's a good one. reggie: i did not even look into it, because, i mean, it is not a possibility, but when i get that money -- jobina: tomorrow night. reggie: imagine vacations continually come to you. jobina: i love it. coming up, the seven things you need to know this morning. reggie:
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jobina: if you are distorting is coming here are the seven things to know this morning. police are investigating a threat this morning. all in person classes and work are being delayed until 10:00 a.m. reggie: number two, pfizer has updated the fda information on his vaccine trial. jobina: jobina: in california are attracting a new covid variant called r.1. there have been more than 50 cases in the state. vaccines are still effective against eva: r.1, but health officials say the are concerned the virus will continue to move on. reggie: mark milley will go before the senate to answer questions about his actions in
5:24 am
the final days of the trump presidency, revealed in a new book. he is also expected to answer questions about the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan. mike: we are dealing with aggressive breezes, fire danger at 11 this morning. traveling to the sierra this morning, all lanes eastbound near the donner summit shutdown. they have now been reopened. business park is probably doing that, parking and sleeping, but the lanes are open. reggie: at number seven, voting by mail is now permanent and california. governor newsom just signed that legislation. voting by mail was expanded because of the pandemic. jobina: the golden state warriors kickoff 2021 trampy -- training camp today. the first preseason game is set for monday. the team posing media day was yesterday. there were a lot of questions
5:25 am
are forward andrew wiggins last week, the nba denied his request for religious exemption from getting the vaccine. without it, he will not be ablef san francisco's requirement. wiggins says the issue is a private matter. andrew wiggins: i am just going to keep fighting for what i believe, and whether it is one thing or the other, to get the vaccination or not to get the vaccination, who knows? i am just going to keep fighting for what i believe and what i believe is right. jobina: the warriors' first preseason home game is october 6. reggie: one basketball legend is calling out nba players who are refusing to get vaccinated. kareem abdul-jabbar thanks the leak should discipline them. kareem: i don't not think they are believing like good teammates or good citizens. this is a war that we are involved income and masks and vaccines, they are the weapons that we used to fight this war.
5:26 am
you are working against the effort to make everybody safe, and, you know, we cannot have that. that does not work for everybody. reggie: the hall of famer is an outspoken vaccine advocate. he received his shot on camera. jobina: happening tonight, a limbic champion simone biles takes the spotlight in san francisco. the gold over america tour features biles and an all-star team of women gymnast, spreading the message of empowerment and togetherness. tickets for tonight's show it to center are still available for purchase online. the tour made a stop at a thank you center in san jose. reggie: i love her. jobina: love her! reggie: it is just nice that she will be in the city. warriors coach steve cote -- steve kerr's shout out. jobina: and a breakthrough case and the ballroom, but the show will go on. reggie: health experts are
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now that 5:30, researching a new. in california. the strain that experts say is proof of this virus will continue to mutate. jobina: mike has a warning about waves and increased risks of rip currents. reggie: good morning. abc 7 mornings is live right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. jobina: and we are going to get a check on your first morning forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. mike: good morning. the beach hazard impact goes until 11:00 this morning. we got a risk northwest wind behind yesterday's call for that is going to kick up swells eight feet to 10 feet, breakers up to 17 feet, and the biggest risk
5:30 am
will be rip currents that will pull you away from the coast out to the ocean, and then drowning becomes a big possibility. so let's kind of stay out of the waters if you can today. here is a look from our roof camera. yesterday we had all the drizzle, mist, mcginnis in the air. not so today. -- mugginess in the air. not so today. windsor picking up, holding us in the 60's and 70's. afternoon hours, pretty much 60's and 70's, fairfield at 83, but also what develops this afternoon is a high fire danger in solano county. we have a red flag warning for them that will go into the evening hours. we will talk more about that, coming up. heading out this evening, dropping into the 60's quickly after 7:00, reggie. reggie: mike, thank you. right now, a new covid variant called r.1 only account for a
5:31 am
few covid cases in california, but as we know, it can turn into a wave is not kept in check. scientists are closely studying r.1 to see what it is made of. abc 7 joins us live ins -- abc 7 's amy hollyfield joins us live. amy: it is here inside this lab at bio hub. scientists are studying it. they are trying to sequence the new variant, r.1, to figure out how powerful it really is. they say it is not spread as quickly as the delta variant does, but it does prove that the mutations of this virus will continue to happen. the r.1 variant has impacted people who are vaccinated, so it can evade the antibody produced by the vaccine. >> it is going to affect better human sales -- sales, the population. amy: scientists say the vaccines
5:32 am
are still effective against the r.1 strain, and that vaccines are the best way to prevent future mutations. while they are watching and studying r.1 very carefully, at this point, they consider the delta variant the most dominant variant in the united states. there have only been about 50 cases of r.1forniaangain, not in the bay. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. jobina: thank you, amy. california is requiring all health-care workers in the state to be fully vaccinated by thursday for the stapled the public health -- by thursday. the state's public health officer was here. >> we are working with individuals who have yet to be vaccinated, but there is a deadline, and we will continue to watch it closely. jobina: the mandate boils down to safety in a health care
5:33 am
setting. workers exempted from the vaccine must be tested and wear n-95 masks while on the job. police officers are seeking a religious exemption. the exemption for city employees is a twofold process. employees must demonstrate a qualifying medical or religious basis for an exemption, and the department must be able to provide the employee a reasonable accommodation. the city's website states an employee must demonstrate that they believe it is both sincere and religious, rather than secular or scientific. city workers across the bay area in san jose, the deadline is october 1 your that is friday. san francisco is requiring city employees to be vaccinated by november 3 -- november 1 at the latest. oakland is finalizing requirements for city employees. reggie: this morning, health care workers in new york risk getting fired over the state's that light. governor kathy hochul --
5:34 am
governor hochul: we are over it. we are done pure and we want to move on, and the only way we can do that is to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. reggie: the vast majority of new york health care workers have already been vaccinated, however, there is a good chunk, 16%, still unvaccinated. new york city teachers and staff also have to get vaccinated. that deadline has been pushed back to this friday afternoon appeals court decision. . united airlines is facing two separate lawsuits over its covid-19 vaccine mandate from employees. one claims their religious exemption was not accommodated. they are asking the court to block the mandate before it goes into effect in a few days. united says it will bitterly -- vigorously defend its policies. jobina: president biden got his
5:35 am
booster shot. he fits the criteria being over 65, and it has been more than six months and see last got his shot for the pfizer vaccine. pres. biden: boosters are important. but the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated. the vast majority of americans are doing the right thing. over 77% of adults have gotten at least one shot. about 22% have not gotten any shots, and that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of us an awful lot of damage for the rest of the country. jobina: if you live in the south bay and you are eligible for a pfizer booster shot, public health officials say don't wait, just did it now. >> there are certain groups we urge to go ahead and get the booster, so anyone who is 65 and up, anyone who lives in a long-term care facility, or if you are over 50, and you have an overlying medical condition that might make you at greater risk, please go ahead and get your booster. jobina: santa clara health
5:36 am
county officer dr. sarah cody says pfizer boosters are available at five-county run vaccination site right now. you need to make in a pop-- an appointment. get it now, because there may be demand in the coming weeks, when the government is expected to authorize the vaccine for children ages five to 11. reggie: governor gavin newsom wants to expand the covid paid sick leave. federal funding for the current policy expires thursday. after the end of this month, workers will only have the state-mandated three paid sick days, which is not enough time to recover or quarantine if they get infected with covid. jobina: also today, changes to state law expanding outdoor dining. small business owners will join a virtual discussion providing relief to struggling restaurants.
5:37 am
state legislators have passed two bills. now they're waiting for governor newsom to act on passing them into law. >> all these people are testing you to make sure everyone is safe. reggie: the largest in person conference will take place in the bay area the start of the pandemic. it is underway right now and san mateo. a familiar fan to -- a familiar voice to many golden state warriors fans welcomed attendees today one yesterday. 5000 people are expected for the annual conference. it is a cloud-based software event. attendees have to be fully vaccinated. they have to have taken a covid-19 test in the last three days. the gathering is also outdoors, so they are very protective. masks are required, and there are rapid tests administered on site. jobina: a controversial idea to hold sanctioned sideshows. santa rosa police are weighing in. reggie: rallying for a landmark
5:38 am
restaurant. a san francisco diner has been a staple since the 1960's. first, a check on your weather with meteorologist mike nicco. mike: let's talk about the fire danger in solano county. it starts at 11 what this morning and goes until 8:00 this evening, so we have nine hours. vacaville, rio vista. winds are going to be gusting up to 40 most power. you see them coming out of the north, dropping that humidity, creating the conditions where fires could start easily and spread rapidly, so you need to be very vigilant if you are traveling or live or work there. seven degrees cooler this morning. let's start in inlet east bay neighborhoods, where we are looking at 53 in places like danville and san ramon to concord and brent world -- brentwood. cloudy skies out there keeping out temperatures and dropping much more. 57 in san francisco, san carlos, about 59 in san jose. look at all the green on the
5:39 am
map. that is fantastic. it is going to remain that way as we head into the afternoon hours. every single air-quality area is going to be clean. so let's take a look at the forecast, and you can see the smoke forecast, there is not in the air today. we will wake up to none tomorrow and maybe a little bit off in the distance to the east tomorrow. get out there and enjoy some of those outdoor duties if you suffer from asthma or anything like that. how about that good news? quality will deteriorate. i will talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. hey, sue. sue: good morning, everyone. if your commute takes you through the bay bridge, be aware of that stall westbound. let's take a look at the toll plaza. the stall has been cleared. no metering lights yet at the tolls. construction on the bridg the span itself, you may find
5:40 am
slowing in the westbound direction at the toll plaza. traffic is moving nicely as you pay your toll and head over to marin county.slow a 40-minute drive west on 580 up and over the ultima pass. we have a couple of issues in contra costa, west on highway four near port chicago installed. that is outer lanes. traffic is stepping up there. northbound 242, we have construction. you can
5:41 am
5:42 am
reggie: the man, already sentenced to life in prison in atlanta's shooting earlier this year, is expected to enter another plea today. he was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. the da is sending -- seeking the
5:43 am
death penalty as well as an enhancement under george's new hate crimes law. jobina: we are learning -- georgia's new hate crimes law. jobina: we are learning more about sanctioned sideshows in santa rosa. it will be up for discussion today. abc 7 news reported j.r. stone tells us it follows the slideshow where two girls were found. jr: this is video of the santa rosa sideshow in west avenue in late august. a location that has become common for sideshows. way they're feeling, the way they are dealt with. jobina: santa rosa -- in my j.r.: santa rosa district counselor eddy alvarez says sideshows have become a major problem, not only here in santa rosa but cities across the bay, including san francisco, oakland, and san jose. nico is part of the latin rollers car club
5:44 am
increase of sexual activity is frustrating, but there has to be an alternative for young people participating. nico: the idea came up, maybe we can do sanctioned sideshows, and we can bring them in, we can bring a space. we can do that legally, safely. j.r.: santa rosa police tell us they would not be in favor of a sanctioned sideshow due to dangers posed and the liability involved. two weeks ago, at this location, two teen girls were stabbed at a sideshow. one witness told us just last month a patrol car was attacked here. >> they started jumping on the car, hitting the car, kicking the car, and i'm pretty sure the deputy was scared for his own safety and had to escape the crowd here. jobina: alvarez says this problem is not going away, and something needs to be done. >> weatherby county property, city property, private property coming to see what we can do. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news.
5:45 am
reggie: a reggie: a officer being called a hero, and you are about to see why. officer pedro garcia came upon a crash on highway 101 over the weekend and found one of the cars in flames. look what he does. he sees the driver is still inside, so he reaches in, and he pulls that man to safety. officer garcia: it happened out of nowhere, and i just knew his life was at risk, and the first thing that was going through my mind was just to get them out of the vehicle before it is covered in flames. reggie: the firefighter said if garcia had not acted when he did, that man might have had life-threatening burns. jobina: wow. the first post-pandemic music festival is being hailed a success. 100,000 people went to bottlerock in napa. now we know how many people got covid-19 from attending. napa county said only 11 locals tested positive for the virus after going to bottlerock. 10 people in sonoma county tested positive.
5:46 am
all ticket holders had to show proof of vaccination or negative covid-19 test upon entry. reggie: warriors coach steve kerr is talking about a shout out on the emmy-winning series "ted lasso," ted lasso says "yes, sir, steve kerr." we ask how that happened. steve kerr: my sign may have been behind that. he is on the writing team. it was actually fun to get a whole bunch of texts that day, and, for a lot of people to watch it, it has been a fun watch, and we are very proud of our son. reggie: that is very cool. "ted lasso" is currently streaming on apple tv+. jobina: mike, take it away. [laughter] reggie: you are the only one who has seen it out of the three of us. kumasmike:
5:47 am
when jobina leaves the studio, kumasi and i are like, [ tittering] reggie: i don't have apple+. jobina: me either. mike: free trial. jobina: you don't want to share passwords? reggie: [laughs] jobina: i thought that's what we did. mike: i don't have disney+ from anybody. jobina: you have it in your bundle. mike: i don't have the bundle. jobina: since when? mike: i just have right now. jobina: we talk too much. [laughter] mike: when you're full of team is really bad, you are stuck on espn plus. golden gate bridge, we have a north wind at five miles an hour. notice the lack of fog this morning. it is going to be mostly sunny today, breezy, autumn breeze and lower humidity. that heightens our fire danger.
5:48 am
especially in solano county today. summer heat returns this weekend. we are temporarily in this little bowl of cold air. this is the high pressure in the warmer air that is going to start moving in tomorrow and really get a stranglehold on our forecast throughout the weekend. so if you miss summer, it is not far away. 71 santa you can see palo alto in the upper 60's. 60 to 63 degrees along the coast, then we have upper 60's downtown, south san francisco. going to the game tonight, they are important. we have to get the dodgers off of home field and a out of that wildcard. sunny and breezy. out of the north bay, sausalito. 76 to 80. as we head into the east today, we look at temperatures in the
5:49 am
upper 60's to low 70's, and about 77 to 81 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight, you can see it will be breezy. that is where the green is that is where a lot of the 50's rp look at the 40's, widespread in our north bay indies bay valley. if you leave the window open tonight, it will be a little chilly tomorrow morning. you can see the heat slowly coming, and it hits us hard thursday. it builds through friday with our hottest day, saturday, it will start to taper at the coast sunday, and most of us will start cooling monday. reggie? reggie: thank you. we have learned pellet on x covid has hit "dancing with the stars," but we know peloton instructor rigsby will continue after his dancing partner, cheryl berg, tested positive. this is very creative what they had to do. burke and rigsby made it through to the next round. the judges scored what you see here, one of the rehearsals,
5:50 am
instead of an actual live performance. this was taken before burke tested positive peer she is now under a 10 day quarantine. cheryl burke: it is crazy because i did not think being fully vaccinated they was maybe not a cause ability, but it definitely is. everyone needs to be careful and don't take that for granted. reggie: actor martin & co. was the first one eliminated this season. at the top of the leader show, -- leaderboard, popstar? jojo next week will be britney spears-themed. "dancing with the stars" airs monday at 8:00 right here on abc 7. when we, the two of us are on dancing with the stars -- jobina: i'm listening. reggie: and it is britney spears week, what is the song. jobina: that is such a good question pure and what is that song she does with madonna? [h
5:51 am
reggie: ♪ intervention ♪ jobina: ♪ let it go ♪ we will come back with the music later -- reggie: "into the new at 6:00, a death-defying situation at a bu sit intersection. jobina: robin roberts is talking to the former president and an abc news
5:52 am
people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump severe stomach pain, or an alleic serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes.
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taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. reggie: new this morning, the biden administration is expected to reveal its plan to some say daca was illegal
5:54 am
because president obama bypassed congress in 2012. today, biden will unleash his plan to fix -- fix the plan and dr. protects undocumented adults -- save daca. daca protects undocumented adults who immigrated into the u.s. jobina: a project they hope will bring social and economic opportunities to the beloved southside of chicago. this morning on "gma," an abc news exclusive. robert wrote -- robin roberts goes one-on-one with president obama about president biden's agenda. fmr. pres. obama: i think bill backbiter program is something that america desperately needs, and it is paid by by wealthiest americans, pay a little bit more in taxes to make
5:55 am
sure that we have an economy that is fair for everybody. coming up on gma, you can see more that interview, right at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. reggie: community's rally to save a landmark restaurant, a staple in the neighborhood since the 1960's. it is known as a safe haven for the lgbtq community. grub stake is on pine street near polk. they are planning to build a condo building. constructions would include repairs -- repairs to the grub stake facade. the project is stalled because of environmental appeal. now the lgbtq leaders are calling a city leaders to push the development through. >> the more this is delayed, it taints the project from really come after six years of the grub state owners complying with regulators to rebuild this iconic institution. reggie: organizers of the grub
5:56 am
stake preservation project are asking anyone concerned in the community to send a letter to supervisor aaron peskin, whose district includes the neighborhood. jobina: we are getting a look at a new disney plus series starting -- starring will smith. will smith: take me to the ends of the earth. jobina: ooh. disney plus a national geographic release the first official trailer for the six part original series that follows smith on an adventure around the world as he explores earth pose the greatest wonders and hidden cycles -- hidden secrets. the title, "welcome to earth," refers to his line in "indian -- "independence day" when he was fighting aliens in the movie. that's all i'm thinkingal new as 6:00, "star wars," like you have never seen it before. first, there was the usual
5:57 am
popular "mandalorian," now a new version that changes everything. reggie: plus, an anonymous, nonspecific threat reported at sf state cured we are back with the investigation that happened on camera -- on campus. jobina: and a
5:58 am
my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina:
6:00 am
shutting down classes at san francisco state. gg and pfizer running tests on shots for younger children. where the timeline stands now. kumasi: -- reggie: it is tuesday, september 28, and you are watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. mike: good morning, reggie, good morning, jobina. kumasi is not here -- she is on vacation. we are seeing a beautiful view from the golden, quite breezy and dry, temperatures in the 50's in many areas. in the 60's at


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