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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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starting his own social media service. this morning it is already running into issues. >> we are all about the rain this morning. check out our live doppler's ever -- doppler seven radar. good morning everyone. it is thursday. you are watching abc 7 morning live. we'll start with drew and a check of the rain forecast. drew: we have light showers and an unsettled pattern that will continue into friday. live doppler 7. closer to the action. it is really in no event county, nevada, san rafael. light showers around el cerrito and the city in parts of oakland. level 1 light storm. you could have some pockets of downpours. later on this afternoon, showers are focused in the north they.
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most of the day is dry with mostly cloudy skies. kumasi: there is no doubt the rain is a welcome sight. it can also cause problems. power outages is just one issue we are seeing with wet louder -- wet weather. as of a few hours ago, about 1500 customers are in the dark. that is not it. we are seeing slick roads as people make their way in for the commute. amy hollyfield is checking on those conditions this morning area -- morning. >> we are on the bay bridge from oakland into san francisco. it is a slow, wet, crawl this morning. it is raining out here. i want to prepare you for this if you have not the house yet this is what you will we he video from the rain -- of the rain from yesterday.
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everyone is adjusting to it. everyone is shifting how they drive, how they dress. the rain has been light so far, not causing a lot of concern or problems. crews are focused on what is headed our way. be ready for heavy rain expected this weekend. >> we have been trying to get a head start on the rain to avoid flooding, clogging, all of that stuff. amy: firefighters can sound -- stand down a bit for now as rain helps erase the threat of wildfires. they are now concerned with the possibility of flooding and making sure residents are prepared. especially those that live in low-lying areas. but, this morning, just light showers. just enough to make your more difficult. give yourself extra time.
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>> you can can can can can can storm rolling through the bay area. it is available o r aman ma federal safety regulators made a decision on boosters and the matching and matching of vaccines. jobina fortson as with the news. jobina: the food and drug administration authorized to shots for people who received no moderna -- the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccine. for people over six five who received moderna you can get a booster after six months. that also applies to people at high risk due to their health or where they work. johnson & johnson can be given -- johnson & johnson boosters can be given two months for anyone after 18. the fda is allowing americans to mix and match any of the three vaccines as a booster.
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>> it provides flexibility to people. >> a sisi advisory panel on vaccinations will -- cdc advisory panel will iois the number of doses the u.s. has delivered to countries around the world. the biden administration is responding to criticism that america has taken most of the vaccine supply while poor countries around the world face a shortage. u.s. has pledged 1.1 billion doses for other countries, more than any other nation has promised. kumasi: i knew pfizer study released this morning shows a third booster shot can boost immunity to 95% with the delta variant. there were only -- out of the 10,000 people in the trial, there were only five covered cases in the group that got the third shot compared to nine cases in the placebo group.
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the company will send the data to federal regulators. >> more fallout from the january 6 insurrection. the house today will vote on a contempt resolution for trump ally steve bannon. gop leaders recommended voting no. democrats say they do not need any republican votes to pass the resolution. the department of justice will ultimately decide if charges against bad and could lead to prison time or fines. >> president trump announced a new social media platform called "the truth social app." trump was banned for twitter and facebook. a beta version is being worked on with guest invited to test it next most -- next month. some twitter users have already been able to access the accounts. >> bill clinton is giving his
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thanks to the doctors at uc irvine medical center. he tweeted this video message yesterday. >> i am glad to be back home. i am doing great. i am enjoying beautiful fall weather. i want to remind everyone out there to take the time to listen to your body's and care for yourselves. >> president clinton is now 75. he spent most of last week under the care of doctors for a non-covid infection. he returned to his home in chappaqua new york sunday. kumasi: do you and your family have a plan for winners why kids austin mark -- four when an earthquake hits? for when an earthquake -- for when an earthquake hits? this trailer is the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake.
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it shows the import ventsance being prepared. -- the importance of being prepared. drop, cover, and hold and make sure things in your home are secure. the transit system is testing its early warning earthquake system at 10: 21 that will automatically slow and stop all trains and a psa will play. go to abc 7 cons/norcal >> suing pg&e for damage from the deadly dixie fire that broke out in july and born -- burned more than 963,000 acres. equipment caused the fire. calfire says because under
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investigation. in a statement pg&e says they have not been able to review all of the evidence calfire collected. kumasi: lng laundrie. perhaps one step closer. the searches era way in on human remains. new answers from abc's chief legal analyst on the next steps. reggie: north beach come back. a decades-old cafe favorite is finally reopened to customers. it has been a roller coaster ride to get there. tracking live doppler 7 emeryville through richmond. it is wet in the north bay, lucas valley, san rafael. we are tracking more showers on your friday. we w ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country
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to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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showers thursday. here is a look at the exploratory him camera. a storm revived this morning. cloud cover and raindrops on the lens. at 8:00 a.m., scattered showers and mostly cloudy. afternoon activity is focused in the north bay. for everyone outside of the north bay it is a mostly cloudy afternoon and mild temperatures in the 70's. here comes our next storm friday morning. rainfall estimates again today, nothing in the south bay, but, that has a different story tomorrow as our next storm soaks the entire weekend. a check of traffic with jobina. how are we looking this morning? jobina: things keep escalating. we have an alert in san francisco, the second crash involving an overturned vehicle we have been following this morning. this one will be at northbound
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280 at geneva avenue. down to 22 miles per hour and injuries have been reported. there is low visibility. 101. an earlier spin out cleared moments ago on southbound water one at central and san rafael. it is slick in that area. back to the babe ritual plaza. -- outbreak in multiple varieties of onions. there is important in photo look out for. plus, a change at amc movie theaters across the country. drew: -- reggie: a customer's quick thinking to stop a guess station robbery in its tracks. kumasi: a live look outside at
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6:12. we will be right back.
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a marine corps veteran in a flash disarming an armed robbery suspect at a gas station in arizona yesterday. the veteran was a customer. not only did he grab the gun, as you can see here, but then, he restrained the suspect until deputies arrived. that suspect was booked on multiple charges and two other people are still being searched for. he said, not today.oday.oday. reggie: a potential breakthrough
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under the search for brian laundrie, the missing fiancee of murdered 22-year-old gabby petito. human remains have been found in an area brian laundrie has been known to frequent. jobina fortson with what the fbi has and has not discovered. jobina: the effort to identify those remains is underway this morning. federal investigators are making it clear that brian laundrie's backpack and notebook for discovered by. the area of the florida nature preserve where the remains was discovered was underwater until recently. brian laundrie is the fiancee of a murdered 22-year-old, gabby petito. he was named a person of interest in petito's disappearance after the couple went on a cross-country were -- road trip and he returned to florida without her. her body was found in wyoming. andriy's parents reported him missing september 17 after they say he -- brian laundrie's parents reported him missing
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september 17 after they say he went for a hike. >>'s backpack and notebook are there. -- his backpack and notebook are there. without going down conspiracy rabbit holes, you have to believe that is the remains of brian laundrie. jobina: how long the identity process will take depends on the condition of the remains. the corner will also determine the manner of death. brian laundrie has never been accused in gabby petito's death. he has only been accused of easily using her debit card in wyoming. -- illegally using her debit card in wyoming. kumasi: shannon denied vale when she appeared in court yesterday. -- vale when she appeared in court yesterday. -- bail when she appeared in court yesterday. she got kids as young as 14 drunk at her house and got them to participate in sex acts.
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her two teenage sons have and removed from her custody. -- has been removed from her custody. reggie: vandals in saint leander disc droid -- destroyed fiberglass nutcrackers part of their annual tree lighting. someone broke into the group storage building sunday night. there is a gofundme to raise money to replace these. kumasi: it is the end of an era. kmart in california will permanently close its doors in grass valley in december. target will eventually replace it. until then, locals are concerned about where they will shop. >> i think it will cause hardship for some people who rely on kmart here. even if it is just cat food and cleaning supplies. kumasi: kmart was one of the
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biggest discount chains in u.s. history with 3500 stores across the company -- the country. stores have been shutting down since the company filed for bankruptcy in 2002. drew: no more blue light special. reggie: you remember those? drew: yeah. reggie: so you are around for that? you are alive denmark -- you are alive? drew: yeah. it was a quick downfall though. those things were very popular in the 80's and 90's. reggie: when those blue light special happened i was actually excited. drew: my mom was pushing me out of the way. [laughter] live doppler. light rain out there. this is one of several areas of what weather we are tracking over the next several days. we find light showers across the city into the north bay, san
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rafael, east bay, el cerrito, south san francisco seeing light showers. to the south bay it is quiet from palo alto, fremont, san jose. much of the day today it will remain quiet and in the south spain. cloudy skies and two bridges in the 70's. tomorrow you'll get more rain. it is mild and humid with rain.. upper 50's to mid 60's. in san mateo at 64 in san rose. a level 1 system today and -- in san jose. a level 1 system today. this afternoon i want to emphasize the rain is focused in the north bay. for a lot of us outside of the north bay it is mostly cloudy. it is also warmer with mid 60's to 70's for afternoon highs. tonight our next storm moves in. after sunset and tomorrow morning, widespread rain in the north bay and sinking south through the morning tomorrow. another mild night, upper 50's
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to low 60's that will bring rain to the south bay -- this storm will bring rain to the south bay tomorrow morning. tomorrow starts dry. tomorrow afternoon, light showers. our attention is focused sunday night into monday morning. this will likely bring heavy rain and strong wind to finish out the week. light showers today, tomorrow. i break in the rain saturday morning. all eyes on sunday and monday. we bumped monday to a strong storm on the storm impacts scale. the end of the weekend and early next week is wet and windy. reggie: good morning america is coming up at 7:00. kumasi: a look at what is ahead. ginger: me up, the fda is green lighting booster shots for -- coming up, the fbi is green lighting booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson and mixing and maxing -- matching vaccines.
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rain. live doppler 7 is showing light moisture from sam cisco to points north -- from san francisco to points north. today from tomorrow morning it is a level 1 light storm with scattered showers and pockets of downpours. this morning, scattered showers around the region. it later this afternoon, what whether it's focused in the north bay. by tomorrow morning we will see another round of what whether in the south they. -- in the south bay. reggie: onions are being blamed for a salmonella outbreak in 37 states, including california.
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about one dozen cases in california. the source is whole red, white, and yellow onions imported from chihuahua, mexico and imported from pro source. the fda says the import dates august2.kumasi: cafe jack ling jacqueline opened after a huge gofundme restaurant to save the 42-year-old restaurant that had to shut down a year and a half ago when the 84-year-old owner, jaclyn, became ill and had to go through urgency surgery. the future of the restaurant was cast into doubt because of her health and the pandemic. now it is back open. the chef's back, whipping up her souffles. >> dating during the covid pandemic is not simple, but it is possible. kumasi: u.s. surgeon general dr.
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vivek murthy is on hinge. his office just launched a new campaign to help singles go on covid-19 safe dates during the holidays. he posted and advise video on the dating site. he said, -- and advise video on the dating site. he said, don't be afraid to ask your date about covid safety. >> be respectful in the conversation and ask open-ended questions. recognize people may have different points of view. kumasi: his tips include getting vaccinated, having dates outside, and, as a next or precaution, you could get a rapid test done within 24 hours of the date. reggie: a major u.s. airlines new warning as we head into the holiday season. kumasi: plus, the new report showing you the products coming up empty the most. reggie: at home covid tests are
6:27 am
in high demand and expected to surge higher soon. the major pharmacy limiting the number you can buy. kumasi: amy hollyfield is on you the road showing you what the conditions look like if you are heading out this morning. you can see that roadways are slick. we will have a
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♪ ♪ remember when no dream was too big? and you could fearlessly face the unknown. you still can.
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♪ ♪ when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: waking up to another rainy morning. a welcome sight or quell our severe drought, but not so much in other respect -- for our severe drought, but not so much in other respects. k that pine tree crashing in one
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north bay neighborhood. power outages persist for hundreds of pg&e customers. this morning it is slick roads we are focusing on. reggie: the wet weather spread across the bay area. through just updated his forecast for the next few days. these storms will only get stronger. look at those boxes on the screen. good morning. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. it is a spirit day. the day to remember our lgbtq folks, especially our youth. anti-liang efforts. that is why we -- anti-bullying efforts. that is why we have purple on the screen. drew: green on the screen. we are tracking showers.
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let's zoom down to street level across the city and peninsula. we have rain over san francisco, south san francisco, mill bright, san mateo. earthly, light rain, same with richmond. a downpour is about to move in to san rafael. a level 1 light system today is lingering into tomorrow morning. we will track pockets of downpours and scattered showers. this afternoon the rain is focused in the north bay. temperatures mid-60's to mid 70's later this afternoon. reggie: more rain in the bay area means a slick commute. amy hollyfield has been driving all over looking for trouble spots. amy: we have found wet weather everywhere we went. it is widespread. we are hitting a pretty intense rain now. we are now on the richmond/san rafael bridge. wish minutes behind us. we are heading toward san rafael. he came through heavy rain as we came to the area.
6:32 am
everyone is going slowly. we have not seen any issues. he did want to show you what conditions were like so you can prepare yourself. we have a look at a tree that came out -- down in mill valley taking power lines down with it. a reminder of what we can happened -- what can happen when we get rain in the bay area. city crews are working to repair for the next round of showers that we are really worried about this weekend. they are clearing out governors, setting up sandbag stations and encouraging residents to get ready because we have not had to think about rain in so long. >> we are making sure our community knows what it needs to be prepared for the rain. making sure that especially the homes in and around our burn star area are protected and prepared. amy: the first round of rain has been a good warm up.
6:33 am
nothing too heavy. it this weekend we are expecting a bigger storm. officials are trying to get everyone to shift their thinking, get ready for rain, get prepared. this morning, give yourself extra time before you head out because it is very wet. live from the richmond san rafael bridge, amy hollyfield. reggie: you can keep an eye on the storm with live doppler 7 on the abc 7 bay area streaming app available on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. kumasi: authorities will give new details about the mysterious death of a family and their pet dog over the summer while hiking near yosemite. jobina, what are we expecting? jobina: you will finally get an answer about what killed the family of three and their dog. the mariposa county sheriff is expected to reveal the causes of death in a 2:00 conference this afternoon. jonathan gerrish, his wife, ellen, their one-year-old daughter, and, their family dog hiked most of an 8.5 mile trail
6:34 am
in triple digit heat in the sierra national forest near yosemite. all were found dead on august 16's. the family had ties to the bay area. foul play, lightning strikes, suicide, and drugs have all been rolled -- ruled out. the family may have all suffered heat stroke or were poisoned by toxic algae blooms in the water along the trail. we will send out a push alert when the news conference starts. you can watch it live by downloading the abc 7 bay area news app for stream it on your team be with art -- rtv with our connected apps. -- your tv tv tv apps. reggie: officials want want want vaccinated by december 1. by this -- by january they want half the group vaccinated. by february, 70%. health officials are warning
6:35 am
parents and children to take precautions over the holidays, encouraging mask wearing and avoiding large crowds. kumasi: the demand for rapid covid tests in pharmacies is expected to surge. there could be testing supply chain issues in the coming months because employees, some not vaccinated, are returning to work. that means demand for tests continues to grow. many employers are requiring testing for anyone who provided a vaccine exemption. >> employers will end up having to test employees who were not vaccinated at least once a week. that challenge will be one of the things that will drain the supply chain further. kumasi: the makers of a rapid antigen test say is -- says they are seeing unprecedented demand and wrapping up -- ramping up production. cvs has introduced covid test
6:36 am
purchase limits of six on and four at cvs pharmacies. just as more people are jumping back onto flights, the ceo of united airlines is warning that the cost of a fight is going to go up because of higher fuel costs. united expects to pay $2.39 a gallon for jet fourth quarter, up from $2.14 a gallon last quarter. coming up on gma at seven, how much longer you have to book flights for the holidays and still get a deal. reggie: while flu system -- season was nonexistent for most of the pandemic, doctors are warning we will see more flu cases this winter then covid cases. two studies shared a similar sentiment. one study predicted there could be an additional 100,000 to 400 thousand more flu related hospitalizations this fall and winter compared to an average year. >> estimates are right on
6:37 am
target. it comes with some level of uncertainty. the uncertainty around how bad it could be. that means it will be worse, for sure, that last year. >> dr. peter hong explains exple we don't have population immunity from the flu last year, it leaves us more formable -- vulnerable this year. >> prescription drug take back day is saturday. it gives you the opportunity to clear your medicine cabinet of unused or expired medications, especially opioids. >> drug overdoses killed more than 93,000 americans just last year. these are not just statistics. these are real people. these are real lives. kumasi: two thirds of overdose deaths involved prescription or illicit opioid.
6:38 am
there will be 50 drop-off sites in the bay area. you can find the closest location to you at takeba you are looking live at at the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets is next. reggie: dashboards on a popular auto brand are accused of melting. a consumer group is making the consumer -- concerns public. the safety hazard you need to hear about this morning. kumasi: ono. goodness. amy: a live look in south when cisco southbound at 280. you can see the tow truck. you will see a lot of things like this. i just counted the number of incidents on the chp long right now they are working for crashes. over 30 incidents at the moment. we have a sig alert not far away
6:39 am
from that seen in san francisco. this will be an overturned vehicle at northbound 280 at geneva avenue. we have lanes blocked. it is in the process of clearing. i wrap up with a live look at the day bridge toll plaza. it is wet, slick, and backed up. lights came on at 5:35. drew: storms are coming and strengthening into the weekend. outside, along the embarcadero in san francisco. we are seeing raindrops on the lens and slick roadways. live doppler 7 is tracking the rain. you saw amy hollyfield on the richmond san rafael bridge. she was tracking light rain. we have light rain from nevada to san rafael. richmond hercules. we will take you to the south bay where it is quiet this morning. the forecast does call for the south bay to remain quiet
6:40 am
thursday. mostly cloudy skies. north acy.k scaered showers by the afternoon. the activity is in th n cloudy skies and temperatures getting into the 70's later this afternoon. rainfall estimates for today. you can see the rain shadow effect in the south bay. no moisture there. tomorrow it is a different story. the south bay, you will get some rain, finally, on friday morning. temperatures later on today are 60's in the north bay. 70's with mostly cloudy skies in the south bay. high temperatures around the bay . sponsored by ron's gone wrong in theaters this friday. >> halloween comes early. critics love ron's gone wrong. it is comedy gold. a fun film for the whole family.
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ron's gone wrong. >> is not meant to do that. >> maybe turn it off and on again. >> rated pg. in theaters this friday. tickets on sale now. >> the abc 7 storm impact scale. one to five light to severe. know exactly how every storm will impact you. be prepared with the abc 7 s for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill,
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biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv, keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you.
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involving a death at a o concert at chase center. a complaint is claiming the guardrails are not high enough and the steps are too steep in the upper arena. a man from new york died during sunday's concert and may have jumped from a balcony.
6:44 am
chase center says the venue is up to state code. kumasi: palo alto is addressing incidents involving racist graffiti, homophobic slurs, and anti-asian attacks. yesterday, santa clara county's das office joined the city of palo alto, it's police department, and others take on the topic of hate during a community meeting held to give residents confidence to report hate crimes and the background to understand how these crimes are investigated and prosecuted. >> hate crimes are one of the few crimes where proving motive is imperative. kumasi: the asian community has been targeted the most this year. those cases have been the most violent. when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. check out our list of resources on how to find nbn ally. go to see -- go to abc -
6:45 am action. with breast cancer at the same time. unfortunately, we lost one of those friends. i was so upset. i thought, what can i do? there has to be something. i thought, i know education inside and out. so, let's start to educate people. reggie: part of that initiative includes making sure all american communities have access to cancer screenings. hear from dr. biden up next on gma. kumasi: a new number is putting an exclamation point on the nation supply chain crisis. the number of online products listed as out of stock has jumped by 170 2% the pandemic started -- 172% since the
6:46 am
pandemic started. it is the highest jump in in inn years of the report. clothing is showing the highest out of stock levels followed by sporting-goods, baby products, electronic, and pet products. a mega merger could be in the works for two companies in the bay area. san jose-based paypal is in talks to buy san francisco-based pinterest. one .5 years ago pinterest was valued at 10 pillion dollars. the deal could be worth 45 ash $10 billion. the deal could be worth $45 billion -- $10 billion. the deal could be worth $45 billion. reggie: more than 1000 nissan owners are complaining of melting dashboards. there is a class action lawsuit that the defect poses a safety hazard on the road. the center for auto safety says they know what is causing the
6:47 am
problem. sun beating down on the dashboard is causing the dashboard to the form. the sun's intensity as reflecting off of the deformities. the class-action suit alleges that that is a safety hazard on the road. >> we are starting to see complaint's all over the country. northern california, southern california, arizona. reggie: the average cost to replace a dashboard is $2000. nissan tells our team that the issue does not pose a safety concern. kumasi: san francisco just hit a transit milestone, celebrating the completion of the gary rapid project intended to make one of the city's busiest bus lines more efficient. it shows a three mile stretch of the project connecting five city district. the 38 and 38 our buses transported 56,000 riders a day before the pandemic.
6:48 am
there are now two red transit lines in both directions. that will meet -- mean faster and more reliable bus service. >> we are glad to see gary improve for pedestrian safety, to meet our asian zero goals, to keep people safe, and, to ensure -- vision zero goals, to keep people safe, and, ensure our transit system is working more efficiently. k the project kumasi: kumasi: the project will reconnect neighborhoods from downtown to the western addition. reggie: elon musk could become the nation's first trillion air according to a production by him morgan stanley. -- a prediction by morgan stanley. he is the wealthiest person in the world after eclipsing jeff bezos earlier this year. kumasi: the tunneling company muska owns one approval to build
6:49 am
a network of tunnels that could connect most of the landmarks in las vegas. clark county gave approval to the boring companies plan. the tunnels stop at casinos, convention centers, the airports. all of this is still a concept at this point with details about funding it to be worked out. drew: i don't know about this. i'm claustrophobic. reggie: they already have a part of it built by the convention center and literally all it is as his vehicles going through a tunnel. there is nothing really high-tech about it other than the cars are high-tech. kumasi: are they going really fast? are they going faster? drew: no. it is really narrow tunnels and they can only go so fast. one accident and that thing is jammed up. kumasi: i look forward to being
6:50 am
in that tunnel and is to vegas. drew: i look forward to you being in that tunnel. i will take above ground. being a has been tracking slicks bots all morning long. -- slick spots all morning long -- jobina has been tracking slicks bots all morning long. around larkspur, fairfax, pockets of downpours. light rain across the entire city. even parts of san mateo have light showers now. into the east bay, berkeley, light showers. the same story at emeryville or end up. highway 21 is wet. take it slow. it is a warm morning. upper 50's to mid-60's with rain. there is a light storm we are tracking today into tomorrow morning with scattered showers. it is breezy at times.
6:51 am
coast and in the north bay. in the afternoon, wet weather is focused in the north bay. friday, here comes our next storm. tomorrow morning it will soak all of us again, even the south bay. highs today are 60's in the north bay, 70's in the south bay. mostly cloudy skies in the south bay with showers in the north bay. upper 50's to low 60's friday. weekend, saturday morning is dry. saturday afternoon, we are wet. it is really sunday night into monday morning that our atmospheric river moves in. it looks like monday morning we will see the biggest impact from heavy rain and wet wind. that is upgraded to a level three on the storm impact scale. at the last time we saw a level 3 storm was in january. kumasi: is this you? i new survey finds shoppers prefer to pick up groceries instead of having home delivery.
6:52 am
75% of people say they prefer store pickup. they say the main reason is they want to avoid high delivery fees and surcharges. 57% of online customers say that same day is important. only 15% of all shoppers are willing to pay a separate fee for that. reggie: an extreme course of action may be required to stop global warming from reaching dangerous levels according to a new u.n. study that concludes the world needs to cut more than half its production of coal, oil, and gas in the coming decades. the report says most oil and gas producers are planning to increase production until 20 30 and beyond. there is still time to limit global warming. the report says the window was rapidly closing. kumasi: chef, author, and restaurant tour david chang is taking a hard look at the future of food out with a new show today called -- a new show
6:53 am
looking at sustainability. >> by 2050, we will not have enough protein to feed the world. these are things we will have to answer. kumasi: oh. "the next thing you eat" is now streaming on hulu. amc theaters will soon have subtitles on more screens. expanding captioning services to more than 200 and 40 locations -- 240 locations across the country. amc says any market with more than two theater locations will be included in the expansion. the decision is beneficial for deaf or hard of hearing moviegoers as well as people with audio processing disorders or who use english as a second language. mountain view bay wing will help deliver to walgreens customers with drones.
6:54 am
customers in two dallas suburbs will be able to order from walgreens or other participating stores and a drone will drop it off in two -- within 10 minutes. reggie: royal caribbean is announcing the mother of all cruises. how does 270 -- 274 nights on a ship sound? that is what the company has planned in 2020 three, calling the itinerary the longest and most comprehensive -- 2023 calling the itinerary the longest and most comprehensive world cruise out there. rates start at $61,000 per person not including taxes and fees for an inside room. the company is selling shorter cruise segments separately in case you are not able to enjoy all 274 days on board. i looked at it more.
6:55 am
it is on one of the older ships. you have to make sure you are hitting the gym too. because, the pounds will pack on really quick. kumasi: kumasi: i guess it's one of those things where you go and give in to the experience. reggie: look at this new cup i got. hillary, one of our viewers, send this to me. what a gorgeous thing. k that is so cute. --kumasi: that is so cute. reggie: my beloved light dog woodstock. now, every day, i can see him. thank you henry. i appreciate it. -- thank you hillary. i appreciate it. you can watch all of our newscasts for the bay area connected tv app. download the app now and you can start streaming. k taking a live look --kumasi:
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drew: tracking showers. pockets of downpours. pops of yellow moving into southern more in and parts of san francisco. take the umbrella with you for the rest of the week. amy: a number of overturned cars and spinouts this morning. there is a sig alert at northbound 280 in san francisco. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. kumasi: people across the bay are waking up without power this morning. this is the pg&e outage map. drew: the fda officially authorized booster shots for people who received the moderna
6:59 am
and johnson & johnson vaccines. it is allowing americans to mix and match any of the three vaccines as a booster. kumasi: authorities will give new details later today about the mysterious deaths of a family that died over the summer while hiking near yosemite. reggie: the warriors will play a regular-season game that home game at full capacity. tipoff is at 7:00 p.m.. kumasi: staffing shortages caused a stockton restaurant to turn to a robot delivering meals to tables. when the owners saw the robot on youtube and thought, hey, let's give it a try. drew: whatever gives me my meal. kumasi: why are you waving at the robot like it will wave back? reggie: the robot has a bad voice and they named it rosie, which seems rude. rosie was cute. she had a smock. she had hearings. drew:drew: that is not rosie.
7:00 am
she had a personality. reggie: she kind of that -- hated that family. that is what i loved about her. tes for our viewers in the west, the latest in the search for brian laundrie on this thursday morning. shocking discovery. a possible breakthrough in the massive manhunt for gabby petito's boyfriend. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> brian laundrie's parents leading investigators to an area that was previously under water. also this morning the fda backing mixing and matching vaccines and green lighting booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson. this morning could the fda lower the age of eligibility for the booster? close to deal? democrats narrowing in on a
7:01 am
compromise for president biden's


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