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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 21, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," possible human remains found in the search for brian laundrie, the phi an say of murdered gabby petite toe. what we learned overnight about the discovery and our law enforcement expert weighs in on the role laundrie's parents played in the role of the last 24 hours. the questions now being raised. a new surge, covid cases now spiking overseas in the uk. should we be concerned? plus, the decision expected today on booster shots. we take you through the timeline. breaking overnight, the announcement from former president trump. the new business venture he's launching. plus, the kidnapping caught on camera. how the mother fought back. the stuntman nearly killed
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during this terrifying accident speaks out for the first time. how he survived. and for the battle from this angry alligator to the pope to a cyber attack targeting candy corn, it's thursday, october corn, it's thursday, october 21st. captions paid for by abc, inc. good thursday morning, everyone. everyone. we begin with the mysterious case of murdered gabby petito. >> federal authorities found human remains along with a bag that appears to have belonged to brian laundrie. >> officials say overnight the probability is strong that they are brian's remains. >> this morning, new questions in the gabby petito case, just hours after the fbi found apparent human remains in the
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search for brian laundrie. >> investigator found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> the discovery was made after his parents called police tuesday night saying they wanted to join the search in the morning. >> as you know, the reserve was only open to the public. so chris and roberta informed me they wanted to go to the reserve today to look around and i notified the police who i believe notified the fbi and they met them there this morning at 7:00 a.m. >> the nature preserve has been the focus of the month-long search for laundrie, but the area where the apparent remains were found had been under water until recently. >> as you can imagine, the parents are very distraught. like everything else, they're going the wait for the results before making any further comments. >> reporter: laundrie's parents
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said brian often hiked in that development, but this late eft development has experts questioning his parents participation in the investigation. >> there's just too much strange things that they have been involved in to believe something is amiss here. the day the park reopens, they go into the specific area here. >> reporter: laundrie was named a person of interest in petito's disappearance after the couple went on a cross-country road trip and he returned home to florida without her. her body later found in wyoming. the coroner ruling she had been strangled. laundrie's parents reported brian missing on september 17th after they say he went for a hike. >> this doesn't add up to coincidence. so you wonder exactly how they got there, what they knew all along. if this does look like the final chapter, one of the final chapters in this case, i can tell you that they find remains nearby and they find property nearby, chances are the property belong to each other.
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>> reporter: gabby petito's parents said they never felt she was in danger from brian. but to be clear, he's only been accused of using her debit card in wyoming, not in case e causing her death. let's turn now to the pandemic. the cdc is expected to weigh in today. in the meantime, we're seeing a troubling trend in the uk where covid cases are spiking in the wake of restrictions being lifted. doctors say it's an example of why we just can't let our guard down. alex is here with more on the push for two more booster shots. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. with the fda authorizations, the cdc still needs to sign off. but health experts are saying that this is a major development in the fight against covid. this morning, major green lights, the fda officially authorizing covid boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. the moderna booster for the same population as pfizer after six months for people 65 and older
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and those at high risk due to health or where they work. j&j boosters after two months for anyone over 18. the other news, the fda allowing americans to mix and match any of the three vaccines as a booster. >> and this is important because it's going to provide additional protection to a large portion of this population and also provides really some flexibility to people. >> reporter: the cdc advisory panel now meets today. they typically sign off rather quickly. still, the news is reassuring for 57-year-old rose tamborino, concerned about the durability of her j&j shot, she went out and got a pfizer dose. >> i felt better doing it than not, though, because i just want to be protected. >> reporter: the white house rolling out its plan to get pfizer vaccines to 28 million children ages 5 to 11 starting in early november. more than 15 million doser will ship off to doctor's offices, pharmacies, community and school clinics. >> you can't use a mass inoculation site for children. you have to pay attention to
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where they are and where their trusted sources are. i think it's important to have this in place so when the vaccines are approved for kids, we can roll them out immediately. >> reporter: overnight, pilot unions representing southwest and american airlines sending a letter to their pilots warning not to get distracted by vaccine mandate talk in the cockpit. the warning comes after an uptick of self-reports of distractions by the faa. a jury will now determine whether the man behind the parkland school massacre lives or dies. nikolas cruz pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder and attempted murder. he faces a possible death sentence when the penalty phase of the case begins in january. >> i am very sorry for what i did and i have to live with it every day. and if i were to get a second chance, i would do everything in my power to try to help others. and i am doing this for you and
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i do not care if you do not believe me. i love you and i know you don't believe me, but i have to live with this every day. >> one victim's parent called cruz's statement a self-serving effort to avoid death row. now to the story breaking overnight concerning former president trump. he's launching a new social media company and he's promising the truth. former president donald trump is attempting to launch his only social net worth called truth social. the former president adding we live in a world where the taliban has a huge presence on twitter yet your favorite american president has been silenced. this is unacceptable. major social media sites have banned trump, citing fears he could incite further violence. the full house is expected to vote today in favor of holding former trump adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress for defying a subpoena from the
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committee investigating the riot. the vote is expected to pass. the justiceepartmen decide wheth to charge bannon. at a hearing wednesday, republicans testified against holding bannon in contempt, including congressman jim jordan asked about his own communication with president trump on january 6th. >> of course i talked to the president. i talked to him on that day. i've been clear about that. i don't recall the number of times. but it's not about me. during one heated exchange at the allergy, congressman matt gates would not admit that president biden fairley won the election. >> do you accept that joe biden won the 2020 presidential election? >> i accept that joe biden is the president. >> do you accept that he won the election by more than 7 million votes and defeated donald trump in the electoral college, a margin that donald trump called a landslide when he beat hillary clinton by the same numbers? >> i think our election was uniquely polluted by these indiscriminate mail-in ballots. >> reporter: as for trump's
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social media network, it's expected to launch next month with a public rollout. president biden is dropping his infrastructure bill from $3.5 million to $2 trillion. paid family leave will likely be reduced. the president is promoting the infrastructure bill which includes improvement toes broadband. >> how many people do you see out in mcdonald's parking lots with their kids in their cars because they get access to the internet, to be able to help their kid in school? what are we doing? this is the united states of america, damn it. what are we doing? >> democrats appear close to a deer, but arizona's krysten sinema is opposed to raising taxes to pay for it. digital company paypal is in talk to by pintrest. that deal could be worth $45
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billion. time now for a look at your thursday weather. more rain fell around san francisco last night and plenty more is on the way. storms will bring much needed rain and mountain snow to northern california and the pacfic northwest over the next week. too much rain could trigger landslides in some areas. on the radar, rain is expected today from the gulf coast to the great lakes and parts of the northeast. checking today's high temperatures up to 15 degrees above normal in parts of new england. 75 in atlanta and los angeles. 50 in the twin citys. coming up, the item that could be in your kitchen that the cdc wants you to throw away. also ahead, the stuntman nearly killed in this terrifying accident. he explains how he survived. buyer beware, the item m
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back, now, with a remarkable story of survival from a man engulfed by flames during a stunt for a tv show. the video is hard to watch, making his story even more incredible. this morning, a veteran stunt performer is speaking out, after nearly losing his life. escape artist jonathan goodwin posting this picture from the hospital and showing his injuries, and writing, i have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human can. in a video obtained by tmz, he is upside-down, in a straight jacket, suspended between two cars hanging from wires. the 41-year-old stuntman breaking free of his restraints but not before the two cars
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collide into him. you can see him slamming into the hood of one car just before the other car swings into him and. an explosion and engulfing him. >> a man suspended from a a car -- we need a rescue and helicopter. >> reporter: remarkably, goodwin was responsive when he was at the hospital. "america's got talent" suspended indefinitely. goodwin wrote, i was protected by love. love is all that you need. to death, i say in nain a >> he was burned when pyrotechnics went off. onions are being blamed for a nationwide salmonella outbreak. more than 650 people have gotten sick in 37 states. the bad onions have been traced to northwest mexico and were distributed by a u.s.-based company. the cdc says if you don't know where your onions came from, throw them out.
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back, now, at frightening moments at a hotel in dallas. the suspects overpowered a mother and took her 20-month-old son. she chased them and managed to grab the paper license plate off their suv. one woman is in custody. the baby was found safe. we turn to washington and paris hilton's visit to capitol hill. she is on a mission to help children. paris hilton, entrepreneur, model and hotel heiress, is fighting to change what she calls the troubled teen industry. >> i don't come here as paris hilton but a survivor. she urged congress and president biden to pass a bill that would establish a bill of rights for children in residential treatment centers that would create a federal commission to document abuse at the facilities. in her original documentary, she came forward with allegations that she was abused as a
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teenager at a utah boarding school. >> i couldn't remember who i was before. it makes me sad they took it away. >> reporter: hilton says people at the school would force her to take pills, beat her and watch her shower. >> it was the most painful and traumatic experience of my life. every day, wishing that i would wake up from this nightmare, being physically abused, yelled at, restrained, locked in rooms, forced medicaton, being watched by male staff while i take a shower. i had basically no human rights. >> reporter: her message to congress comes after her successful campaign in utah, that resulted in a new law regulating facilities in that state. >> assuring children are safe isn't a democratic or republican issue. it's a basic human rights issue. >> sponsors see no opposition to the bill so far.
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former president clinton released a statement about being released from the hospital. he is on the road after being treated for an infection that went to his bloodstream. he shared some advice. >> take time to listen to your body. we all have work to do. and each of us has an important role to play in life and in the immediate future. >> he says he's touched by all the support he received. walgreens will soon deliver products by drone. it's launching the service around dallas. it's part of a strategy to better serve cities. in sports, the braves are one win away from the world series, after blasting four home runs against the dodgers. tonight game five is in l.a. the astros are one win away from the world series after beating the red sox 9-1. the series resumes tomorrow night. coming up, the best tv shows of the 21st century. and the show that tops the
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every dish, every load. for a sparkling clean, from bosch to finish. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with a halloween cyber attack. >> a ransomwear attack, tar getted candy corn. they discovered the hack earlier this month. the cyber crime is not disrupting the distribution process. >> the company is working with law enforcement to restore its systems. next, the company founded with just $5,000 and a dream is now worth $1.2 billion. >> blackstone has agreed to buy spanx, the shapewear business that was started 20 years ago. next, the best tv shows of the 21st century.
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>> a new survey asked people around the world, what is the greatest tv show in the past 20 years. the crime drama "breaking bad" at number three. number two, "mad men." >> and number one, this century, "the wire" on hbo, that aired from 2008 to 2013. "america this morning" got honorable mention. next, pope francis upstaged at his own event. >> a boy walked up to pope francis. >> he was pointing at the pope's white cap. he was given one of his own before returning to his seat. finally, here's how you deal with a bad boy alligator. >> zoo keepers say he was causing trouble. they got him out of the water and piled on. >> wild animals are going to be wild. >> the 900-pound beast was put down. >> i would be the person holding
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coming down across the bay area. use a look at live doppler 7. we have team coverage timing out the storm and a more serious storm that is still underway. >> and booster shots authorized. the next step in getting shots into arms, and the big milestone from the white house this morning. >> all bark trains will come into stop for a short time this morning. the drill happening throughout the system. >> it has been a long time since worry is have filled the gold and one center. the changes you need to know before the home opener. >> you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with the forecast withdrew. drew: this slug of muster is over the central part of the bay area. it is raining over the city right now.


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