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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. from our mount tam camera, it is the calm before the storm. we are heading into an intense weekend. good morning everybody, it is saturday, october 23. you're watching abc7 news at 8:00 a.m.. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: hello come everyone. we have just a piece of the energy to the north of us. it is raining in the pacific northwest as far south as northern california. we wen t vd the
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atmospheric river is aiming at the bay area. i level one system, light rain showers in the afternoon and evening. there is a look at no wind outside our studio. it is the defiant in half moon bay. the golden gate bridge, we are looking at not only the dry conditions now but how that changes quickly. i want to show you that throughout the rest of the afternoon. 3:00, some light showers and by 9:00 we have showers anywhere across the bay area very light. look what happens in 18 hours. heavy rain in the north bay from sonoma to napa. we see this level three system with gusty winds take us all the way through the second half of the weekend. mid-60's for most. it is a level one system. we get into our level 3 system, very strong winds and very heavy rain, excessive rain.
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we and up to six inches in some spots. liz: in the north and south bay, firefighters and residents are worried the heavy rain could be a problem in burn scar areas. cap the officials have wasted no time and issued an evacuation order for some areas. amanda has more on the debris flows we could see. amanda: one man is dead after a tree fell on his pickup truck forcing him into an embankment. rainfall can loosen soil. >> i cannot say for sure it is due to the rain and weather. the area we are in currently, it is -- >> -- amanda: fierce winds, heavy rainfall, and a dangerous debris flow are expected this weekend. reasons why mountain residents are preparing now. >> stocking up on canned goods
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and water. it is the folks closer to the burn scars t naomi murphy and -- are just above the burn scars. their drive home cut through the danger zone. pre-storm plans include fueling up and then hunkering down. >> it just goes hand-in-hand in hand with living up here. it is the chance you take living in the mountains. amanda: she says the residents are getting ready to face one disaster after another. >> our neighbors are getting their ditches ready so we don't get flooded out from the storm. amanda: alyssa gutierrez says the big danger is downed trees and to bring flow which move quickly and can be deadly. >> we have a lot of mountainsides that have trees that have been here for years. sometimes the wind knocked them into the roadway. we never know what you're going to experience. amanda: santa cruz countydau
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inte t, dispensing areas in and around the ccu complex fire burn scar under evacuation morning. liz: pg&e says crews are standing by and ready for the rain. >> we are going to be working until all customers are restored as quickly as possible. liz: they are stocked with backup equipment at their facilities around the bay area. damaged lines and pull fires knocked out power for thousands of residents. pg&e says it was caused by the weather. in the east bay, the alameda county fair is up against the atmospheric river rolling in. kate larsen talked to people who took advantage of a quick break in the storms. >> i have to have that sausage right there. on want. pishrndo fri
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looked at that. >> it is good to come back to the fair. reporter: a break in the storm and covid cases means the alameda county fair is back after a two year pandemic cause. did you miss this fair? >> yeah, i have. it has been so long since i felt normal. reporter: she has been coming since she was two. she knows how to game the games. >> the easiest one is the balloon. one. reporter: covid concerns pushed alameda's fair back to october when the bay area is usually flushed with warm weather. >> we got a good window because it was raining all day. i was not sure, if we wait it would rain more. reporter: she is right since an atmospheric river of rain is forecast for sunday. >> we don't have plans to close
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the fair. conditions.ffany with thsays tt tivate a plan and pitted. reporter: william requires on the first circuit for his income. losing that during the pandemic was tough. >> we went to a prison one time in fresno. reporter: he will not let a little or a lot of rain ruin his parade. >> it is a let down but you can't let that dan burton -- you can't let that dampen your spirits. >> -- reporter: one dog at a time. liz: now is the time to download our streaming apps on roku, apple tv, and android tv. drew tuma be in our studio all day long when these rains role in, giving you live updates on the storm, rainfall totals, and where the rain is headed next.
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you can join drew a live you stream abc7 and can ask him a question on facebook or youtube. the investigation continues into the accidental shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie. he pulled the trigger on a prop gun, killing the film's cinematographer. the director was also hurt. production has been shut down on the movie. reporter: this this this this tt candlelight vigil in albuquerque, new mexico in honor of halyna hutchins one hour away from the movie set where she lost her life. >> in this film industry which is competitive, it is not enough to have talent. it is good to have this human appealing personality and this moves you forward. she had it. reporter: investigators are looking into why a prop gun fired by actor alec baldwin killed the 42-year-old
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cinematographer and injured the director on the set of the western inspired film, "rust." a camera crew member said he and crewmembers walked offset due to gun safety concerns but concerns were brushed off the -- brushed off by producers. there were two discharges that someday. -- that same day. hutchins posted from the set and was hailed as a rising star behind the camera. >> she radiated a vibe. it is like that x factor, unknowable thing. reporter: alec baldwin tweeting, "there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague of ours." liz: such a sad story.
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"the rookie" said they will ban all live weapons on their show. the show creator says the safety of the crew is too important. the television series but make the change to airsoft guns and use cgi muzzle flashes in postproduction. happening in the south bay, it is the opening of the first vietnamese service center in the nation. plans to create the center in san jose started in 2011 when a health assessment revealed the needs of a community. the first wave of vietnamese arrived 40 years ago and the county has the second-largest vietnamese population in the country. it will offer health services and hold community events. lisa, if you need to do anything outside, maybe do it right now. lisa: clear those storm drains, make sure trees are not ready to come down.
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with all of the saturated soil anticipated, good idea to do that. a preview of san francisco in the 50's. southwinds begin, little bit of scattered rain shower activity. level one today, level three tomorrow. stay tuned, my forecast is next. liz: also ahead, a lot of rain and means a lot of these. swarms of termites in the bay area. experts say they are searching for love. everyone remembers the moment they heard...
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or if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, or have had radiation to your chest area or a nervous system condition. today, keytruda is fda-approved to treat 16 types of advanced cancer. and is being studied in hundreds of clinical trials exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. liz: a san jose woman is dead after being caught in the crossfire of a drug gang related shootout. undelete was one of two foreign tourists killed in this shooting. an instagram account should a post of her lounging and smiling on a seaside two days ago. they listed her aslblger fromndn
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lifornia. pelysem wiineementn presidenten's domestic agenda. she had breakfast to work at the remaining issues at the white house. elizabeth josie explains what is in and out of the president's spending plan. reporter: president biden is making a push to get his economic agenda through congress , revealing key details about negotiations during a cnn town hall. pres. biden: i do think i will get a deal. reporter: he confirmed concessions must be made to get all 50 democratic senators on board to pass his bill on childcare, climate change, and more. gov. newsom: when you are the president of the united states and you have 50 democrats, everyone is a president. reporter: the white house is
8:14 am
offering to cut the price tag of the bill from three point $5 trillion to closer to $2 trillion. the president says paid leave could be cut from 12 weeks to four. the tiled -- the child tax credit could be extended only one year. free tuition for community college would be limited from the bill. pres. biden: mr. joe manchin and one other has a set they will not support free community college. reporter: that other person, senator kyrsten sinema, is making another big deal about a tax hike on corporations. -- acknowledging that would cost him at least three votes needed to pass the social spending bill. biden did not rule out eliminating the filibuster for other priorities like voting rights and raising the debt ceiling. pres. biden: i think we will have to move to the point where
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we fundamentally alter the filibuster. reporter: on the question of how to use the spending package, other options are irs tax enforcement or attacks by back. liz: rainfall is coming with another ecological event. bay area residents have been reporting swarms of termites around their properties. we spoke to an expert who explains what to do and when to worry if you see termites around your home. reporter: millions of termites are coming out of moist soil looking to build new colonies across the bay area. >> with each colony, you can have hundreds of two may be thousand swimmers. the site i was at today, we counted 40 different colonies emerging. reporter: entomologist dr. andrew sutherland says the first rainfall of the season followed by sunny weather turned this
8:16 am
week into the perfect time for termites. he says the ones flying around your home are searching for a mate. >> what they are doing is looking for love. this is their chance to leave their colony as a virgin queens and kings and start their own colony. reporter: steve nichols woke up to termites in his backyard. >> i thought they were flying ants. reporter: one of his neighbors shot this video where you can see hundreds of termites. he found seven clusters in his backyard, steve found three. >> one was right next to the foundation of my house which they could get into. as i walked around the backyard, i found more. reporter: when should homeowners be concerned? >> if they is form coming out of the ground or out of a piece of wood very close to their home or another wooden structure. within a meter or two of your home. reporter: that is when dr.
8:17 am
sutherland says you should schedule an inspection. otherwise, weight. >> most of them die. most get eaten by predators or don't find a mate. liz: we hope most of you do not have to deal with that issue. let's talk about the storm. lisa, you are tracking it and it could get dangerous. lisa: not only are we worried about the burn scar area but our communities have not seen five or six inches of rain come down in one day. that means about a half inch an hour. it could be raining in the north bay for a solid 12 hours and we are going to add on gusty southerly winds. the aim of this atmospheric river is the bay area and in particular the northbay. the rain is up in mount shasta. most of the energy still sits offshore. this is our atmospheric river.
8:18 am
not only is it early for the season, but this is just going to bring rain amounts that will bring trouble around the bay area. we have dropped stressed trees and dry soil but it can only absorb so much. the burn scar area does not have any vegetation at all. those areas downslope from those areas we are concerned about as rain gets going. a beautiful view there, isn't that gorgeous with scattered clouds? 56 downtown. 51 in mountain view. the high clouds out there, little bit of cloud cover. 52 in napa. it is six and a conquered. a serene -- 56 in concord. two inches of rain all the way down through santa cruz. the central coast picking up upwards of two inches towards monterey and even los angeles getting some rain monday. light rain showers today, a strong storm arrives overnight tonight. the rain will be coming in the
8:19 am
northbay and then the winds kicked up. the passage of the cold front will end rain in the northbay and winds lighten up after that. you can see the showers from santa rosa off the coast. here we are at 7:00, and dry day for most of you with cloudy skies. if you like showers and this is what happens by 5:00 tomorrow morning. we have heavy rain from vallejo and the northbay. santa rosa, cloverdale, look what happens through noon time. it wants to stay in the northbay. this is around lunch hour. we have showers and heavy rain in the east bay. it goes south by 4:00. it will be raining all day long in the northbay and parts of san francisco. it gets heavier and continues into monday night. we are talking at least 12 hours of rain. rainfall totals with all of this don't look that extreme when you see how long the heavy rain will be coming down. it ends early on monday.
8:20 am
we will be looking at gusty winds that also cause a problem. anywhere from six to seven inches from cloverdale to santa rosa. it is to much of rain is the rain shadow in san jose. he will pickup over two inches, maybe three inches. the santa cruz mountains, maybe five inches of rain. we have a flash flood watch for napa and san mateo where the fires were in 20 and 2020 one. he went advisory 5:00 tomorrow through 8:00 at night. southwinds getting busy today. tomorrow morning we are at 40 to 45 miles per hour today. this continues through sunday. heavy wet snow, two to possibly three feet above 6000 feet. a level one system with mid 60's in livermore. scattered and light rain showers and then overnight, very heavy rain in the northbay. it stays that way into the second half of the day, shifting
8:21 am
south. by that time we had a lot of rain on the ground monday and the rain will be ending. the se oblems out today is a good day to get prepared, secure objects, clean out the gutters. liz: great advice -- really good advice, thank you, lisa. ahead, we will talk about a new fashion exhibit at the dave young museum celebrating a groundbreaking afric ♪ ♪ ♪
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at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. liz: a new exhibit is a look at one of the world's worst impatient -- most important african-american fashion designers. patrick kelly had almost as many intriguing players as his design
8:24 am
-- intriguing layers that. his design. some might see some of the racial imagery disturbing. reporter: the runway of love exhibit might be the closest feeling to walking down a fashion runway yourself. with videos from vintage shows and exotic, colorful gowns all around you. it is a feeling of inclusion that francis say came straight from kelly's heart. >> my favorite part was when you walk around this corner and you see this runway. it really took my breath away. i know that was probably intentional. >> part of our work was speaking to his friends and they came back to how much drug was in him as a person and in the clothing, how he wanted is close to make you smile. reporter: by the 1980's, kelly had become a sensation. the first american and first black designer inducted into france's fashion --
8:25 am
his rise was anything but smooth. >> patrick overcame him and his obstacles before the age of 35. being born and raised in mississippi in the 1950's and 1960's in a segregated environment where he experienced brutal acts of racism. reporter: those are the experiences are woven into his work, sparked in part by a gift 's former partner picked up in a paris fleamarket, a porcelain ash tray formed in the image of a black person's face. >> i gave it to him and patrick had the generosity and spirit instead of explaining what this piece meant. he said to me we will start collecting these collecting these. reporter: he began turning them
8:26 am
into a statement, working them into his clothing. >> his attitude was to say that by tucking such artifacts away and refusing to see them, we maintain the care -- we maintain their power over us. >> there was a power in clutching this material and throwing it back to the public in his fashion designs. reporter:'s fashion spoke to the gay community and communities of color, the traditional fashion world and wider public al at once. like some of his fabric, patrick kelly's on times would soon envelop him. >> we received the diagnosis in december of 1987 that we were hiv-positive. reporter: he says the couple cap of their diagnosis a secret because of business considerations. it was not until sometime after kelly's death that the public
8:27 am
began to absorb the struggle. his partner survived with treatment and has seen patrick's stature rise. what you think he would say if he saw this? >> i think he would be very happy. i think it would be like a big smile and thumbs up. reporter: what do you hope people take away from this? >> i hope people walk away feeling inspired and feeling joy and feeling like they know patrick kelly on an intimate level. liz: still to come, it is a calm saturday morning looking live in santa cruz. pretty calm at the moment but we know this atmospheric river is headed our way. we will check in with lisa when we get back. on a different note, however popular puzzle game ended with this dismissal of another juror in a trial.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: thank you for joining us on abc7 news live on abc7, who live, and wherever you stream. we are going to look at the weather and the storm you are tracking, alyssa. lisa: it has been quite a week with rain, little over three inches in san francisco. now things will get a little treacherous as we get into a piece of this energy offshore. it is raining and mount shasta, the atmospheric river poised to move in and send heavy rain through northern california. a level one one system with light rain systems. a look at emeryville, 56 downtown and 52 in morgan hill. no wind here. san francisco, a cool and gray
8:31 am
day. 50 fog in the east bay. throughout the day, notice the northbay wilsey spotty showers from santa rosa throughout marin. by 9:00, some more getting organized and then it intensifies overnight. 2:00 in the morning we have heavy rain in the northbay and it gets heavier than that and sinks to the south of the second half of sunday. in the mid-50's in the next couple of hours. we keep the temperatures fairly uniform. by 11:00, there is some rain that continues to push through to the afternoon. this is all good rain today. you need to do what you need to do today to prove that to repair -- to repair -- to prepare for tomorrow. liz: we stream 24/7 on our very -- on our area app for your tv.
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it is available on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. a retired oakland police captain is in the hospital after she was shot during an attempted robbery at a gas station. this happened thursday at the chevron gas station at 17th and castro. joyner was pumping gas when three suspects tried to rob him. joyner who is allowed to carry a concealed weapon shot and killed one of the suspects. joyner used to lead oakland's antiviolence division cease fire. one councilmember was shocked with where and how the robbery took place. >> we can't go during the day to places we felt were safe places to pick up gas will get groceries or walked on the street. where can our community feel safe? that is what we have to address as we look at how we come up with strategies and solutions that address the deep root causes. liz: city has invested $17
8:33 am
million in creating a department of violence prevention. police are searching for the black sedan used in the robbery. ft advisors are expected to vote tuesday on whether to authorize the emergency use of pfizer covid exceed for five to 11-year-olds. it is eagerly awaited by parents and physicians. dr. patel talked about new data released by pfizer. >> what we're waiting to see is what is going to happen on october 26 when the fda and cdc sit down and look at all the data which looks promising with pfizer releasing data sanctifies a vaccine is 90% effective and preventing systematic covid-19. >> -- liz: if the vaccine is approved, sharks could start in early november -- shots could start in early november. the ceo of the covid-19 testing
8:34 am
company is warning the could be testing supply chain in coming months. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: as employees, some not vaccinated, return to work, the demand for covid testing continues to grow. employees are requiring testing for people who provided a vaccine exception. >> we believe employers with more than 100 employees will have to test of their employees who are not vaccinated once a week. that challenge is going to be one of the things that will drain the supply chain. reporter: there will always be a covert test available, it just might not be the one you want. >> pcr tests are almost totally available. reporter: rapid tests will be more difficult to find and coming months. >> those tests are getting focht up and disappearing off shelves. reporter: spokes
8:35 am
company says they are seeing unprecedented demand. the spokesperson tells abc 7 news they are scaling a cup manufacturing of tests gets -- of test kits. new guidance calls for repair position of testing writing, we will be -- and we have turned on parts of our manufacturing network in the u.s.. pharmacies are taking steps to address rising demand. cbs confirms they have introduced covid test purchase limits. >> if you are in a big city like san francisco or new york, there is a good chance finding a rapid test on the shelf in the coming months to almost impossible. reporter: with direct planning, they might not be needed. the pcr tests have a turnaround of 18 to 24 hours.
8:36 am
liz: a third juror has been dismissed in the elizabeth holmes trial. he juror told the judge she was playing sudoku for half the trial days to help her stay focused. two other jurors were let go based on religious and financial reasons. a scientist took the stand yesterday disputing claims that pfizer validated the blood testing technology. holmes faces up to 20 years in prison accused of milking investors out of millions of dollars and making false claims about theranos. a highflying a love letter, we are talking live to the executive director of club for ghazi's -- club food ghazi club san francisco. we will check in with lisa when we get back.
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8:40 am
it is called "dear san francisco." joining us live to talk about the performance is executive director david. the long-running each blanket closed in 2019. how does it feel to open a brand-new show? >> amazing. it feels like a small miracle that we are able to gather at all let alone that we were able to renovate and reopen during covid madness. it also is a little intimidating in the best way. like if you were to walk on a playground when a team have been waiting for 45 years and you say we have got next. we are the first circus in this room and be feel good about things so far. liz: so exciting to see is reopen. what renovations did club fugazi go through and how is it different now than beach blanke the was a balcony 80 feet
8:41 am
dominated the back of the room. we have taken that out because you would not be able to see the areas you were sitting on the balcony. we put 35 seats on stage. there is a group of audience that sits in the middle of the action. one of the challenges is that all these people were on the same level. now there are graduated heights as you go back so you are always looking over the heads in front of you. it is a. human space. now -- it is a very intimate space. performances can take place all over the room because there is not any obstruction or a bad seat in the house. liz: that video of the performance looks incredible. what can i deists -- what can the audience expect when they attend this show? >> audiences should come prepared to gasp, a lot of laughter, a lot of clapping and
8:42 am
stomping and cheering. the main thing surprising people is there is something about the circus form. the performers have their lives in each other's hands. this level of trust and intimacy across all kinds of differences and an international cast, we don't tend to see trust in our daily lives anymore. that is a big part of what the audiences are coming away with, this sense of gratitude for having seen such love between performers. liz: i see what you are saying. just watching this, you see the community between the cast and the love for each other. let's talk about the love for san francisco. why "dear francisco." -- why "dear san francisco?" >> coming through covid as we
8:43 am
have and coming into this iconic space is a full circle moment for myself and the creators of the show. they are bay area gives and their families founded the circus. i produced theaters here for 20 years. they have been in montreal building this world dominating circuses that never had a san francisco home. as we were coming home and as the city has gone through so many things, including the fires and challenges in our city, we wanted people to remember why we love san francisco. we wanted people to come out and we emanate -- and reanimate it. mostly to reimburse ourselves in that. we wrote a love letter to the
8:44 am
city. and liz: reperform it as a circus liz: no better time -- liz: no better time to do that then now. we hope people can go check it out. thank you very much. for more information on "dear san francisco" head to clubfu that was a great tease. lisa: today would be a good day to check out whatever you might need to do because the weather will be deteriorating quickly. a level one system bumps up to a level three system with excessive rain expected all day tomorrow. my forecast is next. liz: dubnation cannot wait until klay thompson returns and neither can he. why the splash brother remains angry this morning.
8:45 am
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liz: let's get a check of the weather. the big news is this atmospheric river. lisa: it is less than 24 hours away. we had some decent rain over the past week. hopefully that give you incentive to clean out the storm drain and gutters. it is stray -- it is dry out there for the most part. we will get some aarcent cit the main band of river poised to give northern california too much rain and particularly the north bay is sitting offshore. there is san jose where we have some sunshine. 56 in the city. 54 in san jose. 55 in half-moon bay.
8:48 am
low 50's in santa cruz, it looks kind of stormy. another day for you until the rain arrives. 52 in napa. finally, we are looking att flash flood watch for much of eastern nevada, around the caldor fire in particular. but really just in general. it seems hard to believe after two years of a draft we are talking about too much rain. we are talking about excessive rain. a strong storm arrives tomorrow. it will still be rainy and windy as we get into monday. this will be a level three overnight tonight into monday. heavy rain, strongest he wins, debris flow possible. we could see one inch of rain per hour if this holds together. it looks like over the past week we have seen a lot of consistency in our forecast models. 7:00 tonight, if you showers to the north. it has been raining heavily since 2:00 in the morning in the
8:49 am
north bay. the rain started on the peninsula. the east bay getting into heavy rain. we advance this until noon time and the rain is still hung up in the north bay. this is why we see the most rain here and then it's -- then it begins to shift by the afternoon but it is still raining heavily. that is over six to eight hours of heavy rain. by midnight, still raining in marin in the south bay and northbay. the santa cruz mountains looking at four inches of rain. san jose, usually you get the shadow effect but monday morning you still have rain from gilroy to send martin. -- to san mari we are going to get rain rates that are strong and the ground is not used to that. it will absorb some, but five to six inches, we will see issues
8:50 am
with debris flow. as we get into the very gusty winds, that will not help the situation. flood watch from san mateo doubt to the santa cruz mountains and then a high wind advisory from 5:00 tomorrow until it :00 at night. when's out of the south and they are breezy. 30 to 40 mile-per-hour gusts with heavy rain in the northbay. one to two feet of snow sunday night. mid 50's, cloudy skies, level one system today. heavy rain overnight tonight and they northbay, a level 3 system on sunday. still some rain on monday and maybe a few scattered showers into tuesday. writer skies, sunnier and milder by the end of next week. liz: this afternoon, cavil tried to figure losing streak and win their first game of the season. the golden bears take on the buffaloes at memorial stadium at
8:51 am
12:30. tomorrow night, the 49ers are playing against the indianapolis colts and it looks like the game will be played on a soggy field. here is larry beil with a preview. larry: if the forecasts are right, you might be able to kayak to the 49ers game against the colts. can you throw the ball right in the middle of any atmospheric river? it could look like this october 2019 in washington. the final was 9-0 49ers. they did practice yesterday drenching football's for the starting quarterback. we will see if he is a good mudder. >> jimmy wanted to try it out and work different gloves. it seems like they enjoyed it but it is tough. everyone else, you deal with it and you see what type of game it is, who your best mudders far and you lean on them. larry: klay thompson did not
8:52 am
make the list of top 75 players of all-time. he woke up angry on friday posting, "tired of the disrespect. winning isn't everything for people like me." if i had a boat, i am putting clay on that team. among those unhappy, his teammate. >> i am more frustrated for klay thompson than i am myself. there are not many people who can do what he does on the basketball court and with his resume. larry: the unbeaten sharks in toronto, a wild sync code -- a wild second period. later in the second, erik karlsson gripping it and ripping it. these teams combined for five goals. hill makes this avon austin matthews. sharks sharks win a 5-3. dusty baker is one when away
8:53 am
from winning his second pendant as a manager. astros are up to have been zero and the red sox threatening. double play by martin maldonado ends the inning. does the accounting the final few outs, still a tight game in the eighth. kyle tucker breaks it wide open. a three run blast, 5-0 astros and dusty has another chance the world series. time for celebrations and champagne. >> i am going back to the world series. i think about my dad and hank aaron at all of the greats that helped mold me to this point. thank you. larry: a lot of people are going to be rooting for dusty baker. the indoor football team last year was wiped out by covid and held a practice in livermore. 40 players on hand. expansion team will play starting next march. that is a wrap on morning
8:54 am
sports, have a great weekend. liz: next, support a good cause and drink some beer at the same time. a local brewery is serving up drinks at this year's walk to end alzheimer's. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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liz: blooms and brooms -- blooms and bruise take -- play a part in this walk to end alzheimer's. ghost town brewing created a brute specifically for the walk. all proceeds for the sale of its unseen village pale ale be donated to the cause. the beer has already raised $8,000 for the alzheimer's association. mike nicco is emceeing the event . the ceremony starts in a few minutes at 9:00 a.m.. the walk kicks off at 9:30 in san ramon. to find out how you could get
8:57 am
involved, visit mike is lucky it is happening in a couple of minutes and not tomorrow. lisa: right, he can have a beer today before tomorrow. looking at our atmospheric river offshore, this is a potent storm aiming for the bay area. northern california and particularly the northbay. level one system today with scattered showers. this is how saturday will play out. by 3:00 manny and the northbay and then we see some rain get heavy overnight. it will change quickly towards 10 to 12 hours of steady rain. a level 3 system coming into play all day sunday. gusty winds and monday some leftover showers. tuesday we could see if you showers and it is dry at the end of the week. liz: what a change a week makes. thank you for joining us here on
8:58 am
abc7 mornings. a big day of college football is ahead. next at 10:00 a.m., illinois faces penn state in happy valley. 12:30, oregon takes on ucla at the rose bowl. at 4:30, ohio state battles indiana. p.m.
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