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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 25, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> we wanted to give you a live look outside. the rain continues into today. you can see live 7 doppler. we had record rainfall this weekend. >> we have live team coverage tracking every coverage. lisa is outside our area. ryan is checking out the north and south bay. >> you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will check in with sue to see the mess on the roads. we want to start with mike. it's the heaviest rainfall we've since january 2017. mike: what estate ever yesterday , in october. fourth what estate ever. this gives you an idea how much rain fell in that time.
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it eventually coagulates in small creeks and streams. that feeds into bigger streams which eventually takes hours to retreat back to normal levels. that's why this flood warning for sonoma county, places like khatami has been extended until 9:00 this morning. when we look at radar, what you will see with live doppler 7 is steady rain in that area. the heaviest is to the south. it's another three hours for all that whether to move through those streams. we could have localized flooding in other areas. look at the heavy rain moving through san francisco right now. we've got heavy rain that is heading down toward hayward boulevard. some of these moderate cells push into the south bay.
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100 one and 237 coming together. we've got mountain view in those areas with ponding on the roadways. that is something we will keep. what you are going to see with future radar is the fact that the showers while they are steady right now and light, they are going to be over in a couple of hours. there is potential for damage. we will look at that and what lisa has been watching this morning up on the roof. lisa: 25 years ago, i don't know if any of you remember that, this storm was stronger. that's when all the windows shattered in the botanical area. this storm was centered further north than that. it was stronger than that epic storm. this is a look at what is expected for the rest of the day today. we are looking at maybe a half an inch over in oakland.
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we have that high surf advisory. you have rainfall totals to tell you about. we are at 5.15 inches for two days. we are looking at the system moving into the sierra nevada and bringing heaviest know that will change over. temperatures are right around freezing. as this winds down, it's not over yet. we're still getting some heavy downpours. sue: good morning. we do have new flood areas, taking look at the ret -- what roads with the waldo grade and bridges here. all the bridges have high winds. a truck flipped on its side. those high-profile vehicles were supposed to be not permitted on the bridge. that's where they got into some trouble yesterday with those
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high winds. new areas of flooding reporting. we still have this major flooding in fremont between maori. northbound lanes are getting through. you can see it is very slow there. the southbound remains completely shut down. several cars are submerged. there is standing water and flooding. give yourself plenty of time. >> we want to give you a live look at pg&e's website. it shows all the power outages we are dealing with. 68,000 people across the region are without power. this is a lot better than it was at one point throughout the weekend. foster city, 56,000 customers have been without electricity for hours. pockets of scattered outages, this is the latest update last night. they have restored power to 143,000 customers.
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to the north bay where some streets are under a foot of water. it is caused by flash flooding and swelling creeks. we want to join stephanie sierra. good morning. stephanie: good morning. the rain is coming down. just in the last five minutes, it is pouring downtown. you can see it's looking more like rapids. there are no downed trees on the side of the creek. there is a lot of debris clogging parts of the creek. public works crews struggled preventing the flooding. meantime, some of the streets were under two feet of water it yesterday. cars were struggling to cross intersection. this was taken along 3rd street and lincoln avenue. we spoke to andrew, who was helping his neighbors evacuate
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as flash flooding threatened homes. >> go to higher ground. right there. all that property is 30 feet above sea level. it's not a big planet. it was a good enough plan. stephanie: he says many of his neighbors were not ready. business owners who lived in san rafael and the surrounding area for more than 30 years say this is the worst they've seen it. we are seeing a lot of flooding here at the creek. just so you have an idea how significant this is, over a week ago, this creek was considered bone dry. as you can see, it's looking more like rapids this morning. the rain is picking up in the last five or 10 minutes. we will keep a close eye on how
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things go through the morning. kumasi: several sonoma county schools are closed today. there are no in-person classes or virtual learning. montgomery school is going to be closed because of a power outages and roof leaks. anderson valley day school is also closed. in the east bay, flooding is having a big effect on the freeways. we will keep a high -- and i on interstate 80. all the lanes were closed overnight. that's where we find ryan curry. did morning. ryan: good morning to you. i can share some good news. it looks like they've been able to to all the cars away from this location on interstate 80. the only problem is there is still quite a bit of water on the roadway. that is what is making the section blocked, needing traffic
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to be diverted before this. i want to show you some footage from earlier today showing many car stranded and water. the good news, chp told me the drivers who had their cars trapped were able to safely away. no one was hurt. this is creating a traffic issue for anyone trying to make their way down to san jose. the northbound side is in better shape. traffic is moving steadily over there. all lanes on 880 are blocked. that is where traffic is being diverted. they try to wait and see if the water will continue to reside. this is heavy rainfall that happened overnight on the roadway, creating many problems for drivers on the roadway. we are trying to get an estimate as to how long it would take for this roadway to reopen. the morning commute is just starting.
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right now, things are wait and see to see how the water goes down. kumasi: new video, look at it shows how bad the wind got on sunday. the storm blew this truck onto its side. the woman who took this video said the crash brought traffic to a crawl. there is no word on any injuries. >> the rain in marin county proved too much for this tree. you can see it toppled over onto this home. the damage was severe. two bedrooms were destroyed. the residents had to find someplace else to stay. the ground is so saturated. fairfax has gotten more than nine inches of rain. kumasi: several trees came down across the city. this is from sidney walton square. trees also came down and call
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valley. tree at belvidere street. another tree came down on top of a car. sandbags are still available to san francisco residents. you can get up to tenant for free at the public works yard. the distribution starts at 7:00 this morning. that's just about one hour from now. it is an hour earlier than scheduled. >> to think at wine country was bone dry. that hillside turning into a waterfall. the massive rockslide that could take several days to clear out. 4 we are seeing the new ways people get around in several cities. making the best of the situation. let me show you the wind. mike: the fastest is napa.
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our atmospheric river from space. this is what the national weather service posted, showing the spinning clouds all the way down the west coast. that set a record for the deepest area of low pressure ever in that part. we are lucky it was 300 miles farther north than some of the other storms were close to it.
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we could have been in a more world of hurt. let's talk about what's going on. you are under the jurisdiction in sacrament of. that's why you are under that flight -- flood advisory. all of this area, still the possibility of thunderstorms and locally gusty winds. locally heavy rain could cause localized flooding. we've got some light to moderate rain continuing there. around san mateo, right some heavy rain falling there. moving right along 280 toward campbell, we are all the way up and have some heavier rain falling. this isyou can see we are starto lose some of that shield. it continues to taper through the rest of the morning commute.
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they are few and far between. we are deafly puttingit was like camel on rollerskates. that was my drive. what's going on right now? sue: we are still suffering from standing water pooling and a lot of flooding around the bay area. this is the bay bridge. no metering lights are on. you can see it's a darker picture than we are normally used too. it is heavy on the upper deck. take a look at emeryville where you can see a solid stream through berkeley on into emeryville. it's a very heavy commute in the central valley. there is lots of flooding around the bay area. we still have southbound 880 closed through fremont. northbound is getting by, but
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very slowly. we have an accident and flooding with at least five cars involved as you merge onto 101. that whole area is flooded. give yourself extra time and avoid any areas with standing water. don't know how deep it is. kumasi: b b those burn scarred hillsides. julian: protecting wildfire stricken neighborhoods from another natural disaster. kumasi: we are going to
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its way through the bay area.
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mike is telling us you can see so much activity in the east bay and south bay. mike will have an update in just a few minutes. julian: there have been a lot of problems in santa cruz county. flooding in boulder creek, water is rushing down the roads. a tree and a power line it came down yesterday afternoon. nobody was hurt by this. another driver says he feels lucky he wasn't injured after a tree fell on that car. it happened as he was driving in felton. kumasi: a massive rockslide down highway 70 in both directions. it happened near tobin. it's really tough to see how many rocks fell. i want to show you this water that was pouring down the hill or the boulders collapsed on the roadway. when you look at this damage,
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you can understand why clearing the mess could take several days. julian: this is also affecting wine country. thisisisisisisis there. what's remarkable is the creek was drying up last week because the drought. it looks like the river has a half foot of rain in sonoma and napa counties. some people see the crazy flooding and they try to make the most of it. >> that is so great. julian: when you're bored indoors, this is what you do. kayakers decided to have some fun after the storm flooded their street. she's got the whole thing on video. she is cracking up in the background. i one point, you see the car drives bite.
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sheeeeeeeee somehow. she is just tickled. they weren't the only ones with the same idea. they thought water sports. a couple of kayakers were starred -- spotted doing the same thing. we have this from san rafael. two people are waving to oncoming traffic. i don't know if there was enough water to paddle there. mike: look how respectful the person driving the truck was. they were driving slow. that was nice to see. it's nice to see that we didn't have any rescues from people using canoes. it got really dicey at times yesterday. the cold part of the storm, look at all of that snow falling there.
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we are looking from the roof camera. you see a little bit more than five inches of rain. the worst of the storm is over. it will continue to taper today. we have widely isolated thunderstorms, there could be localized flooding is everything is so saturated right now. the chance of showers lingers through monday morning. -- wednesday morning. it will continue to get drier and calmer. tonight, rain right now is coming off. san jose. some of the heaviest rainfall is
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in the heart of san jose. some ponding could be happening. if you're heading out this morning, the back edge of the steady rain is starting to clear out. this little cloud is a potential piece of energy that could bring scattered showers later today. i am going to fast-forward tonight. tomorrow afternoon, there are a few scattered showers out there. those continue through wednesday morning. look at the amount of rain. this is not going to be much. it's possibly 1500s of an inch. the warmth. we will have a mix of sunshine and clouds as we head through the weekend.
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remembering james michael tyler. he played gunther on friends. he died yesterday after a battle with cancer. jennifer aniston shared a message on social media. tyler was as an extra for a few episodes. because he knew how to work in espresso machine. when the series ended, he appeared in 150 episodes. kumasi: ed shearon has revealedd he has covid-19. he has covid-19. set on twitter that he is self-isolating and won't be able to keep any commitments while he recovers. the album comes out friday.
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julian: we will be right back to live team coverage to catch you up on what happened over the weekend. kumasi: the commute is quickly becoming a nightmare. we are taking a look at the freeways where you will want to be leaving early. people seem to be making it
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atmospheric river providing an all-time record for san francisco and causing a lot of problems. kumasi: that includes frozens fn freeways. this video into our newsroom this morning. it appears to be a car graveyard
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to give you an idea how bad it is. we want to make sure you are alert for this this morning. julian: mike and lisa out what you could see with the rain. we have live coverage showing you the trouble spots right now from the north bay down to the south bay. kumasi: good morning. are watching -- you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we want to get straight to our forecast. mike: some hard lessons learned, looking at the car graveyard. turn around, don't drown. you don't know how your car will react. you don't want to mix water with electricity. take the longer way if you have to.
6:31 am
it has to travel through the tributaries and eventually work its way into these areas. that's why we continue to see flooding. some the heaviest rain, toward hercules and crockett and martinez, there is definitely some ponding on 680. the alta month past is about to get blasted by moderate rain. falling. there could be some issues now. this storm has been downgraded. for steady rain this morning it, scattered showers with the possibility of some thunderstorms and a minor chance of damage locally out of those thunderstorms. this is so saturated out there. anything gets blown will
6:32 am
probably lose its footing. we will take a chance of showers next week. let's see what's going on. lisa: the rain has stopped. i am talking about the 1995 storm. that storm was 300 further miles south than yesterday. many people were out of power with 134 mile per hour wind gusts. here is a look at yesterday, 4.2 is the wettest day ever. that started the day saying it's going to be the wettest october day. then we shattered that. this is a look at the last 48 hours.
6:33 am
oakland, over six inches. about three inches and palo alto. we are looking it over nine inches now up and young quilt. the the russian river went one foot over flood stage. now we are looking forward to brighter skies. not before a messy commute. >> taking a look look look lookk that is 101. the taillights are in the southbound direction where you will come upon flooding. the lucky drive exit is typically flooded. that is farther south. we were down to one lane. here we are at 880. headlights are southbound.
6:34 am
we have big troubles there with flooding. we will take a look here. this continues to be closed to fremont due to several standing feet of water. northbound is open. it is moving slowly through the area. there is a detour in place with service streets. this is in the mountain view area. you will find it standing water there with extra caution needed. we had an earlier accident that has been cleared. making your way to the scene of the accident, standing water continues to be the problem. take extra caution. kumasi: a warning for drivers to watch for water on the road. this is what it looked like overnight. you can see rains -- lanes completely flooded. half a dozen cars were washed up
6:35 am
in the water. julian: conditions are improving. we want to get back out to ryan who is a long 800 80. there. you said they were removing a lot of those cars. been moved. it's going to be reopening anytime soon. this water level on 880 is dangerous levels. it is at a certain area where you can't really pass through. they don't want any drivers adding stock. i want to show you some footage from that. many cars were stuck in the water. chp were able to clear most of
6:36 am
the cars. on the northbound side, a couple of lanes of been reopened. they need to wait and see if the water resides. right now, it is not at sea -- safe levels. people are trying to get down to the south bay. they advise people to go down 680 if they need to. it's going to be a messy commute. it is not an ideal way to start monday. julian: rescue underway. this is near a homeless encampment that has flooded. the rescue is happening down the river from the camp. now to the east bay, they point got its fair share of flooding.
6:37 am
water was spilling down an entire block. in some spots, halfwa spots, has vehicle tires. kumasi: map. 68 thousand people across the area have no power. the largest outage is on the peninsula. some streets are under more than one foot of water caused by flash flooding and swollen creeks. we want to check in with stephanie. what are people waking up to there? stephanie: good morning. the creek is looking more like rapids this morning. rain pummeled the area. neighbors tell us the levers rose about four inches.
6:38 am
crews were concerned the creek was going to overflow. they don't expect that to happen. we will be monitoring levels throughout the day. conditions are even worse. cars were struggling to cross the street as intersections were flooded with two feet of water. several businesses didn't have enough time to prepare. we spoke never gotten this close to your restaurant before? >> another business owner down the street started pulling water out of his basement with buckets. the drains were so he could not get this stuff out. he said it was like a rushing tied in his basement. public works has indicated there will be a lot of cleanup today
6:39 am
as downed trees and debris's clogged up the creek. the tide rose at least half an inch since we've been here this morning. about a week and a half ago, neighbors tell us this entire area it was dried out. this gives you an idea how much water has hit this area. be very careful. a lot of these winding roadways, a lot of the signage is it is clear. there is a lot of water that has been accumulating on the roads. julian: from all of that rain. this is rain -- video taken last night. at the time, the water was a few feet from overflowing.
6:40 am
you can see it's just close right there. kumasi: let's take a l at conditions in san francisco. the city opened a temporary shelter for people who are and housed. the shelter is open through 9:00 this morning. coming up, some of the videos you sent to us. julian: we want to get a check on the weather right now. mike: good morning. i was working on something pretty impressive. one area it was nearly doubled. i want to talk about the wind. it is 21 in san francisco, 24 in napa. there is the potential because everything is so wet and heavy and saturated. we could have minor damage. there are no watches or warnings out for the wind advisory.
6:41 am
here is a look at the higher elevations. we are definitely seeing a trend of the winds, even higher elevations are starting to decrease. as we head into the morning, mom solano county is in the flood advisory. let me show you what's going on. this is our last push of organized rain in the area. we did have a heavy sell move right across 780 about five minutes ago. you could see we are area sees some of the heaviest rain. it is moving creek. let's take a look at what's going on.
6:42 am
we've got one chunk of we still have the potential for some scattered thunderstorms and localized issues as we head into the afternoon. you can see how quickly we decrease that rain shield as we head into the 10:00 hour. there is still a smattering of showers out there. even though start to taper as we head into the evening commute. we deftly have a drying trend on the way. there is a chance of showers tomorrow. we want to head back to the roof and see what lisa -- you've been a wealth of information this morning, especially that last storm. lisa: 1995, that showst showst s am. i had my second kid. i was on maternity leave. it was insane.
6:43 am
we are going to see some records in san francisco, may before october. we are going to see an all-time record for san francisco. you see that 14 inc see that 14t kentfield, we picked up almost 27 inches. danville. you see the game yesterday? it got wetter and windier. we are looking at rain with over eight inches. we are looking at still a few showers. it is much colder out there. we are looking at that cooler air. sue: good morning.
6:44 am
29 inches at mount tam. that has got to help with the drought situation around the north bay. they stick a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i would bet money that's what's going on here. you can see the sheen on the roadway. we have very heavy traffic coming into san francisco. it seems to be moving at a pretty good clip. flooding is the big issue this morning. a terrible commute through fremont. don't even attempt to go there. they have no idea when it's going to be reopened. we do have the ramp to 680 is very slow across. we had an overturned.
6:45 am
that has been cleared. they had to do a traffic break. be extra careful. we are going to be back to get you to work in one
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7. you can see the rain continues to fall across the bay area, particularly down in the south bay. we'll have another check of the forecast in just a few minutes. kumasi: the oaklands will be closed today. this to says the bad weather creates unsafe conditions for guests and was closed yesterday. the zoo says you will get an automatic refund and reschedule another visit.
6:48 am
the county fair will reopen today. organizers decided to close. if you have a ticket, you can use it for any day. the fair will be open through halloween. julian: a couple of -- a group of almost people had to be rescued along the russian river. if they were camping out in the middle of the river in cloverdale. they were able to get there because the water level drop so much during the drought. that intense rain because the water to rise. they were unable to get the higher land. firefighters had to use a boat to get them. the group said they ignored warnings to leave the area before the storm moved in it. they were rescued ok. kumasi: a few business headlines, we will start with the supply chain. experts fear it will get worse and consumer demand skyrockets. the postal service as it's going
6:49 am
to increase capacity to make sure holiday packages arrive on time. new facilities are being added along with sorting machines. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are starting down by 40 points. julian: facebook executives have told workers to brace themselves for more bad head loans. axios obtained a memo. facebook has been the s critical reporting from a dozen news organizations. it all stems from leaked documents from a former engineer which claims the company ignored concerns about misinformation and how the platform was being used. the united nations climate change conference will be held next week in glasgow. it will happen with a
6:50 am
devastating report on greenhouse gases. co2 levels were 149% higher last year than before widespread industrialization. this puts us on a warming climate. we are looking at sfo. the airport is about ready to start seeing passengers. it will be a much better take fly than yesterday. sunday, there were 473 delays. 63 flights had to be canceled because of all the rain. san francisco was the most delayed airport in the nation because of that atmospheric river. the storm is jumping -- dumping snow in the seer. rain was falling along interstate 80. the winter storm warning is in effect for areas above 600 feet.
6:51 am
wind gusts could reach 100 miles per hour on some of those mountain ridges. the wind gust is a huge factor. mike: it just sticks to everything. they had flooding on the burn scar. that continues. i saw lisa working on a snow graphic. she is going to have a look at that. they are huge this morning. as promias promias promias proms i was putting together. look where the runway is. you can see -- if you look at crystal springs road, right here, that's a mile away. it is at 7.29. it shows you how much our brain can vary.
6:52 am
ever. steady rain, we are starting to see that turnover to scattered showers. we have clouds and stars. it is partly cloudy. outdoor activities, make plans. most of us are in in in in in in upper 50's out there. that is moisture hanging in the air. we do see some sunshine this afternoon. let's take a look at the way it breaks down. transition to showers by noon. low to mid 60's with just a chance of showers. definitely need the sunglasses. grab a coat. east bay, if you are a highway for commuter, we have some heavy
6:53 am
showers there. we have another downpour, other than adding to the 685 connector. we already have already h north bay. notice this the. when you have winds in the upper parts of the atmosphere, that is causing lift in the atmosphere. that enhanced our atmospheric river. here is a look at my seven day forecast. we have scattered showers possible tomorrow. look at the sunshine by wednesday afternoon. kumasi: thank you. the east bay, flooding got so high that it covered up the wheels of this car. despite the danger, a lot of drivers drove across water all over the bay area.
6:54 am
the flooding spread across several blocks. the rising water also got into homes not far from the refinery. the president of one neighborhood had to shelter-in-place -- residents of one neighborhood had to shelter-in-place -- place. you combined that with clogged drains and you get this, streets that looked like pools. public works crews unclog the drains. not before some of the kids had a little bit of fun splashing around in the water. julian: people are getting creative in this wild weather. he shared this video, it shows casey on a skateboard. he wanted to see if the wind was strong enough to pull him forward. it is. how far do you think i could get? kumasi: how far did he get? julian: he was out there while there it was no rain.
6:55 am
peak timing right there. kumasi: so much going on this morning. you can keep track on our website as well. we have our app. there are so many ways you can stay updated. mike and lisa have been telling us the worst is over. there is still so much we have to make sure we are on top of. just search abc 7 bay area on your mobile device and enable push alerts. we want to look at the toll plaza. it looks like a lot more people are on the roads. it's moving slowly as you can see. people are just being careful. so many of our bridges and roadways are wet across the bay area. just make sure you are careful. we will be right back. >> i'm hearing from victims across the country. their bank accounts were drained
6:56 am
in seconds. the banks did not refund their money. >> my money is back. >> i want to cry. but i couldn't be more thankful. >> it's really life-affirming.
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things you need to mow. mike: everything -- number one is the weather. you can definitely see the steady rain already turning to scattered showers, slight chance of thunderstorms. since it is so saturated, there is a chance of damage. kumasi: following your monday morning commute, there is a lot of standing water and flooding. in napa, 121 is closed between highway 116 and eight street.
6:59 am
the south bay, the sonoma bridge has things very slow. 208. kumasi: freeways flooded, that's going to make the drive difficult. 880 southbound is closed because of flooding julian: in fremont. julian:thousands of people have been without power because of the storm. the latest numbers, 68,000 people are without power. kumasi: people in marin county dealing with flooding and power outages. the mayor about hillside mudslides. if you are in san francisco today, be careful. trees were falling. crews will be out cleaning up this morning.
7:00 am
in one america starts. you will be online and starting at 7:00, you can als for our viewers in the west, a one-two punch of dangerous weather is hitting the country this monday morning. extreme weather coast to coast. overnight, a storm slams the west. an atmospheric river pummels california, torrential downpours triggering potentially life-threatening flash flooding and mud slides. and in the heartland at least 13 tornadoes touching down. this morning, the east coast on alert. kids and the covid vaccine. all eyes on the fda ahead of the high stakes decision, a panel meeting to vote on the shot for children ages 5 to 11. the new details on the rollout, what it means for school and celebrating the holidays. nearing the finish line. democrats close in on an agreement for president biden's economic plan. the president meeting with key


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