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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  October 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it is a dry start to the day. the bay area is ready for rain. we are tracking how the wet weather will impact your week. this is abc 7 news at 9:00 a.m. let's start with the weather. good morning. >> good morning. with back to back dry years and it only being october, we are getting ready and excited about several chances of rain this week. showing you the clouds over the bay area. systems to the north, this is week. it is increasing the wind. temperatures will drop dramatically. late in the day, scattered
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showers and breezy wins. here is a live look outside. it is 55 in the city. 60 oakland. san jose looking nice. upper 40's santa rosa. milder temperatures this morning with a southwest wind. emeryville, numbers are way down. 60's and maybe 70. rain in santa rosa sinking south through marin. it is a weak system. it is going to feel like fall. there are several systems to talk about when we see you next. >> many in the bay area are ready to greet the first rains of the season with open arms. fire crews hope the precipitation gives them a break from fighting the wildfires. our reporter shows us how residents in the north bay are getting ready. reporter: it is a sunny day for pickle ball in nevada. rain is coming.
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these players say bring it on. >> the rain will not deter these people. they will be out there on wet courts. reporter: our dry weather pattern is changing. >> there are opportunities to see more rain. in fact, two atmospheric rivers for northern california. reporter: it could bring some relief for our epic drought. dry grass is everywhere, and so is the threat of fire. sky seven was over this wildfire monday night that burned 132 acres. no homes were lost. crews were watching the weather hoping for a break from a busy wildfire summer. >> it is looking really good. all the weather forecasting is looking really good. it should give us a little reprieve. reporter: the rain is welcome. battalion chief glaser says fire season is far from over. >> we need to remain vigilant and prepared for after the rain comes through. it could rain solid through the
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week. i would be happy. reporter: john hackenberg came to ace hardware in windsor with hopes of saving every drop of rain. >> it is going to catch rainwater off of a shed roof into a rain barrel so we can use that water for the garden. reporter: this store was busy with people ready to weatherproof. don't forget the sandbags. remember these, still the best way to keep water away from your house. >> we put out the rain boots for people to come in. reporter: the store supervisor says the shelves are stocked and storm ready. >> just trying to get prepared with what customers will need. make sure we have enough for everyone even if they wait until the last minute. reporter: in case you forgot, this is what rain looks like. we cannot wait to see it again for real. in the north bay, cornel bernard, abc 7 news. >> you can always check abc 7 live doppler on our abc 7 news app.
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new developments to tell you about this morning. former president bill clinton has just been discharged from the hospital. this is a new video from an hour ago. mr. clinton shook hands with doctors and nurses as he left at university of california irvine medical center. he was met by his wife hillary clinton. the former president will return home to new york to finish his course of antibiotics. he was admitted to the hospital last tuesday for fatigue. his spokesperson says he was suffering from an infection that spread to a general infection. we are glad to see he is doing much better. the evacuation order for a wildfire has been downgraded, allowing people in santa cruz county to return home. this morning, calfire says the estrada fire did not grow overnight. 148 acres have burned so far. it remains 38% contained.
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crews were doing a burn friday when some of the embers jumped the containment line and started another fire. the fire is just northeast of cora leto's. nearly 300 people were told to evacuate. calfire canceled another controlled burn yesterday. activists and the family of an oakland man shot and killed by the fbi are demanding answers. >> jonathan cortez. jonathan cortez. >> protesters marched and chanted outside oakland city hall yesterday. jonathan cortez was shot and killed last month as an fbi agent tried to serve a warrant. the agent said he pulled a gun. the family said an fbi agent showed up at the funeral. they are demanding answers. in an interview last week with abc 7 news, the fbi denied the allegations. children will be at the center of a statewide protest tomorrow. if organizers have their way. calls are going out on social media for parents to keep their kids home from school to protest
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governor newsom's covid vaccine mandate for california schoolchildren. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story from the east bay. reporter: the plan is to speak up by not showing up. according to various social media posts by those organizing a campaign to keep kids home from school on monday to protest governor newsom's covid-19 vaccine mandate. >> we know if our children stay home from school, that will impact the funding that schools get for that day. we want them to know that we are serious about not being forced to vaccinate our children. reporter: california schoolchildren who attend in person will be required to get the covid-19 vaccine once it is fully approved. enforcement could begin as early as january. but it is not likely until july. >> would typically sign an agreement with most public schools that your child will be vaccinated. there is typically a list of vaccinations or immunizations
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that you are required to have. >> it disappoints me that people are continuing not to take this vaccine seriously. as a parent, your number one responsibility is to make sure your child is in a safe school setting. >> realize that this vaccine is not a slamdunk. you can still get the disease. you can still pass the disease. reporter: at this point, 85% of residents have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. it is a reality the governor credits with getting his state to the lowest seven-day case rate in the country. laura anthony, abc 7 news. anchor: on the peninsula, san mateo county offered an incentive to get people vaccinated. the first 30 to get doses at bel air elementary school in san bruno received $25 target gift cards. people could choose between pfizer and the j&j shot for
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their first or second dose. pfizer boosters were also available. the county says it is working to increase vaccination rates among the latino population. >> i think it is important in our latino community. there is a lot of stigma out there about covid. at the end of the day, this is the safest way that our community can continue growing and being healthy by taking this covid-19 vaccine. anchor: currently 67% of san mateo county's latino population is vaccinated. there will be a community picnic to remember those deadly days. it is the deadliest wildfire in third california history. it killed 25 people. today's event runs from 11:00 to 3:00 in oakland. organizers will hand out information on how to stay safe during emergencies. today also marks the
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anniversary of the loma pennetta earthquake. 63 people died, and more 3700 were injured. the earthquake caused the cyprus freeway in the east bay to collapse. it happened during a live broadcast of the 1989 world series between the giants and the a's. this thursday is the great california shakeout. you can download the my shake app to take part in an earthquake drill. we are dealing with the drought. some good news with a little bit of rain on the way. >> we will begin with some sunshine. it is mild out there. southwinds will be gusting today. temperatures slow to warm. rain will end the day for many of us. this is the beginning of an interesting week with promises
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of a good deal of rain. we will talk about how much and how likely next. anchor: there is a new memorial in san francisco for the man that offered so much hope for those living with hiv. a major deal with a hollywood ending. the show will go on as workers and tv and film producers reach a contract agreement. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin
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liz: authorities in houston, texas, are searching for a gunman who shot three deputies, killing one of them. the deputies were working at a nightclub. they responded to a possible robbery outside. while arresting a suspect, a second suspect opened fire on them with an assault rifle. deputy atkins died. he is 30 years old and leaves behind a wife and baby. >> what happened tonight was evil. the good is going to sweep in. >> being a cop today is one hell
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of a lot harder than it has ever been. families of the fallen, you have suffered enormous loss. liz: paper session -- procession was held for the fallen officer. a group of 17 u.s. religious missionaries including minors have been kidnapped in haiti. they say they were on their way home from building an orphanage when they were taken by an armed gang. this comes as the country is struggling with a spike in gang-related kidnappings. a bay point man pled guilty to sending threatening text messages during the january 6 insurrection. prosecutors accused robert lemke of sending messages to the relative of a journalist, saying the journalists words were putting their family at risk. they say he targeted dozens of people shortly after the november election until early january. he is scheduled to be sentenced in december. his plea agreement recommends he spend 15 to 21 months in prison.
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jury selection begins tomorrow in georgia for the trial of three men charged with the murder of ahmaud arbery. a father, son, and his neighbor are charged with killing ahmaud arbery while jogging in february 2020. reporter: three men accused in the murder of 25-year-old ahmaud arbery. last year, his death sparked national outrage. over the weekend in georgia, that spark reignited with people spilling into the streets demanding justice ahead of jury selection on monday. >> we don't all have to look alike, but we are also much greater together. reporter: the defendants are white. the victim is black. >> it is hard to believe it had nothing to do with race. the black and brown community
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are wondering if we are in a system that will be just. reporter: jury notices hitting the mailboxes of 1000 people, one out of every 85 people in the county. >> just to think have to go through in midst of the trial is really scary. some days i have my doubts. i am getting justice for ahmaud. reporter: part of a national outcry after this cellphone video emerged. it was taken by a neighbor who joined gregory and travis mcmichael as prosecutors say they chased after the jogger. >> we believe that he was nothing more than a witness to the shooting. reporter: the father and son
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claimed they thought he was a burglar and try to make a citizens arrest. the encounter ended with a deadly shooting as they shot arbery with a shotgun. for two months, there were no arrests until this video was leaked. they are facing nine counts each, including felony murder, and aggravated assault. they have pled not guilty to those charges. their attorneys said they are hopeful they get a fair jury for this case. liz: national aids memorial grove in golden gate park for the first person cured of hiv. the memorial boulder was dedicated to timothy ray brown. he was initially known as the berlin patient. 13 years ago, he underwent an experimental stem cell transplant in germany from a donor who was immune to hiv. doctors said it was a success. his partner attended the dedication yesterday. >> it is just a loving tribute to timothy.
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he was a very sweet and kind hearted person that wanted everybody to be cured. liz: brown became an international inspiration and advocate for hiv and cancer research. he died at the age of 54 from leukemia at his home in palm springs. we have been writing for rain. lisa: this week will be promising as we are looking at light rain to start out and several chances of rain as we get through the week. how about the end of october, looking active, more active than we have seen in two years. for the short-term term, it is looking good for ending fire season. the seasonal outlook not so promising. we were anticipating la niña, which means we could see less, 60% chance of seeing less than
9:19 am
we would normally see. starting with the clouds, front moving through. it is a weak one. later today, looking at the sea lions on pier 39. 60 oakland and mt. view. gorgeous view with mid 50's in santa cruz. it was 85 yesterday at the beach. today, 22 degrees lower. temperatures will be in the 60's. we are looking at rain coming in, some light showers. 61 by the delta. much warmer as those southwesterly winds allow for some warm air ahead of the week system that arrives later today. cooler and breezy with showers for late in the day sweeping south. cool on monday with bright conditions. our next system, then another one and another as we get toward the weekend.
9:20 am
this system allowing for just 0.1 inches for most of us. here is the timeline. cloudy skies. we get through the early afternoon. there is sunshine in the north bay. by the end of the day, 3:00, we are looking at rain in the north bay. by 5:00, it is holding together. we will have showers in marin county over to oakland and berkeley. stopping this summer half as the showers are in the east bay down through san jose. the winds will be breezy. it is still going to feel like fall out there. we will look at very light amounts. you think not a big deal. as we are looking in for the next several days, systems are going to add up. they look like they will get stronger. a shift in any one of them will make a big difference in where we see rain.
9:21 am
two to three inches of snow in the sierra nevada. let's added up. look at santa rosa and san francisco. this is wednesday. quarter of an inch in the city. this is saturday, three quarters of an inch. we will stop it there with higher amounts in the north bay. today begins a pattern change. 71 san jose. rain arriving in the north bay. sweeping through the bay area, a couple of dry days, cool and then by wednesday we are looking at another system, maybe a few showers thursday. by next weekend, things are looking like we will see a stronger system. even through the end of october looking good for us. liz: we will take it. thank you, lisa. just ahead, there is nothing quite like the sound of a vinyl
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liz: as hispanic heritage month wraps up, we are introducing you to a group of latina djs committed to keeping traditions alive through music. luz pena has the story of the bay area chapter of julie to vinyl club. reporter: growing up latina means growing up to a common beat. >> on the weekends, remember my mom was already playing music. she was already cleaning and cooking. it was part of everyday life at home. >> every sunday when i was at my grandpa's house, it was like i am going to teach you how to dance salsa, get all the steps down. sunday school for us was
9:25 am
teaching me how to dance. them to their childhood. it reminds them of home. >> playing these songs, it feels like they are there. it feels like i'm at a birthday party. reporter: these memories would shape their lives. as daughters of mexican immigrants, they saw the need to preserve their parents' culture. >> it is part of me. being able to share music, that part of my culture, it feels like an extension. >> family is very much part of who we are as people. >> you are a 100% proud chicana. >> absolutely. that is right. reporter: when they put their headphones on, they walk into their purpose. they are latinx djs with chapters in seven cities across the country. >> we are latina, chicana,
9:26 am
brown, and proud. we are a force to be reckoned with. reporter: their parents introduced them to their first records. now they are witnessing how their daughters are sharing their music with america. >> they came up from l.a., and i think they were just stunned. we go to this one place, and they know you. they have been there for these moments. reporter: your parents are like this is my daughter. >> a little bit. it makes me proud that they are so proud. reporter: her mom is now buying vinyl for her shelves. her collection includes records passed on by her family. >> i would say there is over 200 for sure. reporter: her mom goes on stage with her. >> my mom goes to almost all of my gigs. she is my roadie. she wants to be there with me. if she works the next day, she wants to be there right with me. sometimes she will bring her own records. can i throw on a few? wait a second, i am trying to get in my groove. reporter: she djs with you.
9:27 am
>> she does. it is awesome. >> we bring a different vibe. the party is better with us. >> [speaking spanish] >> exactly. reporter: it starts with you, and it ends with you. >> it is just another energy. it is a feminine energy, non-binary also. reporter: they are also ambassadors of the latina culture. what does it mean for you to keep these traditions and music alive? >> it is something sacred. i feel like it is a responsibility. reporter: when you play, do you feel like you are bringing your parents with you? >> yes, i do with every set. >> folks know the music. they know the dances. it is like we are continuing the tradition of the music and the dance and the culture. reporter: for these women, music was the legacy.
9:28 am
their parents passed it onto them. now they have made it their goal to keep those beats alive one record at a time. >> a gift that maybe they didn't know they were giving to me, but i really treasure. reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: what a wonderful story. to celebrate hispanic heritage month and the contributions of the latino community, abc 7 has produced an hour-long special. you can stream it at, hulu, and our abc 7 app. still to come, the second largest police department in the country is preparing to lose officers over covid-19 vaccine mandates with requirements going into effect this weekend. the vaccine battle across the
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. live on abc seven, hulu, and wherever you stream. we will start with the look at the weather. lisa: i heard from a lot of people yesterday that it was hot yesterday. well into the 80's. we are correcting that with a 20 degrees drop. you can see the fog floating by. we have high clouds and temperatures now running cooler than we were yesterday. 55 downtown. 57 pacifica. scattered clouds taking over the skyline in san francisco. 61 by the delta. the winds certainly playing into the cool afternoon. you can see above half moon bay 28 mile per hour guests. level 1 system coming in today late in the afternoon. the bulk of the day is dry.
9:32 am
it is a weak system. cooler temperatures and breezy wins. increasing clouds after 2:00. by 5:00, it is santa ros it is in the city and along the peninsula. after that, we are getting showers in the east and southbay. it is a weak system. it will increase the relative humidity. we will see a break before we see several systems lineup for midweek into next weekend which we will explain in a few minutes. liz: dropping. not everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves. in chicago, a court battle is heating up between the city and police force, about half of which is unvaccinated. reporter: the city of chicago willing to lose police officers. the requirement going into effect for the nation's second largest police force.
9:33 am
>> the only way we can create a safe workplace is by getting people vaccinated. reporter: the police union says 50% of officers remain unvaccinated. >> the city cannot keep doing what they are doing. we have an obligation to worry about public safety, not health status. reporter: the city says it is willing to bring in state troopers to make sure the city is safe if necessary. in seattle, the police force facing a monday deadline for al vaccination. the concern that the department may lose hundreds of officers who are choosing not to get vaccinated. >> those officers in the department who have not provided proof of vaccine verification will not be coming to work tuesday. reporter: the showdown playing out across the country. from first responders to health-care workers on the front lines. michelle webb has been treating
9:34 am
covid patients but was hesitant about getting the shot herself. she decided to get the vaccine after attending an educational session. >> after the educational session, i decided to change my mind. without that education, would have been questioning myself. reporter: the cdc releasing data showing vaccines are dramatically reducing the risk of testing positive or dying from covid-19. health-care workers in utah at their breaking point. >> we have a lot of people using their sick days. they are exhausted. they are exhausted physically and mentally. we have seen an increase in exide he and fatigue -- in anxiety, fatigue, and depression. liz: dr. fauci fauci fauci fauci
9:35 am
should not be concerned about the efficacy of the single-dose shot. >> what the advisors to the fda felt was given the data they saw, very likely this should have been a two dose vaccine to begin with. that is a good thing. that is favorable for those who have received the j&j vaccine. i don't see that as a problem. liz: the fda vaccine advisory panel unanimously approved boosters for the j&j vaccine friday. they recommended all recipient get a booster. the u.s. coast guard is investigating a large cargo ship that could be connected to the pipeline that spilled more than 25,000 gallons of oil off of huntington beach. investigators say during heavy weather, the anchor from the ship stripped away the pipeline's concrete casing, causing it to be more vulnerable
9:36 am
to other strikes. we have a shocking moment caught on video to show you. it shows the moment an amtrak train slammed into a truck in oklahoma. we should tell you everyone is ok. you can see the train was running between fort worth and oklahoma city when it hit that car hauler stuck on the tracks. four people on the train were injured. the truck driver was not seriously hurt. a new deal has been agreed on by tv and film production workers in hollywood avoiding what would have been a nationwide strike. the new three year contract still needs to be ratified by the union's 60,000 members. 60,e the international alliance of theatrical and stage employees union says it addresses a livable wage, meal breaks, and larger contributions to health and pension benefits. the strike would have been the first in the union's 128 year history.
9:37 am
still ahead on abc 7 mornings, halloween can be spooky, but advised on how to keep it safe. looking out at pier 39, the sea lions hanging out. we will check in with lisette when we get back.
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come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess. liz: welcome back. here is a live look outside. bay area restaurants are facing soaring costs and product shortages. owners are having a hard time restocking dinnerware, glassware, and utensils. things that used to take eight weeks to arrive are taking as long as five months. food prices are on the rise because the cost of labor has gone up. many owners are calling on the government to give them a financial boost to stay afloat. today is the return of san francisco's sunday streets. today's event is called phoenix day. it will feature historic routes and pop-ups. here is a list of locations where cars will not be allowed.
9:41 am
each locations will have different activities including live music, dance performances, a skate park, art exhibit, and a lot more. not toas was yesterday. lisa: we have to keep track of what season we are in. as we look out toward emeryville, the clouds are gathering. showers will wait until late in the day. it is a dry day for you. prepare for a wet week ahead with several waves of showers getting more intense. we will try to time it out for you and tell you what to expect and talk about the second half of your weekend next. liz: next, the new look for the sharks as they kick off the season flying past the jets. we will have postgame reaction coming up in sports.
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liz: welcome back. here is a live look outside. you can see the lighthouse out there. people enjoying nice moments. the sharks will be back in action in montréal tuesday night for the start of a five-game road trip. here is abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights. >> good morning. the sharks are back. dropping the puck on a new season. two new goalies and 5 rookies on the roster. the fans are back. second period, down 2-0. andrew snipes at the top shelf. sharks within 1. now on the power play. jackson weatherby, first career game and first career goal. 2-2 after two. third period now. assist on the power play goal.
9:45 am
sharks in front 3-2. his first of the year. sharks open the season with a 4-3 victory. >> you could not ask for a better way to start the season. it was a team win. we tried to play to our identity as best we could. everyone knows there were some nerves at the beginning. >> so happy we can play again in front of our fans. amazing tonight. it was fun again winning the game. it was a lot of fun. >> a lot of fun indeed. cal and san jose state played friday night. stanford held the bay area college football spotlight saturday. fans in the cowboy hats. first quarter was all cardinal. tanner mckee 45 yards, strike two benjamin euro. they led 13-0. here comes the cougars. in the second, 13-13 after the
9:46 am
blocked pat. fourth quarter, down 27-16. stanford is going to sneak it in. it is a three-point game after the successful two-point conversion. next possession, mckee, 8-yard pass. stanford takes the lead. 31-27. max forgee, his second touchdown of the game. cougars back up in front. 3rd and 13. mckee loses the football. washington state wins it. stanford drops to 3-4. san jose earthquakes, just 2:10 into the game. so nice we show it twice.
9:47 am
1-0 lafc. 2-0 second-half. carlos, that is a goal. it's 2-1. 88th minute now. lafc wins 3-1. that is a third straight loss for san jose. that is your look at sports. back to you. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. lisa: it is early. this is october. we have had back-to-back droughts. for october, usually we don't see that much rain. by the end of the work week, we should be above average. by the end of the month, we are still looking at a pretty active weather pattern. here is a look at live doppler seven where the clouds are increasing this morning. there is an area of low pressure off the coast. that will drag in a week cold front late in the day. you are probably feeling it
9:48 am
already with the cool temperatures. scattered clouds out there. 55 in the city. 58 san jose. looking at low 50's and morgan hill. it is going to be a coo be a the north bay. 54 novato. temperatures definitely running cooler at this hour. it looks pretty nice in san jose where numbers are going to be in the 70's. we are talking 20 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. breezy wins today. it will be a light week system. we are dried to start the workweek. late tuesday, another system. next weekend looking like we could see the strongest of what is going to be a series of waves pushing through the bay area. it is a level 1 system. it will bring the breezy wins wi clouds. you can see we have got the
9:49 am
cloud cover beginning to thin out. we have got sunshine from midafternoon. the 6:00. it is very light rain. it gets the ground. perhaps it makes things slippery. maybe 0.1 inches along the coast. the winds are a factor out there. they have been ramping up all morning long. as we go through 1:00 to 2:00, they are 15 miles per hour. that is a is a is a i snow is on the way. to si soreou pup
9:50 am
foot. as we go through t inches in kit you can expect the rest of the week. tuesday night, the next system arrives. by wednesday afternoon, looking at more wet weather coming in through thursday afternoon. we will skip ahead to next weekend. this is what is really interesting. it looks like it is going to sink south into the bay area. it is a breezy afternoon. clouds increasing. level 1 system, it is dry and cool tomorrow. another dry day on tuesday. showers could be with us on thursday. next weekend, we are talking about rain. this weekend looks good. last week, it is also
9:51 am
promising. the seasonal outlook is looking not so great. we will take what we can get. liz: it is like we need rain until halloween. we know the know the know the ke have halloween last year. have halloween last year. if we could have one dry day, that is nice. very happy to hear about the rain. bay area area area offering their own guidelines for halloween this year. the cdc says to get vaccinated, wear a mask, and avoid indoor crowds. what you should keep in mind to keep yourself and others safe. reporter: in two weeks, witches, monsters, and ghosts will take over the bay area on halloween night. i guess it is a good thing this one will dress up as a superhero
9:52 am
as she goes trick-or-treating for the first time. are you excited for halloween? . >> taking her out>> so she can have the full experience, it is more about her experience to see what most kids have been able to do. reporter: while some enjoyed a new way to halloween last year, it is getting the safety seal of approval from medical experts with precautions in mind. >> we know families look forward to halloween. it is a fun time. covid is still out there. there are things people can do to reduce the risks. these are simple rules families can follow to keep each other safe. reporter: almost across-the-board in the bay area, health officers are offering the same safety advice to families celebrating halloween this year. if you can, get vaccinated. wash your hands and wear a mask. >> i love those masks.
9:53 am
it is either of those medical masks were a good two layer fabric mask that fits over the nose and mouth. that can help as well. reporter: families may still have concerns about enjoying the festivities safely. if you follow the guidelines, you could have a fun and safe time on halloween night. recommendations. it is going to be quite safe with common sense precautions. reporter: p safe and have a scary good time. liz: at 95 years years bennett has something new to
9:54 am
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liz: welcome back. yesterday, volunteers in hayward gathered to pick pumpkins that would be donated to pediatric hospitals and doctors offices in the area. the goal is to brighten the spooky season. take a look as pumpkins were transformed into a loft, cookie monster, and lots of other characters. >> ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ liz: tony bennett has now five guinness world records. he set the record for being the oldest person to release an album of new material. his love for sale album with lady gaga was released on at the october 1.
9:57 am
time, he was 95 years and 60 days old. still beautiful as ever. really cool to see. let's get a final check of the weather. lisa: today is basically a dry day. you are noticing the change already in the weather with breezy south and cooler highs. this weak front coming into play in the north bay about 3:00 or 4:00. the rest of the bay area will take until 5:00 or six. we have several weather systems coming into play for the week ahead. variability is there. the timing is not certain. more showers on thursday. by next weekend, we are talking more significant rain as well. liz: thank you for joining us. we will continue today at 5:00 p.m. thank you for joining us.
9:58 am
have a great day.
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