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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: leaders from nearly 200 companies -- countries gathering to talk about climate change. kumasi: today is the deadline for san francisco employees to prove they are vaccinated. julian: one bay area county ready to lift the mast mandate stuff kumasi: there is a sign of christmas in the bay area this morning. the u.s. capitol christmas tree is making its way across the country with a stop here today. julian: we know the real sign of christmas is that it is mariah carey season. it started at midnight. you heard it already? she posted it. kumasi: give us some time. julian: she smashed the halloween pumpkins and said it's time to st.
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it's november 1 and it's coming up on 5:01 a.m. and we have some rain out there. everyone is back together and we are one on the storm impacts scale in scattered showers for the rest of us. a slippery commute means -- which means it will be breezy in the hills. you can see the steadiest rain from san rafael north. there is some yellow off the coso there is moderate intensity. those are rotating to the north but some could develop down to the south most of here is a look at san rafael and you can see there is light rain south on 101. steady through 7:00 a.m. in the rain will turn over to showers into the south bay by noon and scattered showers from four and start tapering and then low to mid 60's.
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julian: the eyes of the rover on scotland with leaders of nearly 200 company -- countries gathering to talk about climate change. president biden arrived and he will speak in an hour. the goal of the meeting this year is to address the climate crisis and keep the earth's temperatures from rising more. we go live with the high-stakes meeting and what we are expected to see over the next two weeks. >> good morning, president biden just touched down in scotland the short time ago and any minute now, he will make his way to this conference to discuss the countries role in protecting our planet. day two of conference of the parties is about the world leaders from nearly 200 countries. they will kick of crucial negotiations by laying out their visions to tackle climate change. >> i think you will see we may made significant progress in more has to be done but it will
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require us to continue to focus on what china is not doing and what russia's not doing and what saudi arabia is not doing. >> this is considered pivotal this year. the clock is ticking and nations need to act fast to prevent catastrophe. >> i know we have an unprecedented agenda the -- ahead of us but i believe this international system can deliver. it must deliver. >> goal is to come to a written agreement how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, phasing out: allocating finances. >> we must make progress in glasgow. >> diplomats and climate experts will review the paris climate or to prevent the average global temperature from rising more than one pipe -- 1.5 degrees celsius. a recent analysis by the u.n. showed even if nations met their current targets, the planet could still see the temperature
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increase 2.7 degrees celsius by the end of the century. >> the rapidly changing climate is sounding an alarm to the world to step up and act now. >> it's important to note that many are concerned about the success of this year's conference with leaders of top polluters like china, russia and saudi arabia not attending all kumasi: california is sending a delegation of lawmakers to this year's climate change conference in one of the mistake senator from santa cruz. he has worked to curb the drought in california. >> there was a footprint from outside calistoga in 1964 that there was an 2017 and in 1964, it took 2.5 days to
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make that trip from calistoga by santa rosa and in that fire a few years ago, it took roughly six hours and that is a tribute to the changing conditions of climate. rked with calfire for nearly ads secretary at the california natural resources agency. he said it will be a great opportunity for state leaders to limits happening in other countries to combat climate change. we are committed to following the latest developments from the summit and its impact on the bay area. president biden is set to speak at the opening ceremony and abc news will carry this in a live special report around 6:00 our time and you can watch it on abc 7 and or wherever you stream. reggie: the white house press secretary is in isolation after testing positive for covid 19.
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she announced yesterday that she has also tested was it. she had four consecutive days of negative tests before that and is vaccinated and it says tuesday was the last time she was with the president but they distanced and wore masks. kumasi: no more masks in marin county. that's if you are fully vaccinated. they are the first bay area county to lift the mast mandate. >> later today, you can walk into a restaurant like this, sit down at a table or the bar without a mask if you are vaccinated. they can still require massive they like but it's no longer required by the county. business owners we talked to say they are excited this day is here and they say many of their summers want to be able to take up their masks. you can shop, work out at a gym without a mask in marin county
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if you are fully vaccinated stub health officials say the number of covid cases is low enough that the rate of spread is now considered in the moderate category. reggie: vaccination rates are above 80% for all residents, hospital asians have declined with only two people in marin hospitals and none in icu which is or month low. >> masks are still required in high-risk settings like hospitals in the state mask maned is still in place. you must still follow those and that requires masks in schools. those who are nonvaccinated, they need to still wear a mask county mandate has been in place since august 2 but the mandate will be dropped today. if you not want to wear a mask in here, that would be fine. reggie: thanks so much.
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contra costa and alameda county are easing their mast mandate. that will apply to fully vaccinated people as well. businesses still have to check to make sure everyone is fully vaccinated in the group has to be fewer than 100 people. this follows san francisco and sonoma county. kumasi: today is the deadline for san francisco employees to show they are vaccinated against covid 19 or risk losing their job. the union says there are currently less than 90 unvaccinated operators. 60 police officers are still not vaccinated but the deadline to show proof is november 9. >> it's not going to be today is november 1 and if you don't have the vaccine by november 1, you will be fired stop it doesn't
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work like that. kumasi: nearly 98% of city and county workers are vaccinated. reggie: four lines are being canceled because of a shortage of drivers. they are known as short service lines. these are buses that run on a segment of a longer route will stop there is no timeline for when these routes will be restored. they are currently hiring and training new operators. if you have questions about boxing mandates or policies, ask your vaccine team on our website step mike: an unsettled start to an unsettled week. grab an umbrella or a light jacket. temperatures will be 58-61 degrees.
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60 in san high is 68 and we are 58 with mist and drizzle. rain is light to moderate through noon and then it becomes lighter into the afternoon. by 8:00 p.m., it becomes more scattered step below is well to our north. a warm front coming through. challenging morning commute post-up scattered showers made its way down to the south bay but holes are developing in the shield and there's not as much yellow. the shield continues to shrink in that will be the case as it
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moves into the east and south they overnight with lingering showers this time tomorrow but then quickly drying by the afternoon. as far as rainfall amounts, by the time we get to the evening commute, just about everybody should be wet. this is the first of two storms and i will show you the next one coming up in the seven day forecast. jobyna: good morning, we will start in fremont where there is a crash down south. road come it's not clear of injuries are involved. we are also following a crash on the bay bridge westbound 80 past treasure island. it does not appear to be blocking any lanes. things are moving at the limit on 80 in emeryville.
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reggie: the u.s. capitol christmas tree is on a trek across the country and the two stops in the bay area today. kumasi: how you can get a free ticket to six flags today. reggie: a deadly shooting during a halloween party in a city a halloween party in a city councilmember's yard. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. alright, here we go, miller in motion.
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: the supreme court will hear a fast track challenged to the texas abortion law. jobyna: they will look law from texas two months after texas imposed a near total ban on abortions. it bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy and allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman get an unlawful abortion from doctors to uber drivers who may take a
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woman to a clinic. the reward for doing so is $10,000. the court will hear two cases, one brought by a brought -- abortion providers in the other by the biden administration insist it was designed to avoid for review by the federal courts. the law in texas stays in effect until then. reggie: a gilroy city councilmember is talking to us about a deadly shooting during a halloween party in her yard post-up happen saturday where a 19-year-old man is in custody and we spoke with the councilmember who confirmed the young man arrested as a family member. >> exclusive video of the moment the swat team surrounded the house and relation to the fatal holiday week party. police arrested calderon
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his neighbors described him as a good person and they were shocked to see the address and sweat teams searched his home. >> i want to ask his the community to pray for the families of everyone affected and can he -- and continue to offer their support. >> we spoke to his councilmember who confirmed benjamin calderon's family. he is her second cousin. the councilmember says she was home during the shooting but was not part of the halloween party. there is a second home in their property. one of the neighbors said this parking lot was packed with cars and he mentioned there were about 70 people at the party and young people drinking outside. >> one person died on scene and two others injured and two others are in critical condition. the ages were 17-19 years old.
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>> two wounds wounds wounds wound. >> police officers confirm a fight broke out during the party but have not released the connection between calderon and the shooting. reggie: we sent out an alert ala about the arrest on our news app. advisory in north bay. a water main break yesterday may make tapwater unsafe in some neighborhoods. they are urged to use bottled or boiled water. reggie: building wind turbines is a fast-growing industry. >> and this morning's gma first
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look, 69 thousand wind turbines from coast-to-coast are churning out clean electricity. it's an effort to slow global warning -- warming and the wind businesses booming. the average wind turbine is about 300 feet high. from blade to blade, they can be more than a foot bill field why. > the reason i made the transition from oil and gas industry is because i realized i wanted to start taking care of the environment. > i will be there on top of a wind turbine to tell you all about wind energy. kumasi: the christmas tree that will be up at the u.s. capitol will make two stops in the bay
5:19 am
area. this is the u.s. capitol christmas tree facebook page. it will take three weeks to get across the country. it will stop near the golden gate ridge and the vallejo terminal. reggie: six flags will hold a winter coat drive for one warm coat. a free ticket to the park. can we circle back to ginger z z already? did you see her instagram post? mike: was it her halloween outfits? i'm talking about her standing on top of that wind turbine with nothing behind her.
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she's been busy. very busy and very brave. happening outside. we have have have today that will bring us steady rain in the north bay and along the coast and showers for the rest of us. the showers will taper -- taper tonight. we could have patchy drizzle and fog tomorrow morning stuff heree is a look at this afternoon. random light showers.
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wherewherewherewherewherewherewe could have some drizzle tomorrow morning. this is wednesday and is wednese see we start off by it in the morning with some scattered showers toward lunch along the sonoma county coast. some left over showers in the east and south bay. wednesday with increasing sunshine and the rain and weld wind will drop us back to the 60's and after we get rid of the
5:22 am
rain and wind, we will hang out in the 60's friday, saturday and sunday so set your clocks back saturday night. reggie: it gets dark at 4: p.m.? kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know including a new tool in the fight against covid-19 that could come as soon as tomorrow. reggie: also the investigation into the movie set shooting with
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kumasi: it's 5:24 a.m. world leaders arriving in scotland for the u.n. climate change meeting. it's considered one of the most important climate summits in years. reggie: president biden landed in scotland and was speaking about 35 minutes we will watch them right here live on abc seven, and our streaming app. kumasi: marin county is using it -- is easing its reggie: we expect the cdc to authorize pfizer's covert vaccine for children ages 5-11
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as early as tomorrow and shots could go into arms is and is wednesday. mike: grab the wet weather gear and get ready for some wet roads the rest of the day. you can see the rain is hitting the north bay. jobyna: we are following a crash in fremont and have a new up date with minor injuries in all stuff thankfully, everything has been moved to the right hand shoulder. like a rough day for american airlines, at least 250 flights have been canceled today and they are blaming staffing shortages and bad weather for a messy weekend of cancellations and delays. reggie: p 23 cafe held its third annual dog halloween party. >> we are excited because we want to bring more joy and fun
5:26 am
to the community and smiles to the community. it's happening here with all the dogs dressed up in all their costumes. reggie: jeffrey's natural pet food store hosted this party and is supplying treats. kumasi: quite a bit of attention for these halloween costumes. they are wearing a slinky dog costume. the girlsthe girlsthe girlsthe i costume by hand and slinky is an oversize slinky covered in fabric and the tail is made of wire. cute. reggie: will the one who is the butt have a problem for the rest of her life? kumasi: she'll be ok. reggie: coming up at five 30
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a.m., the unofficial kickoff to christmas. kumasi: oprah has her favorite things today and we will give you a sneak peek reggie: step mandatory testing to leave shanghai disneyland after china adopted a zero covid model. kumasi: a there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve, for only $19.99 a month for 12 months. and, for the first time ever, score 12 times the speed
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we can give them all osmo. it's technology that turns a tablet into a super-fun, learning device. they won't even realize they're learning... ...until it's too late. -muahahahahahahaha! -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahahaha! muahahahahahahahaha! fun. educational. genius. >>building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the indoor mask mandate going away in one bay area county today and what it means if you are vaccinated and if you are not. kumasi: it could be another rough day for passengers on american airlines after a weekend of cancellations and delays. reggie: it's dry now and rain mot aet start to the week and we will look at when
5:30 am
the showers are expected to hit. kumasi: mariah carey's official kickoff to the christmas season, is it too early, and the hidden message in the video that has now become a tradition. reggie: skinny legend said we could still have thanksgiving stu so people don't need to get upset. kumasi: all right. everything's fine. reggie: good morning on this monday, november 1. mike: good morning, nice to have everybody back. we are one on the storm impact scale. that will make for some wet roads today.
5:31 am
it's what is from cloverdale up to ukiah. from north to south. the southerly wind is coming in but we are pretty mild this morning stuff we will feed this system with southerly winds and have temperatures around 57-60 three degrees with the heaviest showers in the north bay and they become scattered this afternoon. still pretty mild at 7:00 p.m. we will look at future radar not only for the storm but for the next one wednesday and thursday coming up. reggie: marin county becomes the first bay area county to lift the current mask mandate. if you are fully vaccinated come you don't have to wear one indoors starting at noon.amy hollyfield is
5:32 am
live there this morning. >> today, the signs can come down and the masks can come off marin county. the mask mandate went into effect august 2 so it's been reorhe last thre masks will not be required for most indoor places for those who are vaccinated. you can shop at the grocery store, work out of the gym or go to a restaurant without a mask if you been fully vaccinated. many business owners that they are happy for this day to be here but there are some who still are not sure about taking off the mask. >> i'm excited about it ending in a little apprehensive more for the customers. they don't want to sit inside and some still want to eat outside stuff >> are you ready to take your mask off inside? >> i don't think so. i'm not going to do it for a while. >> the county health officer in marin says hospitalizations from
5:33 am
covid are at a four month low and the vaccination rate is over 80% they have the added ok to drop the mandate stop masks are still required in hospitals and schools but in most public places, masks won't be required so starting today at noon, you can walk in here and have seandt a mask if you are fully vaccinated. reggie: alameda county are not doing what marin county is doing but they are easing their mask mandate today stuff you can take up masks and laces like gyms and offices but these businesses have to make sure you are fully vaccinated and there has to be fewer than 100 people in the area. sonoma county in san francisco county had the same relaxed requirements. kumasi: a sobering milestone, we have learned that covid-19 has killed 5 million people globally
5:34 am
in less than two years and that number is coming from johns hopkins university overnight. as early as tomorrow, there could be a new tool in the fight against the virus in the u.s. kids could be getting emergency you authorization vaccines from pfizer tomorrow. the vaccine has received emergency use authorization from the fda and shots could go into the arms of young kids by thursday. some are hesitant about the vaccine, especially parents, with some concern it could affect till it people step >> there is nothing in the data to suggest that for suggest that happens with adults either. kumasi: the biden administration says they're ready to ship millions of doses once the authorization is given. reggie: a specialdia dedededede
5:35 am
muertos anyone 12 and up. those who got a shot also at a chance to win travel vouchers from the airline. >> we want to keep the community healthy and safe for the holidays so they can reunite with her families stuff they might not have seen them for more than two years. reggie: the event featured musical performances, a car show and a street soccer tournament . shut down over the weekend after a potential covid exposure. that meant that everyone who was inside the park had to undergo mandatory covid testing before they could be released from a government lockdown. this is because one guest visited the park saturday and
5:36 am
tested positive for covid after returning home. the park is currently closed until further notice and china has adopted a national zero covid policy. visitors face a strict mandatory quarantine above aurora has upon arrival and authorities -- and authorities want to get to zero in transmitted cases. disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: officials are holding a virtual event later this morning to get details on financial help and lower premiums. the financial rescue plan will take care of a number of premiums for some california families. those who are not insured, could get free coverage and open enrollment ends november 31. reggie: over the weekend, there were more than 1000 flight cancellations from american
5:37 am
airlines with passengers left stranded and angry. we go to the live desk with what triggered this. jobyna: american says bad weather and short staffing of flight attendants because the slow down. they caused a domino effect that impacted flights everywhere including some in the bay area. they say whether because the flight crews to be out of place and with fewer -- backups, the carrier had no choice but to cancel. within than 600 flights were canceled sunday for about 12% of americans flight schedule for the day. the carrier has no canceled 200 flights since friday. >> my flight was 12 hours ago and i could not get a hold of anybody. it's an hour drive to get here so you don't want to come here unless you know for sure you have a flight >> stop >> it will be a tough holiday travel
5:38 am
season. you better have a plan b in a plan c. jobyna: the airline says think 18 hundred flight attendants are returning to the job from extended leave which should help get the schedule back running on time stuff the cancellations tracker shows there is more than 265 american flights nixed for today. kumasi: supply chain crisis, the deal that could lower the cost for some goods for americans. reggie: alec baldwin opening up for the first time about the tragedy on his movie site. an expert on the legality of the situation. mike: it's time to get yourself prepared for what will be a wet
5:39 am
day. pretty cloudy right now. 54 degrees and pleasant hill and convert at about 59 degrees with a 61 in hayward. commute by 10:00 a.m., some light rain we will have our best chance at steady and moderate rain by noon. average high is about 72 and we will top out around 64 degrees this afternoon. there is pretty much nothing extreme is for is bad weather. it's just going to be a nuisance for the commute would light to moderate rain mainly slippery in the north bay and the coast and the rest of us will have damp and slippery spots during the evening commute.
5:40 am
we will start at 6:00 and you can see some light to moderate rain especially in the north bay and some of it is starting to push into the heart of the bay and as we head into the afternoon, it becomes more scattered in nature. yellows are gone by the evening and sows are widespread rain. overnight, her best chance is in the santa cruz mountains of having scattered showers and drizzle possible during the morning commute tomorrow. by noon, this storm is out of here. in the north bay, bay, bay, bayb leave quite a bit behind. we will look at the next storm coming up in the seven day forecast. jobyna: the crash we were following in fremont is starting to slow things down and chp let us know that minor injuries are involved stop this is southbound
5:41 am
680 before vargas road. speeds are 16 miles per hour. bringing you a live picture from the san mateo bridge where things are moving smoothly and that the limit. an overall picture and you could tilts her typical slow spot coming out of
5:42 am
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that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. reggie:reggie: jury selection star some trial of the scene -- of a teen killing two two two to in kenosha, wisconsin last year. he traveled during the protest that broke out after police officers shot jacob blake.
5:44 am
the judge that he believes jury selection will be done by the end of today and the trial is expected to last up to three weeks. kumasi: alec baldwin is speaking about the incident that killed a cinematographer whom he called her and. -- friend. >> we were all well oiled crew shooting from together and then this happened. >> he spoke out of his -- outside of his vermont home pennies been in touch with her husband who is overwhelmed. >> if there is the sense that this was a dangerous set and they had previous warnings, not just a single issue that multiple issues, then you would talk about the real possibility of criminal charges. >> kumasi: coming up, more and what baldwin is saying about the ongoing investigation at 7:00
5:45 am
a.m. reggie: president biden has wrapped up his g20 meetings in rome. one of the major topics was the global supply chain. we go to washington with the deal that could lower the cost of some goods for americans. >> president biden hosting an event with 14 countries in the european union to specifically address the global supply chain issues, causing everything from delays in shipping to rising rises goods and services. he pointed to the pandemic. >> ending the pandemic is the ultimate key to unlocking the disruptions we continue to work with. >> he says the administration is identifying like working with other countries to make sure critical manufacturing continues uninterrupted stop >> now that we have seen how vulnerable these lines can be, we cannot go back to business as usual. . > the president was asked why
5:46 am
american workers were not intent -- were not returning to the workforce as fast as his administration had hoped. >> what you are seeing is a combination of the desire of people to change professions and do more and take care of their families. >> efforts to speed up supply chain issues at home continue. court officials are applying pressure in los angeles -- and los angeles to find carriers who are out in the water for too long. >> we are doing everything we can to help them move those goods across the infrastructure that's often outdated. >> people ask will christmas gives be delivered and i say call fedex. that is not what the government >> >> does. the president announced a deal with the eu and says he will scrap trump era taxes on -- tariffs on steel and aluminum an
5:47 am
intern, they will get rid of tariffs on things like whiskey and motorcycles. kumasi: welcome to november and for many that means it's mariah carey season. ♪ media at midnight with the caption, ready? let's go. it features all i want for christmas is you and she's been posting similar videos every year after halloween to get ready for the holidays in this video quickly shows november 5 which is the date for her new release. it could be new music or a tv special. reggie: someone asked her and she said you have to come back same time tomorrow.
5:48 am
you still be another big announcement to those pumpkins didn't have a chance. this was the first thing i so when i woke up this morning and i was not mad. you get two months if you think about it in november and december. here is something else. did you see this, the eye of sour on --eye i of back. it's pretty cool to see that coming in. mike: for today, we will have an unsettled pattern with rain and showers. showers will taper tonight with
5:49 am
patchy drizzle left over for tomorrow morning's commute another chance of rain wednesday into thursday before seasonal weather hits us in the sun set at about 511 p.m. sunday evening. if you like to do evening activities, it will be too dark for most of us. temperature around 66 degrees today. error chance at some of the scattered, left over showers. they will be saturated from the 3000 be downward. there will be some things that are dryer. by the afternoon, some scattered showers mendocino and sonoma county coast. evening hours will have rain but
5:50 am
it also moves down and takes care of all our neighborhoods in the course of the evening and through thursday morning. thursday morning will probably be the trickiest commute. rainfall with the system has scaled back in probably. we are looking a couple of 107 inch to possibly third of an inch from the south to the north bay. we will try to get 70's to the day by wednesday is 60 stay at the coast. reggie: new at danger and first responders rescue a baby animal from 18 euros tree and's home is thousands of miles away. kumasi: millions of people losing access to whatsapp today. reggie: oprah ready to review her
5:51 am
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kumasi: millions of people are losing access to whatsapp today. it's no longer supporting phones using older operating systems. dozens of models are affected. nintendontendontendo city satellite office according to the gaming website. it had a team of 100 people at the office working in sales and marketing. the companies closing other satellite office in toronto. nintendo said it was consolidating its operation and main campuses in redmond, washington. jobyna:cdonal make bsitititititt
5:54 am
years. you will find it at participating locations. we are told some locations were rudely brought it back early. kumasi: the queen of talk is ready to help us gear up for the holidays. oprah is revealing her favorite things list and this will mark the 20th anniversary of the holiday tradition. the loot list includes must have sent will focus on lack businesses stop oprah will announce the list this afternoon but we are getting a sneak peek. the creative director is on gma to share details. >> every morning she starts with a cup of chai tea. this is a wonderful company out of atlanta. the mom blends everything with their own mothers it recipes into delicious tea set8. >> today it's $32 for your set.
5:55 am
kumasi: that may or may not b what you're getting. you can watch all the deals and steals at 7:00 a.m. after abc 7 morning news. reggie: did you see aisha curry's stuff is on there? i saw some perkel where. good for her. mike: the mcrib was on there. kumasi: that doesn't need to be on anybody's list. reggie: a little vinegar this morning. before we round out this area. you cantrying to move into the h bay which is light to moderate
5:56 am
but the greater chance for greater accumulation will head south. it will make for some wet roads. the greatest amount of rain is falling into mendocino county. we are falling back in our saturday night into sunday so set your clocks. the sun at 611 yesterday and this sunday, it will set it 504 p.m. what a difference that will be. back to you. kumasi: it's mariah season. reggie: i am back kumasi: kumasi:. coming up at six, president biden expects to speak of the opening ceremonies at the glasgow climates summit. reggie: plus one that fails to lift its messed mandate. kumasi: this was a sight from the sky by mother nature.
5:57 am
mike: a live look outside and around
5:58 am
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6:00 am
alive. >> a big step forward from marin county, masks no more. what you need to know about the lift and mandate. >> first responders rushing to rescue this baby animal from the dangerous bay area street. >> good morning on this monday, november 1. you are watching abc seven, who live, and wherever you stream. will start this morning with the meteorologist. >> good morning. everybody is back to gather. we have a solid start to the traditional work-week and also november. we are a 1. on the storm impact scale. rain in the north bay will become scattered showers for the rest of us. some slipperiness for your commute. breezy in no hills, but not expecting any damage. you're getting the tail end of this storm. this is the way it is raining right now on 101, from cloverdale north. the kia gets spotty


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