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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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morning at 8:40, affecting apps like instagram, facebook messenger and even oculus. the internal can occasions platform was taken out and employees were having trouble using work issue phones. facebook has more than 60,000 employees worldwide, 17,000 here in the bay area. so why is this a big deal? facebook isn't just for sharing food and pet photos. the platform is used 200 million small businesses around the world. dion: the outage comes one day after whistleblower came forward to share her story. she claims facebook uses its algorithms to amplify hate and misinformation to extend user engagement. stephanie sierra joins us live in the newsroom with a look at what happens next stop -- what happens next. >> we spoke to a handful of experts who have done research studies and some who have
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testified about the company before the u.s. senate. these analysts were not surprised by the internal documents leaked and added that it proved what they feared all along. internal documents leaked from a facebook whistleblower revealed the company's own research new changes to its algorithms were incentivizing hatred and polarization. the tech giant facing accusations it did not take action to suppress the negative content over concerns it would hurt usage and dad revenue. >> the first signals began to appear toward the end of the three-year site. >> roger mcnamee meant toward mark zuckerberg and was an early investor in facebook. he authored a book criticizing how the company could have disastrous effects on our country. he said the first signals started to appear following the three years he advised him. >> i wish i had seen it sooner, but when i did see it in 2016,
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it led me to reach out to mark and cheryl in october of 2016 to warn them that i thought the culture, the business model and algorithms of facebook were allowing bad people to hurt innocent people. >> a former editor at large for techcrunch covered facebook for 10 years and said the leaked documents confirmed what he suspected all along. >> i don't think this is a surprise, it's just that the research proves out so much of what people thought -- that they spoke was cutting corners on moderation, giving vips and celebrities special treatment instead of moderating their posts. it would leave up content that blatantly violated its rules. >> the algorithm change incentivize hateful content to encourage political parties and news outlets to make angrier posts. addeho some parties shifting to make 80% of their posts negative.
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>> yes, facebook has invested a ton of money into hiring moderators to make sure the content on its platform is safe, yet it still says only 1% to 5% of hate and violence on the platform necessarily get taken down our actions by the company. >> we have reached out to facebook for multiple times but have yet to hear back. tomorrow, there will be a senate subcommittee hearing that will hear additional testimony from the whistleblower. experts tell us they are hopeful the process will lead to reforming federal data privacy laws. encouraging headlines and it comes to the pandemic. covid-19 appeared -- appears to be in retreat. the number of new daily cases in the u.s. has fallen 35% since september thirst -- september 1. thousands of new york city
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public school employees got vaccinated head of a mandate taking place today. 18,000 new shots were administered friday alone. johnson & johnson is officially seeking fda authorization for its booster shot. the company plans to submit paperwork this week the fda will meet on october 15. it has been four days since the vaccine mandate for health-care workers in california went into effect. luz pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke to the white house covid vaccines coordinator about what they have noticed since the mandate. >> the white house is more health-care workers across the country are choosing to get vaccinated, influenced by these vaccine mandates. in california, hospital staff members have until september 30 to be fully vaccinated. hospitals have the certainty their staff numbers are protected, on the other hand, they are experiencing staffing shortages. it's the first monday since the
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vaccine mandate in california went into effect and hospitals across the state are noticing the impact. >>se note at zuckerberg enroll hospital who remain off the schedule who either decided not to get vaccinated or did not report depaisostaus the vast majority of hospital workers who were hesitant to get vaccinated chose the vaccine. >> it pushed a lot of people who are on the fence in the direction of doing it. it said a good precedent for what we are about, which is focused first and foremost on patient safety. this is ultimately about patient safety. >> president biden's vaccination plan plans to mandate vaccines for almost a million people. >> if you work for institutions that receive medicare or medicaid funding, cms is working
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on a rule that would also require vaccines for those workers full top this covers 17 million workers in this country. >> the white house vaccinations core nader says they are tracking vaccination numbers and california and new york, where it is officially mandated for health care workers to be fully vaccinated. >> if you are a company with 100 employees or more, it's your responsibility to make sure everyone of these employees is either vaccinated or getting tested at least once weekly. the department of labor is working on that rule and it will become available in the coming weeks. >> ahead of the mandate, dr. caldwell was concerned an influx of hospital staff would leave, adding to the staffing shortage. but he is relieved knowing that his staff is protected. >> we are still struggling with a nurse shortage. everywhere is. i was very worried this would make it worse. it does not seem to have made it worse. >> we are also noticing how
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vaccine mandates are impacting staffing shortages. dr. caldwell says 18 months of the pandemic has exhausted medical workers who, in some cases, are leaving the industry as a whole. kristen: frustrated hospi frusti workers in antioch are taking their concerns about hospital staffing to the picket line. about 350 workers walked out today at sutter delta medical center. >> they walked out of sutter delta at 5 a.m., saying they just can't take it anymore. >> we have been working understaffed and with the pandemic and everything, it has been bad conditions throughout the whole time. we are trying to put our foot down and say enough is enough. >> as they walked off the job, the workers taunted people coming in on us, presumably replacement workers. jobs on strike include x
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technicians. >> the rns are still in there and support us as well. we still have a lot of helping out. >> in a written statement, the hospital asks by they took the negotiated deal to its members if it did not like the terms agreed upon. >> once they give us their last, best and final, we have to take that to our membership and let them vote on it and decide what they want to do. we brought it to our membership at our membership said this is not good enough. >> the hospital also said we value our caregivers and their continued commitment to compassionate patient care in the face of an unprecedented health crisis, which is why our proposed contract guaranteed pay and benefits that are as good or better than others in the area. seven other sutter hospital to prove this wind not and workers say they feel so strongly about it that they are willing to be on strike all week, protesting
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and picketing until 7:00 every night this week. they will be back on the job saturday at 5 a.m. dion: just ahead,, disaster. and oil spill still spreading in southern california. how it's affecting wildlife and what's next. plus the nobel prize -- in other bay area winner and the award that led to a big rate through. plus fleet we -- fleet week is back. the blue angels soared into the bay area this week. drew: we are tracking much cooler weather about to arrive. it's going to feel more like fall tom
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tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. it's good to be moving on. watch me. move, look, and feel better. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> september 2021 has been the most violent month of this year. scientists say we lost 17 lives in the month of september. kristen: oaklands police chief struck a somber tone discussing the latest violence in the city. education activist derek tillotson was gunned down in his own home. his wife was also shot but is recovering. police have not released a motive or confirmed any details. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. homicide detectives are calling
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on residents in the maxwell park neighborhood to share surveillance video. police say any evidence could help. that shooting is sending shock and sadness through the oakland community. laura anthony spoke with friends and colleagues who remember the man they say was a tireless advocate, especially for oaklands most disadvantaged students. >> this is a person that focused on students and equity, that focused on families. >> the oakland director of education is talking about derek tillotson, the tireless education advocate murdered by an intruder in his own home friday night. >> it's not ok that someone who has given so much to the community, so which to others had this happen to them. >> police say he heard a noise and went to investigate and was shot and killed by an intruder. his wife was also wounded but is in stable condition.
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investigators indicated the couple or their home may have been targeted. >> he was about internet access is an educational right. >> he was the founder of great school voices, nonprofit watchdog for quality and equity for oaklands schoolchildren. >> for me, the irony is he was such a giving person, had someone walked up to him and knocked on his door in the need somet would havend s given it to them. >> investigators returned to the neighborhood to talk to residents. >> right now, i don't want to be in oakland. we tried to work together as a community to keep crime down but we are not in control. >> a gofundme has been set up to help the family. that information is on our website, kristen: the family of an
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oakland man shot and killed by an fbi agent are looking for answers. a group called the anti-police terror project organized a rally on the steps of city hall tour member jonathan cortez. the agent shot and killed the 30-year-old three weeks ago today in a fruitvale district store. this as federal marshals served a warrant for a yet to be named person. >> they have been withholding evidence. they have not turned over any videos at all. he was shot one time. they said he had a weapon. if an individual had a gun, he would not have been shot one time. kristen: the a family -- the family is accusing the fbi of harassment, saying the officer attended his funeral interested to people there. we reached out to the fbi for a response for the allegations and we are expecting a statement any moment now. dion: we want to dive more deeply into the facebook outage today.
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joining us now is the editor at large for cnet. thank you for joining us. this outage lasted six hours or so. and to so many facebook apps at once. what caused it? >> it's still unclear. what we have been seeing from error messages people saw, it seems as though it might have been connected to what is called a dns, which is essentially the system that routes when you type in to their computer system so you can access photos and videos. it seems as though the whole system did not want to work for the last six hours. it wasn't just it was one of the world largest text messaging apps, and all of them were not working.
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there were reporters who indicated inside of facebook they were not able to access certain systems and even get in some of the doors. it seems like it was pretty bad all around. kristen: there are some conspiracy theorists saying there was an inside job. that's probably fueled by the fact that facebook is under a lot of pressure, the day after a whistleblower revealed -- and she is going to testify on capitol hill tomorrow, there are a lot of documents that seem to show facebook always put profits above people. so give us some specific examples of that. >> she came from the election integrity group which was a really important group during the 2020 election. this was supposed to be facebook's do over after really not doing well during the 2016 election. what ended up happening
4:18 pm
according to her and the report she did with 60 minutes was that they shut down that group essentially right after the election. they were like mission accomplished and wiped her hands. then we had the january 6 riots at the capital. one of the things she indicates is there are a common number of times facebook has been warned about problems, they have seen the problems internally, but instead, they end up not dealing with it and it is a constant problem reporters like myself and critics have said maybe facebook doesn't fully understand the problem. the data that she brought out and documents she took indicates they did. kristen: one specific example please. >> one of the biggest examples they pointed out was when it comes to how they handle young girls. on instagram, there's a lot of data they have seen now that shows young girls, a percentage
4:19 pm
of them actually feel worse about themselves when they have been looking through instagram. instagram is known for kind of feeling like a magazine. one of the things that is really key here is even though facebook sees these problems, they say we are trying to do our best, but we are not changing it that much. it's a constant conversation that keeps happening. same thing with hate speech. kristen: we only have 30 seconds left and i want to explore solutions. if the motive is providing them from taking the action, what can congress or any regulatory body do? >> they've got to force transparency. that's the thing researchers, experts and everyone else says we don't even understand how facebook works. doing us some of that insight could help a lot of people outside of facebook who are very smart, helped to start solving these problems. kristen: imagine if we got that
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data without a whistleblower being involved. appreciate your time and expertise. dion: getting to the weather -- no facebook, no instagram -- go outside. drew: look outside the window and see what's going on. what we are going to find tomorrow is it will feel a lot more like autumn. we saw a little cooling along the coast but a still rather hot day for many of us. here's part of the reason why. looking toward the north and west, the fog has return. it's an indication the onshore flow is deepening and that will bring widespread cooling. also better air quality. the worst air quality is in the central valley where we have unhealthy air quality from merced to fresno. a little haze in the atmosphere but all in all, our air quality
4:21 pm
will be improving over the next couple of days. by wednesday and thursday, with cooler weather, a cooler onshore breeze come we will be in the good category by midweek. it's not feeling like october for a lot of us. 86 in san jose, still 90, but even in the city, it's cooler compared to this time yesterday. the trend will feel more widespread tomorrow. tonight, coastal cloud cover and upper 40's. mid-50's first thing tomorrow morning for most of us. live doppler 7, a weak system moving into southern california. beach closures from malibu to long beach because of lightning strikes. we will get cloud cover, but we
4:22 pm
are watching a cold front that will usher in cooler temperatures over the next 48 hours. slower warming tomorrow and by lunchtime, only 50's and 60's around the bay shoreline. highs and microclimates, this will feel nice. along the peninsula, cooler and 74 in redwood city. downtown tomorrow, it will feel like fall. the north bay, refreshing onshore breeze, 75 in santa rosa. 72 in fremont. a lot nicer compared to today temperature wise. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast -- cooler air finally arrives, cleaner air midweek and it's cool for october. friday, the chance for a shower in the north they.
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looks like fleet week weekend is looking ok. kristen: fans -- the powerball jackpot is the biggest since january and it is big. tonight jackpot has swelled to $685 million. that would be a 474 million dollar payout. there's been no winner for the past 40 drawings. it's the eighth largest in u.s. lottery history in the sixth largest for the powerball game. dion: the planes and the ships are back. fleet week returns. kristen: another person with bay area set to head to space -- blue origin announces the rest of its crew for next week's launch
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kristen: that unmistakable sound means fleet week is back. the blue angels roared into the bay area today, making their return after last year's pandemic paused. oakland airport will be their home for the week. ursula set for thursday and then the airshow kicks off friday along san francisco's waterfront . fleet week events kicked off with free live music at salesforce park. there will be more free concerts tomorrow in hayes valley and garrett l.a. square. ship tourists are wednesday at
4:27 pm
peers 30 and 35 and airshow runs friday through sunday between golden gate bridge. the full list of events is on our website. kristen: it's official. we know who else's -- dion: it's official -- we know who else's heading out to space on a blue origin ship. william shatner will be on the next flight. audrey powers, who graduated from santa clara university is one of the people with bay area ties on the flight. last week the company announced a doctor taking part on october 12, a former nasa ames employee whose company is headquartered in san francisco. kristen: cleanup is underway after massive oil spill over southern california. what officials think may be the cause. dion: the
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announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> today to, we have collected three live oiled birds, one brown pelican, one american coot and one bloody duck. dion: a wildlife disaster in southern california. crews are trying to stop the oil from spreading after 144,000 gallons of crude poured into the pacific ocean. the pipeline has been capped and no more oil is leaking, but the ecological threat remains. morgan norwood has the latest from los angeles. >> crews scrambling to clean the
4:31 pm
blackened beaches and waters lining the stretch of california's's most iconic cities. >> this constitutes one of the most devastating situations our community has dealt with in decades. >> up to 144,000 gallons of crude oil gushed into the pacific early sunday morning forming and will sick -- oil slick 14 square miles in size, from huntington beach to newport beach. it smeared across pristine coastal wetlands. wildlife experts rushing to the area to save animals smothered in oil. >> it's much better than we feared, but typically, spills of this nature, we are here for several weeks to months. >> the leak started from a broken pipeline at the depth of less than 100 feet and four and a half miles offshore. according to an offshore
4:32 pm
document describing the response plan, a worst-case scenario was 3,000 barrels of spilled oil. predicting this weekend disaster with accuracy. data offshore pledging full cooperation as authorities investigate. crews deployed skimming equipment and booms to prevent the oil from spreading to a nearby ecological preserve experts fear that damage may be irreversible. >> dissolve in water, which is bad news for the fish. >> there warning people not to swim, surf, or exercise near that beach because of the health hazards. kristen: you cfs is celebrating one of its own for winning the nobel prize for medicine. dr. david julius specializes in physiology. he and another scientist are sharing the price for the research in receptors in our skin for temperatures and touch stop they have been looking into how are bodies since heat, cold
4:33 pm
and chemical irritants to improve pain therapy. he was quick to thank his colleagues and the university of california. >> i'm so thankful in this country we have public institutions like the national institute of health and uc system that provide funding to people like me who are just asking basic questions without knowing whether they will be useful or translational at some point. kristen: he says he was inspired to complete his research walking through a grocery store and seeing jars of chilly pepper sauces which made him think about the impact plants have on basic biological mechanisms. last year, the nobel prize for chemistry went to a cal biochemist for genetic technology. three cal students are discovering prize-winning work and be a springboard for new breakthroughs. david louis shows us how they are speeding up gene research. >> we were very disappointed.
4:34 pm
it was very disengaging. >> these berkeley grads jumped out to start latch bio. they recognized a need to accelerate the groundbreaking genetic research for which the nobel prize was received last year. >> we went for months on end talking to scientists, figuring out the problems, seeing where we could apply our technological savviness to give them solutions. >> they are dressing a shortage of -- >> the pace of biological data generation is starting to outpace our software's ability to comprehend. >> that can lead to delays of weeks or months. so they are developing code so biologists can work faster. >>
4:35 pm
working with different institutions will stop -- institutions. >> these can help us combat the climate crisis, defeat disease and malnutrition. while generating massive financial returns. >> the nobel can be a springboard for new adventures. dion: the cdc is out out guidelines about the holidays an every day in business brings something new. so get the flexibility of the new mobile service designed for your small business. introducing comcast business mobile. you get the most reliable network with nationwide 5g included. and you can get unlimited data
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kristen: time now for the four at four. the cdc is clarifying guinc fhe holida. th said its website had a technical update on friday and the recommendations are not up today it expects to issue new guidance soon, but did not say when. door celebrations are best and unvaccinated people should mask indoors. with halloween around the corner , one doctor says trick-or-treating is safe. what do you think? do you feel it's safe to do trick-or-treating or making thanksgiving or christmas plans? dr. fauci over the weekend said something about christmas, we don't know yet. so there was a lot of uproar.
4:39 pm
>> i think it varies from individual to individual. people are going to do what they want to do, even if the cdc's -- cdc says don't gather or do this, i feel like of my family members are vaccinated and it is a small gathering, i don't see the reason why we couldn't gather. but i certainly will not be going into a large crowd trying to do holiday celebrations. as far as trick-or-treating, i haven't thought that far. what do you think? dion: the cdc has not fully thought it through. i think we've been living outside relatively well because the data and sciences there showing transmission rates are so much lower, so i think it will take a little time. but we will see as we get closer. drew: small gatherings, everyone i'm having dinner with is vaccinated, so this threat is
4:40 pm
very low. 18 or 19 months into this, people are going to do what they are going to do. at this point, any guidelines, i'm not so sure people are going to read them. maybe i'm the cynical one but people have kind of made up their mind about this one. kristen: a box office is back in a big way, all of the box office is really. a pandemic record was set over the weekend with the venom sequel breaking $90 million. theaters set a new attendance record. a film consultant says it proves young adults are less did turn -- less deterred. do your kids want to go back to the theater? >> i know this sounds we watch movies at home and i think we as adults kind of crave
4:41 pm
that wanting to go back. but the kids are like we can't go right now. they are easy going about it and watching movies at home sort of helps them out. they will hit a wall because sometimes we tell them we are going into eat and they look at us why are we vaccinated? until the food arrives, just keep our mask on. there are some disagreements on what we should and shouldn't do with the younger population being a little more laid-back stop -- more laid-back. kristen: one festival is endangering wildlife. concertgoers are doing so many illegal drugs that traces from their europe -- from their urine is contaminating the river. they've found
4:42 pm
dna and it has been deemed harmful for our life, including a rare european eel. in some cases, the endangered eels were found hooked on cocaine which renders them unable to reproduce. i think what's weird about this is why his urine ending up in the river? drew: i never thought we would be talking about fish on molly at this point. i don't know what you do about that. any festivals, culture to many festivals -- i don't know what you do as people put these concerts together and how you stop people from doing certain things and then how do you stop urine from washing down into the rivers and streams. festival, there can be long lines. >> porta potty optional
4:43 pm
sometimes. i think that part of my life is over. [laughter] before we keep sliding down this slippery slope, amazon is out with a new way to send gifts, but is it a good idea? all you need to do is -- all you need now is an email or phone number. the recipient will get an email saying a gift is waiting and they will have the option to accept the gift. once they accept, amazon will charge your credit card. critics fear it's another way for scammers to harass people. what about an actual get -- gift wrapped present? >> i think that personal touch is gone and it opens the world to hackers. what you think? drew: living in the city, anything wrapped for christmas is key for anyone to try and
4:44 pm
take. it could be better for some people, ensuring the gift gets to somebody unscathed. i miss the personal touch of seeing a wrapped gift. >> as we all ponder that. it seems like it can be a two make sure they get it. some people do have the best touches and you do lose that, but i think it's just the times stop -- it's just that times.
4:45 pm
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dion: fit to put each bd lock down the dreams of california athletes on hold. he followed three student athletes for a full year to see how they navigated the crisis. kristen: their story is the subject of an abc streaming series. here's a preview. >> it's up to the lancer defense to show what they can do. they've got to hang on to the sleep. >> i've been working my whole life just to get to this point. >> stay off the quarterback. >> it would be hard because my family would have to pay for me to go to college. >> fourth down and 20. >> that was my only way out. >> throwing right in.
4:48 pm
>> it's all about you can be the biggest or strongest but if no one sees it, you won't get a shot. how can you get your shot if you never play a game? >> high schools across california, football stands are going to stay empty longer because of the coronavirus crisis. fall sports won't resume until winter. >> they will not be able to play games. >> the whole recruiting process has changed. >> they don't have a chance to be seen by college coaches. >> getting ready for a season that i'm not 100% sure is going to happen. >> less than 10% of players go to play sports in college. the biggest thing is do you want this and can you prove it? >> this year was supposed to be my most important year and i was devastated. >> women's soccer is so competitive. there so may people and things
4:49 pm
that are telling you it's not going to happen. >> covid actually caught me offguard. this year was supposed to be the biggest year. being recruited, a lot of things have to go right. >> everything is messed up. there's really no point. >> i would have never thought of football being canceled. >> coaches are giving up offers -- that's not really enough. >> it's their only escape out of some very difficult situations. they are getting lost. >> the lost season. >> this is my story. >> college sports is hard in normal times. in a pandemic, it's much harder. >> they would be going to camps, to tournaments, on the club side of things, baseball, softball, they are not able to do that and
4:50 pm
those that don't play club sports did not have a chance this summer to go to college camps or showcase events. >> we are not going to wait around and say because you didn't have a season, i'm going to keep these roster spots open. they are still looking for the best prospects they can find. >> everyone had a tough time but in norcal, it was really tough for high school kids. when covid-19 spread, 34 states decided to play high school sports. >> 16 of them delayed all or part of their seasons. california was one of those states that pushed it to spring. but california instituted some of the toughest covid restrictions we saw anywhere in the country and come on top of that, the san francisco bay area had the tightest restrictions of all. >> without film, without games come without anything to show scouts, students in the bay area were at an extreme disadvantage. >> we are sitting there going
4:51 pm
not only am i not getting exposure and i'm working hard on my own or possibly in bubbles with my teammates to get ready for a season i'm not 100% sure is going to happen. >> meanwhile athletes from other states had tons of films to put on because they were doing their games and practices almost as normal during the pandemic. >> bay area students just had to sit and wait and hope for an opportunity, just a shot to prove they could play. dion: that have been through so much. you can binge all the episodes on the bay area streaming up for your tv, for roku, amazon fire tv and android tv. kristen: if you are a hardcore athlete, you might have found this weekend a little hot to exercise. drew: by wednesday, it's going
4:52 pm
to feel more like october. we will find increasing clouds along the immediate coast line. 40's in the north bay. most of us will settle in the mid 50's in the morning. tuesday, noticeably cooler. we will rid ourselves of that 90 degrees heat. maybe 60's and 70's. this will feel nice and mid to upper 70's by tomorrow afternoon. future trak, temperatures by wednesday even cooler. thursday -- i think we are all stuck in the 60's, if not the upper 50's. that will feel more like november. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. cooler air arriving in better air quality. we will watch friday and saturday for an isolated showers , but it looks very isolated and drying out by saturday. kristen: dancing with the stars doing something it's never done before -- two dancers with covid still taking the
4:53 pm
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dion: coming up tonight, it's dancing with stars followed by the good doctor. then stay with us for abc 7 news abc 7 news at 11:00. a big night on dancing with the stars. tonight, we will see something for the very first time. cheryl burke and her, cody rigsby, will dance virtually and separately after both were diagnosed with covid. it is also brittany knight.
4:56 pm
as george put nokia found out, the stars are excited. >> i love britney spears. huge fan. >> i guarantee you will know every single song that's playing. >> hopefully she is watching and we can make her proud. >> it will be a night filled with the music of nice peers and the couples could not be more excited. >> i'm a huge fan. >> she's an icon, hence having brittany week. >> britney can do no w britney o she's so fun to dance to and to have her own night after everything she has been going through it just feels right. >> it's nice to have an evening where we celebrate her artistry and where she's at. everyone is excited. >> all through high school, i felt like britney was my bff in
4:57 pm
high school. amazing. >> i'm a huge britney spears fan. growing up in cleveland ohio, we had the senior lounge and anytime her video came on, the entire lunchroom stopped and everyone watch the video. >> i'm going to channel britney spears in everything i do but i do that on a daily basis. >> we are going to bring the look, the bod. >> he's going to do some pigtails. dion: very strong. you can see dancing with the stars at 8 p.m. right here on abc 7. you can always get live newscasts, breaking news, weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area news app on apple tv, android tv, and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and
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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ >> we spoke to community members about their fears and concern about this incident. >> a local activist killed in his home. >> a massive cleanup effort in the pacific ocean. what may have caused the oil spill and how it is affecting wildlife. >> pushing airlines to require covid vaccination or a negative test. travelers react. >> the hours long facebook and its services is resolved as the company deals with the fallout of a whistleblower going public. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> a growing number of cities are requiring proof of vaccination to dine in restaurants and participating in


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