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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 22, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> movie the deadly incident involving alec baldwin and a popgun. >> and the health health elizabeth after she spent the night the health of queen elizabeth after she spent the night. -- spent the night in the hospital. >> the system system sys progressively stronger and this one this morning over top of us for the morning commute. you can see the green and yellow indicating the heavier parts. solid rain through hayward and outwards livermore looking at san francisco, pretty wet. we head north where we are looking at showers. timing it out for you by the
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next few hours, it is still wet at 7:00. the northbay isssss out and by noon time we have a cooler afternoon. >> as you might imagine we have wet roads. standing water is the big issue this morning. drains have not been usedbeen ud quite some time. it is past golden gate fields into emory. people are slowing down, which is what we want. we have wet roads. you can see the change of weather for the san mateo bridge
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blocking lane number three. you are delayed westbound on towards san mateo. a big accident motorcycle on 680 westbound before sycamore valley. that is 680 northbound. that is a motorcycle accident. and solo spinouts this morning. >> as lisa mentioned we should get ready for more rain during the morning commute. the is that.
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soaking. we are on southbound highway 101 coming up on the lucas valley road exit. we are heading towards san francisco and it is raining. it has been off and on throughout the morning. it came down hard at 4:30 whilee you are sleeping. while you were asleep it was getting a good soak out here . they look at some of the messes the rain caused yesterday. there was some flooding on octavia street and woodland avenue. all kinds of things get into the drains to clog them, but the
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biggest offenders right nowendes the leaves. we saw a crash on highway 100 10 one, which is just one of several authorities had to deal with. >> we are used to wanting to drive as if it was a sunny day and we can see that is not the case. highway patrol with crashes. you have to help us out down. amy: city crewsy: city crewsy: s there just responding workers are doing some proactive
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work, trimming trees clearing storm drains to try to prepare for this weekend's rain. more is on the way but we are still dealing with some rain this morning so be prepared. reporting life, amy hollyfield. >> this is what it looks like on the peninsula. all of the rain you see there is causing flooding across several lanes of freeway. you can see drivers going through it anyway. if you are in avoid the area altogether
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because just a few inches of water can cause your vehicle to stall. you can keep an eye on the storms with -- with our free app. >> developing news, and a retiring police captain is recovering after a shoot oakland gas station. sources say retired captain joyner was shot. video shows joyner filling up his gas tank when three people approached him.
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these people were robbing joyner. minutes later joyner pulled his gun and fired three shots. we asked if joyner was targeted for being a retired officer. >> it is early in the investigation. nothing is off the table at this point. >> joyner is legally allowed to carry a gun because he is a retired police after -- police officer. >> when he was on the oakland police on force program to decrease violence. he just returned from indianapolis where he was working on a crime reduction strategy with city leaders.
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>> he had worked his career carr reduce gun violence and to be the victim of gun violence is horrible. >> joyner has been instrumental in reducing gun violence throughout the east bay. he tv shows. kamala harris and jerry brown both endorsed joyner's crime-fighting leadership. we were pushing alerts on our app as updates were happening. >> after alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer and injured a
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bay area director on the side of his new movie. deke done that was supposed to be loaded with lace discharged rethe director of photography ws airlifted to the hospital where she died of her injuries. she was 42. susa lives in the bay area with his family. that is fake blood in that picture. no charges have been filed while the investigation is underway. next pfizer has announced its vaccine is 90% effective at preventing covid-19 in children. the recommendation is for those 65 and older to get a booster shot. those who got the moderna vaccine are recommended to get their booster shot six months after their second dose and those who got the single-
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it destructive wildfire threatened -- >> a threatened the world's oldest tree. the threat has been removed. service rap to the tree along with other historic sequoias on september 15 -- the forest service wr with other historic sequoias on september 15. lisa: you can see some pretty good downpours. further south over concorde and san ramon, looking at light showers. a solid mass of rain from palo
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alto to milpitas. this is all going all going allg progressive. it will move through, leaving us with anywhere from a third of an inch to half an inch in san francisco so certainly some beneficial rain that the ground can absorb. we are looking at some funky conditions right now with temperatures in the upper 50's. it will be cooler today as this front passes through. fog all along the coast with the mid-50's. looking at that visibility anywhere from a mile in oakland to over two miles at the san pablo airport. it is a cooler start. we will get into a drying trend as we get into your saturday and sunday we are talking about an
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atmosphere that could bring 1111 three inches for most of us. in the mountains, we are talking about wet, heavy snow in amounts anywhere from three to five feet. this is right on through tuesday. looking at two and a third 4 -- we have not seen a system like this in such a long time. the accuweather 7 day forecast shows how strong it will be midweek. sue: it is a rough morning out there commute wise as far as standing water. i have circled coming off on the eastbound direction of the bay bridge inlet is emergency lights. i think it is flooding. i do not have an accident
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reported. standing water is hazardous. we have 58 separate incidents on the accident log. despite a few. in the green, a lot of folks are staying home. we have a serious accident involving a motorcycle down at cordelia junction. we have southbound 280 -- 380 at the airport that has some serious flooding there. >> that is a lot to keep track of. new at 6:00, queen elizabeth back at home after spending the night in the hospital. king impala's was forced to admit that she had gone to the hospital after a newspaper -- buckingham palace was forced to admit that she had gone to the
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hospital after a newspaper leaked it. no other explanation was given. coming up next, the body of brian laundrie found at a and la nature
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>> now to the discovery of the body of brian laundrie, the only person of interest in the murder case of gabby petito. the search search search searchh
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l investigators to his body. >> if he left the house witho a wallet and cell phone, it is a big indicator of suicide. >> police also found la notebook. there was to reject the recall. it is the second attempted the first failed to get enough signatures back in august. >>
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fax or the real challenges our communities are facing. this has everything to do with disrespecting the will of the people. >> the group organizing the recall is safer sf. they say they are done accepting signatures. >> it is a list no city in america wants to be on, and yet here we are. orkin has released its the -- list of writing us to cities. it ranks cities according to the number of new rodent treatments performed. >> the rats i see when i walk by the park? >> do you see them often? >> i wouldn't say often. >> isn't our company mascot
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basically that? is there anything wrong when he is writing the check? maybe we need to look at this different! lisa: we are looking at a lot of wet weather. this begins a soggy weekend with the main event arriving late sunday into early monday. the rain is from middletown through santa rosa. we take you further south and east. light rain towards oakland. a little break here in san francisco. you had some heavier cells now switching into saratoga. it will take a while for you to dry out, another hour or two, but this is a fast system. there is more down, anywhere
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from -- as we look outside, we have a wet and breezy commute, a short break then there is more rain saturday night. then we get into a level three for sunday. looking at our snow arriving well above eight feet. this is what we looking at for today is this front pushes east. then we will be talking about a wet start to the weekend. that will be saturday. it will not be that wet but showers will continue until 2:00 on sunday. then we will see the system that arrives sunday into monday. you will have to digest this for a little bit. >> let's turn to ginger zee. she has a look at what is coming
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up on good morning america. >> coming up we have to start with the tragedy on the set of alec old wins new movie, the actor firing a prop firearm and killing the director of photography and injuring the director. the fbi identified the remains found in that florida nature reserve as brian laundrie. we will speak to his parents attorney live. we are celebrating women-owned businesses as we celebrate 10 years of deals and steals. >> we have something to talk to you about and that is these blue pants! i do not know why people got so wild about these low pants, --
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blue pants, but what is the deal? >> the deal is we do not normalize reuse at all and i have been part of that. i rent a lot of my clothing. if you were the same pants for a week, i doubt anyone would know were care. but if she wears the same dress for a week -- for me it is about the sustainability part. the less we consume, the more high-quality items we keep. it is keeping them. that is my point. i will holding onto the blue pants and you will see them again! you might even see them on some of my friends i have convinced
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to wear them. >> i feel like i could rock the blue pants. >> that carbon footprint does not work. >> if you want to leave them in the dressing room, i could swing on by. they will definitely be high waters on me! we support this 100%. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm.. sio. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. lisa: good morning to you. light rain with a few pockets of heavier rain. 680 and three fremont, morent, e rain. looking at mount hamilton, this at bay finally getting some rain. still showers read over the heart of the bay area. -- right over the heart of the
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bay area. we will be talking about more rain over the weekend coming up. >> nasa is using a new tool to help those who rely on water resources. it will put data into the hands of farmers and conservation groups. the goal is to produce innovations in water management. wax this personifies how nasa ames to -- all the while engaging with those who need this information to make important decisions now. >> this will help water managers understand how much water is needed to grow our food, which is an inexact science at point. >> >> ok -- the goatsgoatsgoatsgoas
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recorded this video. she is laughing the whole time. she also shares videos of her pet goats on facebook. [laughter] >> i'm going to be honest with you -- that is a 2 of one to 10. in the world of tiktok, that goat needs to be surfing, doing three flips at a circus. we will try again. we will take you inside the tiny park lab responsible for processing one fourth of all of, and is of a test. >> we continue to track the storm rolling in the bay area. how it could impact your right to
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is they be -- is news. >> special honor for warriors star steph curry. there is one player to thinks he got snubbed. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven. you can see all the green that is behind us right now. lisa: we will begin to see the
6:33 am
backside of this. it started early while you were sleeping. you will notice heavy rain has overspread much of south bay. lighter rain will take you through livermore, pleasant hill and up into northbay and down through marin county. it is wet out there. heavy showers from san francisco to oakland there it's outbreak. -- there is sue: you have four lanes in the southbound direction so use extra caution here. it is windy over the bay bridge.
6:34 am
we have an accident southbound at jackson blocking the left lane. once again solo spinouts and standing water are the big issue this morning. a couple of accidents to highlight or you near cordelia they had several lanes walked. traffic is now stacked up into fairfield. temporarily chp has all lanes blocked here. the only saving grace is that it is in the reverse commute direction but we are seeing slowdowns due to paddling and standing water. give yourself plenty of time and slow down. >> as you can see, this will be a more challenging commute and it was yesterday. we are in the thick of this rain. when i say we, i really mean amy hollyfield. >> we are southbound on highway
6:35 am
101 where it is raining. it has been raining solidly or a couple of hours now. this is hovering over us and giving us a wet commute. we are seeing safe driving so far. everyone is slowing down. everyone seems to be taking this seriously and is aware that it is different. we are out of our dry spell and into a wet weather pattern. all of this rain is looking for somewhere to go. some storm drains are clogged and that caused some minor flooding yesterday. city crews say they are trying to clear out drains with pumps so the water can get out of here. >> with the leaves and everything falling, there is construction around here, anything can float in their, people's garbage, but mainly
6:36 am
leaves getting plugged in the drain. >> we saw some car crashes in this wet weather. police are asking that everyone slow down. with more rain on the way, city crews are all over the bay area, trimming trees. they want to prevent them from falling. they say they have crews on standby for this weekend to respond to weather problems because we know more rain is on the way. >> you good shoes this morning because look at these conditions in the east bay. water is flooding the parking lot. >> with more rainy days ahead, schools are playing it safe. everett middle school in san francisco is an example.
6:37 am
the goal is to keep students in smaller groups while indoors because of the wet weather. >> we will have indoor lunchunch the classroom. we have the ability to deliver those lunches or stagger when students go to the cafeteria to get lunch. >> teachers are also getting creative with students in the classroom. i like these outfits and these dances and that little girl with her braids and beads. >> and the flower in the hair. >> you can keep an eye on the storm with live doppler 7, or on our app. >> more people are getting the covid-19 booster shot compared
6:38 am
to those getting their first doses of the shots. county officials are trying to get more booster information out to the public with the message that although the original vaccine series is highly effective, its effectiveness does wane over time. >> just like we get flu shots every year, the strength and the efficacy of the vaccine begins to wear off a little bit so we have to boosted up. that is all this is. santa clara county has numerous vaccination sites. >> we are about to take you inside the lab responsible for processing the covid tests in california. in august, they expanded testing
6:39 am
volume from 10,000 tests a day to 1000 tests a day. it is the cheapest on the market. that helps the state of california save money. >> we thought that it you could get people the i, ulmanfme ver busyaysintesting ss and that in school districts in san jose and los angeles. the two cofounders quit their jobs to form this company in may of 2020. >> unvaccinated unvaccinated und is important to know even if you are vaccinated and you go to the office, you have to undergo rapid testing once per week.
6:40 am
apple once it corporate employees -- employees in the office at least three days a week. >> you are looking live at the new york stock exchange up right now. anotheronhekets next>> the alameda county fair s back. how do have a better weekend. >> we are following 73 incidents on the chp. a lot of those are solo spinouts due to standing water so use extra option. it is wet, slick. you can see the roads there. your we go to the san mateo bridge. brake lights here. our big accident is westbound 80
6:41 am
in the cordelia area. a motorcycle is down. traffic is backed up into fairfield. lisa: this system move. aaaaaaaaa off of the marine county coast. it is a wet start in hayward, fremont, down through stanford and the santa cruz mountains are finally getting in on the act here. half an inch of rain is expected through noontime, then we have a dry day. notice we are pushing rain into the sacramento valley. on saturday, we are expecting light showers but that is nothing because it is a system on sunday that will be arriving and giving us not only some very
6:42 am
heavy rain but gusty winds as well. this system will be behind us in the next hour or two. here is a look at your sunday system into monday. hopefully, not looking at any problems along the roadways with this but we will keep you posted . it will be along several days here. now for some other high temperatures today around the bay -- ♪
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>> we are tracking breaking news now. we are now dealing with power outages. thousands of people are without power right across the bay area and as you can see the biggest issues are on the peninsula. we are reaching out to pg&e for more information. we have learned the family found dead while hiking -- >> we have learned the family found dead while hiking in this area -- the sierra national
6:46 am
forest died of extreme heat exhaustion. >> this is an tragic event due to the weather. >> the deaths puzzled investigators for months. it was at first treated as a hazmat situation but it is unclear if the family drink that water. they moved to mariposa county during the pandemic. the chase center has passed a new safety check after two incidents at the fish concert sunday night. one man fell from the upper level two the -- onto a pers below. a complaint was filed saying the guardrails are too low and the stairs to steep. inspectors went through the arena and deemed it up to code.
6:47 am
>> we are taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. >> if you have filled up your tank recently, you know that prices are higher. in california, it $4.54. it is $4.76 in san >> check yard tires are p -- check your tires air pressure. the tire has to work harder to get down the road. >> a good reminder to get gas at stations that are further away from major highways and get rid of bike racks and roof racks on your car. >> some
6:48 am
rebook flights this morning. skywest partners with delta, alaska and united airlines. the server outage forced the airlines to cancel several hundred flights. skywest says they have that fixed the issue but more than 200 flights get willed for today were cancel. southwest airlines says the four day meltdown that prompted 2000 flight cancellations cost them $75 million. dallas-based southwest says it expects to take a $100 million hit in the fourth quarter. the lingering effects of the delta variant to surge have left many people leery about travel. >> let's talk about your
6:49 am
weekend. there is no reason for you to stay inside the house even with the weather. >> really? i like to be inside the house on a rainy day. >> the alame the alame off this weekend. live concerts are back at ed :00 p.m. nightly. favorites like pig races will be returning and so will all that fried, cheesy food. the fare is operating under 20 safety protocols and will have tohl hand. -- will have touchless payment options on hand.
6:50 am
every walk to end alzheimer's is filled with flowers, carried by someone dedicated to defeating the disease. how about winding down your weekend with some beethoven? the san francisco civic music association is presenting its first free concert of the 2021-2022 season. >> that is not all that is going on this weekend. on the front page of our website, we put together a list of events going on this weekend in the bay area. >> shout out to all of the people who will be part of the alzheimer's walk. there should be a break in the morning for those folks so i am crossing my fingers.
6:51 am
>> either way we do need the rain so i think people will deal. for the most part we are looking at more showers arriving by the afternoon and the later evening hours ahead of the main system that arrives sunday. this level 1 system will wind down in a few hours. we go into the eastern part looking at some rain. some pretty good cells offshore. up to words two and rainfall totals will up to -- the wind is with us anywhere from 13 to 24 miles per hour at the surface. as we go into the mountains it
6:52 am
is starting out really high. it will take several d will taks are talking 100 mile-per-hour winds. here is a look at the sunday-monday system where we will see two inches of rain from east bay to south bay. this would put them up to a foot of rain with over five inches expected in santa rosa, four inches for novato. pretty amazing for >> thank you. the
6:53 am
list of the top 70-five players -- the nba has released aaa of the top 75 players of all-time in honor of their 75th anniversary. steph curry made the list. ♪ >>" easy on multiple radio records, including becoming the most played song in radio history. it is also the most added song in the history of the media base. >-- a
6:54 am
museum is celebrating an african-american fashion designer. patrick kelly heights of the fashion world in paris in the 1980's. his styles were offbeat and playful. kelly also brought a uniquely american sense of journey with him in his career. obstacles to become the toast of paris before the age of being born being born being bore segregated environment in an environment where he experienced brutal acts of racism -- >> kelly wove images taken from a collection of racist memorabilia into his designs.
6:55 am
got the chance to tour this exhibit and it is provocative, powerful and joyful. the exhibit opens tomorrow and tonight you will hear from kelly's former partner about the origin of these race themes and his untimely death after a diagnosis of hiv. i went for the story but i did not -- there was so much to see and appreciate not only about the fashion but about him. >> is there good merge? >> you know i got something. i got a scarf. i am trying to get a dress. i may or may not have asked his partner if he had anything left in the closet. >> you buried the lead. >> he said nope. he donated it all.
6:56 am
those dresses -- when i show up with address, you will know.
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>> here are the seven things to know this morning, starting with lisa. lisa: inch of rain since midnight -- we picked up half an inch of rain since midnight. sue: we are looking at backups on the san mateo bridge. the extra careful -- over 70 incidents on the chp class map.
6:59 am
>> as the storm moves through as you can see. the biggest areas impacted right now are san mateo. >> a retired police captain is recovering at the hospital after a shoot out at a gas station. joiner fired after a suspect tried to kill him. one of the suspects was killed. >> alec baldwin accidentally shot a photo -- -- -- -- -- -- no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. >> booster shots for those who received the johnson & johnson or moderna vaccine's are available. >> the whitney houston hologram concert making its north american debut in vegas on
7:00 am
tuesday. it is called an evening with whitney. good morning, america. breaking overnight. tragedy on the set of alec baldwin's new movie. breaking overnight, deadly movie set shooting. alec baldwin fired a prop gun while filming his new movie, killing the director of photography and wounding the director. baldwin seen outside the sheriff's office. this morning, the 911 call and the latest on the urgent investigation. new overnight, shot of hope. the cdc green lighting booster shots for both moderna and johnson & johnson. plus, mixing and matching. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us this morning on her decision, and when younger kids might finally be eligible for the vaccine. chilling threat. the leader of the gang believed to have taken those 17 hostages in haiti now saying he'll kill them if he's not paid $17


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