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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 14, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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major discussion today impacting people who got the maternal vaccine. the possible step forward in producing facts -- boosters. kumasi: a red flag warning and impending power outages for thousands of peach any customers this morning. >> don't be mad at my dad or mom or anything about that, but that was me reggie: and my brothers thing. reggie:the giants starting pitcher revealing his game day tradition. he is hoping to get a win in tonight's crucial game at five. the morning on this thursday, october 14. you're watching abc 7 news live. kumasi: game five. do you have on your orange? reggie: hold on. what is happening? mike? kumasi: we are looking at you. mike: i don't wear ties anymore.
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i have pullovers, but they are not appropriate. i have a giants jersey, but i don't think that was appropriate either. kumasi: do what you want, mike. do what you want. it is the internal spirit. mike: i have orange on in other places, you just can't see it. jobina: no, we trust you. mike: i will show you my socks later. [laughter] mike: calm conditions out there. where seeing winds at six mph. up in the hills, it is starting to get a little breezy. st. helena, about 23. it is the eastern parts that are going to have the fastest wins. napa county and alameda. the most dangerous conditions will develop at 10:00 this morning all the way through eight :00 this evening. disgusting northerly winds, super dry air. that is why we have a red flag warning. as for the rest of us, this means much warmer temperatures with 60's at the coast, 70's and
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80's for the rest of us. reggie: thank you. a new round of public safety safety power shutoffs. here is a look at the possible impacted areas. peach any ward it could cut the power starting a few hours ago because of the dangerous fire conditions. that alert covers about 4900 area customers. that's 3300 customers in napa county, nearly 1400 and a solano county, and 144 in solano county. heavy winds are expected to continue antenna barbara this morning, hindering progress in the fire there. flames have scorched more than 15,000 acres over the past few days. highway 101 it remains closed in that area. a firefighter has been injured, but is expected to recover. at least four buildings have been destroyed. the fire is only 5% contained. the area it is burning is not expensed a fire in more than 65 years. you can keep track of real-time weather conditions where you live anytime. this tool shows you anything from wind to air quality and the 70 forecast.
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you can find it by downloading the abc 7 bay area news app for your vice. kumasi: there could be a step today toward approving boosters for americans 17 years old and up. jobina's at the live desk with more on this. jobina: thank you. an fda panel of experts will meet to analyze data and vote on authorizing the dirt as a booster shot. tomorrow, there is a vote on johnson & johnson's booster. the national institutes of health just released the results of a study on booster shots. it found mixing and matching vaccines is likely safe and effective. researchers also found if you got the johnson & johnson as your first shot, a booster shot of either madera or pfizer could produce a stronger immune response. a second dose -- then a second dose of the j&j vaccine. >> while it's very exciting, these are very small sample sizes. it gives us a window into the data we will see over the coming weeks.
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jobina: the fda panel votes to o authorize, then the cdc will sign off with their final say. the biden administration's booster rollout appears to be off to a solid start. the white house estimate more than 7 million americans have received their third shot. kumasi: thank you. with president biden's federal employee deadline looming, 40% of -- t t t t busy things getting trouble. -- travel period. even with the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine, employees would have to get that by november 8. the tsa administered or says the agency is creating contingency plans in case there is a staff shortage. reggie: employs at certain san francisco businesses have to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. the order covers anyone working
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at jim's, recreation facilities, and any businesses serving food and drinks. san francisco has required customers to show proof of vaccination at those places since august. some restaurant customers we spoke with say they appreciate these workers now have the same standard. >> it definitely make me feel safer. people handling my food and stuff. >> i didn't even know it was a deadline to be honest because all of our employs have been vaccinated as soon as they were able. reggie: abc 7 spoke with four businesses. they all said their employs were vaccinated before yesterday's deadline. if you do have a vexing question, you can ask our abc 7 vaccine team. just go to our website and click on the big blue box. kumasi: we have on our orange. giants fans will be all over san francisco today. that's because the orange and black are taking on game five. the winner goes to the national league championship series. the loser goes home. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with her
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orange and black on. how is it going? amy: good morning. are you ready? if you are wondering if i am ready, the answer is yes. let's go. i'm so excited. it's a big game and the giants manager says they all know it. he says they are comforted knowing they are going to have one of the best pictures on the mound tonight. he will be going up against the teams arrival in game five. -- the team's rival in in in five. they're well aware of the germanic's of playing them in the season final. playing at home will be a huge advantage. >> you can feel that support. it is meaningful. it changes the energy and it boosts confidence and gives you adrenaline. we've been talking all year about how some of that adrenaline can be used to channel into good performance. i think it means something.
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amy: fans you can be a part of it. don't assume you can't get a ticket. we found some online. they have about 5400 available-for-sale. the cheapest just to get in the door is $171. the average ticket price is 400 free five dollars. getting here, public transportation is strongly encouraged. caltrain and the fairies have all added extra service to the ballparks so that fans can get here and cheer on our giants. it is going to be historic. that first pitch is set for 6:07 tonight. i am so excited. back to you. reggie: thank you. as amy mentioned, logan webb is going to be on the mound for the giants tonight. there were categorical park yesterday. that is when he revealed his pre-game ritual. here it is. he drinks three rebels for each game he plays. >> i have always loved rebel.
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-- red bull. don't be mad at my dad or mom or anything like that. that was me and my brother's sing. -- sing. --thing. just a couple years ago, right before i get to the field, right before i start my stretch with the trainer, then at the end of my warm up. so, three. >> you drink three? >> i do, yes. reggie: hey, whatever works. kumasi: right. reggie: three of those dreams has more than 300 milligrams of caffeine. kumasi: wow. reggie: he is young. kumasi: whatever works for him. reggie: 24 years old. kumasi: the che center is hosting a free watch party. it is outside in the thriving city plaza. you can bring your own blankets
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and chairs and watch on the big screen there. the event is free, but space is limited. the party starts around 5:30, which is about 40 minutes before the first pitch. is it going to be nice out there for that? mike: it will be chilly, no doubt about it. that whole area right there, that would be a great idea if i didn't have to go to bed so early for the show. i would love to do that. if you're heading there or to the game, one of the lucky tens of thousands, 61 dropping to 57. thankfully, not a writing breeze like we would normally have at the game. middle to upper 40's the most of the south bay. we have 50 in san jose. 54 in 53. bodega bay is 51. the rest of us, dress for temperatures in the 40's. here is where the magic happens tonight. oracle is going to be rocking,
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no doubt about it. as far as the weather goes for your commute, no breeze this morning, but in the hills, it is possible this afternoon. no clouds out on the water and dress virtually temperatures this morning. warm temperatures will be this afternoon. there is a look at the fire danger index. prickle fire conditions. they are marginal for most. you can see some yellow starting to develop as we head toward 8:00 right on the eastern periphery of the bay area. the highest threat will be right there along the eastern part of napa county and extends into solano county. notice by about 5:00, that yellow is all most on. by 8:00, the fire whether threat finally ends. we finally have some good news heading into what is going to be a warm weekend at the coast. i will show you the newest numbers in the 70 forecast. us talk about the morning commute. jobina: good morning. we are following a major crash already this morning. we have an alert underway in
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antioch on westbound four. it started out as a stall, then another vehicle crashed into that stalled car. the positive is that the lanes are opening up quickly, so at this moment, will he have one lane shut down. earlier, we had three shut down. progress in that area. alive picture at oakland. for your reference, those headlights are traveling southbound. everything else is moving pretty smoothly at the limit. reggie: thank. william shatner in space. history making mission and his great reaction after returning to earth. kumasi: fighting to keep walgreens from closing stores across the city. at least two supervisors talking with the company directly. reggie: the police chief on leave.
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reggie: developing news. the richmond police chief is now an administrator leave. she allegedly made threats over an investigation involving her daughter. according to our media partner, her husband, who is a oakland
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police officer is also on leave. we spoke to her attorney, who says this is all over the couple's 18 year old daughter. the claimant older man a 34-year-old, has manipulated the daughter into prostitution. valeo police are investigating an incident at oldman's mother's home. the attorneys lanes what is clients has happened. >> i can tell you my discussions with her have been about those of a mother who is worried sick about her daughter and what has happened to her. she is not fretting over, what does this mean for my job or for my career? that's the least of her concerns. her concerns are her daughter. reggie: the bay area news group has documents that say the daughter asked for a restrain order last week. she accused her parents of
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pinning her down and making death threats against her. the restraining order was temporarily denied. on the same day, u.s. marshals enrichment arrested and charged goldman with pimping and pandering the 18-year-old. the city of richmond confirms the chief is on leave because of an unfolding family situation. kumasi: the head football coach at el cerrito high school is on administered of leave according to the school district. this is coming after video surfaced showing repeated hard-hit during a practice. the school district released a new statement saying, we do not tolerate anything that puts our students safety at risk. the displays are on except the bull. the district has it cannot confirm who was running mistral at this time, but the video was recently posted online. the district did confirm that this was reported in 2019. reggie: san francisco leaders are fighting to stop walgreens from shutting down more locations across the city. two days ago, this chain announced these locations will be closed by november 17. the coven he says it's going to transfer prescriptions to nearby locations.
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reason, according to walgreens, organized retail crime. abc 7 news reporter shot this video of a man who backed up a bunch of merchandise and then took his bike and the merchandise right out of the store. all grains says retail theft across its san francisco stores has increased five times the average compared to other areas where they operate. the closures are impacting longtime customers who have been shopping there for decades. >> with people walking in there taking whatever they want and just walking out. they can't stop them at all. >> i will be watching out -- reaching out to walgreens. i've expressed to them how important it is that they stay in our communities so, i will do that again. reggie: the san francisco supervisor says his office is seeking more clarity from walgreens on the reason for the closures, suggesting that it may just be a way to cut costs instead of stopping theft. kumasi: millions of retirees on social security will get a big boost next year. nearly 6%.
5:17 am
as the biggest cost-of-living adjustment in nearly 40 years. the social security ministration is estimating that the average retired worker will get an $92 per month. that will help make up for the rising cost that we are seeing of food, gas, and other goods and services. reggie: jim a first look, legendary actor william shatner just made history as the oldest person ever to travel to the edge of space and back. peers abc 7 news reporter. reporter: and this morning's gmail first look, william shatner makes history. >> 2, 1. reporter: 55 years after the legendary actor first uttered these words. >> space, the final frontier. reporter: he would become the oldest person to boldly go in outer space. gma was right there after his triumphant return to earth. what did you feel on your body when you were going up there? >> things that can be simulated. there were five cheese. -- five g's.
5:18 am
you are thinking, can i take much of this? reporter: coming up at 7 a.m., we will have much more with our interview with william shatner, plus his selectable which could mean for the future of space tourism. kumasi: good friends is excited his friend got going to space. henry winkler calls shatner's trip an amazing opportunity. >> he is 90 taking life by the horns. all my god. what a thing. kumasi: why was i lookingas i lg dr. anthony fauci pillow in the background in his house? winkler says you will not find him doing this. he was like, good for you, friend, but i am not going to be on there. tell me how it went. [laughter]
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reggie: when he was describing the five g's, i would have to agree with the fonts. -- the fonz. mike: he was overcome with emotion after he hugged jeff bezos and was brought to tears. it's pretty cold that captain kirk got to go to space. 5:19 this morning. here is a look from south beach, looking at oracle park this morning. have right air and breezy conditions. that means a higher fire condition today, especially in solano county. our warmest ties are to follow as the winds relax on friday and saturday. unsettled in cooler next week. there are a couple of chances for light showers, but you're definitely going to feel the fall flavor in the forecast. here is the jetstream with a storm track that wrought a cold front that produced a you showers knew the coast yesterday. it is being pushed off to the east as this area of low power
5:20 am
flexes its muscles and spreads out and takes over our weather the next several days. here is the byproduct this afternoon. 72 in cupertino. 75 at san jose. the peninsula is 71 to 75 degrees. the coast is going to be one of your cooler days moving forward. low to middle 60's, around 62 to 65. low to middle 60's in north bay coast. a little windy here. but in the valley, 76 in napa to about 80 in novato. hayward and fremont, 73. moving in pittsburgh and brentwood. fairfield, 82. tonight, we cool back into the middle 40's low 50's with much slower winds in our valleys. still some 50's up in the hills and significantly dry air. look how nicely it warms into
5:21 am
the 70's and 80's tomorrow and saturday. a cold front brings a slight chance of a shower sunday afternoon. the rest of us, 50's, 60's, 70's for height. state and that monday, tuesday, wednesday. that is much cooler than average. enjoy the sunshine the next couple of days. a lot of clouds week. reggie: if you are in the peninsula, watch out for a mountain lion. it was spotted in a backyard at buck noel drive. the resident said it was no aggressive to him, it just took off. police searched the area, but they did not find it. are you spilling kumasi: i heard you coughing. i have lemon tea down here. reggie: i'm trying my best not to cough. i have no idea why my mike is on up here in the cafeteria. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning.
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kumasi: it is 5:23. number one, the fda panel will be voting today and tomorrow on authorizing madonna and johnson & johnson covid-19 easter shots. this comes as the national institutes of health found mixing and matching vaccines is likely safe and effective. reggie: number 2, 120 san francisco police officers are in jeopardy of losing their jobs today. that's only if they didn't show proof of vaccination by the midnight deadline. kumasi: number three, richmond police chief is on administered if leave after she allegedly made threats in an investigation involving her 18 year old daughter. the chief's attorney says a 34-year-old man manipulated her daughter into prostitution. reggie: number four, a new warning about public safety shutoff is more. because of dangerous fire conditions, pg&e says the alert covers about 5000 bay area customers in several counties. mike: we will definitely notice the dry air, number five being
5:25 am
the red flag warning. most of the critical conditions are going to dial in on solano county until 10:00 this morning -- from 10 caucus morning until 8:00 this evening. jobina: number six, where following an alert for a crash that is clearing. this is on westbound i-4. injuries have been reported. kumasi: number seven, tonight the giants are taking on the dodgers. this is game five of the national league series. the winner goes to the nlcs. the loser goes home. the loser goes home. reggie: the loser goes home. [laughter] kumasi: it's true. reggie: former raiders coach is being removed from the madden nfl 22 game. ea says a generic likeness replacement said. the warriors open up the season one week from today. this morning, you can save a bit on tickets to any of the first
5:26 am
12 home gets ticketmaster is dropping the ticket fees for 75 hours. that deal ends on saturday at 5 p.m. kumasi: it's official. idella will be giving us a new album next month. ♪ kumasi: this is alwaysis alwayss her new album is called 30. it comes out november 19 and she shared the news on social media with a heartfelt note. she said this was made in a period of her life when she was rebuilding her house and heart. her first single, easy on me, is out tomorrow. reggie: it is this for me. kumasi: the hand out the window, that is always got. reggie: just take it easy. the loser goes home. sorry, i am still stuck on that. [laughter] reggie: if you are usually a
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preston nader, today -- now it may be the time to start your holiday shopping early. his is because of a supply chain crisis at home. kumasi: local county reaching a milestone with mandate
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and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. day for the giants. here is a lie look at the local park. fans are pumped up for this winner take all game five tonight. a closer look at what's at stake. kumasi: the preparations for pediatric over 19 vaccines per the timeline that is becoming a bit clearer this morning. >> is hard to keep the store stock. it has taken a lot of extra effort from staff. reggie: president biden is taking on the supply chain crisis. small business owners are talking about the impact here at home as we head into the holiday season. good morning on this thursday,
5:30 am
october 14. we are live right now at abc 7, who hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to start with a check of your forecast. mike: good morning, hi everybody. this is really localized into solano county, where the highest fire danger is. it starts from 10:00 this morning and goes until 8:00 this evening for a red flag warning. right now, we are doing ok. we have eight mph to 19 mph winds. 25 and st. helena. those are some areas that will also have a heightened fire danger today, but not necessarily in the red flag warning. most of us are going to notice, tons of sunshine and super dry air today. temperatures are running in the 40's, mainly at 7:00. some 70' noon, middle 60's as we had a 4:00, we are looking at upper 60's todefinitely warmy and the backing of the 60's if you are heading out at 7:00.
5:31 am
live it with the giants forecast and the weekend that promises warmer weather. see you in a bit. reggie: thank you. giants fans are pumped up. today is game five of the national league division series. born to black needs to be the dodgers to advance to the next round of the playoffs. our reporter, perhaps the team's biggest fan, at least up at this time in the morning, as live at oracle part. amy: thank you for that title. i am very proud of that. we have been waiting all season for this, game five. we are playing our biggest rivals and playing at home. we really couldn't ask for anything more. while, maybe one more thing. we need a victory. need a victory tonight and really sealed the deal the giants could move on this is huge. never before have two teams with this many went played each other. that makes tonight a new situation. although the giants a bit at this level before, not with this manager. this is the manager's second
5:32 am
season with the team. he is aware and s eisto -- about the history and store lines going in t our e magnitude of the game five at home against the dodgers, the first time playing the dodgers in a postseason series. all of the dramatics that have happened in game at fives along the way and some of the cool things that happened for the giants players and fans. i think our players are well aware of that. when i hear them talk about it, it fires me up a little bit. amy: he also said home-field advantage early does matter. he says players can feel that support, that it is meaningful, and it gives them confidence. fans will be given a rally rack at the gate. we love seeing those being waved in the stands. if you get one, save it. i still have my foam finger from
5:33 am
the world series. i'm so glad that i held onto this. i am not a hoarder, i promise. but i did manage to say this. i'm proud of myself. i'm really looking forward to getting my old series 2021 souvenir. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. we need a win tonight. first pitch is at 6:07. back to you. kumasi: thank you. from school districts to pediatricians, the bay area is gearing up to vaccinate children ages fibers old to 11 years old once a vaccine is authorized. jobina has more on the preparations already underway. jobina: the fda is meeting on october 26 to discuss pfizer's covid vaccine in kids. the marin county office of education has already scheduled indexing clinic. a virtual town hall meeting was held last night for parents to ask questions. ecs says she's -- chief of pediatric infectious disease spoke on the panel to clarify how the shots work. the doctor says the benefits
5:34 am
outweigh any potential risks. >> i can also say anecdotally from our expanse in the bay area here, with this last search, we had children very, very six and our icus and on ventilators. jobina: the schools and bay area pediatricians have vexing clinics scheduled for october 30 and one. the hope for shots by halloween is likely not a reality. the cdc advisory midi on immunization practices is not scheduled to discuss the data until november 2 and third. kumasi: thank you. california -- moran county has become the only county to move into the yellow tracked by the cdc. this is one of the criteria to lift indoor masking requirements. this is the entire bay area. you can see the surrounding counties are orange, which indicates scheduled transmission. the tracker reflects testing positivity for the prior week. local health officials say since
5:35 am
numbers are on the margin of orange and yellow levels, the county may move temporarily back to the orange while the data stabilizes. reggie: developing news in san francisco. more than 100 place officers could be out of a job today if they refuse to get vaccinated. city employees had until midnight to show proof of vaccination. one shot, they have untillea november 12 two before the vaccinated. as of yesterday, over hundred officers still have yet to be vaccinated. the mandate is hurting the city. >> so, you are not going to have a level of officers out there to be answering calls for service. unfortunately, we are going to lose some very good, gifted, very smart and intelligent young officers. reggie: the poa says it wants religious and medical exemptions to be granted and daily covid test to be accepted as an alternative. the city has not commented on
5:36 am
those exceptions. if you have questions about vaccines, you can contact the abc 7 vaccine team. just go to and click on the big blue box. kumasi: speaker nancy pelosi is expected to hold a press conference on the build back better act. this is to address the climate crisis. as part of the biden ms trade in $3.5 trillion economic plan. the democrats are considering cutting parts of it to push it to congress. plus he implied that it would say priority. the house speaker set to talk later this morning at the california academy of sciences. reggie: right now, the port of l.a. is open and it is going to stay that way 20 47 to help alleviate a supply chain slowdown. president biden extended hours after meeting with officials there. >> this is the first key step
5:37 am
moving our nationwide system. reggie: the two port in southern california handle about 40% of u.s. container traffic. about 60 cargo ships are just waiting in the water, trying to dock in l.a. despite the backlog at other ports, a spokesperson in oakland says it is business as usual here. in a statement, they said, oakland is not expensing any congestion and delays paired with plenty of capacity here in oakland. kumasi: the global supply chain nightmare isn't just hurting major retailers. the economy is part of building a better bay area. small business owners are telling us they are feeling the impact. here is how businesses are dealing with delays and how what you can do to help. reporter: worker shortages and reduction delays are without a
5:38 am
doubt impacting the time it takes for products to reach their destinations. around this aroma southbay and across several businesses, to get through the great supply chain disruption, customers should be prompt with holiday shopping. >> shop early, shot now. reporter: that is critical advice. >> normally, a lot of older sort of been filled within two to three weeks. right now, it could sibley take as long as eight weeks. reporter: in eight weeks, it will be december. this bookshop in downtown sunnyvale says much of what is in stock today was ordered six month ago. now, she is encouraging customers to order immediately and get ahead of the gift giving season. >> we have hooks right now. i don't know what we are going to have in december. reporter: she admits it has been a challenge, at times receiving partial orders. >> it is hard keeping the store stocked and it takes a lot of extra effort from staff. sometimes, people have to wait a little longer for their books at
5:39 am
a time when reading has been so valuable. reporter: for cash only bar owner, supply chain issues mean problems with orders. >> i've been told that we can't get certain juice in this package. they say that they are making it as fast as they can, but they don't have any slated to come here for six months. reporter: deliveries are taking drastically longer. >> things that used to take three or four weeks are taking more like 20 or 30 weeks. reporter: small business owners say it will be another holiday season unlike any other. kumasi: workers across america are fighting back from the heartland to hollywood. employees are getting ready to walk off the job. the frustration and their demands. reggie: dena someone who can grow a big white beard? they may be able to help spread joy the season. the santa shortage. but first, a check of our weather.
5:40 am
mike: i was at one of those little boutique shops over the weekend and they were playing christmas music. i actually kind of liked it. two songs and it was enough. for the east bay, 43 in richmond. alameda is 53. under clear conditions and it will stay that way to the morning hours. most of us in the 40's this morning. we have 50 in concord, antioch at 56. san jose is 50. look at all of this clean air. everybody is under good air quality right now. for the most part, we will stay that way until later. hercules, that is still very healthy. enjoy it. let's take a look at your activity plan, in case you want to get out and enjoy this warm sunshine. it will definitely be warm this afternoon. turn the heater off this morning if it is running.
5:41 am
exercising, the air may scratch her throat a little bit. in errands, it will be sunny all day. as far as your pollen, we still have tree out there. moderate amount of tree pollen we also have moderate amounts of sunshine. you can so get burned. as far as our fire danger, we are green and blue, which is low and moderate. from 10:00 until about 5:00, our extreme eastern sections could jump up into high. while solano county is the highest danger, there are still areas in the east bay that still need to be vigilant as well. a warm we can forecast coming up next. jobina: good morning, everyone. that traffic alert just went by the screen. i'm happy to bring you some positive news. in antioch, the alert was just canceled at the last minute. this did involve injuries and several lanes were blocked this morning. speeds are still down to around
5:42 am
10 mph because of residual delays in the area, but it should move out of the way shortly. this is a life picture in emeryville showing i-80. those headlights are traveling westbound. we finally have the walnut creek camera back. this is a life picture showing you things are moving at the limit there. happy to bring that to you.
5:43 am
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kumasi: development involving the widow of the shooter victim in orlando, florida. she is ready to speak. she says it is time people know the truth. the man was arrested in 2017 at her family see stay home and rodeo paired in 2018, she was prosecuted and then acquitted for helping her husband plan the attack. she says the verdict was fall from -- far from indicating. she spoke with fisa news. in the interview, she says she hates how people assume she
5:45 am
didn't care that she supported him. her husband killed 49 people, injured more than 50 other people in 2016, before he was killed by police. she maintains she had no idea what he was planning. she says she was a victim of severe to mystic abuse. he threatened to kill her if she ever left him. reggie: it is money, initial and plum it came to have decreased to the lowest levels since the pandemic began. the u.s. level department just released the weekly jobless comes report. 293,000 new implement came ash china plummet claims work out last week. that's a decrease of 33,000 from the prior week. continuing claims are also down to just below two point million. workers across america are fighting back. they are mad about long hours and pay that they say isn't keeping up with inflation. now, employees at john deere are on strike after rejecting a contract offer. they say the wages and benefits
5:46 am
aren't enough. here is our reporter: reporter. reporter:from the heartland hollywood, or workers are getting ready to walk off the job. they are demanding better conditions and higher pay. this morning, 10,000 employees at john dear are preparing to hit the picket lines in iowa, illinois, and kansas. they argued that even as the companies profits grew by six to 1% and their ceos salary rebuy 100 62% during the pandemic cut their pay has actually been cut. >> we need to let them know that they can't continue to take our money and take our money and take our money. reporter: meanwhile, in workers at kellogg cereal plants have been on strike for more than a week. they are mad about long hours, including 70 workweeks. >> our number one priority is to get back to the negotiations table and get a contract, so our employees can get back to their jobs and lives. reporter: 60,000 tv and film
5:47 am
crew workers may walk off the set on monday. >> our hours are really grueling and we need rest not just between the weekend, but also a meal break during the day. reporter: across the country, an -- an unprecedented number of workers are quitting their jobs. many were looking for better work conditions and pay, especially with inflation on the rise. back to john dear, or the 90% of workers rejected the company's latest contract offer. workers there haven't gone on strike since the 1980's. kumasi: organizers of organizeo beloved christmas in the park in san jose are facing a santa shortage. the event lost a number of regular santa helpers, so organizers are now looking for volunteers. with drive-thru and in person events, the park will need more than ever before.
5:48 am
>> this is the year for you to step up. the kids really need to have some christmas interaction and a little sense of normalcy. she do everything we can to bring things back to a real christmas season, the way we have seen in the past. kumasi: christmas in the park starts on november twice six. tickets on sale now. if you want more information about how you can become a volunteer santa or helper, you can visit our website at what i want to know is, what you can't see is that mike has some giants gear. he thought about it and then said no. i said, friend -- mike: it's a lid. reggie: we make sacrifices. we put on hats. that just maybe one foot taller. that is also a look. kumasi: you have got options, mike. mike: i do have options. [laughter] mike: but i have it.
5:49 am
reggie: it's a nice hat. mike: is everybody happy now? kumasi: i am. mike: we are going to be so tired tomorrow morning staying up and watching this game. we will need you to bring us a little energy. maybe you can do that on social media for us. we'll spend a lot of energy cheering on the giants here at oracle tonight. 6:07 is the pitch. we are going to have a sunny and warm day before that with a fire danger unfortunately climbing. that is especially in solano county and east bay hills and mountains, up into now -- napa county mounds. a clear sky. it is a one and done for today. the weekend, we start on saturday really warm a quick cold front will bring us cooler weather sunday and a chance of showers in the north bay. for now, we are drier and warmer things to high-pressure building and. there is no rain coming until
5:50 am
that possibility sunday. enjoy this little bit of warmth that we are going to have for our fall season. 72 at sunnyvale, 78 in gilroy. we have 72 at san mateo. 65 in half moon bay. we will push the upper 60's near 70 for downtown south san francisco. the game forecast there, maybe a wisp of a cloud, who conditions -- cool conditions. low to middle 60's, breezy at the north because. 72 in oakland, 73 in fremont. as you move in, 76 in san ramon. how about some 80's around pittsburgh and brentwood. 40's for most of us tonight under a star filled sky. we will have a boost in the warming trend tomorrow. warmer saturday afternoon.
5:51 am
look at that drop. nearly 10 degrees to 12 degrees sunday. you really want to get any plans in on saturday more than sunday. reggie: do you know the giants won all 12 of logan webb's home starts? kumasi: thank you for that tidbit. reggie: you're welcome. i'm here for your sports knowledge. also do it 6:00, putting your crystal ball to the test. new tournament to find the best fortunetellers in the world. kumasi: also, new video of an up close animal encounter. the orc as surprising workers on the dock. reggie:
5:52 am
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5:54 am
top gifts. here are some tips on how to shop for so-called secondary markets. she says some sites employ actual humans to verify items and make sure that you are getting what you pay for, not some knockoff. but, it is still not going to be cheap. reporter: sadly, this is not about finding a deal. when demand is high and supply is low, cisco up, way up. the sooner you can get on the hunt, the further away from that holiday deadline, the better. it seems prices will only go up. kumasi: she will have a full report coming up on gma, which starts at 7:00. october is breast cancer awareness month. a local police chief has made good on his promise to help the cause. he looks like this. let's see the after. he dyed his hair pink. after the community met his challenge to raise $500 for the
5:55 am
north bay cancer alliance, chief hail -- the chief was getting answers. >> it supports all of the north bay area, providing support to my research, and a bunch of resources to those who have been stricken with this horrible disease and those who are survivor heroes and those we lost. kumasi: the chief says you can still donate by going to the department's or instagram pages. reggie: i love that. some lucky dockworkers in libya did not need to get on a whale watching tour to get a spectacular video. >> cool. >> holy smokes, are you kidding? reggie: that's amazing. robert johnson assured this video, describing this as surreal. he was working on the dock in vancouver when these orcas swim by.
5:56 am
he says of the three years he has worked there, he has never seen an orca. he knew whales were great big creatures, but one seemed to span the length of a seaplane. kumasi: oh my goodness, look how close they are. reggie: that is my dream. i have always wanted to see workers in the wild. have never seen them at all, but it will be really cool to see them in the wild. kumasi: have you been on a whale watching expedition? reggie: i have in alaska, where they usually have orcas, but they didn't show up. we did see some awesome comeback whales and they came pretty close to us, so that was cool, but i was really hoping for the orca. they didn't want to see is that day. it's fine. kumasi: new at 6:00, one of the most influential bands at -- of all time. the beatles is now restored in today's quality. we also have a highly anticipated disney plus sneak peek. reggie: trouble at tsa
5:57 am
checkpoints. emerging and emerging issue could add weight time to your trips. kumasi: that big battle at oracle part. we are back life getting you ready for the
5:58 am
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6:00 am
safety power shut off potentially kicking in any minutes. warning neighborhoods of lights out for thousands this morning. reggie: checking the booster shop -- shot timeline. >> don't be mad at my dad or my mom, but that was me and my brothers thing. kumasi: when or go home. tonight, the san francisco world series hopes right on the line. a bit superstitious with his peculiar pregame condition. reggie: good morning on this thursday. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven. first, check in your forecast. mike: good morning. partaken in his pregame ritual, but maybe after tonight, we should. once we learn what it is. no? you can have too many rings --


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