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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  October 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: it wa it wa it wa it wa ita giants were hoping for. giants were hoping for. the dodgers' offense got going in game 2 at oracle park. with the series now tight, the nlcs shifts to l.a. good morning. it is sunday, october 10. this is abc7 news at 9:00 a.m., live on abc7, abc7news.coms.comm wherever you stream. the game did not turn out how we wanted but the weather to -- turned out night. lisa: yes. but we have a critical when advisory tonight. there is a look at the system to
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the north that will be influencing us, but right now, you can see a layer of low clouds. 60 in oakland. 54 and oakland hill p there is fog out there. onshore flow still with us with numbers in 50 in santa rosa, mid-50's to upper 50's in our england east bay. we are watching the winds today. they will shift to a northerly component paper for they do that, high-pressure is nestled in, so we see upper 70's to near 80 today inland care than low 70's around the bay. still cool and getting breezy at the coast, but tonight, the winds will pick up and be gusty all day tomorrow, bringing have -- bringing relative humidity down. the temperatures are coming down as well. liz: thank you. dry winds could lead pg&e to turn off power to 44,000 customers to prevent a wildfire. here are the counties on notice about possible public safety safety power shutoffs. this would be tomorrow morning.
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the alert covers a total of 32,000 -- 32 counties. >> this would be a small event. although we are talking 32 counties, many of these have fewer than 100 customers that would be affected. in total, it would be less then 1% of our customers. liz: pg&e has meteorologists mes monitoring the weather, and the plan could change. the utility sent a notice to customers who could be impacted, and a second notification will go out later today. the giants and dodgers are headed to l.a., tied at a game apiece and their best-of-five playoff series. the dodgers lasted the giants 9-2 last night. the giants will now need to win at least one game at dodger stadium to ensure there is another game at oracle park. >> the dodgers just swung the bats better than others, made more pictures, made more plays
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than us. as we have done all season long, we will turn the page and get ready for an off day, and off they of preparation, and get ready for game 3. >> that has been the story of the year. they have not gone away, we have not gone away. it will be a battle all the way to the end. liz: gabe kapler announced that alex wood would start in game three. that dodgers will counter with their a's, max scherzer -- ace, max scherzer. giants fan started the night with high hopes and expectations. they left sad but optimistic about the team that won the most games in baseball this season could make a comeback. his pain you has the luz pena has the story. luz: they are tied, and now this rivalry is more fired up than ever. >> we took game 1, and that is all that mattered. >> it is painful, but there are
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two more games to play. oraclearans selling at the giants' home for two straight playoff games. >> i am born and raised in san francisco i feel like i've been waiting 34 years for this moment. >> in the crowd, best friends who witnessed baseball history together this weekend. you have been friends for 30 years and you have never brought him to a playoff game? what happened here? >> i will be honest, i have not even brought him to a regular game. [laughter] luz: this is the best one to bring him to. >> yeah. luz: outside the ballpark, joe, who was left waiting with a fishing pole for a homerun. >> i just cast this out when a ball falls in the water. luz: this fan drove 11 hours to be here with her team. >> it is all about respect to the dodgers. luz: and megan, who kept score
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until the very last minute, hoping she could catch any mistakes. >> this is the best part. luz: what is it? >> evil, hated dodgers. luz: daniel is not losing hope. he is leaving room for another championship ring. >> we will put rings all the way around the bottom. we are looking for more. luz: the giantsnts the dodgers monday. now this series is officially tied, and they will need to win 2 of the next three games. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. liz: san francisco city hall is in the playoff spirit. this is a look at the dome last night. you can see it is lit up in orange. the sky matches. both clearly say go giants. meantime, the fleet week airshow and the blue angels returned to
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the bay area. the legendary airshow was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. this year, people are making up for it. massive clouds are converging, and things are finally looking up. here is cornell barnard. cornell: the stars week air show needed no introduction. the amazing blue angels roared over san francisco. the crowd of spectators looking up in amazement. >> they are pretty awesome. ever since i was a little kid, watching them being on the playground, it is great to see them back again. cornell: lamar had a front row seat from the aquarium of the bay. step planes opened the show, along with the navy's parachute team. and check out this united jumbo jet barnstorming the bay. >> oh my goodness. my heart is going to be for san francisco now. cornell: another thing hard to miss -- all the people.
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thousands are expected in san francisco this weekend, and by the looks of it, they have arrived. the crowds are downright pre-pandemic. >> it makes me nervous with the amount of people, but past that, i am certain a lot of people are vaccinated, and it is nice to see people out and about. >> so nice to see people out today and so happy to see our world is getting back to normal. >> this is a much bigger deal than the fourth of july. cornell: the san francisco belle sold out for lunch. last year, there was no cruise and no airshow. >> it is exciting to be recovering from the pandemic and getting ourselves back in business and back on the water. cornell: the blue angels giving us a major finale. cornell barnard, abc7 news. liz: see more fleet week performances
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from the comfort of your home, head to our website, we have full highlights from the show plus the parade of ships. if you would prefer to see it in person, such a fun thing to do today, we have the entire schedule of events posted on our website as well. any events in san francisco are bringing an influx of people taking public transportation. ryan curry shows us how busy yesterday afternoon was. ryan: it is amazing what a difference a year makes. at this point in 2020, bart and muni was relatively empty. that was not the case yesterday. >> we tried to beat the crowds, but i think we were just barely in front. ryan: saturday's fleet week activities ended about two hours before first pitch. that made the stations crowded. >> this time, everyone is headed
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in the opposite direction, going to the game. i think it will be great. ryan: passengers say was the preferred way to get around town. >> it is the easiest and most efficient way to get here hasslefree, no parking, no worries. ryan: bridget lives in the city and says she did not want to bother driving to the game. she says traffic would be too packed. >> we had to buy a car because of covid, but we would never drive it down here. ryan: to give you an idea how busy san francisco is this saturday evening, up the road from oracle -- our studio is up through roof from oracle park. a rideshare alone with cost about $25. but many are still happy to see san francisco holding events again. >> there is barely any room to walk or sit down, so it is great. great for the city, great for the environment, great for everybody. ryan: ryan curry, abc7 news.
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liz: alright, let's get a check outside today. another nice day. lisa: it is, but we do have coastal fog, though. a beautiful shot here. this clears and we are left with plenty of 60's on the coast, but it is getting windier later in the day. enjoy today. it is the warmest day we will see for a while. but we have a wind advisory and a red flag warning to pass along, next. liz: also ahead, a scary scene at a new york airport. why passengers had to deplane while still on the runway. and godzilla gourds. and godzilla gourds. the the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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where you don't have to think about anything, you can finally enjoy everything. come aboard a dacrui with pri. visit or call 1-800-princess. liz: a frightening scene at new york's laguardia airport yesterday. passengers had to deplane while still on the runway because of a potential security issue. >> what if that guy had something? liz: the american airlines
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flight was evacuated in response to reports of suspicious and erratic behavior by a passenger. the plane made an emergency landing. law enforcement took the passenger into custody for questioning. nobody was hurt. hundreds of southwest flights were canceled from coast-to-coast yesterday, leaving many stranded passengers wondering what the actual reason is. air traffic control said disruptive weather is the main cause of all the flight cancellations, but a bloomberg report to just the airline's pilots may be boycotting the company's vaccine mandate. the southwest pilots' association asked to temporarily block the vaccine mandate. southwest -- and the white house says 7 million vaccine doses were administered this past week. that is the highest number of vaccination since the beginning of july.
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nearly 66% of americans eligible to get a shot are fully vaccinated. according to the tsa, more than 2.1 million people travel friday, marking one of the busiest days at america's airport since the beginning of august. the city of santa clara is honoring front-line workers with the 60 second annual parade of champions. the community showed up for this event that featured custom floats and marching bands. it was to celebrate the dedication of the city's service workers during the pandemic. >> we have sony different kinds of heroes, police, fire --this is very inclusive today. this is just reconnecting with what is good in the community and all the good that happened in the community this year. it is pretty joyful. liz: the event first began in 1945, when the community welcome home -- welcomed home world war ii veterans. this is the first time the parade of champions was held since 2019. in an effort to keep oakland's
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chinatown safed, pepper spray was handed out to the public in a distribution event. the event gave people the opportunity to pick up the self-defense tool. they also provided instructional classes on how to properly use it in response to the increase in violence seen in the area, especially against elderly people. >> you can walk around chinatown and see a lot of ordered off places, not because they are closed but for safety. that gives you one indication of the amount of fear in chinatown. liz: pepper spray was donated. and when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc -- abc7 news is helping you find resource in your community. happening today, growers will gather in half moon bay, helping give people something to talk about in this year's world
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championship way off. there will be a special vip party for the growers. tomorrow, they will bring their gourds to be weighed. this year, the prize is increasing by two dollars a pound to $9. $30,000 will be awarded if a pumpkin breaks the world record. this year's pumpkin festival will not happen. the city council denied the event permit. and you pointed out it is very likely going to be hard to be that record because a lot of the pumpkins will be much smaller this year. lisa: yes, you couldn't water as you usually do. we have a day to prepare for gusty winds. because there is so much drought in the bay area, some of the trees ready to come down, the limbs, so with a windy day ahead, you may want to check that out around the neighborhood and maybe even power up some
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generators, because we could be seeing some power outages in preparation for a windy day. red flag warning and winter advisory all happening late tonight. there is a look at the system to the north. it has been cold. 53 right now in the city. 60 in oakland. mid-50's in morgan hill. many locations in the 40's this morning. santa rosa was at 40, so good recovery at 50 right now. 54 in nevada. 62 by the del cerro. looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50's in the inland east bay. noticing the blue sky here, pier 39, a nice day before the wind kicks in later this afternoon. a little bit of fog, sunny, and windy later. red flag warning and a wind advisory depend during -- depending where you are. then the wind spreads all across the bay area.
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in the milderay in sa francisco before about 4:00 when the windt guy. thng onhis is pretty good. they would have some problems if it is as windy as it gets tomorrow today with the blue angels, so that is good news. here is the winter advisory. what is included is not only the city of san francisco, san mateo, big sur, monterey -- everyone will be looking at strong north and north easterly winds. you can see the winds already kicking up from 22 to 37 miles per hour, getting a bit breezy in our inland valleys. but look what happens as we get into early monday morning -- over 40 mile-per-hour guests here coming out of the north, so mount saint helena, mount diablo , over the east bay hills. the oakland hills very dusty as well as mount hamilton. over 40 miles per hour in spots. throughout the day tuesday, they
9:20 am
begin to relax, but our red flag warning and winter advisory will go until about 5:00 tuesday. here is a look at the relative humidity, which is typical for an afternoon in october. we gained relative humidity overnight, so that is the good news, but look what happens as we get into late tomorrow. 13% in napa. 17% in san jose. the wind -- bad combination. 72 in oakland and fremont. 75 in san jose. the accuweather 7 day forecast, today is sunny and nice to the wind kicks up. then the red flag warning and winter advisory late tonight through tomorrow. the wind will relax a bit tuesday, but notice the temperatures drop dramatically monday. tuesday, wednesday we are below average. then we get back to near 80 inland. thursday and friday are quite warm around here. we could see gusts over 60 miles an hour in the upper elevations. liz: we will be on the lookout for sure. thank you. just ahead, let them play.
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liz: the 2020 pandemic lockdown put the dreams of thousands of student athletes on hold. many faced a tough decision -- fight for their dream or give up. abc7 followed a group for an entire year to make a new streaming series, "the lost season." >> let the kids play. >> let them play. >> you need to let them play. you need to let them play now. >> right now, our kids are in an underdog world right now in california, so about 3 million kids have not played since march 12. any message you would like to send to these kids battling through this time? >> it is absolutely probably one of the toughest things they have gone through. when you already 14, 15, 16, 177
9:25 am
years old, it is tougher. you do not have a life experience to deal with it. i want to let all those young student athletes know there are a lot of people who support them. ♪ >> 10,000 letters and signatures were delivered, asking governor gavin newsom and legislators to allow youth and high school sports to start immediately. they say data and science demonstrates it is safe for them to play. >> outdoor sort -- exports are safe for kids. outdoor sports do not spread the virus. >> we are not going to stop. we are full speed ahead until you guys are bouncing their basketballs around and you guys are playing. >> after months of debate, a major announcement many families had been waiting for. >> we are now confident, with new guidelines today, we could get youth sports moving again in the state of california -- with, as always, caveats. >> we started this quest with 3
9:26 am
million kids on the bench, and today, they are all off the bench. ♪ liz: you can binge all five episodes of "the lost season" right now on the abc7 bay area streaming app for roku, amazon fire tv, our board -- apple tv, and android tv. it is our first ever san jose sharks still -- skill showcase today. players will compete in a variety of skill challenges to wrap up the season. the sharks' roster will be divided into two teams, and whichever team ends up with the most wins will be crowned the first skills showcase champion. tickets cost $15 per person. parking is free. if you go, you must you -- s proof of vaccination. minnesota has a new way to
9:27 am
celebrate olympic champion suni lee. her grandparents commissioned a statue of her kissing her medal. the mural reads a quote from her. we love her. a new law involving vaccination sites. the protection passed in california after a protest that went viral. and a top facebook executive response to the whistleblower who testified on capitol hill last week. what the social network's vice president of global affairs as the company is planning to do. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco
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if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: good morning. thanks for joining us here on abc7 news, live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we start with another look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: it is beautiful.
9:30 am
lots of sunshine and temperatures are warming up in some neighborhoods. a look at emeryville, where we are well in the 60's. 65 in san francisco as well as half moon bay. upper 50's in the south bay. there is a look at santa cruz. 58 there. temperatures have recovered nicely. into the 50's and 60's by the delta. we do not really have to talk about the wind today. they are like. high-pressure building and will allow for quicker warm up. the oranges warming into the low 80's by the delta. by this time tomorrow, we will be talking about strong northerly winds. in fact, the wind will even pick up along the coast later today, so we will talk about how fast those wins will travel and the relative humidity is going to plummet. we have a red flag warning that goes into effect tonight in the upper elevations, coming up in a few minutes. liz: thanks. not to the pandemic.
9:31 am
the number of covid-19 cases continues to drop across the country, as is the number of pediatric cases in the hospital. this comes as the number of people traveling goes up. ty hernandez reports. -- tai hernandez reports. tai: the number of people traveling is on the rise. the tsa screened more than 2 million people. just 65% of americans are now fully vaccinated. >> some communities are really well vaccinated, then there are pockets of places -- the virus is going to go there. tai: the white house reported 7 million doses admitted in the last week. vaccine mandates continued to go into effect. in washington, seattle police officers have until october 18 to submit proof of vaccination
9:32 am
or face the possibility of getting fired. more than 200 officers have not done it yet. meanwhile, the number of pediatric cases of the virus is declining, but some children's hospitals are reporting an uptick in cases of mis-c, a rare pediatric inflammatory system that causes inflammation of the heart, lungs, and kidneys. >> we know the delta variant has really impacted kids more than previous waves have done, and so it is not that big of a surprise, a couple weeks after your first couple cases of covid coming in, you start seeing mis-c cases role in. tai: children under 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine, but that could change soon. pfizer requested emergency authorization of its vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. liz: blocking a vaccination site or harassing people there is now against the law in california.
9:33 am
governor newsom signed a bill making it a misdemeanor for protesters to physically interfere with vaccination efforts or harass or intimidate people at clinics. the bill was in response to protesters briefly shutting down a mass vaccination site in january. this applies to all vaccination sites, not just those for covid-19. a bill that would have criminalized jaywalking did not get the governor's approval. you noted the most populous state has the highest number of pedestrian deaths. supporters of the bill say the crime is arbitrarily enforced, most often against people of color. newsom said he would work with lawmakers to come up with a law that addresses the unequal enforcement of jaywalking laws while still keeping pedestrians safe. in nancy pelosi met with pope francis at the vatican. the house speaker presented him with some gifts and appears to even get emotional at times during her visit. pelosi arrived in rome earlier
9:34 am
for a summit, and president biden is expected to meet with pope francis in the coming weeks as well. the meetings come with a little bit of controversies. some church leaders have said neither should receive communion because of their views and supporting abortion. facebook's vice president of global affairs is responding to the whistleblower. he says facebook is trying to make itself more transparent. lastly, former product manager frances haugen testified about facebook's alleged harmful effects on democracy and children. she said the company puts profits over people. in an interview, the vice president was asked if the company would make changes after that testimony. >> we understand, with success, comes responsibility, scrutiny. that is why we are there for silicon valley company to set up an independent oversight board that independently adjudicates
9:35 am
on these typical -- difficult content decisions. liz: he also says the company will soon provide new parental tools for facebook and instagram. now to the massive oil spill in southern california. ntsb investigators are expected to review a section of the pipeline to determine when and how the leak happened. the pipeline may have been struck several weeks ago. as many as what -- 110,000 gallons of oil may have spilled. they did find a split in the pipeline several miles offshore. investigators are looking through a year's worth of data and images to get a better picture of what went wrong. and fans of the hit series "wandavision" mason get a split off of the show. ♪ disney pluses reportedly
9:36 am
planning a series that follows the character agatha. the series will be a dark comedy. it is currently in development with the "wandavision" show runner. disney is the parent company of abc7. ahead on abc7 mornings, theater is starting to return. one of the first is a mashup of 1980 high school movies. one of the stars of "brat pack" joins us live. and beautiful throughout the city. beautiful weekend. fleet week and the giants game, the italian
9:37 am
9:38 am
liz: welcome back. something so many of us missed is live theater and performances this last year and half. finally, that is starting to come back. one of the first shows to open in san francisco since the
9:39 am
pandemic is an immersive musical called "brat pack." ♪ >> ♪ i notice much is cruel ♪ liz: if you recognize that song, it is because "brat pack" is a mashup of 1980's movies and soundtracks, including "the breakfast club" and "ferris buehler's day off." joining me now is -- tell folks more about the premise of the show. it is really an original concept. >> thank you so much for having me, first of all. the show is pretty much a mashup of a bunch of popular 1980's films and music. if you're thinking "reference club," "pretty in pink," "say anything."
9:40 am
the premise is that these characters are the archetypes of these movies -- a princess, a jock, basketcase, geek follows these characters but kind of their different iterations through these different films. liz: my fiancé, who loves 1980 films, was like that is from this movie and that is from this movie -- it is so fun, as you are watching, to place these different moments in movie history. you played contest, the molly ringwald character. how did you tried to channel molly in your performance? >> i have loved playing the princess. i think it is really special that this whole cast -- most of this cast is with the ipoc, andd i feel honored to play this character that you would not usually see as a brown person, so that is exciting for me.
9:41 am
even if these characters are archetypes, in a way, i think there is just so much more nuance, and i think because princess is the princess from several different movies, she is so much more complex than if she was just the princess from "the breakfast club" or "pretty in pink." liz: and something else i was told is you are all local, yourself included. how has this past year been for you, your cast members, the whole arts community -- do you feel like it will make a full come back? >> it is -- has definitely been difficult, kind of losing the arts side of myself, and i am sure for all the other cast members during this pandemic. there has been a lot of zoom theater, different forms of online theater, but it is just not the same.
9:42 am
being able to come back and do this live show with these amazing and talented folks -- it is just such a big, intense, fun show, and it is exhilarating to be able to come back from -- come back to theater and do this specific show. i think theater will definitely make it come back soon -- i am hoping. liz: it is one of my first live show since pre-pandemic. you are up on your feet dancing at the end, singing along. it is the perfect comeback show. i am curious how familiar you were with these 1980's films and the so-called brat pack before taking on this role and is there one that resonates with you most? >> i think the movie that resonates with me the most is "the breakfast club," which i think is kind of the thread of this whole play. i think because "the breakfast club" -- the movie's original
9:43 am
intention was to lock in on these archetypes, and then find a way to have them come together and realize they do have similarities and can get along, so i really enjoy "the breakfast club." liz: me too. i hope a lot of people can check you out. you do a wonderful job. we got all the goodie bags with cocktails -- it was great. >> thank you so much for having me. liz: thanks. you can catch may ramos and "bratpack" at the nikko. get your tickets. you must show proof of vaccination to attend. lisa, you ready to rock out to some 1980's? lisa: oh yeah, are you kidding? good morning. a look at a somewhat hazy golden gate bridge. but we are looking at sunshine and light winds now. that will change later. temperatures will climb through the 60's.
9:44 am
a beautiful day on the way. if you will be in this area late in the afternoon, it will get dusty. i will have details on that. a red flag warning and a wind advisory, next. liz: the dodgers even up the nl liz: the dodgers even up the nl ds with age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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or online at liz: welcome back. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. love seeing these clear blue skies. it looks beautiful. perfect day for fleet week. in honor of tomorrow's national coming out day, there party in san francisco at district six san francisco. fans will be able to have the opportunity to enjoy great food, watch the game on multiple giant l.e.d. screens. there will also be giveaways and raffles at the end of each quarter. and there will be a drag queen
9:47 am
halftime show. doors open at 11:30 this morning. in sports, the trade area trey lance makes his start against the undefeated cardinals. kickoff is at 1:25 this afternoon. tomorrow, the nlds series between the giants and dodgers shifts to let you here is abc7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning. after a 4-0 giants win in game 1, game 2 featuring plenty of offense, and unfortunately for the giants, it was the blue crew breaking out the bats. plenty of those orange rally towels. top two scoreless. the giants walk a man to get to picture julio urias. -- p
9:48 am
a.j. pollock keeps the line moving. how about a two r.b.i. knock to left? leon frustrated as the dodgers continue to score. bottom six, giants trying to rally. brandon crawford, rb i single to right, but mookie betts -- look at this thorough to third. wilmer flores is out. that ends the inning and the threat. 6-2 after seven. catcher will smith takes zach patel deep in the sixth. a frustrating that for the giants and their fans. the dodgers win 9-2 and even the series. game three monday in los angeles. >> it is tough to get a handle on why we are not scoring more runs of these games, something for us to keep thinking about.
9:49 am
>> we are still feeling good about herself -- about ourselves. it is a tough team, obviously. you just got to go out and get them. >> it is a good feeling. interesting how the narrative changes from game to game. right now, it is a three-game series. we have home-field event -- advantage. i like where we are at. >> i thought kevin battled all night and got momentum back in our dugout. again, they are a tough team. they are never going to go away, just like we are not going to go away. unfortunately, things swung their way tonight. chris: the 49ers visit the arizona cardinals later tonight. -- suffered a calf plays like this did not help. somehow he came right in and continued to play. the niners put him on injury reserve with the expectation he will miss three games.
9:50 am
the feeling that if he kept pushing to play, that calf would bother him all season. that is you look at sports. liz: and let's get a check of the forecast. another really nice day today. lisa: it is really pretty out. we are watching a system to the north of us that will influence our weather, but the rain -- precip will be in the form of snow in the sierra nevada that is like tahoe and yosemite. they saw some with this past system, but for us, it means wind, and we will get a taste of that later on today along the coast. by 11:00, upper elevations will be getting quite windy with a red flag warning beginning that really encompasses a large area. oakland, 62. upper 50's in san jose. plenty of 40's out there early this morning.
9:51 am
50 in santa rosa. 62 by the delta. mid-50's and livermore. and a look outside here, where we have a lot of sunshine. there's just a little bit of fog right along the san mateo coast. sunny and windy later on here again. looking at t lag warning and the winter advisory starting tonight, going through about tuesday in most locations. lots of sun for the blue angels. low 60's in the next few hours. upper 60's by 1:00. 4:00, it gets windy. then tonight, north and northeast winds 15 to 30 miles per hour, gusting over 50. this includes through big sur and monterey. back home locally, 20 to 45 mile per hour winds, tonight close to 50 mile per hour winds. look how the wind over spreads the entire bay area tomorrow afternoon. a dusty, windy him afternoon.
9:52 am
the winds will stay up. they relax a little overnight that eventually late in the day tuesday, they will come down. in the meantime, they dry out the atmosphere. this is what a regular days kind of like -- 30%, 40%, 50% relative humidity. overnight, up to 70% in the city, then we are dropping to the teens, about 10%, int int single digits in some upper elevations. in fremont, about 14%. you throw in some wind there, and it could be a recipe for fires or those drought-stressed trees and limbs that could come down with gusty winds. red flag warning 11:00 upper elevations, then it spreads to the entire bay area through tuesday, and that relative humidity creating that very dry atmosphere. throughout the day today, we are warming up in the east bay with 80 in concord. 75 in san jose. upper 70's in san rafael.
9:53 am
temperatures along the coast are warming up, but then the wind kicks up through the afternoon. with the onshore winds yesterday out of the north, and as they get stronger, we will see the gusting.y ea sait, featuring 60's along the coast, 70's along the bay. near 80 inland. then we get to our winter advisory, our red flag warning through monday. the, temperatures drop -- a good six degrees inland. it will be cool and blustery through tuesday. then the wind lightens up. less wind and still cool wednesday, probably the coolest day of the week. turning warmer thursday. and with another high-pressure ridge building in, we have october warmth and near 80 around the bay. by thursday and friday, 70 at the coast. it will warm right back up
9:54 am
again. throughout the next 24 to 36 hours, dry and getting very gusty out there. liz: we will be on top of that this week, obviously something we need to watch. next, san francisco's first in person parade since the start of the pandemic returns. where you can check out one of the city's let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure.
9:55 am
59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪
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liz: here are the winning numbers from last nights $31 million powerball drawing. 12, 17, 30, 45, 62. powerball number 5. nobody matched all six numbers. tomorrow night jackpot increases to 38 million dollars. happening today, it is not just fleet week attracting big crowds. the italian heritage parade returns today. it will be san francisco's first. back in person. mayor london breed state representatives will be there. it is at the foot of jefferson and powell street at fisherman's
9:57 am
wharf and and that north beach at washington square. this is the 153rd italian heritage parade. it will be a nice day, much different than days ago. lisa: there. good morning. looking at a nice day with temperatures from the low 60's half moon bay to the need to in oakland. 80 in antioch. then the winds kick in later on today. it will get windy at the coast. have a wind advisory tonight as well as a red flag warning. upper elevations first. it will last through tuesday. liz: thank you for joining us here on abc7 mornings. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 have a great day. ♪
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