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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> got him. >> there we go. the city celebrates as the giants become nl west champions. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you happen to stream. right away we want to share area long -- a winning moment. chris alvarez has the moments
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that led up to the giants' victory, certainly a long time coming. talk the giants. >> what a >> what a 162 gains what a celebration here. let's roll some of that video of the celebration here. the final out you see it right there. i tell you what, the crowd electric. i still have goosebumps watching that. there is the final out. a buster hugged. we have not seen those in a while. not bad for a team most experts chose to win between 75 and 85 game. 107. san francisco puts a stamp on the regular-season finale a brilliant pitching performance. logan webb was great on the mound. packed house, more than 36,000 thumbs up. saw the giants win their first division title since 2012, now it is on to the national league division series frid >> going into the season that
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was our goal. we knew it was going to be tough and it was going to be a grind. we have the dodgers and the padres in our division. that was our goal going in. >> i don't think that is fair to say world series or bust. obviously that is the goal. we have to go through the cs, the cs to get there. see where we are after that. >> it is october. anything can happen. the championship sites are in front of them. they will play once again, the winner of the cardinals-dodgers wildcard. most believe it will be the dodgers, but you never know. we will wait and see all those things that play out after the wildcard game. dion: we will check on you in a little bit once again. the celebration for the giants
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and their fans is well underway. cornell barnard is live at oracle. fans just on cloud nine here. >> they really are. it was such a game. the giants taking it, getting it done today. they are nl west champs and fans suffice it to say are over the top. giant fans got the season finale they dreamed for. it is kind of mind blowing. >> everything was going to end today. positive vibes all day. reporter: the energy inside oracle park was electric as the giants pounded the padres 11-4. >> did you see the score? >> yeah! >> we are doing big numbers. that'rtser: many say they were t
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worried. for others, getting here was more like torture. >> down to the last game of the year, can you believe that? reporter: for the johnson family, today was extra special. monet is turning 11. the day she was born in 2010, the giants clinched the west against the padres, going on to win the world series. >> it could not be more perfect. they played san diego 11 years ago and here they are. >> we are playing the same team trying to clinch the west on my daughter's birthday. >> restaurants around the ballpark are loving the winning streak after a tough year and a half of doing business. >> the city has come back to life, the giants playing as well as they have has been really exciting. reporter: many fans feeling good about october. >> being able to see the 2010, 2012, and 2014 world series, and potentially 2021, i'm pumped, i'm excited. >> playoff! reporter: next up, the giants
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take on the winner of wednesday's wildcard game. it is still early, but a lot of fans around chanting beat l.a.. we will see what happens, and go giants. dion: it is torture no more, cornell. thanks to you. abc 7 news sent out a push alert the moment the giants won the title. be the first to know by downloading the abc 7 bay area news app and allowing instant notifications to be pushed to your device. a surfer is in critical condition after a shark bit him on the leg near bidet obey. a chp helicopter flew the surfer to santa rosa memorial hospital. he suffered a severe bite on the thigh. that man was with a group of surfers when the attack happened. >> i the dorsal fin of the shark and i saw the tail fin of the shark kind of going down into the water.
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it definitely was not like a quick attack. it was nice and slow. kind of like a dolphin peeking out. dion: jerry davis said the victim was able to crawl onto the beach. david send other surfers use their leashes as a tourniquet on him. he is expected to survive. moving on to developing news, an oil spill off the coast of orange county. it forced the cancellation of the final day of the pacific airshow and prompted warnings from officials to avoid entering the water. 126,000 gallons of that oil spilled and it was caused by a leak from an offshore oil production corporation. crews are still scrambling to contain the leak before it spreads further into protected wetlands. >> we had boats deployed that will are -- that are recovering oil that is able to be recovered. we have shoreline assessment
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teams on the shore that are assessing where that oil is landing. >> the oil created a miles wide sheen in the ocean and washed ashore in sticky, black blobs. dead birds and fish have also washed up in the area. the smell of petroleum is simply overwhelming. >> it smells bad. it is obvious. >> seeing it is different. it is right here. you see the slick. dion: officials made the decision to cancel the pacific airshow to facilitate cleanups. 1.5 million people were in huntington beach yesterday for that show. oakland lost another life to violence this morning, marking the city's 106, site of the year. at -- 106th homicide of the year. officers say a hospital alerted police about a man from oakland and a woman from fresno who showed up there. both had multiple gunshot
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wounds. that woman died. no word of suspects or emotive. a shocking scene in the south bay when a car drove through a san jose running event today almost hitting a number of participants. after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the rock 'n' roll running series returned. a celebratory event almost took a devastating turn when a vehicle ran through a barricade at the first mile of the race. training participants, some of whom tried to intervene -- frightening participants, some of whom tried to intervene. >> we felt like another marathon -- things like this happen. dion: witnesses say the driver may have been attempting to get into their apartment building that was being blocked because of the race. they also said a passenger, a baby, and a dog were in the vehicle. police have not provided details about the incident. we do not know if anyone was hurt. just ahead, a heartbreaking -- a
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heart pounding rescue captured on camera. >> come on, we got you. we got you. dion: people passing by see fire and stopped to help. they find a 97-year-old woman trapped inside her burning home. you see what happened next. the woman who captured this moment did much more than just take video. and plans to make permanent and possibly expand a carbon on the streets -- a car ban on the streets in golden gate park. >> it is a sunny and hot and to the week, but in the days ahead we are tracking much cooler weather.
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dion: we take a look at this video where two men were passing a burning home on friday. they managed to rescue a 97-year-old woman a passerby capture the moment. -- captured the moment. >> we got you. dion: the woman who filmed the rescue also performed cpr before first responders took the men away. andrew wiggins, an hold out, was vaccinated today. wiggins will now be eligible to play than all games. he faced the possibility of not being allowed into the chase center where proof of vaccination will be required starting october 13 for any large event. new details on a plan to make car free routes in golden gate park permanent. officials announced the plan for
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banning cars on jfk drive between transverse and keys are drives. the proposals additional car-free streets. since the pandemic began, walkers and bikers have enjoyed jfk drive without vehicles obstructing it. officials say park visits have increased since the vehicle ban and the number of collisions is down. the castro street fair returned this year. all the entertainment, food, and fun was back, but this year the event also took on an important cause. >> and a lot of sunshine, 80's and 90's on our sunday afternoon. the days ahead, it turns much cooler, more october-like.
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dion: san francisco's castro street fair is back after a two-year hiatus.
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organizers were delightewith e turnout of the event, which is a cornerstone of the lgbt community. there was plenty of foot traffic to check out the booths as businesses began to build back after the pandemic in 2020. apart from the music and popular attractions, there was a serious note underlying this month's fair. development in the issue of bloody quality. >> a new fda advanced study to see if men can donate blood without being celibate for six months in the lgbt community. dion: great to raise that awareness. the study has already started and will continue for one year. shifting to the weather and lots of tank tops i see in that video. the weather just perfect. >> we had 84 in the city. warm to hot across the region. widespread 90's to round out the weekend. toward next week we will find much cooler weather moving in. this afternoon, a live look.
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we are fog free as we look along the coastline. there's a lot of haze, elevated smoke in our atmosphere. we are doing pretty good at in terms of our air quality in the north bay. we have fresh air but you look at places like the east bay and the south a, we have moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups, but air quality will be improving over the next several days. tomorrow we are more in the moderate category. fresh air begins to move in tuesday and especially by wednesday. mid week we have good air quality no matter where you live in the bay area. a hot end to the week. 91 in napa, 90 in san ramon. 90 in san jose. 90 in palo alto. a little bit of a sea breeze in the city. knocked down to 74 after hitting the mid 80's. overnight, or marine layer is very compressed. limited patchy fog.
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a lot of stars out and numbers falling into the 50's over the next 12 hours. by the we will see already warming into the 80's. tomorrow is a day of transition. the coast will be cooler, but still inland. we are talking temperatures in the 90. 66 in half moon bay tomorrow, cooler in the city. mid 70's for your monday. 80 for oakland tomorrow. warm temperatures in the east bay. 86 san jose. 88 the high in napa. by tuesday we all cool off as the better air quality move in. a fresh sea breeze kicks in. warmest spots by tuesday have a hard time even reaching 80 degrees. here is the seven day forecast. much cooler on tuesday. the cooling trend continues wednesday with better air quality.
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thursday, a lot of cloud cover. it's barely in the 70's in our warmest spots. early saturday, the chance of a shower. dion: we do need that rain. we will take it. once again back to chris alvarez. more in sports and of course giants. >> yes the giants. perfect weather. giants fans will remember this for a long time. they finally win the nl west. a franchise record 107 wins. the final out was sweet. my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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collects now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> welcome to oracle park. a historic and significant day in giants history. in 1951, the shot heard round the world. 2010, the giants won the nl west on the final day against the padres. history repeating itself here in 2021. let's go to the highlights from oracle park. it was loud, it was fun. the third base coach, give him a standing ovation. logan webb in postseason form. he struck out eight in seven innings. more from him at the plate in a moment. bottom three, buster posey opening the scoring. how about a two run rb i up the middle? you think the postseason run and this means something to buster, back in the postseason for the first time. five runs in the fourth.
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giants led 7-1 and the fans want to the west. logan webb wants a homerun. and there it goes. how about a two run shot? oracle park explodes. what a moment. this place was just electric all day. fans making their christmas wish list. they want more wins and a title. the strike out will seal the west with a franchise record 107 wins. here is a look at the celebration. time to pop some well-deserved bubbly. giants winning their first division title since 2012, their first postseason birth since 2016. >> what was that like and the crowd surrounding you? >> it was awesome. i keep saying, it is what we play for. it is the crowd.
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it was a special day. >> what did it take all your long to get this done? -- all the year long to get this done? >> everybody here has a high care level, they put a lot of work in an effort. we never gave up. this is just the beginning of what will pay off. >> the niners hosting the seahawks. jimmy garoppolo got hurt, so trey lance played the entire second act. the highlights from levi's stadium, always a rivalry matchup. the 49ers said it was a cap injury for jimmy g.. lance starts with -- on t t t kickoff return, fumbles once, tries to get back up, fumbles again. the seahawks recover, another score. 21-7 hawks. niners possession, lance finds a wide open deebo samuel of a nobody nearby. touchdown.
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the 49ers back in the game. 28-13. lance finds deebo. they made it a seven point game, but the niners do fall. not the best for the niners, but a long season ahead. the giants have a lot more to play. baseball starts friday in the postseason. dion: before we head to break, breaking news coming out of the east bay. a car apparently has slammed into a 7-eleven store just within the past hour or so. we do know right now. . seven people were hurt. it happened on east 14th street when apparently the vehicle went out of control. you see multiple ambulances rushed to the scene. all of those injured are expected to survive. that is the good news.
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dion: the roar is returning. preparations are underway for fleet week 2021. the event is back after being canceled last year because of the pandemic. there will be some adjustments, but the blue angels on the parade of ships will indeed return. the blue angels are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. events will begin with a concert wednesday and the air show starts next saturday and will run through the weekend. good to see once again. that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at
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5:00. we will see you back in 30 minutes. breaking tonight as we come on the air, a major oil spill off the southern california coast, devastating the iconic coastline and suffocating wildlife. local officials tonight calling the spill a potential ecological disaster. dramatic images showing miles of polluted ocean. popular beaches like huntington beach covered in black streaks. dead birds and fish washing ashore. at least 126,000 gallons leaking so far from a broken pipeline. crews today scrambling to contain the oil. people urged to stay off the beaches there due to the potential health hazard and to facilitate cleanup operations. the latest from the scene. also developing tonight, the vaccine mandate going into effect tomorrow morning in new york city, the nation's largest school district. what the city plans to do to
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fill staffing shortages as


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