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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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minutes. warning neighborhoods of lights out for thousands this morning. reggie: checking the booster shop -- shot timeline. >> don't be mad at my dad or my mom, but that was me and my brothers thing. kumasi: when or go home. tonight, the san francisco world series hopes right on the line. a bit superstitious with his peculiar pregame condition. reggie: good morning on this thursday. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven. first, check in your forecast. mike: good morning. partaken in his pregame ritual, but maybe after tonight, we should. once we learn what it is. no? you can have too many rings -- wings?
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weather-wise, pretty quiet. hard to believe we've got a big critical fire condition building over us and napa county where winds are anywhere from 27 to 34. we want to zero in on his solano county. this is where all the ingredients will be at their highest. that starts at 10:00 this morning and goes through 8:00 this evening. red flag warning, the dry air is bring us a ton of sunshine. temperatures in the 40's, 60's at the coast. mid 70's to near 80 for the rest of us and even hotter weather on the way. right now -- reggie: right now, new round of public safety power shut off. it could cut the power steering a few hours ago because of dangerous fire conditions. that covers about 4900 bay area customers. that is nearly 1400 and solano county and 144 in sonoma county. heavy winds are expected to
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continue in santa barbara county this morning, hindering the fight. flames have scorched more than 15,000 acres over the past few days. highway 101 remains closed. a firefighter was injured, but the expected to recover. at least four buildings have been destroyed. the fire only 5% contained. the area burning right now has not experienced a fire and more than 65 years. you can keep track of real-time weather conditions anytime. we have a tool that shows you every thing from wind to air quality in the seven day forecast. you can download it on your streaming device. kumasi: fda advisers could be taking a big step forward approving more booster shots for americans 18 and up. since coming as we learn more about the safety of mixing and matching vaccines. at the live desk with more. jobina: today, an independent fda panel of experts will meet to analyze data and vote on authorizing modernity's booster
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shot. tomorrow, a vote on johnson & johnson's booster. as to that after months of research, they released the results of a study on booster shots. it found mixing and matching vaccines is likely safe and effective. researchers also found that if you got the johnson & johnson shot as your first shot, a booster shot of moderna or pfizer could produce a stronger immune response that a second dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> it is based on small sample sizes. it gives us a window into data will see over the coming weeks. jobina: if the fda panel votes to authorize boosters, ccc -- ac/dc panel weigh-in. the cdc director must sign off with her final say. the binder -- cdc panel way in. the bided administration estimates more than 7 million americans have received their third dose. kumasi: the tsa sing 40% of
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workers are not vaccinated with president biden's federal employee deadline looming. they need to be fully vaccinated by november 22, which is right before the busy thanksgiving travel period. it takes weeks for doses to kick in, so time is running out. even with the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine, employees need to shop by november 8. the tsa administrator says they are creating contingency plans in case of a staff shortage. reggie: employees at certain san francisco business have to be fully vaccinated. the deadline was yesterday. it covers anyone working at jim's or rec facilities in any business that serves food and drink. san francisco required customers to show proof of vaccination since august. some restaurant customers we spoke with said they appreciate workers have to meet the same standard. >> it makes me feel safer. the people handling my food. >> i didn't know was a deadline because all of our employees have been vaccinated as soon as they were able. reggie: all four businesses that
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abc 7 spoke with said employees were vaccinated before yesterday's deadline. if you vaccine questions, you can ask our team. just go to kumasi: you already know giants fans are going to be all over san francisco today. the orange and black taking on the dodgers tonight in game five. the winner advancing to the national league championship series. the loser going home. our reporter is live at oracle park. how excited are you? amy: i am really excited. i feel like the dodgers are going home tonight with the big l on their record. the giants are going to win. it's a big game. the giants manager says they are aware, they are feeling it. but they feel very comforted knowing they are going to have the best pitcher on the mound tonight. logan webb with that unusual pregame ritual, you will hear
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about that in a minute. theyst the team arrival and gave five -- in the five. know the magnitude of the game, well aware of the dramatics. playing the dodgers in the series final. he says playing it at home will be a huge advantage. >> you can feel that support. it is meaningful, it changes the energy, it boosts confidence, gives you adrenaline. [indiscernible] amy:. of it't get a ticket, stubhub door is $171. the average ticket price is for $45 -- $445.
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getting here, public transportation is encouraged. they have added extra service to the ballpark tonight. make sure you get here to tear on -- cheer on. the first pitch is set for 6:07. either be here have the spot on the couch ready to go tonight. reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. reggie: your excitement is infectious. logan webb is going to be on the mound for the giants tonight and this win or go home game five. if the giants win, he should have a case of rebel waiting in his locker. turns out, that it's a secret weapon. the giants held a workout yesterday where web revealed his pregame ritual. he said he drinks three red bulls before every game he plays. >> i've always loved red bull. i started drinking it when i was really young area -- young. that was me and my mother
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staying. -- brothers thing. i want to say, until a couple years ago, it was like right when i get to the field, right before i start my stretch with the trainer and at the end of my warm up. so three. >> you drink three red bulls? >> i do. [laughter] reggie: do the math. three red bulls, that is more than 300 milligrams of caffeine. if that's what works, that's what works. kumasi: ok. the warriors are showing support for the giants. hosting a free wash party outside in the drive city plaza -- watch party. you can bring your own bank it -- blankets and chairs. the event is free, but space is limited. the party starts around 5:30, around 30 minutes before first
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pitch. reggie: protecting walgreens. this viral video now part of a much bigger story. how san francisco leaders are hoping they can rewrite this ending. >> come on. get out. come on. kumasi: this gripping police camera video. a man being saved from a burning car. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition.
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reggie: 109 wins versus 109 wins. it's the first time it has happened and it is happening at oracle tonight at 6:07. good news, clear sky. beautiful scenery. much of a breeze. it will pretty nice, just
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as long as you are dressed appropriately. coldest weather, freeze warning and frost advisory. so about 9:00, keep every thing protected through that timeframe. 39 in rohnert park. those are some of the coolest temperatures so far this entire season. we've got 52 in san francisco, 50 in san jose. everyone else in the 40's. as we look at the commute, it is pretty clear other than some isolated fog right around american canyon, and napa. enjoy the calmness of the commute. weatherwise, let's see how it looks on the roads. jobina: the biggest update right now is that metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. he flipped on at 5:42. back up is beginning. traffic is building for people headed westbound on the richmond ridge. these headlights are traveling in the westbound direction. overall look at the bay area on
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the map, we've a couple of red spots. bringing in the drive times. tracing is going to be for the minutes for that right. to concord, 25 minutes. kumasi: the blockck happening in san francisco today to mark the opening of a brand-new recreation space. it is free. reggie: the golden state warriors with some savings. the new deal happening for the next 74 hours. kumasi: captain kirk climbs back to space.
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reggie: two texas officers are being called heroes after pulling a man from a burning car. the video is hard to watch, but everyone is ok. >> get out. give him a hand.
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come on. come on. rescue. the car caught fire after it was involved in a crash. police say but the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the department says they are proud of the officers for their quick response and heroic acts. kumasi: new developments in this shocking viral video out of the east bay showing repeated hard-hit stringer for ball -- football -- during football practice. the coaches on leave. the district released a statement saying we do not tolerate anything that puts student safety at risk. the district went on to say that it cannot verify who was running this drill at the time, but did confirm the video is from 2019. it was recently posted online and drew widespread anger from foam or college and pro football
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players and coaches. reggie: san francisco leaders are fighting to stop walgreens from shutting down more locations across the city. today's ago, the drugstore chain announced it was closing these five locations by november 17. the company says it is going to transfer prescriptions to a nearby locations. the reason they are giving is organized retail crime. our reporter shot this video of a man who backed up a bunch of merchandise and bite out of the store. walgreens says retail theft across san francisco stores has increased five times the average. the closures impact longtime customers who have been shopping there for decades. >> it has to do with people walking in and taking whatever they want and walking out, and they can't stop them. >> i will be reaching out to walgreens. i've expressed how important it is they stay in our communities. i will do that again. reggie: san francisco supervisor says his office is seeking work
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clarity from walgreens on the reason for the closures, suggesting this may be just a way for the company to cut costs and it is not just about stopping theft. kumasi: nadja the video everyone is talking about. william shatner getting emotional after going to space. >> this experience is so unbelievable. kumasi: he blasted off with jeff bezos's blue origin company yesterday. he and the other passengers experienced a gravity for three minute and were 66 miles above earth. the 90-year-old got emotional while talking about it with jeff bezos. >> what you have given me is the most found experience. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. it is extraordinary. i hope i never recover from
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this. kumasi: after a lifetime of being a symbol of space travel with his iconic role in star trek, he is now the oldest person ever in space. reggie: that was really touching. why is jeff bezos dressed up? kumasi: what is he supposed to have on? reggie: he didn't go up. mike: that's the uniform for the entire company, it looks like. reggie: oh, ok. kumasi: what did you want him to have on? mike: walk up in khakis and a red shirt like he's from target. can i take your order? i wore that the other day. [laughter] reggie: in target? mike: no, thankfully. we were thinking about going there, then i was like, no. reggie: don't confuse people. mike: coming up on 6:20, good morning. hope you like the thursday
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forecast. let's show you what is going on down in the south bay. clear conditions. sunny and warm today with the fire danger climbing, especially in napa. eastern solano county, eastern alameda county. clear skies, winds are relaxing in the danger goes away. a warm start to the weekend, but showers are possible. the high bulging to the east [no audio] alter the south bay, we have low to mid 70's, 45 degrees along the coast. near 70 for downtown san francisco and sausalito. this is where winds blow today. 76 to 80 through the northbay valleys. the east, 70 to 73 degrees.
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75 to about 81 degrees. take a get tonight's temperatures with this extremely dry air. most of us falling back [no audio] it is going to bemoderate not ot friday and saturday, the hottest days. something else going on saturday, very dear to my heart. the alzheimer's walk. this is in san jose. 8:00, 51. by the time the walk is over and we raise millions of dollars false timers, to be about 75. -- for alzheimer's, it will be about 75. 70's and 80's friday and saturday, notice the cooler weather, 10 to 12 degrees. then we stay below average, 50's and 60's, barely 70's due next week. reggie: you are doing the walk, right? mike: i'll be there, i am
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probably going to mc the east bay one. reggie: i am joining in san francisco, i haven't told anyone yet. i've been meaning to do it every year. mike: finally g cusu. [lr] reggie iat good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> good morning. great to be with you on this thursday. what's coming up on gma. raking overnight, -- breaking overnight, 10,000 employees at john you're going on strike. this is we track looming strikes across the country. also, a shipping logjam threatening the holiday season. the new steps by the biden administration to get things moving. see to finding the must-have gifts you can't find in stores right now. plus, scammers using google voice targeting online marketplaces. what you need to know to protect yourself.
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kumasi: the newest outdoor recreation space in san francisco celebrates its grand opening with the free block party today. the park is located at the terminal site at howard and maine. it has a soccer field, bar, food trucks and outdoor cinema is coming. the mayor boasted the city's high vaccination rate will create more opportunities for these group activities. >> this place will play an important role in our economic recovery, but more importantly, it will play an important role of continuing to bring people together. kumasi: the block party today goes from 4:00 till 8:00. reggie: the warriors are gearing up for their season home opener one week from today. this morning, you can save on
6:26 am
tickets to any of the first 12 home games. ticketmaster is dropping the fees for 75 hours. that deal ends this saturday at 7:00 p.m.. kumasi: adele is giving us a new album next month. ♪ she just announced announced date for her very much anticipated album called "30." it comes out november 19. she says the album narrates it -- a period of her life where she was rebilling her house and her heart. her first single is out tomorrow. reggie: is that all we have, that clip? she played more and instagram. i liked it. i didn't cry. it wasn't long enough for me to cry. kumasi: it is coming. [laughter] reggie: it's coming, that's tomorrow.
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one bay area county that just came one step closer to being able to lift its indoor mask mandates. kumasi: a shortage of santas this christmas. a beloved event saying it is in dire isn't it santa's helpers? i don't need the dm's this morning. the supply chain struggles not only hurting major retailers, but grocery store prices to keep an ion. kumasi: as we had to break, live look outside at 6:27. then she liked to see oracle park? i'm excited. i'm claiming the wind. reggie: same.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding
6:30 am
solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: making news right now. closing in on covid vaccines for children. some of the top bay area experts on the issue answering questions for parents. ma: supply chain in crisis. ships stuck at port and workers on strike. pandemic pressures coming to a point. it is all coming at a cost to you in the next few weeks. reggie: one game with orange october on the line. giants fans hoping it looks like this at the end of tonight. will the giants stay in the world series hunt? a sticky live right now to oracle park. lit up this morning -- let us take you live right out oracle park. lit up this morning. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. first, we are checking in on whether. mike: let's hope it is not torture tonight. if any past series with the dodgers especially, it is going to be a fun one. let's take a look at what is going on.
6:31 am
it is going, 61 dropping. ab gorgeous views tonight. not too breezy, enjoy that. where it is breezy, 10:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening. critical fire conditions are highest over solano county, that is why you are under the red flag warning. the breezes picking up, 41 and diablo. driest of the air is going to arrive within the timeframe of the red flag warning. temperatures, most of us in the 40's. then, 60's to near 70 at noon. mid-60's to near 80 at 4:00. we call back to the 60's just about everywhere by 7:00. take a look at the temperatures, warm the next few days. kumasi: from school district's two pediatricians, the bay area is gearing up to vaccinate children ages five to 11 once the vaccine is authorized. the live desk has more on preparations already underway this morning. jobina: the fda is many october
6:32 am
26 to discuss pfizer's covid vaccine in kids. they've already scheduled vaccine clinics. a virtual town hall meeting in marin county was held yesterday for parents to ask questions. the chief of pediatric infectious diseases spoke on the panel to clarify how the shots work. he says the benefits outweigh any potential risks. >> from our experience in the bay area number with the last surge, we had children very sick and our icus come on ventilators. jobina: marin county schools and pediatricians have a vaccine clinics for children scheduled for october 30 and 31st. the hope for shots by halloween is likely not a reality. the cdc advisory committee on immunization practices is not scheduled to discuss the data until november 2 and third. kumasi: marin county has become the only california county to move into the moderate or yellow
6:33 am
level of community transmission as tracked by the cdc. reaching yellow is important, it is one criteria to lifting indoor masking remits. look at this map, it shows the bay area. you can see surrounding counties are in orange, which indicates substantial transmission. the tracker reflex testing positivity for the prior week. local health officials say that since numbers are on the margin of the yellow and orange tears -- tiers, marin may orange while data stabilizes. reggie: more than 100 police officers could be out of the job today if they refuse to get vaccinated. city employees have until midnight to show proof of vaccination. for those who received one shot, they have till november 12 to be fully vaccinated. as of yesterday 120 officers still hadn't been vaccinated. in san francisco police officers association says the mandate is hurting the city. >> so you are not going to have the level of officers out there
6:34 am
to be answering calls for service. unfortunately, we are going to lose some very good, gifted, very smart and intelligent young officers. reggie: they say they want religious and medical exemptions to be granted and daily covid tests to be accepted as an alternative. the city has not commented on those exceptions. kumasi: house speaker nancy pelosi is planning to hold a press conference to highlight president biden's build back at her act. it is a bill designed to address the climate crisis. this is part of his $3.5 trillion economic plan. democrats are considering cutting parts of it to push it through congress. earlier this week, pelosi implied climate policy would remain a priority. house speaker said to talk later this morning at the california academy of sciences. reggie: the port of los angeles is open and will stay that way 24/7 to help alleviate supply chain slowdown. biden announced the expanded
6:35 am
hours yesterday after meeting with officials. >> this is the first key step toward moving our entire free transportation and logistical supply chain nationwide to a 24/7 system. reggie: there has been a growing traffic jam at ports do in part to a shortage of workers on ducks. the two ports in southern california handle about 40% of u.s. container traffic. 60 cargo ships are now waiting to dock in l.a. despite the backlog, a spokesperson at the port of oakland says its business as usual here. they said oakland is not experiencing any congestion or delays. we have plenty of capacity. kumasi: global supply chain nightmares not just hurting major retailers. the economy is a key part of building a better bay area and you are seeing it right now at the store. feeling the impact in the meat isle. the rising price of beef and chicken have been noticeable. the meat manager says he'ss
6:36 am
prices jump from three dollars to four dollars. chicken used to be a good budget stretcher, but not anymore. we found a package of chicken in marin county priced at nearly $12 a pound. the highest price tags are taking a bite out of budgets and changing shopping habits. >> double from the last two weeks. >> does it hurt? >> yes, and it changes some of my menu. if that's what i thought i was going to buy and i look at it and it was $12 and now it is $24. kumasi: the cost of meat has jumped 12% in the last year. labor shortages are also driving up prices. reggie: tonight, a storied baseball rivalry gets its next dramatic chapter. game five of the national league division series between the los angeles dodgers and san francisco giants. with the wind, the orange and black come one step closer to the world series.
6:37 am
if they don't, the season comes to an end. let's not think about that. our reporter's live in oracle park. amy: i'm so proud of you, you sounded like a real sports fan right there. you nailed it. this is a big moment, this is what we wait all season for. game five against the rivals and at home. we need one more thing to complete this pretty picture, that would be a victory tonight. it was going to be a big night, an exciting one, we need a win. we need to kick the dodgers out of here. it is going to be a big moment, this is the first time two teams with this many winds have played each other. that makes tonight a very unique situation, even though the giants have been at this high level before. now with this manager though. this is only his second season with the team. but he says he is aware and so are the young members of the team. they are aware of the history and the story lines into this game.
6:38 am
>> our players understand the magnitude of game five at home against the dodgers. the first time plane the dodgers in a postseason series. all the dramatics that have happened in game five along the way. some of the cool things that have happened for giants players and giants fans. our players are well aware of that. when i hear them talk about it, it fires me up a little bit. amy: he also said home-field advantage really does matter. he says players can feel the support, it is meaningful and gives them confidence. fans will be given a rally rag at the game tonight. we would love to see this being waved in the stands. if you get one, i recommend you save it. i was happy to find out i still had my foam finger from the world series from 2012. i was so happy. look. the doctors are here.
6:39 am
-- dodgers are here. they're right is here. -- their ride is here. [laughter] anyway, back to the foam finger. [laughter] dr. [laughter] no shame to them, i'm sur i'm s are wonderful company. bye! anyway, go giants. i need a new foam finger. first pitch tonight at 6:07. let's go, giants. are you ready? kumasi: i don't think we can just move on from that. they gave me all the joy i needed.
6:40 am
[laughter] thank you. a local police chief on leave. the complex investigation involving her 18-year-old daughter. reggie: live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. we are quite a bit up this morning. another update of the markets coming up. mike: i was forgot where we were, i was enjoying that so much. that was great. amy, so wonderful. let's take a look at what is going on as far as weather. we'll start in the inland neighborhoods, look at the tri-valley. did 40's this morning, all the way up to 48 at concord, 47 in martinez. let's mid-50's for antioch, brentwood and pittsburgh. elsewhere, temperatures in the 40's. also to get to places like san jose, 50. 50 in san carlos. 52 in san francisco. pacific of the warm spot at 54. the kids need a coat, watch for fog in the napa valley.
6:41 am
temperatures in the low to mid 60's. little windy in the hills, mid-60's to upper 70's for kids after school. visibility down to around a mile. 37, 29, 80. all of that comes together, please be careful. that is around for the better part of the morning. clean air this morning, we have good to moderate, so clean air during the afternoon hours. we have some warm temperatures on the way, we talk about that and heightened fire danger for today next. jobina: hi everyone. we have traffic starting to back up on northbound 880 in oakland. that it's we see the brake lights. we have disabled vehicle at high street, that is a bit out of the view from the camera. you can see for people driving further north, you run into that slow down. heads up. a life picture the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:42. for people used to the toll plaza, you know what i mean, it is not great.
6:42 am
starting to slow down, and after concord. early eight minutes for that drive. to, 51.
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kumasi: developing overseas. a suspect armed with a bow and arrow is accused of killing five people and hurting to others in norway. what we know about the investigation. jobina: police are invested getting a 37-year-old danish man accused in an act of terrorism. it happened last night about 50 miles southwest of norway's capital. the man started firing arrows into a store. he escaped, sparking a massive manhunt. he was eventually arrested. the man was known to authorities in the police chief said there are concerns the man may have
6:45 am
been radicalized. there is no word on a motive. the domestic security agency says the terror threat level for that country has not changed. reggie: new development involving the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter in orlando florida. she is ready to speak. she says it is time people know the truth. he was arrested in 2017 at the families pay home and rodeo. in 2018, she was prosecuted and acquitted for helping her husband plane is attack. she says the verdict was far from vindicating. the 35 euros spoke to vice. she says she hates how people assume she didn't care or supported her husband. he killed 49 people and injured more than 50 others in 2016 before he was killed by police. she maintains she had no idea what he was planning. she said she was the victim of severe domestic abuse. she says he threatened to kill her if she ever left him. kumasi: richmond police chief is
6:46 am
now on administered of leaf. this comes after she allegedly made threats over an investigation involving her daughter. according to our media partner, harp husband -- her husband is also on leave. we spoke to his attorney, who said this is all about the couple's 18-year-old daughter. they claim an older man, 34-year-old joe goldman has manipulate her into prostitution. police are investigating an incident at goldman's mother's home. the attorney explains what happened. >> they had gone to this guy's mother and talk to her and tried to get his mom to say look, would you tell your son to give us our daughter back? that is all we want. that conversation as parents, the mom complains they threatened to do something to the sun.
6:47 am
-- son. yi t d: they cite court for ani order last week, accusing her parents of pinning her down in making death threats against her. that restraining order was temporarily denied. on the same day, u.s. marshals in richmond arrested and charged goldman with pimping and pandering the 18-year-old. the city of richmond confirmed the chief is on leave because of an unfolding family situation. reggie: we are hearing from actress was ari of dawson -- rosario dawson. she is talking to good morning america about her role in a new series or she plays a dea agent determined to hold someone accountable. >> agent spellman told me the reason we can't pursue an oxycontin case is because there is no cartel to go after. yes, sir. i have their address. stamford, connecticut.
6:48 am
that is the main headquarters. >> this show is based on best macy's book of the same title. she did so much incredible research that we used for this. reggie: the conversation continues on gma at 7:00. the first three episodes of alu disney is the parent company. kumasi: not to the morning many report and mourn the supply chain nightmare that could disrupt holiday shopping. there is still a way to find this year's top gifts. good morning america has some tips on these so-called secondary markets. sites like stadium goods, they employ actual humans to verify items and make sure you are getting what you pay for and not a knockoff. it is not going to be cheap, though. >> sadly, this is not about finding a deal. when demand is high and supply is low, prices go up.
6:49 am
but this or you get on the hunt, the further away from the holiday deadline, the better. it seems prices will only go up. kumasi: she will have a full report at 7:00 on gma. the price at the pump in the bay area reached an eight year high. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics ports the cost of unleaded gas sword 35% from september 2022 september of this year. some experts say the increase comes as no surprise since prices plummeted during the pandemic last year. oakland to triple-a, the average cost of unleaded gas in san francisco, $4.69 a gallon. the national averages $3.27. that is the highest in seven years. initial unemployment claims decreased to the lowest level since the pandemic again. the u.s. labor department released to the weekly jobless claims report an hour ago.
6:50 am
293 thousand new unemployment claims were filed last week. that is a decrease of 33,000 from the prior week. it beats the forecast of 20,000 new claims. -- 320, a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are up i about 350 points. reggie: workers across america are fighting back. they are furious about long hours and pay they say is not keeping up with inflation. now, employees at john deere on strike after rejecting a contract offer. the live deck has the latest on thousands of workers hitting the picket line. jobina: 10,000 employees at john deere hit the picket lines in iowa, illinois into kansas for the first time since the 1980's. more than 90% of workers rejected the company's recent contract offer. they argued that even as the company's profits grew by more than 60% in recent years --
6:51 am
listen to this, ceo salary grew by 160% during the pandemic. their pay has been cut. >> we need to let them know they can't continue to take our money and take our money and take our money. jobina: california and oregon, 24 thousand nurses and other health care workers voted to authorize a strike over pay and better working conditions. soon, hollywood may walkout. 60,000 film and tv crew members could walk off the job monday over what they claim are unfair working conditions. reggie: thank you. organizers of christmas in the park in san jose are facing a shortage of santa's helpers. the event lost a number of regular santa helpers this year. organizers are looking for volunteers. with drive-thru in in-person events, the park needs more than ever before. christmas in the park begins november 26. tickets are on sale now. for information on how to become
6:52 am
a volunteer, visit our website. new at 6:00, special thanksgiving treat for fans of the beatles. our first look at never before seen footage from the upcoming documentary that is dropping on disney plus. >> it is going to be such a comical thing, and 50 years time. >> i think it is taking off. reggie: the document race called the beatles get back. it shows recording sessions of the game changing group in january 1969 when the band was on the verge of raking up. they are planning a documentary way back then, but the footage was locked away for more than half a century. now, nearly 60 hours of footage has been distilled and restored. the three-part premier comes to disney plus november 25th, 26
6:53 am
and 27th. disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: i love some old footage, locked away, waiting period -- locked away, waiting. that's what summer of soul was like on hulu. i liked that, too. mike: we learned the brilliance of that time, that era those folks. the music they have influenced today. even those 50 years old, is still relevant area he is look at what is going on. santa cruz could but this view go this morning, it is absolutely stunning. let's talk about whether. dry, really dry again today. we have heightened fire danger. warmest ties, wind relaxes tomorrow and saturday. a cooler start to sunday and leading into next week. 72 at cupertino. that is to the south bay today in san jose. 71 in san bruno. 72 palo alto.
6:54 am
low to mid 70's for the peninsula. 61 to 65 along the coast inorar. 61 degrees dropping to 57, but at least it won't be a biting breeze. hot bets, that is what we want for the giants. northbay, breezy at the coast, led to mid 60's. 70 to 73 for east bay. as he had to the inland neighborhood, 76 to about 81 degrees. tonight, most of us fall back to the 40's things to extremely dry air being brought in. that dry air is going to hang around. so was the sunshine. look at the temperature for the walk to end alzheimer's. nobody has ever lived through his alzheimer's -- through alzheimer's, so we are going to find that person and raise millions of dollars this saturday. ending in the mid-70's. one of three walks the next three weeks in the bay area.
6:55 am
70's and 80's friday and saturday, 50's, succeeds in 70's with a chance of a shower monday in the north a and again when they. kumasi: some lucky dockworkers in british colombia did not need a ticket on a will watching boat to get the spectacular view. >> kumasi: robert johnson showed this video, describing it as surreal. he was working on the dock in vancouver when the killer whale swam by. he says in the three years he has worked there, he has never seen an orca, let alone two. he knew wells were great big beautiful creatures, but one seem to span the length of a seaplane. reggie: i'm obsessed. kumasi: i know, how nice? reggie: during 2020 when i was looking for things to do, i would watch orca videos every day. kumasi: did you watch free
6:56 am
willie? i felt like you did. we will talk about it. [laughter] reggie: like the river jordan, producing we got to go. kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: let that be an orca that jumps up in the middle of the screen.
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: if you're just joining us, here the seven things to know this morning. an fda panel will be voting today and tomorrow and authorizing moderna and johnson & johnson covid-19 booster shots. reggie: 120 san francisco police officers are in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they do not show proof of vaccination. they were supposed to do that by midnight. kumasi: richmond police chief is on and ministry of leave after she allegedly made threats and investigation involving her 18-year-old daughter. the chief attorney says a
6:59 am
34-year-old man many belated her daughter into prostitution. reggie: public safety power shut off warning because of dangerous fire conditions. it covers about 5000 bay area customers. mike: here are the fire conditions. the red flag warning for the highest most critical fire conditions at 10:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening over solano county. jobina: our busiest spot right now is the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:42. no major blocking issues to report. kumasi: tonight, the giants battling the dodgers at oracle park in game five of the national league division series. the winner advances to the nlcs. what happens to the loser? reggie: loser goes home. kumasi: they go home. first pitch at 6:07. mike: bye! reggie: there is the hat.
7:00 am
mike: probably one of my fist, not my head. kumasi: put it on your head. mike: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this thursday morning, thousands of americans walking off the job across the country. america on strike? breaking overnight, 10,000 employees at john deere walking off the job demanding better pay. plus, kellogg's cereal workers striking for their second week. and now the looming strikes from health care to hollywood. when 60,000 film and crew members could walk off the set. supply chain crisis. this morning president biden's strategy to break the shipping bottleneck threatening the holiday shopping season. some of the nation's most important ports now operating 24/7. social security surge. tens of millions of americans about to get the biggest


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