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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 14, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- ea ns,orrs at john deere, walking off the job, demanding better pay and benefits. how workers coast-to-coast and across several industries are fighting back, demanding a bigger share of company profits. new details about the suspect in a deadly bow and arrow attack in europe. the attacker firing at random. a crucial day in the push for covid vaccine booster shots. what the fda is considering today. plus, the new research on what happens when you mix different shots together. and overnight, the nba superstar benched for refusing to get vaccinated, speaks out. why he is refusing to budge. the emotional moment when william shatner returned from
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space. >> i'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. i just -- it's extraordinary. >> what he says surprised him the most. new fallout from the teacher shortage across america. the state no longer requiring a college degree to teach. and the bald eagles arguing over how to decorate their nest. the video every couple can relate to. good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with workers across america fighting back. furious about long hours and wages they say are not keeping up with inflation. >> at john deere, a company with 70,000 employees, went on strike, after rejecting a contract offer, saying the wages and benefits offered are not enough, considering the company's profits. >> they are not alone about voicing frustration about the working conditions across this
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countr workers are ready to walk off the job, demanding better conditions and higher pay. this morning, 10,000 employees at john deere are preparing to hit the picket lines at iowa, illinois and kansas. they argue as the company's profits grew by 61% in recent years. and their ceo's salary grew by 1160% in the pandemic. >> they can't take our money, take our money, take our money. >> reporter: meanwhile, union workers at kellogg's cereal plants have been on strike for a week. angry about long hours and seven-day work weeks. >> our number one priority is to get back to the negotiations table and reach a contract so our employees can get back to their jobs and their lives. >> reporter: and soon, hollywood may see a walkout. 60,000 tv and film crew workers could walk off the job on monday, over what they claim are
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unfair working conditions. >> our hours are really grueling. and we need not just rest between the work days and over the weekend, but an actual meal break during the day. >> reporter: across the country, a record number of workers are quitting their jobs. 4.3 million americans or 2.9% of the workforce left their jobs in august. many looking for better work conditions and pay, especially with inflation on the rise. new figures show consumer prices rose more than 5% in the last year, prompting the government wednesday to announce the biggest cost of living increase for social security recipients in 40 years. back to john deere. more than 90% of workers rejected the company's latest contract offer. workers there haven't gone on strike since the 1980s. mona? andrew? >> thank you. president biden has announced plans to ease the supply chain crisis and break the log jam of cargo ships.
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the port of los angeles has could takenttou backlog. speeding up deliveries will still be a challenge because of the shortage of truck drivers. the battottlenecks have been driving up prices on everything, including groceries. meat prices are up 12% in the last year. >> chicken has never been overpriced. now, paying 100 bucks a case, where we used to pay $40, 50 bucks. now $100 a case. >> reporter: the white house says it is trying to lower gas prices. it's reportedly talking with energy companies and may release oil from an emergency stockpile. police in norway have accused a man of going on a deadly rampage with a bow and arrows. the suspect is a 37-year-old man from denmark. police say he launched the attack in a supermarket and then walked around shooting more arrows until he was arrested. there's no word on aurnghe pand
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major newtu regarding whether we can mix and match covid vaccines. today is a crucial day when it comes to vaccine booster shots and whether millions of additional americans will become eligible for them. here's abc's dan lieberman. >> reporter: the biden administration's booster rollout is off to a good start. >> we estimate that over 7 million americans will have gotten their booster shot, including about 3 million just in the last week. >> reporter: with results from a highly anticipated study from the national institutes of health, finding no matter the booster, mixing and matching vaccines is likely safe and effective. for those that got the johnson & johnson shot, the study finding higher antibody levels, with the moderna or pfizer booster. >> while this is exciting, it's based on small sample sizes. it givesf we seneeks. or aey aor panel is t discuss moderna and
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johnson & johnson booster data, to determine if they should be authorized. meanwhile, the fda may be weeks away from approving pfizer's vaccine for children 5 to 11. the white house purchasing 65 million doses. >> pediatricians are great at managing vaccinations. we hope our pediatricians will be ready. >> reporter: this as the fight over mandates heats up. in texas, lawmakers now considering a bill that governor greg abbott's request, following his executive order, banning vaccine mandates in the state. one democratic lawmaker warning of confusion to come. >> in a ten-minute stretch, i had one person who was getting a pizza delivered saying, if your driver doesn't have a vaccine, i don't want the pizza. and the next ten minutes, someone walked in saying y'all are silly for wearing masks. >> reporter: in chicago, the police union, trying to block the vaccine mandate, as the union mourns the death of its
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former president to the virus. and overnight, nba star kyrie irving break his silence, after the nets benched them for refusing to get vaccinated. irving defending the decision. >> it's not about the money, baby. it's not always about the money, it's choosing best for you. you think i want to lose money? >> reporter: dan lieberman, new york. the white house has rejected trump's claim of executive privilege. president biden has instructed the national archives within 30 days of notifying trump. and they have subpoenaed jeffrey clark. and jeffrey rosen testified before the committee yesterday. a new york city police officer is under arrest, accused of shooting two women involved in a love triangle. one victim was killed. the officer was off-duty when she opened fire at the women, one of whom she was dating.
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police say the shooter stayed at the scene and confessed. northwest of atlanta, a tour bus on fire. the driver was able to escape. the rest of the bus was empty and no word on what caused the shiing winds is creating problems for crews fighting a wildfire in santa barbara county, california. it is threatening more than 100 homes. highway 101 could be closed for the weekend. >> that's one of the major north-south routes in california. primary and important for commerce. having that shut down for a third-consecutive day is a very big deal. >> conditions could soon get worse. santa ana winds are expected to crank up tomorrow. red flag warnings are posted for all of southern california. with that, let's look at your thursday weather. more rain is expected in
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oklahoma and texas. the remnants of hurricane pamela that hit mexico could dump eight inches in some areas. kans are cleaning up from nine reported tornadoes. on the radar, you see the showers and storms across the midwest, the rockies and more rain for the northwest today. seattle and portland will reach the mid-50s. extended summer continues in the northeast, with temperatures well above normal today. and 80s along the gulf coast. 86 in miami. coming up, we remember a beloved children's author. also ahead, should teachers be required to have a college degree? the decision in one state. and what we're learning about these two little girls who
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back, now, with the life-saving actions of police near dallas. their body camera video shows a vehicle burning as they pull an unconscious mant fr from the wreckage. u.s. border patrol agents picked up two migrant girls wandering alone near yuma, arizona. they were carrying a note with contact information, believed to be their aunt in the u.s. a camera captured this video of a human smuggler with a girl on his back. after he was over, he left the girl alone. we turn to america's classrooms and the shortage of teachers. one state is no longer requiring teachers to have a college degree, raising questions about who is at the head of the class. this morning, amid a nationwide shortage of teachers, school districts are taking drastic measures to make sure classrooms are staffed. in san francisco, one district
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is running so low on substitutes, that administrators and the superintendent are filling ot a ide >> reporter: florida struggling with more than 5,000 teaching positions vacant. concerns about covid and low pay are the reasons why. and now the most drastic moves yet. state officials in oregon, desperate to hire teachers will no longer subs to have a college degree. emergency substitute teacher licenses will be issued with the only requirements being that candidates must be 18 or older and pass a background check. >> i don't think we want to see, you know, a decrease in the education requirements for substitutes. but it is understanding where we're facing shortages across the board in the education system. we're seeing school bus driver shortages. substitute shortages. >> we will have safe and trustworthy adults in the schools. they have to go through a
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background check. we have really rigorous check-ins. people walking past your child's classroom all day long. >> state officials plan to re-evaluate the requirements in january. gary paulsen has died. he wrote the best-selling novel "hatchet," as well as 200 books about wilderness and survival. gary paulsen was 82. coming up, a legendary nfl quarterback is ordered to return welfare money. ahead, william shatner emotionally describing his sense of awe, gazing back at the earth from space. what surprised him the most. after my dvt blood clot... i was uncertain... was another around the corner? or could things take a different turn? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding
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indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit all right, back now with some extreme martial arts from north korea's military. soldiers ripped apart bricks and concrete blocks with their hands and their heads to impress their leader, kim jong-un. they also laid down on nails and broken glass while stones were broken on top of them. kim jong-un seemed impressed. back in this country the rolling stones are making news for what they're not playing. they say they're retiring their classic song "brown sugar" because it begins with a slave narrative and sexualizes black women. mick jagger said they played the song every night since the 1970s. brett favre has been ordered to pay his home state of mississippi nearly $830,000. he got the money from nonprofit groups for speaking engagements he never attended. the organization's owner is charged with embezzlement.
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favre says he didn't know the money was illegal. officials called it illegally spent welfare funds. now to william shatner getting emotional after flight to space giving us new up sight into what it's like to see the earth from above. >> like a beat and a beat and suddenly through the blue and into black. >> reporter: this morning, william shatner in awe describing his historic mission to space traveling 2,200 miles per hour in a rocket. >> my stomach went up. this is so weird, but not as weird as the covering of blue. this is what i never expected. there's this soft blue. look at the beauty of that color, and it's so thin, and you're through it in an instant. >> reporter: shatner blasting off with jeff bezos' blue origin company. he and the other passengers experiencing zero gravity for three minutes 66 miles above earth. at first the former "star trek" star seemed taken aback by the weightlessness.
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>> weightlessness. oh, jesus. >> reporter: but after getting adjusted, he marveled at the view. >> no description could equal this. >> this is nuts. >> reporter: the crew touching back down to earth ten minutes after launch. >> hello, astronauts. welcome to earth. >> reporter: making shatner the oldest person ever in space. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience. i'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. i just -- it was extraordinary. extraordinary. i hope i never recover from this. >> reporter: the 90-year-old getting emotional about the experience, especially the moment he left earth behind and only saw black. >> oh, that's blue sky and then suddenly you shoot through and it's like all of a sudden you
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rip off the sheet when you're asleep and looking into darkness. is that death? is that the way death is. it's gone. jesus isience is something unbelievable. >> observers say shatner's reaction could go a long way to boosting interest in space travel. coming up, two bald eagles get into an argument that we can all relate to. also ahead, can wendy's keep a promise about its french a promise about its french frie there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions,
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color snap color id from sherwin - williams. color pallets curated just for you. when you really need to sleep you reach for the really good stuff. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with a new pledge from wendy's. >> the fast food chain has a new recipe for what it believes is the perfect french fry. they are called hot and crispy
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fries and they will replace your order. >> you will get a new batch. i remember when domino's used to say 30 minutes oree. it didn't last long. >> we'll see. and attention fans of "saved by the bell," school is nearly back in session. >> the show's reboot is coming back for a second season. a new trailer shows bayside high hosting a school spirit contest, with the show's cast of characters. >> isn't that nice? >> hit it. ♪ >> hey. ♪ make the noise ♪ >> let's do this. >> we can talk about old times all day. i want to hear what's new. >> season two of "saved by the bell" reboot prepares the day before thanksgiving. the new favorite couple, zoo miami set up a live stream of a bald eagle's nest. >> it shows the happy couple building the nest, with added commenta commentary. >> look at this amazing piece of wood i found.
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>> you mean this log. >> it is not. it's a perfect piece for the nest. >> it's enormous. >> what are you doing? >> this is not staying in the nest. >> i flew over a mile with this thing. >> who is laying the eggs in this nest? >> i thought this was half season sies. i'm entitled to a piece of furniture. i'm going to put it on my side of the nest. >> whatever. i'll throw it out tomorrow. >> felt that one. just like every couple. the zoo expects mom will lay an egg by december. finally, a sure sign that christmas is on the way. >> that's right. the return of the rockettes. the precision dancers are back for the first time since the pandemic, rehearsing for this year's christmas spectacular. the new show starts november 5th. can't wait. >> they practice six hours a day for six days a week. and this year, the show's actually extended. so, they need all of the practice they can get.
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we can give them all osmo. it's technology that turns a tablet into a super-fun, learning device. they won't even realize they're learning... ...until it's too late. -muahahahahahahaha! -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahahaha! muahahahahahahahaha! fun. educational. genius. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. this reggie:
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major discussion today impacting people who got the maternal vaccine. the possible step forward in producing facts -- boosters. kumasi: a red flag warning and impending power outages for thousands of peach any customers this morning. >> don't be mad at my dad or mom or anything about that, but that was me reggie: and my brothers thing. reggie:the giants starting pitcher revealing his game day tradition. he is hoping to get a win in tonight's crucial game at five. the morning on this thursday, october 14. you're watching abc 7 news live. kumasi: game five. do you have on your orange? reggie: hold on. what is happening? mike? kumasi: we are looking at you. mike: i don't wear ties anymore.


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