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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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80%. we have been told to mask up in public indoors since august and habits are hard to break. that is what liz kreutz discovered today. she is live in san rafael to tell you about it. >> habits are hard to break. that is what we saw today even though the transmission rates are so low. there is only an average of 20 cases a day in the county and one person is hospitalized with covid right now. many people told us they are going to continue to wear their masks. >> masks are once again optional in marin county. it is officially noon. i am here with david. we can take our masks off. let's do it. the change took effect at noon and applies to most public businesses like grocery stores. at united market in san rafael,
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some shoppers breathed a sigh of relief. how does it feel? >> it feels great. area county to lift the mask mandate. masks will still be required in high-risk risk settings like hospitals. private businesses can also choose to continue requiring them. at united market, they're ready to allow customers to make their own decision. >> we put a poster up saying if you are unvaccinated, continue to where it mask. >> many vaccinated customers told us they feel better keeping the mask on. >> i am a teacher and i want to make sure i do not give it to my students or anybody else next to me. >> were going to do an unscientific experiment. were going to wait here for 30 minutes and see how many people are coming and going from the grocery store with masks and how many without. we have seen seen seen come and go over the past 30 minutes. 38 of them were wearing masks. 13 were not. he 5% of customers chose to take
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off the mask. marin county's double health director leaves the county which is the highest vaccination rate and it is state is ready to take this next step. the timing is tricky. the change comes as the holidays could lead to more spread. is it inevitable we will have more -- we will have some search with masks coming down and the holiday travels coming up? >> if we want to be realistic about this, i think we would expect to see some increase in cases. what we are recognizing is with vaccinations, it is a game changer. those cases don't represent the same threat they used to. >> dr. willis says even he is going to keep wearing his mask in -- has mask in indoor places like grocery stores at least until his 11-year-old son could get vaccinated. talking to people today, people who said i am going to keep my mask on, they said they support the change. they do see it is time to start
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easing the mandates and let people start making their own decision. >> it is certainly encouraging but as the pandemic has taught is nothing, we have taken one step forward in two steps back before. is there a chance the mask mandate could be reinstated and what would it take for it to come back? >> that is so true and this is not a permanent change. dr. willis hopes it could be given the fact our high vaccination rates and we are going to see kids getting vaccinated this month. he said he will be looking at death and hospitalizations and if those start rising drastically, then this mess mandate may need to be put -- this mac mandate may need to be put back in place. >> there are other mask rules changing today. in the city of oakley and contra costa counties. fully vaccinated individuals will be able to unmask indoors but only if -- only in business is not open to the general
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public. religious gatherings are also covered. >> san francisco's vaccine mandate for its roughly 35,000 city employees went into effect today. hundreds of them remain unvaccinated. since they are not allowed to work, but is creating staffing shortages for several city departments. a closer look at the impact. >> the city says 836 employees are reported to be unvaccinated. that includes police officers, fire department staff and insurance -- and sheriff's deputies. not for sf mta sta mta sta mta several lines were cut today because they are short staffed. several muni stops deserted in san francisco as hundreds of unvaccinated city employees including one hundred transit operators are unable to work due to the vaccine mandate. >> it is a shame. i would have loved to see more buses coming back because i know
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a lot of my friends and people i know are starting to take them again especially with uber and lift prices being so expensive. >> sasha was stuck walking in the rain after muni temporarily suspended two lines. >> especially because san francisco has such a high vaccination rate. probably a few holdout parties not getting vaccinated. >> the city says close to 200 non-civil service employees have valid religious exemptions. the remaining 750 employees who remain out of compliance after the deadline will be placed on administrative leave after their due process hearing. >> the process does not always require a full hearing. a professor of law says each case may take longer to review if there any factual disputes. >> if the claim is my religious exemption was denied and i can prove i was sincere come of it is a more elaborate hearing and if they are trying to say i think the mende is illegal.
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a due process hearing is not going to get very far. >> with hundreds of cases to review, employment attorney karen michael says the entire process could take weeks or a month to complete. >> each person situation needs to be treated individually to determine if that person can be a comet it appeared >> the attention to detail required could have a long-term impact on the city staffing shortages. the city says 150 law enforcement personnel are out of compliance, which includes 60 police officers. as if petey tells us the department is short 473 officers and that is not including the additional 60 officers not in compliance with this mandate. depending on what happens illegally with those cases, the department could be short 533 officers by next year. >> that is a big shortage. the chiefs got indicate how the department plans on replacing
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all of those officers? >> we are told the department is planning to redeploy personnel from their field operations bureau. chief scott stressed in an internal email that was released quoting if staffing shortages got to a worst-case scenario, they will still have enough resources to do their job. the department could not confirm exactly how many of those officers will be replaced. >> thanks, stephanie. if you have any questions about vaccine mandates, you can ask our vaccine team. go to and click on the big blue box. >> we are on storm watch because there is a storm to watch. doppler seven is tracking the weather. it is lit up green to show the rain. abc 7 news was in san mateo this morning. drivers needed windshield wipers. the santa rosa fire department is declaring fire season over.
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the city received close to a foot of rain in october primarily from the monster storm we had a couple of weeks ago. it got a -- we got a little break from that but we are starting to get more rain. let's ring in spencer christian for details of the wet weather we have for today and the rest of the week. >> we do have a storm to watch but there is less of it to watch. let's take a look at what is it is mainly over the east bay where we have pockets of light rain. there are some wet spots on major highways. and local streets as well. it is winding down. for the remainder of tonight, we will see a few more scattered showers and slippery roadways. here is the forecast. as we get closer to midnight tonight, it will be almost over. in the early morning hours although there will be wet pavement for commuters, the storm should have ended. the next storm is about 36 hours
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away after tomorrow morning. i will show you a closer look later. >> a crucial u a crucial u with leaders from nearly 200 countries is underway in scotland. tonight, you will hear the bay area's voice ahead. i will bring you an environmental success story. the possible return of a locally extinct species. first -- if i can save some else's life by having them be aware of something like this. that photographer talks about being rubbed -- talked about being robbed at
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>> a bay area hubby photographer is sharing his terrifying story after he was followed all the way from san francisco to fremont and robbed at gunpoint. the chase that ended -- that ensued and even more dramatic as it was caught in stunning surveillance from multiple angles. you will see how the whole thing went down. photographers are now banding together, petitioning for safety changes. this is a story will see only on abc 7. >> stunning landscapes are lewis's specialty. in late september, his passion for fog lead him to shoot the golden gate bridge with a friend. the day ended at his home in fremont in the scariest 20 seconds of his life. >> it was over before you can have a rational thought. >> while lewis who is asking really uses first name noticed something suspicious at the bridge.
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>> there were two guys looking at us. >> not realizing the men are close by following as lewis drops his friend off in union city. it was not until he pulled into his own driveway in fremont more than 40 miles from san francisco things take a dramatic turn. >> i saw two guys approach. i thought something is happening. >> captured in remarkable detail and has tesla and home surveillance cameras, you can see a man approach his car. when he honks -- >> i hear a smash in the back of my windshield. >> when men can be seen stealing a camera bag. a second man with a gun is not far behind. >> that is one fight or flight mode has taken into place. unsure of >> >> what to do next, luis floors his tesla over cinderblocks chasing after the suspect who take off in getaway vehicle. shocked by the commotion, you see his mom and several philly members sprint out the front door. >> my mom was completely petrified.
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>> tesla camera showed lewis crashing into the getaway car. ripping off the bumper. then this. >> the guy comes out with a gun pointed at my face. he walks around my car. that is when i hear the gunshot go off. >> you can even see his brother jumped for cover. in hindsight, would you have followed them? >> no. >> chelsea and -- of followers on their youtube channel. asking canny manufacturers to add protections to their gear. >> this technology is in our funds. what can we put it in a camera? this is a priority for us. we want our camera gear to be safe. >> fremont police say photographers are targeted all too often. a tremendous amount of surveillance help them arrest one of two suspects. he left his shoe behind on the busted bumper. he was out on probation -- on probation for other crimes. while he is not sure if you will
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ever pick up a camera again -- > if your hobby can endanger your family, you start to have second thoughts. >> he hopes his story will encourage others to speak up -- speak out. >> knew details but a deadly shooting at a halloween party. police are saying they think there were at least two gunmen involved but did not go into detail. they did arrest a 19-year-old man on saturday. the parent of the 18-year-old who was killed in the shooting spoke exclusively to this pain he appeared -- >> this was daniel soon ago collecting easter eggs six months ago. tonight, his family is mourning him in the same backyard. >> he said i love you, grandma. >> she reopened her home exclusively to abc 7 news to speak about her grandson who she
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raised. how do you want michael to be remembered? >> a happy kid. he was always smiling. he wanted everybody to be in peace. a happy kid. looking forward. his life was barely starting. >> the last time she saw him alive was friday night when she dropped him off with his brother at a convenience store. she did not know they were going to a halloween party. >> they had other plans we did not know about they wanted to go have fun. two hours later, michael was shot. his 17-year-old brother was screaming for help as michael bled in his arms gasping for air. >> they left him there cold by himself. they lied to us. they told us he was at the hospital. he was by himself. >> he died on same. >> they let him die on scene. they did not help his other brother. he was yelling for help and he was still alive.
6:17 pm
>> his brother said a fight broke out and michael ran to break it up when a bullet hit him in the neck. >> michael wanted to defend his friend appear that is why he lost his life. he, in the way. he was a brave boy. he was trying to do something good and he didn't have to go like that. nobody helped him. nobody. for his good decision, nobody helped him. >> as she holds onto memories of michael, she is asking for two things. >> that is all i want, is justice for him. what are those kids take the guns? it has to stop. the gun violence. it has to stop. where are they getting them from? who is giving them the guns? >> what is giving the family piece is a rare coincidence. 12 years ago on the same day michael was killed, his grandfather died.
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>> my dad, he went on the same day my dad passed away. i don't know if he took them because he was suffering and nobody helped him. >> there is more likeore like the next few d hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were.
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for halloween. could that help the kids get out without any problems. tonight has more rain in the forecast. >> we do have more rain coming our way. we are getting it in moderate doses. our current storm is winding down. a few areas of light scattered showers over the east bay and of your rain in the higher elevations. here's the view from the exploratory in camera looking at the financial district. we have low to mid 60's in oakland, mountain view. here is the view of the golden gate word is a bit foggy. the pavement a looks a bit wet. there has been a recent shower or sprinkle here 59 in santa rosa. all these other locations and here is the view from emeryville. the break in the clouds is being filled in by more clouds.
6:22 pm
areas of dense fog will persist tonight. we may see some early morning drizzle tonight. partly cloudy skies going into the afternoon. our next round of rain will go late wednesday into thursday. we will have slippery roadways tonight and early tomorrow morning. breezy to gusty at times with these scattered showers that will continue into the late night hours. some partial clearing tomorrow. another another another anothern inch likely to fall from the storm. overnight lows in the mid- to upper 50's. tomorrow, highs from low 50's at the coast to 70, 72 degrees in the inland locations. the forecast for wednesday night into thursday morning as the next storm sweeps through and brings us our next bout of rainfall. it will wind down and is expected to leave rainfall
6:23 pm
totals ranging from a few hundredths of an inch in the south bay to over a 10th of an inch in oakland. 1500 -- here is the 70 forecast. the wednesday and thursday storm ranks one. then we get a dryer pattern friday through the weekend. we fall back to standard time. on monday, our next number one level storm -- level 1 storm moved into the bay area. much-needed rainfall in moderate dose. >> thank you, spencer. tonight, and environmental success story happening in the bay area. things to hard work by wildlife biologists, the groundwork is being laid for the possible return of a locally extinct species. >> what you are hearing is a sound that has been silenced in san francisco ever since the once thriving native quail
6:24 pm
population became extinct. now wildlife experts believe the time could be right to bring them back. >> what we have been able to do is to build back the kind of habitat that would be needed for quail to survive in the presidio again. >> they have been working to restore habitats like this site. it is now rich with dune scrub and underbrush that the birds thrive in. the effort is also getting help from another species that is already made its own come back. coyote. coco coyote is a predator. the presence promotes environmental health through the consumption of smaller rodents such as bats. big steelers and non-native species that pressure the quail. they believe coyotes and hawks have helped but the habitat back in better balance. a new study appears
6:25 pm
the process. the track data from where birds like quail thrive with the presence of coyote purity conditions that compare favorably to restore areas of the presidio. >> the potential to bring them back to the presidio and other parts in san francisco is a potential example of a charismatic species being introduced into a large urban park. >> they say the work provides a roadmap for a potential reintroduction. while there is a lot of study to be done, bird conservation groups save the return of quail to the presidio would be a treat for visitors. >> there sound is really nice to see -- to hear when you were on a hike. it sounds like they're saying chicago but in a special way. > be the sound of an environmental
6:26 pm
success story. >> the point blue team has also been working with the presidio on other local bird counts and they found evidence the restoration work is helping those species as well. >> as world leaders gather in glasgow to discuss climate change, they are joined by bay area environmentalists. a look at the changes of success of making meaningful change where you live. coco oakland is opening up a new tiny home community to get more people off the streets. >> how much longer can we expect below-market rips -- below-market rents in san francisc
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a high-stakes climate summit is underway in scotland with dignitaries from around the globe. >> leaders say they're committed to doing something about climate change but there is increasing concern they will not do enough. >> the bay area's air quality management district is at the conference.
6:30 pm
district officials today spoke about the steps our region is taking to help the environment. >> featuring world leaders set against mounting evidence addressing climate change needs global engine. more countries are making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. many remain weak goals compared to the u.s. and other leaders the united nations climate summit is more than that. it is where private industry, climate groups and local government agencies gather to share knowledge, strategy and progress. the bay area air quality management district has said its executive officer and board members to glasgow. >> if you're going to see real progress, it is going to be made at a local level. right down to make sure that our communities are part of the decision-making and our cities and counties are continuing to make those efforts to effect that change. >> cochair of the claimant reality bay area chapter. she has a top agenda priority
6:31 pm
for the climate summit. >> drill down fossil fuel use. the solutions that are out there with renewables and clean energy are cheaper. they are more effective. they create more jobs. >> she calls that the low hanging fruit that can be easily attained. she believes the public is more concerned than ever that action must be taken and must be led by strong leadership. >> as we have sea level rise impacting our coastal communities and we have wired fires running amok throughout the west and droughts and major storms that disrupt our life in the unit states, the american people will start to make sure that their government officials are accountable for that. >> president biden called the events a growing catastrophe that should lead to ambitious climate goals. >> lieutenant governor lenny coda locus is leading california's delegation. she spoke with abc 7 about what makes this climate conference different.
6:32 pm
>> climate skepticism has melted away. and what is left are people saying we know we have to act. what can we do? what is feasible? president biden's leadership is unequivocal. it is as if not only is the unit states back in paris but we are coming roaring back. following all the latest developments from comp 26 and its impact from the bay area. you can find the latest on our website. >> the city of oakland opened a new tiny home community near lake merritt. lakeview village will provide transitional housing for those already living in the area in nearby tent encampments. these homes are a bit different from the community cabins already scattered around the city. >> the rainy weather seemed seed
6:33 pm
appropriate backdrop to illustrate the need for this new tiny home village near lake merritt in oakland. lakeview village will provide warmth and shelter and a measure of safety to 65 on housed residents currently living in nearby tent encampments. this is a really important homeless intervention because the winter is upon us. the rains are upon us. we need to get people off our streets and into the shelters. >> by the most recent estimate, more than 4000 on housed people live in oakland in conditions often much worse than this community can provide shared >> i've done a lot of winters out here. this is my first winter why have not been in the rain. it is very miserable. coco lakeview village is a step up from community cabins. support services and a life spent -- life enhancing amenities. these tiny homes are an upgrade from what oakland has constructed before. working electricity and to
6:34 pm
built-in heater. each unit will be single occupancy unless someone has a partner or friend want to room with p 12 it is meant to be transitional housing, residents can stay as long as they need to. >> we have no time limit. we want to keep them here until they reach their goals. >> there is the sobering reality there for everyone who gets a spot here, there are many more still out there. >> we need to do more. i hope this is a door opening around oakland. >> today is the deadline for san francisco city employees to be vaccinated and for the ones who have been working from home to gradually return to the office. their return could have an immediate impact on rents in the city. michael finney takes a look at what renters can expect. >> and must anywhere else, they would laugh at this but we have gotten used for low rent by our standard.
6:35 pm
rents dropped 12% year-over-year during the summer of 2020 as workers no longer chain to the office fled their high-rises in downtown san francisco. if you are one of those who left that might be thinking of returning, now may be a great time to do it. carl is one of those workers who left the city and even the state. he used to live in san francisco penthouse but he moved to detroit and eventually back to his home country of canada. >> i was always drawn to live in that city but when the pandemic hit, a lot of things were taken away. >> carl is not working remotely for a company based in san francisco. he says if his boss made him return, he would not hesitate to do it because leaving was not easy. >> you see it in your rearview mirror. it is going smaller and smaller you go, that i do the right thing? you keep driving on. coco brian on its errors rent as
6:36 pm
editor of he says if you are planning to return to the city, you should lock in a long-term lease now. go save some money in the long hall and get something more affordable compared to waiting three months from now. >> he says a one bedroom apartment in san francisco is going to cost about $3300. up 14% from the same time last year. that is slightly cheaper than oakland. >> you have value in san francisco were in oakland you're going to be paying a lot more. carberry does not expect that to last long. >> now is the time to act appeared if you wait a month, you can see those prices go up. >> the big city bay area rent right now that are the cheapest in san jose where rents are about 1000 dollars cheaper than in san francisco and oakland. isn't that amazing?
6:37 pm
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>> election day is tomorrow. it is not a big one. area voters do have a chance to cast ballots. there is a lot to decide in sonoma county. five phrases -- five races. two parcel taxes on the ballot. san mateo county voters have a parcel tax for the menlo park city school district and in woodside, there is a measure about parking spots. voters in tiburon can choose a town councilmember. solano county voters in dixon can choose a new city clerk. there are no elections in alameda, contra costa or san francisco counties. >> protesting faculty members
6:41 pm
greeted the chancellor of the california state university system today. they want to be compensated for the work they have done throughout the pandemic. as dustin dorsey explains, the staff says their contract does not reflect that. >> a rare rainy day at san jose state university monday but not even the weather could drown out the calls for favorites -- for fairness. darker it has been a year of hell. two everything we have all been through, we have all been working hard without a raise and people are struggling. djokovic a faculty association is asking for a 4% raise in 20222022. after two years of negotiations have resulted in an impasse. the current contract offered across the system only allows for a 2% raise for 2020. this while the president received a 10% retroactive raise last year. two it is a slap in the face. duggar the faculty hopes the chancellor heard their message while he was on campus monday.
6:42 pm
his office released a statement saying the csu values its faculty and is committed to reaching agreement on a successor contract as it has with several other unions. the csu is committed to advocating for state funds to increase employee salaries. perhaps lost in this protest was the reason he was at the protest -- he was at campus today. as to su professor nikos marcos told the chancellor what the group would like to see in new president. they want someone willing to work with faculty to solve problems. darker we are hoping we will get a new president who is willing to work with faculty. someone who will honor shared governance. our experience has not been one of shared governors. we have had a lot of problems. two he says the meeting went well as a whole and he hopes chancellor castro will do everything he can to help the faculty.
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
francisco. we spotted workers installing snowflakes. the ice rink at union square opens on wednesday. it was not open last year because of covid. >> today is dia de los muertos. it is a mexican celebration to honor loved ones who passed away. a look at what one of the most recognizable figures of the holiday can teaches about social media. >> meet the -- you can spot her seemingly everywhere in full cart, paintings in these days, prominently in social media. elaborately dressed skeleton that has roots in the mexican revolution more than 100 years ago. don't go the first appearance was in 1910. -- >> it the first appearance was in 1910. >> she -- she gained fame for his political cartoons. he drew a skeleton wearing a
6:47 pm
fancy hat to mock mexicans who wanted to appear more european. >> he would make fun of how mexicans would wear european clothes and they would deny their indigenous roots. ? it was a famed painter who elevated her into the mexican consciousness decades later. he created a mural depicting important figures in mexico's history. at centre, he placed the skeleton. people named her katrina. a term used for someone dressed elegantly. dark it was almost as if he was reaffirming at does not matter the color of your skin. it is not matter where in society you are. we are all going to end as a skeleton in the cemetery. doug katrina was not always associated with day of the dead. she speculates that happened in the united states as mexican
6:48 pm
immigrants were exposed to halloween and began dressing up as katrina to remind themselves that inside we are all the same. rodriguez says we can learn a lot as we post our best selves on social media. >> most people put their best looks on social media. and are trying to look like something they are not >> so informative. i love it paired >> let's turn our attention back to the rain. duggar how much more is coming our way? took of maybe a couple hundreds of an inch. it still ranks one on the storm impact scale paired for the remainder of the night, we can expect late scattered showers. slippery roadways. that will last into the morning hours. you can see the rain. we expected to be over by 5:00 tomorrow morning. there will be wet slippery spots on the roadways. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50's.
6:49 pm
highs tomorrow as the skies get partly clear low 60's at the coast. near 70 inland. our next bout of rain comes in late wednesday into thursday. the storm making one on the impact scale. cooler through the weekend as we follow back to standard time on monday, we get another round of moderate rainfall. two thanks very much. ? we have chris alvarez handling sports. >> coming up, we have entry updates for the niners and warriors. san diego's new skipper come a bay area area native paired what he had
6:50 pm
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sports with chris alvarez. >> after spending last season in green and gold, bob melvin was introduced as the manager of the san diego padres. the second winningest manager in aids history. he led the a's to the postseason six times during his tenure. he signed a deal to manage a pun raise team loaded with stars. he enjoyed his time in oakland. he is ready for the next chapter in san diego. >> i grew up in the bay area. it was as fortunate as you could boot submitted to the team. there comes a time where it does not go forever. billy and david were nice enough to realize the.
6:53 pm
understanding the opportunity i had here. it was a surprise. i did not expect it paired once i was given the opportunity to listen to people, it became clear pretty quickly this was the place for me. >> the surge is on to replace melvin in oakland. the 75th anniversary celebrations continue at the unveiling of their moments mixed tape to the addition. plenty of nods including able represent either to thousands shared a ceiling pattern any of the logo for oracle arena endo water droplet logo for the splash brothers. senator james wiseman has been clearly -- has been cleared to fully participate in practice. he had surgery in april to repair a right meniscal tear. the timetable to return is yet to be determined. they discussed a potential rehab assignment with the santa cruz warriors. two like to go down so i can get sharp physically and mentally.
6:54 pm
just like whatever happens within that time, i'm down for whatever. ? we are now going to throw him out onto the court without really getting him up and down and getting him some gain action. -- some game action. >> 49ers head coach kyle shanahan announced the team is expecting to open the practice window for george kittle who has not played since week four. if a goes well, he could return as early as sunday against the cardinals. the rams are going all in with sites on playing a super bowl shared today, the rams dealt a second and third round trade. the niners are going to host the rams in two weeks on abc 7. great halloween costumes from our bay area athletes. here is brandon crawford and has family styling. a former 49er, their family went full dodgeball mode.
6:55 pm
if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. and the curries of course. they went pirate theme. that is pretty good. you have to have the kids. here they come. absolutely styling to the max. >> that is a great shot or two carella was a big one. >> saturday when i talked to the guys, i asked everyone about halloween costumes. the hardest question. stefon said the kids are the creative directors and that is what they came up with. what was your favorite halloween costume as a kid? >> that is a tough one. i was cleopatra one year. >> when i was a kid, the costumes were not as elaborate >> encourage you to post them on social media. i asked steve to do the same. he said he was a ucla football
6:56 pm
player. i had something like that with joe montana myself. i'm clark kent for the last 15 years because it is the easiest thing to do. have enough suits and shirts. ," i did my football outfit one time. the easy one was go as a ghost. i cannot remember what else. darker light years the curries did the wizard of oz. it was just elaborate. co. that was great. >> thanks, chris. coming up tonight on abc 7 8:00, dancing with the stars followed by the good doctor at 10:00 paired stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks so much for joining us. two for all of us here, we appreciate your time hope you have a great evening and we see you again tonight at 11:00.
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