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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," biden's setback on the world stage. the president at a high stakes global climate summit when fellow democrat joe manchin throws a wrench in his plans including hundreds of billions for the climate crisis. the fallout and the new announcement overnight. just hours away. pfizer's vaccine for children could get the green light by tonight but how soon they could be administered plus the tense scene as opponents of vaccine mandates confront workers on the job. down to the wire. the crucial race with national implications on this election day being called a proxy fight between biden and trump. the record already set. a major development in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. what the assistant director is halloween candy concerns.
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the needles found in chocolate. and from the decision about a controversial woman's sport uniform to the small high school athlete doing big things on the field to elton john's new business venture, it's tuesday, november 2nd. ♪ i'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with new announcements coming from the high stakes global summit on climate change in scotland. president biden meeting with world leaders has committed to more wind and solar energy switching to cleaner fuels where possible and reducing energy waste, but he faces a new setback when it comes to the $550 billion he wants to spend to tackle the climate crisis. >> that's because democrat joe manchin is now saying not so fast. we'll get to manchin in a moment but first the latest from scotland. abc's reena roy is there for us and, reena, good morning.
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>> reporter: hey, mona, good morning to you. yeah, today and the coming days are all about getting to work and figuring out how to turn promises into real change. day three's agenda is about hitting the ground running, negotiators putting their heads together as they try to agree on how to best limit global warming with the world heating up more in the last 29 years than in the previous 110 years. >> my administration is working overtime to show that our climate commitment is action, not words. >> reporter: president biden saying the climate crisis is an all hands on deck effort and the u.s. will aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. >> there is an incredible opportunity, not just for the united states but for all of us. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build an equitable clean energy future. >> reporter: he's also vowing to support developing countries
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that say they're already facing the harsh realities of a changing planet. >> as we sit comfortably today here in the conference center in glasgow, over 2 million of my fellow kenyans are facing climate-related starvation. >> reporter: the u.s. is calling on private companies to step up and do their part, amazon founder and billionaire jeff bezos meeting with leaders monday and speaking with abc about his $10 billion investment pledge to the planet. >> it'll take trillions of dollars to make a dent in climate change and it's going to take nation states, it's going to take company. what philanthropic dollars can do is move quickly. >> reporter: queen elizabeth via video said the time for words is over. >> i for one hope that this conference will be one of those rare occasions where everyone will have the chance to rise above the politics of the moment and achieve true statesmanship. >> reporter: and president biden even apologized to fellow world leaders here for former
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president trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. as you heard, though, biden reiterating the u.s. is back in the fight, mona. >> so, reena, what's ahead today? >> reporter: yeah, so a lot of big announcements coming today. president biden is expected to announce a major new epa rule aimed at reducing methane emissions and proposed rules for gas pipeline safety and expected to launch an international effort to protect forests with the help of private investment. mona. >> reena roy in glasgow, thank you. let's turn now to abc's karen travers for a reality check. karen, while president biden is in scotland he faces new drama at home. senator joe manchin has thrown a wrench in his plans to vote for the social spending bill and says he won't support that bill which includes $550 billion in climate initiatives. he won't support it without more information about its impact on the debt. how big of a setback is this and what happens next? >> reporter: andrew, this was a
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significant setback from senator joe manchin who, of course, is a key vote in the senate that is split 50/50. manchin said yesterday the president's overall social spending plan is a recipe for economic disaster and that's happening as the president is here in scotland. touting the climate investments in that plan. andrew, the white house says they feel confident that manchin will get on board, but as for what's next, house progressives say they're ready to vote on both infrastructure bills this week and they're going to leave the sales pitch and negotiations of joe manchin to president biden. >> karen, i'm curious. do you see any concrete progress coming out of this climate summit and what's the best case scenario for biden? >> reporter: andrew, experts we talked to say two key things have to happen here in scotland for significant progress to be made, and that's nations
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agreeing to cut greenhouse gas emissions faster and deeper and have to get more aggressive and renewed commitment to money to poorer nations to help them fight climate change. as for president biden, you heard reena say yesterday he apologized for former president trump pulling the united states out of the paris climate agreement. best case for him is convincing allies that the united states can meet its commitments that he has set, the ambitious goals on climate change. >> karen travers in scotland, thank you. pfizer's covid vaccine for children could get emergency authorization today. cdc advisers will vote this afternoon on authorizing the vaccine for kids 5 to 11 then the agency's director needs to sign off, and that can happen tonight. millions of doses have already been shipped to hospitals and pharmacy chains, but the distribution program isn't expected to be at full strength until next week. tense moments in new york city. protesters angry about the vaccine mandate blocked sanitation trucks from their routes calling it their last stand. officials say 91% of the city's workers are vaccinated. but about 9,000 others were placed on unpaid leave yesterday and 18 fire department companies
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were put out of service due to staffing shortages. voters head to the polls in several states today. all eyes will be on virginia's governor's race which could be a national bellwether for where voters stand on president biden's policies and former president trump's influence. early voting hitting a record high so with that let's get right to abc's ike ejiochi. he's here now with more. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. republicans are watching virginia's gubernatorial race very closely. it's just one of the many races today that will prove as a litmus test ahead of the 2022 midterms. it's election day across the country. voters considering several decisions such as mayoral elections, public safety issues and most notably gubernatorial races with the spotlight on virginia's election. polls showing democrat terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin statistically tied. more than 1.1 million virginians have already voted early and those numbers show mcauliffe
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ahead. the candidates making a final appeal to voters. >> are you ready to win tomorrow? [ cheers ] let's bring this baby home. >> reporter: mcauliffe seizing on national concern over republicans' challenge to the women's right to choose, a topic young female voters say is at the top of their minds. >> i will and was a brick wall to protect your reproductive rights. >> reporter: youngkin voting to increase education funding and raise teachers' salaries. >> we will declare that virginia's schools never will be closed again to five days a week in person education. >> reporter: president trump also looming over the race. youngkin has not campaigned with the former president but trump held a virtual rally for him monday night. virginia isn't the only race. voters in new jersey are also deciding on who should run the state. governor phil murphy is looking to be the first democratic governor to win re-election in new jersey in over 40 years and is currently ahead of
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republican challenger jack ciattorelli. in new york they'll be deciding a couple of key mayoral races with buffalo and new york city holding elections. in boston, michelle wu and annissa essaibi george are running. and in minneapolis, voters there are weighing in on the question to replace its police department with a department of public safety, a move some city leaders say will be a more comprehensive public health approach. andrew. >> ike, thank you. reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital after falling and hitting his head. he was protesting with students against campus living conditions at howard university when he fell. he was kept overnight for observation. jackson was hospitalized for covid in august. four children feared missing during this massive warehouse fire in philadelphia have been found safe. the warehouse in pennsylvania was empty and was slated for demolition. time now for a look at your tuesday weather.
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so michigan's upper peninsula could see more snow today as the upper midwest faces its first hard freeze of the season. wake-up temperatures are in the 20s in many areas. more autumn snow is also expected today in the rockies. several inches in some spots and rain is expected in the plains as well as the pacific northwest and checking today's high temperatures, 56 degrees in seattle. it won't get out of the 40s from denver to detroit. still warm along the gulf coast and across the southwest. 82 in miami. coming up, what your iphone could soon be able to do. but first we're now hearing from the assistant director involved in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. what his lawyer is revealing. plus, the shoc
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back, now, with a major development in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. the lawyer for the film's assistant director has come forward with a new account of what happened. here's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, the attorney for the assistant director at the center of the investigation of the fatal shooting on the set of "rust" is speaking out for the first time. >> want to start with the affidavit, it states that my client grabbed the gun off of a prop cart and handed it to baldwin. that absolutely did not happen. >> reporter: the attorney for assistant director dave halls, in a tense exchange on fox news. >> the armorer handed it directly to baldwin. and baldwin put it inside where his hollister would be. and then, at some point, he pulled the firearm out and wanted to adjust the hollister. and then, he hands the firearm
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to mr. halls, who immediately hands it right back after he adjusted the hollister. >> reporter: she refused to answer whether halls handed the gun to baldwin, and the single shot that killed halyna hutchins. instead, passing the blame to the armorer, whose lawyer released a statement saying, hannah has no idea where the live rounds came from. the adding, the whole production set was unsafe due to various factors. authorities say baldwin fired a colt .45 revolver loaded with the bullet. the question, who loaded the gun and handed it to baldwin? the santa fe sheriff is frustrated with what he calls a lack of cooperation from some of those involved. >> some have not been very cooperative in coming up for follow-up interviews. we would recommend they come in
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and clarify some of the statements. >> reporter: meanwhile, that assistant director dave halls released a statement saying halyna hutchins was one of the most talented people he's worked with. and he says, he hopes this tragedy will prompt the industry to re-evaluate its practices. police in northern ohio are urging parents to check their children's halloween candy. someone put a sewing needle in a kit-kat and gave it to a tricker treater. a hospital is now offering free x-rays for halloween candy. apple plans to produce a car-crash detection feature. "the wall street journal" reports the feature will be able to detect when a user has been in a car crash based on a motion sensor and will dial 911 automatically. and coming up, what we're learning about the man accused of bunpunching an american airls
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deputies called the ft. myers police department's marine unit and, yeah, they caught up with him. we turn now to th latest case of air rage. the skies seem to be getting less friendly as we head into the business holiday season. this morning, new details about the 20-year-old california man accused of punching an american airlines flight attendant during a flight from new york. according to court documents, brian hsu who was released on $10,000 bond said he recently had brain surgery and has psychological damage from an assault last year. he claims the flight attendant got aggressive after he bumped into her, but the flight attendant tells a different story saying hsu was the aggressor. the incident the latest case of unruly passengers plaguing air travel often over masks. a seattle man has been indicted accused of punching a flight attendant twice and trying to open the cockpit door during a flight from hawaii. he was fined more than $52,000. airlines also face mounting tensions from passengers
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frustrated with weather and staffing related cancellations. >> they didn't even offer an apology. she just said what do you want me to do? i said, i want my bag. >> reporter: american airlines canceling more than 2,000 flights since friday after bad weather at its hub in dallas. >> the lady at the desk when i was originally trying to get my ticket fixed told me we don't have any pilots. >> reporter: the problem may only get worse with holiday travel crowds and winter weather on the way. >> they've stretched themselves too thin. when bad weather or something else occurs they don't have enough crews available to fill in. what they call reserve crews to come in and take care of flights when the original scheduled crews can't make it. >> reporter: experts say try to book the first flight of the day, it's less likely to be delayed. the airlines say they are ready for the holiday season. american brought back nearly 2,000 flight attendants and southwest is reducing its flight schedule to match staffing levels. and coming up, the new study on dogs and what they're telling
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and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with a possible end to the controversy over female handballplayers wearing bikini-style uniforms. >> the handball federation has dropped the mandate after protests from players and supporters. it comes after the norwegian beach handball team was fined for wearing shorts instead of bikinis. a small player doing big things on the football field. >> isaiah was adopted from china and moved to colorado springs. his dream was to play football. for the team's final game of the
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year, they surprised him and told him he would not only play but he would be the team captain. >> and after the coin toss, isaiah went on to score a touchdown. >> he said i could play. i was so happy. it was so great. it was like, i don't know. it was the best day of my life ever. >> this the what sports are all about. according to his teammates, he is the heart and soul of the team. next, elton john is setting his sights on you, whether you're a rocket man or a tiny dancer. >> now, he is sharing his array of eyeglasses with the world. elton john eyewear will be sold at sam's club and walmart. some proceeds will benefit his aids foundation. and a study on why dogs tilt their head. not just to be cute. >> scientists say that something you said triggered a memory like a favorite toy you enjoyed. dogs that can learn the names of objects tilt their heads more
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>> building a better bay area, moving fornd solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00, covid
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vaccines for kids ages five to 11. the timing of ac/dc panel and how we expected to play out today. >> and the plan to deal with a $125 million shortfall antitakeover by the state. >> president biden planning to stand up in the fight against climate change. i am rayna roy in scotland. i will have more coming up. reggie: i am almost positive you did not get eight hours of sleep last night. i recommend a vacation. there are times i did not get up until 10:30. >> you deserve that. >> i'm so happy for you. reggie: when you stay up till 6:00 a.m., 10:30, i would serve this for breakfast.


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