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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 13, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news overnight, the white house announcing a new travel policy in the wake of the pandemic. the debate over vaccine mandates now ramping up as a pro basketball star is benched. plus, covid's growing impact on the american workplace. why more people are saying, i quit. supply chain crisis. president biden set to take new action today to address the shipping industry that are - leaving some store shelves empty and sending prices soaring. the autopsy results in the gabby petito murder mystery. what the coroner's conclusion reveals about the time line in the case with gabby's fiance still on the run. breaking overnight, violent storms slamming the middle of the country.
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one twister hitting an airport, the images just in. william shatner boldly going where no 90-year-old has ever gone before. this morning's space launch as shatner makes history. ♪ i'm a rocket man ♪ and a new distinction for the latest sensation from netflix. and good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with the several developments concerning the pandemic. the white house overnight announcing a major new policy when it comes to traveling. also this morning, the debate over vaccine mandates is raging now that the nba superstar kyrie irving has been benched for refusing to get vaccinated. meanwhile, the pandemic is reshaping the american workplace. new figures show people are quitting their jobs at the highest level in decades. >> but amid all of this, we can't forget about the people and their families forever changed by the virus. this man in oregon is finally
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home after spending 299 days in the hospital with covid. >> abc's elizabeth schulze is here with all the developments overnight starting with that big announcement from the white house. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: andrew, good morning. after 19 months the historic travel ban at the u.s. border will soon be lifted. this morning, a major step forward in the pandemic. the united states will re-open its borders with canada and mexico for nonessential travel next month lifting a travel ban imposed back in march 2020. foreign travelers will have to show proof of vaccination. new york senator kirsten gillibrand calling it welcome news to countless businesses, families and loved ones that depend on travel across the border. it comes as the battle over vaccine mandates in the workplace heats up. overnight the occupational safety and health administration or osha submitted the text of a new rule that will soon require businesses with more than 100 employees to adopt a covid
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vaccine mandate or require weekly testing. just hours earlier the white house accused texas governor greg abbott of putting politics ahead of public health when he announced he's banning vaccine mandates in his state. >> every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic. why would you be taking steps that prevent the saving of lives. >> reporter: abbott calls vaccine mandates an overeach by the feds. texas-based american and southwest airlines responded saying, they'll keep their mandates in place adding, federal policy supersedes state policy. meanwhile, far from texas an nba superstar is being benched. >> there's irving, one-on-one, oh, what a fake. >> reporter: the brooklyn nets say kyrie irving will not play or practice due to his unvaccinated status, which violates new york city's mandate. >> kyrie has made it clear he has a choice in this matter, and it's ultimately going to be up to him what he decides.
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>> reporter: the decision costing irving $380,000 per game. but the upheaval in the american workplace goes far beyond vaccine mandates. new figures show more americans are quitting their jobs. 4.3 million quitting in august alone, the highest number since 2000. after coming through the darkest months of the pandemic, experts say workers are looking for better opportunities, better hours and more perks. others have quit because of a lack of child care. speaking of children, the white house is now urging states to prepare to start vaccinating kids ages 5 to 11 early next month, assuming the fda gives the green light. andrew. >> elizabeth, thank you. president biden is turning his attention to the global supply chain bottlenecks that are threatening the holiday shopping season. he's meeting today with leaders of the country's two busiest ports as well as executives from walmart, u.p.s. and home depot
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looking to head off more delays and shortages. they'll be announcing the port of los angeles will work 24/7 and wkurrery janet yellen says there's no need to panic. >> there may be isolated shortages of goods and services in the coming months, but there is an ample supply of goods, and i think there's no reason for consumers to panic about the absence of goods that they're going to want to acquire at christmas. >> yellen said, if we get the pandemic under control, supply chains will return to normal. another major problem for the economy has been the shortage of computer chips. bloomberg reports apple may end up producing 10 million fewer iphones this year because of that shortage. the house committee investigating the january attack on the capitol is threatening to penalize former trump officials if they defy subpoenas. former white house chief of staff mark meadows and former pentagon official kash patel have been ordered to appear for depositions tomorrow and friday.
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republican congresswoman liz cheney says, if the men fail to show up, they'll be hit with contempt charges. now to the gabby petito case. the autopsy results are in, and now we're hearing from experts who say many of the questions surrounding this case are finally being answered. here's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning a wyoming coroner declaring gabby petito died by manual strangulation. the body of the 22-year-old new york native was found in grand teton national park september 19th, but the coroner says she was killed weeks before that. >> her body was outside in the wilderness for three to four weeks. >> reporter: the coroner also revealing petito was not pregnant. her fiance brian laundrie is the only person of interest in the case. he was last seen one month ago today. >> this would be a crime of passion and rage and manual strangulation, as i said, is consistent with domestic violence homicides. >> i had talked to some of the people who found her body, and they said, you know, she didn't have a lot of bruises, a lot of
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marks. that is an indicator of someone that she knew, someone that wants to hurt that person very badly. >> gabby petito never goes outside. >> reporter: the couple took off on a cross-country road trip in july. on august 12th police in utah responded to an altercation. >> what's going on? how come you're crying? >> we've just been fighting this morning. some personal issues. >> reporter: and on august 27th at this restaurant in wyoming witnesses reported laundrie got angry with the staff while petito was crying. on that same day petito's family reported getting an odd text message from gabby's phone. also on that day a white van matching the couple's was seen near we are petito's body would later be found. >> we have some instance coming together, joining together to reveal that is probably the day gabby died. >> reporter: on september 1st laundrie returned to his home with the van but without petito.
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her parents reported her missing september 11th, and two days later laundrie's parents say brian left home. he's since been charged with fraud for using petito's bank card, but despite numero reported sightings, the fbi has come up empty in their search for him. the laundrie family's attorney responded to the coroner's report saying, at this time brian is still missing, and when he is located, we will address the pending fraud charge against him. petito's mother seen here visiting her daughter's memorial site responded to the laundries' attorney saying, quote, his words are garbage. the coroner will now release petito's body to her family so she can return home. andrew, mona. >> andrea, thank you. the couple charged with trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign country will remain in jail at least until friday. navy engineer jonathan toebbe and his wife appeared before a judge in west virginia tuesday. court documents claim toebbe told an undercover fbi agent that it took years to collect the information and
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smuggle out a few pages at a time. toebbe allegedly said they had passports to flee the country. a hearing friday could determine if they will be held without bond. a motive remains a mystery after a shooting at a u.s. postal facility near memphis. three workers were killed including the gunman. the fbi says the man shot two co-workers before taking his own life. winds up to 70 miles an hour are fueling a wildfire burning in santa barbara county, california. more evacuations could be ordered today. the fire has burned 21 square miles and has shut down part of highway 101. former president ronald reagan's ranch is among the properties threatened. time now for a look at your wednesday weather. some violent storms rolled through the plains overnight. a possible tornado slammed an airport damaging hangars, planes and vehicles in the city of clinton west of oklahoma city. no injuries were reported. those storms will move across the midwest today and up to two feet of snow could fall in the northern plains. the pacific northwest will see
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rain showers. checking today's high temperatures, 52 degrees in seattle. 56 in portland. 80s from texas to the carolinas and 70s in the northeast. coming up, the important new research on aspirin. also ahead, the big city skyscraper that is still sinking. the new plan to stabilize it. and later, one man's trash is another man's ancient treasure. the stunning details about these garden statues. from iraq, i could still hear the booms. makes it hard to be a good mom. - [announcer] as america's veterans face challenges, dav is there. - [naomi] i'm naomi mathis, air force veteran. - [announcer] dav helps veterans get the benefits they've earned. - [naomi] thanks to dav, i was able to begin to heal. - [announcer] with the right support, more veterans can reach victories, great and small. - [naomi] my victory is being able to be here for my children. - [announcer] support more victories for veterans. go to
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worse. giant met cal cylinders have been brought in. medical experts have changed their minds whenmecardiac healt aspirin. the risk of bleeding and other side effects outweigh the benefits. aspirin is recommended for people that have had a cardiac event. the nfl is under growing pressure one day after jon gruden resigned. there's a push to release more e-mails from the investigation. could other big names across the nfl be implicamplicated. new fallout in the wake of jon grud gruden's sudden resignation. >> jon gruden's career is over. >> reporter: keyshawn johnson, who won a super bowl with gruden, saying this about his
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former coach -- >> he's always been a fraud to me. never from day one, he's been a used car salesman. >> i'm not surprised he used racial incensensitive things. am i surprised he was acting with homophober situations? i'm not surprised. >> reporter: gruden getting the boot from the tampa bay buccaneers ring of honor. this morning there' questions about whether gruden is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to offensive behavior in the league. the players association is now demanding release of all of the e-mails reviewed. an investigation uncovered gruden's remarks that were leaked to the media. >> jon gruden wasn't sending the e-mails to himself. there were other people that knew about it. there's people across the league. >> reporter: a top executive with the play heers association who was himself a racial trope used by gruden said, this is not
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about e-mails, as much as it is about a believe that people look like me with be treated as less. an nfl spokesperson saying we haven't identified anything that needed to be revealed to club leadership. coming up, the underground evacuation after a subway train derails in a major city. also ahead, countdown to launch. we take you live to texas, where william need long-lasting freshness? try new febreze unstopables touch fabric spray. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology. that lasts, even hours later! that's because febreze touch stores scent in your fabrics so you get bursts of freshness with every touch. your whole world will come alive. welcome home to fresh with new febreze touch.
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. back now with a d.c. metro train slipping off the tracks forcing hundreds of passengers to evacuate. the derailment took place near arlington cemetery. the power was shut off, and passengers had to walk through the tunnel to the closest platform. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. we turn now to another historic day in space. it is launch day for william shatner. >> that's right. he is boldly going into space at 90 years old. abc's morgan norwood is there in texas for this morning's launch. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. yeah, in just a few hours, space will become a reality for captain kirk. the "star trek" icon. we know the readiness evaluations are complete given yesterday's delay with the launch due to some of the wind. you can probably see that and hear that blowing in the
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microphone right after launching founder jeff bezos in july, blue origin is getting ready to shuttle its next group of passengers including someone with a big connection to space. william shatner best known for his role as "star trek's" original captain kirk soaring to space aboard the new shepard rocket. >> i plan to be looking out the window with my nose pressed against the window. the only i don't want to see is a little gremlin looking back at me. >> reporter: and nasa astronauts cheering him on. >> he captures the imagination of so many of us to key captain kirk, william shatner getting to fly in space. >> is there a betting line about how many times you're going to be called captain kirk on this trip? >> actually i haven't heard shatner in a long time. >> well, my apologies then, captain kirk. >> reporter: at 90 years old, shatner is set to become the
4:20 am
oldest person to reach the edge of case breaking the record set just three months ago by 82-year-old wally funk on blue origin's first civilian flight with jeff bezos. shatner will join three other passengers, entrepreneurs glen de vries, chris boshuizen and blue origin's own audrey powers. >> i don't know if i'm more excited to be going to space with denny crane or captain kirk. >> mr. shatner, you have inspired generations, imaginations for generations with your iconic character. do you take this now -- that was captain kirk. but here is william shatner sitting here about to go to space. do you take this also as an opportunity to inspire? >> no. i'm taking it as an experience. >> reporter: so he's taking it all in, so get this, guys, the entire flight will last about 11 minutes and the crew will get three minutes of weightlessness. the capsule will then parachute back down to earth here in west texas. mona, andrew. morgan, thank you.
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our streaming channel abc newslive will be covering today's launch as it happens. all right, and from space to sports, it will be win or go home in san francisco tomorrow night. that's because the dodgers beat the giants, 7-2. last night forced a game five in their division series. coming up, a country music star caught on camera confronting a fan who was booing him. also ahead, news for people who haven't bought their pumpkin yet. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or calllower
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homes. that moves "bridgerton" down to number two. >> it's even influencing fashion. track suits like the ones worn on the show are flying off the shelves. next, fans may want to think twice before criticizing tim mcgraw. >> that's right. the country singer was booed by a couple after he forgot the words to one of his songs in reno, nevada. he got off the stage, jumped down and got right in their face. >> then why are you doing that? then leave. [ cheers and applause ] >> ooh. mcgraw eventually resouled the show. a pair of garden ornaments proved to be much, much more. >> they're so old they're worth a fortune. they were thought to be 18th century replicas of ancient egyptian relics but are actually the real thing and just sold for $265,000 but the previous. the previous owner got them for just a few hundred bucks. pumpkin prices going through the roof. >> experts say bad weather and shipping delays are to
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blame. >> but farmers say don't go out of your gourd. you may ju
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checking the top stories, the u.s. will re-open its borders with canada and mexico for nonessential travel starting next month. foreign visitors must show proof that they've been vaccinated against covid. meanwhile, the white house is telling states to get ready to vaccinate kids as young as 5 years old by early next month. today president biden is addressing the global supply chain bottlenecks triggered by the pandemic. he's meeting with leaders and retail executives hoping to prevent more delays in shortages during the holiday shopping season and announcing the port is expanding to a 24/7 operation. the biden administration will no longer carry out immigration raids at work sites. the homeland security secretary says the raids don't deal with the worst aspect of unauthorized workers. he says employers who exploit migrants should be the priority. today's weather, showers in the northwest and heavy snow in the northern plains. strong storms and heavy rain from the midwest through texas.
4:28 am
and finally the elk in colorado with a tire around its neck for two years. >> but this morning, eddie the elk is finally free. will ganss has the story. >> reporter: rudolph is famous for his nose. >> my nose, sir? >> ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: bambi had the butterflies but eddie the elk in colorado has a tire? eddie has been sporting this unlikely accessory for at least two years first spotted in 2019 outside of denverwilderness - through a telescope. >> usually the animals that live further back in the wilderness are not tolerant of human presence so we really didn't expect to be able to get this tire off very easily. >> reporter: eddie occasionally poping up on trail cameras in the area. colorado parks and wildlife finally able to begin making tire removal attempts in the fall of last year. but tranquilizer equipment operates on a short range, and eddie the elk could always see or smell the officers coming until finally this week under the cover of night --
4:29 am
>> our other officer dawson swanson was able to sneak within range and was able to make a good shot with his tranquilizer gun. >> reporter: officers murdoch and swanson first trying to cut the tire off. >> unfortunately, once you get to the steel bead, it was really slow going. >> reporter: but they knew the tranquilizer wouldn't last long on the 600-pound elk, so they went with plan b. >> we ended up just cutting the antlers off and pulling the tire up over its head. >> reporter: young eddie the elk finally free of that accidental accessory, and don't worry, no antlers, no problem. >> these animals will grow another set of antlers next year, and he will function and live a perfect and healthy life. >> okay, so how does an elk get stuck inside a tire in the first place? the most likely situation is that it might have been a tire swing. eddie curiously stuck his head through and got stuck, andrew, mona. >> someone needs to pay that officer the big bucks. >> ah, i like that. how am i supposed to top that? you always come through with the good puns.
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what do you call an elk without right now on "america this morning," breaking news overnight, the white house announcing a new travel policy in the wake of the pandemic. the debate over vaccine mandates now ramping up as a pro basketball star is benched. plus, covid's growing impact on the american workplace. why more people are saying, i quit. supply chain crisis. president biden set to take new action today to address the shipping industry that are - leaving some store shelves empty and sending prices soaring. the autopsy results in the gabby petito murder mystery. what the coroner's conclusion reveals about the time line in the case with gabby's fiance still on the run. breaking overnight, violent storms slamming the middle of the country.


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