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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 14, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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we're back with an out-of-control tractor-trailer on i-95 in connecticut. the driver was high on pcp and stole the truck from its driver. he was tased and arrested.
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the same suspect is also accused of another carjacking at a gas station, the car going out of control. somehow no one was seriously hurt. americans are seeing soaring meat prices at the grocery store. a key factor is inflation. nationally, meat prices have gone up 12% in the last year, albuquerquen bacon is up 28%. it is blamed on shipping costs and the labor shortage. dur gary paulsen has died at the age of 82 but leaves behind a legacy of inspiring a love and respect for the wilderness. here's will ganss. >> reporter: like the hero of "hatchet", gary paulsen forged his own legacy against almost impossible odds. >> i was an awful student. i flunked everything. i was a poor reader. a public librarian got me to reading, when i was flunking
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school and my home life was awful, she kept me reading. >> reporter: born in 1939, he fell in love with the wilderness as a child, hunting, and fishing as a child in minnesota. he forged his parents' signature and joined the army. became an engineer and hated it, quit and became a writer. >> i was bokroke, poor, i wrote for nothing. >> reporter: in 1983, he competed in the iditarod and would author more than 200 books exploring themes of wilderness and survival, the most famous perhaps being "hatchet", which spawned a movie adaptation, four sequels and legions of fans. >> for young people, i tell them to read like a wolf eats. read when they tell you not to read and read what they tell you not to read. >> a book is a friend. you can never have too many. thank you for filling our
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childhoods with so many friends and instilling in so many of us a life-long love of literature. >> words to live by right there. >> "hatchet", one of my favorite books still. 90-year-old william shatner talks about his mission to space. and later on this national dessert day, a very sweet quiz. what is the most popular dessert in america? there's so many options. we'll find out young man: thanks for having us this weekend mrs. garcy young woman: yeah, thanks mom mother: of course and thank you guys for these gorgeous flowers, so thoughtful. young woman whispering: hey, did you bring the... the condoms? young man whispering: what's up? young woman whispering: condoms young man whispering: cond.. condor? young woman whispering: condor. why would i say condor? condoms! condoms. father: condoms charlie. she wants to know if you brought any condoms. young man: yeah i brought some. announcer: eargo, a virtually invisible hearing loss solution with high quality sound and lifetime support.
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ ♪ that this heart of mine embraces ♪ ♪ all day through ♪ [doorbell] ♪ in that small cafe ♪ ♪ the park across the way ♪
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♪ the children's carousel ♪ ♪ the chestnut trees ♪ ♪ the wishin' well ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mr. blue sky ♪ ♪ blue sky blue sky ♪ >> captain james t. kirk took a little visit to mr. blue sky, boldly going where no 90-year-old has ever gone before. >> actor and friend of "world news now," william shatner has officially made history, beaming up to the edge of space and
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back. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: history made. "star trek's" captain kirk, william shatner, boldly going to the final frontier and back. at 90 years old, becoming the oldest person ever to blast off into space. more than five decades after "star trek" began. >> welcome aboard, captain. >> reporter: traveling aboard amazon-founder jeff craft. shatner saying, wow. the crew experiencing three minutes of weightlessness before parachuting back down to earth. the whole mission just over ten minutes. afterwards, bezos opening the latch. >> hello, astronauts. >> reporter: shatner and the crew emerging. >> to see the blue color. now you're staring at the black.
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that's the thing. the covering of blue. the sheet, the blanket, this comforter of blue that we have around us. we think oh, that's blue sky. and you shoot through it, all of a sudden, you whip off a sheet and you look into blackness, into black, ugliness, and you look down, there's the blue down there, and the black up there. >> reporter: shatner overcome. >> i'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. i just, it's extraordinary, extraordinary. i hope i never recover from this. i hope that i can maintain what i feel now. i don't want to lose it. >> reporter: and right after, we were there with the crew. what made you so emotional up there? >> the absolute startling unexpected difference between
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the darkness of space and the blue of earth. out there lies coldness, yes, the mystery of space, but right here lies sustenance, life, nurturing. >> reporter: what do you think you're going to take back of this experience? >> to see something of the difference of life and death. >> reporter: and blue origin has one more flight this year, more in 2022. but you saw all that emotion there. it wasn't just shatner. all the crew members say they were crying today and they couldn't think of a better ambassador for the future of humanity than captain kirk. gio benitez, abc news, at the blue origin launch site in texas. >> he's got to be next going to space. >> i think william shatner put it into perspective for us. we can't even conceptualize what that would feel like. but when he talks about looking up and just seeing black, that, to me, was very descriptive, i
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can't even fathom the blue, you're looking down
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♪ ♪ ♪ my militkshake brings all the boys to the yard ♪ >> different kind of milkshake, ice cream, pudding, we're celebrating it today on national dessert day. >> it means it's time for our sweetest "world news now" quiz with our own will ganss. >> could have also gone with christina aguilera, "candy man." there are so many. there are a lot of metaphors. in addition to all these treats doi have my own milkshake. i'm serving up dessert-themed
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pop quiz questions. what is the most popular dessert in america? >> i was contemplating. >> there could be so many things. cheesecake, apple pie, ice cream, all top three. i'm going to go with apple pie though. >> chocolate chip cookie count as dessert? >> oh, mine god, you're so right. think carrie bradshaw spawned a big -- >> now i'm lost. pushed me in the wrong direction. >> the essentiaanswer is cupcak guys. if you do the math, you're buying 126 tho buying 12 of those at a time. what are the two ingredient that make eating raw cookie dough bad? >> egg. >> yes. >> yeast? >> maybe it is good for you. >> egg and flour.
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>> flour. >> these days, pillsbury is treating their flour so the dough is safe to eat these days. >> build character back in the day. which flavor of girl scout cookie is the most popular. >> thin mint, right? >> samoa. >> ding, ding, ding, thin mint. >> pro tip, put them in the freezer. >> yes, yes. here for it. when asked how he takes his ice cream, who said, two scoop, make it three, i'm not driving. >> the rock. >> no. >> close, kevin mcallister from home alone 2. how many calories are in a banana split from dairy queen? >> 457. >> 700 -- >> 898. >> 520. worth every single one of them. >> just skip dinner! >> what's your favorie dessert, guys? >> i was just going to ask you. >> carrot cake,
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