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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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conversation tomorrow at 3:00 on . tonight, the facebook whistle-blower and what she revealed on capitol hill. frances haugen, a former facebook product manager leaving facebook with thousands of pages of internal documents, telling senators today, quote, almost no one outside of facebook knows what happens inside of facebook. tonight, you will hear what she told lawmakers, scathing allegations. among them, claiming the company's own research shows users respond to hate and anger. the more they see of it, the longer they stay on the platform and she says the more money facebook then makes on ads. and what she claims about children, young girls and what social media does to them. facebook reacting tonight and terry moran is standing by. major news tonight on the johnson & johnson vaccine and the potential booster, how soon? and what dr. anthony fauci said
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today about the idea of mixing and matching vaccines when getting a booster. new reporting tonight on the devastating oil leak off the coast of california. the governor declaring a state of emergency. tonight, the location of the leak now revealed. and the possible cause. and was there a delayed response? president biden in michigan, making the case on his inf infrastructure bill and on the larger bill with paid family leave, early education, expanding health care for seniors. and tonight, there are new signs that there's now been movement. progressives and senator joe manchin and what they're now signaling. cecilia vega standing by. gabby petito's family speaking out today. what they're saying to brian laundrie. and laundrie's own sister tonight talking to abc news. what she says about her brother and about her parents. and news tonight in a separate missing persons case we've been following here. the staggering cases of sex abuse within the french catholic church tonight. an estimated 330,000 victims
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over seven decades. in new york city tonight, the pictures. the fbi raiding the headquarters of new york city's police union and at the home of the union's president. the scare outside the supreme court. a suspect now under arrest tonight. and paying tribute to a late night voice you'll definitely remember. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. news on the johnson & johnson vaccine, the to ten sh booster coming, how soon. and what dr. fauci said just today about mixing and matching have a seens when it comes to boosters. but we are going to begin with that searing testimony on capitol hill. a former facebook employee telling lawmakers no one outside of facebook knows what's really happening inside facebook, saying the company systematically chooses profits over the safety of it users.
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saying hate and anger draws users in and she says facebook knows that, saying the longer you're on facebook, the more money they make and making the case that facebook will not change unless congress steps in. tonight, facebook now responding to this testimony. frances haugen, a data scientist who got her mba at harvard, testifying on the secrecy she says she saw inside the company and that facebook's choices are, quote, disastrous for our children, our public safety, our privacy and for our democracy. claiming the company's own research shows what users most respond to. what will keep them on longer. contributing to the divide in this country and contributing to facebook's bottom line. she also spoke of the dangers for children on social media and young girls. and what she says can lead to increased anxiety and depression over body image. tonight, facebook refuting haugen's claims, but tonight agreeing it's time for congress to act. abc's senior national correspondent terry moran leading us off from the hill again tonight.
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>> reporter: frances haugen, the facebook whistle-blower, painting a stark picture of a tech giant with tremendous power and little sense of responsibility. >> the choices being made inside of facebook are disastrous for our children, for our public safety, for our privacy and for our democracy. and that is why we must demand facebook make changes. >> reporter: haugen, a former facebook project manager, smuggled thousands of documents out of the company. internal research that she claims shows facebook knows the negative impact of its business model. haugen saying the more anger facebook users are exposed to, the more time they spend on the site and the more content they consume. and most at risk, she says -- kids. >> facebook understands that if they want to continue to grow, they have to find new users. the way they'll do that is by making sure that children etablish habits before they have good self-regulation. >> by hooking kids? >> by hooking kids. >> i would like to emphasize one of the documents we sent in on
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problematic use examined the rates by age and that peaked with 14-year-olds. >> reporter: some of facebook's own data, leaked by haugen, shows that instagram, owned by facebook, can be especially harmful to teenage girls. "the wall street journal," which published some of the findings from that leaked research, alleging that instagram made body image issues for 1 in 3 teen girls, added to feelings of anxiety and depression and even sent some toward eating disorders. >> here's my message for mark zuckerberg, your time of invading our privacy, promoting toxic content and preying on children and teens is over. congress will be taking action. >> reporter: facebook saying tonight haugen never worked on child safety for them or instagram. >> she misrepresented the issues that she testified about and, you know she didn't work on these issues at facebook and i think that she's mischaracterized a lot of the documents that she stole.
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>> reporter: and moments after the hearing ended, the company's head of global policy management tried to put that internal research that instagram may be harmful to teens in a different light. >> facebook's own research shows that instagram harms teenage girls. how could your company know that, do research on it and ignore it? >> first, that's not an accurate characterization. with regard to this instagram survey, it's a very small survey of 40 instagram teens who are struggling with mental health issues and they were asked their instagram makes things better or worse for them. and on all 12 issues, the majority of both boys and girls who answer these questions, said that instagram either makes things better for them or has no material impact. >> let's get right to terry moran, live on the hill this evening. and terry, facebook responding to this testimony today from this whistle-blower, claiming they've been trying to get more
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regulation for some time, in fact. i'm curious what is ms. haugen pushing for? >> reporter: david, she's calling for more transparency into facebook's data and decision-making, for more regulation, maybe a federal agency for social media and for reform of that section 230 prevoice that shields tech companies for liability for their content. facebook is also calling for congress to strengthen the laws around social media, but after today, they may not like what they get. david? >> terry moran following the hearing all day for us. terry, thank you. now to the pandemic in this country. major news tonight on the johnson & johnson vaccine and on their own booster. how soon could it be available? and what dr. anthony fauci said today about this idea of mixing and matching vaccines when getting a booster. he didn't rule it out. abc's steve osunsami at the cdc tonight. >> reporter: millions of americans who've gotten the sing single-doege johnson & johnson covid vaccine could be just weeks away from getting a second shot, a booster shot, from the drugmaker.
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the fda meets next week to review the drugmaker's data that they filed today, and the cdc could approve the extra shot soon after. >> we do know that a booster at two months increases the efficacy to very high levels, and we believe that a booster at six months would actually do even better than that. >> reporter: johnson & johnson says that a second shot of their drug about two months after getting the first provides 94% protection against similymptoma disease and 100% protection against severe disease. for now, americans are only encouraged to get booster shots from the same drugmakers who produced their original doses. but dr. anthony fauci says it could soon makes sense to mix things up. >> pretty soon, we're going to have the data that will be examined by the fda to determine whether or not it is safe. >> my body! >> my choice! >> reporter: americans resisting the vaccines are in some cases giving up their jobs tonight, as more employers make getting the shot mandatory, and the anger has led to a warning tonight from the department of homeland security, saying that domestic terrorists, including white supremacists, will likely "threaten violence or plot
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against health care personnel, facilities and public officials." our latest polling shows that there's also a sharp political divide. 30% of republicans say they're definite ly or probably not getting vaccinated, compared to 4% of democrats. over the weekend, senator lindsey graham, a republican, felt this first-hand at a republican fund-raiser. >> if you haven't had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it because if you're my age -- >> no! >> i didn't tell you to get it. you ought to think about it. >> no! >> well, i'm glad i got it. 92% of the people in the hospitals in south carolina aren't vaccinated. >> no! >> reporter: the holidays are just around the corner and dr. fauci is telling parents and children, for example, to take extra precautions during halloween, to wear a mask, which should be easy, given the holiday. he says the key is to take extra care when you find yourself around someone who isn't fully
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vaccinated, but to otherwise enjoy thanksgiving and christmas with family. david? >> steve osunsami from atlanta tonight. thank you, steve. now to new report, tonight on that major oil spill off the coast of california. tonigt, the governor has now declared a state of emergency and tonight, the location of the leak now revealed. here's our chief national correspondent matt gutman on the scene again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the coast guard announcing they have found the exact location of the still spreading oil leak in that pipeline off the southern california coast that's led the governor here to declare a state of emergency. officials say divers and remotely-operated vehicles found a nearly mile-long section of the pipeline bent and moved 105 feet and in that section, a 13-inch cut in the pipeline. >> it has bowed out in a curve, if you will, about 4,000 foot of that section has bowed out. >> reporter: about tonight, we know from official reports that on friday and saturday, as jets
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buzzed and swooped over a billion spectators at the pacific air show, that oil spill was rapidly spreading, just yards from shore. but questions about the coast guard's response to this spill rising after official reports obtained by abc news show a ship anchored off the coast witnessing an unknown sheen in the water near their vessel at 6:13 p.m. friday. that ship called in the report two hours later at 8:22 p.m. six hours after that, a noaa satellite image showed an anomaly that was dark against its background with sharp edges. roughly the size of new york's central park. noaa said with high confidence it was oil. but it wasn't until the next morning at 8: 55 a.m., more than 12 hours after that first call, that amplify energy reported a spill, saying it had shut its pipeline. >> we weren't aware of any oil sheens or issues. >> reporter: david, this is the busiest port in the nation.
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just minutes ago the coast guard telling me they are looking into the possibility that one of these massive ships anchors dragged that pipeline. whatever it was, it must have been enormous to have pulled that concrete incased pipeline, a mile-long section of it, nearly. that is the coast guard also telling me they are expecting that oil to continue to move southward, all the way to san diego county. david? >> all right, matt gutman there in long beach tonight. matt, thank you. now to president biden in michigan today, making his case on his infrastructure bill and on the larger bill that includes paid family leave, early education, pre-k and expanding health care for seniors. and tonight, signs that there has been some movement here. the progressives and moderate senator joe manchin appearing to get closer on a price tag. here's our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: president biden today taking his sales pitch on the road, hoping to sell his sweeping domestic agenda to union workers in michigan. >> these bills are not left versus right, moderate versus
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progressives or anything that o. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. they are about opportunity versus decay. >> reporter: but for democrats in congress it is exactly moderates versus progressives. and now, after weeks of infighting, both sides closer to compromise on the president's sweeping plan to cover everything from universal pre-k to climate change. the initial price tag was $3.5 trillion. sources tell abc news that during a negotiation, president biden proposed a significantly lower number between $1.9 and $2.2 trillion. the leader of the progressive caucus, congresswoman pramila jayapal, responded she would be willing to drop to as low as $2.5 trillion. and on the moderate side, one of the main holdouts, west virginia senator joe manchin, not now ruling out a deal in the new range the president has proposed. >> we've been talking about it, everyone is talking, we're still in negotiations. >> reporter: president biden calling that good news. >> it sure sounds like he's moving, i hope that's the case.
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thank you. >> well, we'll see. day by day. cecilia live at the white house tonight. and cecilia, as you know, both sides have indicated in their own ways here that they want to pass these bills. it would seem at this point it's now about getting to a number they can agree on. >> reporter: it is exactly that, david. and the president is expected to hold more negotiations with members of congress in the coming days. but in the bottom line on that number, david, it's not going to be the $3.5 trillion that president biden wanted. the big question tonight, what stays in this final plan and what goes? today, david, the president wouldn't say where his red line is. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. next tonight here, gabby petito's family speaking out. what they have to say to brian laundrie tonight. and then laundrie's own sister now talking to abc news about her brother and about her parents. here's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, nearly three weeks into the all-out manhunt for brian laundrie, gabby petito's parents losing patience. >> turn yourself in. >> turn yourself in. >> turn yourself in.
3:45 pm
>> why? >> we want to know the truth. because if you truly loved her, you should turn yourself in. >> you're only making it worse. >> reporter: petito's father says he believes laundrie is in hiding. >> do you believe he's hiding somewhere? >> i do. >> why do you believe that? >> because he's a coward. >> reporter: brian's sister, cassie who spoke exclusively to abc news overnight, says she doesn't know where he is and if she did, she would turn him in. like gabby's parents, she wants answers, even from her own family. >> i don't know if my parents are involved. i think if they are, then they should come clean. >> reporter: the attorney for brian's parents, chris and roberta laundrie, stating in part they do not know where brian is, and any speculation they assisted brian in leaving or avoiding arrest is just wrong. calls to brian's phone now go directly to voicemail, cassie says, and she's now concerned for her brother, but she wants the petito's to know she is doing everything she can to
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help. >> i've been co-operating so everyone gifts answers. we feel for them. >> and victor, we know there's also news tonight on another case we've been reporting on here, the story of maya marcano? >> reporter: david, today, a medical examiner confirmed that a body found in a wooded area in orlando is, in fact, 19-year-old miya marcano. she had been missing for a week. tonight, her family is demanding justice. david? >> just an awful conclusion, but i'm glad we're on record for that family. thank you. tonight, the staggering new report just out. cases of sex abuse within the french catholic church,en estimated 330,000 victims over seven decades. by clergy and by lay people associated with the church. most of the abused were boys aged between 10 and 13. victims groups tonight are calling on the church to acknowledge its shameful secrets. when we come back on a very busy news night, the fbi raiding the home of the union president.
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here in new york city tonight, the fbi raiding the headquarters of the nypd sergeant's benevolent association. federal agents executing search warrants at the union office and at the home of the union president. two sources tonight telling abc news the investigation concerns expense reporting regularities. and news tonight about that scare outside the supreme court today. capitol police arresting a man in a suspicious suv parked outside the court this morning. that man refusing to get out of the vehicle, telling authorities, quote, the time for talking is done. police pulling him out after about an hour. no weapons found. the court session was not interrupted. when we come back tonight, a voice from late night remembered tonight. and you'll surely recognize it. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... flare-ups, (cough cough) which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups.
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tonight, in south fulton, georgia, 6-year-old kendall ray johnson telling us she's been gardening half her >> and just listen to how proud she is of her bell peppers. >> this is a bell pepper. it's a bmazing. >> dad doing the trimming. >> this is my dad trimming some of the okra. say hi, dad. >> hi! >> children all over town come over to learn how to garden. >> i can pick one? >> and the new honor. the state of georgia honoring kendall rae for her work. officially naming her the youngest certified farmer in that state. >> my garden is my favorite part of my house. i grow carrots and they are delicious. >> and she's not alone. chirp across this country determined to be the future farmers of america. in wisconsin, 500 fourth graders
3:58 pm
from d.c. everest school district spending their days at farms, learning from high school students. >> i learned all about cows at the farm. we got to see bunnies and horses and ducks. we got to pet the bunnies. bye, david! >> little haley sharing her love of gardening, farming with kendall rae. and tonight, kendall rae's mother. >> her mission is to meet new friends, make new things and to inspire other kids. >> she's inspired us. kendall rae, haley, all of our young farmers, can't wait to see what you grow. good night.
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announcer: this is abc 7 news. >> the choices being made inside of facebook are disastrous for our children, our public safety, our privacy and our democracy. they want you to believe this is just part of the deal. i am here today to tell you that is not true. >> a facebook whistleblower claiming the bay area tech giant is putting profits ahead of everything else, including your health and children. thanks for joining us. kristen: you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00 live here on abc seven, hulu and wherever you stream. >> facebook stock actually up today following the whistleblower and the outage. kristen: facebook is headquartered in menlo park but has offices around the world with more than 60,000 employees. larry: today's hearing
4:00 pm
highlighted harmful effects the social media platform is having on youth worldwide. joining us live in the newsroom with even more allegations. >> we learned one of the tens of thousands of internal documents released allegedly proves mark zuckerberg chose strategies proven not to be effective when it came to instagram's negative impact on children. the testimony clearly highlighting the company needs more transparency and congressional oversight. >> trust is earned. facebook has not earned our trust. >> frances haugen testified before a senate subcommittee, accusing the tech giant is morally bankrupt. alleging the platform weakens our democracy and harms youths. >> kids are saying, i am unhappy when i use instagram but i cannot stop. >> a study conducted by faceboo