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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 12, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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$1.5 million. he is fine. he will be all right. jobina: look at the birds. test.for our viewers in the wes this tuesday morning we're here together to talk about the wildfire emergency right now. a california inferno tripling in size in just 90 minutes, fierce winds up to 70 miles per hour fueling the flames and flipping semi trucks. the mandatory evacuations under way and the red flag warnings right now. deadly plane crash. new video of the terrifying moments on the ground. >> is anybody in the house? >> destroying two homes and the u.p.s. delivery truck, plus the harrowing moments right before the fatal crash. >> climb immediately. climb the airplane. >> the investigation this morning. southwest struggle. new questions this morning after the airline stranded thousands of passengers coast to coast.
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did the airline's vaccine mandate impact the travel nightmare? southwest east ceo gary c. kelly joins us live. submarine secrets. the navy engineer and his wife caught up in an fbi sting trying to sell technology to a foreign country set to face a judge for the first time this morning. breaking overnight, super bowl winning coach jon gruden leaving the raiders after reports about a trove of emails with racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments. the reaction to the nfl shake-up this morning. miraculous homecoming. the little boy lost in the woods for three days back with his mother this morning and the moment she met the good samaritan who found him, only on "gma." an abc news exclusive. the mother who jumped down a manhole to save her 2-year-old son. >> i need someone to come. there's an open manhole. >> she's telling her story for the first time. scam u. the new warning about qr codes
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found everywhere from restaurants to retlers to flyers. how scammers could be using them to steal your personal information and your money. ♪ what a feeling ♪ and what a feeling at fenway. >> here comes santana. the red sox have won the championship series. >> the red sox clinching their spot in the next round with the walkoff win. boston popping bottles and soaking it all in. ♪ take that passion and make it happen ♪ ♪ you just come alive ♪ we do say good morning, america. great to be with michael and george. you know the feeling. what is it like with that champagne in the locker room like that? i mean -- >> fantastic. nothing like it. we're going to pop some bottles after the show today. we'll re-create it but the red sox, i doubt they've gone to bed after that big win celebrating, of course, heading to the next round. it's a lot of excitement in october over baseball and a lot
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of excitement in boston right now. >> we'll have more on that coming up. we'll begin with the wildfire in california. it is growing fast forcing evacuations. matt gutman on the scene with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. the wind has been the story. the gusts up to 50 miles an hour. all of that has been fueling an explosive fire so far, going from about 50 acres nine or ten hours ago to over 4,000 acres right now. you can see all that fire causing the embers to shoot up in the air. that's causing new spot fires. couple hundred firefighters on this already. they have bulldozers out here. what they have not had are firefighter aircraft because of the wind. the iconic ronald reagan ranch is being threatened at this point. the major concern is this will leap over the 101 freeway which
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is shut down going both ways. some good news. this fire and the wind is set to die down in the coming hours. robin? >> all right, matt. thank you. we turn now to the fatal plane crash outside san diego. two people killed and two others hospitalized when the small plane went down in a residential neighborhood destroying two homes and a u.s. delivery van. will carr is on the scene for us. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. residents here say that this explosion was so violent they thought that there was an earthquake. that plane came crashing down into the u.p.s. truck behind me, then skidded across this street and into that home. you're about to see the heroic effort that residents in this neighborhood made to pull the homeowners out that have home while it was burning and while this entire block was on fire. >> hey, it looks like you're descending. i need to make sure you are climbing. >> reporter: air traffic control recordings capturing the final moments of the twin engine plane that crashed into a populated neighborhood.
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>> low altitude alert. climb immediately. climb the airplane. maintain 5,000. expedite climb. climb the airplane, please. >> is anybody in the house? >> reporter: as the fireball shoots into the sky watch as those nearby race to save the residents who live in this rn smoke, the neighbors first pull a woman out of the side window then surrounded by explosions -- >> it's jet fuel in there. >> reporter: -- they rip down part of the fence helping the woman's husband to safety. >> arms were burnt, hair singed. fire was just getting bigger and bigger. the smoke was super dark gray. you wouldn't see through it. >> reporter: michael keeley was one of the first to help. did you give any thought to your own safety? >> no, i just did what needed to be done. somebody needed help right there. i was going to do as much as i
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can while i can. >> reporter: given that there is a small airport nearby witnesses say the plane did not have its landing deployed when it crashed into this u.p.s. truck. >> literally like an airplane from the movies when you hear it goes like -- and you can hear it banking and then all of a sudden it's like, boom. >> it's like a bomb went off. is there another one? where do i go? where do i hide? what do i do? >> reporter: the initial impact killing the u.p.s. driver. >> that driver has been our neighborhood driver for years. like everybody knows him. he's been a part of our community and when i saw his truck that's what hurt the most. if he was in there, there was no way he made it. >> reporter: the plane skidded into the homes just down the street from a packed high school. >> not to be too graphic. it's a pretty brutal scene. >> reporter: this morning u.p.s. has released a statement saying it is heartbroken for the loss of its employee. this story both tragic and heroic. amazing to see people from this neighborhood race up to that
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home, put their lives on the line to save those two home owners. michael? >> all right, will, thank you. now to the travel chaos. southwest airlines coming off a difficult holiday weekend, canceling thousands of flights. the ceo of southwest is standing by to talk to us but first gio benitez is live in el paso, texas, with more on what went wrong. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. after three intense days of cancellations, we are still seeing problems this morning. hundreds of thousands of passengers affected since saturday. this morning, the cleanup after 2,300 canceled southwest flights in just three days stranding passengers from coast to coast. >> it's been very frustrating. >> we all saw those long lines at airports across the country. the slew of unclaimed luggage over a denver international airport. roommates jillian and heather were in austin for a wedding but when their flight was canceled they had to drive all the way back to virginia.
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>> we've never experienced -- i've never personally experienced anything where an airline wasn't able to at least get us on another flight even the same day. so i think it's really -- it was really surprising and we had to quickly jump up and figure out a solution. >> reporter: southwest was the only airline dealing with this many cancellations this weekend. now blaming the issues on the weather and what it calls other external constraints. some online speculating that crew members were protesting the airline's new vaccine mandate but the head of the southwest pilots union knocking that down with us. is this about pilots who don't want to get vaccinated? >> it's absolutely not. they are out there taking care of our customers and they're working on their days off and that's what our pilots are known for. >> reporter: even the faa making an incredibly rare move, posting this tweet, to be clear, none of the information from southwest, its pilots union or the faa indicates that this weekend's cancellations were related to vaccine mandates.
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instead, the agency and the union say planes and crews were out of place. >> until the company makes some changes in how they're doing business internally and scheduling our pilots, we're going to continue to see the problem. >> reporter: and fixing this problem isn't like flipping a switch. we are still seeing cancellations today about 90 flight, but, george, that is a lot less than what we've seen over the past few days. >> okay, gio. let's bring in the ceo, gary kelly. gary, thanks for joining us this morning. how is the situation today? >> thanks, george. it's great to be back. well, yeah, things are much improved today and essentially all this starts with a series of faa florida delay programs on friday. about half of our airplanes touch the state of florida. orlando as an example had a ground stop for seven hours, so it just put the airline way
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behind on friday. so there were no atc issues over the weekend. that's absolutely true, but i think any industry expert knows that it takes several days if you have that large of an impact on the operation to get the airplanes where they need to be and then to match the crews up with that and i completely agree with captain murray, our people are doing a phenomenal job. they're working very, very hard and, of course, i want to apologize to all of our customers. this is not what we want, but unfortunately just takes a couple of days to get things back on track. so things are much smoother today. we have a few more cancellations than we would normally have, but things are pretty well back to normal. >> i know spirit has trouble as well. but it seeps like southwest really bore the brunt of this. why southwest?
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>> well, i think it's what i said. over half our fleet touches the state of florida. we have a linear route system. we're just different and, you know, i can't really speak to what their issues were or weren't. everyone was impacted on friday and everyone was impacted in a very big way. >> seeps like a lot of people invested in this idea that this is somehow related to vaccine mandates. >> there's just no evidence of that. you know, as i said and as captain murray said our people are working very hard. they're doing a great job. i'm very proud of them and especially when we get into a difficult situation like this, they're also delayed and ending up in places that they didn't expect. so, no, our people are doing a phenomenal job, and the vaccine mandate obviously is controversial, and it's not anything that i wish for our company. this is a government mandate. it's a presidential order and we're doing our best to comply with that according to the deadlines that have been set.
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we're not going to fire any employees over this. we're urging all of our employees to get vaccinated. if they can't get vaccinated we're urging them to seek an accommodation. so, you know, we'll do everything we can to support our people here. >> are you going to need to add employees to deal with the holiday crush? >> we're definitely hiring employees. you know, the pandemic has been tough on the world. it's certainly been tough on the airline industry and on southwest so we're still making adjustments. we've moderated our flight schedule to match up with our staffing. absenteeism is higher. in some ways because of covid and quarantines, and it's just a more difficult working environment for people out there. so, again, we're doing everything that we can to serve our customers very well and also take very good care of our employees. >> gary kelly, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. >> robin? now to the latest in the submarine spying case.
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a u.s. navy engineer and his wife caught in an fbi sting accused of trying to sell secret information on america's nuclear subs to a foreign power. the couple due to make their first court appearance this morning. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the case. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. here at fbi head quarters because the case involved military secrets is being treated seriously. neighbors of the couple telling me this past weekend when the couple was arrested there were more than 20 fbi agents descending on their street. this morning, federal prosecutors are asking that jonathan toebbe and his wife diana be held without bond before their tri flee. stunned neighbors of the suburban couple say if the allegations of trying to sell military secrets are true, they're disgusted. >> i was shocked, very shocked, disappointed that someone would betray the country, very disappointed. >> reporter: according to the
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fbi, the toebbes reached out to an undisclosed country in april of 2020 allegedly pitching the elaborate scheme. the message included sensitive information about the design of the virginia class nuclear submarine which utilizes the latest in stealth technology at a cost of $3 billion each. >> some of the most closely held technology and the deepest secrets that the u.s. government has. >> reporter: toebbe, a nuclear engineer working for the u.s. navy with a high security clearance allegedly left computer files at secret dr drop-off locations in three different spots and was creative at one point leaving the files in a peanut butter sandwich and chewing gum package in another. his wife, an annapolis schoolteacher sometimes serving as a lookout but the drop-offs were part of a sting operation by the fbi who learned about it when a source turned in the couple.
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the couple is due in court later this morning as prosecutors lobby for them to be held without bond. the fbi says they had passports and an escape plan was in place. guys? >> all right, pierre, thank you. michael? now we turn to a heartwarming homecoming. after a 3-year-old texas boy was missing in the woods for three days was released from the hospital. marcus moore has the latest. >> reporter: michael, good morning. for the first time since he vanished on wednesday 3-year-old christopher ramirez will wake up at home with his family. we were there when his mother met the man who found him in the woods. this morning, a wave of emotion br mndrateful mother meets a miing -old s >> tnk you. onizinhrishr [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: until a landowner found him saturday morning. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> reporter: he and his mother returned home waving to the media and well-wishers, a local sheriff surprising him with a gift. it's my honor to pin him a junior deputy badge. >> reporter: the little boy reaching out to kiss another deputy. christopher went missing after chasing a family dog into the woods sparking a frantic around the clock search. then on saturday tim found christopher in a thick wooded area five miles from his home and alerted police. >> he is alive. he's thirsty. he's with his mother and he's going to the hospital. >> reporter: tim describing the moment to abc news. >> christopher, is that you? and then he -- he speaks again, i'm like, whoa, you know, like praise god. >> reporter: christopher's mother said she never lost hope thanking everyone who joined in the effort to find her son. and after this incredible ordeal i asked the sheriff if this is case closed. he said, no, that federal and state authorities are finishing
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up their investigation. he maintains he believes there was no foul play in this case. and, guys, everyone just happy that christopher will wake up this morning together with his family. >> glad the little one is home. thank you, marcus. we turn to an incredible day and night in boston, yes, the magic of marathon monday filled fenway. the fans fueling the red sox for this thrilling victory against the tampa bay rays clinching their spot in the alcs with a walk off sacrifice fly from kiée hernandez. bottom of the ninth. it was truly electric. love to see grown men acting like that. the assistant gm saying the stadium has been louder than the 2018 world series. >> that's saying a lot. >> a lot of good fans up there. we have a lot coming up here on "gma," including the breaking nfl news overnight, raiders head coach jon gruden is out. we'll give you the fallout. our exclusive interview with a hero mom who jumped in when her toddler fell down a manhole.
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but first, good morning, ginger. >> good morning to y'all. i will never forget that story. that manhole story gets you. i can't wait to hear that but i have to show you we had six reported tornadoes. illinois took the brunt of this and you can see it right there, spinning across the land, thankfully the damage was relatively minor but you go to interstate 90 in montana on the back side of the next storm and you have heavy snow. talking up to 20 inches in some places in some of the higher elevations that fell already and we're not done. this storm has the potential to carerom ka down to woodward, oklahoma, today into tonight. and on the back side of it very heavy snow. let's get that tuesday trivia now sponsored by walmart.
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we have more on former raiders coach jon gruden when we come back. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays.
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i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. >> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. jobina: the chp is investigating a deadly crash and alameda county that happen on a whiny section of redwood road. this is a stretch often used to travel between oakland and castro valley. officers say it found the car 10 feet off the pavement. the driver was the only person inside. the chp expects to release an update later today. sue: always tough to look at that. 880 in oakland, the northbound direction, an accident with two lanes blocked near 16th. you are still stacked up. 580 would be your best alternate
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lisa: elevated fire concern today as a red flag running continues through 5:00. in santa rosa, when protected area only 43 degrees. everyone gets much cooler tonight. breezy to windy. livermore, gusts to 35 miles an hour. temperatures once again held down to the mid 60's to upper 60's. under this cool air mass. dry conditions throughout the afternoon. we relax the winds tonight with a chilly evening and we start out with a relative human duty and warmer by the end of the week. jobina: coming up, the mother who jumps down a manhole to save
7:27 am
her two-year-old son speaks out for the very first time. we will have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes.
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♪ step in tim ♪ step in time step in time step in time, never need a reason never need a rhyme, step in time ♪ welcome back to "gma." the stars dazzling the ballroom for disney night on "dancing with the stars." that's spice girl mel c. channelling the one and only mary poppins. thankfully no one eliminated and more disney fun tonight. coming up, another spice girl will be here, victoria beckham, she's going to join us live in times square. >> she's going to be inside of our studio. right now outside of our studio, wonderful how many people are coming back here to times square. number 22, emmett smith, the jersey. can we get a shot of her?
7:31 am
it's her birthday. >> doesn't matter. >> we're trying so hard. >> yeah, the jersey is throwing us off. even our cameraman can'tou, da el we'll get that. i cannot believe you said that. >> i love dallas. i love emmett smith, just not after they beat us. >> do we have it now? there we go. yeah. see there, michael. it's her birthday. it was really sweet because everybody gets to know each other and start singing happy birthday. i said, do you know anybody? she said, no. that's the bond out there. >> that is very sweet. following a lot of headlines including a wildfire in the west fueled by wind and it is growing fast from 50 acres to nearly 4,000 in just hours. also right now the texas governor to ban vaccine mandates. the governor has said the
7:32 am
covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus but says it should remain voluntary and never forced. much more on the pandemic and boosters coming up in our next hour. also the coroner will host a press conference for a ruling on gabby petito's autopsy. the 22-year-old's body was discovered last montana camping area near grand teton national park. her boyfriend, brian laundrie, still missing. "jeopardy!" crowning a new champion. the second longest winning streak in show history coming to an end. our friend, matt amodio losing after 38 consecutive wins but don't cry for matt. he walks away with about $1.5 million. >> wow. >> the third most money in regular season play. ken jennings of course still holds the record for longest winning streak at an apparently untouchable 74. matt was a good sport about all that. >> yes, he was. we have a lot more ahead including our exclusive with the hero mom who rescued her toddler from a manhole just in the nick of time. and we also have the new warnings about qr codes and phishing websites. what you can do to help protect yourself.
7:33 am
that's coming up. michael? now to the breaking news in the nfl. former super bowl winner jon gruden out as head coach of the las vegas raiders after racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments were found in his emails and t.j. holmes is here with more. t.j., this sent a lot of shock waves around the nfl. >> it did, stra. most of what's in the emails we can't repeat here on the air and we can't show you. we're talking about slurs directed at the nfl commissioner, slurs in reference to gay players being drafted. pictures of half naked cheerleaders. we're talking about mocking female, female referees, mocking players who protest. yes, all this from a guy who is not just one of the highest paid coaches in the nfl, not just a super bowl winning coach, but he has been one of the most influential members of the nfl community for decades. jon gruden abruptly resigned overnight as head coach of the las vegas raiders. this was just hours after a
7:34 am
bombshell "new york times" report revealed his repeated of aberrant language in emails dating back a decade. "the new york times" writes gruden casually and frequently unleashed misogynistic and homophobic language over several years to denigrate people around the game and to mock some of the league's momentous changes. while working for espn, gruden reportedly called nfl commissioner roger goodell a, quote, clueless anti-football expletive and referred to him using a homophobic slur. one of gruden's players carl nassif, one of the first openly gay players in the nfl. >> in the emails, the conversations that evoked these vulgarities were about openly gay players being drafted or playing, about protesting during the anthem, about player safety and concussions. about women referees. >> time-out. >> reporter: in a statement
7:35 am
overnight gruden said i love the raiders and don't want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coach, staff and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. even before the latest revelations other gruden emails were already in the spotlight. "the wall street journal" reported that he used a racist trope to describe demaurice smith back in 2011. gr gruden acknowledged to the athletic his language went too far. he also addressed the comments at a press conference last sunday following the raiders' loss to the chicago bears. >> i'm not a racist. i don't -- i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologize again to d. smith, but i feel good about who i am and what i've done my entire life. >> reporter: smith later tweeted this is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less. "the new york times" called the emails an unvarnished look into
7:36 am
the clubby culture of one circle of peers where white male decision makers felt comfortable sharing pornographic images and jocularly sharing homophobic language. gruden who won a super bowl with the buccaneers in 2003 was one of the highest paid coaches in the nfl signing a ten-year, $100 million contract with the raiders in 2018. >> probably that is the end to what at one point was a storied nfl career as a super bowl winning coach, a famed monday night football broadcaster, the man that led the raiders into las vegas, a great football career ending in this way. >> and to be clear here this was not one email that included a lot of insults. this was a seven or eight-year stretch of emails from him. now, people ask who in the world was he talking to this
7:37 am
comfort ab comfortably that he would say these things. bruce allen, the former president of the washington football team. they were being investigated for workplace toxicity by the nfl, also an email to co-founder of hooters, another executive with a restaurant chain in tampa and executive that used to run a college bowl game. so they were on the emails and the nfl initiate change. right, they inspire change initiative. the focus is to together create positive change in communities across america. female referees, the players wearing patches on their helmets, inspire change, all of this is happening out front and behind the scenes -- this is not just some guy. this is an influential member of the nfl who is speaking behind the scenes as the antithesis of everything they're trying to put out publicly. that is a problem for the league. >> absolutely. well said, t.j. >> appreciate that very much. >> you got it. abc exclusive now with the hero mom who saved her toddler after he fell into an open manhole cover. the mom speaking for the first time. stephanie ramos joins us with that. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning.
7:38 am
this little boy was just out here playing with his mom when all of a sudden he disappeared falling into this manhole. his mom jumping in right behind him. >> the fear is, dear god, let him be okay. it's let my child be okay after all is said and done. >> reporter: this morning a mother speaking out for the first time since this frantic 911 call. >> henry! henry! henry! >> 911, where is your emergency? >> i need someone. i need someone to come. there is an open manhole. >> reporter: jennifer marrow stepping back into that local new jersey park to take us through what happened. >> it was a thursday. it was 10:30. i can remember it and will remember it forever. >> reporter: she said she was playing catch with her rambunctious 2-year-old son henry when he disappeared in an instant. >> i just know that he was there and then he was gone. >> there's an open manhole in union, new jersey.
7:39 am
henry! >> ma'am, give me an address. ma'am, what's going on? >> my son fell in an open manhole. >> reporter: her son falling into two feet of moving water below. >> when i couldn't see his face anymore i got in and crawled down the pipe till i couldn't see but then his head went under and i couldn't see him. so i had to pop back up and turn on my flashlight and when i got him, i lifted him up and pushed him over the edge and like rolled him. >> we're on the tennis courts. the child is out. he is conscious and alert. >> reporter: those moments after captured on this body camera video by new jersey fire units arriving on the scene. >> she jumped in to get him. >> there was no other option. there was no other choice. there was no waiting. i think any mother wouldn't have waited. >> reporter: just incredible. thankfully mom and son are doing okay.
7:40 am
officials say flooding from hurricane ida may have generated so much pressure in the underlying sewer that it blew off this manhole cover. officials say they have checked the area. they have checked local parks to make sure manholes are covered so that this does not happen again. guys? >> it's got to be bad. okay, stephanie, thank you very much. coming up, our new series scam u and new warning about qr codes. you see them everywhere. we'll tell you how scammers are taking advantage of it, trying to steal your personal information and your money. ♪ ♪ ♪
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back now with a new series called scam u. what you need to know to avoid the latest scams. this morning we're taking a look at qr codes and how they can be used to steal your personal information or your money. janai norman has the details. >> good morning, janai. >> good morning, george. we see these pixelated squares just about everywhere. easy to use, open your phone camera quickly redirected to a website or place to make a payment. experts are warning not to scan just any qr code you see. qr codes, a common sight at restaurants and retailers. from contactless payment to menus but some experts warning you should be careful when using them. the better business bureau says scammers are creating their own qr codes and putting them on everything from flyers you may get in the mail, sometimes even putting stickers over legitimate codes in stores or on menus. >> one of the ways that scammers
7:45 am
are using qr codes is directing you to a phishing website that collects your information. >> reporter: like in that looks legit but experts say is fake and after your personal info and money. to show what could happen if you click on a bad website linked to a code, we enlist the help of mark ostrowski. >> i created this one here. >> reporter: i scan the code just as i would at a restaurant or store. >> see where it takes you? >> reporter: it takes me to a site that looks completely legit and asks for my information to complete the payment. >> credit card number again if you were at a restaurant and paying or something, you put this in. >> makes total sense asking for your ccv code. >> reporter: after i hit send, thank you. thanking me for my purchase. me, as a consumer, i think i'm all done. >> information went where it was supposed to go and in this scenario just sent an email to
7:46 am
me, all the personal information i would need maybe to assume your identity somewhere else. >> so what are the concerns with qr codes because qr codes themselves aren't a problem. it's where it leads you to. >> exactly. so qr codes themselves are totally secure, but where the qr code takes you or who is creating it for malicious reasons creates the scenario we went through where it's redirecting you somewhere you shouldn't go. >> mark warns there's even more information collected any time you scan a qr code. >> you didn't know behind the scenes you're sharing information like what city you're from, what pages you clicked on, even as much as what browser you're using. >> even a menu? >> even a menu. there's lot of the information in these codes when you scan them. what can you do? experts suggest not scanning just any qr codes outside of businesses just to play it safe.
7:47 am
there are a number of clues to make sure the numbers weren't tampered with. look for to see if there's anything misspelled or punctuation off or check the url or whether it has extra words in there. you have to be that much more careful. i would have never thought about this. >> thank you for the heads-up. >> have to look up the menu online before you get to the restaurant. >> or the paper menu. >> old school, okay. coming up later, amazon's big announcement about work from home. we'll be right back with that. it may not be music to your ears, but as long as it's music to theirs. bring the volume back to the venue with exclusive ticket access to unmissable events. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. ♪ ♪ irresistibly smooth chocolate.
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>> building a better bay area. using forward, finding solutions. jobina: good morning. sue: we do have this mess over in oakland. the accident was near 16th northbound and has been cleared and we are starting to recover slightly and slowly. our alternet was 580, but take a look at 580 now and it is jammed as well. lisa: a red flag warning continues today. look how windy it is. 54 at half moon bay. mid-60's with gorgeous views in santa cruz. tonight, when the winds relax, it is going to be chilly out there. right now, winds up to 30 miles an hour in livermore.
7:57 am
concord is pretty breezy. over 33 miles an hour. jobina: coming up, victoria beckham is live in times square talking family, fashion and much more. we will have another update in about 30 minutes. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. wildfires in the west. a california inferno triples in size in just 90 minutes. fierce winds up to 70 miles an hour fueling the flames. the mandatory evacuations under way. amazon's big announcement about work from home. a major change from its previous policy. what's behind the decision? and what it could mean for your job. lego letting go of gender stereotypes. how the world's largest toymaker is working to be more inclusive and following in the footsteps of other popular companies. the science of you. the technology that could help us stop sabotaging nutrition goals and may give critical insight into how what you eat impacts your body in realtime.
8:01 am
and posh up your life. victoria beckham is live on "gma" talking fashion, family and beauty. she's joining us in times square and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ >> good morning, victoria beckham. thank you for starting your morning with us, and we are excited to have her. she is involved in so many different projects. >> yeah. she does a lot of good stuff and she does it all well too. coming up, we have the new real estate trend. friends teaming up to become first time homeowners together. is that how you could get in on the hot real estate market? what you need to know before you and your friend put down a down payment together. >> a lot, i think. >> yes. >> we have more on that coming up. first we have a lot of news to get to starting with the wildfire emergency in california. it's growing fast due to powerful wins. matt gutman on the scene. good morning, matt. >> reporter: george, good
8:02 am
morning. this fire going from 50 acres eight hours ago to nearly 4,000 acres. all of this is being driven by the wind. the wind was so ferocious overnight that the fire fighting aircraft couldn't get up there. there are fires burning across the landscape. the terrain is very rugged. hard for firefighters to get to. there are a couple bull dozers over there. the plume of smoke big enough to be seen by the international space station. it was that big. so far no many structures destroyed. one iconic structure, the ronald reagan ranch, just down the road from here, is threatened. with the firefighters that you see here, they're trying to prevent the fire from leaping over the 101. one of the major thorofares in the state of california. it's about a mile from where we
8:03 am
are. all of this, of course, driven by this incredible drought in california. all the fuel here so incredibly dry. it is very easy for it to light up. the good news is that the wind is set to die down in the coming hours. robin? >> matt, please, you and everyone stay safe. now the latest on the coronavirus emergency and the fda set to address the issue of booster shots for the millions who receive the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. so far a booster has only been approved for pfizer. trevor ault tracking the latest on this. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have a couple of big fda advisory panel meetings waiting for us at the end of the week. on thursday they'll be discussing the possibility for booster shots for moderna and then the same thing on friday for johnson & johnson along with also a pretty highly anticipated presentation about potentially mixing and matching vaccines for people too. now, you mentioned so far pfizer is the only one with booster shots available. it's available to people 65 and up, those who are in long-term care facilities, those with
8:04 am
underlying medical conditions or people who are at a higher risk of exposure. it is likely this fda advisory panel will propose the same criteria for moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots and assuming the cdc goes along with that, we very well could see these booster shots rolling out for all three of these vaccines as early as the end of next week. it would provide a little extra protection for millions of people. michael? >> all right, trevor, thank you for that. now to amazon announcing a big change in its work from home policy for tech and corporate workers. this change could have a ripple effect in other corporations and industries. rebecca jarvis is back with the story. hey, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, michael, nice to see you. and this is a very significant change. both for employers overall as well as for amazon, they are now saying you can work remotely indefinitely as long as you're able to commute to the office on occasion and your team says it's okay. in a note to employees ceo of amazon writing that he's going to be leaving this up to the
8:05 am
individual teams, the director/manager on each team will have to make the call and say whether it works for their group, and this is a big change from what amazon was saying just a few weeks ago when they were telling employees they would need to return to the office by january for three days a week. it's also a big competitive move on their part. there are so many tech companies and peers that have made flexible work more a part of the culture and the ethos and with so many people now voluntarily leaving jobs at near record numbers and a record number, millions of them, of job openings, this makes amazon more competitive with peers like apple and google and microsoft, which have also adjusted their policies recently, but there is a ripple effect to these changes. you have the other types of businesses that surround these big corporations, the restaurants, the cafes, the gyms, those get less foot traffic when you have businesses telling their employees they
8:06 am
don't have to return to the office every day. so, guys, there's that ripple effect on the local business ecosystem and there's also the ripple effect on the competition who says, you know what, we might need more flexible work too. guys? >> very big move. >> it is. >> thank you, rebecca. coming up, lego is letting go of gender stereotypes. what prompted the company to change. and the science of you using glucose monitors and apps even if you don't have diabetes. how the information might help you with nutrition and more. and instagram favorite carla lalli music shows us how to make 15-minute weeknight meals. she's with us live. we'll be right back. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c.
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♪ they told me i was out there ♪ welcome back to "gma." tomorrow big day for us, matt damon, ben affleck will tell us about their new movie called "the last duel." we are looking forward to that. >> they'll be here together. >> excited. >> that will be great. how about a little "pop news," lara? >> robin, why not. good morning, everybody. we begin with sweet movie news. we have your first look at "wonka," there he is, timothee chalamet shared this photo in character as young willie on instagram writing, the suspense is terrible. i hope it will last. that, of course, a line from gene wilder in the original "charlie and the chocolate factory." chalamet also sharing a look at one of the props, his cane with a purple wrapped present on top. the movie/musical will be a prequel telling the origin story of how wonka became the candy mogul we all know and love. filming in the uk set for theaters in march 2023. chalamet a busy guy, named one
8:12 am
of "time's" next generation leaders and shares the sage advice he got from an unnamed hero at the start of his career who told him, quote, no hard drugs, no super hero movies. we can talk to timothee about that, about "wonka" and the epic project, "dune." he'll be here october 18th on "gma." so excited. he's fantastic. also this morning, look in your kitchen drawers. if you're at home right now, you never know what you might find. like the family in scotland who found this, this old plate. the british auctioneers are now calling it the holy grail of plates that depicts a biblical story of samson and delilah. that plate painted in 1520 and the auction estimate for 11 inches there, the 11-inch dish was $130,000. it went on to sell over the weekend for $1.7 million.
8:13 am
also on the auction block -- coming on the auction block a pair of sneakers worn and signed by michael jordan in his fifth ever nba game playing with the chicago bulls back from 1984. what's really special about these kicks, they're not air jordans. these came before nike made those with michael. these are prototypes for air ships. expected to go for about $1.5 million when they go up for live auction in vegas later this month. and finally, a texas couple got quite a surprise when they got to the airport on their way to vegas for a little vacation. a lot of vegas this morning. jared and christie owens got to the airport and they were told their suitcase was five pounds overweight. when they opened it up, oh, yeah, there they found it, the five-pound stowaway. icky, their family chihuahua burrowed inside of one of jared's cowboy boots. it's something they say that she likes to do to take naps. icky did not get to go to vegas. she did make a new friend.
8:14 am
the employee at the airport that found her offered to watch icky so the owens could still have their trip and not miss their flight. >> how nice. >> that is nice. >> that's beyond the call of duty right there. >> that's "pop news," everyone. >> thank you, lara. we move to our cover story, lego is now the latest company to vow that it will remove gender bias from its toys. as research shows that stereotypes can have negative effects on young children and janai norman back with the details. hey, janai. >> good morning again, guys. lego launching a new campaign called ready for girls. after research showing that girls are encouraged to play with all types of toys and to do physical activity, s.t.e.m. activities more commonly associated with boys but boys aren't being encouraged in the same way. lego now championing inclusive play by making their toys gender inclusive. this morning, lego is letting go of gender stereotypes working to make the famous toy pegs more inclusive by getting rid of gender references. a study commissioned by the
8:15 am
company found kids hold stereotypical gender associated attitudes around toys and play with four in ten girls and nearly three in four boys reporting it makes them uncomfortable to play with opposite gender toys. the survey also finding parents four times more likely to encourage girls to engage in dress up than boys and twice as likely to encourage boys to do coding than girls. noting most boys and girls agree with the idea that some activities are gender specific. those attitudes leaving a lasting impact. >> what we found is not only from the parents, but also from the boys, that they were worried that they would be teased or made fun of for playing with toys that would be, say, associated with girls. what we found with girls, they felt more confident than boys to engage in a variety of play and activities. >> reporter: lego following in
8:16 am
the footsteps of other companies like hasbro, which rebranded the iconic mr. potato head earlier this year introducing a gender neutral potato head option with diverse body parts and clothes and mattel in 2019 releasing the first gender neutral doll. this all coming on the heels of target's 2015 announcement that stores would degender toy aisles, a move that paved the way for legislation signed into law in california over the weekend requiring large retailers to provide gender neutral toy sections. >> this isn't a one size fits all solution for every family and parents should encourage what their kids love and what they're interested in. we want the world to be open to our children. we don't want them to feel limited by their gender. toy companies are responding to this growing demand. >> and lego says the company is putting more effort to ensure that they erase the bias that parents have toward the lego brand like thinking it's for
8:17 am
boys while paving the way to ensure that biases are removed across the toy industry. guys? >> makes a lot of sense, thank you, janai. now to our series, the science of you. the technology used to help the more than 10% of americans with diabetes may also help others. becky worley tried out a new app and device that says it can give you near realtime reports of how the food you eat impacts your body. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, robin. an app called levels uses this little disc stuck on the back of my arm and says it can tell me how my body is processing food. the question, can this device made for people with diabetes also help all of us eat healthier? this is what it looks like to apply a blood glucose monitor. it's a device only approved to help people with diabetes monitor their insulin levels but it's now being sold with apps to help nutrition conscious early adopters learn how lifestyle habits may be affecting their blood sugar.
8:18 am
apps like levels, nutri-sense and january link with the device and asks you to log meals and snacks. i contacted the maker of the levels app for a complimentary try-auto. the product is in beta testing and costs $395 for access to the app and 2 sensors worn for 14 days each. >> we recommend a spot on the back of your arm. >> reporter: i have to admit a little trepidation about applying it. okay. that was painless. this thing has been on for about ten minutes. i've completely forgotten it's there. you definitely cannot feel it. medical experts advise steady blood sugaring levels generally keep the body in a state of using food as fuel but this is important, big spikes in blood sugar can stimulate your body to store fat, increase your risk of heart disease and spur chronic inflammation. while tracking meals with the app, i saw proteins like chicken and boiled eggs kept my blood sugar level. but the thing that spiked it the most, a bagel?
8:19 am
oh, man. dr. aaron nystein prescribes continuous glucose monitors to his patients with diabetes. >> what makes them so effective, they empower people to learn about their health in a way that wasn't possible before by seeing the impacts right away. >> reporter: like i learned about the effect of exercise after eating. oh, yeah. when i had a cheeseburger and a beer, the monitor showed that my glucose levels went up 60%. a walk immediately after the meal, though, brought the numbers back down. >> when you're exercising your body is able to bring glucose or sugar into the cells without insulin. so it is a very effective tool. >> reporter: i also learned how i was accidentally sabotaging my eating goals. a classic example, i had a salad dressing loaded with sugar. >> i think what a lot of people learn when they use continuous glucose monitoring is just how much unhealthy ingredients are hidden in foods that we don't know about. >> reporter: now, all of these apps say they're not a substitute for medical care and
8:20 am
not for people with diabetes. a glucose monitor used by many of these apps is made by abbott who tells us it is currently sonly for use with a doctor's prescription and not affiliated with these companies that promote off-label use. the levels app telling "gma" while their software isn't fda regulated, doctors routinely prescribe drugs and devices intended for other uses that they think can help patients, but in their terms of service saying we do not warrant that the results will be accurate or reliable. bottom line? >> much more research is needed to help us understand what the risks and benefits might be for people who don't have diabetes. >> reporter: it's important to review the results and consult with your doctor before making any of these kind of changes. the whole experience, though, made me rethink calorie restriction and instead find smarter ways to eat. like more protein, balancing carbs with nuts, adding healthy fats like avocados, olive oil and taking a walk after a big meal. that after dinner walk is now a
8:21 am
staple in our house, robin. we do it four to five times a week. >> i see george nodding along with that. >> makes sense. >> makes a whole lot of sense. hey, becky, thank you, thank you so much because there's so much that's hidden in our foods that we're not aware of. thank you. let's go back now to ginger. ginger? >> thank you, robin. from providence, rhode island, all the way up to concord, new hampshire, we're talking about fog. so if you're feeling a little foggy this morning, the atmosphere will add a bit more. you can see in boston those low lying clouds sticking around and visibility in some places less than a quarter mile so careful with the driving. but want to tell you a lot is because we're on the warm side of the country. you see that big dip out west, you saw the snow earlier. look at the temperatures just explode this week going to close to 80 on friday. yes, it feels like summer in october. that is not the case in montana where this new adopted puppy was enjoying that first snow of their life. oh, i love it so much. louie, keep enjoying it. keep it there.
8:22 am
now to breast cancer awareness month. this morning we're sharing a story of how therapy and some incredibly powerful photos helped one husband find his inner strength to support his family through his wife's difficult diagnosis. erielle reshef is here with more on caring for caregivers. good morning, erielle. >> hey, good morning to you, michael. the wrathkoffs documented every step of their experience. nothing was off-limits. their photos capturing hope and heartache from a caregiver's
8:23 am
perspective. just two weeks after her 37th birthday, anna rathkopf heard the news she never imagined. the mom of then 2 1/2-year-old jesse was diagnosed with stage 1 triple positive breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease. >> i felt like the earth opened and i'm just in freefall. >> reporter: anna and her husband jordan were facing a daunting new reality. you pretty quickly had to pivot from husband and father to caregiver. >> yeah, i mean i did have to help a lot. she was just so weak. >> reporter: jordan says he often felt powerless as he tried to balance supporting anna while keeping life stable for their son. >> i had severe anxiety. we went to ask the social worker if there was a support group and they thought we meant for her. i was like, no, for me. i felt like i was barely getting by. >> reporter: so to find strength the professional photographer picked up his camera.
8:24 am
>> we felt like our story hadn't been told in this way. we couldn't find anything quite like it of a young family living through cancer. >> reporter: the raw images reflecting the highs and lows. snapshots of snow angels, candid moments cuddling with jesse and that day anna decided to shave her head. >> it was helping us emotionally. >> those photos are incredibly moving. what do they mean to you now? >> i sometimes feel like before and after. so i'm trying to connect to the before. i want to connect to the person that i was before. >> reporter: jordan eventually compiled the collection into a powerful photo essay hoping their images raise awareness about the cancer journey for patients and their caregivers. >> i think what worked for me to get through this was to admit i needed help. i was literally hanging on by a thread. i would just go to my car and just cry for hours because i didn't want anyone else to see me.
8:25 am
and once i started getting therapy and medication, i felt like i was actually in a better place to help take care of my family because i was able to take better care of myself. >> reporter: research shows 50% of cancer caregivers reported high emotional stress. 43% say they needed help to manage it. >> talking with friends, professionals or others who have been through this experience or who are going through a similar experience can be very helpful but really the best way to take care of a loved one is for caregivers to take care of themselves. >> do you live your lives differently now? >> it changed the direction of our lives. it's brought us together. it's just cemented everything we knew was there. >> and i'm happy to report that anna is now healthy and in remission. jordan says caregiving often meant fulfilling tasks that might seem small like answering anna's phone when the doctors would call because she was too nervous to get the news by herself. the rathkopfs' photos are now showcased on the susan g. komen blog. guys? >> great story. >> so moving.
8:26 am
>> i love the support for those who are supporting. >> uh-huh. when we come back, victoria beckham going to be here live.
8:27 am
kumasi: abc7 news. i am kumasi aaron. checking in on traffic right now. >> good morning. going back to 880 near the coliseum, you can see traffic flow has improved. an early accident near oakland at 16th has been cleared out of lanes, but take a look at our maps. you can still see the long stretch of road traffic all the way up into oakland. 580 is still not a good alternate, so you are jammed this
8:28 am
8:29 am
lisa: good morning. nice and sunny. temperatures in the mid 50's with some wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. still looking at gusty winds as a red flag warning continues, but a lack of wind in santa rosa 47. the atmosphere is really dry, down to single digits later today. with the wind over 30 miles per hour at the airports, san francisco, concord, and the delta, it will be a brisk afternoon with temperatures below average, anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees below average. but we are looking at a warm up. cooler start tomorrow and temperatures into the mid 80's by the weekend. kumasi: thank you.
8:30 am
we will have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes, but you can always find the latest that ♪ yo, i'll tell you what i want what i really, really want ♪ you knew that was coming. >> you knew it was coming? >> we did know that was coming. we have a great guest in times square. business mogul, mom of four, original spice girl, victoria beckham. welcome back to "gma." >> thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> we shouldn't tell everybody you were stirring up trouble off camera. >> okay, okay. >> we do have a lot to catch up since the last time you were here splitting your time between miami and the uk. >> that's a nice balance. >> it's been great. we live in london. we love london. our family is from london. but spending time in miami has just been incredible. you know, david is a co-owner of the football club there. of inter-miami which is just the atmosphere of the games, it's just incredible. so we love it.
8:31 am
it's the best of both worlds being able to travel between miami and london. >> it's got to be great to see your son, romeo. 19 years old now. also playing soccer in south florida. is he better than dad yet? >> oh, my gosh. you know, his -- he's just having fun. he's having fun. he's passionate about the game. he's just, you know, he's a kid who just love what's does. he's really enjoying himself. >> you and davidar right now. congratulations on that. what kind of marriage wisdom do you hope to pass on to your kids. >> oh, my goodness. you know, i don't know. we're very supportive of each other. he's an incredible dad and wonderful husband. we have a lot of fun and each other with everything they do. i genuine love being with him which is good after a after a ar years. >> yeah.
8:32 am
♪ step in time step in time step in time, never need a reason . >> victoria beckham, beauty. there is a new seen. so can you tell us more about it? it's a passion project and my community loves what i'm doing. and last week we launched cheeky posh. it is a cream blusher. there are five different shades, being inclusive is very important for us at victoria beckham and every single shade works on all skin tones, clean beauty is always a message that goes throughout all of our projects, and it's amazing. it's been a huge success and for me a cream blush is the hero in the makeup bag. it can really lift your complexion. >> is that your number one tip like when you have -- someone says the one beauty item you should have in your bag.
8:33 am
is that it? >> for me what i love about it, even when you're feeling tired it can pick you up and give you that glow, and it's fun, and there's five different shades that you can have fun with and you can get it on it is my website. >> i love how george and michael were just like leaning in like taking notes on this. i love it. >> guys, you had need a cream blush in your life. let me tell you, it's going to pick you up early in the morning. >> see there. >> give you that glow. >> >> it's going to give you that glow. >> i got it. i need that glow. you know somebody else who is glowing, your band mate, mel c on "dancing with the stars," she's crushing it in the ballroom. do you have any encouraging words for her? >> oh, my, she is so good. she's such a natural performer. she can sing, she can dance. she's a really good chimney sweep. i saw last night which helped. she's just so great, and she's
8:34 am
such a lovely girl and she's working so, so hard. i'm proud of her, really proud of her. >> that is -- you know, also, a spice girls reunion tour. >> uh-huh. >> we know there was one. is there another one coming, and if so, would you join them? >> i think you asked me this the last time. >> no, i'm trying to like make you really consider it. i'll consider the blush. >> okay. [ laughter ] i'm going to get that -- i'm going to get cheeky posh on you for sure before i leave here. it will pick you up and give you a great glow. i think the spice girls was such a big success and something i enjoyed so much, but i think my times of singing on stage are behind me and, you know, the fans have always been so great and it was such a wonderful journey but for me now focusing on fashion and beauty, you know , aletting ie lab focusing on that clean beauty
8:35 am
message. for me that's my creative outlet now if you like rather than singing and dancing, it's developing, developing products that i love, working closely with my community, so ultimately i'm giving them what they want, what they really, really want. there you go. >> oh! >> thank you. >> that's why we call it cheeky posh. >> you are. you are. you have the most delightful sense of humor. >> oh, thank you. >> you really do. >> thank you very much. >> i love how you just humbled these two. >> i never am asking that question again, ever because i got what i wanted. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, victoria. coming up the star of "younger," sutton foster on her new broadway musical with hugh jackman and how she got hooked on crafting.
8:36 am
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we are back on "gma" with a look at the new way some people are becoming homeowners by buying real estate with their friends. stephanie ramos is back with more on the story that we first saw in "the wall street journal." good morning again, stephanie. >> reporter: hi there, robin. the real estate market is very hot right now and with home prices going up, partnering with friends to bring those finances together and go half on a home may be a good way to get in on the action. this morning, angel and samantha are showing what true friendship looks like. >> welcome to my crib. >> welcome to my crib. >> reporter: the 27-year-old
8:39 am
besties becoming co-owners of this washington, d.c. home. >> kind of still can't believe that we actually own this home. >> same. same. >> it's just something you always envision happening but not so quickly and not in this way. >> not at all. >> reporter: for them recent law school graduates putting faith in their friendship was the only way they could enter the market. >> there's no way we could have bought a home of the value that we did if we would have done it alone. >> but because we decided to do it together, it just made it more realistic for me. >> so far so good. their money got them this four bedroom, three bathroom row home. both names are on the deed, and they're splitting everything right down the middle. >> the mortgage. we split that 50/50. we split the down payment. >> even renovations. >> anything that comes up, if there is a plumbing need, we split that 50/50. >> games. >> yeah, games. >> like whether it's a card game or an accessory to host a party, we split down the middle. >> reporter: buying a home can .
8:40 am
>> help. >> you really have to plan out what happens in the future if i'm no longer friends with this person. what happens if i want to sell and my, you know, housemate doesn't want to sell. what happens if i'm single and the person that i live with decides to start dating and falls in love and then that person wants to move in? >> reporter: but for angel and samantha, there is no place like their home. >> i think it's just a way to get started and to like own something yourself. treating a friend in this way, i think, can be very helpful as another avenue of like getting ahead. >> reporter: real estate expert josh altman also says there are a lot of pros and cons just like any relationship and home buying experience, but try to plan for the future and best of luck to angel and samantha. >> we wish them -- ah, stephanie, i'm sorry to cut you off. we do wish them all the best.
8:41 am
thank you. you know, there are a lot of variables, but what works works. ginger. >> look around me here. we have been transported to a galaxy far, far away this morning but we're right here in times square. we also have some friends with us from "star wars," the jawas, their incredible sandcrawler and r2-d2 kicking off "star wars: bring home the bounty" campaign. every tuesday from now through december 28th new products are being revealed all inspired from across the "star wars" galaxy, so r2, what's on your list for the holidays? [ r2-d2 sounds ] >> noted. i've got it written down. thank you. i'll tell the big guy. you know, i feel like for me, i see a couple of things that have to go on my children immediately. if i don't see miles in a baby yoda costume, i feel like we're not complete. all right, make sure you go to for more
8:42 am
we're we're joined now by a woman who can truly do it all. two-time tony winner for her work on broadway, you also know her from the hit show "younger" and now sutton is adding author to her resume with her new memoir, "hooked: how crafting saved my life." please welcome the immensely talented sutton foster. so good to see you. >> so good to see you too. >> and we had a bit of a wonderful moment just a second ago. you had not seen -- >> no. >> -- your new book. >> i know because i've been out of town and in london for the past four months doing a production of "anything goes" on the west end so hadn't actually seen it. i know, and so i was like, oh, my gosh. because they sent all the copies and i just got back yesterday and, yeah, it's -- today is a crazy, wonderful day, yeah, to actually hold it, it's quite
8:43 am
surreal. >> well, congratulations. that's a huge accomplishment, not that you don't havable. i want to talk to you about all of your friends, so many people love you in "younger." >> oh, yeah, we had -- we -- we just finished our seventh -- we have seven seasons. it was an unbelievable experience. seven years of my life doing something that with incredible people, and i absolutely adored it. it was a job of a lifetime. >> do you feel like they tied it up in a bow the way you would want? >> yes. for me personally i know fans out there have like lots of opinions about how it ended but i was incredibly satisfied with how it ended, and i really felt like the writers knocked it out of the park so i was really happy. >> very different journey than broadway. i was lucky enough to see you on broadway and you have had some incredible experiences yourself. one of which is working with the great hugh jackman. >> yeah. i'm about to start rehearsals
8:44 am
for "the music man." you know, this past year, past year and a half has been obviously and now theater is coming back. so exciting and so "the music man," yeah, i get towithre hugha rt jan >> we love y too. >> , yeah, he's t producers, he's just totally down to earth. he just wants to get in there and do the work. >> yeah. for someone so accomplished and so famous, you know, he's like he's just like one of -- just one of the group, and he's like a total team player. yeah, he's incredible. incredible. >> well, congratulations on that, looking forward to it. this book, such a labor of love. and it's a very cool combination, not only do you ptalk about your passion, but yu use crochet and all of your crafting tricks and tips as a metaphor for your life in a really beautiful way. >> each chapter is an essay
8:45 am
based around something that i've made, and so it's almost like each crafter, each thing is like a little time capsule that captures the time obviously that it was made, but then it's like all the feelings and emotions that go into it, so i have the divorce blanket that i crocheted when i was going through my divorce with my first husband or the baby blanket that i made when i was waiting for my daughter to be born and so it's like -- and within each thing like all of these memories and energy and stress or tears, they're all sort of captured and then they become heirlooms and things that can be passed on. >> i'm all about that. >> i know. they can live forever long after i'm here. >> i love that you said you're very open about your relationship with your mom and you said it was a very cathartic experience writing this book, also because it's a gift to your daughter to let her know who you are. >> very much so. it's like i say in the book that i wrote this to better understand my mother and for
8:46 am
someday my daughter to better understand me. and it is. and in many ways, you know, writing this book was -- is like this is like a little time capsule of who i am today and something that will live on and something i can someday give to my daughter and go, you know, when she's like, she's like, mom, and i'm just, like just read this. maybe you'll get it. maybe you'll understand. >> not only do you get a great look into your life but some great crocheting tips and just want to say sutton made the sweater that she's wearing on the cover. >> i did, i crocheted the sweater on the cover and there's lots of recipes and all sorts of things within the great. >> it's a great read and it's always good to see you. your energy is contagious. >> thank you so much. >> good luck with the new show and the broadway show, i mean. her book, "hooked: how cfting saved my life" hits book stores everywhere today. and i think you should probably have this. >> i know. that might be nice. >> in the meantime, we're cooking with carla lalli music.
8:47 am
stay with us right here on "good morning america." stay with us right here on "good morning america."
8:48 am
8:49 am
e are back now with carla lalli music. her new cookbook is called "that sounds so good." it is full of delicious weeknight meals and she's going to show us some 15-minute dishes so, carla, welcome to the show. your book "that sounds so good." this smells so good. >> thank you. >> what are we cooking? let's get into it. >> the book is divided into two sections. monday through thursday and there's friday and the weekend and we are in monday through thursday land, which is dinners that can be put together in half an hour because you want to get home. you want to like start cooking and then every minute that you're cooking, you're getting closer to the finish line. so -- >> what is the secret to making dishes in that short span of time?
8:50 am
>> it is maximizing the amount of flavor you can get in a short amount of time so right before we started rolling you asked how do you make a chicken breast not dry? >> yes, because it dries out. >> the key is we're going high heat fast on one side of the chicken breast. if i were to turn this back and forth trying to get color on both sides, i'm going to get like a golden brown not that dark brown and that dark brown color is flavor. so i'm just going to max it out on the first side, really cook it all the way through and just kiss it on the second side. >> ah. >> so i've got like all of the flavor delivery, and it hasn't spent so much time in the pan so it doesn't have time to dry out. >> that's what i've been messing up on. >> key thing right there. >> does it work with other preteens? >> absolutely. another thing about the book is that every recipe has spinach in it so i'm always giving you alternates. i wrote it in the pandemic. you couldn't always get what you wanted to get so it was really key to me to have that. you could use a chicken thigh, a
8:51 am
thin pork chop or a phil fi fillet of fish. and it will work and the method will be the same and the timing will be the same. >> you're just kissing it on the second side. >> and then when that's done, i go into the same exact pan so we're not dirtying up two pans, get a little olive oil going, get my shallots, my garlic and the tomatoes and cook that down into a sauce so even if maybe you went a little too long on your chicken and overcooked it you have a little sauce and will cover all that up. no one will ever know. >> you also have another quick dish for us here. it could be served as a meal or as a side. >> that's right. i really like this as a thanksgiving side because it would be delicious room temperature. so i have this like -- a lot of people think you have to cook kale to death. this is actually just raw ribboned kale that i toss with a little bit of cider vinegar and then i put the sizzling seasoned oil over it and that oil kind of picks up the little bit of moisture that's left on the kale and
8:52 am
just like wilts it. you'll hear it snapping and sizzling. and, again, this is loaded with flavor because you toast the spices in the oil and that goes down with like a yogurt swoosh. you have one. so you've got your -- this is a 15-minute roasted squash. >> but that squash seems to take a long time to cook. >> i know but you have to slice it thinly and i don't think you have to peel the squash. you can just eat around that. i eat the skin. >> okay. you know i do too actually. >> it's good for you. it's roughage. >> look at this. >> you got a couple of squash. and that too, i cook in the oven on just the one side so you get tenderness and browning. >> bam. look at that. tell you what. >> maybe we can give you ang extra sizzle. >> do you need an assistant chef? >> i do actually. i'm pretty busy. i have two children. they're not that helpful. >> i tell what you is helpful, this book, and you can find both of these recipes on our website and that sounds so good. "100 real-life recipes for every
8:53 am
day of the week" will be available on october 19th. carla, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> you guys, stay right there. we'll be right
8:54 am
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>> we knew we wouldn't get michael back. thanks for those delicious recipes. he's staying up there. i don't blame him. >> i don't blame him either. tonight tom starring in "night at the academy museum." we'll take you inside and a collection of hollywood treasures for the first time at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. >> very, very cool. >> have a great day, everyone. >> save me some food, michael. we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes, without having to get up. a vacation where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. here is sue hall with a look at traffic. sue: good morning paid multiple problems on 880 in the northbound direction. this is a motorcycle and porsche in an accident. you can see all the freeways leading down the 80 corridor to the bay bridge jammed. back to 880 in the south bay, we have an accident on northbound 85 near 87. it is very slow here. lisa: look at the sea lions rocking with the wind, so strong . what caps on the bay later on. 60 in oakland. still looking at a red flag warning and upper elevations. 50's now, cooler than average. the wind kicking up all day.
9:00 am
kumasi: thank you. now time for "live with kelly and ryan." >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, our virtual road trip week continues as we celebrate music city, usa, nashville. joining us on the tour, comedian, actress, and writer, chelsea handler. plus, from the legendary bluebird cafe bluebird cafe, brett young. and chef lakendra davis is surveying up her specialty. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ ♪ >> ryan: nashville. >> kelly: let's


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