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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. themepark. but the park is doing to keep it from happening again. >> covid numbers are likely to continue declining. how do local doctors feel about that? >> high fire danger and fall warmth in the forecast. the details, coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: have we finally turned the corner when it comes to covid-19? the two factors that will determine whether the worst is actually behind us. thank you for joining us. a new cdc forecast model shows that covid hospitalizations are likely to drop by nearly half in the next two weeks. it's great to hear but as j.r.
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stone explains, they are warning that we aren't in the clear just yet. >> i'm an optimistic person but i take the data with a grain of salt. reporter: ucsf dr. peter chen reacting tonight to this covid-19 forecast graph that shows cases and deaths are likely to decline over the next four weeks. information that also predicts u.s. hospitalizations will drop nearly 50% from 8500 a day to 4600 in just two weeks. >> the reality isn't there right now. it is something to look forward to. reporter: california's covid transmission numbers are currently some of the best in the country. many that we spoke with say they are well aware of that and feel comfortable here. >> in california, yes. outside of the state, i don't know. >> a lot of places require proof
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of vaccination, especially san francisco. reporter: a stanford doctor says we aren't out of the woods yet but doctors are seeing array of sunshine. >> it's clear that the united states have probably peaked in these latest surges related to the delta variant. some states will see steeper declines than others. some counties within states will do the same. reporter: many, both on the embarcadero and online, are cautiously optimistic and still taking covid precautions. >> when i walk around, i don't wear a mask. when i go inside and i'm dealing with people, i wear masks. >> the numbers may go down for some time. i think it's likely that they will go up again. reporter: this doctor says the predictions could very well be true if we don't see another delta variant and if authorization is granted for kids to get the vaccine. j.r. stone, abc 7 news.
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dan: some of the other covid headlines tonight. the california department of public health issued a new order mandating vaccinations for all workers and adult -- at adult and senior care facilities. united airlines will terminate 593 employees who refuse to get vaccinated. the company says 99% of its workforce is fully vaccinated. the chronicle reports that san francisco health director dr. grant colfax is predicting that we will all be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. marin county is getting ready to open its first mass vaccination site that specifically is for pfizer booster shots. we were given an exclusive tour of the walk-through clinic at the northgate mall. shots will be given inside what was an old victoria's secret store. marin county residents can make appointments to come here or just walk in. 70,000 residents may qualify for a booster. the county is prioritizing those
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75 years of age and older at this particular clinic. before we move on. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. let's turn to the weather for a minute. part of the bay area will be under a fire weather watch tomorrow. sandia patel is here to explain exactly why. sandhya: we are in a bad drought. it's only going to get drier. let me show you a live picture from our mount tam cam. this camera has been shaking tonight. it has been dusty. a fire weather watch tomorrow until 6:00 thursday for the northbay hills. winds will be gusting up to 35. low relative humidity. any new fibers will quickly spread. take a look at the humidity values. notice how quickly they plunges we go into tomorrow afternoon. we are down to 14% in fairfield.
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16% at lakeport. 21% in concord. i will be back with the hour-by-hour forecast, coming up. it includes warm weather. thanks. dan: oakland police put out a hiring call this evening, hosting a virtual career fair for people who want to serve the city. the virtual family night comes a week after the city council voted to fund a third police academy class. the department staffing level has dipped below 700 sworn officers, the lowest number in nearly a decade. this as the city's violent crime rate has climbed. the chief says he's looking for the best of the best. >> i'm looking for good people. people who want to come in and do the right thing. i want people to come in and treat people with dignity and respect. dan: last week's vote by the city council included instructions to city staff to determine how much of an additional class would cost the
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city. san francisco supervisors voted tonight to extend the cities eviction moratorium through the end of the year. the ordinance prohibits landlords from evicting anyone who can't pay their rent because of the pandemic. to qualify, tenants must have paid at least 25% of their rent owed. it's going to require a change in state law for the lot to actually take effect. lawmakers pass their own lawn -- moratorium extension in june but it ends september 30, two days from now. supervisors are hoping the state will extend its eviction moratorium. on the subject of housing, california has more than two dozen new laws intended to create more affordable housing. governor newsom signed 27 bills, you see him holding them up. they include efforts to turn surplus land into housing and streamline the accessory dwelling unit process. the bills are designed to create 84,000 new housing units in the
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state. new developments in the south bay. san jose becomes the state's largest cityo n council membersd unanimously to take the step. amanda del you is live from san jose with details. there was a lot of passion behind this effort. reporter: yes. many passionate parents who say their motivation was the health and safety of their children. dozens tonight commending city council for deciding to pull those flavored tobacco products off of store shelves. with colorful packaging and enticing flavors like mango and tropical fruits, san jose councilmembers are concerned these products are marketed towards young people. after two days -- today's vote, the city will ban the sale of these products along with flavored juices. >> this is an urgent issue. fbi has tried to tackle it.
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the industry has gotten in the way, delayed things, referenda eyes things, and cause problems. it's up to local communities like this one to step up and protect our kids. reporter: the law would keep new tobacco retailers from setting up shop within 1000 feet of schools and 500 feet of an existing tobacco retailer. smoke shops across the city will have the next six months to deplete the remaining product. those in support of the band says teenagers are introduced to smoking through these flavored products. >> i want to thank my children for schooling me on this one. i'm proud of them, proud of their knowledge. they used it for the betterment of their peers. reporter: smoke shop owners tell me they agreed that children should not have access to these products. but they tell me that they are afraid that cutting so much of their inventory could hurt business badly. they maintain that shop -- that these customers will go to the
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next city without a ban to buy their flavored favorites. abc 7 news. dan: thank you. a bay area city becomes one of a resolution in support of afghan refugees. that's ahead. also. >> look at the pandemonium. this is not cool. dan: chaos during opening night of a halloween festival at six flags discovery kingdom. the parser spans tonight. in the works for two decades. we finally get a preview ride on san francisco's central sub rate. fill material explains that delays are not the only problem for this project. all of that ahead for you. first, a look at jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00.
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dan: six flags discovery kingdom with a large brawl captured on camera. 100 juveniles were involved. ryan curry explains what happens and what the park is doing to try to keep it from happening again. reporter: opening night of the halloween themed fright fast. park attendees faced a scary
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situation. a large fight in front of the park entrance. >> look at the pandemonium. this ain't cool. reporter: the fight broke out just before the park closed. the cause is unknown but police reveals that the prall -- brawl escalated. >> a couple more patrol units. [inaudible] reporter: those involved started attacking officers who were on patrol duty. what caught them off guard was the amount of people involved in the attack. >> 100 or so kids running around. fighting inside. reporter: discovery kingdom says, the safety of our guests, employees, and animals is our top priority. we work in partnership with the police to maintain the highest standards of safety and security for all guests and employees. there is zero tolerance for any unruly behavior. video shows police dragging someone out of the crowd while others tried to escape.
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>> we have a mother here with us. do we have anyone detained? >> there's a bunch of people detained. we don't know who they are yet. reporter: police detained many others. one juvenile was placed in custody and later released with a fine. vallejo police say no one fired a gun in the giant brawl and no one was hurt. six likes discovery kingdom says they aren't making any changes as of right now to their fright fast schedule. park hours remain the same. abc 7 news. dan: los angeles and san francisco supervisors have voted to support afghan refugees. matt haney said tonight that the city will welcome and help resettle afghans evacuating from their homeland. fremont has a large population of afghans. they have set up a relief fund to help out newly arrived refugees. san jose city council apologizes for past racism that targeted chinese immigrants in their descendants. the council passed a resolution
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asking for forgiveness for decades of systemic and institutional policies that discriminated against chinese that included a deliberate fire set at one of the city's chinatown neighborhoods in 1887. the fire displaced 1400 people, destroying homes and livelihoods. the san francisco mayor did something today that was literally two decades in the making. she and sf mta leaders took a test ride on the central sub a project. -- subway project. voters approved it into thousand three but it has been plagued with delays and cost overruns. overspending has been a big problem. reporter: it has cost about $1.6 billion. there are many out there who liken it to the high-speed rail, a train that is costing a lot and going nowhere. dan: the idea originated after the 1989 loma earthquake when
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san francisco decided to tear down the embarcadero freeway. the subway project is slated to open next year. trains will travel underground from the 4th street caltrans station to chinatown, bypassing the traffic on fourth and stockton. the metro tea third line will extend through soma, union square, and chinatown. finally about to be on track. this one may send you to the refrigerator. a major announcement for foodies today. the michelin guide announced its 2021 stars for california. 51 bay area restaurants made that list. kristen sze has a look at some of the local spots. reporter: the michelin guide is awarding stars for culinary excellence for the first time since 2019. all of the three star restaurants are in the bay area, including three san francisco staples. the famed french laundry also
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made the list. michelin gives three stars to restaurants with exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey. up next, the restaurants with two stars. they include -- in all, eight bay area restaurants are in this category. excellent quizzing that is worth a detour. 37 bay area restaurants fall into the next category, one michelin scar. -- star. this menu includes japanese ingredients and local produce. the avery is also awarded one star, a promotion from its previous ranking. the menu is a love letter to the career of rodney wages who has
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cooked and some of the city's most elite kitchens. three other local restaurants are celebrating their first michelin star. including redwood city. several restaurants on the peninsula and in the south bay were named as well, continuing their streak of excellence in cuisine and service. we posted the full list our website. dan: thanks for that. congratulations to all those great restaurants. i have very high standards and i won't eat at a restaurant below three stars on yelp. sandhya: absolutely. dan: it's not as fancy as the michelin. sandhya: you are at all the top rated restaurants only. we will find you there. [laughter] if you are dining outside tomorrow, it will be a beautiful day. take a look at the satellite and radar. low-pressure system brought us drizzle and showers yesterday. high pressure building in and as a result, we are seeing some gusty winds over the higher terrain.
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that's going to continue. the winds are going to increase over the higher terrain as we head into tomorrow. that's why there's concern for fire danger along the coastline tomorrow afternoon. 30 mile-per-hour winds. here's the next round of golf -- gusty offshore winds. thursday morning, especially in the north bay hills. the humidity values start up pretty good. watch what happens as we go toward tomorrow afternoon. 10% in napa. given that we are in an extreme drought, this is not good. on the topic of dry, let's take a look at the rainfall since our water year will end with -- in a couple of day. santa rosa, 38% of average. san jose, only 40% of what you should have received. we are really hoping that things change, especially as we head towards october. the rainfall outlook, 40% chance
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that we will see above normal rainfall here across the western u.s.. let's hope that that materializes. a glimmer of hope. october 6, you start to see the possibility of wet weather. perhaps some more storms ahead. at least it's a good sign. we have a stunning view as we look towards central tower. gusty winds in the hills through thursday evening. fire danger elevated in the north bay hills. much warmer weather starting on thursday. temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's. sorry, there is missing data there. that's automated and it's not coming in. 40's and 50's on your temperatures. gusty wind over the higher terrain in the north bay. winds in the hills will be there. tomorrow afternoon, breezy along the coastline. 60's co-side. mid 80's inland. we will bump up those
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temperatures a few more degrees. high temperatures overhead. good hair -- air quality. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast. fire danger in the north bay hills tomorrow. gusty in the hills until thursday. 70's to 90's. 90's hold through the weekend along the coastline with a little bit of fog returning. temperatures will fluctuate between the 60's and 70's. and then sharply cooler next tuesday. are you ready? dan: i'm ready for a fall weather. sandhya: absolutely. dan: you have to have a lot of dell before this oreo. the cost of this costly coo
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pokemon. these things have have have have commodity. we checked ebay and found them listed from 5-100,000 dollars if you can believe that. the giants have won 103 games and still have the doctors on their heels. larry beil is ahead with sports. larry: final week of the regular season. the giants trying to hold onto
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no timetable on a return for brandon belt. broken thumb might keep them out into the world series. giants in a tight game with arizona. every win is so critical. let's start with brandon crawford. look out. that bat goes flying. he pretends like he's fielding the bat. bases full of giants in the first. walk to mike yastrzemski. 1-0 giants. to the fourth. diamondbacks with the bases loaded. the ending ending double play. five and is allowed for web, gives up one-run. giants load the bases in the
11:30 pm
sixth. evan longoria scores and a bases-loaded walk. he can't just catch a break. the giants go on to win. checking in on the dodgers. a.j. pollock with a two run double. dodgers win to stay to back with five to play. a's and mariners. chris bassitt got hit in the face of 5 -- face. that's a comebacker. he's ok. seattle loads the bases in the first. pop-out to centre. seth brown, perfect throw to get the speedy j.p. crawford out. scoreless in the fourth. chad pinder, hi, deep. goodbye. the a's take the lead. tom murphy, don the right-field line. two run score. the m's come back to win it.
11:31 pm
klay thompson in warriors camp after missing the past two years because of devastating injuries. he's been shooting and can't scrimmage just yet. >> yeah. part of it is just his spirit and his energy and his joy. a big part of it is, yeah, we have clay. the confidence level as a group. we are getting clay back. that makes us all feel better. larry: hopefully he will be back and ready to go by january or so. sharks preseason, they lost to the kings in the tank with fans. abc 7
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have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gabrielle union, mark duplass, and music from angels & airwaves. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. thank you. guillermo. thanks. i'm jimmy, yap the host of the show. thank you for watching. relax, please. we have a lot to go through tonight. a new group of bachelorette hopefuls, a new richest man in the world, but before all that, i feel like we have no choice but to review the contents o


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