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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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painful cuts coming to san francisco classrooms. counselors, nurses and others hanging in the balance. the impact on san francisco students. president biden: through this plan, united states will help the world deliver on our shared goals. julian: the president's climate plan front and center on the new stage. a sweeping initiative to protect rain forests around the globe. kumasi: plus, rain, rain, rain. it is not going away. the chance of more rain this week. one bay area really fire season is over. julian: you're watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven and wherever you stream. mike: good morning to you.
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it is damp, but not a steady rain. there is drizzle out there hugging the ground, which is why you don't see a lot on live doppler 7 this morning. you can also see the fog that is forming because it is so damp outside. those are a couple of challenges during the morning commute. here's a look at one of the drier areas in the south bay, e8/100ths of an inch of rain. 61 to 65, pretty mild thi mild evening. as kumasi mentioned, more rain on the way. see you in a bit. kumasi: let's start with the overnight developments from the climate conference in scotland. leaders promised to restore 500 million acres of forest by 2030. president biden made his own promises on wind and solar
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energy and using cleaner fuels. rena roy is in glasgow with the president's promises. rena: president biden certainly has a full plate, and a number of meetings and speeches scheduled today. any moment now, he is expected to speak on cutting methane emissions. it's part of his bigger plan here at the climate summit. day three's agenda is about hitting the ground running, negotiators putting their heads together as they look to limit global warming, with the world heating up more in the last 120 -- last 10 years more than the last 100. president biden saying the climate crisis is an all hands on deck effort and the u.s. will aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. president biden: there is an
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incredible opportunity, not just for the united states, but for all of us. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build an equitable clean energy future. rena: he also vows to support countries that are facing the realities of a changing planet. >> as we sit comfortably in this center in glasgow, over 2 million of my fellow kenyans are facing climate related starvation. rena: the u.s. is calling on private companies to step up and do their part. amazon founder jeff bezos meeting with leaders on friday and speaking about his $10 billion investment pledge to the planets. >> it will take trillions of dollars to make it -- make a dent in climate change. we have to move very quickly. rena: queen elizabeth via video said the time for words is over. >> i hope this conference will be one of those rare occasions where everyone will have a
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chance to rise above the politics of the moment and achieve true statesmanship. rena: and president biden is scheduled to speak later this afternoon before he heads back home to the u.s. live in glasgow, scotland, rena roy for abc 7 news. reggie: california's lieutenant governor is there leading the delegation in scotland. we spoke with her and got some answers. >> we are leaving a large delegation to let people know you can grow your economy and have a healthy economy while combating climate change and investing in renewable energy and clean tech. reggie: lieutenant governor stepped in for governor newsom after he pulled out of the conference early next -- early last week. you can see our full slate of climate watch coverage on the a
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bc 7 bay area connected tv app. kumasi: pg&e has received a subpoena for federal investigators, looking into the cause of a fire. they received a subpoena for documents on october 7. pg&e regulatory filings has the utility company expects to take a $1.115 billion loss because of the fire. pg&e said it previously believe the equipment might have caused the 963,000 acre fire earlier this year. the official cause is still under investigation, though. seven other california counties have filed against the utility for damages related to the fire. and a vote and discussion on vaccines in the hands of the cdc now. if approved, pfizer's version will be able to rollout to children ages five to 11. that needs one final signoff
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from the cdc's director, dr. rochelle walensky. this is a lower dose than the one given to adults. millions of doses have started shipping to vaccine sites and schools across the u.s. >> you know, the holiday season is coming up. it would be nice if we would have it for going into the christmas holidays. that's what we are focusing on. kumasi: national pharmacy change are also at the ready. cvs, walgreens, and rite aid expecting to have supplies within days of the signoff. rite aid could provide those shots shortly after wednesday. reggie: and a critical day for san francisco unified, the school board is discussing a plan to deal with the 120 $5 million shortfall to avoid a takeover by the state. jobina has what's at stake for the district. jobina: matthews will present a
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plan to the board that provides the school with funding to cover the standard level of staffing. it would also reduce funding for some positions that are so in her and, like counseling, literacy coaches and nurses. the board has until december 15 to approve a plan, according to the chronicle. the deficit could go up to $146 million in 2023 if nothing is done based on current spending. the district has been spending 60 million dollars a year beyond the revenue it receives from the state. as of now, it was forced to bring in a financial consultant to figure out the cuts and are required to submit any labor agreements to the state for review. they have b have b have b have b enrollment and salaries for the problems. reggie and kumasi? reggie: the lines you can no longer ride, and [inaudible]
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reggie: some good news this morning from the santa rosa fire department, declaring fire season over for that community. the monster storm a couple weekends ago caused some flooding. mike: that 10.7 inches was more than 600% of average, so said -- some good news there. 56 in san francisco, 56 to 59
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degrees, and 60 in and union city. some sunshine breaks through the clouds around noon. we are up to 66, which is close to average. our high is around 66 on average this time of the year. you can see some mist and drizzle hanging around, so that will be dampness in the morning that you have to deal with if you are outside. if you are home, the heater may run the next couple of days. after we get through the morning commute, mist and drizzle will be in our higher elevations and that will even dry up, as you can see increasing sunshine. jobina: we have a sig alert in effect in antioch right now due to an overturned big rig. this is right at the transition to state road 160. you can see the line right there. the transition is shut down right now due to an oil spill in
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the roadway. if you continue to travel west bound from antioch to concord, your drive time will be slow, around 26 minutes. tracy to dublin, our usual slow spots. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:36. also, san francisco's vaccine mandate is having an effect on m uni. 100 transit operators are unable to work due to the city's vaccine mandate. there is no timeline for when the roots will be restored -- when the routes will be restored. >> it's a shame, with new brand lift prices so expensive right now. -- with uber and l so expensive right now. kumasi: a canadian dad knew exactly what his kids would be up to the day after halloween. >> check it out. a chair in a slightly open
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closet, with the bag the candy bag was hidden in undone. go up here -- busted! kumasi: so the dad took this video, and he shows his kids eatingdyfty raided the family secret post-halloween candy hiding spot. first of all, was that really a good hiding spot? reggie: [laughter] kumasi: was it? reggie: did you have these rules when you were a child? kumasi: i don't remember this. just eat the candy and move on. reggie: it's one time a year. kumasi: eat the candy. reggie: i am not apparent. i am probably never going to be a parent. but i am fine. whatever you've got, we can just eat it whenever. when it was out it was out, you don't have anymore, but -- kumasi: if you are going to hide
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it, hide it. reggie: or don't participate in halloween. it's not a holiday for you. that's parenting by kumasi and reggie. up next, getting your kids into college. kumasi: delta has a new option in the cloud to ease the stress of air travel. reggie: and if you don't get enough sleep, listen to this. the other side effects from
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: this morning, we are learning more about a shooting at a halloween party. two people have
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his grandmother spoke exclusively with abc 7 news. >> michael just wanted to defend his friend. he lost his life. he wanted to do peace, and it got on the way. he was a brave boy. he was trying to do something could and he did not have to go like that. he needed somebody to help him and nobody helped him. kumasi: police arrested a suspect on sunday, a second cousin of councilmember. our complete interview with the victims families on our website. as this investigation does continue to unfold, you can check our site or our free abc 7 news app for more updates from police. reggie: swim lessons are back at the jewish community center of san francisco. abc 7 news was there as the pool
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open for the first time in 19 months. the jcc says it has a lot to offer in addition to the pool. >> we are open for business. people are coming back, they are swimming, working out at the new fitness center and playing basketball. we welcome everyone and want to see people go back. reggie: the jcc did some renovating during the pandemic by updating its filtration system. live performances are also returning, with the first one in 19 months that for thursday. kumasi: what parents already know, kids' cr doubled during the pandemic. teenagers in the u.s. average seven hours of recreational screen time every day in may of 2020, in addition to the screen time for virtual school. the study also found that kids from lower income families
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and kids of color log more screen time than their white, wealthier peers. reggie: not getting enough sleep is not just bad for you, it's bad for your coordination. if you find yourself dragging your feet, try getting more rest. a group of student volunteers took part in the study. the less sleep they got, the less control they had walking during a treadmill test. researchers say if you cannot get more sleep at night, take that nap during the day or get some extra sleep on the weekend. that can help reduce fatigue induced clumsiness. did you ever have to take psychology courses in college and have to do the experiments? i just remembered that. in order to get a grade, you needed to do a certain number of experiments. i always thought that was such a strange thing. when we do these studies, we used college volunteers, because
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they are in a psychology class and they volunteer. mike: lab rats, literally. reggie: yeah, i guess you have some choice in the matter of what you are doing, but -- mike: i remember mind clearly. if someone got a math problem wrong, i would get an electric shock or something weird like that. i couldn't see the other person or whatever, but i was like wait just shock me. reggie: did they actually shock you? mike: no one would actually want to get shocked. that was their theory. i was like, go ahead and shock me. reggie: the school of hard knocks. kumasi: real hard. mike: what is happening? reggie: i don't think they can do that anymore. mike: 6:20. hi, everybody. that expires a lot, doesn't it? san jose, 87, pretty cloudy out
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there. pretty dry ending, though, good news if you don't want to deal with the commute this morning where the rest of us are on slick conditions. tracking another chance of rain monday. let's talk about temperatures today. fairfield, 70, san jose, 72, morgan hill, 71. everyone else in the mid to upper 60's with increasing sunshine late tonight. clouds are going to form with fog, so look for that tomorrow morning. temperatures warmer than average, in the mid-50's. here's our next storm, and it's going to bring us the chance of light rain while most of us are sleeping wednesday night through thursday morning. once it is passed -- once it has passed us, we could see half an inch in the north bay. fog will fade to sunshine and we have it for most of the afternoon with a few high clouds coming in toward sunset, which could make for a beautiful sunset.
6:22 am
let's go from 7:00 in the evening through 2:00, when the heaviest weather is hitting the greatest amount of people. you can see green and yellow, light to moderate. you can see more showers, but they are heading away from us, and into the lunch hour it is just about over. our accuweather seven-day forecast, we try to make a run at 70 today, thursday inland. i. temperatures will tumble, even though a drying trend takes over friday, saturday, and sunday, and monday is looking like one that could be a little stronger. let's keep an ion that. reggie: mike, thank you. let's bring in ginger z, with a look at what's happening on gma this morning. ginger: great to be with everybody this morning. coming up on gma, we are live and scotland as president biden unveils a new, sweeping plan to take on the client -- climate emergency.
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plus, more on the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust." plus, live on gma, we gma, we ge a very special demonstration with those relentless wildfires, for you all. we are simulating not just one, but two structures set on fire. they have differentes. pl, me deals and steals on on on oprah's favorite things. kumasi: what's left? ginger: what else can you like? reggie: reggie: and congratulations on your upgraded position at abc news. that's really awesome. covering climate change for the network. ginger: thank you. reggie: second question?
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ginger: we are going to make some big moves here. thank you. reggie: congratulations. you are up on a wind turbine and mike nicco wanted to know all the questions -- how did you get up there, were you scared for your life? what was that like? ginger: this place was four hours west of new york city. so it was a long drive. i went out there two weeks ago because it was a four and a half hour training. that's how intense and serious the safety part was, to be able to do what i did. i will give you one thing about how scary it was -- they told us, don't fall, obviously. make sure you but then you have seven to 15 minutes for someone to save you before your harness acts like attorney kit and cuts off the blood to your hearts. -- like a attorney kit -- like a
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reggie: now to a story will only see on abc 7 news. an oakland family is living in fear because someone fired 10 shots into their home. they hit a father while he was holding his five week old daughter. his husband, jimmy, talked with abc 7 news and says someone opened fire saturday night. his husband survived after taking a bullet to the face. the baby has minor abrasions on her face. >> we don't talk to anybody, really, aside from our immediate neighbors. i am trying to figure out, is it
6:28 am
because we are gay? you know, i can't believe that this is random. reggie: the company -- couple has another daughter, a four-year-old, who is also in the home and this -- at the time of the shooting. she was not hurt. oakland police have not said they were investigating the shooting. no arrests have been made. kumasi: four straight days of travel chaos for american. despite the number of flights canceled, things are getting better. more than 2005 have been canceled since friday. the airline is blaming bad weather and a flight attendant staffing shortage for these problems. 1800 flight attendants returned from pandemic leave on monday. this is a move that americans had would get flights back on schedule, but san francisco triana lab list -- but a san francisco travel analyst says there may be more disruptions to come. >> the day before thanksgiving,
6:29 am
november 24, is the last day airline employees can get vaccinated, so i am concerned about the ability to operate the schedules they publish. kumasi: with the holiday travel season a few weeks go -- few weeks away, best to have a plan a, b and c in case there is another staffing crisis. -- weeks away, it's best to have a plan a, b and c in case there is another staffing crisis. reggie: it's important to point out, it's not like you are doing cardio. kumasi: you cannot do anything in those seats. you can barely move. reggie: it's a meditation thing. it is a stretching thing. kumasi: i can't stretch. reggie: you are not going to do any of these. i recommend "cruella," it was a perfect movie for a plane. kumasi: next at 6:30, tiktok's vision for expanding
6:30 am
in the bay area. reggie: reports of gun battles inside the halls of a major hospital in afghanistan. kumasi:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. major news on the covid vaccine for children. local pharmacies already at the ready, laying out when you can make the appointment. kumasi: and checking out the mask mandate timeline. two counties took a step back after climbing cases push them away from taking off masks indoors. reggie: and the first snowfall
6:33 am
of the season has arrived, sort of. san francisco is saying hello to the holidays. one more way you can get into the spirit. kumasi: good morning. it is tuesday, november second. you are watching abc 7 on hulu live and wherever you stream. mike: real snow, wouldn't that be a treaty? that is not in the forecast here, but drizzle through the morning commute. let's take a look at your tuesday. 880 at the coliseum, that area that is still mist and drizzle as you head out. it is thicker around petaluma and napa, and that will be around during the entire morning commute. mid to to to to to to to to you can watch the clouds decrease and the sudden increase by 4 -- the sun increase by 4:00.
6:34 am
at 7:00, we are falling back to the low to mid 60's. a couple of more chances of rain coming up in the forecast. reggie? reggie: on vaccine watch this morning. what could be a pivotal day when it comes to vaccinating kids ages five to 11. a cdc panel will meet on whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine for that age group. the head of the cdc could sign off on that recommendation tonight. amy hollyfield is in walnut creek with what parents can expect in the bay area. amy? amy: good morning. you can start checking pharmacies as soon as tomorrow for the shot if the approval comes today. pharmacies like cvs have said they have been gearing up for this and they are ready to give those shots as soon as they have permission from federal health officials. counties are also getting ready. the cdc could give that ok today. it is reviewing pfizer's version, which is a lower dose than that given to
6:35 am
adults. the white house says 15 million doses have started shipping out ahead of this ruling. counties are getting prepared as well, they will have clinics for kids, and are hoping five to 11-year-olds will start arriving soon. >> we are waiting on the shipment from the government, and it is expected to be coming later this week, so we are hoping to start our vaccine efforts at clinics later this week, as long as everything goes according to plan. amy: pediatricians tell us they are very excited to see this happening, so their young patients and families can get this layer of protection, especially in time for the holidays. pfizer's clinical trial found the lower dose vaccine for kids is almost 91% effective against systematic illness -- symptomatic illness. the white house says doses could be available as soon as tomorrow. since there are enough doses --
6:36 am
they say there are enough doses for everyone and that five to 11 age group. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: today is one of the last day for san francisco state students to get vaccinated. if you are, you will be entered into a raffle to win four years of free undergrad tuition. they have to get their shot at the mission district vaccination site. the site is open from noon until 4:00 this afternoon. both alameda and san mateo counties have a rest from a moderate level of spread to a substantial one. san mateo was in the moderate ti for about two weekse, but is now in the orange tier that specifies substantial spread. alameda county was in the yellow for about a week, but they have climbed to 51 cases per
6:37 am
100,000. neither county meets the metrics for the removal of masks because the vaccinations are below the 80% mark. kumasi: companies will soon be required to provide workers with paid time off to get vaccinated. the white house says the details of the rules will be published in the federal register later this week and there is no word yet on when this would go into effect. reggie: it is election day in many bay area communities. voters need to weigh in on an important number of issues in many districts and school districts. school parcel taxes are up for a vote in the menlo park area, and in sonoma county, residents and kenwood are being asked to decide on a special parcel tax to help its local fire protection district. kumasi: and voters are returning ballots on several closely watched races, including key mayoral races and the virginia governor's race. this could give us hints about
6:38 am
what the upcoming midterm elections might look like. jobina is at the live desk with more. jobina: this could be a bellwether for what to expect for next year. outcomes today could be a referendum on the biden administration's agenda so far and the link to its of former president from -- lingering influence of former president trump on voters. a dead heat between democrat terry michaelis and glenn young kin. former president trump held a virtual rally for the republican candidate, a newcomer to politics has -- that has largely stayed away from trump and his allies. the candidates instead sticking to the issue. >> i want to protect your reproductive rights. >> we will declare that virginia's schools will never be
6:39 am
closed again. five days a week, in person education. kumasi: an democra adams is favored in another race. ananananananan phil murphy is hoping to be reelected. he would be the first democrat to win reelection in the garden state in over 40 years. polls show him leading his republik and opponents. kumasi: followed for 40 miles, only to be robbed at gunpoint outside of his home. the security video as he is telling the story, ob -- only to abc 7 news. reggie: and a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange, up slightly. kumasi: and the power to uncover
6:40 am
more about the universe than ever before. mike: that would be fun to see if they find any signs of life out there. ' take aook at at's going on. bay bridge is still damp due to some patchy drizzle. but this is only for the morning commute. it will be mild all day, whether you are taking mass transit. temperatures in the south bay, 54 in los gatos and 54 in san jose. novato and napa, 54. half moon bay, 58 degrees. south moon bay, a lot of cloud cover through noon, 57, and more sunshine as we top around 70 degrees. the average high is 72. 63 under partly cloudy skies. your is a look at future radar, and you still see green lips through the morning -- green blips through the morning
6:41 am
commute. mist and drizzle is still possible, but mainly in higher elevations and along the coast. a little sunshine as we head into the afternoon and in the evening hours, we will start off clear, but more fog on the way tomorrow and more rain tomorrow night. here's jobina with a look at the commute. jobina: a couple problems to get to. there is a delay here. the crash has cleared but the residual delays are a mess on westbound 37 before ireland. the ramp was shut down due to a motorcycle crash. speeds are down to 11 miles per hour. we have a sig alert in antioch on westbound 4, the transition to 160. a big rig has overturned and there is oil in the roadway. and the ride from antioch to concord will be a little over 35 minutes. tracy to dublin, an hour and two minutes. a really slow ride, and still slow at the bay bridge, where
6:42 am
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kumasi: new this morning, casualties reported following two explosions in kabul. the explosions targeted a hospital and now there are reports of gunfire. jobina: the death toll from these twin explosions stands at 15 right now. 34 are wounded, so we will show you the video of the aftermath now. you can see a plume of smoke coming from the blast site at the largest military hospital in afghanistan. the taliban interior ministry says the explosions happened at the entrance to the hospital in central kabul. the security forces have been sent to the scene. there is no immediate claim of responsibility. gunfire was heard in the
6:45 am
aftermath of the blast. the taliban's official news agency saying a number of state fighters have entered the hospital and clashed with security forces there. an italian aid group that runs the trauma hospital near the explosion site says it is caring for nine of the wounded right now and is expecting more victims to be brought to them soon. reggie: now to a story you will see on abc 7 news, really scary stuff. a photographer sharing this terrifying story of him getting robbed of his equipment at gunpoint. >> i saw two guys approach and thought, ok. something is happening. something is wrong. reggie: he tells abc 7 news he was taking photos of the golden gate bridge in september. as he pulled into his driveway, he noticed two men following him. one of these men had a gun. the other smashed the back
6:46 am
windshield and stole a camera bag. lewis drove after the men, who were getting away in a car. >> the guy comes out, you know, with a gun pointed at my face. he walks around my car. that's when i hear the gunshot go off. reggie: of the video helped them arrest one of the two suspects in the case. he was out on probation for other crimes targeting photographers in san francisco. wow. a new tiny home community is now open near lake merritt. it is called lakeview village at east 12th street and 2nd avenue, and will provide transitional housing for those already living in tent encampments. it will provide a measure of shelter and safety for 65 people. while this is meant to be a step towards a permanent home, residents can stay as long as they need. kumasi: the parent company of
6:47 am
tiktok is looking to expand its bay area offices. bite dances looking for 300,000 square feet in silicon valley. facebook is also hoping to expand with an additional 700,000 square feet. officials say this would boost the economy. if signed, these deals would be among the biggest in the bay area since the start of the pandemic. yahoo! is pulling out of china. the sunnyvale-based company siding increasingly difficult business and legal environments. yahoo! will cut access on november 1, the same day china's sweeping personal information protection law went into effect. this limits the information companies can gather and how the information can be stored. an electric car startup backed by amazon is getting ready to go public next week. rivian automotive i i i market valuation of nearly $55 billion.
6:48 am
they are developing delivery vans for amazon, which has a 20% stake in the market. its best-known products are an electric pickup that has beat tesla, gm, and ford with its debut on the market. let's take a live look at th lok new york stock exchange, trading is getting underway this morning. we are down by less than a point. a grocery store that used to be open 24 hours is slashing its hours. safeway and san francisco will be only open until 9:00 p.m.. it says it is because of increasing theft, a move move that is becoming common. target also slashed its hours. the supervisor says theft has gotten really bad and he is reaching out to police to come up with a solution. >> it has reached a level in the past six months that is unprecedented in the industry and unprecedented for that location. kumasi: and that's despite this,
6:49 am
safeway locking up piles upon aisles of merchandise behind cases. in a statement, safeway tells abc 7 news that they want to maintain a safe shopping experience for customers, despite the increased theft at the store. reggie: with all the focus this month on climate change and the challenges it presents to our planet, it is encouraging to hear a success story. work is being laid in san francisco for the return of a locally extinct species. it's thanks to hard work by wildlife biologists and local environmental groups. time to bring the native quail population back. biologists have been making habitats rich with underbrush, that the quail thrive in.
6:50 am
another species has been making a comeback, the coyote. researchers believe coyotes will help the habitat get back to a healthier balance. >> the chance to bring them back to san francisco is really exciting. it's an example of a charismatic species being introduced into a larger park. reggie: there is also evidence that their restoration work is helping other local bird species as well. kumasi: and in international races underway to build a telescope that is large and powerful enough to detect life on other planets and detect the origin of dark energy. one of those telescopes is being built in chile. scientists say it will have a resolution 10 times greater than the hubble space telescope. reggie: mike: are we going to disagree
6:51 am
with that or let that one slide? kumasi: not today. [laughter] mike: 6:51. it is still dark outside, but you see some signs of life at 280 and 17. that is our area that is likely to see sunshine first. this is san rafael, looking south at some fog. we have a foggy and damp start for most of us, but a dry ending today with sunshine. coming our way tomorrow night through thursday morning, a light storm on the impact scale, and tracking another chance monday, to showing signs of being heavier. how about temperatures today? most of us in the mid to upper 60's, 70 around fairfield, fremont, livermore, 72 in san jose and 71 and mission hill. with fog increasing during the morning commute, mild temperatures around 50 to 56 degrees, a few 40's and our deepest valleys in the north bay.
6:52 am
you can see a very impressive storm out to our west, maturing as we speak, so we will get the tail end of its life. that's why it has light to moderate rain, up to a third of an inch of rain and some breezy conditions, but no damage expected. here we are tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine once the fog burns away. 7:00, the sonoma county coast and mendocino county coast, some light to moderate showers. but when most of us are asleep tomorrow night, we will wake up to saudi conditions with leftover showers, mist and drizzle -- soggy conditions with leftover showers, mist and drizzle. this will usher in the last day of 70 inland, 60's elsewhere. everyone is in the 60's friday, saturday and sunday with a mix of sun and clouds and monday is our coolest day also. kumasi? kumasi: flavored tobacco and
6:53 am
e-cigarette devices may soon be banned in walnut creek. this would follow contra costa county's 2019 band, which covers unincorporated areas. this would include a five-month enforcement delay to give retailers time to meet the new restrictions. reggie: and this has happened three years in a row now -- the season is on hold, which means no crab on the table for the week of thanksgiving. a recent survey found dozens of humpback whales off the coast from sonoma down to san mateo county, along with some endangered leatherback sea turtles, were getting caught in the traps. kumasi: we are days away from the latest marvel movie, "internal's." -- "eternals." the divers cast -- diverse
6:54 am
includes the first asian superhero and the first south asian superhero. >> i wanted it to be opposite most of the opportunities that brown men have gotten in hollywood. either we pl i want him to be full of joy, the opposite of that -- and i want him to be cool. >> it's not a driving point to a story, it's just an asset. kumasi: disney is the parent company of both marvel and abc 7. pinterest is getting into live shopping with a new feature that is called pinterest tv. it is a series of live, shopper bull, interactive videos focused -- shoppable, interactive focused on local stores. reggie: and we see some holiday decorations going up.
6:55 am
we spotted workers installing snowflakes in front of city hall yesterday. if you are looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit, the ice rink at union square opens tomorrow. it was not open last year at all because of covid. that's exciting. kumasi: don't mind me, i am just refilling my tea, a lovely gift from reggie a tina turner show. reggie: i am surprised carolina change musical -- broadway is back. do you want to see four shows in one week? i did. could i have seen five? i don't want to go crazy. but i know you love tina turner, and i was thinking about going -- if you are thinking about going on a trip to broadway, you need to see tina turner. and my friend in carolina change
6:56 am
-- there she is. i really meant to get you the mug. kumasi: i enjoy this. it keeps my water hot. reggie: the men in front of me got the last mug. i got up to the cash register and said, i will take the mug. he just said, he took the last one. i didn't want to cause a scene, not on broadway. kumasi: [laughter] kumasi: not on broadway. we will take a live
6:57 am
(background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.
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kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to know this morning. a cdc advisory panel is meeting today for a vote on whether to recommend pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids ages five to 11. reggie: and prep is underway to administer the pediatric dose.
6:59 am
contra costa health officials say the vaccine will be sent to them later this week. kumasi: in the first major agreements overnight from the u.n. climate change conference in scotland. president biden has presented a plan to preserve forest and meet carbons emissions goals. mike: miss, drizzle and fog reducing visibility. jobina: and we have an issue in -- with the sig 160. reggie: and the board board boad december 15 to approve a final plan to avoid a $160 million shortfall and takeover by the state. kumasi: and this is going viral this morning, after a bird photobombed the traffic camera in brazil. eventually, it said i am done with y'all, and it left.
7:00 am
jobina: we don't ever get that on our traffic camera. kumasi: how cute is that? reggie: how fun. the only mistake the parent pa tes good morning, america for our viewers in the west. on this tuesday morning president biden on the world stage announcing new rules and initiatives to help reduce dangerous emissions and protect forests after his economic plan suffers a setback. breaking news, two explosions in kabul. people running after an attack at a military hospital in afghanistan's capital. we're tracking the latest this morning. election day. a lot of eyes on that high-stakes governor showdown in virginia. the former president and current president looming large over the race.
7:01 am
what it means for the biden agenda and the midterm elections


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