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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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development secretary martha fudge was in oakland talking about the administration's plans to create more affordable housing as part of its bill back better agenda. tim johns explains how the plans can affect folks in the east bay. >> with one of the nation's most entrenched housing crises here in the bank, the biden administration said it is working to help provide solutions. thursday, martha fudge was in oakland with congresswoman barbara touring local affordable housing develop and's. >> california has the worst housing crisis in the united states. the largest number of people who sleep in the streets live in california. >> it is part of president biden's bill back better campaign dedicated to community revitalization. the building they toured was once an old college dorm, now transformed to house those in
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need. it is an example of what she would like to see in more places. >> we are talking about more vouchers, how we do things like tiny houses, container homes. we are looking at every option there is. spencer: while bill -- >> while building more housing as a long-term strategy, sec. frech and congresswoman lee say they are working toward short-term relief. some of that includes more public-private relationships between nash and housing developers creating more options. >> we can expedite the process and cut through the red tape and make it happen. >> despite our housing problems, fudge says the solutions implemented in the bay area are leading the way. >> it is inspiration for me. [applause] >> we are going to make it an inspiration. ama: evacuation zones are expanding at the alice all fire
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burning north of santa barbara. the wind calm day little today, but santa ana winds are expected. the forest service is warning of significant fire growth. dozens of homes remain threatened, including the late president ronald reagan's ranch. it is 5% contained. strong offshore wind and the forecast did not materialize, prompting pgn deed to cancel the shut off that was going to impact the north bay. the utility issued an alert yesterday saying it could begin cutting off power overnight to some 4900 customers in napa and solano county. currently there is no ps in effect. spencer christiansen is --. spencer: the winds are diminishing. we have a red flag warning of high fire danger in effect for solano county until 8:00. the gusts are easing up just a little bit. still, there is fire danger because the humidity is dangerouslyues y and the s gusty.
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herea, surface wind right now quite mild to moderate. we got 13 mile per hour wind in san francisco. only 10 miles per hour in fairfield. many other locations have wind speeds below 10 miles an hour. we also see wind speeds under 20 miles an hour. that is good news. that is reducing the concerns about fire. wind gusts for the forecast overnight, we will see the wind remaining in a light to calm wind range. it will be breezy tomorrow but we do not expect a breezy day. i will have the full forecast later. dan: three different police agencies are investigating allegations against richmond's police chief. there are allegations that she and her husband may have broken the law in trying to rescue their teenage daughter from an alleged sex trafficker. laura anthony is on the story. >> the one thing we like to do is to know what is going on at city hall before we hear about
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it on the news. >> richmond mayor tom but says he was blindsided by news his police chief was put on paid administrative leave due to family and legal issues over the alleged sex trafficking of her teenage daughter. >> as a parent, having to go through something like this is unimaginable. she is a good person. she is a professional. >> t french and her husband are both on leave after allegations made by their 18-year-old daughter that the couple became physical and threatened both she and the man the team calls her partner. 34-year-old joe goldman is now in an alameda county jail charged with human trafficking. >> the allegations result from chief french and her husband's attempt to get her daughter safe again, who was a wonderful
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student, a straight a student that had the misfortune of meeting a guy older than her. >> a probable cause statement states that goldman, who also goes by the name mcnair, has prior convictions for sex trafficking and he had french's daughter working as a prostitute in the streets of oakland. the document states the team told investigators "he taught me how to make money." according to court filings, they tried to get their daughter away from goldman. an interaction the daughter described in a court document. my mother and father proceeded to yell at me and threatened me. i tried to run, but my father grabbed me. she alleged her parents threatened to kill her and goldman. a separate police report alleges french went to the home of goldman's mother where the woman claimed they threatened her. while locum police investigate, chief french will remain on paid leave.
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a hearing is set for later this month on her daughter's effort to get a restraining order against her parents. ama: coronavirus in californiaal has claimed more than 70,000 lives. we crossed that threshold today where -- when the state reported hundred 48 new deaths. california accounts for about 10% of all coronavirus deaths in america, which exceeds 716,000. president biden struck an optimistic tone when speaking about the pandemic when it comes to our process on vaccinations. pres. biden: the plan i laid out in september is working. we are headed in the right direction. we have critical work to do but we can't let up now. my team and i are doing everything we can, but i am calling on more businesses to step up good i am calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible. i am asking everyone, everyone
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who hasn't gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. >> an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend emergency youth -- use authorization. the panel agreed to moderna's request to authorize half of dose for certain people. the group includes americans 65 or older, anyone 18 or older with underlying conditions and those frequently exposed to the virus through work or home life. the cdc approved last month and must do so for these as well. dan: -- county is the third to lift masking requirements in certain settings where everyone is vaccinated. the order takes effect november 1 at offices, gyms, classes and religious gatherings. as long as no more than 100 people are present. it requires participating businesses, organizations and
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hosts to verify that everyone is fully vaccinated. similar rules take effect tomorrow in san francisco and marin county. speaking of marin county, it is the furthest along when it comes to lifting the regional indoor mask mandate for most public settings. solano county is the only county not taking part in this plan. there are several benchmarks we need to reach. for example, a county must reach the cdc's yellow tier for moderate covid transmission and stay at that level for three weeks. covid hospitalizations must be low and remain stable. 80% of the total population of the county must be fully vaccinated. 80%, or eight weeks must have passed since authorization of a covid vaccine for children ages 5-11. marin county has reached the yellow tier, the only one in the bay area. it is closing in on an 80% vaccination rate. on our vaccine tracker, the
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darker the color, the higher the vaccination rate. marin county leads the entire state with 77% of everyone in the county fully vaccinated. again, getting very close to the 80% threshold. any time, you can ask our vaccine team members your questions. just go to and click on the big blue box. ama: have you been hearing about supply chain issues? backlogs could be with us for years. tonight, we are talking solutions for short term and long term. dan: speaking of solutions, michael finney is with us to tell you about a little-known federal law that can get bank of america customers their money back if they have fallen victim to scammers. to scammers. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt.
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dan: a small plane crash in sacramento county has led to four people hurt. it is due east of elk grove. the abc station in sacramento says the plane went down in the front yard of a home, sparked a fire, which is out, but four people are in critical condition. the plane went down just hours ago and we are working to find out why. on the heels of walgreens decision to close five stores in san francisco because of shoplifting, we are hearing for the first time from a current employee who is simply fed up with feeling unsafe at work. dion lim with an interview you will see only on abc 7 news. >> i am 63 years old.
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i need to work to survive. i am not working at walgreens to get hurt. >> this employee, who only wants to be identified by bb, recalls the shocking experience she had while working at a san francisco store in may of 2020 when she asked a suspected shoplifter to put on a mask. >> i was hit in a forehead. >> bb missed two weeks of work and still suffers from emotional trauma. >> i am scared. whenever i go to work, i am thinking my am i safe? >> not long after, she and her colleague were attacked again. you were pepper sprayed? >> like this. i started coughing. >> stories like hers are not uncommon. shoplifting, along with other isn't -- incidents like this info -- involving a fire extinguisher have been well-documented including this viral video taken by my colleague at the hayes value store in june.
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a security supervisor contracted by walgreens speaking on the condition of ammon -- anonymity. >> you are not worried about your job? i do, but someone's life is more important than a job. >> described a typical day working at various locations. >> i have been spit on, coughed on, i had pee throe throe throeo >> both she and beebe say despite the constant attack, they love what they do. >> walgreens his family. it doesn't feel like a job. >> they believe closing five stores will not improve security at the dozens of other stores in san francisco. >> think about your people. you don't know what's going to happen to them. are we going to wait for somebody to die? >> walgreens provided a statement saying they have increased security measures at its stores to 46 times the average compared to other areas.
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i reached out to corporate for more details and did not hear back. in san francisco, dion lim. ama: by a nearly a nearly teachers have agreed to go on strike. they have been bargaining with pleasanton unified school district for two years and say they are at an impasse when it comes to class sizes, salaries and benefits. when asked for comment, the district said they didn't know about the vote. the statement reads in part, "we hope this does not undermine what could be a productive part of the collective bargaining process. workers across the country are seizing this moment to ask for what they want, or go elsewhere to find it. wages are steadily climbing. as rena wore a you, thousands are choosing to go on strike. >> as the clock struck midnight, more than 10,000 john deere workers walked off the job, protesting in iowa, kansas and illinois.
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the majority of the union rejected a contract offer this week. >> we need to let them know they can't continue to take our money. >> workers argue even as the company profits grew by 61%, and their ceo's salary grew by 160% during the pandemic, they say their pay has been cut. john deere released a statement saying it remains committed to finding a solution with its workers, saying we want to reach an agreement with the uaw that would put every employee in a better economic position. similar scenes could soon unfold across america, including in hollywood. 60,000 filament tv crew members could hit the picket lines monday over what they claim are unfair working conditions. >> our hours are grueling. we need not just rest between workdays and over the weekend, but an actual meal break during the day >> in california and oregon, 24 thousand nurses and health care workers at kaiser
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permanente voted to authorize a strike for better working conditions. kellogg's cereal plants workers have been on strike for more than a week saying hours are too long and are upset over seven-day workweeks. >> our priority is to get back to the negotiation table and reach a contract so employees can get back to their lives. >> 4.3 million americans, nearly 3% of the workforce left their jobs in august looking for better pay and conditions. experts say some left out of fear of covid. because of the lack of workers along with high shipping costs and a major commercial backlog, americans are seeing fewer items on the shelves and are paying more for diapers and new cars. all of this ahead of the holidays. dan: in the south bay, the vta's expanding service with a new route from gilroy to downtown san jose. officials say it is cheaper and faster. the new rapid line starts at 5:00 in the morning and runs
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until 7:00 at night and is going to cost $2.50 for a ride, half the price of the old route. >> this is going to be great for san jose students, workers and anyone else who wants to travel up the corridor to be able to get into -- up to san jose. >> the rapid 568 only has 19 stops with a bus running every 30 minutes. the vta says that is 30% faster than other routes before it. the replaces the 168 express, which is no longer in service. ama: we want to talk about the game and how fans are enjoying the weather. dan: it is a great night for baseball. spencer: nothing better than baseball in october, unless you have baseball in november, which we might have. here looatle park tonight. the game has started already. breezy but not gusty.
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it was 61 degrees when the game started, we expect mid-50's into the evening. the wind is calm across the bay, although still breezy. we just got a gust up to 15 miles per hour but wind speeds are below 10 miles an hour in many other locations. you may have noticed the warm up today. it is 90 degrees warmer in san francisco than it was this time last night. 14 degrees warmer in san carlos. all around the region we had a warm up. a nice view from the tower looking down onto the city. it is up two degrees from earlier. 67 oakland. 71 mountain view. 71 pacifica. here's a nice blue sky over the golden gate bridge. it is breezy but not gusty. temperatures in the low 70's. 77 at both fairfield and concord. 74 in livermore. the view from our rooftop camerh
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cooler with unsettled weather beginning sunday. let's talk about this red flag warning for high fire danger in solano county. until 8:00, the wind is diminishing in most regions, but still gusty and dry with very low relative humidity. that warning is still in effect for a couple of hours. overnight, high clouds, but skies will be clear with overnight lows mainly in the upper 40's to low 50's. a little more chilly in northbay valleys. tomorrow's highs will range from 73 to half moon bay, just above 80 degrees along the bay shoreline. south bay, low to mid 80's. mid-80's will be the highs in inland valleys. on saturday, at park in san jose where the giants play, it is certainly a cause worthy of
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support, the walk to end alzheimer's will be a sunny day all day. it will be wonderful weather for walking. here is your seven-day forecast, it is going to be sunny and warmer saturday than tomorrow. sunday, we get the sharp change in our pattern. partly cloudy, breezy and cooler. the unsettled pattern will continue through next week. next wednesday looks like a chance of showers. we are not going to overplay it yet, though we are wishing. we will be watching that for you. dan: fingers crossed. a northbay homeowner makes a scary find. nearly 100 rattlesnakes of the unde ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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ama: the owner of a sonoma county home recently found more than a few rattlesnakes living under their house. in fact, nearly 100 snakes were found. cornell barnard spoke with the brave man who had the job of evicting the reptiles. >> al wolf is a brave a brave loves his job, despite the risks. >> you ever get bitten? >> 13 times. >> he is a real-life rattlesnake wrangler. >> this is the mail. i could tell by the tail. >> al has been removing
6:25 pm
rattlesnakes for 32 years. he thought he had seen every and heard every rattle until recently when a homeowner called after spotting a snake going underneath her mountainside home. this trip called for the gloves. >> these are snake gloves? the rattlesnakes can't buy through? at this point, it is dangerous. i am not even in their a minute before i find the first rattlesnake. >> the snake count multiplied, reaching 10, 20, 30 and higher. >> a total of 92 rattlesnakes. i was tickled pink. i wish that happened everyday. >> al needed a bigger bucket for all the rattlesnakes found under the house. nearly 100 rattlesnakes found in one location, that is almost unheard of. me>> the drought will calls them to go to more areas with water where they can take care of things. they will be looking for losers
6:26 pm
and rodents. we will let them go later this week. >> all of the snakes will be released into rural sonoma county. al doesn't expect to find 100 snakes in one place ever again, but has hopes. >> as long as i've got enough containers to put them in, i will do it all day long. work. ama: tickled pink. dan: the solution to our problems might be staring us in the face. the answer to our supply problems could be found in empty shopping malls. >> thousands have lost money in the bank of america scam, but the law says they can get their money back.
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to covid-19 and that clinton is in good spirits. he has a history of heart problems. the 75-year-old had a quadruple bypass in 2004. dan: a growing scam targeting zelle and bank of america shows how easy it is for hackers to steal your money. ama: imposters are tricking victims into sending them cash. are you entitled to a refund if it happens to you? dan: michael finney is here with a surprising answer. amy: quick pay apps like zelle do not offer the fraud protections you get with credit cards or debit cards. zelle agrees some, if you send some money to somebody and they are a scammer, too bad. with this latest scam, a little-known federal law says you should get your money back. >> the bank of america identification came up on my phone. >> oh my gosh.
6:31 pm
i did not authorize a $3500 transfer. >> within 15 seconds, my phone rang. amy: reports of the scam spreading fast. imposters call random victims saying someone is trying to hack their account. >> he goes well, they just tried to get $3500. >> i freaked out. >> the imposters urge them to quickly transfer their money through his -- through zelle before hackers can get it. >> open the app, go to zelle and send it through -- to yourself. >> he took me through the steps of transferring a large sum of money for my bank of america account. amy: imposters claim the money will go back to the customer but is actually going right to the scammers. >> i looked at my account and $3500 was gone. >> here i was being told i was defrauded by a man who was defrauding me. amy: in each case, bank of
6:32 pm
america denied the claims for refund saying the victims were the ones who authorized the transactions. the zelle user agreement says, "neither we nor zelle offer protection for unauthorized payments." even though it was a scam, the misted authorize a payment for goods they didn't get. namely, their own money back. >> it was an eye opener. >> you are not going to ensure this money? they said no. >> sorry, out of luck. >> sorry ma'am, nothing we can do. >> is always the advice. amy: cyber security expert and journalist bob sullivan says of federal law protects victims of this type of scam. >> those type of fraudulent transactions are covered at consumers should be getting refunds. amy: regulation ee, part of the
6:33 pm
electronic transfer act requires banks to refund customers for fraudulent transactions on their accounts. the consumer financial protection bureau put out this directive in june saying the law applies if a third party fraudulently induces a customer into sharing account access information. >> this is when someone tricks you. the whole idea that treachery is involved should mean consumers are protected. amy: we told bank of america about the victims, pointing out consumers were tricked. right away, the bank replaced their money but did not cite a reason, saying it considers each case individually. he evaded say it complies with regulation e. sullivan warns the lot does not protect consumers when they use zelle to make a purchase or payment, even if they get scammed. if you use zelle to buy concert tickets and never received them, you are out of luck. sullivan and other consumer
6:34 pm
advocates say banks should be using fraud filters on transactions to stop scams, as they do with credit cards. but, that could slow the quick payments and make these apps -- that makes these apps popular. >> it's going to annoy consumers. it is even more annoying when consumers find $2000 missing. amy: advocates say consumers are exploiting zelle because it is connected automatically to millions of bank accounts. bottom line, do not answer a text or call even if it seems to be your bank. hang up, call the bank directly. dan: at least there is law on the side of us. amy: absolutely. ama: with california ports backed up, supply chain experts are projecting it could be two years before the bottleneck is fixed. efforts are underway to provide a newer -- new approach to how we deliver goods to consumers.
6:35 pm
david libby shows us how vacant storefronts in malls are part of the solution and can help build a better bay area. >> one way to preprint shortages is aldean more warehouses and distribution centers to stockpile inventory. that will take years and does not fix the obvious problem. >> boats, planes, trucks, cars, they all have to work in concert. but, nothing is working in concert right now. >> bill sayer's company is taking advantage of the vacant storefronts in malls resulting from businesses closing. >> we are utilizing existing space, truck tunnels, storage locations, and creating smaller format distribution centers. >> they then process in-store and online orders and arrange delivery for multiple retailers large and small. plans are underway to open two or three of them in the south bay at one in san francisco next year. they promised to speed up the
6:36 pm
processing of customer returns. another supply chain transformation aims to wean us off overseas manufacturing and shipping by producing goods locally. >> we have to take advantage of data and technology to design smarter supply chains to put the goods where they need to be at the right time so that they can be manufactured and delivered to consumers. >> furniture and personalized items can be purged -- produced on demand, getting around warehousing needs. while this solution could lead to supply-chain job losses, it addresses a labor shortage. >> people do not want to work in a warehouse eight to 10 hours a day for low pay and in a rough working environment. >> both could be supply chain game changers. >> with issues in mind, here is a look at the shipping deadlines. just released by usps and fedex, the earliest deadline is two
6:37 pm
months away. for postal service retail ground delivery arriving by christmas, you shouldst ship december 15. further fedex three-day freight, you need to ship your items by the 21st. remember, even if you meet the deadlines, you can see late packages to the -- due to the pandemic and global supply chain disruptions. dan: a lot of us had a tough year because of the pandemic. a san jose coach had it tougher than most and now people he wants that she once helped are helping him.
6:38 pm
ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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ama: the pandemic dealt off the court losses to a coach. now the players he meant are helping him. dustin dorsey shows us a bond that goes beyond the lines. >> a good mentor is someone who can change your life forever. for former cal and professional two of all player derek king, that person was his coach alan. he saw some talent that was uncovered and he was willing to be patient not only on the court but off the court. i would not be where i am today
6:41 pm
without him. >> is a former player himself, coach allen created a program to teach skills needed on and off the court. many of his athletes did not even have to pay for his coaching. little did alan know the lessons he taught would need to be applied to his own life. last year, coach allen suffered some of the worst losses of his life. with sports shut down and no income, he lost his home, his program and his gym. >> it was difficult. i started to see the challenges i was facing that i was helping everyone else with. dealing with mental health issues, dealing with emotional stress, dealing with depression. i never knew what it was actually like. >> after the -- after seeing their coach at a low point, former players and parents got him back to doing what he loves. more than $9,000 have been raised so far. >> it says a lot about the kind
6:42 pm
of person he isn't that the community is gathering around to try to help. i am not surprised. >> it means a lot. >> grateful for the hell, coach allen did not want his story to be one of sadness. he strives to fight for adversity -- fight adversity every day. >> if i gave up and one person found out and i gave this message, i couldn't live with myself. that is what drove me to keep pushing and keep driving towards my goals. >> the heart of a champion, no matter the loss. dan: story of persever story he's got a lot of people pulling for him. ama: if you would like to help coach allen, we have provided the gofundme account information on our website. dan: we are heading into a warm weekend. spencer shows you how much
6:43 pm
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ama: nearly two weeks after the oil spill, there is confidence it is not as bad as feared. nearly 25,000 gallons billed from a pipeline off the coast of huntington beach, 1/5 of the additional estimate. the focus now is not the water, it is the beach. >> the green family's west coast getaway not going as planned. they are spending less time on the beach. >> we keep thinking anything black like that black sand over there, they are like, is this oil? >> the black sand is fine, but this is not. that is what crews are working to remove. thursday, the fresh tar was obvious, mostly on rocks. >> we are addressing some of the fresher product and trying to remove that without damaging the environment further. >> oil is not uncommon along the coast. it usually comes from natural seepage. testing will answer whether these came from the amplified
6:47 pm
energy spill. they say they are confident in calculations showing nearly 25,000 gallons leaked into the ocean. >> we are confident in that number. approximately 588 barrels came from that line. there will be a very precise number that will come out eventually after all repairs are completed. >> scientists and others from various federal, state and local agencies are monitoring daily from as far north as boca chica to the mexican border. machine is no longer vissallitee air. >> now they are so hard to see, i think the best way to monitor the oil from this spill is to be walking the shorelines with the assessment team. >> visitors can expect to see these teams here cleaning until the tar is back down to usual levels. >> i am so sad for our environment and for these beautiful beaches. >> why it happened is still under investigation.
6:48 pm
the fbi confirmed thursday morning it is joining the long list of agencies investigating the spill. ama: are working to help residents breathe better during wildfire season. today, portable our fruit -- portable air filtration units were distributed to those diagnosed with respiratory symptoms. due to high levels of diesel pollution from the nearby port of oakland and the freeway. when you add the impact of potential wildfire smoke, the need for these units is clear. >> more needs to be done to protect the community. there needs to be an urgent delivery of clean filtered air for residents. ama: these units were made available by the districts clean air filtration program. dan: let's turn back to the forecast. the baseball game is on and we got the weekend. ama: spencer is here for what is
6:49 pm
in store. spencer: warm weather is in store for the next couple of days. right now, diminishing wind. still, red flag -- red flag warning remains in effect until 8:00 for solano county where it is still very dry and gusty. those guests are tapering as well. mainly clear skies tomorrow, 73 on the coast. 77 in san francisco, low 80's across the bay shoreline. mid- to upper 80's inland. here is the seven-day forecast saturday, maybe even warmer inland with highs in the upper 80's. 82 degrees around the bay shoreline said sunday, a sharp cooldown with clouds. it will be next week, we can expect an unsettled pattern which means we will have periods of sun and clouds and possibly light rain or showers wednesday.
6:50 pm
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in a winner take all game five of the n.l. ds at oracle park. they are in the third inning right now scoreless. how big is this game? legendary broadcaster vince kelly said to my knowledge, this game is the most important in the history of their rivalry with nearly identical records and so much at stake, i believe this to be the case. strong stuff from vinny, but he has seen it all. he happens to be friends with broadcaster john miller, so chris alvarez asked john for hits -- >> game game game game e friend said this is the most important game in the history of the series. do you agree? >> vinny is a twitter guy. king of the twitterverse without question. for vinny to say that, who could argue? he was there broadcasting that they with red barber.
6:54 pm
before that, he was a giants fan growing up. he has been around the giants and dodgers for a long time. scalia knows. if vinny says it, it is. it cannot be argued. cannot be disputed. >> do you have a call in mind if the situation plays out? do you work that out? >> people ask that sometimes and i keep thinking maybe i should think of something. it would probably be smart. since you don't know what the moment is going to be, when travis he she calwood hit the homerun against the cardinals to win the pennant for the giants, was i thinking ok, now if travis hits a homerun, how my going to handle that? i wasn't quite thinking that. i just can't do it. i am not quick enough. i think of some good stuff to say driving home after. going back to the hotel, i think man, i should have said that. all of my best stuff is still
6:55 pm
just in my head, which i was not able to share. >> you can always put it on instagram. >> that is true. here's what i should have said. >> thank you, john. and one rabbit in the park. alex the therapy bunny became famous this season, they caught him on camera, everyone wanted to meet him. we have had him in the studio. look out, the bunny is on the loose! anyway, alex has his own instagram account in addition to his mercedes. he has more than 6000 followers on instagram. i see him being an influencer very soon. the warriors took the day off, went on a team outing on a boat in the bay. posted some still shots, video as well on social media. you can see coach kerr in the back of the boat.
6:56 pm
players. captains hats. -- players donned captains hats. returning warrior andre looking at this year's roster, bringing back memories of a deep squad. >> the years we had success especially the first one, strength in numbers was our slogan because we had so many guys. you see it year after year, different finals, that unexpected guy lead to them coming together to win a championship. >> steph curry is at the game. george kittle is out there. beat l.a.. the stars are out tonight. all the giants have to do now is beat l.a. that's it. then move on. dan: thank you larry. ama: coming up at 8:00, catch station 19 followed by grey's anatomy. big sky at 10, then the news at
6:57 pm
11:00. that is going to do it for this edition of the new spirit thank you for joining us. dan: we appreciate your time. have a nice rest of the evening and we will see you again tonight at 11:00. good giants.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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